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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Zoelius / Zennvirus

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius
/ Zennvirus

Version: 0.32 | Updated: 06/07/2019
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. Gameplay Basics
    1. Characters
    2. Battle Basic
    3. Other Terminology
    4. Gameplay Changes from Cold Steel
  3. Prologue
    1. Prologue Part A: November 29
    2. Prologue Part B: November 30
  4. Act 1 - Part 1
    1. December 1st
    2. Celdic
    3. Twin Dragons Bridge
    4. December 4
  5. Act 1 - Part 2
    1. Nord Highlands - South, Part: A
    2. Nord Highlands - North
    3. Aria Shrine
    4. Nord Highlands - South, Part: B
    5. Watchtower
    6. December 8
  6. Act 1 - Part 3
    1. December 9
    2. Legram
    3. Aqua Shrine
    4. Bareahard
    5. Bareahard Airport
    6. December 12
  7. Intermission Chapter
  8. Act 2 - Part 1
    1. December 15
    2. Searching for Friends (Garrelia Section)
    3. Searching for Friends (Legram Section)
    4. Searching for Friends (Nord Section)
    5. December 17
    6. December 18
  9. Act 2 Part 2
    1. December 19
    2. December 20
    3. December 21
    4. Roer
    5. RF Building
    6. December 22
  10. Act 2 Part 3
    1. December 23
    2. Shrine Trials Part A
    3. Terra Shrine - Trial
    4. Aria Shrine - Trial
    5. Aqua Shrine - Trial
    6. Ignis Shrine - Trial
    7. December 24 & 25
    8. December 26
  11. Act 2 - Part 4
    1. December 27
    2. Bareahard Section
    3. Celdic & Roer
    4. Shrines Trials Part B
    5. December 30
  12. Finale
    1. December 30 Night Time
    2. December 31st
    3. Final Mission
    4. Infernal Castle
  13. Epilogue
    1. March 12
    2. March 13 Free Day
    3. Final Dungeon
  14. Divertissement
  15. New Game +
  16. Mini Games
    1. Snowboarding
    2. Blade II
  17. Optional Bosses
  18. Character Profile
    1. Class VII
    2. Supporters
    3. Year 1 Class I / II
    4. Year 1 Class III / IV / V
    5. Year 2 Class I / II
    6. Year 2 Class III / IV / V
    7. Instructors etc.
  19. Item List
    1. Weapon List
    2. Armor List
    3. Accessory List
    4. Consumables and Other Items
    5. Book List
  20. Arts and Quartz
    1. Arts
    2. Quartz
    3. Ex-Orb
  21. Master Quartz
    1. Earth Type
    2. Water Type
    3. Fire Type
    4. Wind Type
    5. Time Type
    6. Space Type
    7. Mirage Type
  22. Skill List
    1. Character Skills
    2. Valimar Skills
  23. Advance Strategy - Formations (In-Depth)
    1. Formation Types
  24. Advance Strategy - Stacking (In-Depth)
    1. Advance Strategy - Four Tools
  25. Advance Strategy - Character Evaluation (In-Depth)
    1. Field Characters
    2. Characters (In-Depth)
    3. The Characters
    4. General Recommendations
  26. Recipe List
  27. Fishing List
  28. Enemy List
  29. Trophy List
  30. Credits

Act 1 - Part 3

December 9

Pick your party members. If you have been fishing, your rank should be promoted by now, which lets you can get a new fishing rod from Annabelle at the general store.

Make your preparation and leave through Ymir Canyon. Select two members from Class VII and one guest character (Claire, Sharon or Toval) to bring with you. You won't have the option to select your party member after the decision is set. This is the only part of the game that you can use Sharon, so if you don't bring Sharon with you, then you will miss the opportunity to use her until you start another playthrough. A suggested party would be Alisa and Sharon because Sharon has some very powerful crafts, and you can use Alisa as a CP battery which makes the duo a very strong pair. If you want the special accessory from Toval or Claire, then skip using Sharon, because you will need link EXP at level 3 to get bonus accessory for later.

Ebel Highway

You will end up at Ebel Highway 2. Pick up the Flame Tongue quartz near Valimar. Then head directly to Legram by going south. The game won't let you go fully explore Ebel Highway yet, so pick up the rest of the treasure chest for later.

Enemy NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Rose ShroomCrisp OnionClear Gelatin
Grass PomFresh HerbHearty Powder
Greedy ReaperFlaky PotatoGlobby Fat
Coco PandaU-MaterialGroundbait
Yellow WispClear GelatinGlobby Fat
Hell RabbitRed Beast FleshGlobby Fat
Gordi SchnarrRed Beast FleshU-Material
GoldciderChitinous ShellU-Material
CrocodarkWhite Beast FleshU-Material
Flame TongueEbel Highway 2
BurnEbel Highway 2 (Accessible Later)
Celestial Balm
EP Charge II
Blue Scaled MailEbel Highway 1
EP Charge II
Tearal Balm
Grand Press


Missable List

Book: Gamber Jack Reprint #4Purchase from the General Store.
Book: Gambler Jack II - Chapter 6Weiber: Aprikoze Inn
Recipe: Seafood PilafBem: Aprikoze Inn - Backdoor
Nightmare Tip
StackingFrom this point onward, it becomes possible to do Parameter Stacking. Depending on the bosses you are to fight, different combinations will be used. For detailed references, check the Stacking part of the Nightmare Strategies Section at the end of this guide.
Task EquipmentWith Stacking available, you must begin keeping at all times specific pieces of armor/boots to fulfill particular purposes. In this case, keeping 1 or 2 Jackets for both genders and some Breeze and Cloud Shoes (all of them bought at Lake Lacrima), will begin to help you build your Task Equipment.

Watch the event scene at the Bracer Guild. Then go to Aprikoze Inn and speak to Weiber behind the counter, he will give you a copy of Gambler Jack II - Chapter 6. Then take the backdoor to outside and speak to Old Man Bem, he will teach you the Seafood Pilaf recipe. Head to the general store and purchase Gambler Jack Reprint #4, and stock up on new equipment. You could also find some of the Thors Academy students in Legram, there is Vivi at the Church, and Casper at the Training School. If you go to the harbor, you can find a fishing spot near Klaus. When you are ready, speak to Klaus, this will take you Lohengrin Castle. Climb up the hill and go inside Lohengrin Castle, you will fight a boss shortly after.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Zelvenom63490 (Normal)110, 100, 90, 100, 100, 100, 140N/A★★★☆★☆☆☆★★☆☆★☆☆☆
Boss Skills1. Poison Breath. Area (L). Inflicts Poison.
2. Tail Swipe. Area (L). Push back.
This boss is quite easy, compare to what you have previously fought. The boss has some strong area attack skill that causes poison, however, you should able to defeat this boss before it becomes a hassle. Since the boss has a very poor slash resistant, you can easily deal a lot of damage to it with a Slash type character like Laura and Rean. The boss is also weak against Mirage magic, which Emma has already equipped. Status ailments also work pretty well against the boss. If you have Sharon on your party, this boss will become super easy, because she has an area healing craft that removes all status ailments and high damage crafts.

Afterwards, Laura and Emma will join your party. Now head to the Bracer Guild located at the southeast area of town. Speak to Miles, he will hand you some side quests.

Quest NameArseid School Bout 2 / 続 - 門下生との手合わせ
Go to the Arseid School Training Hall and speak to Klaus or Gaveli at the arena. Members of the Arseid School wants a rematch. Select the first choice to fight them in a duel. Rean and Laura will be automatically included in your party. Select two other members to bring with you. Note: *You cannot use guest characters for this fight.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Fritz36352 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆
Ares27440 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆
Gaveli36707 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆
Datt27790 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆
This boss fight can be easy or tough. Each student is very weak against status ailments, Laura has a good chance of causing faint on them and with Rean's Gale, you pretty much Seal them to prevent them from doing any action. The students are also easily blind. So if you have some way of inflicting those status ailments, then use it on them. If the student HP gets low, they will be starting using this buff that will heal them and boost their strength greatly. During this phase, it can get really dangerous if they use their area skills it can do over 5000 damage. You could be instantly K.O.if you multiple students using the same skill on you. You can cheese through this fight by using your S-Craft with everyone, but you might want to drag this battle out if you intend on analyzing them.
Afterwards, you will be rewarded with a Heal quartz.
RewardHeal, 1500 Mira, 4 AP
Quest NameEbel Rebel / エベル街道の手配魔獣
Head town through Ebel Highway. You will find the quest monster located at Ebel Highway 2 at the very north area near the entrance of Ebel Highway 3. Before you fight this boss, it is highly recommended you are all equipped with a faint resistant accessory before you start this fight.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Gordi Schnarr G98467 (Normal)120, 100, 140, 100, 100, 100, 100N/A★★☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Boss Skills1. Slam. Area (M). Inflicts Faint.
2. Roar. Heal + Str/Spd 50%.
3. Charge Slam. Takes 2 turns to activate. Inflicts Faint. Can be Cancelled.
Suggested FormationSpread 1, Spread 2
This boss has a ton of HP and is also crazy strong. The boss will use a skill called drumming which will heal itself and greatly buff its attack, defense, and speed. Allowing it to strike you multiple times, this means the boss can wipe your party real fast. Not only it hits really hard, but it can also cause faint on your party with each attack. The worst part is when the boss' buff is about to expire it will use a skill call Hard Hit which can hurt each member for nearly 7000 damage. Which makes this boss harder than anything you have encountered so far. The most effective way of killing this boss is to rely on flame type arts. It does the most amount of damage without using Crafts. You can also use Overdrive for an instant magic cast. Once you take out about half of the boss' HP, you can have your party spam their S-Craft before the boss has a chance to heal itself from its buff.
When you defeated the boss, the game will give you the option to instantly go back to Legram to report the status. Go back and report to Miles at the Bracer Guild to finish the quest.
ClientReceptionist Miles
RewardSepith Mass x300, 1500 Mira, 4 AP

After you have finished the two side quest above, go back to Ebel Highway. Then take the north exit to Ebel Highway 2. You can even examine Valimar for a short event. Anyways when you are ready, go to the northeast exit you will end up in Ebel Highway 3.

Ebel Highway 3

When you reach to Ebel Highway 3, you should head for the northwest exit of the map, it will take you Aqua Shrine. Clearing the Aqua Shrine will give you three extra AP. There is also a fishing spot near the waterfall by the Aqua Shrine.

Celestial BalmEbel Highway 3
Sepith x100
Dragon Vision

Aqua Shrine

Head downstairs, open the gate to enter the Aqua Shrine. Follow the west path until you reach to the northwest corner, you will find a switch. Press it to lower the water level. Then follow the west path. Go all the way to the east end to find a Trial Chest for Laura and Emma. Defeat the Trial Chest Boss and move on.

Trial Chest BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
King Crysnetic33157 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100Shining R★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★★☆
Crysnetic x46003 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100Coarse Rock Salt, U-Material★★☆☆★★☆☆★★☆☆★★★☆
This boss is pretty easy compared to some of the mini boss you have previously encountered. Every monster here can do an area attack skill that hits the entire map and inflict mute on your party. Use Laura's S-Craft or her Area Skills such as Brilliant Spin to wipe out the smaller mobs quickly. Once that's done, focus on the boss with Arts from Emma and attacks/crafts from Laura.

Follow the south path, when you see a pair of stairs, take the north one path, you will find a monster chest at the center of the map. A Scent quartz is found inside. Now backtrack and go to the stairs at the south end, you will find a pair of Blue Scaled Shoes in a treasure box. Then follow all the way to the west side of the map to see a treasure chest and a switch. Open the chest to find an EP Charge II, then push the switch to raise the water up. Now take the path at the center, it should take to the northwest area to the boss.

Monster NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Ice DromeHealthy LiquorClear Gelatin
CrysneticCoarse Rock SaltU-Material
RemoradarkWhite Beast FleshClear Gelatin
Rup KamuyRed Beast FleshU-Material
ScentAqua Shrine
Blue Scaled Shoes
EP Charge II
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Tildawn Glacia x343097 (Normal)100, 0, 120, 100, 130, 130, 130Curia Balm, U-Material★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
This is very similar to the previous incarnation of Tildawns that you have previously encountered. This is probably the easiest Tildawn, it does exactly the same thing by spamming an area attack skill, which causes Mute. This fight will only bring you a lot of trouble if you bring a whole party that is magic based. Just make sure you cancel the boss's magic casting by using a character with Impede on their crafts ability. If you to cheese through this fight, you can use Rean, turn on Overdrive and use Motivate twice and have the entire party use their S-Craft.

After you have defeated the boss, take the portal to exit out of Aqua Shrine. Collect all the treasure chest in Ebel Highway 3 if you haven't yet. Then take the northeast exit to South Kreuzen Highway.

South Kreuzen Highway

Keep moving until you reach the bridge for a short scene. Then head to the northwest corner to find a fishing spot and a Hydro Cannon quartz on the opposite end. Then continue north, and at the northeast corner, you will find some Sepith Mass in a treasure chest. Then go to the north region of the map, when the path split, you can find a Tearal Balm on the west side, and a Tauros Master Quartz in the monster chest on the east side. Then return to the center path, and take the north exit to Bareahard.

Going to Bareahard will automatically advance the story, so make sure you have finished all the side quests from Legram before you enter.

Monster NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Platinum BugChitinous ShellU-Material
Time SnailClear GelatinChitinous Shell
GoldflierHearty PowderU-Material
ButterflierHearty PowderU-Material
CalmiflierHearty PowderU-Material
Hydro CannonSouth Kreuzen Highway
Sepith Mass x300
Tearal Balm


Missable List

Book: Gambler Jack Reprint #5, 6Purchase from Fortnum Books (Christie's Galleria 2F)
Book: Gambler Jack II - Chapter 7Saffron: Station Street (Near Christie's Galleria)
Book: Black Records #3Underground Waterway, after defeating the Abyss Drome. (Second Playthrough only)
Recipe: Fluffy PancakeCalmin: Sorciere Restaurant.
Quest: Missin' KittenSpeak to Eva at Central Plaza, near Underground Waterway.
Quest: St. Veronica's TearsSpeak to Sister Tatiana at Bareahard Cathedral

There is a list of things for you to do in Bareahard, you should head to the clothing store (Valenty Tailoring on Artisan's Street), purchase the Patterned Shirt and the Leather Sandal equipment from there. The Patterned Shirt has the highest evasion bonus in the game (20%), which is the best equipment for players that want to make a dodge tank type character for later (Fie and Sharon can easily hit a 100% dodge rate with these making them immune to physical attacks for end game.) The Leather Sandal has a very high speed rating at this point of the game.

Nightmare Tip

Take the chance to buy the following accessories from Turner's at Artisan Street:

Red Pendulum X3 (You have one from the 'A Cry For Help' Hidden quest on Act 1 - Part 1)
Green Pendulum X3 (There's one in the Underground Waterway)
Blue Pendulum X4
Yellow Pendulum X4
Black Pendulum X4

Each cost 3000 Mira. In total, you'll need 54000 Mira. Although a time-consuming method, you can have Sharon make Tri-colored Onigiri to gather the necessary amount of Mira. This will ensure you get all possible negative status/debuffs covered.

Then go inside Turner's Jewelers (Northwest building on Artisan's Street) and speak to Colette. Leave, the building and take the north exit to the Central Plaza. Go inside the Sorciere Restaurant at the northeast corner. Then speak to Calmin by the northwest counter, he will teach you the Fluffy Pancake recipe. Exit out of the restaurant and take the east exit to Station Street. Speak to the maid, Saffron near Christie's Galleria, she will give you a copy of Gambler Jack II - Chapter 7. Then go inside Christie's Galleria and go to the second floor to the bookstore (Fortnum Books) and purchase the Gambler Jack Reprint #5, 6. Then speak to Theresia by the bench. Then work on the hidden side quest listed below.

Quest NameMissin' Kitten / 公都の子猫探し [Hidden Quest]

Go to Bareahard's Central Plaza. Then go downstairs near the Underground Waterway, and speak to Old Lady Eva. Select the first choice to help her out.

Then speak to the following NPCs listed below. They are all marked with a Green Exclamation Mark.

  1. Hasan - Dining Tables by Sorciere Restaurant (Central Plaza).
  2. Biske - Artisan's Street near the entrance of South Kreuzen Highway.
  3. Female Students - Station Street (Center of the map)

After that, leave Bareahard by going to North Kreuzen Highway. Then you will find the Missin' Kitten at the north end of the map.

Note: You cannot access the Fishing Spot. The game will prevent you from reaching the northern side of the bridge. Spot is not available until Act 2.

Monster NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
MantrapCrisp OnionGlobby Fat
Egg SnakeClear GelatinChitinous Shell
Venus MantrapGlobby FatU-Material
U-Material x5North Kreuzen Highway 1

You will automatically return to Bareahard. Speak to the same cat again to see a short scene with Selene.

ClientOld Lady Eva
RewardPrismatic Cape, 2000 Mira, 4 AP
Quest NameSt. Veronica's Tears / 聖女像の調査 [Hidden Quest]
Go to the Central Plaza part of town and enter the Bareahard Cathedral at the north end. Speak to Sister Tatiana, she's located at the west room. Select the first choice to help her. Leave the Cathedral and examine the statue at the center. Then go to Station Street and take the stairs on the east area to the entrance of the Underground Waterway.

Follow the east path, and go all the way to the northwest corner. You will find a Green Pendulum in a treasure chest and a switch. Press the switch to unlock the gate near the entrance. Go there to Underground Waterway 2. Go directly north to find some Sepith in a treasure chest. Then take the west path to the center of the map for a boss fight.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Abyss Drome88111 (Normal)100, 160, 160, 180, 80, 180, 160Clear Gelatin, Curia Balm★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Sludge Drome x76264 (Normal)100, 160, 160, 180, 80, 180, 160Clear Gelatin, Curia Balm★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
There is a ton of Dromes here and they all can cast magic that deals a ton of damage. This is one of the easiest to spot to farm Tactical Bonus by canceling each of the Drome's spell casting by using a craft with the Impede function (Rean, Machias, Alisa, Fie), allowing you to get the Tactician trophy. If you find the situation too dangerous, then wipe out the smaller Dromes with your S-Craft or an area spell. The main boss is mostly using a skill that weakens your ADF so it can deal a ton of damage with its spells, just cancel the boss' arts before that happens.
Green PendulumUnderground Waterway 1
Sepith x100Underground Waterway 2
Black Records 3Underground Waterway 2 (Second Playthrough only)
Sister Tatiana will give you a Holy Sphere accessory. If this is your second playthrough or later, go back to the same area where you fought the Abyss Drome, you will find a copy of Black Records #3.
ClientSister Tatiana
RewardHoly Sphere, 2000 Mira, 4 AP

After you have finished the side quests, go to the Noble District and walk near the entrance of Duke Albarea Mansion for a short scene. After this visit the Central Plaza and go inside Sorciere Restaurant and speak to Hammond by the counter. Then head to Station Street and take the south exit to Bareahard Airport. Doing this will advance the story, so make sure you have finished all side activities from earlier.

Bareahard Airport

Head inside the airship located on the south. Go downstairs from the southwest end of the map to the Hangar room, you will find a Freeze Quartz.

FreezeHangar Room

Return to the main floor, and take the stairs on your right to the 3F. Open the door directly in front of you to enter the Lounge room. Afterwards, you will play the racing mini game.

Beating Jusis on the race will give you 2 AP. If you lose, you can retry again to get the bonus AP as long as you don't give up.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Jusis19500 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100N/A★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Boss Skills1. Slash. Single. Normal attack.
2. Stab. Delay/Impede +20 - Unbalance +20%
3. Teara. Heal 6000 HP to self.
4. Boost. Str/Spd/Ats +25% (3 Turns).
Jusis is a pretty easy boss, he's doesn't hit really and his accuracy is pretty poor. Once his health drops below 50%, he will start to act more aggressive. You can also motivate twice to buff your strength greatly and finish him off with an S-Craft.

Afterwards you will face another boss battle. If you manage to defeat Duvalie, you will get 3 Extra AP.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
McBurn256800 (Normal)50, 50, 0, 50N/A★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Duvalie84208 (Normal)90, 90, 90, 90N/A☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆
Boss SkillsMcBurn
1. Fireball Throw. Area (M). Can inflict Burn.
2. Fire Pillar. Area (L). Will kill your party in one shot. Only used when D is down or after 40 turns have passed.

1. Flame Slash. Area (M). Can inflict Burn.
2. Wind Slash. Area (M). Can inflict Seal.
3. Ice Slash. Area (M). Can inflict Freeze.
This is an unwinnable boss fight, but there is a bonus condition to earn 3 extra AP. You need to K.O. Duvalie before McBurn completely destroys you. Buff up your party's strength and spam all of your S-Craft on Duvalie. If anyone gets K.O. revive them with Zeram Powder to get a 100 CP and spam your S-Craft immediately until she is K.O. Make sure you also find the opportunity to scan them.

If you manage to defeat Duvalie, you will get an alternative scene. Follow with a mech battle.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropIdle StanceAttack Stance
Hector150000 (Normal)100, 120, 120, 100N/AB:★☆☆☆H:★★★☆A:★★☆☆B:★★★★H:☆☆☆☆A:☆☆☆☆
Armored Vehicle NP-II72000 (Normal)120, 100, 120, 100N/AB:☆☆☆☆N/AN/AB:★★★☆N/AN/A
Focus on defeating the Armored Car first because it has the lowest HP of the two. The Armored car has no unbalance weakness during its idle stance, but during its attack phase, it has a 3 star unbalance rating. Once you have taken out the Armored Car, focus on defeating Hector. Attack its head during its idle stance, and during its attack stance, focus on hitting the body. If your HP drops near 40000, use your support partner to heal. Use the picture here if you need a reference.

The game will prompt you to save. Watch the event scene, until Rean is at the hot spring. You are given the choice to pick someone, select that person to have a special event and 600 Link Exp.

December 12

Missable List

Quest: Stranger than Fishin'Speak to Gerald at the Inn & Pub (Valley Echo).

This is the only day in the game where you have double bonding events for certain characters. For this reason, you are given 7 bonding points.

Attend the bonding events, doing Alisa, Emma, Fie, Laura, Millium and Sharon's event will add a page to their profiles. Attending Gaius' bonding event will teach him the Hunter Wing ability instead of reaching to level 75. There is also a new difficulty level added to the snowboard mini game. Clearing the course will get you the Passionate Leggings accessory and a new snowboard. If you decide to head out to Ymir Canyon, there is a monster called Icicle Penguin added to the area, so scan that monster if want the battle trophy. Then go to Inn & Pub and speak to Gerald behind the counter, this will start a hidden quest.

Note 1: Guest characters (Claire, Sharon, Toval) with the highest link EXP (Must be Link Level 3) at the end of this act will give you a powerful accessory for Chapter 2.

ClaireCerulean HeartsACC +100%, Critical Rate +10%
SharonBlack VirtueAttacks/Craft can cancel arts (90% chance). Delay +6
TovalQuick Caliber SReduce casting time by a third

Note 2: If this is your second playthrough or higher, you can exchange for a Zemurian Ore Shard (Material to forge the strongest weapon) at the general store at the price of 50 U-Materials.

New Character Profiles

Alisa [Page 1]Attend Alisa Bonding Event.
Emma [Page 1]Attend Emma's Bonding Event.
Fie [Page 1]Attend Fie's Bonding Event.
Laura [Page 1]Attend Laura's Bonding Event. (1st event)
Millium [Page 1]Attend Millium's Bonding Event.
Sharon [Page 2]Attend Sharon's Bonding Event.

List of Bonding Events

AlisaBaron's Mansion 2FAdd Page 1 to Alisa's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
ClaireNear StationLink EXP +500
GaiusSeptian ChurchGaius will Learn Hunter Wing.
Link EXP +500
ElliotPhoenix WingsLink EXP +500
EmmaInn & PubContained two Bonding Events
Add Page 1 to Emma's Character Profile. *1st event only
Link EXP +500
FieNear Baron's MansionAdd Page 1 to Fie's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
JusisPhoenix WingsContained two Bonding Events
Link EXP +500
LauraNear Baron's MansionContained two Bonding Events
Add Page 1 to Laura's Character Profile. *1st event only
Link EXP +500
MilliumNear StationAdd Page 1 to Millium's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
SaraPhoenix WingsContained two Bonding Events
Link EXP +500
SharonGeneral StoreAdd Page 2 to Sharon's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
Quest NameStranger than Fishin' / お嬢様の行方 [Hidden Quest]
Head to the Inn & Pub and speak to Gerald behind the counter. Accept his request and leave town by going to Ymir Canyon. Then go to Ymir Canyon 2, and speak to Annabelle who is located at the center of the map. Then fish at the bridge, once you successfully catch the fish, there will be a boss battle.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Icy Croaker68100 (Normal)120, 60, 160, 90N/A★☆☆☆★★☆☆☆☆☆☆★★★☆
A really easy boss, because of it's poor faint and sleep resistance, you can easily inflict faint or sleep on it. The boss only has hit single targets, so there isn't anything to watch out for.
Afterwards, you will return to town with some quartz as your reward.
RewardEffort, Prankster, 2000 Mira, 4 AP

When you have finished all the activities listed above. Save your game and head to your room to end the day. The game will accumulate all the AP you have earned, you will get a S-Rank if you manage to get a total of 41 AP.

Reunited with Legram classmates5
Reunited with Jusis8
Won the race against Jusis2
Defeated Duvalie3
Found and explored the Aqua Shrine3
Quest: Arseid School Bout 24
Quest: Ebel Rebel4
Quest: Missin' Kitten [Hidden]4
Quest: St. Veronica's Tears [Hidden]4
Quest: Stranger than Fishin' [Hidden]4
Fought well against Rufus *Not listed3

After the event scene, you will be facing a boss battle, if you manage to reduce the boss' HP below 50% within 40 turns, you will get 3 AP.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem DropSlashThrustPierceStrike
Rufus128640 (Normal)90, 90, 90, 90N/A☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆
This is an unwinnable boss fight, but to meet the bonus condition for the 3 extra AP. You need to reduce the boss' HP below 50% within 40 turns. The problem is this guy has very high defense, you will barely hurt him with regular attacks. The best method is to buff yourself up with Jusis and spam all your S-Crafts, if all your CP is gone, then use arts on him. If the boss manages to cast his arts it can deal 17000 damage to each member which can be an instant wipe. So make sure you have someone cancel his art casting before you get killed. Once you have done a certain amount of damage, the boss will use his S-Craft to instantly wipe your party.

After that, you will be facing another mech battle. however, this battle is unwinnable. After this fight, the chapter will end.