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*** Some players are getting "Fizmo fatal error: Caught signal 11". I will submit a bug fix this weekend. Sorry about this! If you try the app a few times, the problem may stop happening -- it's sporadic. ****The Dreamhold* is interactive fiction a classic text adventure. No graphics! No point-and-click! You type your commands, and read what happens next.*The Dreamhold* is designed for people who have never played IF before. It introduces the common commands and mindset of text adventures, one step at a time. Theres an extensive help system describing standard IF commands, as well as dynamic hints which pop up whenever you seem to be stuck.Ive tried to create a game which rewards many species of adventurer: the inexperienced newcomer, the puzzle-hurdler, the casual tourist, the meticulous explorer, the wild experimenter, the seeker after nuances and implications.- Fluid interface designed for comfortable typing and reading.- Full-length puzzle adventure with several optional side quests and hidden endings.- Text adventure devotees can turn off the tutorials and hints, or play in Expert mode for additional challenge.- Achievements tracked through Game Center.- Pop-up palette of commonly used commands.- Dynamic in-game map, so you dont have to scribble boxes on a piece of paper.- Full support for VoiceOver (speech output) and dictation (speech input) on devices that offer these features.- Yes, really free. Not free with ads, not freemium. Just free. I want to introduce people to IF, and this game is how I do it.*The Dreamhold* won the XYZZY Awards for Best Puzzles and Best Use of Medium in 2004. It is also available (for free) on my web site.(The cover art is based on a photograph by Trey Ratcliff: The Festival of Lights in Lyon (CC by-nc-sa), remixed with images of Mercury and Io.)

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