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by Zoelius / Zennvirus

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius
/ Zennvirus

Version: 0.32 | Updated: 06/07/2019
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. Gameplay Basics
    1. Characters
    2. Battle Basic
    3. Other Terminology
    4. Gameplay Changes from Cold Steel
  3. Prologue
    1. Prologue Part A: November 29
    2. Prologue Part B: November 30
  4. Act 1 - Part 1
    1. December 1st
    2. Celdic
    3. Twin Dragons Bridge
    4. December 4
  5. Act 1 - Part 2
    1. Nord Highlands - South, Part: A
    2. Nord Highlands - North
    3. Aria Shrine
    4. Nord Highlands - South, Part: B
    5. Watchtower
    6. December 8
  6. Act 1 - Part 3
    1. December 9
    2. Legram
    3. Aqua Shrine
    4. Bareahard
    5. Bareahard Airport
    6. December 12
  7. Intermission Chapter
  8. Act 2 - Part 1
    1. December 15
    2. Searching for Friends (Garrelia Section)
    3. Searching for Friends (Legram Section)
    4. Searching for Friends (Nord Section)
    5. December 17
    6. December 18
  9. Act 2 Part 2
    1. December 19
    2. December 20
    3. December 21
    4. Roer
    5. RF Building
    6. December 22
  10. Act 2 Part 3
    1. December 23
    2. Shrine Trials Part A
    3. Terra Shrine - Trial
    4. Aria Shrine - Trial
    5. Aqua Shrine - Trial
    6. Ignis Shrine - Trial
    7. December 24 & 25
    8. December 26
  11. Act 2 - Part 4
    1. December 27
    2. Bareahard Section
    3. Celdic & Roer
    4. Shrines Trials Part B
    5. December 30
  12. Finale
    1. December 30 Night Time
    2. December 31st
    3. Final Mission
    4. Infernal Castle
  13. Epilogue
    1. March 12
    2. March 13 Free Day
    3. Final Dungeon
  14. Divertissement
  15. New Game +
  16. Mini Games
    1. Snowboarding
    2. Blade II
  17. Optional Bosses
  18. Character Profile
    1. Class VII
    2. Supporters
    3. Year 1 Class I / II
    4. Year 1 Class III / IV / V
    5. Year 2 Class I / II
    6. Year 2 Class III / IV / V
    7. Instructors etc.
  19. Item List
    1. Weapon List
    2. Armor List
    3. Accessory List
    4. Consumables and Other Items
    5. Book List
  20. Arts and Quartz
    1. Arts
    2. Quartz
    3. Ex-Orb
  21. Master Quartz
    1. Earth Type
    2. Water Type
    3. Fire Type
    4. Wind Type
    5. Time Type
    6. Space Type
    7. Mirage Type
  22. Skill List
    1. Character Skills
    2. Valimar Skills
  23. Advance Strategy - Formations (In-Depth)
    1. Formation Types
  24. Advance Strategy - Stacking (In-Depth)
    1. Advance Strategy - Four Tools
  25. Advance Strategy - Character Evaluation (In-Depth)
    1. Field Characters
    2. Characters (In-Depth)
    3. The Characters
    4. General Recommendations
  26. Recipe List
  27. Fishing List
  28. Enemy List
  29. Trophy List
  30. Credits


March 12

Missable List

Book: Decoding ReportSpeak to Instructor Thomas after collecting all five Black Records Books. (Second Playthrough only)
Book: Imperial Chronicle Issue #7Purchase from the General Store at the student union building.

New Character Profiles

Rean [Page 3]Automatic.
George [Page 3]Automatic.
Angelica [Page 3]Automatic.
Vice Principal Heinrich [Page 2]Speak to Vice Principal at the Main Building 1F - East Hallway.
Bridget [Page 3]Speak to Bridget at the Music Room (Main Building 2F, South Room).
Mint [Page 3]Speak to Mint at the Music Room (Main Building 2F, South Room).
Hibelle [Page 3]Speak to Hibelle at the Music Room (Main Building 2F, South Room).
Nicolas [Page 3]Speak to Nicolas at the Home Economics Room (Main Building 2F, Southeast Room).
Clara [Page 3]Speak to Clara at the Art Room (Main Building 2F, East)
Vincent [Page 3]Speak to Vincent at the Main Building Rooftop.
Ferris [Page 3]Speak to Ferris at the Student Union Building 1F.
Emily [Page 3]Speak to Emily at the Student Union Building 1F.
Theresia [Page 3]Speak to Theresia at the Student Union Building 1F.
Fiedelio [Page 3]Speak to Fiedelio at the Photography Club (Student Union Building 2F)
Paula [Page 3]Speak to Paula at the Academy Field
Lambert [Page 3]Speak to Lambert at the Academy Field
Alan [Page 3]Speak to Alan at the Gymnasium - Training Room.
Friedel [Page 3]Speak to Friedel at the Gymnasium - Training Room.
Towa [Page 3]Story Event, automatic.

Once you have regained control, explore the school and speak to the following students to update their character notes. Bridget, Hibelle,and Mint at the Music Room (Main Building 2F South). Nicolas at the Home Economics Room (Southeast). Clara in the Art room (East). Vice Principal Heinrich on the first floor, east hallway. Then speak to Principal Vandyck at the principal office (Main 1F, East) for a short event. Head to the school rooftop and speak to Instructor Makarov and Vincent. Then go to the academy field, and talk to Jusis, Paula, and Lambert. Then go the school Gymnasium, and speak to Friedel and Alan. After this, go to the Engineering Building for a story event, then go the rear exit to the Hanger. Talk to Valimar. Leave and go to the Student Union Building, purchase the Imperial Chronicle Issue #7 from the store (if you have obtained every book from earlier, you will the Book Maniac trophy), and talk to Ferris, Emily, and Theresia to update their bio. Then head upstairs and speak to Fiedelio at the photography club. Then go to the Student Council Room to continue the main story.

Note: If this is your second playthrough or higher, go to the Instructor Room (Southeast) and speak to Instructor Thomas, he will give you the Decoding Report for collecting all five Black Records books.

When you regain control, you will end up at the Class VII Dorm. Speak to everyone, it will update their profiles. If you think your missing anyone, use the list below as a reference. When you have spoken to everyone, head back to your room to end the day. If this is your second playthrough, and have received the Decoding Report, open the Decoding Report in your inventory, then read all the Black Records.

New Character Profiles

Sharon [Page 3]Automatic.
Alisa [Page 3]Speak to Alisa in her room.
Celine [Page 3]Dorm Lobby.
Elliot [Page 3]Speak to Elliot in his room.
Jusis [Page 3]Speak to Jusis in his room.
Monica [Page 3]Speak to Laura in her room.
Machias [Page 3]Speak to Machias in his room.
Instructor Sara [Page 3]Speak to Sara in her room.

March 13 Free Day

Read the task assignments. Unlike the original game, you will have to report to Towa to claim the reward from each quest you have finished. Before you do the task assignments, you speak to the following people to update their profiles. Sariffa at the park, and Edel near the Gardening shop. Then speak to Lotte near the Upper Class Dorm. Munk by the entrance of the Lower Class Dorm and Klein inside the dorm. Then go to Thors, and go the Auditorium building and speak to Hugo. Then speak to Linde at the garden (North end of Thors). Then go inside the Student Union Building and speak to Loggins at the first floor, and then go upstairs and speak to Stefan at the Chess Club, and Beryl at the Occult Research Club. Afterwards, work on the task assignments (Side Quest).

New Character Profiles

Sariffa [Page 2]Speak to Sariffa at Trista's Park.
Edel [Page 2]Speak to Edel near the Gardening Shop.
Lotte [Page 1]Speak to Lotte near the entrance of the Upper Class Dorm.
Munk [Page 3]Speak to Munk near the entrance of the Lower Class Dorm.
Klein [Page 3]Speak to Klein inside the Lower Class Dorm.
Hugo [Page 3]Speak to Hugo at the auditorium (Thors, southwest).
Linde [Page 3]Speak to Linde at Thors Garden (North end of map).
Loggins [Page 3]Speak to Loggins at the Student Union Building 1F.
Beryl [Page 3]Speak to Beryl at the Occult Research Club (Student Union Building 2F).
Stefan [Page 3]Speak to Stefan at the Chess Club (Student Union Building 2F).
Kenneth [Page 3]Finish the "Angler Management" quest.
Instructor Neithardt [Page 3]Finish the "Swimming Lessons: The Return" quest.
Patrick [Page 3]Finish the "Class Warfare" quest.
Principal Vandyck [Page 2]Finish the "Class Warfare" quest.
Instructor Beatrice [Page 2]Finish the "Class Warfare" quest.
Princess Alfin [Page 3]Automatic.

Missable List

Quest: Swimming Lessons: The ReturnSpeak to Neithardt at the Staff Room (Main Building 1F East) after finishing three quests.
Books: Gambler Jack Reprint, Imperial ChroniclesAll missing books can be purchased from Keynes Bookstore. Micht's Pawnshop has a chance of selling Gambler Jack II

Side Quest Q33

Quest NameJunk Wanted / フリーマーケットの出品物

Head to the general store and speak to Brandon. Accept the request, depending on what you to do, you can get an extra AP. First go to the Pawn shop and speak to Micht. Then head to Sara's room at the Class VII dorm. Then head to Kirsche's Cafe & Inn, and speak to Sara. You will end up with the Carnelia books. Now go to Thors, and speak to Janitor Gyler at the main building entrance. Then go inside the main building and speak to Clara in the art room (2F east). Then go to the Academy Field and speak to Lambert. Then go back to the Pawn shop and speak to Micht. Then speak to Brandon at the general store and turn in the items to finish the quest. You should get a bonus 1 AP if followed the steps from above.

RewardFood Ingredients, 3000 Mira, 1 + (1) AP
Quest NameLet's Talk Trista / 新番組の立ち上げ
Head to Radio Trista (Southwest of Trista) and speak to Michael to accept the request. You will need to speak to a list of NPCs to get the bonus AP. First go to Kirsche's Cafe & Inn, and speak to Old Man Abbot, Tyzel near the entrance of the General Store. Lotte by the Upper Class Dorm. Then go to Thors, and go to the Main Building's Staff Room and speak to Vice Principal Heinrich. Then go to the Gymnasium, and speak to Monica at the training hall. When you have spoken to all the NPC, go to Radio Trista and read the letter on the table, you should get a bonus 1 AP as well.
RewardCelestial Balm EX x3, 3000 Mira, 1 + (1) AP
Quest NameAngler Management / 釣り決闘!
Speak to Kenneth at Trista's River (Northeast of town) and accept the request. Then you will have to play the fishing mini game until you have caught a Noble Carp. When you do an event will occur. Then you will have to use Kenneth to catch the Giant Swordtail to finish the quest.
RewardGroundbait x10, 3000 Mira, 1 AP

After finishing the three quests listed above, Neithardt will call you. Go meet him at the Main Building Staff Room.

Quest NameSwimming Lessons: The Return / ナイトハルト式猛稽古 [Hidden]
Speak to Instructor Neithardt and accept the request. You will play the swimming mini game. Select the opponent you want to race against, doing so will also raise their Link EXP. This is the same swimming mini game from the first Cold Steel, if you haven't played the original, you just need to press the buttons when rings are highlighted to gain speed. If you manage to beat your opponent, you will get a bonus 1 AP as well.
ClientInstructor Neithardt
RewardZeram Capsule, 300 Link EXP, 3000 Mira, 1 + (1) AP

Then work on the main story quest.

Quest NameThe Race to End All Races / ライダー雌雄決戦 [Required]
Go to the Engineering building and speak to Angelica or George to start the quest. You will need to race against Angelica, if you manage to win, you will get a bonus 1 AP. If you lose, you can do another rematch for the bonus AP. As long as you don't give up, the AP is yours. Since the race mostly takes place in a straight road, the only trick to win is to hold the accelerate button as soon the match begins, and when you get the lead, block Angelica and stay on track till the end.
RewardLightning Belt, EP Charge IV x3, Engineering Building Key, 3000 Mira, 1 + (1) AP
Quest NameClass Warfare / 実技テストの総仕上げ [Required]
Talk to Patrick at the Academy Field. Once you have accepted the request, you will have to fight him in a 2 v 2 battle. Select the most suitable party member for this fight. If you manage to win all three fights, you will get a bonus 1 AP.

Note: If you are playing the Japanese 1.00 version of the game, there is a chance of the game crashing when speaking to Patrick. Make sure you update the game to the latest version to avoid this problem.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Patrick78390 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Celestin82368 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
This is similar to the end battle of Chapter 2. Both enemies are pretty weak at this point. You can easily inflict Delay and all kinds of status deficits on them, making this a very easy fight. When the enemy's HP gets to critical condition, Celestin might cast Seraphic Ring, which will restore all their HP, making your work completely useless. If you use your S-Craft against them, you will get to start with a 100 CP for the next battle.
After you have finished the battle with Patrick, another group will show up, this time it will be a 3 v 3 battle.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Vincent78260 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Ferris76497 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Sariffa81048 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
This one is a little bit harder than the previous battle. You want to focus on getting rid of Sariffa first, she has the ability to freeze or petrify you, also with the best evasion rate. Then Vincent is there as another source of damage. Ferris will mostly act as their support unit and will cast spells like Crescent Mirror to reflect arts against you. Anyways just use what you did against Patrick. Status ailments also work wonders on them.
Then prepare for the final group. Select the last member you want to bring.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Vandyck221940 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Beatrice214936 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
This is the battle you want to be saving your S-Crafts and Overdrive for. Unlike the previous battles, these guys are immune to status deflects ailments. AT Delay still works wonders on them. Vandyck will be the main attacker of the group while Beatrice can also heal. Anyways they shouldn't be too hard if you use the same setups from the final battle. Just buff up and attack them full force. Vandyck will usually buff himself up before he will start attacking. Most of his attacks hit extremely hard and can be fatal. If you are hit by one of his attacks, you must heal immediately with Seraphic Ring. Anyways the main key is to use AT Delay and make sure Vandyck can't hit you.
RewardAlbion Garb, Tear All Balm x3, Link Exp +200, 3000 Mira, 1 + (1) AP

After you have finished the story quest, try to move to a random location, an event scene will occur. Then go to the Old School House to continue the main story.

Final Dungeon

Now before you explore the final dungeon, there is a list of things you need to do first. Speak to Elise to update her bio. Then talk to Claire and Alfin for a short scene. If you want to speak to your party members, you must put them out of your party to speak to them. Leave the final dungeon. There is some NPC you need to talk to, this will update their character bio. Starting with Makarov at the Main Building 1F - Instructor Room. Then head upstairs and speak to Margarita at the Home Economics Room (Southeast). Now go to the auditorium (Southwest of Thors) and speak to Becky and Colette. Then go to the 2nd floor of the Student Union Building. Speak to Dorothee at the Literature Club and Rex at the Photography Club. Now go to the Gymnasium and speak to Casper at the Pool. After this, head to Trista and speak to Lotte by the entrance of the Upper Class Dorm. Then go inside and speak to Celestin. If you're missing any of the character notes, use the list below as a reference.

New Character Profiles

Elise [Page 3]Speak to Elise at the Reverie Corridor
Instructor Makarov [Page 2]Speak to Makarov at the Main Building 1F - Staff Room.
Margarita [Page 3]Speak to Margarita at the Home Economics Room (Main Building 2F, Southeast Room).
Becky [Page 3]Speak to Becky at the auditorium (Southwest of Thors).
Colette [Page 3]Speak to Colette at the auditorium (Southwest of Thors).
Dorothee [Page 3]Speak to Dorothee at the Literature Club (Student Union Building 2F).
Rex [Page 3]Speak to Rex at the Photography Club (Student Union Building 2F)
Casper [Page 3]Speak to Casper at the Gymnasium Pool.
Lotte [Page 2]Speak to Lotte near the entrance of the Upper Class Dorm.
Celestin [Page 2]Speak to Celestin inside the Upper Class Dorm.

Missable List

Quest: To Sharon, With LoveSpeak to Anton near Trista Station. Note: Sharon must not be in the party.

If this is your second playthrough or higher, and have found all the Black Records and have read them from the previous day. Go speak to Instructor Thomas. at the Main Building Rooftop, this will unlock the Scholar of Truth trophy.

There is also one last hidden quest for you to do. Speak to Anton near Trista Station. Make sure Sharon is not on your party or else the quest won't start.

Quest NameTo Sharon, With Love / シャロンさんに愛を込めて
Accept the request from Anton. You will need to talk to a NPC highlighted with a green exclamation mark. This could be Micht at the Pawn Shop or Becky at the Auditorium. When you have spoken to any of them, choose the second choice "Let's think of another idea / まだ考えた方がいい". Then speak to another NPC highlighted with a green exclamation mark. If you speak to Micht, select the first choice "Brace for the Bracelet/ 木のブレスレットを勧める", if you speak to Becky the pick the first choice "Recommend the stone /不思議な石を勧める. If you pick the correct choices you will get 2 bonus AP.

Note: Jane by the Gardening Shop is also part of this quest line, but speaking to her will cause you to fail and will only give you 1 AP. Do not speak to her.
RewardNine Lives Puppet, 3000 Mira, 1 + (2) AP

Now head back to the Old School House to the final dungeon. Report to Towa to claim all the quest reward.

Quest: The Race to End All Races1+1
Quest: Class Warfare1+1
Quest: Junk Wanted1+1
Quest: Let's Talk Trista1+1
Quest: Angler Management1
Quest: Swimming Lessons: The Return [Hidden]1+1
Quest: To Sharon, With Love [Hidden]1+2

Reverie Corridor

The True Final Dungeon is special in many ways for what it can offer, and what it allows you to use.

List of Features
  1. ALL playable characters. Eighteen regular party members (Class VII plus Guests) and Five Special characters (see Dungeon Mechanics).
  2. Increased (X3) Link Exp after fights. Not that much, but significant to close the gaps to the next levels.
  3. Regenerating chests (see Dungeon Mechanics).
  4. Valimar is available for all Boss fights.
  5. Four Zemurian Ore Shards from the defeating the Four sector Bosses. Meaning you can create another Ultimate Weapon!
Dungeon Mechanics
  1. The dungeon is composed of Four Sectors, each themed to one of the basic elements (Yellow - Earth, Red - Fire, Blue - Water, Green - Wind). Enemies thus have Resistances and Weaknesses to the element of the sector.
  2. Semi-Random layout. Dungeon Sectors swap order and layout EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE AND RE-ENTER THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE.
  3. Order-specific enemies. It affects 2 things: A - Type and strength of the enemies. Enemies on Sector 1 are small and can be stunned on the field. Enemies on Sector 4 are 90% Tough enemies which you can't stun. Type percentage shifts from small to tough as you progress through the Sectors. B - Enemy availability. Depending on the Sector order some enemies will appear. So, for example, if you get a Fire Sector before an Earth Sector, new enemies will appear.
  4. Treasure Regeneration and types. Each chest is regenerated EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE AND RE-ENTER THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE. Content depends on the type/color of the chest: Brown - Sepith Caches, Monster Ingredient Caches, high level curative items (Zeram Powders/Capsules). Red - Accessories and Lv 3 quartz. Monster - Special quartz. (Dragon Vision, Genbu, Suzaku, 'Gem' and 'Bell' types). Quality of loot follows the same mechanic as enemy strength. You get better swag on Sectors 3 and 4.
  5. Phantasmal Mirrors. Only available on Japanese Patch version 1.03. The five accessories that allow you to use the Special Characters.
Playable Characters

Elise, Alfin, Towa, Angelica, Toval, Claire and Sharon join as regular party members. On a 1st playthrough, Elise and Alfin will be on Lv 115, Toval, Claire and Sharon on Lv 130, and Towa and Angelica on the level they were at the end of Chapter 2 Act 4.

Phantasmal Mirrors and Special Characters

The Mirrors are special accessories you can buy on the Orbment Station at the beginning of the dungeon. They cost 200,000 mira EACH. When equipped, they will allow you to use a Special Character in battle. There are 2 Male Only Mirrors and 3 Lady Only Mirrors. The available characters are:

  • Azure Knight (Crow)
  • Witch of the Abyss (Vita)
  • Black Rabbit (Altina)
  • Burning Bravery (Lloyd)
  • Silver Moon Princess (Rixia)
Special Character Mechanics

These 5 characters have specific quirks when you equip the Mirrors on those party members that can do so (remember: they are gender-specific).

  2. Special Characters ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN BATTLE, substituting the character who has the corresponding Mirror equipped.
  3. Special Character LEVEL IS NOT FIXED. This means that their level and overall stats DEPEND on the character equipped with the mirror. Put simply, the Mirrors enable the use of new stats, character pallet, quartz set and abilities WHICH REPLACE THOSE OF THE MIRROR USER'S.
  4. Because of point 3, all Exp and Link Exp goes to the character wearing the Mirror. Special Characters will NOT INCREASE THEIR LEVEL/STATS.
  5. Since Special Characters only appear in battle, they bear no relevance whenever you get out of the Old School House.

Aside from their quirks, each Special offers the effects of the Ice Crown accessory (only available to regular party members after defeating the secret boss inside the 2nd Playthrough-specific dungeon: Glacia Shrine), which gives permanent 10 CP Regeneration and Critical Up status, making them extremely powerful. Quartz sets include Lost Arts and Level 5 Master Quartz, so they also benefit from the full roster of abilities.

Since the final dungeon is completely randomized, this guide won't be providing any steps on navigating through the final dungeon. Just remember at the end of every 4th floors you will be fighting a Cryptid. When you have reached the 17th floor, you will be fighting the true final boss of this game.

Suggestion: You should sell all your Sepith and use all your Mira, this way you don't have to waste a point in New Game+ trying to carry your money over.

Note: If this is your second playthrough, defeating the final boss with a Phantasmal Mirror character will a bonus scene

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Loa Luciferia722250 (Normal)80, 80, 80, 80, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Sacred Order73360 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 120N/A★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
PreparationFormation: Baiting or Tank 2 for each strategy respectively.
Quartz: Adamantine Shield and Earth Bell, Aegis MQ, Aries MQ or use Vita. Shadow Blade, Altair Cannon, and Claiomh Solarion. All healers MUST have Seraphic Ring, Insight and Impassion (other than Rean), if not planning on bringing Alisa. If using Millium, give her Raven MQ and a Quick Feet Set.
Accessory: Dark Pendulum/Emblem, Vanish, Death and Stat Down protection.
Links: Swap Links constantly to use Overdrive.
Suggested party members: Alisa, Fie, Alfin, 'Vita' (Phantasmal Mirror - Witch of the Abyss), Laura, Millium/Altina (Phantasmal Mirror - Black Rabbit), Jusis and 'Lloyd' (Phantasmal Mirror - Burning Bravery), Rixia (Phantasmal Mirror - Silver Moon Princess).
Baiting: Move Fie/Millium/Altina/Lloyd to attack the boss immediately after he has taken his 1st turn. Lloyd should use Burning Heart II before attacking. If using Fie - Make sure someone casts Insight on her ASAP and keep the status from fading, as well as maintaining a constant Spd+ 50% buff on her AT ALL TIMES. Boss' attacks will miss. He won't be able to suck her in either. Millium - Buff Millium with Spd+ 50%, Impassion (or give her the True Gladiator Belt) and Insight. Then cast Ultimate Barrier EVERY SINGLE TURN. Altina - Same as Millium, but she is faster so have her attack physically if she gets the chance, or apply her Spd buff to herself. Lloyd - Boss will try to cancel his buffs, so apply Insight ASAP to ALL PARTY MEMBERS since his craft hits the whole battlefield and will negate buffs. Since Lloyd will be the fastest with his Burning Heart II, you can attack the boss physically or blast his minions (and him) with Brave Smash II. If using this strategy, your main damage dealer will be a Mage. Vita, Emma, Elliot, and Rixia are your best bets.
S-Craft: Immediately use either Alfin's Sacred Circle S-Craft, Jusis' Platinum Shield or Adamantine Shield (with Lv 5 Aegis or Earth Bell). Overdrive if necessary to buff your party making sure ALL have Insight. Have a Mage targeting the whole battlefield with ALL-hitting arts or use Vita's crafts to dispose of any mob that is summoned. Build your fighter's CP and start blasting the boss as soon as they hit 100 CP. Any Special character you use on this battle will become your main damage dealer. If this is your 2nd playthrough, give Laura or Rean the Ice Crown.
This is the only boss that is immune to AT Delay, so the canceler strategy won't be utilized on this battle. At all times during this fight, the boss will be faster than your characters, he will use his S-Craft throughout the whole fight (it's also his opening move) an will move around if there is no character right beside him as bait. His S-Craft is the reason to rely on Insight, since it cannot be blocked with Shields, will leave all characters it hits with only 1 HP AND will remove status buffs (but not Shields). It can, however, be dodged with the help of Insight. For those who do not dodge it, the Shields will protect them in case you cannot heal them immediately. If for some reason he manages to absorb a party member, S-Break immediately if no Mage can use an offensive art on his/her next turn. Vita is by far the best character to bring to this fight, since she is so powerful, can regenerate her HP and EP when using offensive arts, and her crafts inflict useful status effects, especially Summon Grianos. She also can use Artemis' Tear and Seraphic Ring, plus has a natural resistance to Vanish. Crow, while fast, is not that useful since his crafts and arts won't be doing that much damage and Criminal Edge will send all mobs away from the boss, which means Shadow Blade won't help the Mages. He can be used instead of Laura, for Deadly Cross has good damage potential when buffed. Mixing both strategies is a good idea, since that way you'll empty his 700 000+ HP faster. Overall this fight is almost exact copy of CS I's final boss fight, except with higher status. The boss is literally a walking HP sponge. It's kind of similar to the End of Vermillion 2nd phase. Anyways at this stage of the game, you can crank out some insane damage with your S-Crafts. If you happen to have the Domination quartz and fully buffed up, you can do 180,000 to 350,000 damage depending on how your characters are utilized.

Sit back and watch the ending.

After you completed the game, the Memories option will appear on the system menu. This option will let you watch any movie scenes and the final bonding event (If you're on New Game+, watching the Final Bonding event on December 30, and saving an extra file will update the system data to have the event unlocked in Memories.)

*There is no carry-over bonus for Trails of Cold Steel III as it's on a different platform.