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by DoopDoop

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FAQ by DoopDoop

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/14/2016


Hello everyone and welcome to my FAQ on Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal!

I decided to create this guide mainly out of some people's (and my own) irritation of having to translate and piece together the prevalent Japanese wiki in order to get proper information on this game. While I have zero interest in doing a full walkthrough for such an immense game, I do feel like I could give proper information about passives, classes, skills and the proper use of them.

Keep in mind with this guide that it is mostly gameplay mechanics and not style or artwork opinions so just because I recommend a certain character for a class doesn't mean you have to use them for that purpose. Maybe I tell you I like Fiora as a Magical Princess but you prefer the artwork of Irena instead or so on or so forth. It's your game, enjoy it the way you want you want to. These just happen to be the best usages I've seen and used but if you aren't having fun with it, what's the point?

Also as a reminder, this article will probably contain spoilers so if you're worried about that I would advise you to not read the character sheets at the very least.

Anyway, let's get going and enjoy the guide!


Fried Einhard

Joins Party: Chapter 0

  • Voiced By: Hiroshi Murata
  • Non-Combatant (No Passive)

Fried is as close to the main character as Dungeon Travelers 2 will get. He's basically 'you' in the sense that he gives orders to your party and they carry them out. A Libra by trade, he specialized in sealing monsters in Sealbooks, having extremely bad luck, his incredible love of studying monsters in the field and being a complete moron when it comes to the advances of his teammates. As Libras are not trained in warfare, having all 5 members of the party die will result in a game over as presumably Fried curls up into a ball and is never seen again.

Fried is unable to equip any normal gear or raise his stats as he has none to speak of, but he is able to equip Grand Sealbooks from Mutants (aka boss monsters) that provide a variety of unique effects. These effects tend to range from fairly useless, situational usefulness to insanely useful. You may wish to experiment with them to see which ones work for you but always remember you have options when it comes to tough encounters.

Grand Sealbooks I personally used/recommend for general use:

  • Flower Fairy (Prizren Woods) - Increased Critical Chance (useful for interrupting spells and more damage)
  • Fafnir (Underground Waterway) - Front line ATK + DEF 4% UP (great if you run a melee heavy front line)
  • Ifrita (Royal Library Depths) - TP Cost for techniques DOWN (15%) (all around wonderful tome for long haul dungeon exploration and TP management)
  • Archdemon (Royal Library Depths) - TP Cost for spells DOWN (15%) (spell caster focused version of Ifrita)
  • Fudo Myou (Temple of Maharashta) - TP Cost for techniques Grand DOWN (40%) (Pretty large upgrade to Ifrita, solves any TP issues)
  • Seraphim (Tower of Borgomil) - TP Cost for spells Grand DOWN (40%) (Good upgrade to Archdemon, way too late of course but if you like using casters still this is good).

Other Grand Sealbooks have their special uses like shops appearing faster, encounters up for grinding or down to explore or get further in dungeons without so many stops or hassles. Keep them in mind for when you need to enchant or collect rarer items or consumables.

Alisia Heart

Joins Party: Chapter 0

  • Voiced By: Ai Kayano
  • Class: Fighter
  • Super By-Blow: After a physical attack to an enemy, attack neighboring enemies as well.
  • Motivation Increases When: Using skills, hitting monsters, critical hits.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Missing monsters, using items on self.

Alicia is one of the first characters you're introduced to along with Melvy. She's an airhead through and through but works hard and does her best.

Her passive is sort of awkward to use. Basically, it has a chance (increasing by level) to do damage to enemies to the sides of her LAST attacked target. In example, you select attack on Alicia and attack the monster to the left in a row of 3. If her passive triggers, it attacks the monster to the right (the one in the middle) but not the one to the far right. So ideally if you're going to use her, attack in the middle of a row to best spread the damage out. It also doesn't pierce rows which means if monsters are in a triangle formation you'll have to attack the back row for less damage in order to trigger her passive. When you're using basic attacks early on this is fine but for advanced classes that either have row damage, random strikes or turn order damage this is a remarkably awkward passive to use effectively.

Melvy de Florencia

Joins Party: Chapter 0

  • Voiced By: Noriko Shitaya
  • Class: Magic User
  • Passive: Origin of Knowledge: Decrease TP Cost for all skills.
  • Motivation Increase When: Eating sweet or bitter foods, using spells, resurrecting allies
  • Motivation Decreases When: Hitting Traps.

Melvy and Alicia are the first two characters that join you on your expedition. Compared to Alicia, Melvy is smarter and more attentive of situations. Originally was expected to join the Royal Guard but joined the Suppression Team to follow her friends and stalk Fried. She has a doting father and a hopelessly deep crush on Fried who as a protagonist is too dense to realize it. Also appears to be quite an avid photographer...

Melvy's passive is pretty boring but it does what it needs to do just fine. It decreases the cost of spells by [Level / (10)] rounded down but spells cannot be reduced to zero. Early on it's a great way to get extra efficiency out of lower level spells like Heal and can potentially save skill points to use elsewhere because she doesn't need as much passive cost saving to keep going in a long fight or a dungeon. At higher levels it's far less useful due to maid skills, sealbooks and other options but it's still not terrible. Not a bad choice, not the best choice.

Lilian Craper

Joins Party: Chapter 1

  • Voiced By: Kaori Ishihara
  • Class: Spieler
  • Passive: Third Eye: Ignore turn order to inflict an enemy with a status ailment.
  • Motivation Increases When: Running Away
  • Motivation Decreases When: Dying, Getting Critically Hit, Missing.

Lilian is a mysterious character that the team runs into that appears to have a dark curse placed on her. In reality, she has a bad case of middle school syndrome (or Chuunibyou for the Japanese term). She tries to be helpful and nice but her creepy atmosphere tends to shy people off except for Alicia who is in general friendly to everyone in her cluelessness. Fortunately, her class is as strange as she is, making a great compliment and introduction.

Lilian's passive is summed up by one word: crapshoot. As stated in the description, whenever an enemy's turn comes up she has a chance to fire off her passive and the game randomly picks a status effect to try on the target with the exception of slow. The standard rules for status effects apply in that they can still miss or be blocked. Sometimes it'll hit it out of the park and freeze or sleep a scary melee monster or silence a caster before they fire off a spell and sometimes it tries to cast a wind status effect on a monster with high wind resist or complete immunity. Later levels just increase the chance of the passive firing and to be fair it does tend to trigger a decent amount. I personally don't bother but the option is up to you if you value gambling that much compared to other passives that provide more of a guarantee.

Conette St. Honore

Joins Party: Chapter 2

  • Voiced By: Chinatsu Akasaki
  • Class: Maid
  • Passive: Mellow: After receiving short-range damage, may inflict the enemy with slow.
  • Motivation Increases When: Using maid skills, eating sweet food, drinking.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Attacking enemies.

Conette is originally thought to be a monster disguised as a human and she doesn't exactly disprove that notion by giving Fried and company the slip the first time they meet. A runaway from the Royal Maid Squadron, she's pressganged into joining the suppression team in order to not get in trouble with her original job. What the party finds out is while Conette is quite good at her job, getting her to actually work is harder than it looks.

Conette is a godsend when you get her as she can restore health, TP and provide other backup utilities to keep your party going in the dungeon. Her passive, not so much. When you get it and don't have a choice in maids it's kind of nice as slow is a great status effect and it's uncommon for monsters to be fully immune to it but requiring a squishy maid to get hit is not in your best interest normally. She can make some use of it as a Mistress but even then I wouldn't recommend you encourage monsters to hit her. Nice bonus when it happens though.

Monica Macy

Joins Party: Chapter 3

  • Voiced By: Eriko Nakamura
  • Class: Scout
  • Passive: Transcendent Counter: When targeted by a physical attack, throw in an attack beforehand.
  • Motivation Increases When: Defeating Enemies
  • Motivation Decreases When: Dying, Getting Critically Hit, Missing.

Originally introduced to the party as the Libra Store shopkeeper, she's later seen tailing the party and spying on them. After a heated battle, Monica reveals someone wants information on Fried. Taking pity on her, Fried lets her join the party when it's revealed her benefactor is Melvy's father. A miserly person for a good reason, Monica works hard to pay off her parents 18 million gold debt (!) and take care of her 15-odd siblings (!!!).

Monica fully completes a 'balanced' party of one class each and her passive is basically welcomed free damage. When she is targeted by a physical attack, it has a chance to trigger and attack first. If this kills the enemy, it saves damage from being done which is nice. If it doesn't kill the enemy and Monica is using a short ranged attack it could potentially trigger nasty side effects like dark aura (and much worse later like gravity well). As you might imagine, the safest choice for using this passive would be a long range weapon as it protects her from trigging those side effects and a bow or projectile will provide more damage than a dagger. Note however that as a Sniper Warning Shot has a higher priority and if it fails to trigger or misses a roll for Counter triggers. The attack can also trigger passive effects and weapon procs which can be comical if your weapon has a hard control status effect like sleep or stun or if the monster is open to instant death effects, Murder. Don't count on it but it was pretty funny hearing her passive trigger, the old 'ABUNAI DESU YO!' ('That's dangerous!' in English or along those lines) and then a crit and Murder triggering. I wonder which one's more dangerous, Monica...

Grisherina 'Grishna' Efleanor

Joins Party: Chapter 4

  • Voiced By: Yu Shimamura
  • Class: Fighter (Berserker)
  • Passive: Rage Strike: Occasionally bypass enemies' DEF when using physical attacks.
  • Motivation Increases When: Attacking, Skill Usage.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Dying, Getting Critically Hit, Missing.

A stern warrior who graduated at the top of her class, she eventually tired of the knights and became an adventurer to challenge herself. Fried and company run into her as they track a monster and as wires get crossed she assaults them. After the fight, they pass on apologies and move on. After the fierce battle and sealing of the Demon God, she helps Irena and joins the party in order to bring peace to the kingdom. She later reveals she's seeking a crown of her own and the glory it brings.

Grishna is probably one of the first major roadblock bosses if you're sort of taking it easy in leveling and haven't moved on to the next tier of job classes. If it's possible to defeat her before 15 without a massive amount of resets or good luck, I'd be fairly impressed by it. The best I've done is about 25% before I ran out of juice. But anyway, her passive is pretty dang good and better than Alicia's if you don't mind catching her up a bit. Rage Strike as stated ignores DEF which is fantastic against enemies who tend to turtle up. The extra damage from cutting DEF isn't as much early but later on when enemy stats start to take off (especially on bigger monsters) it's a great little bonus and adds up quite a bit. Obviously more useful on the damage fighter classes but also great for a tank-type due to their naturally low ATK.

Fiora Marsh

Joins Party: Chapter 5

  • Voiced By: Masayuki Makiguchi
  • Class: Magic User (Priestess)
  • Passive: Alter Fate: Occasionally nullify all damage received from enemies.
  • Motivation Increases When: Eating chocolate, apples, revived with Mui Kuha Medicine
  • Motivation Decreases When: Critically hit, running with status effects on, dying.

A matronly nun that runs a church orphanage. She asks Fried to bring her flowers from the Tower of Piertan and is captured by monsters after attempting to save Lize from the Mostar Catacombs. As you might expect from a nun, she's kind hearted and highly devoted to her faith, which can run into problems when Fried discusses his lack of faith later with her. She's also either incredibly lucky or blessed by God as things always seem to work out for her when worse comes to worst. Later her and Lize join the party as they realize they can no longer stand around and wait for God to fix things and must take them into their own hands.

Fiora as a character is kind of a stick in the mud even though she has some comical subevents (try taking her and Irena for a walk as witches,bringing two or more different types of liquor with Yae and Conette or equipping the Erotic Book on her). Her passive however, is pretty dang amazing. Unlike Graceful Steps and Warning Shot it doesn't stop the monster's turn altogether but being able to ignore an entire attack when some monsters can easily smash a flimsy magic user (barring Magical Princesses later) into paste is a pretty nice perk compared to saving a bit of TP or a faster chant time. Definitely my choice for Magic User perk later on, especially for a Magical Princess on the front lines.

Lizerietta 'Lize' Marsh

Joins Party: Chapter 5

  • Voiced By: Yui Ogura
  • Class: Spieler (Doll Master)
  • Passive: Usurper of Thoughts: Before the turn begins, may erase the existence of any familiars.
  • Motivation Increases When: Summoning a Doll, killing an enemy, attacking
  • Motivation Decreases When: Dying, critically hit.

A loner orphan under the charge of Fiora, she spends most of her time playing with her doll Lito. When introduced, she tends to take a more active stance and helps the orphanage while saying it's people who solve problems and not God. Understandably, this upsets Fiora and they share some words. Lize is picked on and when it's found out the orphanage might close due to funding issues, she runs off to Mostar to try to get some roots to make wreathes. The party later finds her okay but it takes the power of faith and love to give her the courage to fight back and save Fiora and Fried's team. She isn't related to Fiora even though they have the same last name as they are all brothers and sisters to her.

Ah, Lize Lize Lize. Her passive is pretty dang useful against monsters and bosses that spam familiars, demons, slaves, anything of those types. Basically anything that has the icon of a black box and the devil-ish look has a chance of being removed from the battlefield when he turn comes up. Considering that later on these familiars either start to inflict either mean status effects or hit incredibly hard, this is a good passive to keep in mind. Unfortunately, I don't use her too much even with this because she just kind of gives me the creeps. Consider that a personal opinion of course but there's just not a whole lot I like about her character outside of the passive. So if you can put up with her, keep her on the bench for those bosses that like to spam familiars.

Souffle Twinny

Joins Party: Chapter 6

  • Voiced By: Ayane Sakura
  • Class: Scout (Treasure Hunter)
  • Passive: Chant Killer: Increase damage against chanting, singing, dancing or puppeteering enemies.
  • Motivation Increases When: Using Items.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Missing attacks (including Item Steal), eating spicy food.

A famous Treasure Hunter, Souffle is first encountered as a wandering merchant in the Aberdeen Ruins. She sells a variety of items from uncommon food drops to spare supplies to crazy expensive (at the time) restorative items and unidentified equipment. As the story progresses, the party is tasked to sealing the rampaging Therian god and investigating a missing human adventurer who was believed to be enslaved. Souffle fights to defend Khorramshahr and later joins the party to see more Therians and keep watch over the sealed god. She tends to be a carefree spirit and can never get enough of the beastmen and Therians and their supplies. She also constantly tries to sell Fried Therian goods and eventually this dedication to the animals might pay off...

Souffle comes in somewhat underleveled but is already a Treasure Hunter even though by game standards can't be one. Score for story sense at least! Her passive is also pretty good as you'll encounter a large amount of enemies that those categories will fall under and depending on how you build her she can be your personal interruptor with weak stab or just dishing out a lot of bonus damage to spellcasters or the musically inclined. If you're uninterested in replacing Monica at the time, at least spend her points in Negotiate for the discount in the Libra Store. I'm not sure that's intended behavior but the game considers everyone in your party in the library so the 25% discount applies whether she's in your current party or not as long as you're in headquarters which adds up. Of course, the bonus doesn't apply to the wandering merchants if you don't have Negotiate in your dungeon party.

Eltricia 'El' Vitoire de Ritzhevan

Joins Party: Chapter 7

  • Voiced By: Ogasawara Saki
  • Class: Magic User
  • Passive: The Chosen One: Shorten the chant time for skills.
  • Motivation Increases When: Casting Spells, critically hitting.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Eating smelly foods (Natto, Kusaya-don, Mochi, etc), dying.

Crown Princess of the Romulea Empire, the party encounters her with her robot maid Ist where they seek the fabled sword of the Queen to prove herself to her father. Fried's naturally casual words agitate the princess and she decides to pick a fight with Fried and company. After her defeat, Fried offers to look for the sword but instead she chooses to join the suppression team with Ist. She causes some friction with Melvy as first but decides to take on the more casual name of 'El' as long as she's a part of the suppression team. El's adjustments from her royal life to the more common living quarters cause some humor but she eventually grows up a bit and tries to make her own path in life.

When you first 'recruit' El, you might as well leave and go get her (and probably Ist) as you'll need her to progress further into your current dungeon. Fortunately, her passive isn't bad (and arguably better than Melvy's depending on how much you value TP saving) and she makes a decent caster. It pretty much does what it says on the tin in that it speeds up her cast times and it's somewhat noticeable with a few levels in it compared to other casters casting the same spell. Nothing remarkable, but not terrible by any means. Depending on my team makeups, I usually make her a Witch or a Bishop. If you decide to make a Magical Princess at 30, remember to get the sword from the treasure vault when you get the key as it's pretty decent. The upgrade is even better if you can snag that early in the postgame. I don't know if you actually HAVE to take her but she's trivial compared to the Demon God. Remarkably annoying with her immunity though.


Joins Party: Chapter 7

  • Voiced By: Rumi Okubo
  • Class: Maid
  • Passive: Maximum Maid: Increased effects for all maid skills.
  • Motivation Increases When: Using Items, Maid skills
  • Motivation Decreases When: Drinking Liquor

IST-001 or 'Ist' is a robotic maid from the Republic of Tajar, a distant kingdom that has advanced technology. Originally a gift to celebrate the birth of Eltricia, the maid has basically become a sister to El even to her absolute opposition. Prone to short circuiting in confusing situations, Ist does her best in support of the princess and Fried's party in the suppression of monsters. El and Ist as a team tend to have some pretty funny subevents and Ist also possesses a pretty dry sense of humor even though according to her she doesn't possess the ability for it.

As much of a godsend Conette was to your maid team, Ist makes an even better replacement for her. Her passive (LV * 1 + 1% or 2% at level 1 and 10% at level 9) is a healthy boost to Maid skills and only gets better as the game goes on. She's a fantastic choice for your maid for quite a long period of time until a combination of her maid skills and her passive start hitting the hard cap of 25% on Generous Heart and all the healing she does combined with the gross amount of turns a properly built Maid can generate really start to make her passive feel superfluous. She's still a good choice, but do you really need to heal those extra percentages when 30% of the skill is probably overheal anyway?

Yae Houzouji

Joins Party: Chapter 8

  • Voiced By: Naoko Sugiura
  • Class: Fighter (Samurai)
  • Passive: Did You Call for Me? : May occasionally act twice in one turn.
  • Motivation Increases When: Killing enemies, skill usage
  • Motivation Decreases When: Using items, missing enemies

A fighter from the Lachann Empire, she travels with Tsurara in order to seek help from Romulea due to a minion of the Demon God disguising itself as a chancellor and causing chaos in their political system. Fried and company are taking a well-deserved rest in the Marsala Onsen when a misunderstanding causes the duo to take offense to Fried and challenge him to a duel. After their defeat, they head off to Romulea to find it in chaos when Fried returns. Yae and Tsurara join up to assist Fried as they can't sit by while monsters invade a friendly kingdom. While Tsurara is calm and level-headed, Yae tends to think impulsively and isn't much for contemplation on the more difficult things in life. She's the party drunkard and enjoys the thrill of combat. Also possesses a mean gambling streak even though she's terrible at it.

Yae's passive is almost without question the best possible passive for Fighters. While not as big of an impact early on, weapon speed will eventually catch up later on and while properly enchanted and geared classes will run circles around the average trash encounter (and even bigger monsters) Fighters with big two handers really struggle to get a turn and set up before everything is either dead or close enough to it. There's really not a whole lot more satisfying things than hitting berserk or power charge and triggering Yae's passive to get another hit out of the charge or just an extra chance to whack at the monsters. While Grishna's passive can have some utility use, it's really hard to not take Yae as my prime Fighter even when I transition her to a Valkyrie. As already stated, it's really hard to get turns as a Fighter later and anything in order to refresh a defensive buff, a shield, or just put some extra damage on the monsters is quite a welcome addition.


Joins Party: Chapter 8

  • Voiced By: Asami Shimoda
  • Class: Scout (Kunoichi)
  • Passive: Undaunted Spirit: If Killed, revive after a certain number of turns.
  • Motivation Increases When: Scoring a critical hit, killing a monster.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Dying, Missing.

Tsurara is from a ninja village in the Lachann Empire. Traveling with Yae, they stop at the same onsen Fried and his crew are at. After the customary fight and tie-up scene, they join during the chaos in Romulea. A quiet, contemplative individual, Tsurara (or as Google Translate calls her, Icicle) lives up to her name in being a pretty cold customer. She tends to be a business first type person and it's sometimes hard to judge her morale in dungeons. She does however have her soft moments and takes a liking to Fried, even offering to tell him her true name if he 'takes responsibility' for it.

The wheels turn, the passives get better and better. Tsurara's passive has (probably) a way too high chance to trigger as it can sometimes be mildly annoying to start chanting for a resurrection only for her to pop up at 1 life and waste the time and TP involved in the revival. Of course, this is kind of looking a gift horse in the mouth as her passive is a money/time saver and remarkably useful considering that Scouts tend to be a frailer class. No sooner does she get knocked down that in a few turns she gets right back up ready to fight again. I wouldn't exactly advise letting her die constantly as it's a pretty big morale hit to do so but it's inevitable that you're going to have people die on boss fighters or meaner monster encounters and Tsurara's passive sure helps ease the pain of those fights.


Joins Party: Chapter 9

  • Voiced By: Ai Iwasaki
  • Class: Spieler
  • Passive: Demon Protection: Decrease damage received from Demons, Undead, and Apparitions.
  • Motivation Increases When: Fighting Monsters, Coffee Break.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Dying, getting critically hit.

A child of a monster mother and a human father, Mefmera lives as an outcast in Romulea making coal for the town. She has noticeable ears that she initially hides under a hairband and tends to shy away from other people. Her only friend is Yuni, a maid that works for her Uncle Rick in his pub. Yuni's singing soothes her and both of them take trips to Prizen Forest to play and rest. As chaos takes over Romulea, Mefmera hides in the waterway until Fried finds her and tells her to hide in the guard shack in Prizen until everything blows over. The team finds Yuni later and they both reunite, only to find an angry mob that wants to kill Mefmera later. Mefmera eventually attempts to embrace her monster side and attack the mob but Fried stops her and lets Yuni and Mefmera join the suppression squad in order to sate the mob and bring a temporary peace about.

As far as spieler passives go (that aren't DLC options), Mefmera probably has the safest choice. The damage reduction covers a decent chunk of monsters you'll run into in your dungeon adventures and it's pretty easy to tell when it triggers because the hit sounds different than a normal hit. Depending on how much you value random status effects or killing familiars, you might choose one of the other spielers as your prime choice but I usually prefer Mefmera for the safe pick. Boring, but effective.

Yuni Korgtech

Joins Party: Chapter 9

  • Voiced By: Hisako Kanemoto
  • Class: Maid (Bard)
  • Passive: Tranquil Song: May lower all enemies' ATK and INT with heart-penetrating vocals.
  • Motivation Increases When: Using Maid skills, eating sweets.
  • Motivation Decreases When: Dying, getting critically hit.

A songstress with an enchanting voice, Yuni puts her skills to work in her uncle Rick's pub. A friendly if slightly clumsy girl, Yuni is also friends with Mefmera, much to the dismay of Rick. He seems to put up with their friendship as much as he can though as Yuni apparently has a terrible sense of direction and would get lost in her own neighborhood without help. After Romulea is invaded by monsters, she goes frantic searching for Mefmera and they have a teary reunion at the cabin where Yuni thanks the party by singing and putting them to sleep in the process. After Mefmera's outrage is settled, they both join the party to seek the protection of the monster suppression party to save Mefmera.

Yuni's passive is a debatable thing initially but I personally think it outshines Ist's passive later due to the overkill of Maximum Maid. It has a decent proc rate and as monster stats increase, the effect increases a noticeable amount in reduction and trigger chances. With the gross amount of turns a Maid can get later, it's pretty hard to not have her passive on monsters which saves you healing and potential threats. It also overwrites Ecstasy and over ATK/INT buffs that monsters will cast, which can be quite the lifesafer if your dispeller is occupied doing something else or their turn won't come up before a boss monster or a nasty creature gets a turn to beat on your party with buffed stats.

Irena Rosenmeier

Joins Party: Story Clear

  • Voiced By: Madoka Yonezawa
  • Class: Magic User (Sage)
  • Passive: Forerunner: Magic will occasionally activate immediately without the need to chant.
  • Motivation Increases When: Casting Spells
  • Motivation Decreases When: Eating Sweets

The Chief Librarian at the start of the story, Irena gives out orders to Fried's suppression team and assists them when needed in protecting the shrines. Later her orders get more and more bizarre and her personality changes but the party chalks it up to fatigue from her battle and pushes forward. She is hiding something though but what could it possibly be? Maybe it's the fact she's proud and fairly clumsy. Or it's the Miss Mary's beauty items. Who knows?

I always thought it was funny they give you the last Magic User when MUs start their slow decline from powerhouses to alright to 'oops my other characters get about 4-5 turns before you're done channeling and all the monsters are dead, better luck next time!' As far as her passive goes, it has a pretty low fire rate but it's welcome for the most part when it does fire. I usually keep her as my Sage to pop doors open and she's arguably the best Witch out of the non-DLC characters due to Forerunner but don't expect it to fire frequently and just smile when it happens. If you're the type of person who likes to time Circle Heal and Circle Nurse for boss hits though, it'll probably drive you insane.


For Classes and Skills, I'm going to use a 1-5 star rating system. For reference, don't take them as complete gospel and please read the description as to why I rate things the way I do. Some lower ranked skilled are still decent, they're just either one point wonders until later on when you have more skill points than you know what to do with, they don't scale well with skill levels or they're just plain bad.

I'm also going to assume with my ratings of classes that you take a balanced party of one of each class while trying to carry an equal amount of spell damage, physical damage, support and so on. Keep in mind in story and sometimes postgame you can stack some classes and do just fine. I know my first playthrough I had a Valkyrie and Samurai while a popular combination on the GameFAQs boards was a Witch and Bishop. It's just easier to assume 'one of each' for me. Experiment around, see what you like, see what joint attacks you open up (or eliminate in some cases) but it's generally a good idea to have at least 4 unique classes so you don't lose the ability to scan bosses.

Some good tips to remember are to keep a decent balance of passive skills and active skills, have some utility on all your party members and remember: a hard hitting skill is nothing if you don't have the TP to use efficiently use it.

Fighter (FT)

"With high physical strength and extraordinary stamina, these soldiers can wield a variety of close-range weapons. They act as vanguards who rout the enemies whilst also shielding their comrades from enemy attacks."

Fighters tend to be good at taking damage and hitting things. A simple class with simple wants. I can appreciate that. Your best choice of weapons early on are two handers as killing stuff before it kills you or has time to inflict status effects is easier than trying to turtle out fights. Take your pick, Axes do bashing damage, are slow but hardest hitting while two-handed Lances have middle range and the worst attack and stabbing damage and Swords compromise damage for better speed and offer slashing damage.

** Provoke (Technique):

- Attract an enemy's attacks.

Situational usage on bigger monsters, especially for tanks but honestly never used it too much later as most scary monsters aren't the types to just hit you but instead hit group wide or hit so hard that only Valkyries would really want to get hit by them anyway. Drop one or two skill levels here if you want but hardly an essential tool.

Level UP increase: Duration UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP cost UP

Skill LV

TP Cost12345
***** War Cry (Technique):

- Raise the party's ATK.

Incredibly useful, low TP usage, good ATK boost. Don't leave home without it. No need to max it out right away but I'd have it maxed before you hit postgame at least. You can use it outside of combat too so in postgame when TP stops being as much of an issue, keep it constantly on.

Level UP increase: ATK increase UP, Duration UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP cost UP

Skill LV12345
TP Cost5791113
ATK Boost108%110%112%115%118%
** Raging Smash (Technique):

- Short-range skill. Powerful strike to one enemy.

A non-elemental attack. Hits hard when you get it but is replaced by advanced class abilities. Skill Delay Multiplier from 0.95 to 1.15 and Accuracy Multiplier from 0.12 to 0.30 (Please see Formula FAQ for Multiplier details).

Level UP increases: Damage UP, Accuracy UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP Cost UP

TP Cost 581214172022242628
ATK Boost125%134%143%152%161%170%178%186%193%200%
**** Axe/Lance/Sword Mastery (Passive):

- ATK bonus with Axe/Lance/Sword equipped

Does what it says on the tin. All the bonuses are the same but past level 4 or so you start to get worse returns. Then again, ATK also gets higher so you get more of a boost. You'll eventually max it but don't dump all your points in one right away. Also for future reference Katanas are affected by Katana Mastery, not Sword Mastery. Early on just pick one to throw a few points in but eventually you'll settle in on your weapon type of choice and then you can put more points into it. Lower priority for Paladins/Valkyries as they tend to have better things to do on their turns than hit things.

Level UP increases: ATK bonus UP

ATK Boost 103%105%107%109%110%111%112%113%114%


** Avenger (Passive):

- Occasionally counterattack after receiving physical damage.

Early on it's free damage for getting hit but later on you need to be very careful with Avenger. It's not so fun to counterattack monsters when they tend to have abilities to block your counter and retaliate with nasty status effects, dark aura or make you lose a massive amount of turn order. I don't find it worth the risk to wildly attack later.

Level UP increases: Counterattack rate UP

Trigger % 6%9%12%15%18%
** Double Attack (Passive):

- Occasionally attack twice when attacking normally.

Useful early on when you don't have the TP to constantly use on skills but eventually TP becomes less of an issue and thus Double Attack is less useful. Don't bother with it postgame but worth a bit of investment early.

Level UP increases: Double attack rate UP

Trigger % 9%12%15%18%21%

Paladin (PL)

"Holy knights of the front line who protect their comrades by using themselves as human shields. They excel in defense and can handle skills which provide even more stability. Their purpose is to protect allies rather than defeat enemies."

When it comes down to your choices of Berserker or Paladin at level 15, I personally prefer Berserker. I tend to pick high-risk, high-reward teams now that I mostly know what I'm getting myself into but going in blind Paladin isn't a bad choice at all. Some people also prefer to play dungeon crawlers with the safety of someone to protect the back lines and I can't fault them for that. They have some utility too with access to Heal and Shield Bash. Not a bad choice, not my personal choice.

**** Defender (Technique):

- Increase own DEF at the price of lowering own ATK.

Usable outside of combat. Pricey to walk around with at the start but as you level it's not an issue. As it's leveled, the tradeoff of DEF UP to ATK DOWN is lowered. The ATK DOWN can also be Nursed off if for some reason you need your tank to knock out some damage quickly. Core ability of both Paladins and Valkyries.

Level UP increases: DEF increase UP, Duration UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP cost UP, ATK decrease UP

TP Cost810121416
DEF Boost 10%20%30%40%45%
ATK Penalty-11%-14%-17%-21%-25%
***** Cover (Technique):

- Take all physical damage in place of one ally.

Usable outside combat. What's a tank without the ability to soak damage for their team? A pretty bad one, mainly. Takes hits from attacks, some physical skills (it's flakey on moves that hit turn order or wildly but mostly gets them) and tends to have a limit to how much you'll cover before it wears off. I feel like it's either a certain amount of hits or a certain amount of damage but both improve with levels in the skill. Sometimes you'll cover one or two hits and it'll fade and sometimes it'll take a salvo and keep on ticking. Just be ready to refresh it when needed.

Level UP increases: Duration UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP Cost UP

TP Cost1014182226
Turns 45678

**** Parry (Technique):

- Short-range skill. Use one's weapon to repel enemy attacks.

Usable outside combat. The short-range means you must have a melee weapon equipped in order to use it. Parry does its roll after other defensive abilities (Dodge, Mind's Eye, etc) and if those fail it blocks the attack entirely. Tends to be a flimsy buff and disappears quickly when triggered once or twice. Can still save you from a large amount of damage, or block someone peashooting you and waste the effect. Either way it's a good skill to have for the dangerous hard hitters.

Level UP increases: Duration UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP Cost UP

TP Cost1417202326
Turns 34567
*** Cross Slash (Technique):

- Sword/lance skill. Attack one enemy (effective vs. unholy monsters).

Skill Delay Multiplier of 0.85 to 1.06. Luckily when you get this you're going into a catacomb with a decent amount of undead. Not a bad skill, keep in mind what you brought a paladin for though and don't go too crazy investing points here.

Level UP increases: Damage UP, Accuracy UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP Cost UP

TP Cost
ATK Boost130%140%150%160%170%180%190%200%211%


*** Shield Bash (Technique):

- Shield Skill. Attack one enemy. May stun.

Somewhat useful but has a fairly low stun rate. Stun is considered a fire status effect so if the enemy has a high fire resist it's probably not a good idea to try to stun it. Considered a bashing attack.

Level UP increases: Damage UP, Accuracy UP, Stun rate UP, TP Cost UP

TP Cost
ATK Boost85%90%94%98%102%
Trigger %30%32%34%36%38%
** Heal [Spell]:

- Heal an ally's HP.

Mostly a flavor spell for Paladins. Stick one or two points here in case your Magic User gets drained and you need a spot heal but Fighters have pretty bad TP pools and don't normally have the stats to make good use of spells.

Level UP increases: HP recovery UP, Recovery cap UP, TP Cost UP.

TP Cost
HP Recovery
TP Efficiency33.34042.84037.535.732.932.632.3


**** Mini Auto-Recovery [Passive]:

- Slightly recover HP every turn during battle.

I'm a fan of scaling percentages and while the percentages are small here, it's fairly cheap for the point investment here. Tanks have the most HP and free healing is never unwelcome.

Level UP increases: HP recovery UP

HP Recovery %
** Auto-Guard [Passive]

- Occasionally Defend automatically when receiving physical attacks.

Welcome when it triggers but it has a pretty low trigger rate for point investment. Get one or two levels and leave it to sit for a while.

Level UP increases: Auto-guard rate UP

Trigger %

Berserker (BE)

"Close-range battle experts who excel at using two-handed swords and axes. They care little for weak attacks; instead, they obliterate enemies with a single powerful blow. An absolute must-have for an attack-focused party."

Berserkers are the offensive side of the level 15 Fighter choices. While Paladins are good at protecting your frail back lines, Berserkers are more interested in crushing enemies before they become a problem in the first place. Kind of slow but with Berserk up and a two-hander, there's not much that can stand up to their assaults for long. They also have two different elemental attacks to exploit frost and earth resistance. My personal choice for Fighters early on.

***** Berserk [Technique]:

- Increase own ATK at the price of lowering own DEF.

Core ability. Skill Delay Multiplier of 0.75 to 1.77. It's a pretty good idea to level this as the multiplier increases massively for point investment. The DEF debuff can be Nursed off too as a nice bonus. Makes you hit harder at the cost of getting hit harder but the ATK increase outweighs the DEF penalty handily.

Level UP increases: ATK increase UP, Duration UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP Cost UP, DEF decrease UP.

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5
TP Cost
ATK Increase20.00%30.00%40.00%45.00%50.00%
DEF Decrease-11.00%-14.00%-17.00%-21.00%-25.00%

***** Aura Eliminate [Technique]:

- Short-range skill. Attack one enemy. May cancel enemy buffs.

Core ability. Does not dispel My Kingdom is Without Enemies or any other effects with RES100 on them but otherwise it's an essential ability. A team without some form of dispel is going to have a bad time against a decent number of bosses that like to either buff their defenses or attacks. As boss monsters tend to have a lot better stats than the party, letting them have extra stats tends to lead to poor results if they use their party wide spells or physical attacks. Also useful for those annoying monsters who like to cast Defender or other defensive abilities to waste your time. The actual damage tends to be lower than an actual attack but you're not using Aura Eliminate for the damage.

Level UP increases: Accuracy UP, Buff cancel rate UP, TP Cost UP

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6Lv7Lv8Lv9Lv10
TP Cost567891011121314
Erasure %70.00%72.00%73.00%74.00%75.00%76.00%77.00%78.00%79.00%80.00%
Hit Bonus20.00%22.00%24.00%26.00%28.00%30.00%31.00%32.00%33.00%35.00%

***** Frost Slash [Technique]:

- Short-range skill. Water attack one enemy. May freeze.

Ignore the short range skill message, that's either a bug or it isn't short ranged. It's basically a mid-range water attack that has a chance to freeze the target. Bypasses Dark Aura and other annoying on hit debuffs. Does not bypass counters and things of those nature. Works with Katanas, Swords, Axes just fine. Highly useful, will probably become your main attack on fights against enemies that aren't heavily water resistant. SDM of 0.88 to 1.15.

Level UP increases: Damage UP, Freeze rate UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP Cost UP

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6Lv7Lv8Lv9Lv10
TP Cost710131192225283134
ATK Bonus130.00%144.00%157.00%177.00%185.00%197.00%204.00%212.00%220.00%228.00%

*** Geo Break [Technique]:

- Axe Skill. Earth attack one enemy. May petrify.

Short ranged, Axes only. A slightly stronger counterpart to Frost Slash and useful for enemies who are water resistant but not earth resistant. Petrify tends to be a slightly less useful debuff in my experience if the monster is open to it and annoyingly a fully petrified enemy is considered defeated but not sealed. SDM of 0.82 to 1.00.

Level UP increases: Damage UP, Petrify rate UP, Time until next turn DOWN, TP Cost UP

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6Lv7Lv8Lv9Lv10
TP Cost7101316192225283134
ATK Increase130.00%144.00%157.00%177.00%185.00%197.00%204.00%212.00%220.00%228.00%

** Blood Rage [Spell]:

- Raise max HP.

If this was castable before a fight, I'd probably use it more. The flaw of course is that Fighters aren't particularly good spell casters and tend to have better things to do than sit around and cast spells. If you're getting clobbered by a boss it can help you survive but honestly if a boss is giving you trouble then I would check my gear or party makeup first before dumping a bunch of points into increasing my HP. Better with levels of course but takes a pretty sharp spike in TP Cost. SDM of 1.50, Cast Speed from 1.70 to 2.10.

Level UP increases: Max HP increase rate UP, Chant time DOWN, Duration UP, TP Cost UP

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5
TP Cost2731353943
HP Increase120.00%128.00%136.00%145.00%150.00%

** Adaptation [Passive]:

- Raise resistance to all elements.

Resists are one of the most important enchants on gear so why did I rate this passive so low? Well, it's not that it's bad per se, but the point investment after the first one is pretty terrible. It's a great one point wonder early but level it way later when you're filling out fluff abilities and less useful skills.

Level UP increases: Elemental resistance UP

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6Lv7Lv8Lv9Lv10
Resist All Increase6789101112131415

** Preparation [Passive]:

- Gain increased speed based on missing HP.

A good passive for people who like to live on the dangerous side of life. Gains most of its bonus at 40% of max base HP. If you know what you're doing this can lead to a lot more damage but while I enjoy running a high damage out, high damage in party this is just too much of a risk for me. Also pretty pricey after the first skill level. Slap a point in early for the 15% bonus and leave it alone otherwise.

Level UP increases: Speed increase UP

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5
Speed Increase15.00%16.00%17.00%18.00%19.00%

**** Dark Aura [Passive]:

- Debuff an enemy when they inflict short-range damage.

If your Fighter is going to be hit once in a while, why not get some free debuffs on them? Dark Aura is a very good passive, especially if you're using a Treasure Hunter with Pursuit Stab. The flaw of course is that it is crazy expensive for point investment and the really good debuffs like DEF Down and AGI Down don't come until later. Skill up once early, save points and buy it in bulk later. 10% decrease in stats, rounded up.

Level UP increases: Number of possible debuffs UP

Skill LVLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6
Debuffs Placed on TargetDEXRES

Valkyrie (VL)

"They have no superior when it comes to close-range fortitude. With their immense strength and beauty, they are oft likened to war angels leading armies into battle. Their strong counterattack as they defend their allies seals the victory."

Highly essential for late postgame content. While fighting gods and some of the more challenging late content without a Valkyrie might be an interesting challenge, I personally would not wish to. Combined with Paladin they provide a large amount of defensive utility and passive damage reduction to the party. Some people don't like playing DRPGs without one at all but personally I prefer other options earlier. A Valkyrie will definitely make some bosses a lot easier though. From Borgomil on though, a combination of weapon speed badly catching up to other Fighter classes and not being able to outlevel content makes Valkyries a core part of your team. Lances are their recommended weapon with priority to one handed lances and a shield.