Another questions about the traitors? (spoilers)

  1. Also I know there were many questions about the traitors I have some specific questions:

    On my first playthrough I knew Himeno was a suspect from the second floor on (via Deep Visipn) but I didn't erase her because I thought there are more traitors than only her and kept her until the end because I wanted her to learn all of her skills.
    Only on the 4th floor I got one traitor who admits she is a traitor. Nobody else did it. So I ended up with Himeno and another person who never was suspicious against me.

    1. If erased will every traitor admit that he or she is actually a traitor? (because I had no VP anymore and didn't know which one is the traitor)
    2. If I figured out all three suspects for one floor and cannot use Deep Vision (because I wasted my VP or some reason) does it actually matter which one is erased?
    3. I already know if the wrong person is erased there will be a second traitor on a higher floor. Does that apply to every floor or just at a certain point? I mean is it possible to choose a wrong person on every floor and have a group full of traitors before the final boss battle?
    4. It seems it is also possible to get Sho erased by telling everybody "you are the traitor". I wonder what happens if that occurs. Is it just Game Over or will the game continue?

    User Info: Kingdom-Judge

    Kingdom-Judge - 3 years ago


  1. I can answer 3.)

    With Yes.

    To both questions.

    It's relatively difficult to do that though, and...well, hope you had fun if you do end up doing that.

    User Info: AT1

    AT1 - 3 years ago 0   0

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