• How to Obtain End game Content Early

    At the title screen highlight continue and then press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X then select your save file and you will notice you can now select the Time leap scenario and the Fuka And Desco show along with other Bonuses.

    Contributed By: Valinxx.

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  • Pirate Ship Parts from Pirates in the Item World

    Defeat the following pirate groups that appear in the Item World to get these parts. About the Commando Pirates: On the first set of floors, take either gate on Floor 5 and then the other gate on Floor 10 (Item gate on floor 5, Innocent gate on floor 10). Then, go down either route as normal.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Black DrillConstruction Pirates on floors 31+
    Eryngi (Body)Artist Pirates on floors 71+ (Item Growth Path only)
    Galleon III (Body)Sorry Pirates on floors 41+ [First 5 floors only (x1-x5)]
    Giant Turtle (Body)Fisherman Pirates on floors 1+
    Hunk House (Top)Warrior Pirates on floors 61+
    Metal Aft Propellor (Head)Red Pirates on floors 81+ (Item Growth Path only)
    Mini-Yoshitsuna (Body)Robo Pirates or Masked Pirates while Reverse Pirating (Turn 2 only)
    No.6 Locomotive (Body)Item Express Pirates on floors 41+ (Innocent Boost Path only) (Do not appear on Turn 2)
    Old Wagon (Body)Food Stand Pirates on floors 11+
    P Flonzor X (Body)Meowkins Pirates on floors 26+
    Prinny (Body)Prinny Pirates on floors 71+ (Innocent Boost Path only) (Do not appear on Turn 2)
    Sharkpedo (Right)Duck Pirates on floors 21+ (Do not appear on Turn 2)
    Skull: Gentle Ram (Head)Queen Pirates on floors 81+
    Starship Body GMech Pirates on floors 61+ (Do not appear on Turn 2)
    Starship Stern G (Rear)Rotten Golem Pirates on floors 51+
    Torn-Up MastGhost Pirates on floors 31+
    Training Wing (Left)Commando Pirates on floors 51+ (Item Growth or Innocent Boost Paths only)
    Treasure Ship (Body)Peachboy Pirates on floors 51+ (Treasure Path only) (Do not appear on Turn 2)

    Contributed By: aces4839.

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  • Unlock bonus characters from Disgaea 3

    When you have Disgaea 3 Absence Of Detention installed, you can unlock a special bill within this game in the Senate which unlocks the Vita-exclusive characters of Disgaea 3.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    RutileHave a Disgaea 3 save game on the same Vita, and pass the unlocked bill.
    StellaHave a Disgaea 3 save game on the same Vita, and pass the unlocked bill.

    Contributed By: ShengLong2005.

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  • Unlock Classes

    It's not enough to just meet the requirements for each humanoid class. You must pass the bill associated for each one as well.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AndroidMust beat the main story and be on a 2nd cycle or higher
    ArcherHealer and Valkyrie level 15
    Armor KnightWarrior level 20
    Battle SuitWarrior and Armor Knight level 30 and clear Episode 8
    Beast MasterWarrior and Valkyrie level 20
    BouncerClear Episode 7 or Armor Knight level 100
    GunnerThief and Skull level 15
    Lady SamuraiValkyrie and Archer level 30
    Magic KnightWarrior or Valkyrie and Mage or Skull level 30
    Masked HeroThief and Warrior level 25
    NinjaThief and Skull level 30
    Onmyo MonkSorcerer and Ninja level 30
    ProfessorHealer and Onmyo Monk level 20
    SorcererSkull and Witch level 15

    Contributed By: aces4839.

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