• Game Clear Unlockables

    These are various character models, clothing and accessory rewards that can be earned upon finishing the game. Some require finishing certain character routes and others require beating the game on a certain difficulty. Note that if you have any of the DLC, you can change Character models earlier than if you have earned it by clearing the game. For the male characters: Kaito, Yuto, Pops, Zenya, Sakaguchi and Soga, you must clear all four routes before you can change their models.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Otaku" diffculty levelClear the game once (any difficulty)
    "The Standard" Character Motion AccessoryClear the game once (any difficulty)
    Akihabara NPC character ModelsClear the game at least once with each Girl's route
    Anti-Gravity Primer (motion accessory)Clear all 5 character routes (any difficulty)
    Brainwashed Kati ModelClear the Shion Route
    Change Character Models (NPCs, heroines etc.)Clear the respective routes for those characters
    Change Partner's UnderwearClear the game once (any difficulty) - Must be able to change that character's clothing
    Character Affection Hint OptionClear the game once (Casual or harder)
    Character Model Size (in-game) ChangeClear the game once (Casual or harder)
    Character Skin Tone ChangeClear the game once (Casual or higher)
    Character Voice ChangeClear the game once (Gamer or higher)
    Invisible Clothing ModeClear all 5 character routes (Casual or harder)
    Kaito's Model & ShoesClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Kati's Model, ShoesClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Nana's Model, Shoes & Parka (hood down)Clear the Sister/Nana Route Submissions (any difficulty)
    Ornery Touko ModelClear the Rin Route (any difficulty)
    Pops' Model & ShoesClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Rin's Model, Shoes & MementoClear the Rin Route (any difficulty)
    Sakaguchi's Model, Glasses & ShoesClear the Shion Route (any difficulty)
    Shion Kasugai's Model, Shoes & AmuletClear the Shion Route (any difficulty)
    Shion's Mask, Shion's Lab Coat & Disconcerting RosayClear the Shion Route (any difficulty)
    Shizuku Tokikaze's Model, Shoes & RuneClear the Shizuku Route (any difficulty)
    Souga's character Model & ShoesClear the game once (any difficulty)
    Touko Sagisaka's Model, Shoes & SafeguardClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Try Again Tomorrow (motion accessory)Clear the game with at least 50% of all Sub-Missions cleared
    Walk With Your Head Down (motion accessory)Clear the game with 100% of Sub-Missions cleared
    Yuuto's Model, Glasses & ShoesClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Zenya's character Model & ShoesClear the Rin or Shizuku Routes once (Casual or higher)

    Contributed By: CO Mel.

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Secret Items

  • Yomee’s Cape Accessory and Akiba Squad Striprism Wallpaper

    In MOGRA, there is a red arcade cabinet near Kati and the twins. If you go up to it, you are able to play an Akiba Squad Striprism game! Finishing the games three levels will result in gaining of an accessory and wallpaper.

    Contributed By: lockhart86.

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