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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Zoelius / Zennvirus

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius
/ Zennvirus

Version: 0.32 | Updated: 06/07/2019
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. Gameplay Basics
    1. Characters
    2. Battle Basic
    3. Other Terminology
    4. Gameplay Changes from Cold Steel
  3. Prologue
    1. Prologue Part A: November 29
    2. Prologue Part B: November 30
  4. Act 1 - Part 1
    1. December 1st
    2. Celdic
    3. Twin Dragons Bridge
    4. December 4
  5. Act 1 - Part 2
    1. Nord Highlands - South, Part: A
    2. Nord Highlands - North
    3. Aria Shrine
    4. Nord Highlands - South, Part: B
    5. Watchtower
    6. December 8
  6. Act 1 - Part 3
    1. December 9
    2. Legram
    3. Aqua Shrine
    4. Bareahard
    5. Bareahard Airport
    6. December 12
  7. Intermission Chapter
  8. Act 2 - Part 1
    1. December 15
    2. Searching for Friends (Garrelia Section)
    3. Searching for Friends (Legram Section)
    4. Searching for Friends (Nord Section)
    5. December 17
    6. December 18
  9. Act 2 Part 2
    1. December 19
    2. December 20
    3. December 21
    4. Roer
    5. RF Building
    6. December 22
  10. Act 2 Part 3
    1. December 23
    2. Shrine Trials Part A
    3. Terra Shrine - Trial
    4. Aria Shrine - Trial
    5. Aqua Shrine - Trial
    6. Ignis Shrine - Trial
    7. December 24 & 25
    8. December 26
  11. Act 2 - Part 4
    1. December 27
    2. Bareahard Section
    3. Celdic & Roer
    4. Shrines Trials Part B
    5. December 30
  12. Finale
    1. December 30 Night Time
    2. December 31st
    3. Final Mission
    4. Infernal Castle
  13. Epilogue
    1. March 12
    2. March 13 Free Day
    3. Final Dungeon
  14. Divertissement
  15. New Game +
  16. Mini Games
    1. Snowboarding
    2. Blade II
  17. Optional Bosses
  18. Character Profile
    1. Class VII
    2. Supporters
    3. Year 1 Class I / II
    4. Year 1 Class III / IV / V
    5. Year 2 Class I / II
    6. Year 2 Class III / IV / V
    7. Instructors etc.
  19. Item List
    1. Weapon List
    2. Armor List
    3. Accessory List
    4. Consumables and Other Items
    5. Book List
  20. Arts and Quartz
    1. Arts
    2. Quartz
    3. Ex-Orb
  21. Master Quartz
    1. Earth Type
    2. Water Type
    3. Fire Type
    4. Wind Type
    5. Time Type
    6. Space Type
    7. Mirage Type
  22. Skill List
    1. Character Skills
    2. Valimar Skills
  23. Advance Strategy - Formations (In-Depth)
    1. Formation Types
  24. Advance Strategy - Stacking (In-Depth)
    1. Advance Strategy - Four Tools
  25. Advance Strategy - Character Evaluation (In-Depth)
    1. Field Characters
    2. Characters (In-Depth)
    3. The Characters
    4. General Recommendations
  26. Recipe List
  27. Fishing List
  28. Enemy List
  29. Trophy List
  30. Credits

Act 2 Part 2

December 19

Read the quest list on the computer terminal. Afterwards, select your party members, Millium will be a mandatory member for this Act. If you have recruited Becky from earlier, she lets you exchange items, this is similar to the pawn shop feature from the previous Cold Steel. At the start of the Act, it is advisable to sacrifice one Attack 2 and one Action 2 quartz together with 20 U-Materials to get the corresponding Ex-Orb for Valimar. This Act has 2 rather tough Mech battles and this way you can benefit from Stacking Ex Spheres with Valimar

Nightmare Tip
Note: Tri-colored Onigiri trick is no longer useful as it won't yield enough profit to fund your party on a consistent basis.

From now on spend mira and sepith to deck only those characters you intend to bring with you to the Act boss. Do so only for a party of 4 (i.e. don't bother with the supports unless you plan to use them) and switch only the supports around so they get Exp too. This way you'll minimize mira and sepith usage and still manage to update your equipment/quartz. Whenever the story forces you to use specific characters, simply swap armor/boots/quartz around. Try to save as much mira and sepith as possible until further notice.

New Character Profiles

Celine [Page 1]Speak to Celine at Courageous 3F - Front Deck.

Head to the Front Deck (3F), speak to Celine, this will update her profile and talk to Alfin, she should give you a Medal of Charity. Then play some Blade with your friends to raise your Link EXP. You can also speak to Millium and Jusis on the 3rd Floor for a short event. Then speak to Towa, you will notice the Celdic region will be added to Courageous Destinations. There are some new Cryptids added for this act. There is one located in Lunaria Nature Park and one in Nord Highlands - South (Near the stone monument). Defeat them now or later, then visit Ymir.


Missable List

Recipe: Cheese FonduePurchase the Cheese Fondue Recipe Book from the General Store.

Head to the general store, and purchase the Cheese Fondue Recipe Book. There is also a new obstacle added to the Snow Board mini game. Then go to the Phoenix Wing, and speak to the receptionist, Baggins to start a side quest.

Quest NameCreeping for Creeps / 露天風呂の異変

Speak to Baggins at the Phoenix Wing and accept his request. Afterwards, you will end up in the snowboard mini game chasing after the two snow sheep. Catch them both to get 2 bonus AP. If you fail to do so, you can retry until you catch the two sheep. Just don't give up. After this, a mini boss will pop in.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
The Boss100264 (Normal)110, 60, 120, 90N/A★★☆☆★★★☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Snow Sheep x216400 (Normal)80, 20, 200, 120Red Beast Flesh, Curia Balm★★☆☆★★★☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
This mini boss isn't a complete pushover, it got some powerful single target attacks along with the ability to freeze your party members. If you find the battle too difficult, use your S-Crafts or even summon Valimar to make the boss battle end real quick.
ClientReceptionist Baggins
RewardSepith Mass x500, 3500 AP, 3(+2) AP

December 20

Go back to Courageous and speak to Towa, select Proving Ground as your destination.

New Character Profiles

DateCharacterRequirementsLocationRole in Courageous
December 19 - 20Munk [Page 1]Recruited Munk into Courageous.Proving GroundAdded the Radio Sweepstakes function.
Paula [Page 1]Recruited Paula into Courageous.East Celdic Highway 1 - FarmAdded the function to use Horses on the field map.
Alan [Page 1]Recruited Alan into Courageous.East Trista HighwayReplaced one of the Navigation pilots.
Loggins [Page 1]Recruited Loggins into Courageous.Unlocked the Sword Training Facility (4F) for you to use
Fiedelio [Page 1]Recruited Fiedelio into Courageous.North Kreuzen Highway 3Sell Peculiar Dishes.
Dorothee [Page 1]Speak to Dorothee after Angelica's event.Sell Books.
December 19 - 20Neihardt [Page 1]Completed "I'll Make a Mech Out of You" QuestTwin Dragons Bridge - Central Area
December 19 - 20Beryl [Page 1]Speak to Beryl on Legram. (This is the same page from Nord Highlands)Legram

When you're in the training camp, go and speak to Munk at the eating table (Southeast). Select the first choice to help him find his sticker. Before coming into the battles, equip Valimar at the Courageous with Attack 1-2 and Action 1 Ex-Orb. Then go to speak to Towa (Courageous) and select the Twin Dragons Bridge as your destination.

Missable List
Recipe: Seafood SaladColonel Gaul: Twin Dragons Bridge - Office
Bike Colour: Hot ColourExamine the bookshelf on Twin Dragons Bridge - Office

Then go to the office area, the same area where you fight the end boss of Chapter 2 - Act 1. Speak to General Craig, and he will give you Munk's Sticker. Then speak to Colonel Gaul (Man on the left), he will teach you the Seafood Salad recipe. You can also speak to Fiona for a short scene. Examine the bookshelf in the same room, you will get the Hot Colour for your Orbal Bike. Save your game. Then head back down, and speak to Colonel Neihardt, accept his offer to start one of the story quest.

Quest NameI'll Make a Mech Out of You / 騎神の能力テスト

Once you accepted Neihardt's offer, you will face him in a mech duel. If you manage to beat him, you will 2 extra AP. If not, then reload the save file from earlier and try again.

BossHPElemental EfficacyIdle StanceAttack Stance (Sword in Rear)Attack Stance (Sword in Front)
Spiegel - Sword270000 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100B:☆☆☆☆H:★☆☆☆A:★★★☆B:★★★☆H:☆☆☆☆A:★☆☆☆B:★☆☆☆H:★★★☆A:☆☆☆☆
Neihardt will probably be your toughest mech battle at this point. He doesn't have a 4 star unbalance rating, which prevents you from getting a guaranteed critical hit. Neihardt's mech does about 15000 to 17000 damage on its idle stance, and when it switches to the attack stance, it will do about 34000 to 37000 damage on you. This means you need to make sure you have the backup pilot to heal, or always make sure your EP is fairly high. You can also use the skill Morning Moon to evade attacks. When Neihardt's HP gets low, he will use another attack stance, where he points his sword at you. During this phase, he can use Warrior Strike on you, which does about 50000 to 60000 damage on you, it best to avoid it with Morning Moon or at least have the backup pilot with sufficient EP to heal you. It is highly recommended for you to use Sara as your backup pilot, she has an EX skill that can do damage and reduce the enemy speed and strength.
ClientMajor Neihardt
RewardSkill Handbook, Add Page 1 to Neihardt's Character Profile, 3500 AP, 3(+2) AP

Afterwards, pick up the Yellow Pendulum and the Sepith Mass from the treasure chests of this area. Then go near the entrance to Garrelia Byroad 1, just under the bridge there is a trial chest. Clear it to unlock the Overdrive function for Laura, Machias, Gaius, and Sara.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Giga Ashen Pom x230072 (Normal)100, 120, 150, 120Saint Force R, Vanish II★☆☆☆★★★☆★★★☆★☆☆☆
Ashen Pom x66396 (Normal)100, 120, 150, 120Smoke Grenade, Hearty Powder★☆☆☆★★★☆★★★☆★☆☆☆
One of the weakest trial chest boss, most of the Poms can be wiped out with a single area attack, the giant pom can hit a single pretty hard and will drain the target's CP. If you intend to use your S-Craft to make this battle quick, use before the absorb all of your CP.

Then go to Garrelia Byroad 1, and travel southeast to Garrelia Byroad 2, and go to the southwest corner where the treasure chest is. You will find the story quest monster.

Quest NameJust Getting Wormed Up / ガレリア間道の手配魔獣
Defeat the monster located at the southwest corner of Garrelia Byroad 2.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Abyss Worm x657792 (Normal)140, 80, 110, 60N/A★☆☆☆★★★☆★★★☆★☆☆☆
The best method is with S-Crafts and Valimar. Too many targets and to little space to maneuver/use earth arts with ease.
You will receive a Poison 2 quartz after the fight.
ClientPrince Olivert
RewardPoison 2, 2500 Mira, 4 AP

Return to where Neihardt was, and go past the south gate, and head up the stairs, it should take you the southeast area where Flare Bomb Quartz is. After this, return to Courageous, watch the event scene and set your destination to Proving Ground. Speak to Munk by the southeast area, to return his sticker. Munk will join Courageous. Speaking to Munk will let you participate in the Radio Sweepstakes, where you wager some money and after you have participated in 5 random battles, Munk will hand out some prizes.

Treasure ListLocation
Yellow PendulumTwin Dragons Bridge - Garrelia Side
Sepith Mass x500
Flare BombTwin Dragons Bridge - Central Area

Return to Courageous, set your destination to Celdic. If you speak to Rosine at the Chapel, she will give you some Teara Balms. Now Head to East Celdic Highway, near the farm area (Northeast of the map). You will find Paula, speak to her and offer her help. Now go back to Celdic and go to West Celdic Highway, head north near the entrance of West Celdic Highway 2, there is an event scene to find the black horse. (You will need Jusis in your party for the horse to appear) The horse will run away, you will find it at the entrance of Lunaria Nature Park. Afterwards, go inside Lunaria Nature Park, and on Lunaria Nature Park 3, you will find the horse by the northwest corner. You will automatically return to Paula's location. After this event, Paula will join Courageous. Paula's specialty is that she lets you ride your horse on the field map.

Now return to Celdic and take the west exit to West Celdic Highway. Take the west exit again to East Trista Highway. You will find Alan and Loggins right at the southeast corner of the map. Accept their request, and go to the three points marked with a green exclamation mark on the map. After you have scouted the three areas, Alan and Loggins will join Courageous. Alan and Loggins will open the Sword Training Facility in Courageous.

Return to Celdic and go to East Celdic Highway. Then take the east exit to East Celdic Highway 2. From here take the south exit to North Kreuzen Highway 3.

Go to the Northeast corner of the map. You will find Fiedelio, speak to him and accept his request. Then open the treasure chest behind him to find a Judgement Bolt. Then go to the west end of the map to find an EP Charge III in a chest. Afterwards, go to the southwest area of the map, you will find a Trial Chest for Jusis and Millium. Defeat the Trial Chest boss and leave this area. Then go to East Celdic Highway 3.Then go to the Northeast area of the map, you will find Dorothee (Make sure Emma is in your party, or else Dorothee won't be there.), defeat the black sheep to finish Fiedelio's request.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Godlinoceros46032 (Normal)120, 110, 130, 80Fortuna R★★☆☆★★★☆★☆☆☆★★★☆
Enduranoceros x220584 (Normal)120, 110, 130, 80Red Beast Flesh, U-Material★★☆☆★★★☆★☆☆☆★★★☆

Formation: Put both Characters at the very back. Quartz: Give Millium with a Warrior Set. Use her Earth Slots to buff Def, switch Shield Breaker for Impassion. Give Jusis a Magical Set and the strongest Fire Art you have as well as Impassion.

Accessory: Faint prevention, give Jusis accessories that boost Def.

Move both characters to the farthest possible spot and put Millium in the front. Have her use Impassion and then Ultimate Barrier. She will act as a shield while Jusis uses Fire arts to kill first the Boss, then the two normal enemies.
Monster NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Peach PomStarberryHearty Powder
Jewel RatRed Beast FleshU-Material
White FelineRed Beast FleshGlobby Fat
Treasure ListLocation
Judgement BoltNorth Kreuzen Highway 3
EP Charge III

Return to Courageous. Then go to the second floor and speak to Dorothee twice in the book room. This will update her character profile. Then go to the bridge area and examine the computer terminal and report your status.


Checklist before going to Roer.

1. Attack 1-2 and Action 2 Ex Spheres on Valimar.
2. Impede 1-2 for Rean if planning on using him for delaying from now on.
3. Only 2 Trial Chests can be opened during this visit. Those recommended are the one at Spina Byroad (Alisa & Emma) and Sachsen Mountain Path (Elliot & Gaius).

After that, speak to Towa, and select the option highlighted in red to advance story, this will end the day.

December 21

Select your party members, Alisa and Rean will be mandatory members. You won't able to switch your team once the decision is set. There is three trial chest in the upcoming part of the game, and you can only access two at most with the right party setup.

The Trial Chest:

Spina Byroad - Alisa & Emma
Nortia Highway - Elliot, Emma, Millium & Sara
Sachsen Mountain - Elliot & Gaius

Monster NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Greedy WolfRed Beast FleshGlobby Fat
Steel LadybugChitinous ShellHearty Powder
Agonizing TomartianAcerbic TomatoU-Material
Great GrouseHearty PowderU-Material
Treasure ListLocation
Celestial BalmSpina Byroad
Crescent Mirror

Check the fishing spot near the boat. Afterwards, follow the linear path you will see a trial chest. You need Alisa and Emma in your party to access the trial chest.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Ghost Tomartian31233 (Normal)120, 150, 200, 150Chrono Burst R★★★☆☆☆☆☆★★☆☆★☆☆☆
Agonizing Tomartian x75934 (Normal)120, 150, 200, 150Acerbic Tomato, U-Material★★☆☆☆☆☆☆★★☆☆★☆☆☆
PreparationAccessory: Confuse resistant accessory on both characters
Make sure you equipped confuse resistant accessories on both characters. If you don't then you will most likely get confuse, ending in a quick game over. Use your S-Craft immediately to wipe out the smaller mobs and then focus on the main boss, use fire arts if you have them.

Defeat the trial chest boss, and explore the west end of Spina Byroad, you will two treasure chest over there. After that, head for the east exit to Roer.


Visit the key event locations, they are marked with a red exclamation mark on the map.

  • Hugo - RF Store
  • Linde - Boronia General Store
  • Roer's Cathedral
  • Instructor Mary - Roer Residence 1
  • Airship - Roer's Airport (The NPC, Anton can also be found on this location)

After you have examine the locations listed above, return to Roer for an event. Then head to Dvance's Diner (Located in the west end of town). Then visit the general store and purchase Gambler Jack Reprint #11-12. Then take the south exit to Nortia Highway.

Missable List

Book: Gambler Jack Reprint #11Boronia General Goods
Book: Gambler Jack Reprint #12Boronia General Goods

Monster NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Crimson DragonflyHearty PowderCuria Balm
Rock SerpentClear GelatinChitinous Shell
Blue HornStimulantHearty Powder
Mad PenguinFresh EggWhite Beast Flesh
Jeweled RipperRed Beast FleshU-Material
SharkodileWhite Beast FleshChitinous Shell
Fate SpinnerChitinous ShellU-Material
HydraWhite Beast FleshU-Material
Treasure ListLocation
Tearal BalmNortia Highway 1
Sepith x200
AriesNortia Highway 2
U-Material x7
EP Charge IIINortia Highway 3
EP Cut 2
Phantom Phobia

Travel to the west area of Nortia Highway 1, you will find three treasure chest in this area, a Tearal Balm, Athelas Quartz, and some Sepith. Afterwards, take the south exit to Nortia Highway 2. Continue south, and when the path splits, go to the southeast path, you will find the Aries master quartz in a monster chest. Then return to the previous path and go to the west area to find a Nightmare quartz on the north and some U-Materials on the south end. Then return to the center path, continue forward until, when the path splits again, you will find a trial chest. You will need Elliot, Emma, Millium, and Gaius to do the Trial Chest. Then take the south exit to Nortia Highway 3.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Pudgy Penguin x243032 (Normal)80, 50, 200, 150Holy Breath R, Tearal R★★☆☆★★★☆★★☆☆★★☆☆
Mad Penguin x59374 (Normal)80, 50, 200, 150Fresh Egg, White Beast Flesh★★☆☆★★★☆★★☆☆★★☆☆
One of the easiest Trial Chest Boss. Use your S-Craft to instantly wipe them. If you don't want to do that, the Penguins are extremely weak against fire arts and the confuse ailment. IF the boss penguin hits you, it will reduce your strength temporarily.

Go straight, and you will eventually find an EP Charge III right at the center. Afterwards, go to the southwest exit of the map, you will end up in Schwarz Drache Barrier. Doing this will reward your party with 2 extra AP. Then head inside the resting area, and speak to Margarita sitting on the table. Afterwards, return to Nortia Highway 3 and explore the north area. At the very northwest corner, you will find an EP Cut 2 quartz and a fishing spot. Then go to the very north end of the map, you will find a Phantom Phobia quartz near, Ignis Shrine. The game won't let you access Ignis Cave at the moment. Return to Roer. Now take the northeast exit to Sachsen Mountain Path.

Monster ListItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Bomb SpiderClear GelatinHearty Powder
Cyron BitHearty PowderU-Material
Dancing OwlFresh EggHearty Powder
Death SickleChitinous ShellReviving Balm
RocHearty PowderU-Material
Treasure ListLocation
SuzakuSachsen Mountain Path 1
Celestial Balm
Red Pendulum
Dragon Skin BootsSachsen Mountain Path 2
Cross Crusade
Tearal Balm
U-Material x7

Travel north and when the path splits, follow the northeast path, you will end up finding a Monster Chest at the end. Clear the Monster Chest to get the Suzaku Quartz. Return to the original path, and continue west, you will find a Celestial Balm. Then go south, and on the southeast corner, there is a Red Pendulum in a treasure chest. Now head to northwest exit to Sachsen Mountain Path 2. Go to the west end of the map, you will find a pair of Dragon Skin Boots. Return to the starting area, and follow the east path. When the path splits, go to the southwest corner to find the Cross Crusade quartz. Then head to the northeast corner of the map for a Tearal Balm. You can also examine the waterfall near you, it contains a fishing spot. Then go to the west end of the map, you will find some U-Material. and a Trial Chest on the northwest corner of the map. Clear the Trial Chest to unlock the Overdrive function for Elliot and Gaius.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Master Cyron42809 (Normal)100, 20, 200, 120Hydro Cannon R★☆☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★★☆
Cyron Bit x77917 (Normal)100, 20, 200, 120Hearty Powder, U-Material★☆☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★★☆
PreparationAccessory: Freeze resistant accessory on both characters.
Use Gaius' S-Craft to wipe out the smaller mobs first. The main boss will usually cast Crystal Flood, which can deal a ton of damage and freeze your characters. If you manage to have Gaius act before the boss does, make sure you have him use Hunter Wing to Impede the boss' Arts. Elliot should remain out of the boss' range and heal Gaius.

Then take the north exit to the Iron Mines. Fight the group of Jaegers. After you have defeated them, take the west exit, you will be fighting another wave of Jaegers. After this fight, you will end up on the train, each room will contain a wave of Jaegers to fight. Once you reach the #2 car, you will get surrounded by an enemy pincer attack. Use your S-Craft if you need to. Afterwards, heal up on the orbment station and leave the train. Watch the event scene, you will fight a group of machines. Defeat them, then head upstairs to the northwest exit to get to the RF Building.

RF Building

Enemy ListItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Vogel XXTearal BalmU-Material
Beep Seeker IIIEP Charge IU-Material
Phalanx J9Tearl BalmU-Material
ZephyanthesU-MaterialEP Charge III
Treasure ListLocation
Celestial BalmRF Building 5F
Sepith Mass x600
Dragon Skin Jumpsuit
Grim ButterflyRF Building 12F
EP Charge III
Curia Balm
Dark Pendulum
Sepith x200RF Building 20F
Tearal Balm
Black Bell

Go to the southeast room, you will find a Celestial Balm in the treasure chest. exit out and continue west, eventually, you will end up on the west end of the map, go to the room on the east, you will find some Sepith Mass. Exit out of the room, and head to the southeast corner to find a Dragon Skin Jumpsuit. Then take the elector on the west end to get to the 12F.

Head to the north room, you will find the Grim Butterfly quartz. Leave the room, and follow the east path, and enter through the bottom center area. Go north and enter the first room to your left, you will find an EP Charge III. Then go follow the center path to go southeast. Then enter the first room on your right, a Curia Balm can be found here. Exit out, and go to the room located southeast. You will find a Dark Pendulum in a treasure chest. Then go take the elevator on the east end to reach to the 20F.

Travel to the north room, you will find some Sepith in a treasure chest. Then exit out and go to the southwest path, keep moving until you see a door to your left. Go inside you will find a Tearal Balm. Then return to the original path, and when you get the path splits, go all the way south, and enter the room in the southeast area. You will find the Black Bell quartz. After that go all the way to the northwest corner of the map, and continue south all the way to the room on the southwest area. In here examine the computer, this will unlock the room on the northwest of the map. Go there to find a Katze Master Quartz. Then head to the west end of the map and take the elevator to get to 23F. Heal through the Orbment Station and save your game, then confront the boss.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Regenenkopf Type-0131037 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆
Shigure x411868 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★☆☆☆★★☆☆★☆☆☆
FormationTank Formation 2
PreparationQuartz: Rean with Canceller Set, the rest with either Warrior or Magical according to the character.
Accessory: Confuse protection. Alisa gets the True Gladiator Belt.
Links: Rean and Alisa.
This battle can be really rough if you don't have Confuse resistant accessories equipped. Defeat the smaller units first either by using your S-Craft or Arts. If you don't defeat them, they can heal the main boss and can also buff it. The main boss is very strong, however, it has poor resistant to status down effects allowing you cause AT Delay on it. If you have a group delaying it, it will probably prevent the boss from having a turn until a very long time. A good combo will be using Rean's Arc Slash and Alisa's Heaven's Gift combo. Other characters can attack or use arts. When the boss HP drops to 25%, it will use a skill that can restore a large percentage of its health and grant it insight, you can use your S-Craft during this phase to kill it before it can heal itself fully.

After you have defeated the boss, the game will give you the option to save and also allow you to change your Ex-Orb. Equip only Attack 1-2 and Action 1 Ex-Orbs. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT for N3 Run.

BossHPElemental EfficacyIdle StanceAttack Stance (Cannon)
Goliath300000 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100B:★☆☆☆LA:★★★☆RA:★☆☆☆B:★☆☆☆LA:★☆☆☆RA:★★★★
Attack Stance (Raises Left Arm)Attack Stance (Raises Right Arm)
Boss Skills1. Normal Stance: Attack Left Arm
2. Raises right arm: Attack Left Arm or Heal.
3. Prepares shoulder Gatling gun: Use Morning Moon
4. Raises left arm: Use Morning Moon.
Always keep an eye on the turns. Usually, Boss will use attack pattern #4 then #3 when he crosses the half HP mark. The point is to be as slow as possible so then the Morning Moon lasts the most turns. Most of the boss' attack deals from 9000 damage on regular attacks, and it's stronger skills do about 27000 to 45000 damage on you. Always keep your CP up and have your EP fully charged if healing is required. If you have Sara on your party, her Thundering Roar can debuff the boss to a very weak state, making this boss fight very easy.

December 22

Missable List

Book: Imperial Chronicle Issue #5Purchase from the General Store..
Book: Gambler Jack II - Chapter 10Worker Log: at Dvance Diner.
Recipe: Sweet BlueGrand: Diner Bar F
Bike Colour: Dark ColourExamine the shelf near Alfin at RF Building 24F.

You are given 5 bonding points for today. Attend Alisa, Alfin, Laura, or Millium to update their profiles. Then head to Roer Residence #1 (2F southeast) and speak to Instructor Mary, this will add a page to her profile. Afterwards, head to Dining Bar (F) and speak to Grand (man with orange hair), he will teach you the Sweet Blue recipe. Then go to the general store and purchase the latest issue of Imperial Chronicles. Then speak to Linde or Vivi in the same room. After that, go to Dvancer Diner, and speak to Log, who is behind the counter. Log will give you a copy of Gambler Jack II - Chapter 10.

New Character Profiles

Alisa [Page 2]Attend Alisa Bonding Event.
Alfin [Page 2]Attend Alfin's Bonding Event.
Laura [Page 2]Attend Laura's Bonding Event.
Millium [Page 2]Attend Millium's Bonding Event.
Instructor Mary [Page 1]Speak to Instructor Mary in Roer Residence #1.

List of Bonding Events

AlisaBaron's Mansion 2FAdd Page 1 to Alisa's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
AlfinRF Building 23FAdd Page 2 to Aflin's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
GaiusWest ExitLink EXP +500
ElliotNear the EscalatorLink EXP +500
EmmaNear StationLink EXP +500
FieRoer AirportLink EXP +500
JusisEast ExitLink EXP +500
LauraRF StoreAdd Page 2 to Laura's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
MachiasNear Elevator EntranceLink EXP +500
MilliumNear StationAdd Page 2 to Millium's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
SaraRepair Shop (Jackass)Link EXP +500
TowaDvance DinerLink EXP +500

When you have finished all side activities, go to the Roer Airport, and go inside the Courageous on the northeast corner to end the day. The game will accumulate all the AP you have earned through the chapter.

Infiltrated Roer8
Visited Schwarz Drache Barrier2
Recruited Munk2
Recruited Paula2
Recruited Alan2
Recruited Loggins2
Recruited Fiedelio2
Recruited Dorothee2
Recruited Linde2
Recruited Angelica2
Quest: I'll Make a Mech Out of You3 +2
Quest: Just Getting Wormed Up4
Quest: Creeping for Creeps3 + 2