• Trophy Set for Ys VIII: Lacrimoso of Dana for the Playstation Vita

    The trophies between the PS Vita and the enhanced PS4 version are separate and don't cross over but getting them is the same. The PS4 version also has more trophies.

    *There are 18 secret trophies. show

    Ancient Tilted Tower (secret)Cleared <Baja Tower>.Bronze
    Beast BusterDefeated 2000 or more monstersBronze
    Bliss ArtisanReached Lv. MAX for all skillsBronze
    Completed MapCompleted the map of the Isle of SeirenGold
    Coral Reef Forest (secret)Cleared the <Raised Coral Forest>.Bronze
    Dark Eroded Valley (secret)Cleared the <Eroded Valley>.Bronze
    Deserted Island ChefUncovered all entries in the [Cook] section of the journalSilver
    Dino SlayerDefeated 100 dragon-type ancient speciesBronze
    Distant ExplorationTraveled a total distance of 400 krimelyeBronze
    Elegant InterceptionAchieved an S Rank for an interceptionBronze
    End of the Blue Waves (secret)Cleared Epilogue - "End of the Blue Waves" and saw the true ending.Gold
    EXTRA MasterActivated 100 extra SkillsBronze
    Extraordinary AdventurerProof that you thoroughly read "Periplus of the Gaete Sea", written by Adol Christin. (Earn all other trophies)Platinum
    Flash GuarderActivated 100 Flash GuardsBronze
    Flash MoverActivated 100 Flash MovesBronze
    Fulfilled Ambition (secret)Defeated your nemesis, Okeanos.Silver
    Grand BreakerActivated 1000 BreaksBronze
    Hard-Working Wild GirlExplored thoroughly with Ricotta.Bronze
    Historic InterceptorCleared all InterceptionsBronze
    Item CollectorAchieved 100% item collection rate (Excludes DLC)Silver
    Kind Tomboy (secret)Explored thoroughly with Dana.Bronze
    Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea (secret)Cleared Chapter 6 - "Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea".Bronze
    Lively VillageBrought all survivors to Castaway VillageBronze
    Lonely TransporterExplored thoroughly with Hummel.Bronze
    Maiden of the Great Tree (secret)Cleared Chapter 5 - "Maiden of the Great Tree".Bronze
    Material ResearcherUncovered all entries in the [Materials & Ingredients] section of the journalSilver
    Monster ExpertUncovered all entries in the [Monster] section of the journal (Does not include primitive fish)Silver
    New Adventure (secret)Started a new adventure.Bronze
    Night on the Gaete Sea (secret)Cleared Prologue - "Night on the Gaete Sea"Bronze
    Nightmare Surpasser (secret)Saw the True Ending at Nightmare difficulty or higher.Silver
    Openhearted FishermanExplored thoroughly with Sahad.Bronze
    Precise OrdersCleared all Castaway Village QuestsBronze
    Professional Enhancement ArtisanEnhanced a weapon to Lv. MaxBronze
    Prosperous Kingdom (secret)Cleared all Eternia QuestsBronze
    Proud NoblewomanExplored thoroughly with Laxia.Bronze
    Red-Haired AdventurerExplored thoroughly with Adol.Bronze
    Reliable AdviserUncovered all entries in the [People] section of the journalSilver
    Roaring Hero (secret)Achieved a Reputation of over 200.Bronze
    Romantic ExplorerAchieved 100% Location Point Discovery RateBronze
    Silence Breaker (secret)Defeated Mephorashmoo at the <Silent Tower>.Bronze
    Skill FinisherPerformed a Skill Finish 1000 timesBronze
    Skilled AnglerUncovered all entries in the [Fish] section of the journalSilver
    Solid VillageBuilt all Castaway Village EnhancementsBronze
    Splendid SynthesistSynthesized all weaponsBronze
    Star of Castaway VillageAchieved 100% Approval RateBronze
    Surpassing Gendarme (secret)Cleared Chapter 3 - "Surpassing Gendarme"Silver
    The Castaway Banquet (secret)Cleared Chapter 2 - "The Castaway Banquet".Bronze
    The Isle of Seiren (secret)Cleared Chapter 1 - "The Isle of Seiren"Bronze
    The Lost World (secret)Cleared Chapter 4 - "The Lost World".Bronze
    Treasure HunterAchieved 100% treasure discovery rate (Open all treasure chests)Silver
    Triple EightObtained 888 units of a single itemBronze

    Contributed By: neptunerune.

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