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FAQ by Psx19

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/15/02

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FAQ/Hints and Tips
Written By:  Psx19
E-mail: psx19@icqmail.com 
Created- 7/09/02
Version 2.0- 8/10/02
Copyright 2002



1. Introduction
2. Things you should know 
3. Skills
          -Power fishing
          -Power mining
4. Wilderness                
    -Special areas
          -Who to PK 
          -Tips on Pking
5. Training
    -Training spots
    -Pures/Impures/Prayer Beast 
6. Prices
7. Version History
8. Credits


1. Introduction


This is a FAQ on Runescape, am online RPG. You can download this game at 
www.runescape.com. You can get a free version, however there is a member's 
version. You will of course get more items, quests, skills and other things 
if you are a member. You can also go to www.runescape.com for a map of 

This is my first FAQ, so it might have some problems. If you would like to 
make any corrections or contributions, please e-mail me at psx@icqmail.com. 
This is not the final version, I will be adding many more things. This is 
basically hints and tips on skills and wilderness. Most of the things here 
are not on websites, at least as far as I know.

2. Things you should know


-Wilderness is where players can attack other players. Be careful when going 

-You get a skull (it will be on top of you head) when you attack someone in 
the wilderness (only other players, not monsters). 

-If you have a skull, and you die, you lose everything in your inventory. 
If you don't have a skull, then you will lose everything, but three of your 
most valuable items in your inventory will stay.

-Things that sell for very little in general stores can cost a lot when buying 
from people, or selling to people. That is why it is best to sell or buy items 
from people, especially ones that are high in price. A perfect example would 
be a party hat. You can sell them in a general store for 0gp, but when buying 
from or selling to people, they cost about 50-100k!

-There is a difference between n00b and newb/newbie. Someone who is a n00b 
is annoying and begs, scams, and things like that. A level 70 person can be 
a n00b. A newb or newbie is someone who is new to the game and knows little 
about the game. 

-There are many scammers in the game. Some tell you to drop your items on 
the ground and press Alt+F4. Some will say they are the creator of runescape, 
or they need your password for something. Some clans will have a trust test, 
in which they tell you to drop your items, and trust the other clan members 
that they will not take it. They also sometimes use items that look similar, 
such as iron and tin. Make sure not to fall for these scams. 

-Please do not beg. You can easily make money, and part of the fun in runescape 
is to make money and raise your skills. 

-Your max hit goes up every 4 levels. This goes for other stats as well, such 
as hits.  (Thanks to amarant)

-You might want to take pictures in runescape. Press print screen on your 
keyboard. Open paint, and go to edit, then to paste. A message will come, 
just press yes when it does. You can edit it in anyway you want. Once you're 
done editing it, go to file, then save as. Enter then name you want it to 
be saved as. In the save as type place, choose JPEG. Then just save where 
you want to save it. You can go to www.angelfire.com 
<http://www.angelfire.com> and make an account. Upload the picture there.

-Certs and certificates. Each cert is worth 5 of an item. So 2 coal certs 
would be 10 coal. You can make some types of things into certs, like lobsters, 
swordfishes, steel bars, coal, etc. In f2p, there is only one place to cert 
items. That is Draynor Village. There will be 3 cert traders there. One for 
ores, one for fishes and one for bars. There are more cert traders in p2p.

-When fighting demons, make sure to have a silverlight sword. This weakens 
them a lot, making it easier to fight demons.

3. Skills



The shop in Port Sarim is the place you can buy all your supplies for fishing. 
To see the level and what you need for fishing a certain fish, please visit 
www.tip.it/runescape (this site has other things too). 

Start out with shrimps, either near Draynor Village or a little southwest 
of Port Sarim (You can see the fishing spots in the map at www.runescape.com). 
I would stick with shrimps until you can catch anchovies (level 15). Forget 
about the fishes in between those two. Another thing, fishing is one of the 
best ways to gain cooking levels. So you might want to keep a hatchet and 
tinderbox to cook what you fish. You can save some for training, these fishes 
won't do much good for pking, but I would drop or eat them, as they're not 
that good. Once you can fish trouts, I would get a good amount of feathers 
and a fly fishing rod and head to Barbarian Village. Just stick to fishing 
trouts and cooking them. The closest bank to Barbarian Village would probably 
be the in Edgeville (north). 

Once you can fish tunas, get a harpoon, have some money, and head to Karamja. 
You will need 30gp for every trip to Karamja. In Karamja, there is no bank, 
so you will have to come back and forth to Karmaja and Draynor Village or 
Falador (those two are the closest banks). There are three trees there that 
you can get wood from, so you might want to take a hatchet and tinderbox to 
cook the tunas. Once you get to 40, congrats! You can fish lobsters. I cook 
all my lobsters, as they are great to level up on. Lobsters are in the same 
dock as tunas. People are not really buying cooked lobsters that much anymore, 
so you might want to sell them raw (people buy them to gain cooking levels). 
You can sell for 100 each, or 1k per cert (normal price). I can't fish 
swordfishes yet :( but I know that you need a harpoon and it is in the same 
place. It will be annoying though, as you will catch mostly tunas, not 

****Power Fishing****

The best way to probably power fish would be to get a lot of feathers, fly 
fishing rod, and head to Barbarian Village. Keep fishing trouts, don't go 
to the bank, or cook them, just let them drop. 


You can get a free pickaxe from Barbarian Village. To start off, you will 
be mining tin and copper. No one really buys tin or copper (at least I don't 
know anyone who does) so you should make it into bars. A good route is from 
Varrock Southeast mining site to the furnace near the bridge (north of 
Lumbridge I believe), then back to Varrock for anvils. Again, you can visit 
www.tip.it/runescape to learn about smithing and mining. A good way to make 
money is to smith bronze swords and sell it to the sword shop in Varrock. 
1 tin and 1 copper makes 1 bronze bar, so make sure to have an equal amount. 
Once you get to level 15 mining, mine iron. You can mine iron in a lot of 
places, Dwarven Mines, Varrock mining sites, Scorpion Pit, etc. You can smith 
iron if you want, but it has a 50% chance to turn into a bar, so it's kind 
of annoying. You can use magic to make give it a 100% chance to turn into 
a bar, instead of 50%. You can sell them if you want for about 500 per cert 
(correct me if I'm wrong, I don't sell iron ore certs). I believe you can 
sell each iron bar for about 100gp. 

Then when you get to 30 mining, you can mine coal! This is probably what almost 
all miners mine. You can mine coal in the mining site southwest of Varrock, 
Barbarian Village, and some other places. If you can handle level 25 skeletons 
well, then you might want to give the mining site northwest of Edgeville a 
try. It has over 20 coal rocks, but is guarded by level 25 skeletons. Another 
problem is that it is in level 8-10 wilderness, so be caution, as they are 
many pkers there. Take 3 items, your best weapon, legs and chest (since there 
will be no shield, a 2-hander weapon is the best to use). Make sure not to 
get a skull, that way, even if you die, you won't lose those 3 items. However, 
you will lose your coal and pickaxe if you die. You can heal at the Monastery 
south of that place, and store the coal in Edgeville. Once you have a lot 
of coal, make them into certs. You can sell each coal cert for 1k. 

You can move onto mith and addy. Mith is hard to sell, I'm not sure of addy. 
People usually stick to coal, even if they're at a high mining level. Once 
you get to 60, you can get into the mining guild, which has about 20 coal 
rocks, and 4 mith rocks. It's better than the wilderness place, as it has 
no pkers (not in wilderness) and there is a bank right next to it (The Falador, 
south bank). However, it is crowded there. You can mine rune when level 85 
mining, and if you can, that's awesome! (Maybe we can make a deal sometime 
;-)) j/k.

****Power Mining****

Just mine copper or tin until you're about level 60, then switch to iron. 
A good place you can mine is Barbarian Village with those 3 tin rocks. Just 
position yourself near two of those rocks, and keep switching between those 
two rocks. Make sure to drop the tin. (Thanks to amarant for some of this 


You start off with a pickaxe, jug and a chef's hat (and level 31 cooking at 
least). You go to west Varrock and mine 27 clay. Then you go to the north 
into the cooking guild and wet all the clay. When all the clay is wet you 
go to Barbarian Village and craft. You drop the stuff you make on the way 
back to the mines. Repeat this process. That is a good method until you get 
into the crafting guild (level 40 crafting) and level 31 cooking is simple. 
(Thanks to amarant)

You can also work with leather. One route is to get cow hides from cows near 
Lumbridge. It is crowded there, as there are many people who train there. 
Once you get a lot of cow hides, go to Al Kharid, where you have pretty much 
everything for this type of crafting. You can buy a needle and thread from 
the crafting store in Al Kharid. There is also a bank there. Trade the cow 
hides for leather (you will need 1gp for every cow hide). You will have to 
go the tanners to make that trade. Once you have the leather, use the needle 
on the leather and you will get to choose whether to make leather armour, 
gloves or boots.

You can also make Holy symbol of Saradomin. A good route for this is to mine 
in the Scorpion Pit (desert chasm). There are two silver rocks there. Mine 
the silver there, and head to Al Kharid. Make them into bars. You will need 
20 mining to mine silver, and 20 smithing to make silver into bars. Once you 
have the silver bars, you can buy a Holy symbol of Saradomin mould for 5gp 
in the crafting store. The crafting store is in Al Kharid. You just need one. 
Once you have that, keep the mould and all your silver bars in your inventory. 
Go to the furnace and use the silver bars there. It will give you a choice 
of making Holy symbol of Saradomin or nothing. Just choose to make one. You 
can string those symbols. To string one, go through the following process. 
Use sheers on a sheep and get wool. Make the wool into a ball of wool by using 
it on a spinning wheel. Then just use one of them on the other and it will 
be stringed. You can go the monastery and get it blessed, which will make 
your prayer last longer. 

If you're a member, there is an easy way to level up in crafting. Go south 
of Seer's Village to go to the flax plants. Each flax plant gives you 15 exp 
to crafting when you make it into bow strings. There is a spinning wheel in 
one of the houses in Seer's Village (second floor). You can go the Catherby 
bank to store the strings if you want. 


"You don't need anything for simple cooking, besides access to cows, or 
chickens, and a range/fire. Now, you will notice they will drop meat, each 
meat gives 30 exp when cooked, just go to a fire or to a range. At lvl 1 cooking, 
you can also make bread. You need flour and water. To make flour, you need 
a pot, go to a windmill, preferably in Lumbridge (or near). You need grain, 
so it should be nearby. Put the grain in the top of the windmill (hopper) 
and remember to operate it. Now go down to the bottom and locate the flour, 
don't worry, only you can see it. Use the pot on it. You now have flour. To 
get water, get a bucket, or jug, and use it on a fountain (both) or a well 
(bucket). You now have water. Use the water on the flour (or vice-versa). 
Now 3 options should come up, pick the first (bread dough). Now use the bread 
dough on a range only. You now have bread that gives a measly 40 exp. 

Now, at lvl 10,you can make red berry pie. You need, pie dish, flour, and 
water and red-berries. Red-berries can be located at Port Sarim grocery 
store, or around Varrock. Mix water and flour. Pick the second option (pastry 
dough). Now, use the red-berries on pie shell. Bake and enjoy (60 exp). At 
level 20, you can make Meat pie! Do the same thing as above, but use cooked 
meat instead of red berries (80 exp). Now, apple pie at level 30, do the same 
as above, but use a cooking apple instead of meat (yes a cooking apple). You 
need access to the cook's guild, they re-spawn regularly there (100 exp). 

At level 35, you can make pizza, you need water, flour, cheese, and tomato. 
You can get cheese and tomato at the witch's (dye witch) house. Mix flour 
and water, and pick the 3rd option (pizza dough), use tomato on it, then 
cheese, cook and enjoy (110 exp). Level 45 means meat pizza, do all the above 
and use meat on the tomato and cheese pizza (uncooked pizza) (correct me if 
I'm wrong but I think it's cooked meat) (140 exp). At level 55 means anchovy 
pizza. Do the above, but instead of meat, use anchovies (once again, not sure 
uncooked or cooked) (140 exp). 

Level 40, means plain cake. Now, it's not too easy. You need Cake tin (cooks 
guild), egg (Lumbridge chicken farm across from cow field) and flour. Use 
one of the ingredients on a cake tin, bake, and enjoy! Level 50 means chocolate 
cake. All of the above, and a chocolate bar. Now, this is different. Instead 
of using an ingredient, ONLY USE A CHOCOLATE BAR!!! 

Level 25,means stew, you need a bowl (Cooks guild or crafting), potato (in 
one of those farms near windmill), and cooked meat. Mix, and cook (90 exp). 
Curry (level 60) (P2P only) (the following is from tip.it I want to make sure 
the maker doesn't get in trouble). You need bowl, potato, pot of spice and 
cooked meat. Bowl can be made with crafting skill or in cooking guild. 
Potatoes are found in field to the east of Draynor village Pot of Spice can 
be stolen (thieving level at least 65) or bought from the Spices stall at 
Ardougne (230gp). Fill bowl with some water from sink, well or fountain. Add 
some potatoes and then some meat in. Put the spice into the uncooked stew 
and cook. Cook the stew by using it with a stove (range) or fire (end tip.it). 
And finally, at level 35, you can make wine, grapes (cooks guild) and water 
(110 exp). Thus ending my cooking section." - Theshadow80.


Smithing isn't very easy to level up, especially at higher levels. To start 
off, you will need to smith bronze stuff. 1 tin and 1 copper equals 1 bronze 
bar. What I like to do is take it one step at a time. By that, I mean first, 
get a lot of tin and copper. Don't go to a furnace as soon as you get like 
1 inventory full. Mine in a place near a bank, get like 100 or so, and keep 
storing it in the bank. See there aren't many places with a mining site, 
furnace, and anvils all together. Mine in a place like Varrock, store the 
tin and copper in bank. Once you get a lot, go to a place with a furnace close 
to a bank. Al Kharid or Falador is good. Once you made all the ores into bars, 
you will need to go to an anvil. Make sure to have a hammer, you will need 
it to smith the bars into weapons and stuff. The easiest thing to make is 
a dagger. Now make all the bars into weapons and stuff, and then sell the 
things. Some people might drop the things thinking it's useless, but selling 
it takes less time then dropping them all. A special store like a sword shop 
or shield shop buys for more than general stores, so you should sell to those 

Once you can make iron at level 15, smith iron! Iron would be the best pay 
to go up in smithing levels, but it has a 50% chance of becoming a bar. So 
you can stick to bronze if you want. There is a magic called superheat item 
(level 43 magic) that makes iron into a bar every time. However, you need 
high magic, and it's not very worth it, as you have to use a nature rune. 
Silver is at level 20, but you should only make silver bars if selling to 
someone, or to raise crafting levels (holy symbols). They don't give good 
exp, and are hard to get. Steel is at level 30, and what most high level 
smithers prefer to raise levels. You need 1 iron and 2 coal for 1 steel bar. 
They're much harder to get, since you need coal. Mithril, addy, and rune, 
all need coal with the bar. 4 coal for mith, 6 for addy, 8 for rune. Gold 
is like silver, not usually used for smithing levels, just crafting. 


Herblaw is a skill used to make potions. It's the hardest and most annoying 
skill to level up. Every type of potion needs 2 things, a certain type of 
herb and a second ingredient. MAKE SURE to collect every herb you get. You 
won't be able to identify most of them, but just save them for later. Identify 
a herb by just clicking on it if you can. Guam leaves are the first herb you 
will need to level up herblaw. The only way to get herbs is from other players 
or monsters. Men, druids in taverly, chaos druids in the tower near ardougne 
are good to fight for herbs. Many other creatures drop herbs, those drop the 
most. To make a potion, you need a vial filled with water. Once you do that, 
use the herb on the vial, then the second ingredient. You can take a look 
at tip it for the herbs and second ingredients used for each type of potion. 
Identifying herbs give experience, but very little. Most of the exp comes 
from making the potions. You can buy some herblaw things from special herblaw 
stores located in taverly or entrana. 

Second ingredients: 

Eye of Newt: Buy from herblaw store.

Ground unicorn horn: Unicorns drop these. To grind this item, use pestle and 
mortar (from herblaw store) on the item. Unicorns are in many places. 
Northwest of Catherby, north of Barbarian Village, Entrana, southeast of 
Varrock, as well as some other places.  

Limpwurt roots: Monsters drop these. Most are gotten from hobgoblins and 
giants, although other creatures such as ice warriors drop them.

Red spider eggs: These spawn in Varrock Sewers and in the Volcano at Karmaja. 
It's annoying to get them though, as they spawn very slow.

White Berries: Near the red dragons in the wilderness (Thanks to tip it).

Snape Grass: One the peninsula with the hob goblins, very close to the 
crafting guild.   

Ground Bluedragon scale: In the Zamorak Dungeon near the bluedragons. Needs 
to be grounded like the ground unicorn horn.

Wine of Zamorak: The temple with the monks, north of goblin village, south 
of the area in the wilderness with the dark wizards. The monks need to be 
distracted in order to get the wine, so you can either kill all the monks 
and take it before they respawn again, have a bunch of friends fight them 
while you take it, or the easiest way, to use telekinetik grab (level 33 


Fletching is a skill used to make bows and arrows. Since in p2p, there are 
many other types of arrows other than the normal bronze arrows, this skill 
is pretty useful. You can check tip it for the rare trees, what level to cut 
them, what level fletching needed for a certain type of bow or arrow, and 
how much exp they give. You need a knife and hatchet for fletching. Knife 
can be found near the Lumbridge castle, or in the house with the spinning 
wheel in Seer's Village. 

To make arrows, you need 3 things. Arrow shafts, feathers, and arrow heads. 
Arrow shafts you need to cut out from logs. 1 log can make 10 arrow shafts. 
These are from normal trees, not oak, willow or those other rare trees. For 
normal trees, the best place to get wood is the forest east of Draynor Village. 
The small forest area north of Falador is pretty good as well. Feathers can 
be gotten from kill chickens (most feathers each chicken drop is 10, which 
is in Champion's Guild), or from buying it from the fishing store in Port 
Sarim. You need these feathers to the arrow shafts. Arrow heads determine 
the type of arrow it is going to be. For example, rune arrow heads would make 
rune arrows, iron arrow heads would make iron arrows, etc. To start of, you 
will need to make bronze arrows. Feathers give 10 exp per 10 arrow shafts, 
and arrow shafts give 5 exp per 10 shafts. Arrow heads can be bought from 
the shop in Catherby, or made from bars. Each bar makes 10 arrow heads. 

Bows are different. Each log equals 1 bow. The type of log determines the 
type of bow. To make an oak bow, you would need an oak log. You need level 
5 fletching to make the first bow. To complete a bow, you need to use a bow 
string on an incomplete bow. Incomplete bow is the bow you get when cutting 
from the log. To get bow string, you need flax plants. Flax plants can be 
found a little west of Catherby, and a little southeast of Seer's Village. 
Pick flax from the flax plants, and go to the spinning wheel in Seer's Village. 
There is one in the second floor of the house with the knife in it. Spin the 
flax to make it into bow strings. Each flax gives 15 crafting exp, so it's 
also a great and easy way to level up crafting!   


4. Wilderness


Special Areas

The wilderness is a huge place. In it, other players can fight you. The deeper 
you go into the wilderness, the more the wilderness levels grow. However, 
a level 60 can't attack a level 40 in wilderness level 10. It depends on the 
wilderness levels. For example, a level 35 could attack a level 30 in 
wilderness level 5, but not in wilderness level 4. 

The wilderness is mostly used for pking, which is player killing. There are 
many places to train in the wilderness. There are greater and lesser demons, 
although a better place to fight lessers would be karamaja. There are 
skeletons, rats, spiders, ghosts, zombies and much more. The graveyard area 
or the hobgoblins mining site are two good places to train. 

There are some places in the wilderness that you can check out. The bandit 
camp is a place where you can train and make pizzas easily. The "death castle" 
where there are runes and dark warriors. There are many more places. There 
is a big bones spawning place in about level 28 wilderness, north of Varrock. 
It is guarded by skeletons. The big bones there spawn fast (about 1 every 
10 seconds) and there are about 5 spots to get them from. In p2p, the 
wilderness continues on. There are rogues, pirates, giants, and more. It's 
a very good place to train, but very dangerous as well. The Lava Maze is also 
a very good place to train. Located at around level 40 wilderness, this huge 
place has many different types of creatures. My personal favorite is to fight 
the black knights there, as there are plenty of them there.  


PKing is player killing, which is when you go out in groups or alone to kill 
other players. It is much easier to pk when in a group, especially when most 
of the group members are archers. Most pkers are pure, I will have a separate 
section on that. Most pkers have 2-handed weapons. The thing you want to do 
is kill your opponent in 3 hits or under, so they won't be able to escape. 
Like I mentioned before, some good places to pk is varrock wilderness, the 
edgeville mining site, bandit camp and death castle. The death castle you 
should be careful about because usually what happens is one person attacks 
you while the other keeps closing the doors. When pking, you should to bring 
a powerful weapon, your armour, and food. Make sure to have plenty of food. 
Lobsters and swordfishes are good to take. Some food such as cakes and stuff 
are not as good as you think. Sure they heal well, but they are in pieces, 
so it will take you longer. Another item you might want to keep when pking 
is strength potions. They raise your strength by 8 points temporarily, and 
each potion has 4 doses. Make sure to choose a world with less lag.

****Who to PK****

Make sure you choose whom to pk wisely. There is no point in pking a miner 
mining at the edgeville mining site. I mean they probably have no skull, and 
have 3 items, so you will not be able to get anything other than coal. You 
probably won't be able to pick up the coal as your inventory will be full 
of food. Also, you will basically be wasting your food. Same thing goes for 
pkers with no skulls, don't attack them. Attack people with skulls, people 
who are wearing rune stuff, and try to attack people low on health. Don't 
be fooled by a level 50 with nothing but a rune weapon or bow. They use that 
as a cover up, especially when you don't have a skull. Once you attack, they 
will take out their full rune and shred you to pieces. :) Also in a group, 
try to run from the person your fighting to the archer. If there is more than 
one archer, well... Good luck!

****Tips on Pking****

The best way to run away is to run diagonally, it is much faster and the other 
person will have a hard time catching you. Make sure to click on the map 
instead of on the normal screen. To catch someone, you can click a few times 
in front of him/her, then on him/her (thanks to souper). Left clicking is 
much easier than right clicking. Often you will just stand there for a few 
seconds, or just go the opposite way, messing you up. To left click catch, 
MAKE SURE your opponent is very close to you. As in 1 square away, or in the 
same spot as you. The level of the opponent also matters. He has to be your 
level, or 4-5 levels lower in order for you to left click catch (Thanks to 
athlon for this info). Otherwise it will act as if you're just walking to 
the spot you clicked. Right click is basically on timing. Many Pkers still 
haven't mastered the right click catching. Doing it a few times in a row seems 
to make it easier, but still you will stop a few times. 

Another wise thing to do when pking is to turn privacy on, as some enemies 
might have you added, and they can spot you when pking (thanks to souper 
again). You can always heal at the Monastery, so if you're in the edgeville 
mining site, and you need to heal and there are no pkers, just go get healed 
by the monks instead of wasting more food. When in a group, help your partner 
out by shooting the enemy, or using magic. If you have prayer, of course use 
that too. You should probably stay south of the fight your friend and someone 
else is having. Mainly because if the enemy runs away, they will most likely 
run south to get out of the wilderness, then you can attack them. Or if you 
friend is almost dying, and he/she runs, you can take on the enemy to give 
him some time. 

Also, if you press F1, it lowers the graphics quality, and also lowers lag 
(thanks to Eric). "And while in F1 mode, if you get the right camera angle 
with the person you're chasing, you can sometimes get him to be right-click 
attackable, even if he's ton's of levels below you." (Thanks to Eric again). 


5. Training


Training Spots

There are many places to train in runescape. IMO, the most important thing 
you have to keep in mind is to take on something you can beat very easily. 
When you start out, just fight chickens, rats, imps, etc. Maybe goblins. 

There are many level 13 goblins in goblin village. Once you are level 20-30, 
fight level 18 warriors in al kharid, dwarves or barbarians. Once you're in 
the 40s-50s, I would fight guards (level 28). Edgeville has guards, and you 
can heal yourself at the monastery. Later on, you can fight jail guards or 
giants. Giants drop big bones, roots, runes and a good amount of money. They 
are good creatures you can fight for items. Some people fight lesser or 
greater demons just because they can beat one or two. That's not very wise 
IMO. You not only waste a lot food, but you gain exp slower. 

Some good training spots: 

-Guards in Edgeville.
-Men in Edgeville.
-Jail guards in the jail east of draynor village.
-Dark wizards in the wilderess (the ones near varrock are usually taken).
-Giants in wilderness or edgeville dungeon.
-Skeletons in many places. 
-Dwarves near or in the dwarven mines.
-Warriors in Al Kharid.
-Hob Goblins in mining site (wilderness, this is my personal favorite spot).
-Zombies in Graveyard (wilderness).
-Black knights in Lava Maze (wilderness).
-Goblins in goblin village.
-Cows in the cow pen behind the windmill (not the one north of the toll gate).

Both in f2p and p2p, wilderness is the best place to train. They usually have 
many creatures in groups to fight, and many different types. Most people don't 
train in the wilderness thinking of Pkers. One of the best places to train 
is the hob-goblins' mining site. Take three items with you, and make sure 
you don't have a skull. That way if you die, you won't lose anything. You 
gain experience very fast when you fight them. (Thanks to souper and jet0r 
for some of this info.)

In members, it is MUCH easier to train. Most of the places are free to train 
at, and there are plenty of spots. The druids are good, mountain dwarves, 
pirates, dark wizards, and much more. Try some of the same places you used 
to train at in a p2p server. You will notice that most of the places used 
in f2p training is empty in p2p servers. 


Ranged is something great for pking. I would advice you start out with 
chickens, or rats. The best place for rats would probably be in Rimmington. 
If you have a high level ranged, in members, there are many mountain dwarves 
in the underground path under the Ice Mountain. You will need to do the fishing 
contest quest to get access to the underground path. It has a room filled 
with mountain dwarves (level 28), and many tables, so it is a great spot for 
leveling up ranged. I also shot monks, they're not that bad. There is a formula 
for whether or not ranged is counted in combat levels. Here it is: 
STR + ATT > Ranged x 1.5 for ranged not to add to combat levels. 
STR: 50 ATT: 50 Ranged: 60  
Let's see if the ranged will increase combat or not. 
50 + 50= 100 | 60 x 1.5= 90 
100 > 90 
Ranged will not be counted in combat in that example. 
There are many places to range chickens. You can collect the feathers. They 
are easy to kill too. You can stick with that for up to level 40 ranged or 
so. Then you can move on to tougher enemies. Gates and fences help out, as 
you can close them then train ranged. Some people are very annoying. They 
sometimes open gates while you're arching, they run away from the enemy you 
are shooting, and other things.  
For pking, ranged is awesome, especially for miners. See miners will probably 
bring no food or strength potions. Make sure there are two people who you 
can attack. Shoot at the miner, and the miner will probably attack you back, 
thinking they will not get a skull because you already shot them. Now, before 
they attack you, shoot the other person, when the miner attacks you, the miner 
will get a skull. Now have fun killing the person. :) Always try to help out 
your pking partner by shooting at the enemy. You can start out with ranging 



Pures are warriors with 1 magic and prayer. Magic and prayer increases your 
combat, but pures don't want that. They get better combat stats than impures. 
Usually pures are pkers. They have strength the highest, then attack and then 
defense. Since the objective of pkers is to 3-hit the enemy, a pure would 
have high strength and attack. I would get 40 attack ASAP, then get a rune 
weapon. Then level up a lot in strength, and then defense to 40. You can leave 
defense at 40, so you can at least wear rune armor. This would be an example 
of a pure:

ATT: 60 DEF: 50 STR: 75

"I think it's important to note that pure characters are good mainly for 
low-mid level pking. Once you get to a higher level (i.e.: 70+ hits) you should 
start leveling prayer and at least get all 3 curse spells." -Eric


They train in all types of stats, magic, prayer, etc. Some think impures are 
bad for pking, but magic and prayer can be very helpful. Some prayers such 
as protection from missiles, ones that increase strength, protect item, etc. 
is great when pking. Magic is also good, but not that great. If you have a 
high level magic, you can do good damage. You can, not only use it as a 
substitute for ranged, but you can also use it while fighting. 

"When you use a prayer while fighting, you can click it on and off. By this, 
I mean that if you're using, say, the ultimate strength prayer - turn it on 
just before your guy hits, then turn it off while your opponent hits, and 
keep on like that. This tactic can extend the amount of time you use a prayer 
by 2-3 times if done properly :-)" -Eric

****Prayer Beast****

Prayer Beasts are kind of a combination of impures and pures. They have the 
level up structure of pures (low defense, high strength and attack). However, 
they usually have very low defense, such as maybe 10. They have 1 magic like 
pures, but they have prayer. The prayer helps add damage. Most common prayer 
used is probably ultimate strength and protect item. Most people get 31 prayer 
for ultimate strength and prayers below that. When Pking, take monk robes 
(from monk's guild, 31 prayer required), a rune 2-hander, an amulet (ruby 
or diamond is good). When you die, even with skull, you will be able to save 
rune 2-hander with protect item. You can always get monk's robes again; the 
only loss is the ammy (which might be replaceable if your crafting is high 
enough). 50 for ruby ammy, 70 for diamond ammy. 


This is the formula for max damage with a rune 2-hander.

Strength divided by 5, add 5 to get your max damage with rune 2-hander.  
Strength Potion adds 2 damage. 
Prayer (mainly Ultimate Strength) gives 15% more damage. 
Strength: 70 
70/5=14 14+5=19 
With strength potion and ultimate strength: 
One thing you have to remember is that ultimate strength adds 15% of BASE 
strength (thanks to souper for this info.). So prayer would be first: 
19x0.15= 2.85 2.85(prayer)+19(natural)+2(pot)=23.85




Many prices in Runescape are different, it depends on whether you buy/sell 
from people, or stores. Here's a short price list on some common things people 
buy/sell to help you out. Many things that sell for 1gp in stores can be worth 
100s and 1000s of gp to people. These prices are the usual prices people 
buy/sell for.

Rune items:

Rune large: 100k
Rune medium: 10k
Rune long: 25-30k
Rune 2-hander: 450-500k
Rune battle: 150-200k
Rune kite: 250-300k
Rune square: 75-85k
Rune legs: 55-64k
Rune plate: 60-65k
Rune chain: 40-45k
Rune mace: 14k
Addy items:

Addy kite: 12k
Addy plate: 16k
Addy large: 3.5k
Addy legs: 6.4k
Addy 2-hander: 6-8k
Addy long: 3.2k

Chaos: 100-150 each
Nature: 100-400 each
Law: 100-500 each
Elemental Runes (fire, water, air, etc.): 5 each (in stores), 30 each (if 
you have thousands of them)
Cosmic- 200
Rare items:

Party hats: 100-300k (only for wearing)
Disk of returning: 100-200k (no use anymore)
Easter eggs: 5k (heals, but mostly used for collecting)
Pumpkins: 5k (heals, but mostly used for collecting)
Key Halves (members only): 100k each

Sapphire: 250-300 each
Emerald: 500-750 each
Ruby: 1-1.5k each
Diamond: 5-10k each
Dragon stone: 200k each

Coal: 100 each, 1k per cert
Iron: 50 each, 250-500 per cert
Rune: 20-35k each

Steel bars: 3.5k per cert
Silver bars: 1k per cert
Iron bars: 300-500 per cert

Lobsters: 100 each, 1k per cert (easier to sell if raw)
Swordfishes: 1.5k per cert

Feathers: 10 each
Bronze arrows: 10 each
Limp roots: 100 each (because of herblaw, in p2p, people can pay 500-700 for 
each of these). 
Spider eggs: 100 each
Strength potions: 1k each

I will add more once in a while. If some of the prices I listed are wrong, 
please e-mail me and tell me. You can also add prices if you want.

6. Version History

-Version 1.0- 7/09/02

-Version 1.2- 7/11/02 A little more on crafting added, some things you should 
know, a new cooking section.

-Version 1.5- 8/10/02 A price section added, and a new damage section added. 
Also new power fishing, some things corrected and added in the sections 
already made. 

-Version 2.0- 8/14/02 Added a whole new fletching section, herblaw section, 
and smithing section. Some prices changed and added in the price section. 
Some other things added and changed in the sections already made. 

7. Credits

-Thanks to souper for Pking tips and training spots.

-Thanks to Eric for some of the pure/impure info, and that F1 trick.

-Thanks to amarant for crafting info, and for max hit info.

-Thanks to jet0r for training spots.

-Thanks to theshadow80 for the cooking section.

-Thanks to athlon for the catching tip. 

-Thanks to www.tip.it/runesacpe for some of the things (mainly the 2 herblaw 

-Thanks to GameFAQs for accepting this FAQ. 

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