Japanese Audio problems with a physical cartridge. Help?

  1. I have Another Episode as a cartridge (PAL) and downloaded the Japanese audio file from PSN, no problem. BUT as I shut down PS Vita, restarted and was about to load the Japanese-audio save the language had reverted to English and the audio file seems to have disappeared in-game (doesn't let me change audio in New Game). The audio file shows in Content Manager tho. Help?

    User Info: MeGonuts

    MeGonuts - 4 years ago


  1. If you have the free Japanese Voice-Over DLC installed, starting a new game will give you a "Language" option when selecting difficulty. ( push triangle before selecting your difficulty ) That will change all of the voices/audio in the game to the original Japanese audio tracks. Cutscenes will have English subtitles displayed at the bottom, much like it was a subbed anime.

    I hope it helps.

    User Info: Xemia

    Xemia - 4 years ago 0   1

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