Help figuring out who the traitor is?

  1. I've read so many FAQs on this, and none of them make any sense. Is it possible that the traitor changes every battle and not just on every floor? Here's my problem:

    Right now, I'm on floor 2. I've used up all my VP. For some reason I had more than 3; I guess because I only used 1 on floor 1? Anyway...

    The people marked as "safe" are Himeno, Mana, Toya, Marco, and Yoko.

    3 voices pop up with the following combinations: Toya, Mana, Zenji, Marco, Yoko
    Toya, Zenji, Marco, Yoko, Agito

    Could someone please help with this? It's driving me crazy.

    User Info: DJSkye

    DJSkye - 2 years ago


  1. Part of the fun of the game is puzzling your psychic powers out for yourself, and dealing with the consequences over the course of your first playthrough (so you have the luxury of entering New Game+ with prescience of how it all works afterwards). That said, here's my perspective on what you wrote:


    You should wait to use your vision points until after you have fought multiple battles following the most recent judgement, and have established enough of a pattern of evidence to pinpoint the most suspicious characters. If you used 3 VP on floor 2 and still don't know who your traitor is, then I'm sorry to say you probably wasted some VP by using them prematurely.

    Comparing the list of people you marked safe (assuming those are people you remember making neutral/friendly comments after a fight) with the list of people you brought into combat, it looks like only Zenji or Agito are suspicious, and mostly Zenji.

    If you still had VP, you should fight one more battle with Zenji along, then use a VP on him if he has another hostile post-battle thought to confirm if he is the traitor or not.

    As it is, you will have to just guess who you think the traitor is based on who makes the most hostile comments over the course of this floor. But you risk sacrificing a loyal teammate just because they were in a bad mood... ;)

    User Info: Lightwarrior11

    Lightwarrior11 - 2 years ago 0   0

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