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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Zoelius / Zennvirus

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius
/ Zennvirus

Version: 0.32 | Updated: 06/07/2019
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. Gameplay Basics
    1. Characters
    2. Battle Basic
    3. Other Terminology
    4. Gameplay Changes from Cold Steel
  3. Prologue
    1. Prologue Part A: November 29
    2. Prologue Part B: November 30
  4. Act 1 - Part 1
    1. December 1st
    2. Celdic
    3. Twin Dragons Bridge
    4. December 4
  5. Act 1 - Part 2
    1. Nord Highlands - South, Part: A
    2. Nord Highlands - North
    3. Aria Shrine
    4. Nord Highlands - South, Part: B
    5. Watchtower
    6. December 8
  6. Act 1 - Part 3
    1. December 9
    2. Legram
    3. Aqua Shrine
    4. Bareahard
    5. Bareahard Airport
    6. December 12
  7. Intermission Chapter
  8. Act 2 - Part 1
    1. December 15
    2. Searching for Friends (Garrelia Section)
    3. Searching for Friends (Legram Section)
    4. Searching for Friends (Nord Section)
    5. December 17
    6. December 18
  9. Act 2 Part 2
    1. December 19
    2. December 20
    3. December 21
    4. Roer
    5. RF Building
    6. December 22
  10. Act 2 Part 3
    1. December 23
    2. Shrine Trials Part A
    3. Terra Shrine - Trial
    4. Aria Shrine - Trial
    5. Aqua Shrine - Trial
    6. Ignis Shrine - Trial
    7. December 24 & 25
    8. December 26
  11. Act 2 - Part 4
    1. December 27
    2. Bareahard Section
    3. Celdic & Roer
    4. Shrines Trials Part B
    5. December 30
  12. Finale
    1. December 30 Night Time
    2. December 31st
    3. Final Mission
    4. Infernal Castle
  13. Epilogue
    1. March 12
    2. March 13 Free Day
    3. Final Dungeon
  14. Divertissement
  15. New Game +
  16. Mini Games
    1. Snowboarding
    2. Blade II
  17. Optional Bosses
  18. Character Profile
    1. Class VII
    2. Supporters
    3. Year 1 Class I / II
    4. Year 1 Class III / IV / V
    5. Year 2 Class I / II
    6. Year 2 Class III / IV / V
    7. Instructors etc.
  19. Item List
    1. Weapon List
    2. Armor List
    3. Accessory List
    4. Consumables and Other Items
    5. Book List
  20. Arts and Quartz
    1. Arts
    2. Quartz
    3. Ex-Orb
  21. Master Quartz
    1. Earth Type
    2. Water Type
    3. Fire Type
    4. Wind Type
    5. Time Type
    6. Space Type
    7. Mirage Type
  22. Skill List
    1. Character Skills
    2. Valimar Skills
  23. Advance Strategy - Formations (In-Depth)
    1. Formation Types
  24. Advance Strategy - Stacking (In-Depth)
    1. Advance Strategy - Four Tools
  25. Advance Strategy - Character Evaluation (In-Depth)
    1. Field Characters
    2. Characters (In-Depth)
    3. The Characters
    4. General Recommendations
  26. Recipe List
  27. Fishing List
  28. Enemy List
  29. Trophy List
  30. Credits

Act 2 - Part 1

Watch the opening sequence, the guest character with the highest Link EXP (Must be level 3) will give you an powerful accessory.

ClaireCerulean HeartsACC +100%, Critical Rate +10%
SharonBlack VirtueAttacks/Craft can cancel arts (90% chance). Delay +6
TovalQuick Caliber SReduce casting time by a third

Read the quest list at the computer terminal, and assemble your party. Gaius will be a mandatory member.

Nightmare Tip

If you need to do the Tri-colored Onigiri trick, use Emma.

From now on spend mira and sepith to deck only those characters you intend to bring with you to the Act boss. Do so only for a party of 4 (i.e. don't bother with the supports unless you plan to use them) and switch only the supports around so they get Exp too. This way you'll minimize mira and sepith usage and still manage to update your equipment/quartz. Whenever the story forces you to use specific characters, simply swap armor/boots/quartz around. Try to save as much mira and sepith as possible until further notice.

December 15


Explore the airship. The Courageous will be your new base of operation. Now go to the locations marked with a red exclamation mark.

  • George and Valimar at the 1st Floor. After this event, Rean can use his Spirit Unification at the cost of 100 CP.
  • You can speak to Millium at the Cafeteria (2nd Floor) for a short event. And also play the Blade Mini Game at the leisure room. Beating your opponent will raise your Link EXP by 100.
  • Visit Princess Alfin at the Royal Room.

Courageous's Outline

Note: Not all facility are available at this moment. You will need to recruit some of Thors Academy Students to bring additional functions to Courageous.

5th Floor - Bridge
  • Computer Terminal - A hub for obtaining new quest and reporting them. Also used for intel on Thors Academy Students.
  • Captain Towa - Speaking to Towa will let you rearrange party members, move to another destination or progress the main storyline.
4th Floor - Assembly Area
  • Royal Room - Speaking to Alfin will let you receive a part of the Phoenix Chapter. These are medals based on your game achievements such as enemy data, friend notes and Quest completion.
    Medal ListRequirementsEffects
    Medal of CharityCompleted over 20 quest.EP +100, ATS +100
    Medal of LoveFilled in a total of 90 notes in the Friend Notes.HP +1500, DEF/ADF+150
    Medal of StrengthDefeated the 5 Cryptids.STR+100, SPD+10
  • Training Facility - Fight enemies under certain conditions for U-Materials and other rewards (Master Quartz)
3rd Floor - Shop Area
  • Weapon and Item Shop - NPC: Casper
  • Accessory Shop - NPC: Colette
  • Premium Products - NPC: Hugo
  • Radio Sweepstakes - NPC: Munk - A lottery system, where you wage money and claim prizes after going into random battles.
  • Recipe Gift - Offer recipes to Bridget for rewards.
2nd Floor - Cafeteria, Multipurpose Area
  • This is basically the club area, Which ranges from all sorts of clubs, such as the fishing club, literature, etc. You can even play the Blade Mini game in this area.
  • Blade - You can play the Blade Mini Game at the Leisure Room. Doing so will increase the Link EXP between you and your opponent. (Only for the first 5 rounds)
1st Floor - Engineering Area
  • Engineering - Speaking to George will let you Synthesize new quartz
  • Hangar - Let you customize the Orbal Bike when you examine it. When Clara joins the ship, she will give you function to equip Ex-Orbs on Valimar.

After your finished exploring the ship. Its time for you to find the missing Thors Academy Students and recruit them into Courageous. Speak to Towa and select the destination you want to move to. The choice can be Ymir, Proving Ground, Garrelia Fortress, Nord Highlands and Legram. Since the game has become non-linear at this point, this guide will start with Garrelia Camp first.

Searching for Friends (Garrelia Section)

Select the Proving Ground, which is the red dot at the middle right corner of the world map. Use the Navigation Menu (Square Button) and press the start button if you need to switch party members or speak to Towa in the Courageous. Bring Laura to your party. Head to the store area and speak to Monica to recruit her to Courageous. You can also find Rex at the center of the camp, speaking to him will add his profile to the Notebook. Then speak to Officer Virginie (the lady by the truck at center), she will teach you the Tomato Burger recipe. Now go take the east exit to the Headquarters. Speak to General Craig to start your side quest.

Missable List

Recipe: Tomato BurgerSpeak to Officer Virginie by the truck on the center of the Camp.

New Character Profiles

DateCharacterRequirementsRole in Courageous
December 15Monica [Page 1]Recruited Monica into Courageous.Found on the 3rd floor, if you give her Supreme Dishes, she will reward you with some items.
If you manage to cook every Supreme Dish, she will reward you with a rare quartz.
Emily [Page 1]Recruited Emily into Courageous.Emily will unlock the Shooting Range Training Facility (4F) for you to use.
Nicolas [Page 1]Recruited Nicolas into Courageous.Found on the 2nd floor, he works at the cafeteria, letting you buy cooking-related products.
Quest NameWithout Leave / 行方不明の民間人

Head to the Garrelia Camp Headquarters (East Building). Speak to General Craig and pick the first choice to accept his request. Leave the building and gather some information. Speak to the NPCs marked with a green exclamation mark. There is one by the lunch table on the southeast corner, the clerk at the resting area and the store area. After you have spoken to those three NPCs, speak to the soldier near the gate exit. Then head out to Garrelia Fortress.

There is no monster around the area, you can even bring your Orbal Bike by Pressing Square at the Navigation Menu. Gather the three treasure chest around the area. There is a Trial Chest at the southwest corner of the map. Overcome the trial to unlock the Overdrive function for Fie and Sara.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Huge Rat33972 (Normal)120, 100, 180, 120Speed Breaker II★★☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★★★☆
Dirty Rat x73927 (Normal)120, 100, 180, 120Red Beast Flesh, U-Material★★☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★★★☆
Boss Skills1. Jump. Single. Inflicts Faint.
This trial boss doesn't have much to it. It can hit one target really hard which can also cause AT Delay. If you want to breeze through this battle, you can come in with full CP and use your S-Craft with both characters, it should do enough damage to wipe out the boss. If not, you can try using Arts from Sara, which can deal a ton of damage due to the boss' poor elemental magic defense.
Treasure ListLocation
Adamant ShieldGarrelia Fortress
Sepith Mass x400
Crystal Flood
After you pick up all the treasure chest in the map, speak to the Soldiers near the tank at the southwest corner. Then head to the east end of the map, near the crater, an event will automatically occur and the quest will end.
ClientGeneral Craig
RewardPanzer Goggles, 3000 Mira, 4 AP

After this event, head back to Garrelia Fortress, you will notice there is a giant monster near the Crater. These are known as Cryptid, defeating them will reward you a special quartz that let you use Lost Arts (The ultimate type of magic). These monsters are recommended for a level 100 party, but they can be defeated at level 75+ with the correct setup. If you want to push your luck, you can always give it a shot. Check the Optional Bosses section for more information regarding them. Ignore this part for later, if you don't stand a chance. The best time to begin the hunt on an N3 run is when Jusis hits Lv 81 and gets Platinum Shield. Until then, too risky. Better even to wait until all 5 are available (Ch 2-3).

Head out to Garrelia Byroad 2 on the east exit. Travel all the way to Garrelia Byroad 1, and go to where the Trial Chest is, at the northeast corner. You will find Emily and Nicolas. Speak to them to recruit them to Courageous. Accept their offer, and help them install the relay machine. It's marked on the map with a green exclamation mark. There are 3 points to install at Garrelia Byroad 1, and 3 points to install at Garrelia Byroard 2. When you finished installing all six of them, report to Emily and Nicolas. Then go back to Courageous using the Navigation menu.

Searching for Friends (Legram Section)

Return to Courageous, speak to Towa and set your destination to Legram (Very bottom of the map). Then go to the General Store, and purchase a copy of the Imperial Chronicle Issue #4, and Gambler Jack Reprint #8. Then go to the Chapel and speak to Vivi in the room to the right (You need Fie in your party to convince her to join Courageous). Then go to the Training Hall and go to the room to your left, speak to Casper, and speak to him again to recruit him to Courageous (You will need to have a copy of Imperial Chronicle Issue #4 to convince him). Head to the Bracer Guild for a short event scene with Miles and then go to Aprikoze Inn to work on the side quest.

Missable List

Book: Imperial Chronicle Issue #4Purchase from Watteau's Store.
Book: Gambler Jack Reprint #8Purchase from Watteau's Store.

New Character Profiles

DateCharacterRequirementsRole in Courageous
December 15Casper [Page 1]Recruited Casper into Courageous.Replaced the weapon shopkeeper.
Vivi [Page 1]Recruited Vivi into Courageous.Replaced one of the Navigation pilots.
Quest NameBadass in Danger!!! / 姐さんはいずこ
Head to Aprikoze Inn and speak to the boy with the green hair. To finish the quest, you need to find Patiry who is all the way in Ymir. Patiry is speaking to Luke, the station guard by the pub.
RewardBunny Watch, 3000 Mira 4 AP

After you have accepted the side quest, return to Courageous and set your destination to Ymir.


Ymir is located at the upper left corner of the map. When you're at Ymir, go and speak to Patiry near the station guard to finished the side quest from earlier. Then head to the General Store, purchases the Gambler Jack Reprint #9, and the recipe book for Rice Cracker. There is also a new course added to the Snow Board Mini game, and you can also go to Ymir Canyon to catch any fish you have previously missed. Now return to Courageous.

Missable List

Recipe: Crunchy Rice CrackerGeneral Store - Plover
Book: Gambler Jack Reprint #9General Store - Plover

Searching for Friends (Nord Section)

Speak to Towa and change your destination to Zender Gate (Top right of the map). Go inside Zender Gate, and head to the north end of the map and speak to Captain Hoover, he will give you a copy of Gambler Jack II - Chapter 8. Then leave Zender Gate. You can find Beryl at the stone monument (Northwest corner of the map), speaking to her will update her character profile. If you miss this chance to speak to her, you can also find her later in Legram (December 19) and Terra Shrine (December 23). Afterwards, use the Quick Navigation menu, and go to the Watch Tower. Then speak to Mint near the entrance. Answer with the first choice to help her out, examine all key points inside the watchtower, they are all marked with a red exclamation mark (There should be an object on every floor), when you examined every point, head to the rooftop for an event. After this, Mint will join Courageous.

Missable List
Book: Gambler Jack II Chapter - 8Hoover: Zender Gate
Book: Gambler Jack Reprint #7General Store - Kilte's Store (Lake Lacrima)
Book: Black Records #1Ancient Quarry (Boss Area), after defeating Ginosha-Zanak (Second Playthrough only)
Recipe: Hearty Milk HotpotSheeda: General Store - Kilte's Store.
New Character Profiles
DateCharacterRequirementsRole in Courageous
December 15Mint [Page 1]Recruited Mint into Courageous.Replaced one of the Navigation pilots.
Beryl [Page 1]Speak to Beryl at the Stone Monument at Nord Highlands - South.N/A
Clara [Page 1]Recruited Clara into Courageous.Added the EX-Orb function for Valimar.
Quest NameFind Our First Years / 学院生の安否確認 [Required]

To finish this quest, you need to find the following students from Thors and convince them to join Courageous.

  • Monica - Garrelia Proving Ground
  • Vivi - Legram Chapel
  • Casper - Legram, Arseid Training Hall
  • Mint - Watchtower (Nord Highlands)

If you have been following this guide, Mint should be the last student for you to recruit. When you have recruited everyone, head back to Courageous, and examine the computer terminal at the Bridge area (5F) and select the second option to finish the quest

ClientCaptain Towa
RewardSepith Mass x400, 2500 Mira, 4 AP

Speak to Towa and set your destination to Lake Lacrima. Go to the General Store and purchase a copy of Gambler Jack Reprint #7. Then speak to Sheeda, she will teach you the Hearty Milk Hotpot recipe.

Quest NameMonster Madness / 謎の魔獣現る [Required]
Head to the Cabin at Lake Lacrima and speak to Elder Ivan or Gwen. Then head to Nord Highlands - North, you will find the quest monster near the fishing spot by the northeast area of the map.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Magic Knight Ortheim91808 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★★★☆★★☆☆★★★☆
Boss Skills1. Sword Slash. Hits everyone in front.
2. Lightning - Hits everyone
3. Boost. Grants boss Str 50% Up (Red) and cures 15000 HP (normal).
Suggested FormationTank Formation 1, Bait Formation, Frontal Spread
This is the same Ortheim you fight in the prologue, the boss fight remains the same. It will buff and heal itself, which can be annoying. But you also have a full party for this fight making it a lot easier than your previous encounter. When the boss' HP get low, spam your S-Craft to kill it before it gets the opportunity to heal itself.
Watch the event scene and the quest will end.
ClientElder Ivan
RewardSepith Mass x400, 2500 AP, 4 AP

Afterwards, go to the Ancient Quarry, the fastest way to go there is by going to Nord Highlands - North and use the Quick Navigation to get there instantly. Head north, you will find an EP Charge II at the center of the entrance, then speak to Clara and pick the first choice and then explore the Ancient Quarry.

Ancient Quarry

Monster NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
ZesviaClear GelatinCuria Balm
Vampiric ThornClear GelatinGlobby Fat
DiglemChitinous ShellU-Material
EP Charge IIAncient Quarry - Outside
Volcanic Rain
PandoraAncient Quarry
U-Material x6

Go straight until the path split into north and south. Here at the center, you will find a Trial Chest for Emma, Fie, Gaius and Jusis. Defeat the Trial Chest Boss to unlock the Overdrive function for them.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Alpha Diglem x238064 (Normal)120, 120, 40, 120, 200, 100, 80La Forte R, Voice Breaker II★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★★★☆
Diglem x49086 (Normal)120, 120, 40, 120, 200, 100, 80Chitinous Shell, U-Material★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★★★☆
Boss Skills1. Spin. Area (Varies, according to the size of the golem).
2. Eye beam. Line (S).
Suggested FormationFrontal Spread
This is going to be the easiest Trial Chest Boss you will ever face. You get a full party for this fight, and each golem is very slow and super weak to magic. You can even wipe out all the boss with two full powered S-Craft. The Golem is also very fragile to status ailments like blind and seal.

Then go all the way to the south end, it will take you outside, you will find a Volcanic Rain Quartz in a treasure chest, and then return to the previous area. Go to the north path, you will find a Pandora Master Quartz in a monster chest. Then to the east, you will find some U-Materials in a treasure chest. Then heal yourself with the Orbment station, and go to the north end of the map to fight the boss.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Ginosha-Zanak102024 (Normal)100, 140, 120, 80, 110, 50, 125N/A★☆☆☆★★☆☆★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Zesvia5092 (Normal)80, 140, 120, 100, 110, 50, 125Clear Gelatin, Curia Balm★☆☆☆★★★★☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Boss Skills1. Roar. Calls 2-3 Spiders.
2. Web spit. Line (M). Inflicts Mov Down.
A returning boss from CS, that has been heavily weakened compared to it's CS counterpart. The boss has a very simple attack pattern, there are some minion spiders with it, if you defeated a spider, it will try to call for more spiders in battle. Which caps out at four, so if there is no spider for the boss to summon, then it will use its attack if not then it keeps calling for more. The boss mostly uses a single target attack that causes poison. One of the things that make this boss very easy is the poor status resistance it has, you can easily cause Confused, Sleep or Faint on it. If you still haven't obtained the Tactician trophy, this battle is an easy place to farm the multi-kill bonus each time when the boss summons. Allowing you to easily pass the 4.0 - 5.0x bonus.

Afterwards, Clara will join Courageous. Return to Courageous, and visits Clara at the Hangar (1F), she will let you know about the EX-Orb function, which allows you to equip special types of Quartz for Valimar. The game will also unlock the Awakener's Call ability, which allows Rean to summon Valimar in battle for a few turns.

If this is your second playthrough or higher, return to the same spot where the Giant Spider Boss (Ginosha-Zanak) is, you will find a copy of Black Records #1.

Report your status using the Computer Terminal at the bridge area. When you finished everything you need to do for today, speak to Towa and select the second option "Commence Operation" to advance the story.

Nightmare Tip
If you got Sharon's Black Virtue at the beginning of the Act, make it a permanent fixture on Rean. This accessory, coupled with Impede 1-2 will make Rean's Arc Slash incredibly effective.

December 17

Select your party members, Elliot and Sara will be mandatory members. Once you set your party members, there is no turning back. Watch the event scene, you will face a mech battle.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropIdle StanceAttack Stance
Drakkhen - Club135700 (Normal)100, 120, 100, 100N/AB:★☆☆☆H:★★☆☆A:★★★☆B:★☆☆☆H:☆☆☆☆A:★★★★
Hector160000 (Normal)100, 120, 120, 100N/AB:★☆☆☆H:★★★☆A:★★☆☆B:★★★★H:☆☆☆☆A:☆☆☆☆
Spiegel - Spear170000 (Normal)120, 100, 120, 100N/AB:★★★☆H:★☆☆☆A:★★☆☆B:★★★★H:☆☆☆☆A:★☆☆☆
Focus on defeating one of the mechs first. The Spiegel unit on the back can buff its allies from the back, so you need to defeat one to force it to the front lines. Save all your Brave points and CP on the second unit to get rid of it as soon as possible. If your HP drops below 35000 to 40000, make sure you the backup pilot to heal. The Hector unit's weakness is it's Head during its idle stance, and during its attack stance, will be the body. While Drakkhen unit's weakness is its arms regardless of which stance it its. Then the Spiegel unit has its Body as its weakness on both stances.

Twin Dragons Bridge

Watch the event scene, then head upstairs to Twin Dragons Bridge 2F.

Enemy NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Doven KaiserRed Beast FleshU-Material
Provincial Army SoldierTearal BalmEP Charge II
Vogel XXTearal BalmU-Material
Beep Seeker IIIEP Charge IU-Material
Provincial Army OfficerTearal BalmEP Charge II
Treasure ListLocation
EP Charge IIITwin Dragons Bridge 2F
Curia Balm
Ebony Boots
Tearal BalmTwin Dragons Bridge 3F
Ebony Vest
Sepith x200Twin Dragons Bridge 4F

Follow the northwest path, eventually, you will see two rooms, go to the room to the right to find an EP Charge III. Then go south the center of the map, go to the west and examine the duct, go all the way to end to find the Flood quartz in a monster chest. Return to the center area, and follow the east path, and go all the way to the southwest corner, examine the duct, go to the west end to find a Curia Balm in a treasure chest. Return to the duct and go to the east end, you will a pair of Ebony Boots in a treasure chest. Then examine the switch by the door to unlock it. Then go all the way to the southeast corner to go upstairs.

Go straight and examine the duct to go the west side. Continue forward and go to the second room to find a Tearal Balm in a treasure chest. Then continue on the southwest path until the path split. Head down to the southeast corner, break the boxes to find a Yggdrasil quartz in a treasure chest. Then go north to the center area. Pick up the Ebony Vest in the treasure on your left. Then examine the duct on the right, it will take you downstairs. Then examine the duct on the east to back up to the 3rd floor. Then take stairs on the north to go the last floor. Go all the way to the north end, you will find some Sepith in the north room's treasure. Then return to center, heal up with the Orbment Charging Station and then fight the boss ahead.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Kaiser Doven B96944 (Normal)120, 80, 100, 80Red Beast Flesh, U-Material★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★★★☆
Kaiser Doven R96944 (Normal)120, 80, 100, 80Red Beast Flesh, U-Material★★☆☆★★☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
This is one of the easiest bosses in the entire game. The two dogs don't have any complicated attacks, they just hit a single target for about 3000 to 5000 damage. Using Elliot's Resounding Beat will regen all that HP in a few turns. The boss can also summon additional mobs, if that happens, wipe them out immediately.

December 18

Missable List

Recipe: Comforting CappuccinoGibson: First shop at the Grand Market.
Book: Gambler Jack Reprint #10Cornette's General Goods (Grand Market, center)
Book: Gambler Jack II - Chapter 9Marco: Grand Market (Shop at the west end)
2 APRecruit Becky to Courageous. (She's located in the house on the west end of town.)

New Character Profiles

Becky [Page 1]Recruit Becky into Courageous.Becky can be recruited later, but recruiting her now will give you 2 AP instead of 1.
Elliot [Page 2]Attend Elliot's Bonding Event.
Emma [Page 2]Attend Emma's Bonding Event.
Jusis [Page 1]Attend Jusis' Bonding Event.
Instructor Sara [Page 1]Attend Sara's Bonding Event.
Towa [Page 1]Attend Towa's Bonding Event.
Instructor Thomas [Page 1]Automatic.

List of Bonding Events

AlfinMarket Manager's HouseLink EXP +500
AlisaSouth end of Town.Link EXP +500
ElliotGrand MarketAdd Page 2 to Elliot's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
EmmaWest End of TownAdd Page 2 to Emma's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
FieWeathercock InnLink EXP +500
GaiusNear Grand Market entrance.Link EXP +500
JusisWest End of TownAdd Page 1 to Jusis' Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
LauraWeathercock InnLink EXP +500
MachiasOddvin's Arms (Weapon Shop)Link EXP +500
MilliumCeldic ChapelLink EXP +500
SaraWeathercock InnAdd Page 1 to Sara's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
TowaGrand MarketAdd Page 1 to Towa's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500

When you can control Rean, head to the Grand Market and speak to Gibson. He's the first NPC on the left, he will teach you the Cappuccino recipe. Then shop at Cornette, the shop at the center of the Grand Market, and purchase a copy of Gambler Jack Reprint #10. Then go to the west end of the Grand Market, and speak to the NPC, Marco. Marco will give you a copy of Gambler Jack - Chapter 9. Then head to the house on the west end of town. Speak to Becky to recruit her to Courageous. Doing this will add 2 AP, you can do later as well, but recruiting Becky now will give you 2 AP instead of 1. You can also speak to the owner (Margot) in the Weathercock Inn to get some free consumables items. Then attend the Bonding Event of your choice. Doing Elliot, Emma, Jusis, Sara, and Towa will update a page to their character profile. When you're done, take the east exit of Celdic to end the day.

The game will add up all the AP you have earned in this Act. If you acquired a total of 36 AP, you will get an S Rank.

Rescued Fiona8
Recruited Monica1
Recruited Mint1
Recruited Casper1
Recruited Vivi1
Recruited Emily2
Recruited Nicolas2
Recruited Clara2
Recruited Becky2
Quest: Monster Madness4
Quest: Find Our First Years4
Quest: Without Leave4
Quest: Badass in Danger!!!4