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by Paul Acevedo

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FAQ by Paul Acevedo

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 06/02/2015


EDF2 Portable V2 Translated Title Screen

FAQ and Translation Guide by Paul Acevedo (@PaulRAcevedo) with translations by Lifelower (@Lifelower)

Welcome to our Translation Guide and FAQ for Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space, also known as Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable V2 and Chikyuu Boueigun 2 Portable V2. This PlayStation Vita game is an enhanced port of Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable for PlayStation Portable (PSP), which was itself an enhanced port of Earth Defense Forces 2 for PlayStation 2 (known as Global Defense Force in Europe).

Although the PlayStation 2 version of EDF2 was released in Europe, no version of this game has ever been released in North America prior to XSEED's release of Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space in fall 2015. Thanks to them, we can finally enjoy EDF2 in English!

Of course, many EDF fans imported the Japanese version of EDF2 Portable V2 prior to the English game's announcement. Our guide will translate nearly all in-game text so that those players can enjoy the game. We'll also provide resources and strategies to help players succeed and unlock EDF2's many secret Trophies.

EDF2 Portable V2 is a region-free physical release that works on all PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles. If you need a copy of the game, we suggest ordering from Play-Asia or your favorite videogame import seller.

Don't forget to check out my Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable guide here on GameFAQs!

Update History

  • Version: 0.5
  • Created: May 22, 2015
  • Updated: May 25, 2015

Update details

  • 06/03/2015: Version 0.5. Added Trophy section, revised some enemy names in Mission section.
  • 05/25/2015: Version 0.4. Added medals and completion percentage details to beginning of the Missions section and competed listing enemies and vehicles in that section (minor adjustments and corrections still needed)


Main Menu

EDF2 Portable V2 Main Menu

  1. Earth Defense Force Headquarters
  2. Player's Health (Each column represents a character: Ranger, Pale Wing, and Air Raider.)
  3. Number of Weapons
  4. Mission Completion
  5. Start Mission

EDF Portable V2 Main Menu Options Mosiac

  1. Start Mission
  2. Equipment Settings
  3. Save
  4. Game Settings
  5. Multiplayer
  6. Back to Title Screen

Equipment Selection

EDF2 Portable V2 Equipment Selection

  1. Equipment Selection
  2. Soldier Type
  3. Weapon 1
  4. Weapon 2
  5. Weapon 3: Can't Equip (Only Air Raider can equip a third weapon.)
  6. Color
  7. Player's Stamina: No Limit
  8. Back
  9. Ranger (Literally: Land Soldier)
  10. Pale Wing
  11. Air Diver

Game Settings and Player Settings

EDf2 portable V2 Game Settings

  1. Game Settings
  2. Sound Effect Volume
  3. Background Music Volume
  4. Voice Volume
  5. Screen Shake (You'll probably want this off.)
  6. Auto Save
  7. Player Settings
  8. Back

EDf2 Portable V2 Player Settings

  1. Player Settings
  2. Control Type
    2a. Technical
    2b. Normal
  3. Rotation Speed
  4. Invert Aiming
    4a. Vertical
    4b. Horizontal
    4c. Both
    4d. Off
  5. Camera Effects: Off (You'll probably want this off, as it takes away camera control during parts of some missions.)
  6. Right Analog Stick: Use
  7. Touch Screen
    7a. Aim
    7b. Zoom, Launch
    7c. Camera
  8. Touch Screen Sensitivity
  9. Invert Touch Screen: No Invert
  10. Rear Touch Pad
    10a. Zoom, Launch
    10b. Aim
    10c. Camera
  11. Rear Touch Pad Sensitivity
  12. Invert Rear Touch Pad: No Invert
  13. Back


EDF2 Portable V2 Select network mode

  1. Select Network Mode
  2. Online Cooperative
  3. Online Versus
  4. Local Cooperative
  5. Local Versus

EDF2 Portable V2 Online cooperative lobby

  1. Online Cooperative Lobby
  2. Create New Room (This leads to Room Settings.)
  3. Refresh Room List
  4. Check Status
  5. Game Settings
  6. Leave Lobby
  7. Mission: Filters off
  8. Difficulty: Filters off
  9. Weapon & Armor Limits: Filters off

EDF2 Portable V2 Online Room menu

  1. Co-op Room
  2. Ready
  3. Mission Selection
  4. Change Equipment
  5. Room Settings
  6. Game Settings
  7. Invite
  8. Kick
  9. Chat
  10. Set Comment

EDF2 Portable V2 Online room settings

  1. Room Settings
  2. Room Privacy: Public
  3. Edit Room Name: (Username) Platoon Post
  4. Mission Selection
  5. Weapon & Armor Limits: Limits are enabled. (Mission completion must be 70% or higher to disable limits.)
  6. Chatter 1: Off (Use chatter to describe your expectations and goals. See Multiplayer Room Chatter section.)
  7. Chatter 2: Off
  8. Edit Comment
  9. Exit Room Settings (This leads to Co-Op Room)

Multiplayer Room Chatter

EDF2 Portable V2 Room Chatter main

Multiplayer Room Chatter Main Menu (see Room Settings)

  1. Off (default)
  2. Difficulty
  3. Mission
  4. Number of Players
  5. Limits
  6. Player Level
  7. Mood
  8. Length of Play

EDF2 Portable V2 Multiplayer Chatter Difficulty

Difficulty Chatter

  1. Easy
  2. Normal
  3. Hard
  4. Hardest
  5. Inferno

EDF2 portable V2 Multiplayer chatter Mission

Mission Chatter

  1. Beginning
  2. Middle
  3. End
  4. Mission 1+

EDF2 Portable V2 Multiplayer chatter Players

Number of Players Chatter

  1. Start with 2
  2. Start with 3
  3. Wait for 4
  4. Only 2
  5. Only 3
  6. Cannot join

EDF2 portable V2 Muliplayer chatter Limits

Limits Chatter

  1. Limits are not set.
  2. Limit Health

EDF2 Portable V2 Multiplayer chatter Player level

Player Level Chatter

  1. Beginners Welcome
  2. Intermediates Welcome
  3. Experts Welcome
  4. Beginners Only
  5. Intermediates Only
  6. Experts Only
  7. Beginners–Intermediates
  8. Intermediates–Experts
  9. Masters Only (Better than Expert level)
  10. True Masters Only (Better than master level)

EDF2 Portable V2 Multiplayer Mood Chatter

Mood Chatter

  1. Fun
  2. Friendly
  3. Got your back
  4. Carefree
  5. Mellow
  6. Smoothly
  7. Speedy
  8. Team players
  9. Chatty
  10. Dog-eat-dog
  11. Lawless

EDF2 Portable V2 Multiplayer chatter Playtime

Length of Play Chatter

  1. Go long
  2. Just a taste
  3. Until 1 hour

Lobby Chat

Coming soon!

In-game Chat

Coming soon!

Pause Menu

EDF2 Portable V2 Pause Menu

  1. Retry
  2. Retreat
  3. Game Settings
  4. Back


Difficulties and medals

Each mission can be played on five difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and Inferno. Weapon drops, enemy health and aggressiveness, and vehicle health vary by difficulty.

Completed difficulties are indicated by a medal icon with three sections. Beating the mission with Ranger fills in the left section, Pale Wing the right section, and Air Raider the bottom. So you must complete a mission on a specific difficulty with all three characters to fully fill in the medal. The appearance and shape of the medal vary by difficulty.

Transparent medals mean the level was completed in the opposite mode (single-player or multiplayer), but it still counts towards completion percentage.

Completion percentage

To calculate completion percentage, we consider the total number of missions, the number of difficulty levels, and the number of characters who must complee each mission and difficulty level. EDF2 Portable V2 has 78 unique missions, five difficulties, and three characters. That's 78 x 5 x 3, which equals 1,170 missions that must be played in order to reach 100 percent mission completion.

Each individual new mission you play with a character is worth 0.09% completion percentage. That's why the completion percentage does not always rise by 0.1 when you clear a new mission.

Missions 1-20

01: 英国の悪夢 (Nightmare in the UK)

  • Enemies: Black ants
  • Vehicles: Tank

02: 倫敦騒乱 (London Mayhem)

  • Enemies: Black ants
  • Vehicles: Tank

03: 広がる災厄 (Disaster Spreading)

  • Enemies: Black ants
  • Vehicles: Bike

04: 魔虫の塔 (Tower of Evil Insects)

  • Enemies: Flying black ants
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

05: 地下洞 (Underground Cavern) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Black ants

06: 漆黒 (Pitch Black) - Night

  • Enemies: Black ants
  • Vehicles: Bike, Helicopter

07: 侵略者再び (Invaders Return)

  • Enemies: UFOs
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

08: 戦機襲来 (Time for Fighting) - Note: First appearance of Daroga

  • Enemies: Darogas
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

09: 市街戦 (Urban Warfare)

  • Enemies: Darogas
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

10: 多眼の凶虫 (Multi-eyed Evil Insects) - Note: First appearance of Spiders

  • Enemies: Spiders
  • Vehicles: Tank

11: 凶虫大挙 (Evil Insects in Great Numbers)

  • Enemies: Spiders, Carrier

12: 空母襲来 (Carrier Incoming)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Spiders, Carrier
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

13: 巨獣 (Giant Monster)

  • Enemies: Saurus
  • Vehicles: Tank, ?

14: 谷間の影 (Shadow of the Valley)

  • Enemies: Spiders, Carriers
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

15: 夜襲 (Night Attack) - Night

  • Enemies: UFOs
  • Vehicles: Bike, Tank, Helicopter

16: 挟撃 (Pincer Attack)

  • Enemies: UFOs, Darogas
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

17: 地の底 (Bowels of the Earth) - Underground

  • Enemies: Black ants, Spiders

18: 魔鏡 (Magic Mirror)

  • Enemies: UFOs, Shield Bearers
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

19: 盾 (Shield)

  • Enemies: Shield Bearers, Darogas
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

20: 魔塔強襲 (Assault on the Evil Tower)

  • Enemies: Flying ants, Flying ant nest
  • Vehicles: Tank x 2

Missions 21-40

21: 侵食 (Encroachment)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Flying ants, Spiders, Nests x 4
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

22: 停泊 (Anchorage)

  • Enemies: Black ants, UFOs, Carriers x 3
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

23: 赤色甲殻虫 (Red Ants)

  • Enemies: Red Ants
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

24: 峡谷 (Ravine)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Darogas
  • Vehicles: Tank

25: 噴出 (Eruption)

  • Enemies: Black Ants, Red ants, Flying ants, Spiders, Hills x 4
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

26: 地底突入前編 (Break into the Bottom: The First Episode) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Black ants

27: 地底突入中編 (Break into the Bottom: The Second Episode) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Black ants, Spiders

28: 地底突入後篇 (Break into the Bottom: The Last Episode) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Spiders

29: 地底決戦 (The Final Battle in the Bottom) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Black ants, Spiders, Ant eggs, Queen Ants x 2

30: 龍虫 (Dragon Insect) - Note: First appearance of Dragon Centipedes

  • Enemies: Dragon Centipedes
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

31: 百脚龍虫 (A Hundred-legged Dragon Insect)

  • Enemies: Dragon Centipedes
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

32: 蟲の怒り (Rage of the Arachnids)

  • Enemies: Spiders
  • Vehicles: Tank

33: 侵略者集結 (Invaders Assemble)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Spiders, UFOs, Darogas, Carriers x 3
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

34: 審判の日 (Judgment Day) - Note: Only destroyable Mothership

  • Enemies: UFOs, Mothership
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike, Helicopter

35: 掃討戦 (Mop-Up Operation)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Red ants, Flying ants
  • Vehicles: Bike, Helicopter

36: 終章 (The Final Chapter)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Imperial Guards
  • Vehicles: Tank

37: 近衛兵団 (Imperial Guards)

  • Enemies: Imperial Guards
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

38: 火球落下 (Fireball Falling) - Note: First appearance of Deroys

  • Enemies: Deroy
  • Vehicles: Tank x 2

39: 機兵上陸 (Machine Soldiers Landing)

  • Enemies: Imperial Guards, Deroys
  • Vehicles: Bike, Helicopter

40: 回転木馬 (Merry‐go‐round)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Spiders, Carriers x 6
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

Missions 41-60

41: 暴虐 (Cruelty)

  • Enemies: Darogas, Deroys
  • Vehicles: Helicopter

42: 精鋭 (Elites) - Note: First appearance of Ace Fighter UFOs

  • Enemies: Ace Fighters
  • Vehicles: Bike, Helicopter

43: 赤波 (Red Wave)

  • Enemies: Red ants
  • Vehicles: Tank

44: 鉄球 (Iron Ball) - Note: First appearance of Girios

  • Enemies: Girios, Carriers x 3

45: 占拠 (Occupation)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Imperial Guards, Carriers x 3
  • Vehicles: Tank

46: 機兵の谷 (Machine Soldiers' Valley)

  • Enemies: Girios, Deroys x 3
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike x 2

47: 大群進撃 (Attack of the Massive Group)

  • Enemies: Red ants, Flying ants, Spiders
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

48: 魔塔の守護者 (Guardians of the Evil Tower)

  • Enemies: Flying ants, Shield Bearers, Flying ant hill x 2
  • Vehicles: Bike, Helicopter

49: 空挺結集 (Airborne Enemies Assemble)

  • Enemies: Ace Fighters, Shield Bearers, Imperial Guards
  • Vehicles: Bike, helicopter

50: 百鬼夜行 (Pandemonium) - Note: Night

  • Enemies: Red ants, Spiders, UFOs
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

51: 烈球 (Raging Ball) - Note: First appearance of Giriolas

  • Enemies: Girios, Giriolas

52: 嶺の亀裂 (Crack on the Peak)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Spiders, Hills, Deroys
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

53: 陥穽 (Pitfall)

  • Enemies: Black ants, Red ants, Spiders, Flying ants
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

54: 深淵 (Abyss) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Spiders

55: 奈落の罠 (Bottomless Trap) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Spiders

56: 金色の罠 (Golden Trap) - Note: Underground, first appearance of Gold ants

  • Enemies: Black ants, Gold ants

57: 龍虫復活 (Dragon Insect Revived) - Note: Night

  • Enemies: Dragon Centipede
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

58: 重装鉄球 (Heavily Armed Iron Balls) - Note: Underground

  • Enemies: Giriolas

59: 特機兵 (Specialized Machine Soldiers)

  • Enemies: Deroys
  • Vehicles: Tank, Helicopter

60: 大蜘蛛 (Giant Spiders) - Note: First appearance of Spider Lords

  • Enemies: Spiders, Spider Lords
  • Vehicles: Tank

Missions 61-78

61: 空爆 (Air Strike)

  • Enemies: Bombers
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

62: 超爆 (Super Explosion)

  • Enemies: Imperial Guards, Mega Bomber
  • Vehicles: Tank x 2

63: 闇蜘蛛 (Spider in the Dark) - Note: Night, first appearance of Silver Spiders

  • Enemies: Spiders, Silver Spiders
  • Vehicles: Bike, Helicopter

64: 皇帝直下 (Underneath the Emperor)

  • Enemies: Girios, Imperial Guards, Deroys

65: 王者の巣 (King's Nest) - Note: Similar to an EDF 2017 Portable mission

  • Enemies: Black Ants, Gold Ants, Flying ants, Ant eggs, Queen Ants x 2
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike, Helicopter

66: 機獣 (Machine Monster) - Note: First and only appearance of Cyborg Saurus

  • Enemies: Cyborg Saurus
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

67: 鎧蜘蛛 (Armored Spiders) - Note: Similar to another EDF 2017 Portable mission

  • Enemies: Silver Spiders, Nests x 4
  • Vehicles: Tank

68: 剣と盾 (Sword and Shield)

  • Enemies: Ace Fighters, Shield Bearers

69: 魔虫跋扈 (Rampant Evil Insects)

  • Enemies: Red ants, Flying ants, Spiders
  • Vehicles: Tanks x 2

70: 超獣結集 (Huge Monsters Assemble)

  • Enemies: Queen Ants x 3, Spider Lord, Saurus, Mega Bomber
  • Vehicles: Tanks x 2, Bike

71: 紅の山 (Crimson Mountain) - Note: First appearance of Mutant Red ants

  • Enemies: Black ants, Mutant Red ants, Gold ants
  • Vehicles: Tanks x 2

72: 神獣 (God Monster) - Note: First and only appearance of Mini Saurus and Saurus King

  • Enemies: Mini Saurus x 2, Saurus King
  • Vehicles: Tank

73: 大結集 (Great Assembly)

  • Enemies: Spiders, Imperial Guards, Deroys, Carriers x 5
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike, helicopter

74: 死地 (Fatal Position)

  • Enemies: Gold ants, Mutant Red ants, Silver Spiders, Deroys
  • Vehicles: Tanks x 2, Bike, Helicopter

75: 灼熱 (Burning)

  • Enemies: UFOs, Red ants, Flying ants, Deroys, Queen ant, Ace Fighters, Shield Bearers, Carriers x 2
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bike

76: 絶対包囲 (Absolute Siege)

  • Enemies: Spiders, Imperial Guards, Bombers, Mega Bomber, Darogas, Dragon Centipede
  • Vehicles: Bike, Helicopter

77: 魔軍 (Evil Army)

  • Enemies: Gold ants, Flying ants, Silver spiders, Darogas, UFOs, Ant hills x 3,
  • Vehicles: Tanks x 2, Helicopter

78: 皇帝都市 (Emperor's City)

  • Enemies: Imperial Guards, Floating City Adan
  • Vehicles: Tank, Bikes x 3, Helicopter

Best Grinding Missions

Coming soon!


Change characters from the Equipment Selection menu. Each character gains weapons, health, and mission medals independently from the others.

Ranger (Japanese: Landing Force)

Coming soon!

Pale Wing

Coming soon!

Air Raider

Originally appearing in Earth Defense Force 2025 (which is essentially a remake of EDF2), the Air Raider has been added to EDF2 Portable V2 as a bonus.

More coming soon!


Ranger and Air Raider can use vehicles. Pale Wing can't because she's too busy flying.



  • Fire: Square button or Right Trigger or R1 (PlayStation TV)
  • Steer: Left Analog Stick up, down, left, or right


  • Easy: 600
  • Normal: 560
  • Hard: 933
  • Hardest: 2,000
  • Inferno: 4,400

Appears in Missions:

  • 1, 2, 4, 7-10, 12-16, 18-25, ...

Bike (Airbike)


  • Easy: 150
  • Normal: 140
  • Hard: 300
  • Hardest: 700
  • Inferno: 1,600

Appears in Missions:

  • 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12-15, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, ...


  • Does not take collision damage, unlike EDF 2017 Portable.



  • Spin rotor: X button
  • Fire guns: Square button
  • Pitch up or down: Left Analog Stick up or down
  • Pitch left or right: Left or Right on left analog stick,Left or Right Trigger/L1 or L2 (PlayStation TV)


  • Easy: 300
  • Normal: 200
  • Hard: 600
  • Hardest: 1,400
  • Inferno: 3,200

Appears in Missions:

  • 6, 7, 15, 16, 18, ...


  • Hey, we can steer left and right properly this time! No missiles though.


Coming soon. Screenshots and enemy names needed!


Coming soon. Yes, the whole list!


Here is the full Trophy list with Japanese names and the authors' English translations.

Non-secret Trophies

  • ミッション・コンプリート - Mission Complete (Platinum): Win all the trophies
  • Easy全ステージクリア(陸戦兵)- Ranger: Easy All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Easy difficulty with Ranger
  • Normal全ステージクリア(陸戦兵)- Ranger: Normal All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Normal difficulty with Ranger
  • Hard全ステージクリア(陸戦兵)- Ranger: Hard All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Hard difficulty with Ranger
  • Hardest全ステージクリア(陸戦兵)- Ranger: Hardest All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Hardest difficulty with Ranger
  • Inferno全ステージクリア(陸戦兵)- Ranger: Inferno All Stages Clear (Silver): Clear all stages on Inferno difficulty with Ranger
  • Easy全ステージクリア(ペイルウイング)- Pale Wing: Easy All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Easy difficulty with Pale Wing
  • Normal全ステージクリア(ペイルウイング)- Pale Wing: Normal All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Normal difficulty with Pale Wing
  • Hard全ステージクリア(ペイルウイング)- Pale Wing: Hard All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Hard difficulty with Pale Wing
  • Hardest全ステージクリア(ペイルウイング)- Pale Wing: Hardest All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Hardest difficulty with Pale Wing
  • Inferno全ステージクリア(ペイルウイング)- Pale Wing: Inferno All Stages Clear (Silver): Clear all stages on Inferno difficulty with Pale Wing
  • Easy全ステージクリア(エアレイド)- Air Raider: Easy All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Easy difficulty with Air Raider
  • Normal全ステージクリア(エアレイド)- Air Raider: Normal All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Normal difficulty with Air Raider
  • Hard全ステージクリア(エアレイド)- Air Raider: Hard All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Hard difficulty with Air Raider
  • Hardest全ステージクリア(エアレイド)- Air Raider: Hardest All Stages Clear (Bronze): Clear all stages on Hardest difficulty with Air Raider
  • Inferno全ステージクリア(エアレイド)- Air Raider: Inferno All Stages Clear (Silver): Clear all stages on Inferno difficulty with Air Raider

Secret Trophies

Enemy Kills

  • レスキュー- Rescue (Bronze): Rescue other players five times during co-op play
  • ベテランレスキュー- Veteran Rescue (Bronze): Rescue other players 50 times during co-op play
  • スーパーレスキュー- Super Rescue (Bronze): Rescue other players 120 times during co-op play
  • 甲殻虫・ハンター- Ant Hunter (Bronze): Defeat 10,000 ant-type bugs
  • バゥ・ハンター- Spider Hunter (Bronze): Defeat 6,000 spider-type bugs
  • UFO・ハンター- UFO Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down 7,000 UFO aircraft
  • シールド・ハンター- Shield Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down 200 Shield UFO aircraft
  • キャリアー・ハンター- Carrier Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down 250 Carrier aircraft
  • エース・ハンター- Ace Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down 100 Ace fighter aircraft
  • ヒル・ハンター- Hill Hunter (Bronze): Destroy 30 insect Hills
  • ダロガ・ハンター- Daroga Hunter (Bronze): Destroy 300 Daroga walkers
  • ソラス・ハンター- Saurus Hunter (Bronze): Defeat 40 Sauruses
  • センチピード・ハンター- Centipede Hunter (Bronze): Defeat 100 Centipedes
  • クイーン・ハンター- Queen Hunter (Bronze): Defeat 50 Queen ants
  • マザーシップ・ハンター- Mothership Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down nine Mothership aircraft
  • ガード・ハンター- Guard Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down 4,000 Imperial guard aircraft
  • ディロイ・ハンター- Deroy Hunter (Bronze): Defeat 100 Deroy walkers
  • ボマー・ハンター- Bomber Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down 250 Bomber aircraft
  • メガボマー・ハンター- Mega Bomber Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down 20 Mega bomber aircraft
  • ロード・ハンター- Lord Hunter (Bronze): Destroy 30 Spider Lords
  • キング・ハンター- King Hunter (Bronze): Destroy nine Saurus Kings
  • ギリオ・ハンター- Girio Hunter (Bronze): Destroy 180 Girios
  • 変異種・ハンター- Mutant Hunter (Bronze): Destroy 1,500 Mutants
  • インベーダー・ハンター- Invader Hunter (Bronze): Shoot down nine Floating City Adans

Weapons Collected

  • 武器入手5%- Weapons 5% Complete (Bronze): Obtain 5% of all available weapons
  • 武器入手10%- Weapons 10% Complete (Bronze): Obtain 10% of all available weapons
  • 武器入手25%- Weapons 25% Complete (Bronze): Obtain 25% of all available weapons
  • 武器入手50%- Weapons 50% Complete (Bronze): Obtain 50% of all available weapons
  • 武器入手75%- Weapons 75% Complete (Bronze): Obtain 75% of all available weapons
  • 武器入手100%- Weapons 100% Complete (Gold): Obtain 100% of all available weapons

Health Milestones

  • アーマードソルジャー- Armored Soldier (Bronze): Reach 2,000 health with Ranger
  • マスターソルジャー- Master Soldier (Bronze): Reach 4,000 health with Ranger
  • アーマードウイング- Armored Wing (Bronze): Reach 1,000 health with Pale Wing
  • マスターウイング- Master Wing (Bronze): Reach 2,000 health with Pale Wing
  • アーマードエアレイド- Armored Air Raider (Bronze): Reach 2,000 health with Air Raider
  • マスターエアレイド- Master Air Raider (Bronze): Reach 4,000 health with Air Raider

Vehicle kills

  • タンク乗り- Tank Ride (Bronze): Defeat 200 enemies with tanks
  • タンクマスター- Tank Master (Bronze): Defeat 1,000 enemies with tanks
  • パイロット- Pilot (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies in a helicopter
  • ヘリマスター- Helicopter Master (Bronze): Defeat 500 enemies in a helicopter
  • バイク乗り- Bike Rider (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies on a bike
  • バイクマスター- Bike Master (Bronze): Defeat 250 enemies on a bike


  • 衛生兵- Medic (Bronze): Heal a player with a Reverser weapon in co-op play
  • 通信兵- Signal (Bronze): Send 10 chat messages during a co-op mission
  • 情報分析兵- Intelligence Analyst (Bronze): Send 10 chat messages to other players in a co-op room
  • トレジャーハンター- Treasure Hunters (Bronze): Collect 15 Weapon items in a single mission
  • アーマーコレクター- Armor Collector (Bronze): Collect 30 Armor items in a single mission

How EDF2 Portable V2 differs from other games in the series

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