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by Zoelius / Zennvirus

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius
/ Zennvirus

Version: 0.32 | Updated: 06/07/2019
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and Other Information
  2. Gameplay Basics
    1. Characters
    2. Battle Basic
    3. Other Terminology
    4. Gameplay Changes from Cold Steel
  3. Prologue
    1. Prologue Part A: November 29
    2. Prologue Part B: November 30
  4. Act 1 - Part 1
    1. December 1st
    2. Celdic
    3. Twin Dragons Bridge
    4. December 4
  5. Act 1 - Part 2
    1. Nord Highlands - South, Part: A
    2. Nord Highlands - North
    3. Aria Shrine
    4. Nord Highlands - South, Part: B
    5. Watchtower
    6. December 8
  6. Act 1 - Part 3
    1. December 9
    2. Legram
    3. Aqua Shrine
    4. Bareahard
    5. Bareahard Airport
    6. December 12
  7. Intermission Chapter
  8. Act 2 - Part 1
    1. December 15
    2. Searching for Friends (Garrelia Section)
    3. Searching for Friends (Legram Section)
    4. Searching for Friends (Nord Section)
    5. December 17
    6. December 18
  9. Act 2 Part 2
    1. December 19
    2. December 20
    3. December 21
    4. Roer
    5. RF Building
    6. December 22
  10. Act 2 Part 3
    1. December 23
    2. Shrine Trials Part A
    3. Terra Shrine - Trial
    4. Aria Shrine - Trial
    5. Aqua Shrine - Trial
    6. Ignis Shrine - Trial
    7. December 24 & 25
    8. December 26
  11. Act 2 - Part 4
    1. December 27
    2. Bareahard Section
    3. Celdic & Roer
    4. Shrines Trials Part B
    5. December 30
  12. Finale
    1. December 30 Night Time
    2. December 31st
    3. Final Mission
    4. Infernal Castle
  13. Epilogue
    1. March 12
    2. March 13 Free Day
    3. Final Dungeon
  14. Divertissement
  15. New Game +
  16. Mini Games
    1. Snowboarding
    2. Blade II
  17. Optional Bosses
  18. Character Profile
    1. Class VII
    2. Supporters
    3. Year 1 Class I / II
    4. Year 1 Class III / IV / V
    5. Year 2 Class I / II
    6. Year 2 Class III / IV / V
    7. Instructors etc.
  19. Item List
    1. Weapon List
    2. Armor List
    3. Accessory List
    4. Consumables and Other Items
    5. Book List
  20. Arts and Quartz
    1. Arts
    2. Quartz
    3. Ex-Orb
  21. Master Quartz
    1. Earth Type
    2. Water Type
    3. Fire Type
    4. Wind Type
    5. Time Type
    6. Space Type
    7. Mirage Type
  22. Skill List
    1. Character Skills
    2. Valimar Skills
  23. Advance Strategy - Formations (In-Depth)
    1. Formation Types
  24. Advance Strategy - Stacking (In-Depth)
    1. Advance Strategy - Four Tools
  25. Advance Strategy - Character Evaluation (In-Depth)
    1. Field Characters
    2. Characters (In-Depth)
    3. The Characters
    4. General Recommendations
  26. Recipe List
  27. Fishing List
  28. Enemy List
  29. Trophy List
  30. Credits

Copyright and Other Information

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius) AKA (Zoel Giradel) and Urizen Andrade (Zennvirus) This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all, no exceptions. This guide shall only be allowed for public display on www.gamefaqs.com, kiseki.wikia.com, and www.neoseeker.com; other use is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws. If you have any questions, tips or concerns, you can contact Chaomin@gmail.com for (Zoelius) and thezennvirus@gmail.com for (Zennvirus), be sure to put "Cold Steel" in the subject title.

*Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked.

PayPal Donation
If you want to make a small contribution to this guide, you can send it to my Paypal account at "Chaomin@gmail.com" or using the Donate button on the top. Any amount is very much appreciated and will be used as a source for future guides.

FAQ Version

2016 - March 80.01Initial Faq Version.
2016 - March 10 - May 180.02 - 0.28Completed Walkthrough.
2016 - September 12 - 190.29 - 0.31Added official English names.
2019 - June 70.32Adjusted guide for GameFAQs' new layout.


Hello everyone and welcome to Zoelius' Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Guide. This is Zennvirus (AKA Urizen Andrade)'s Intro. Why is some other dude making the intro of Zoel's guide, you ask? Well, since the man himself is busy going at this monstrous game of a monstrous franchise with the proverbial pair of pliers and blowtorch combo trying to compile one of his awesome and damn-good-looking guides of his, these here fellow gamer (me) who decided to join forces and Tie a Link of ARCUS for this Super Arrange Version...and has been thus tasked to make a simple paragraph describing what we are doing here (us guide makers and you, the user). Since one man would suffer greatly for the selfish act of making a guide (we WANT more selfishness like this), I pitched in doing reviews, Grammar-Nazing and analyzing and systematizing strategies ranging from the typical Kill-the-boss to economical shopping tips for financing a modest war...all so that when that nerve-racking date (TBA) somewhere on 2016's Fall arrives you: The Gamer, has a cool guide to help ye find your way to that hard-to-get Platinum Trophy or do a dreaded N3 Run (No NG+ Nightmare Run). And to those Amigos who (like Zoel and me) have a Japanese copy: We got you covered 2. Finally, to give Mr Zoelius time to do his thing, feel F.R.E.E. to choke my Gmail account with your contributions so that this guide is truly By the Gamer For the Gamer. Let it Rip! So here we are: Doin' Guide.

Disclaimer #1: This guide might contain spoilers of the original Trails of Cold Steel. If you have not finished Cold Steel and do not want to be spoil, avoid using this guide.
Disclaimer #2: This guide was originally written based on the Japanese version and was updated to match Xseed's official translation.
Disclaimer #3: This guide is text heavy, read bold letters for a quick way of navigating through this guide.

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