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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Draken70

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Draken70Donate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 2.9 | Updated: 03/15/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2015 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Controls
    2. Gameplay
    3. New Game+
    4. Digivice
  2. Locations
  3. Walkthrough
    1. Prologue: EDEN
    2. Chapter 1: Welcome to Kuremi Detective Agency
    3. Chapter 2: Search for the Father: Yuuko Yamashina
    4. Chapter 3: Digital Monster
    5. Chapter 4: The Shinjuku Underground Labyrinth Incident
    6. Chapter 5: The Search Continues: Yuuko Kamishiro
    7. Chapter 6: Serial Disappearances in Akihabara
    8. Chapter 7: Demon Pilgrimage Capriccio
    9. Chapter 8: No Stopping the Gale Girls
    10. Chapter 9: Our Master Plan!
    11. Chapter 10: To the Promised Land
    12. Chapter 11: Paradise Lost
    13. Chapter 12: Wandering
    14. Chapter 13: Tokyo Digification
    15. Chapter 14: What is a Youth?
    16. Chapter 15: Parallel World
    17. Chapter 16: Diver City: Isle of Dragons
    18. Chapter 17: Recollection
    19. Chapter 18: Lost, Lost Memories
    20. Chapter 19: Lion Knight of the Round
    21. Chapter 20: From the New World
  4. Victory Uchida Locations
  5. Case Listings
    1. Urgent (Red) Cases
    2. Normal (Blue/Yellow) Cases
    3. DLC (Purple) Cases
    4. DigiFarm (Green) Cases
  6. Item Listings
    1. Consumable Items
    2. Equipment
    3. Farm Goods
    4. Key Items
  7. Digimon Medals
    1. No. 001~100 Medals
    2. No. 101~200 Medals
    3. No. 201~300 Medals
    4. No. 301~400 Medals
    5. No. 401~500 Medals
    6. Gacha Machines
    7. Medal Rewards
  8. Digimon Encounters
    1. EDEN Dungeons
    2. Digital Shifts
    3. Digital Spaces
    4. Digital Line/Networks
    5. Offline Colosseum
    6. Online Colosseum
  9. Digimon Encyclopedia
    1. Digimon Flowchart
    2. Baby
    3. In-Training
    4. Rookie
    5. Champion
    6. Ultimate
    7. Mega
    8. Ultra
    9. Armor
    10. Digivolution Chart Tables
    11. Skill Listings
    12. All Digimon's Inherited Skills
  10. DigiFarm
    1. Personalities
    2. Training Courses
    3. Item Development
    4. Property Cases
  11. Shop Listings
    1. DigiLab Shop
    2. EDEN Entrance Shop
    3. Nakano Broadway 1F Shop
    4. Shibuya Shop
    5. Akihabara Shop
  12. Trophy List
  13. Miscellany
    1. Cyber Sleuth Ranks
    2. Mirror Dungeon Entries
    3. DigiLine Quiz Questions
    4. Memory UP/DX Locations
    5. Farm Development Kit Locations
    6. Farm Expansion Plugin Locations
    7. Digi-Eggs Locations
  14. Version History
  15. Credits
  16. Copyright & Disclaimer

Walkthrough (Continued)

Digital Space 03

Digital Space 03 Encounters.

Follow the single path going west, you can use the Access Point if you wish. Then use the teleporter to reach the next area. Before talking to the Digimon here, there's two chests to open. The north one has three [Topaz], while the south chest has two [Pearl]. Now go to the center of this area and talk to Poyomon (ポヨモン) for a short scene then a fight.

Yellow-01 MinibossHP (Normal / Hard)TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Poyomon (ポヨモン)100 / 150FreeNeutralExp: 399HP Capsule C
Yen: 89 (173)Poyomon Medal

After the battle and a short scene, you will clear the case and get sent back to Shinjuku. Exit the place and go back to the Detective Agency to turn in the case.

Chapter 2 Main Cases Part 2

Kuremi Detective Agency

As you make your way to the agency, Kyoko will contact you through your Digivice. This will unlock a new case, leave it for later though. Once you turn in the yellow case, accept Mirei's Red 02 case. Leave the agency and enter the DigiLab to talk to Mirei. Then go back to the agency and use the TV to enter EDEN's Kowloon Lv. 2.

Search Wanted Hacker (お尋ね者ハッカーを探せ) - Pin: Red-02

◆Difficulty: ★
◆Client Info
   Client: Mirei Mikagura (御神楽ミレイ)
   There are lots of bad hackers in this
   world. The poor Digimon... Don't
   you think it's time for just deserts?
   Reward Money       1,000 Yen
   CSP Obtained            100
   HP Capsule B            x 1

Kowloon Lv. 2

Kowloon Lv. 2 Encounters.

Head north into the next area. Then make your way to the end and before the exit climb the stairs to your left and talk to the hacker with an exclamation mark above his head to fight him.

Red-02 MinibossHP (Normal / Hard)TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
2 DemiDevimon (ピコデビモン)86 / 129VirusDarkExp: 388Panic Recovery
Yen: 232 (348)DemiDevimon Medal

Go back to the DigiLab to report to Mirei and complete the case. She will explain to you that this type of case from her can be unlocked from sending your DigiFarm Digimon on investigations. Click here for more details about this type of cases. Head back to the agency to turn in the case.

Chapter 2 DLC Case

If you have the DLC "Mission Pack 1" installed (Additional Mission 1 - 追加ミッション1 in the Japanese version), you can do it now. Otherwise, click here to skip the DLC.

Kuremi Detective Agency

Inspect the white board for a new DLC case (Purple 01). Pick it up, then talk to Mirei in the DigiLab. After that, head to Kowloon Lv. 1.

Urgent Case from Mirei (ミレイからの緊急依頼) - Pin: Purple-01

◆Difficulty: ★
◆Client Info
   Client: Mirei Mikagura (御神楽ミレイ)
   Place: DigiLab (デジラボ)
   This is very urgent.
   There are malicious hackers...
   Will you teach them a lesson?
   Reward Money       3,000 Yen
   CSP Obtained           300
   Developer Know-How       x 1
   Mega HP Generator        x 1
   Mega SP Generator        x 1

Kowloon Lv. 1

Go north twice to arrive to the third area, then follow the path until the three-way intersection. Go west from it and talk to the hacker for a battle.

Purple-01 Miniboss 1TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Botamon (ボタモン)FreeNeutralEXP: 58HP Capsule CBotamon Medal
DemiDevimon (ピコデビモン)VirusDarkYen: 68 (103)Panic RecoveryDemiDevimon Medal

After the fight, head to the next area. Then go northeast and talk to the second hacker sitting in the corner for another battle.

Purple-01 Miniboss 2TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Gazimon (ガジモン)VirusDarkEXP: 82Paralysis Recovery
Pagumon (パグモン)FreeYen: 88 (132)DEF Boost

Go back down the stairs then head west, keep following the path until you reach the last area of Kowloon Lv. 1. Talk to the final hacker northeast of this area to start the last battle for this case.

Purple-01 Miniboss 3TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
2 Tsumemon (ツメモン)FreeDarkEXP: 162TopazTsumemon Medal (ツメモンメダル)
Keramon (ケラモン)Yen: 136 (204)Escape GateKeramon Medal (ケラモンメダル)

Head back to the DigiLab and report to Mirei to clear the case. Turn it in at the Detective Agency.

Chapter 2 Main Cases Part 3

Detective Agency

Take the only available Red pin case (Red 03) from Kyoko for a scene with her. When prompted, pick all three choices to progress.

Wow! Mysterious Digital Face (追跡!怪人デジ面相) - Pin: Red-03

◆Difficulty: ★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Kyoko Kuremi (暮海杏子)
   Place: Kuremi Detective Agency (暮海探偵事務所)
   This is a personal case... Help me with
   the Matayoshi case without being
   noticed. Discretion is required.
   Reward Money       150 Yen
   CSP Obtained          500
   SP Capsule C          x 2

You will obtain the keyword "Mysterious Digital Face" (怪人デジ面相) after the scene. Connect Jump through the TV and go to Kowloon Lv. 2.

Kowloon Lv. 2

Go north into the next area. Skip the two hackers with locks above their heads in here and proceed to the next area. In this area, skip the first two hackers with locks again and talk to the third one, the Whimsical Hacker (気まぐれなハッカー). Use the keyword you got earlier to trigger a scene. You will obtain the keyword "Police-Hating Hacker" (ケーサツを憎むハッカー). Leave EDEN and go to Shinjuku (新宿).


After the short scene, take the northwest exit into the next area. Walk north a bit until you see an officer with a lock sign. Talk to the Smiling Police Officer (笑う警察官) and use the Police-Hating Hacker keyword. Go back to the first area of Shinjuku and talk to the Suspicious Man (怪しい男) standing next to the Access Point. You will end up in the last area of Kowloon Lv. 1. Talk to the Suspicious Man again to trigger a battle.

Red-03 MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)
Vegiemon (ベジーモン)VirusPlantEXP: 596
Yen: 376 (564)

After the fight and some scenes, you will be back in the agency. Turn in your case then head out to the 1st floor of Nakano Broadway.

Nakano Broadway 1F

Talk to the Worrywart Female Student (悩み多き女子学生) standing in front of the stairs leading to the second floor. Then go to the back entrance of Nakano Broadway near the elevator and talk to the Guy on Break (休憩中のお兄さん), who is near the red Gacha Machine. In front of this NPC you will see digital particles coming out of the ceiling vent. Go near it and examine it with the "X" button. After the short scene, you will unlock a new case so head back to the Detective Agency.

Kuremi Detective Agency

Examine the white board and accept the new case for a scene.

Time Capsule Snow Woman (タイムカプセル雪女) - Pin: Red-04

◆Difficulty: ★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Broadway Management (ブロードウェイ管理)
   Place: Broadway (ブロードウェイ)
   There is something wrong with the
   air-conditioning in Broadway.
   Find the cause.
   Reward Money       100 Yen
   CSP Obtained          500
   Farm Expansion Plugin    x 1

Make your way to the 4th floor and into the K-Cafe (K-カフェ), then talk to the K-Cafe Owner (K-カフェのマスター). After the long scenes, examine the left wall of the Cafe to end up in.

Digital Space 02

Digital Space 02 Encounters.

Break the firewall north of you with Wall Crack Lv.1 (ウォールクラック Lv.1) hacking skill, then use the teleporter behind it to reach a chest with three [HP Capsule C]. Go back to the first map and take the west teleporter into the next area, then all the way east to another area. Make your way southward and past the Access Point for a chest that contains [HP Attach E]. Prepare in the DigiLab if you want, I recommend a Data type Digimon. Once you're ready use the teleporter nearby, then talk to the NPC for a scene.

BossHP (Normal / Hard)TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Frigimon (ユキダルモン)296 / 444VaccineWaterExp: 548Friendship
Yen: 352 (528)Frigimon Medal

After the battle and some scenes, you will be at the Detective Agency. Turn in the case to end this chapter.

Chapter 3: Digital Monster


After the scenes, you can proceed the story by skipping to Kowloon Lv. 1 down below or do the new side case. I will go through the case first.

Broadway/Detective Agency

Accept the Blue 01 case to get teleported to the case client, choose the second option when talking to him. Once that's done, head to the 4th floor and enter K-Cafe and examine the left wall.

Broadway on Fire! (灼熱ブロードウェイ) - Pin: Blue-01

◆Difficulty: ★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Chinese Restaurant Owner (中華料理屋店長)
   Place: Broadway 1F (ブロードウェイ1F)
   Something is wrong with the Broadway air
   conditioning. It's just way too hot!
   Will you check out what the problem is?
   Reward Money       500 Yen
   CSP Obtained          300
   SPD Attach E          x 1

Digital Space 02

Digital Space 02 Encounters.

Proceed to the next area by using the west teleporter, then keep following the path until you reach the end of this dungeon. You'll see a BlueMeramon, talk to it to trigger a battle.

Blue-01 MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
BlueMeramon (ブルーメラモン)VirusFireExp: 220BlueMeramon Medal
Yen: 304 (456)

After the battle, you'll be back in Nakano Broadway. Turn in the case, then go to Kowloon Lv. 1.

Kowloon Lv. 1

Head north into the second area, then approach Nokia in the center for a scene followed by a battle.

MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)
DemiDevimon (ピコデビモン)VirusDarkExp: 178
Gazimon (ガジモン)Yen: 148 (222)

Once the battle is over, keep moving forward until you get to the lift. Use it to reach Kowloon Lv. 2.

Kowloon Lv. 2

Break the firewall with Wall Crack Lv.2 (ウォールクラック Lv.2). In order to use this hacking skill, you need to have four or more Rookie (Child 成長期) Digimon in your party. Once the wall is gone, go up to the third level using the lift.

Kowloon Lv. 3 (クーロン Lv. 3)

Kowloon Lv. 3 Encounters.

Choose both options when prompted at the scene. After that, head north into the next screen. In this area, there's a wide intersection with three paths to choose from. The north path is blocked by the Obstructing Hacker (通せんぼうするハッカー), talk to him to get the keyword "How to Get a girlfriend?" (どうすれば彼女ができるか).

From the intersection, take the west path first into the next area, now head northwest and go around this path to reach a chest with three [SP Capsule C]. Go back to the entrance of this map by dropping down 2 ledges, then go up the southwest stairs. Go west for a bit to get to another chest with [ATK Boost]. Backtrack east and drop down the ledge south of you for the third chest in this map, which contains [HP Spray C]. Now make your way back to the intersection, and this time take the east path for a different area to loot.

Follow the north path and talk to the Stray Hacker (野良ハッカー). Use "How to Get a girlfriend?" on him to get "Mixer" (合コン). Past the ledges going east there's a chest with [Memory UP]. Drop down one of the two ledges for another chest three [HP Capsule C]. Go southeast to see a Cheerful Hacker (明るいハッカー), talk to him and use "How to get a girlfriend?" to get the "A Smile" (笑顔) keyword. Skip the stairs south of here, and drop down the ledge west of you. Approach the two Winner/Loser Hackers (勝ち組&負け組ハッカー) to your right for another keyword "Digimon" (デジモン). In the corner behind them is a shiny object, pick it up for [Ninjamon Medal (イガモンメダル)]. Now make your way west toward the entrance, before leaving the area, talk to the Capricious Hacker (人任せなハッカー) south of the entrance. Use the "How to get a girlfriend?" keyword to obtain the last keyword "Friend" (トモダチ). Go back west to the intersection.

Talk to the NPC blocking the north path and use the "Digimon" keyword, then go north into the next area. Head east here and open the chest southeast of you for a [Topaz]. Follow the path north, climbing two sets of stairs to reach a chest with [Export]. Continue going north and drop down the first ledge you see for a shiny object to obtain [Ikkakumon Medal (イッカクモンメダル)]. Drop down again, then a third time from the west ledge for a chest with two [Revival Capsule]. Drop down again, then continue south to be back at the start of this area. Retrace your steps to where you had to drop for the medal, this time proceed west. Keep following the path while going west and into the next area.

After the scene, move forward to the next area. Another scene will occur when you reach the end of this area, then a couple of boss battles. There's an Access Point before that, so bring some Vaccine and Virus types of Digimon. Also, if you want to save your game, make sure to do so where the Access Point is located. Going further than that will start the next scene.

MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
BlackGatomon (ブラックテイルモン)VirusDarkExp: 310INT Restraint Chip C
Goblimon (ゴブリモン)EarthYen: 260 (390)Stun Recovery

Some more scenes will take place, then another boss battle.

BossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Drops
2 Meramon (メラモン)DataFireExp: 4282 Panic Recovery
Devimon (デビモン)VirusDarkYen: 688 (1,632)Memory UP

You will obtain 1,000 CSP after the scenes, and will be asked if you want to save. After that, you will be sent to Shinjuku.


Enter the second map in Shinjuku to end this chapter and start the next.

Chapter 4: The Shinjuku Underground Labyrinth Incident



You begin this chapter where you left off in the previous one, the second area in Shinjuku. You can leave Shinjuku now if you have some things to do, but in order to progress the story, continue forward. After entering the subway, you won't be able to leave until you beat the boss. Once you're ready, move towards the crowd to trigger a scene, then enter the subway.

Shinjuku ???

Shinjuku ??? Encounters.

Note that your DigiLine won't function inside this dungeon. While you can still receive messages, they just won't be delivered to you until you defeat the boss and leave this place.

To your left is a new type of Access Point, it has a different appearance than the blue Access Points found in EDEN but functions exactly the same. This Access Point is limited to non-EDEN dungeons. Walk a bit north for a forced regular encounter, then a short scene and tutorial explaining guest characters. Approach the north exit for a scene, enter the next area for another scene. Going north a bit will trigger yet another scene, you can buy a few items from Akemi Suedou (末堂アケミ) while you are here. Continue forward to the next area.

Make your way northeast past the red "!" mark on the map until you see a chest on your right, open it for three [HP Capsule B]. South of this chest is a shiny object, pick it up to obtain the [Shellmon Medal (シェルモンメダル)]. Move northwest to see a floating sphere, touch it to trigger a battle.

MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
2 Gotsumon (ゴツモン)DataEarthExp: 748Topaz
Yen: 376 (564)

After winning the battle, you will obtain the key item [IC Card (ICカード)]. To the left of you is a chest containing [Memory UP]. Go back south to the red exclamation mark on your map. Examine the gate to open it with the IC Card, then proceed to the next map. There will be an Access Point here, use it to heal and prepare for the upcoming boss battle. Once you're ready move forward for a scene then a battle.

Eater (イーター)FreeNeutralExp: 914
Yen: 0

After you win the battle, you will get a few scenes and obtain 1,000 CSP.

Chapter 4 Side Case

You'll be back in the Detective Agency, check the white board for a new case.

A Life Crisis!? (命の危機!?) - Pin: Blue-02

◆Difficulty: ★★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Hagurumon (ハグルモン)
   Place: Broadway 1F (ブロードウェイ1F)
   Click... I lost...a gear... Click...
   If...I don't...click...find it...
   Click...I'll die! Help...click...me!
   Reward Money       500 Yen
   CSP Obtained           300
   Exciting Meat            x 2

Exit the agency and head left to the area with the elevator. While still in floor 1, go all the way south to see a place where you can Connect Jump.

Acquiring the EXP Digimon (Optional)

I highly recommend getting 200% scans for three Wanyamon from Kowloon Lv. 2 and leveling them and their digivolutions in Digital Space 05 (the next dungeon) until you have three PlatinumNumemon. You can use the digivolution path below to reach PlatinumNumemon:

Wanyamon > Kudamon > GoldNumemon > Vademon for Nightmare III > back to GoldNumemon > PlatinumNumemon.

I recommend digivolve the three Digimon to Vademon to learn the Nightmare III (level 45) dark skill, which will help you kill opponents with PlatinumNumemon, since they have a pretty much useless special skill. Having three PlatinumNumemon in your battle party will help tremendously in leveling your other Digimon, equipping each one with three Tactician USB (click here for info on this) will result in even more experience gain.

Digital Space 05

Digital Space 05 Encounters

Talk to Hagurumon here for the case details. In this dungeon there are two teleporters on each of the four direction, for a total of eight teleporters.

Take the north right-side teleporter, then the one to the right. Go southwest for a chest that has [DEF Attach D]. Go east and use the teleporter to be back in the starting area. Now take the west bottom-side teleporter, open the chest above for [SP Attach D]. Take the teleporter that got you here back to the starting area.

Now take one of the south teleporters, then the one at the top. Pick up the shiny object at the end of this closed area for the case item [Small Gear (小さな歯車)]. You will be back in front of Hagurumon and clear the case.

You can still explore this area or level up, but once you turn in this side case you won't be able to enter the dungeon again for a while. Once you have had your fill, return to the agency and turn in the case.

Chapter 4 Main Cases

Main cases are the important story related cases with red pins, they are often required to advance the story. We need to do a couple of them to end this chapter. Exit to the map, then enter the new area Shibuya (渋谷) from the Tokyo map.


Take the left side crosswalk and talk to the NPC with a red exclamation mark. After the scene, go northeast and into the next area. Check your map (R button) to see the exits. Go all the way to the end and past Shibuya Records music store, near the map exit is a shiny object. Pick it up for [Kiwimon Medal (キウイモンメダル)]. Go back to the agency.

Broadway/Detective Agency

There will be a new case to pick up, which is listed below.

Scramble Pentagram (スクランブル五芒星) - Pin: Red-05

◆Difficulty: ★
◆Client Info
   Client: Inoden Occult Research Club (井ノ電オカルト研究部)
   Place: Shibuya (渋谷)
   The legend of "Shibuya Hirasaka..."
   I need help verifying it.
   Reward Money       1,000 Yen
   CSP Obtained           500
   Panic Barrier            x 1

Accept the case then leave the agency after the scene. Talk to the President Mei (部長のメイ) outside the agency. Head south and talk to Vice President Kenji (副部長のケンジ) next to the escalator. Go to the 2nd floor and talk to the Regular Member Manaka (半部員のマナカ) near the elevator. At the 3rd floor, talk to Slacker Lily (幽霊部員のリリィ) north of the stairs to trigger a few scenes.


After the scenes, head northwest and talk to the Pitiful High School Girl (憐れな女子高生). Go back south, then onto the crosswalk to the east and talk to the same NPC again. Then back to the club members, talk to the NPC behind them a third time for some scenes. After that is done, you will finish the case. Turn it in to get your reward. Now enter EDEN.

EDEN Entrance

Go to the back of this area and examine the glowing spot in the top left corner to unlock a new case. Then return to the Detective Agency.

Broadway/Detective Agency

Accept the new case to start a long scene, you will then be in EDEN Entrance.

Nightmare Eater (夢喰いコックリさん) - Pin: Red-06

◆Difficulty: ★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Occult Research Club's Manaka (オカルト研究部員・マナカ)
   Place: EDEN
   My DigiLine is weird... It keeps
   transmitting without me doing anything.
   Please find the cause!
   Reward Money       600 Yen
   CSP Obtained          500
   Memory UP            x 1

EDEN Entrance

Examine the same glowing spot again (the top left corner) for another scene. Attempt to leave the area to end up in a new dungeon.

Digital Space 10

Digital Space 10 Encounters

Follow this linear path around until you reach two firewalls. Break the Lv.2 firewall with Wall Crack Lv.2 (requires four Rookie/Child Digimon) for a chest containing three [Sleep Recovery]. Now if you don't have four Champion (Adult 成熟期) Digimon in your party, you can drop down to get back near the Access Point. Try to digivolve some Digimon to get four Champion (Adult 成熟期) Digimon then go back to the Lv.3 firewall. Break it with Wall Crack Lv.3 (ウォールクラックLv.3) to get access to a chest with [Emerald]. Now use the teleporter south of you. Talk to Clockmon in here for short scene then a battle.

MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)
Clockmon (クロックモン)DataElectricEXP: 916
Yen: 536 (804)

After the battle will get some more scenes and you'll find yourself back in the agency.

Broadway/Detective Agency

Once you turn in the case, Kyoko will ask you to get her some more coffee beans for her (not an official case this time). But before going to K-Cafe, head to Shibuya (渋谷).

Victory Uchida - Shibuya

Move north into the second area. In front of the Shibuya Records music store, you will find an NPC wearing a strange yellow V-shaped hat. Talk to Victory Uchida (ビクトリー・ウチダ) to get [Ninja USB]. This NPC can be found throughout story mode, and each time you find and talk to him, you will get unique prizes. Some of them are even missable. I will mention his appearances whenever he becomes available.

Broadway/Detective Agency

Back to Broadway, head to the 4th floor and into K-Cafe. Talk to the bartender to receive [Select Coffee Beans (特選コーヒー豆)]. This will end the chapter.

Chapter 5: The Search Continues: Yuuko Kamishiro


Detective Agency

After the scenes, exit Nakano Broadway and enter the Toyosu Condos (豊洲集合マンション).

Toyosu Condos

Examine the rightmost apartment for a short scene. Now head to Shibuya (渋谷).


Go to the second map and talk to Chika (チカ) standing in front of Shibuya Records music store. After the scene you will obtain the keyword "Nile Corporation" (ナイルコープ). Now enter EDEN.

EDEN Entrance

There are three NPCs with locks in here, you need the one left of the shop to progress. Talk to the Elite Businessman (エリートサラリーマン) and use the "Nile Corporation" keyword. Return to the Agency.

Broadway/Detective Agency

After the scene, enter the DigiLab and talk to Mirei Mikagura (御神楽ミレイ). She will give you the hacking skill Stealth Hide (ステルスハイド), you can only use this skill if you have at least one Virus type Digimon in your party. Kyoko will contact you after this and give you Kamishiro HQ (Special Visit URL) [カミシロ本社 (特別見学用URL)]. This will allow you to visit the Kamishiro Enterprises (カミシロ・エンタープライズ) location inside EDEN. Make sure you bring one Virus Digimon, then login to EDEN and enter Kamishiro Enterprises.

Kamishiro Enterprises

Once the scene is over, examine the shiny object in the right corner for [DarkTyrannomon Medal (ダークティラノモンメダル)]. Now talk to all the employees in the lobby, then talk to Yuuko. Use the Stealth Hide hacking skill, then examine the Flunky Kamishiro Manager (太鼓持ちなカミシロ幹部) northwest of Yuuko. Choose Yes (はい) to Connect Jump.

Digital Network IV

Digital Network IV Encounters

From the first node, go all the way right to reach a shiny object with two [CRT Boost]. Go back to the starting node, now go all the way left for another shiny object with three [SP Capsule C]. Backtrack two nodes, then make your way north. Keep going northwest whenever possible until you reach another shiny object, it gives you three [HP Spray B]. Return to the last split, this time go northeast until you reach the exit. Don't leave yet, go all the way southeast for the last shiny object with two [Revival Capsule]. Head north and exit this dungeon.

Avalon Server (アヴァロン・サーバ)

Avalon Server Encounters

Before continuing north, make sure you have at least one Data type Digimon in your party and some Vaccine for the boss battle ahead. Go north to come to a maze-like area. Follow the northwest path for a chest with five [Panic Recovery]. Now go east/northeast for two chests. The one below has two [HP Capsule B], and the one on top has two [DEF Boost]. Go to the center of the area west of here, then move north and leave this area through the teleporter. You will get a scene.

Equip some Panic Barriers on your Vaccine Digimon. Approach the purple object in front for a tutorial, you need to use the hacking skill Code Scan (コードスキャン) on this device. Doing so will trigger a scene, then a battle. Try taking down both BlueMeramon at the same time, because if one dies the other will get an attack buff.

BossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Drops
2 BlueMeramon (ブルーメラモン)VirusFireEXP: 6802 Memory UP
Yen: 1,000 (15,00)

After the boss battle, you will get some scenes and the chapter will end. You also get 1,000 CSP.

Clearing this chapter will unlock Digital Network IV in the Mirror Dungeon.

Chapter 6: Serial Disappearances in Akihabara


You now have access to the Offline Colosseum's Gold Cup, provided you beat the first two cups. During the chapter's opening scenes, you will obtain the keyword "Akihabara Disappearances" (アキバ神隠しの失踪者).

Victory Uchida - Nakano Broadway

Leave the Agency and climb the escalator to the 3rd floor, go northeast a bit to see Victory Uchida in front of a store. Talk to him to get [Vigor Mushroom] and [Creepymon Medal (デーモンメダル)].

Exit Broadway and enter the new place Akihabara (秋葉原).


Go around this map by crossing the three crosswalks until you see a shiny object. Picking it will give you [Golemon Medal (ゴーレモンメダル)]. Talk to the Weird Nerd Boy (キモめなオタク青年) east of you and use the keyword you have. You will obtain the keyword "Florist Staff" (花屋の店員さん). Now go back to where you started this area. Talk to the Prim & Proper Four-Eyes (めがねで清楚なお姉さん) near the Access Point and use the "Florist Staff" keyword. After the scene, go back north and go to the Weird Nerd Boy again, you can choose any of the choices while talking to him. You will obtain the URL to the Comic Mania Forum (コミマニフォーラム). Use the Access Point near the entrance to enter EDEN.

Comic Mania (Comimani) Forum


Talk to the six NPCs with exclamation marks above their heads to trigger a scene. When that's over, logout of EDEN and head to Nakano Broadway.

Nakano Broadway

Go up the escalator to the 3rd floor, then talk to the Country Girl (関西弁の少女). Enter the Detective Agency for a scene, then go to Kowloon Lv. 1.

Kowloon Lv. 1

Before proceeding any further, make sure you drop by the DigiLab and bring one Data type Digimon. Enter the next area for a scene. After that, go north and talk to Arata in the Galacta Park. Once you get Arata as a guest character, head north to enter the dungeon. Go all the way to the last area in Lv. 1, the place where you first fought an Eater. On your left will be a purple device, scan it with Code Scan (コードスキャン) hacking skill to trigger a battle.

MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)
Wisemon (ワイズモン)VirusDarkEXP: 364
Yen: 2,000 (3,000)

After the battle, exit EDEN then head to Akihabara (秋葉原).


Head towards the northwest corner for a scene. You'll end up in the next dungeon.

Akihabara ???

Akihabara ??? Encounters.

Note that your DigiLine won't function inside this dungeon. While you can still receive messages, they just won't be delivered to you until you defeat the boss and leave this place.

Go east from the first intersection and approach the NPC past the Access Point for a scene. Continue east after the scene until you see a chest south of you, open it to receive [Farm Expansion Plugin]. Now go northeast to meet Akemi Suedou (末堂アケミ) again. After the scene with him, he'll open his shop. Head north and follow the path as it leads you west, then south for a scene. A short distance south of you is a sphere, touch it to trigger a battle.

MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
GoldNumemon (ゴールドヌメモン)VirusLightEXP: 1,428CAM USB
Yen: 3,712 (5,568)

After you beat GoldNumemon, the obstacle blocking the path east of the northeast Access Point will disappear. You might want to bring some Vaccine Digimon and someone with the Venom Trap skill. Head down the new path into the next area. Then go north to another area. Approaching the NPC will trigger a scene and a battle. The shiny object in this area is unobtainable at this point, but it's not missable.

BossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Drops
Wisemon (ワイズモン)VirusDarkEXP: 388Memory UP
Yen: 2,000 (3,000)

Another scene will occur, then a second boss fight. Venom Trap (poison) is very useful against the next boss.

Eater (イーター)FreeNeutralEXP: 2,808
Yen: 0

Once you defeat the Eater, a few scenes will play out, then you will obtain 1,000 CSP. You will be back in the Detective Agency.

P.S. The shiny object in the back of the boss room is obtainable later in the game, so don't worry about it for now.

Chapter 6 Side Cases

Click here if you want to skip the side cases.

Detective Agency

Check the white board for two new cases. If you leave the Agency through the front door, Kyoko will contact you and a new case will be available. Go back inside and pick one of the cases. For this guide I'll start with the blue case first.

I'm Not a Flower Person... (花の趣味はないけれど…) - Pin: Blue-03

◆Difficulty: ★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Hot Guy (イケメンな男)
   Place: Shinjuku (新宿)
   I have all of these pictures of flowers
   saved on my phone. I keep deleting them,
   but they keep coming back. Help!
   Reward Money       1,300 Yen
   CSP Obtained            300
   Agunimon Medal           x 1
   Poison Barrier            x 1

Accepting the case will take you to the case client, you will be given [Hot Guy's Cellphone (イケメンの携帯)] and will be asked if you want to Connect Jump. You can choose no here if you have something else to do. Once you're ready, talk to the NPC again and choose to Connect Jump.

Digital Space 12

Digital Space 12 Encounters

Start by going northeast to find a chest, open it for three [Poison Recovery]. Now use the teleporter south of this chest. Follow the path north and drop down to use the teleporter there. Head westward until you see another teleporter, use it to reach the last area. You can use the Access Point south of you, but once you're ready, head northeast and talk to the Digimon Lilymon for a battle.

Blue-03 MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Lillymon (リリモン)DataPlantEXP: 1,300Multi-Recovery
Yen: 1,024 (1,536)Lillymon Medal

After the battle, you will be teleported back to the case client in Shinjuku. He will take back his cell phone and that will end the case.

Detective Agency

Once you turn in the previous case, pick up the yellow case next.

Red Fists and Hot Sweat! (真っ赤な拳、たぎる汗!) - Pin: Yellow-02

◆Difficulty: ★★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Boxing Association Staff (ボクシング協会の人)
   Place: K-Cafe (K-カフェ)
   Site views for the association are
   through the roof! The site went down...
   Is something sabotaging us?
   Reward Money       1,100 Yen
   CSP Obtained            300
   Defender Patch           x 1
   ATK Restraint Chip C        x 1

Accepting the case will take you to the client in K-Cafe, and you will obtain the [Boxing Assoc. Card (ボクシング協会の人の名刺)]. Connect Jump through the glowing spot on the right table.

Digital Space 06

Digital Space 06 Encounters

As soon as you arrive, there will be a scene and then a battle afterwards.

Yellow-02 MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Gaomon (ガオモン)DataNeutralEXP: 844Stun Recovery
Yen: 376 (564)Gaomon Medal

Your objective here is to go around and fight all the Gaomon Digimon around this place. Each battle result will be the same as the battle you fought above.

Almost directly north of the entrance is the first Gaomon, talk to it to initiate the battle. Going back south a bit then west, you will find the second Gaomon. After defeating the second one, go all the way east and use the southeast teleporter to reach the third Gaomon. Defeat it then go back to the previous area. North of you is a chest, open it for three [HP Spray C]. Head west into the next area. East of you is an Access Point, go south from it and follow the path westward until you see the fourth Gaomon. Defeat it then use the teleporter north of here. You will be in front of the fifth and final Gaomon. After the fight, you will be back in K-Cafe and the case will be cleared. Go back to the agency to turn in the case.

Turning in this case (Yellow-02) will unlock Digital Space 06 in the Mirror Dungeon.

Chapter 6 Main Cases

Detective Agency

Back in the agency, turn in the case to get your reward. Now it's time to do the case listed below. Accepting the case will trigger a scene with Kyoko. After that, exit Broadway and enter the new location Nakano Underpass (中野地下道).

Nakano Underground (中野アンダーグラウンド) - Pin: Red-07

◆Difficulty: ★★★
◆Client Info
   Client: Government (役所)
   Place: Nakano Underpass (中野地下道)
   This is a case from the government. The
   door in the Nakano Underpass has been
   unlocked. What waits on the other side?
   Reward Money       800 Yen
   CSP Obtained          500
   Farm Development Kit      x 1

Nakano Underpass

Getting close to the door on the right will trigger a short scene. Examine the glowing spot right of the door for another scene.

Digital Space 03

Digital Space 03 Encounters

Follow the linear path west, but before going into the next area make sure you have one Vaccine type Digimon in your party. After arriving in the second map, you will notice a floating yellow object north of you. Make your way to this object and copy the data it has with the hacking skill Copy and Paste (コピーアンドペースト). Now go to the opposite direction down south, you'll see a similar device but without the yellow data, paste the copied data with Copy and Paste. Doing this should open the door to the Underpass. Now exit this Digital Space.

Once outside, examine the door you just unlocked and choose Yes (はい) to enter. After the scene, head north then go left at the intersection. Entering the next area will trigger another scene, you'll be back in the agency afterwards. Exit Broadway to find another new place unlocked from the Tokyo map, enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Office (東京新都庁).