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by Draken70

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Version: 2.9 | Updated: 03/15/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2015 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Controls
    2. Gameplay
    3. New Game+
    4. Digivice
  2. Locations
  3. Walkthrough
    1. Prologue: EDEN
    2. Chapter 1: Welcome to Kuremi Detective Agency
    3. Chapter 2: Search for the Father: Yuuko Yamashina
    4. Chapter 3: Digital Monster
    5. Chapter 4: The Shinjuku Underground Labyrinth Incident
    6. Chapter 5: The Search Continues: Yuuko Kamishiro
    7. Chapter 6: Serial Disappearances in Akihabara
    8. Chapter 7: Demon Pilgrimage Capriccio
    9. Chapter 8: No Stopping the Gale Girls
    10. Chapter 9: Our Master Plan!
    11. Chapter 10: To the Promised Land
    12. Chapter 11: Paradise Lost
    13. Chapter 12: Wandering
    14. Chapter 13: Tokyo Digification
    15. Chapter 14: What is a Youth?
    16. Chapter 15: Parallel World
    17. Chapter 16: Diver City: Isle of Dragons
    18. Chapter 17: Recollection
    19. Chapter 18: Lost, Lost Memories
    20. Chapter 19: Lion Knight of the Round
    21. Chapter 20: From the New World
  4. Victory Uchida Locations
  5. Case Listings
    1. Urgent (Red) Cases
    2. Normal (Blue/Yellow) Cases
    3. DLC (Purple) Cases
    4. DigiFarm (Green) Cases
  6. Item Listings
    1. Consumable Items
    2. Equipment
    3. Farm Goods
    4. Key Items
  7. Digimon Medals
    1. No. 001~100 Medals
    2. No. 101~200 Medals
    3. No. 201~300 Medals
    4. No. 301~400 Medals
    5. No. 401~500 Medals
    6. Gacha Machines
    7. Medal Rewards
  8. Digimon Encounters
    1. EDEN Dungeons
    2. Digital Shifts
    3. Digital Spaces
    4. Digital Line/Networks
    5. Offline Colosseum
    6. Online Colosseum
  9. Digimon Encyclopedia
    1. Digimon Flowchart
    2. Baby
    3. In-Training
    4. Rookie
    5. Champion
    6. Ultimate
    7. Mega
    8. Ultra
    9. Armor
    10. Digivolution Chart Tables
    11. Skill Listings
    12. All Digimon's Inherited Skills
  10. DigiFarm
    1. Personalities
    2. Training Courses
    3. Item Development
    4. Property Cases
  11. Shop Listings
    1. DigiLab Shop
    2. EDEN Entrance Shop
    3. Nakano Broadway 1F Shop
    4. Shibuya Shop
    5. Akihabara Shop
  12. Trophy List
  13. Miscellany
    1. Cyber Sleuth Ranks
    2. Mirror Dungeon Entries
    3. DigiLine Quiz Questions
    4. Memory UP/DX Locations
    5. Farm Development Kit Locations
    6. Farm Expansion Plugin Locations
    7. Digi-Eggs Locations
  14. Version History
  15. Credits
  16. Copyright & Disclaimer
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Welcome to my FAQ. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is a turn-based Role-Playing game, where you take the role of a Cyber Sleuth tasked to unravel the mysteries between Tokyo and the cyber space. It was developed by Media Vision, known for their work on the Wild Arms series, Shining Ark and Shining Resonance. The game was published by Bandai Namco Games and released in Japan on March 12, 2015. For western versions, the game was released in North America on Feb. 02, 2016, and in Europe on Feb. 05, 2016.

This FAQ is compatible with all versions of the game. The FAQ covers the story mode walkthrough and all cases found in the game, including the DLC ones, as well as all collectibles/items and their locations. My aim in writing this is to help people get through the game easily. I fully enjoyed this game and would like for others to enjoy it too. Please note that while this is a spoiler-free guide, there are name spoilers such as location, Digimon, and boss names.

Latest version changes (version 2.9):


D-padMove character (walk)
Control menus
Switch tabs
Left StickMove character (run)
Control menus
Switch tabs
Right StickMove displayed Digimon models
CircleTalk / Examine / Confirm
SquareOpen Hacking Skills menu (within dungeons)
TriangleOpen Digivice menu
Search the Digimon Field Guide
Left TriggerScroll up lists
Switch displayed Digimon
Right TriggerScroll down lists
Switch displayed Digimon
Expand mini-map (outside dungeons)
SelectSort Digimon in the DigiBank
Hide/display a farm island's interface
Touch Screen-


Abnormal Status Effects

Status effects in this game are volatile effects, meaning they wear off when a battle is over. Even dead Digimon come back with 1 HP after a battle.

  • Poison (猛毒): The Poison effect causes the Digimon to lose HP after every turn. The longer Poison stays on, the more damage it will do. Remains for the duration of the battle or until death.
  • Panic (混乱): The Panic effect causes the Digimon attack itself or anyone around it. Wears off after a few turns.
  • Paralyze (麻痺): The Paralyze effect sometimes renders the Digimon unable to take actions. Wears off after a few turns.
  • Sleep (眠り): The Digimon will be put to sleep for a set period of time. Wears off after a few turns.
  • Stun (スタン): Delays the Digimon's turn. Wears off the next turn.
  • Dot (液晶化): The Digimon will not be able to use skills under the Dot status effect, Cross Combos are locked too.
  • Bug (バグ): The Bug effect flips the Digimon's type strengths and weaknesses. Remains for the duration of the battle.
  • Death (デス): Once this status effect is triggered, the Digimon will instantly die.

New Game+

The New Game+ option can be selected from the title menu. You can only select it, however, if you beat the game at least once and save the clear data. You can tell if your save is a clear save file when you have the word "Clear!" next to your play time.

What you get to keep:

  • All your Digimon as you left them on the previous playthrough.
  • All usable items, equipment, farm goods, Digimon medals, and Digi-Eggs.
  • Your money (Yen) carries over.
  • Party Memory limit.
  • DigiFarm's farm islands will retain their ranks.
  • The number of farm islands will remain the same.
  • DigiBank's scan percentages.
  • Medal Man's medal collection.
  • Cyber Sleuth rank.
  • Ability to digivolve into the Royal Knights.

What doesn't carry over:

  • Keywords.
  • Mirror Dungeon resets.
  • Key items other than the ten Bank Expansion Drives.
  • Stock from all shops will reset.
  • DigiLine messages will be deleted.
  • Total cases cleared will reset from the player menu.
  • White board is wiped clean.


Digivice (デジヴァイス) is the menu that opens with the "△" button.

You can cycle between the choices with up and down on the D-Pad. Pressing the right D-Pad button anytime in the Digivice menu will enable you to pick a Digimon from your party and check their status with "X" button. To go back to the menu, you just need to press left on the D-Pad.

There are eight sections to choose from, each with a unique icon and background color. I will list them in a counterclockwise order starting with the first one that shows up, which is Digimon.



The icon shows a pixelated Agumon on it.

When you open the Digimon menu, you get two choices.

  • Organize (編成): Change your party formation or switch between battle and reserve members.
  • Settings (セッティング): This will allow you to change a Digimon's name or equip skills/equipment.
    • "□" button will remove a piece of equipment or skill.

Your party is separated into two groups: Battle members (バトルメンバー) and reserve members (リザーブメンバー). Both groups receive the same amount of experience points from battles.

You can have 11 Digimon members in your party, as long as you comply with the Party Memory (パーティメモリ) limit. This cap is shown at the bottom of the Digivice menu when you choose Digimon. The maximum Party Memory is 255. You can increase your Party Memory by using Memory UP items, which can be obtained from cases or chests. For a full list of Memory UP item locations, click here.



The icon has a cyan background color with a picture of a folder on it.

The items menu shows the current items you are holding. For a complete list of items, visit the Item List below.



Player icon is red and shows a player silhouette.

The Player menu is your character profile. You can check various things such as your game time, completed number of cases, and sleuth rank.

  1. Player (プレイヤー) tab.
  2. Hacking Skills (ハッキングスキル) tab: A list of hacking skills and their requirements. You can find the list below.
  3. Case (依頼) tab: Shows the current case.
  4. Tutorial (チュートリアル) tab: A list of tutorials to review.
  5. Name of your character: Default male name is Takumi (タクミ), default female name is Ami (アミ).
  6. Money (Yen): Shows the current money you are carrying.
  7. Sleuth rank (スルゥースランク): Your Cyber Sleuth rank. It increases by gaining CSP (Cyber Sleuth Points) from completing cases. Max rank is 20.
  8. 1,000 CSP left until rank up.
  9. Number of held Digimon (保持デジモン数): The total number of Digimon you have, including the ones in your party and in the DigiFarm/DigiBank.
  10. Number of cleared cases (クリア済み依頼数): The total number of cases you have cleared throughout the game.
  11. Play time (プレイ時間): The displayed time in the picture is 1 hour and 2 minutes (1時間2分).
Hacking Skills


Skill NameDescriptionRequirement
Wall Crack Lv.1ウォールクラックLv.1Break down Lv.1 firewalls.One Digimon present in party.
Wall Crack Lv.2ウォールクラックLv.2Break down Lv.2 firewalls.Four Rookie (Child 成長期) or above Digimon present in party.
Wall Crack Lv.3ウォールクラックLv.3Break down Lv.3 firewalls.Four Champion (Adult 成熟期) or above Digimon present in party.
Wall Crack Lv.4ウォールクラックLv.4Break down Lv.4 firewalls.Four Ultimate (Perfect 完全体) or above Digimon present in party.
Code ScanコードスキャンDecrypt encrypted files.A Data type Digimon present in party.
Copy and PasteコピーアンドペーストCopy and paste data to solve puzzles.A Vaccine type Digimon present in party.
Stealth HideステルスハイドBecome invisible to sneak past guards.A Virus type Digimon present in party.
High Security Lv.1ハードセキュリティLv.1Slightly decrease random encounters.One Ultimate (Perfect 完全体) or above Digimon present in party.
High Security Lv.2ハードセキュリティLv.2Greatly decrease random encounters.One Mega (Ultimate 究極体) or above Digimon present in party.
High Security Lv.3ハードセキュリティLv.3Prevent random encounters.Five Mega (Ultimate 究極体) or above Digimon present in party.
Function Call Lv.1ファンクションコールLv.1Increase random encounters.A Free type Digimon present in party.
Function Call Lv.2ファンクションコールLv.2Instantly trigger a random encounter.A Free type and Rookie (Child 成長期) or above Digimon present in party.



The icon displays a single key with a yellow background.

Keywords are words you can use on NPCs during story/side cases to find leads to progress through the game. It consists of two tabs: Keyword (キーワード) tab, which shows you the current keywords you are using to solve/investigate cases, and the No Longer Used (使用済み) keywords tab, which is a list of words you already used in past cases.



The icon displays a single gear with a purple background.

The options menu has the following settings.

  • Background music volume (BGM音量): 0–100%.
  • Sound Effects volume (SE音量): 0–100%.
  • Voice Overs volume (Voice音量): 0–100%.
  • Mini-map (ミニマップ): Choose between showing or hiding the mini-map. Display (表示) / Hide (非表示).
  • Walking with Digimon (連れ歩きデジモン): Choose if you would like to show your Digimon tag along with you or hide them. Display (表示) / Hide (非表示).
  • Battle Direction (バトル演出): Choose between skipping or showing the battle skill animations. Normal (通常) / Shortened (短縮).
  • Digimon Voices (デジモンVoice): Turn your party Digimon voices on or off in battle. ON / OFF.
    • This was patched in with 1.02 update.
  • Reset to default settings (初期設定に戻す).
  • Apply current settings (設定を反映する).

Field Guide


The icon is brown color and showing an open book.

The Digimon Field Guide shows you all the Digimon you have encountered and obtained, along with their stats and skills. There is a total of 249 obtainable Digimon in this game. Check the Digimon Encyclopedia section for a complete list of the Field Guide.

The gold stars displayed on unobtained Digimon indicates that it's a DLC Digimon. There are only 10 DLC Digimon in the game. Please note that after patch version 1.03, DLC stars are no longer present in the Field Guide. Instead, any DLC Digimon you have not installed will be delisted from the Field Guide (i.e. its slot will be removed).



The icon has a chat bubble on it and a green background color.

DigiLine is a messaging system where you receive text from not only friends and family, but also Digimon that reside in DigiFarms. You can even reply to some messages, usually you get to choose between three replies. Replying to texts does not affect the story in at all. However, you can only reply to text that has a blue button next to it.

The chat bubble that pops up on the bottom right corner of the screen indicates that you received new messages. Messages with blue font are new and have not been read yet.

Occasionally you might get quizzed by your DigiFarm Digimon, asking you random questions about Japan's history, this game, and Digimon. Answering 20 DigiLine quiz questions correctly will net you a trophy. For a list of DigiLine quiz questions and the correct answers for them, visit this section.

CAM will increase from replying to your Digimon's messages. Giving a response to normal messages will increase CAM by 1%, and getting correct quiz answers will increase it by 3%.

Mirei Mikagura (御神楽ミレイ), the DigiLab NPC, will also send you messages about the status of your Digimon activities in the DigiFarm. She will notify you when a Digimon reaches max level in a farm, or when a farm training/development/investigation activity is over.



The icon has a picture of a memory card with an "S" letter on it.

This is where you can save your game, you have up to three save slots. I recommend backing up your save file occasionally. Holding the Square + L + R buttons will allow you to delete the highlighted save slot.


This game is based on Tokyo, as such areas around the city depict real life Tokyo. I will list and translate the locations in the game and how to get to them. Most locations have to be unlocked first through story mode/side cases before they show up. In order to unlock the various Digital Spaces in the Mirror Dungeon, you need to clear all the side cases associated with each of them.

Place NameAccess
Nakano Broadway中野From Tokyo map.
Central Hospitalセントラル病院From Tokyo map.
Shinjuku新宿From Tokyo map.
Shibuya渋谷From Tokyo map.
Akihabara秋葉原From Tokyo map.
Asakusa浅草From Tokyo map.
Ueno上野From Tokyo map.
Odaibaお台場From Tokyo map.
Toyosu Condos豊洲集合マンションFrom Tokyo map.
EDEN EntranceEDENエントランスFrom EDEN.
EDEN Community AreaEDENコミュニティエリアFrom EDEN.
EDEN Open SpaceEDENオープンスペースFrom EDEN.
Comic Mania ForumコミマニフォーラムFrom EDEN.
EDEN Free AreaEDENフリーエリアFrom EDEN.
Kamishiro Enterprisesカミシロ・エンタープライズFrom EDEN.
Zaxon ForumザクソンフォーラムFrom EDEN.
Demons' DenデモンズアジトFrom EDEN.


Place NameAccess
Nakano Underpass中野地下道From Tokyo map.
Tokyo Metropolitan Office東京新都庁From Tokyo map.
Kowloon Lv. 1クーロン Lv. 1From EDEN.
Kowloon Lv. 2クーロン Lv. 2From EDEN.
Kowloon Lv. 3クーロン Lv. 3From EDEN.
Kowloon Lv. 4クーロン Lv. 4From EDEN.
Kowloon Lv. 5クーロン Lv. 5From EDEN.
Valhalla Serverヴァルハラ・サーバFrom EDEN.
Avalon Serverアヴァロン・サーバMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Makoto Yamashina's Memory山科誠の記憶Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Shinjuku Digital Shift新宿-デジタルシフトWithin Shinjuku (新宿).
Shibuya Digital Shift渋谷-デジタルシフトWithin Shibuya (渋谷).
Akihabara Digital Shift秋葉原-デジタルシフトMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Asakusa Digital Shift浅草-デジタルシフトWithin Asakusa (浅草).
Ueno Digital Shift上野-デジタルシフトWithin Ueno (上野).
Beginning in EDENはじまりのEDENMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 01デジタルスペース01Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 02デジタルスペース02Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 03デジタルスペース03Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 04デジタルスペース04Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 05デジタルスペース05Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 06デジタルスペース06Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 07デジタルスペース07Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 08デジタルスペース08Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 09デジタルスペース09Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 10デジタルスペース10Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 11デジタルスペース11Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Space 12デジタルスペース12Mirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network IデジタルネットワークIMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network IIデジタルネットワークIIMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network IIIデジタルネットワークIIIMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network IVデジタルネットワークIVMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital LineデジタルラインMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network VデジタルネットワークVMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network VIデジタルネットワークVIMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network VIIデジタルネットワークVIIFrom Ueno Digital Shift.
Digital Network VIIIデジタルネットワークVIIIFrom Ueno Digital Shift.
Digital Network IXデジタルネットワークIXMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.
Digital Network XデジタルネットワークXMirror Dungeon in the Digilab.


For this guide, I will go through the available cases from the top-left of the upper row, moving right, then onto the row below, moving left to right. It's best to clear the main/side cases as soon as they become available. If you skip some cases, the new ones that are supposed to become available in newer chapters might not appear. This is due to most cases having prerequisites, and I still don't know all these yet.

There are four types of cases, they're defined by their different colored magnetic pins.

  • Important Cases (重要な依頼): Main (story related) cases, red pins.
  • Normal Cases (通常の依頼): Side cases, blue/yellow pins.
  • DLC Cases (追加依頼): Cases downloaded from PSN Store, purple pins.
  • Cases obtained through DigiFarm (デジファームから届いた依頼): Digimon/Mirei cases, green pins.

I will address each case by the color of its magnetic pin. For example, the first case you get in chapter 2 has the code Red 01, because the pin is red colored. The second case with a red colored pin will be Red 02 and so on. I have integrated this code system on every case throughout the walkthrough to make it easier to identify/search for them.

As for boss/miniboss battles, whenever the drops tab says "Drops" only, it means the drop rate for that battle is 100%. However, when the tab says "Possible Drops," you may or may not get any drops. Also, for the "Possible Drops" battles, you always get the same loot you would normally get if you encounter the same Digimon in regular dungeons.

Prologue: EDEN


The game starts by asking you to choose your gender (性別) and name (名前), followed by a chatroom scene with your avatar (AI◎BA) and friends.

EDEN Entrance

After the opening scenes, you will gain control of your character and be in EDEN Entrance (EDENエントランス). Behind you is a teleporter that takes you to other areas in EDEN.

Don't leave through it yet, instead, talk to the Intellectual Businessman (インテリサラリーマン) on your left. Then talk to the Creepy Hacker (不気味ハッカー) standing to the left of the first set of stairs. Go to the end of this area by climbing three sets of stairs to find a shiny object on the floor. Pick it up for [Gummymon Medal (グミモンメダル)]. Now talk to the Male Student (男子学生) on your right side to trigger a short scene. Afterwards, use the teleporter to leave the area.


Once you leave EDEN Entrance, you will be in EDEN. This is the selection screen where you can choose which areas to visit in EDEN. You will unlock a new area called EDEN Community Area (EDENコミュニティエリア). You can also choose to log out of EDEN but it's not possible to do so now, so just enter the newly unlocked area.

EDEN Community Area

You will get a short scene once you enter this area, at the end of it, you will get the keyword "Galacta Park, Kowloon" (クーロンガラクタ公園). Keywords are the main investigation method to get new info from NPCs. In order to use a keyword, you have to find NPCs with locked locks above their head. Using the right keyword will unlock those locks. You will be getting many keywords throughout the game, but they lose their usefulness once you finish the chapter.

Go all the way east for a shiny object [Upamon Medal (ウパモンメダル)]. Then go southeast down some stairs for another shiny object [Minomon Medal (ミノモンメダル)]. Now talk to the Apathetic Businessman (やさぐれサラリーマン) with a lock above his head and use the keyword you obtained earlier. Leave this area and enter EDEN Entrance again.

EDEN Entrance

Use the keyword on the Creepy Hacker (不気味ハッカー) you talked to before (the one standing to the left of the first set of stairs). You will obtain the Kowloon URL, which will allow you to visit the Kowloon dungeon. Leave the area.


You have now unlocked Kowloon Lv. 1 (クーロン Lv. 1), the first dungeon in the game. Enter this new dungeon.

Kowloon Lv. 1

You will start with a CG scene, followed by a long scene where you will meet Nokia Shiramine (白峰ノキア) and Arata Sanada (真田アラタ). After the scenes are over, you'll obtain Digimon Capture (デジモン・キャプチャー) and become a full–fledged hacker. This Digimon Capture won't be in your items tab, but it will allow you to scan the Digimon you meet automatically at the beginning of battles. This will be the main way to acquire new Digimon. You can save your game starting from this point, just press the Triangle and choose the Save icon to save your game. Once you're ready to move on, go north into the next area.

After the short scene, go right and keep moving forward until you reach a fork to trigger a short CG scene. Followed by a scene where you can choose your first Digimon. You get the following three choices:

Your ChoiceStarter Digimon
The excessively adorable animal type. (やたら可愛い動物タイプ)Terriermon (テリアモン)
The possibly fragrant plant type. (いいニオイがしそうな植物タイプ)Palmon (パルモン)
The mechanical-looking machine type. (メカメカしい機械タイプ)Hagurumon (ハグルモン)

Once you've made your choice, you will get two more choices. The top one confirms your Digimon, the bottom one will let you pick another Digimon.

Anyway, after you pick your starter Digimon, the scenes will continue. When you regain control of your character, backtrack to the fork and go west into a small area with a treasure chest containing three [HP Capsule C]. Now go back to the fork and go north.

In this area you will see a short scene, then start your first battle along with your starter Digimon. You will be fighting against a Kurisarimon (クリサリモン). Don't worry about losing this battle, as you'll have a guest character helping you with his Machinedramon (ムゲンドラモン).

Guest Character: Yuugo with Machinedramon.

MinibossTypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Kurisarimon (クリサリモン)FreeDarkEXP: 116ATK Restraint Chip C
Yen: 136 (204)Kurisarimon Medal

Note that leveling up from battles will fully recover your Digimon's HP and SP. Winning the battle will trigger some more scenes. Once those are done, go south into the previous area.

Some more scenes will play. Random encounters will begin from this point on (only in dungeons though). I recommend getting the scan data for each Digimon to 200% before moving on. Visit the Kowloon Lv. 1 Encounters list to see what Digimon to expect in this dungeon. Go right and keep moving forward until you can go north into the next area.

You're back in here again, go west and open the south chest for an [Escape Gate]. North of this chest is another chest containing two [HP Capsule C]. Continue going north and into the next area.

You will be facing a boss after some scenes. You won't be able to damage this boss, so just keep doing normal attacks.

Eater (イーター)FreeNeutralInvincible

After a couple of turns, the boss battle will end. During the scenes after the boss, you will get three choices to pick from, pick all three one after the other to progress the story. The prologue will also end.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Kuremi Detective Agency


At the end of the scenes, you will perform a connect jump into the TV. You will be in...

Digital Network I

Digital Network I Encounters.

Digital Networks consist of paths connecting several nodes together. Random encounters in them only occur when you step into a node. Sometimes you might find items in some nodes. Digital Network I is very simple, it has one straight line with a few nodes on it. Just go all the way to the end to exit the area.

Note that after leaving Digital Network I, you will unlock it in the Mirror Dungeon.

EDEN Open Space

You will end up in a new area, which is called EDEN Open Space (EDENオープンスペース). Attempt to leave the area to get a scene, which takes you to the DigiLab.


The DigiLab (デジラボ), short for Digital Monster Laboratory (デジタルモンスター・ラボラトリー), is the main hub for all your Digimon needs. In order to progress, you need to examine all the tools available to you in the DigiLab.

The six tools you can use are as follows (from right to left order):

  • Mirror Dungeon (ミラーダンジョン): Allows you to revisit the dungeons you already cleared and unlocked.
  • Shop (ショップ): Buy items essential for your DigiFarm. DigiLab Shop has the full stock list.
  • DigiBank (デジバンク): Allows you to acquire new Digimon, change your current party, digivolve and de-digivolve Digimon.
  • DigiFarm (デジファーム): Allows you to train, feed, or assign your farm Digimon on tasks. For more info visit the DigiFarm section.
  • Medical Machine (メディカルマシーン): Completely recover your party's HP and SP. You have to spend 200 yen for each healed Digimon.
  • Collosseum (コロシアム): Battle others online or locally through Ad-Hoc.

Once you are done checking out the six tools, attempt to leave the DigiLab to view a scene. You will obtain the ability to use Hacking Skills (ハッキングスキル).

Kowloon Lv. 1

Kowloon Lv. 1 Encounters.

You will end up in Kowloon Lv. 1 after the previous scene. You will be in front of a blue EDEN Access Point. You can use these in several EDEN locations to enter the DigiLab whenever you want to. Once you're done with the DigiLab, head north to the Junk Yard.

You will find a firewall blocking your way. Break it with your hacking skill Wall Crack Lv.1 (ウォールクラック Lv.1). You can open the hacking skills menu with the square button. Walk north a bit to trigger a short scene, DigiLine (デジライン) will be introduced here. For more info visit the DigiLine (デジライン)|DigiLine section. Go north into the next area.

The first thing you'll notice is a floating Jigsaw puzzle piece; this is part of the avatar parts you need to recover your avatar's visual appearance. Examine it to initiate a battle.

Miniboss 1TypeAttributeResults (Hard)
2 Koromon (コロモン)FreeFireEXP: 8
Yen: 40 (60)

After the battle, you will get the first [Avatar Part (アバターパーツ)], you will need three more. Go east and follow the path until the fork, but instead of going to the next area, go west for another Jigsaw piece.

Miniboss 2TypeAttributeResults (Hard)
Biyomon (ピヨモン)VaccineWindEXP: 12
Gotsumon (ゴツモン)DataEarthYen: 120 (180)
Syakomon (シャコモン)VirusWater

Win the battle to get the second [Avatar Part (アバターパーツ)]. Now go north from the fork into the next area. In this area go west until you see the third Jigsaw piece.

Miniboss 3TypeAttributeResults (Hard)
Pabumon (バブモン)FreeNeutralEXP: 4
Yen: 10 (15)

This will give you the third [Avatar Part (アバターパーツ)], almost there. Now go north into the area where you fought the Eater boss in the prologue. Open the chest on your right side for an [SP Capsule C]. Climb the stairs to your north and on your left there's another chest, open it for [Export]. Now keep going north and examine the last Jigsaw piece.

Miniboss 4TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Possible Drops
Poyomon (ポヨモン)FreeNeutralEXP: 8HP Capsule CPoyomon Medal
Tsunomon (ツノモン)EarthYen: 30 (45)ATK BoostTsunomon Medal

The fourth battle will net you the last [Avatar Part (アバターパーツ)]. Afterwards you will get a scene. Once it is over, you need to leave the area by backtracking all the way to the entrance of Kowloon Lv. 1. Or you can use the Export item you got from the last chest to instantly teleport to the entrance. When you exit Kowloon Lv. 1, log out of EDEN to go back to Kuremi Detective Agency.

Central Hospital

After the long scenes, you'll be in the Central Hospital (セントラル病院). Head north to see a new type of Access Point left of the elevators. This yellow Access Point functions the same way the blue one you saw in Kowloon Lv. 1, except it'll ask you if you want to visit EDEN or the DigiLab.

Use one of the elevators and choose the top option to go to the Special Ward (特別病棟). Go east and talk to one of the guards. Once that's done go back to the elevators and this time choose the middle option to arrive at the General Ward (一般病棟). Go east to trigger a tutorial explaining connectors, the small portal where you can Connect Jump from it. Don't do that yet, instead, go north to the back of the General Ward and enter the left door. Inside the room you'll find a shiny object that gives you [Kunemon Medal (クネモンメダル)]. Now go back to the connector and connect jump.

Digital Network II

Digital Network II Encounters.

Pretty straightforward here; there's only one path to follow. Exit at the end to enter the guarded area of the Central Hospital's Special Ward (特別病棟).

Central Hospital

A short conversation will take place once you arrive, go north after that for a scene. Enter the north room and examine the monitor on your left. This will trigger another scene, and you'll have to choose all three choices once you get them to advance. Afterwards, you'll be back in Digital Network II.

Digital Network II

Go all the way south to leave the network and get back to the Hospital's General Ward.

Note that after leaving Digital Network II, you will unlock it in the Mirror Dungeon.

Central Hospital

Head west to the elevators and go down to the Lobby (ロビー) for a scene. You will get 1,000 CSP (Cyber Sleuth Points) after that and the chapter will end.

Chapter 2: Search for the Father: Yuuko Yamashina


You start the chapter with the game explaining the white board (ホワイトボード). You can now accept cases from this board.

Chapter 2 Main Cases Part 1

Kuremi Detective Agency

Accept the only case available (Red 01) and leave the detective agency.

Top Quality Beans (豆は高品質) - Pin: Red-01

◆Difficulty: ★
◆Client Info
   Client: Kyoko Kuremi (暮海杏子)
   Place: Kuremi Detective Agency (暮海探偵事務所)
   Purchase coffee beans at K-Cafe.
   You can find the place yourself.
   Make sure you say hello to everyone.
   Reward Money       300 Yen
   CSP Obtained          500
   HP Capsule C          x 5

Nakano Broadway

After the scene with Mirei, you can access the DigiLab from the phone in front of the agency, but you need to clear the current case. If you have the DLC Digimon installed, the female NPC standing right next to the Detective Agency entrance will give them to you, along with some items. Go left into another area, use the elevator in the top left corner to reach the 4th floor.

At the 4th floor, head east to find the Nakano Arcades corner. Enter the small area behind the displayed arcades and talk to the Boy (男の子) there. You won't be able to see him so just keep hitting "X" until you start the conversation. He will give you [ToyAgumon Medal (トイアグモンメダル)]. The Offline Colosseum will become accessible by talking to the maid next to the arcades. You can undertake the Bronze Cup, then the Silver Cup after that.

Go back to the 4th floor elevator but don't use it, head south and enter the door with the "K-Café" sign above it instead. Talk to the K-Cafe Owner (K-カフェのマスター) behind the bar to obtain the coffee beans for Kyoko. If you want, you can talk to the Medal Man NPC (メダルおじさん) that is standing south of K-Cafe, you can sell your medals to him. You also have access to three Gacha Machines in Nakano Broadway if you want to get more medals.

Now go back to the elevator and go down to the 2nd floor. Go south and talk to Nokia, who is standing in front of the CD shop Rainbow Turntable. From the elevator make your way east and past the Card Shop, at the end you will find a shiny object next to the restrooms. Pick it up for [Agumon Expert Medal (アグモン博士メダル)]. Go down to the first floor then to the Detective Agency to turn in the case and get your reward. Now you can enter the DigiLab or use the agency's TV to visit EDEN. Leave the agency and go south into the next screen, then go south again until you reach the exit. Once you leave Nakano Broadway, choose the new place, Shinjuku (新宿), from the Tokyo Map.


You will see Arata right north of you here. After talking to him, go northwest and cross the road intersection to see a shiny object to the northwest. Pick it up for [Arcadiamon Medal (アルカディモンメダル)]. From here go straight east and talk to one of the two NPCs with an exclamation mark above their heads. These are your classmates Ryota (リョウタ) and Sakura (サクラ); they will start messaging you from here on out. Once that's over, head back to the Detective Agency.

Kuremi Detective Agency

After the scene, you will obtain the keyword "Account Raiding" (アカウント狩り). Now Connect Jump from the agency's TV to enter EDEN, then go to EDEN Entrance (EDENエントランス).

EDEN Entrance

From this moment, you have access to the EDEN Entrance Shop. Talk to Flashy Dude (チャラい男) standing before the second set of stairs and use the Account Raiding keyword. You will obtain the "Zaxon" (ザクソン) keyword. Leave this area and go to Kowloon Lv. 1 (クーロン Lv. 1).

Kowloon Lv. 1

Head north into the next area, then talk to the Sad Ex-Zaxon Hacker (陰気な元ザクソンハッカー) on the left side and use the Zaxon keyword. You will obtain Zaxon Forum's URL (ザクソンフォーラムのURL), which allows you to visit the Zaxon Forum. Go back south and exit Kowloon Lv. 1, then enter the new area.

Zaxon Forum

Talk to the Reliable Zaxon Hacker (堅実なザクソンハッカー) wearing the green hoody and use the Account Raiding keyword. You will obtain Zaxon Mask (ザクソン仮面). Walk left a bit to see a shiny object, picking it up will give you [Mojyamon Medal (モジャモンメダル)]. Exit Zaxon Forum and head to Kowloon Lv. 1 again.

Kowloon Lv. 1

Head north into the next three areas until you reach firewall blockade. Use the hacking skill Wall Crack Lv.1 (ウォールクラック Lv.1) to break the wall. Pick the shiny object for [YukimiBotamon Medal (ユキミボタモンメダル)], then use the green lift to ascend to the next level.

Kowloon Lv. 2 (クーロン Lv. 2)

Kowloon Lv. 2 Encounters.

Head north into the next area, keep going north ignoring the stairs. Follow the path until the next set of stairs, take them for a chest containing two [HP Capsule C]. Continue going south and follow the path until you get questioned by some Zaxon hackers. Show them the Zaxon Mask you obtained earlier (top option). Go north and up the stairs on your left for 2 chests. The south chest has [Revival Capsule], while the north chest contains [Topaz]. Take the stairs down and head north into the next area.

Go northwest up some stairs, then go east into another area. Go southeast to find a chest that has [ATK Attach E]. Go back to the previous area and head northwest from the stairs. Go south and follow the path as it turns north until you see a shiny object in the corner to your right, it's a [Dodomon Medal (ドドモンメダル)]. Keep going north for chest with two [SP Capsule C]. Go east and up the stairs, at the end you will find a chest. Open it for an [Export]. Go down the stairs you just climbed and go north then east. You will be stopped by another group of Zaxon hackers, show them the Zaxon Mask (top option again) to proceed. Keep following the path into the next area.

Follow this linear path until you see a chest, open it for three [HP Capsule C]. To the right of this chest is a shiny object that gives you [Yuramon Medal (ユラモンメダル)]. Go north to get questioned a third time by Zaxon hackers, show them the Zaxon Mask to get past them. Up north above the stairs is another chest, open it for two [SP Capsule C]. Head back down the stairs then go west, then north. After the Support Skill tutorial, go north to see an Access Point. You can visit the DigiLab to prepare if you wish, I recommend having a few Vaccine Digimon in your party. The three costume Agumons are really effective in the next fight. Once you're ready, save your game and go north into the last area.

Getting close to the NPCs up north will trigger a scene, after which a boss battle occur.

BossHP (Normal / Hard)TypeAttributeResults (Hard)Drops
Growlmon (グラウモン)1,350 / 2,025VirusFireExp: 300Memory UP
Yen: 3,400 (5,100)

You just got your first Memory UP item, this item will increase your Party Memory capacity. Use them whenever you get them. After the scene, you will earn 1,000 CSP and get teleported back to the Detective Agency. You get to view some more scenes as well.

Toyosu Condos (豊洲集合マンション) will now be unlocked at the Tokyo Map. Also, the Nakano Broadway 1F Shop will begin operations now. It's located near the escalator.

Chapter 2 Side Case

If you want to skip this optional side case, you can do so by clicking here.

Kuremi Detective Agency

Check the white board to see two new cases. Let's start with the side case (Yellow 01) first. Accepting this case will teleport you to the case client. After the scene, choose Yes to Connect Jump.

A Game, a Bug, and an Imperiled Job (ゲームとエラーと僕のクビ) - Pin: Yellow-01

◆Difficulty: ★
◆Client Info
   Client: Game Company Employee (ゲーム会社の社員)
   Place: Shinjuku (新宿)
   My phone game was released, but there's
   a really huge bug in it! Aaaahhh! Please
   help me!
   Reward Money      1,000 Yen
   CSP Obtained          300
   Bank Expansion Drive      x 1