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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.20 | Updated: 12/23/2019
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2017


This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius) AKA (Zoel Giradel). This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all, no exceptions. This guide shall only be allow for public display on www.gamefaqs.com, kiseki.wikia.com, and www.neoseeker.com; other use is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws. If you have any questions, tips or concerns, you can contact me at Chaomin@gmail.com, be sure to put "Ao no Kiseki" in the subject title.

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FAQ Version

2016 - December 10.01Initial Faq Version.
2016 - December 5 - January 110.02 - 0.16Completed walkthrough.
2017 - January 12 - January 170.17 - 0.18Minor additions to guide.
2017 - December 250.19Adjusted guide to Gamefaqs's new layout.
2019 - December 240.20Minor changes to include NISA names.


Disclaimer #1: This guide might contain spoilers for Zero no Kiseki. Ao no Kiseki is designed for players with prior knowledge of Zero no Kiseki.
Disclaimer #2: This guide is written from the Japanese version, with names borrowed from Xseed's official translation.
Disclaimer #3: This guide is text heavy, read bold letters for a quick way of navigating through this guide.
Disclaimer #4: This guide was originally written for desktop use. If viewed on a mobile device, the guide may not view as intended.
Disclaimer #5: The latest version of Google Chrome has a bug that prevents links from working. Use Firefox or other browsers to bypass this.
Disclaimer #6: This guide is not a translation. You will need to understand some basic Japanese to navigate the game and to use this guide.
Note: This guide has no story details, if you need a plot summary, please check out Raindrops or Gu4n's summary on the link below.

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Lloyd Bannings

Weapon TypeTonfa
Voice ActorTetsuya Kakihara
BioThe protagonist of the Crossbell Duology. Lloyd always looked up to his older brother, Guy. After his death, Lloyd chose to join the police force to fill the same role his brother once had. Lloyd was assigned to the SSS (Special Support Section) of the Crossbell Police Department. In battle, Lloyd is an all-rounder and uses Tonfas in combat.

Elie MacDowell

Weapon TypePistol
Voice ActorAya Endo
BioThe main heroine of the Crossbell arc. Elie excels in many fields including politics and law. She recently joined the Crossbell Police Department and had been assigned to the SSS team. In battle, Elie uses a pistol and works great as a supporter.

Tio Plato

Weapon TypeOrbal Staff
Voice ActorKaori Mizuhashi
BioThe youngest member to join the SSS. Tio is part of the Epstein foundation and was chosen as one of the main testers of the Orbal Staff. Tio is the mage of the group, she excels in arts but is fragile compared to the rest of the group.

Randy Orlando

Weapon TypeOrbal Halberd
Voice ActorShinichiro Miki
BioThe oldest member of SSS, Randy acts a carefree member of the group. He is seen as a mentor and an older brother to the team and especially Lloyd. In battle, Randy uses a custom Orbal Halberd and is the strongest physical unit of the group.

Noel Seeker

Weapon TypeDouble Machine Gun
Voice ActorMasumi Asano
BioA sergeant for the CSGF (Crossbell State Guardian Force), Noel recently transferred to the SSS. Noel carries a bright personality and would do anything to maintain the ideals of justice. In combat, Noel uses two submachine guns.

Wazy Hemisphere

Weapon TypeFist
Voice ActorJunko Minagawa
BioOwner of the Trinity Bar, Wazy and his club often got into quarrels with the neighboring gang. In Ao no Kiseki, he was transferred to SSS as one of the new recruits. In combat, Wazy specializes in hand to hand combat.

Battle System


HPThis is the health of a character, if it falls down to 0, the character will be K.O.ed.
EPUse for casting arts (magic).
CPCP-Craft Points. Used for special skills, CP is automatically raised when attacking enemies or from taking damage.
Red DiamondThis signifies that a S-Craft is available to use . This means the character has over 100 CP allowing you to use their S-Craft (a super attack).
It is also called S-Break, which is when you press the Triangle button. This lets you use your S-Craft without it being your turn.
AT BarThis gauge determines the turn order, The game provides many ways of manipulating turn order, every action has a different delay parameter.
AT BonusVarious bonuses that can be allotted to character's turn.
AttackAttack with your equipped weapon.
CraftsUnique abilities for each character learned when a certain level is reached. CP (Craft Points) is required.
ArtsLets you cast magic by exploiting the power of the orbments. The type of magic is based on the quartz you equipped. EP (Energy Points) is required.
ItemUse an item in your inventory.
MoveMove character position.
RetreatRetreat from battle. Success rate of running from battle increases by 10% per every failure.

Field Attack and Battle Advantage
On the Field Map, you can use the Field Attack function by pressing the O button. If you encounter an enemy and manage to strike it from behind, it will cause them to be stunned. During this moment you can start an enemy encounter with an additional advantage. This will give you a preemptive attack and turn bonus effects (Critical and Team Rush) . The enemy can do this to you if they manage to sneak up behind you.

Field Attack Frame Data
CharacterAction TimeStunKnockback
Lloyd1.5 Seconds3.0 SecondsNone
Elie1.5 Seconds3.0 SecondsNone
Tio0.75 Seconds1.5 SecondsNone
Randy2.0 Seconds4.0 SecondsYes
Noel1.0 Seconds2.0 SecondsNone
Wazy1.5 Seconds3.0 SecondsNone
Rixia1.0 Seconds2.0 SecondsYes
Dudley2.0 Seconds4.0 SecondsYes
Arios2.5 Seconds5.0 Secondsnone

Orbment System

Party members will receive an Enigma II Unit, this is used for equipping two types of quartz (gemstones composed of Sepith). A master quartz and a basic quartz. Each Master Quartz has it's own unique property, from status attribute, bonus effects, and orbment output. When a Master Quartz is fully leveled, it will unlock the Master Arts (A powerful spell) unique to it's element. Master Quartz is the quickest way of setting a character of a particular type, if you wanted a character to be agile, you equip the Crow MQ, if you wanted a powerful fighter, you use the Force MQ and etc..

Regular types of Quartz will raise your status attributes and will generate an orbment output. Playable characters will have access to spells based on their orbment output, every character will have a different set of Orbment Lines, which makes some users better at using Arts than others. In order to use stronger quartz, you must upgrade the equipable slot with Sepith Gems before you are allowed to equip them. Your source of money (Mira) comes from exchanging Sepith at shops. Keep a balance between upgrading your slots and selling them for money.

Abnormal Status (Negative)

Unlike most RPGs, in the Legend of Heroes games, abnormal status can actually work on bosses which is one the main key to winning battles. You can take advantage of these status defects to gain a huge advantage in battle. Of course the same can happen to you as well.

List of Abnormal StatusCure
PoisonDeals minor damage at the of afflicted's turn.Antidote, Curia Balm, Recuria
BurnDeals major damage at the end of the afflicted's turn.Cooling Spray, Curia Balm, Recuria
FreezeRenders the afflicted unable to act. Deals medium damage at the end of their turn.Warmer, Curia Balm, Recuria
SealRenders the afflicted unable to attack, use crafts or S-Crafts.Relaxant, Curia Balm, Recuria
MuteRenders the afflicted unable to use arts.Insulating Tape, Curia Balm, Recuria
BlindReduce ACC and EVA by 50%.Eye Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
SleepRenders the afflicted unable to act. All damage dealt to them is critical.Mint Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
FaintRenders the afflicted unable to act. All damage dealt to them is critical.Stimulant, Curia Balm, Recuria
ConfuseThe afflicted attacks both enemies and allies indiscriminately.Sedative, Curia Balm, Recuria
PetrifyRenders the afflicted unable to act, with a 30% chance to be K.O.ed when attacked.Softening Ointment, Curia Balm, Recuria
K.O.If HP is 0, the character can no longer aid in battle. Reviving Balm, Thelas, Athelas

Abnormal Status (Positive)

These are status buffs that are used for enhancing a target's status temporarily.

List of Status Buffs
HP RegenRestores some of the imbued's HP each turn.
CP RegenRestores some of the imbued's CP each turn.
StealthEnemies won't target the imbued, and attacks will deal critical damage.
Physical ImmunityNullifies the next physical attack received.
Art ReflectReflects the next magic attack received.
Complete DefenseReflects the next attack received.


You can adjust your battle position under the tactics menu. Formation is not important on lower difficulty levels, but can be used to exploit the enemy behavior. On Nightmare mode, adjusting your character position is a must. Here are some suggested formations you can use.

This is most commonly used formation, works against most bosses, especially for mid game when you have all evasion gear put to the tanking unit. This allows the tank to dodge all physical attacks, while the rest of the party can provide support and damage from the back. If enemies reach to the back, you can use abilities that have Suction properties, to pull enemies away from them.
This formation keeps all your party members spread out to each corner of the map. This formation is useful against bosses with powerful arts, or with attacks that makes a tanking unit obsolete. With this formation, the computer will have to focus on dealing with one unit at a time.
This formation keeps all your party members close together, allowing you to use support abilities that are beneficial for the whole team. This formation is similar to the tanking formation, however, this doesn't require a tanking unit, and relies entirely on arts to keep the party invincible. This formation is high maintenance, but great against certain bosses. Especially bosses that you can reflect arts on.


A new function added to Ao no Kiseki. Burst will restore all status ailments, 20% of your character's HP, and have rapid CP gain. It will also strengthen crafts and lets you cast arts instantly. The Burst function will expire when the Burst Gauge is completely depleted. To use Burst, you need to fill the Burst gauge located at the upper right of your screen, you can activate Burst by holding Right on the Attack Icon and press the confirm button. Burst Gauge is filled by attacking in battle, it can also be reduced when getting attacked by enemies.

When the Burst gauge flashes red, it will expire on the next turn. Burst is also only functional at certain story locations.

Crossbell State

Crossbell State will be your hub of operations. Due to the sheer size of Crossbell State, this section is dedicated to describing each district of Crossbell.

Central Square

Map OverviewLocations
1SSS BuildingSSS Building is your home, use this location to rest or check up on quests.
2Weapon Shop "Girande"Sells weapons.
3Orbal Store "Genten"Sell all orbment related products.
4Restaurant "Vancent"Restaurant, can purchase the Milk Porridge or the Fried Fish item from here.
5Department Store "Times"Sell many variety of goods, from consumable items to equipment.

West Street

Map OverviewLocations

1Orbal CarUsed for quick travel to far locations.
2SSS BuildingBackdoor to the SSS Building.
3Bakery "Morge"Bakery Shop, can purchase bread recipes.
The Chef, Oscar frequently ask for request from this location.
4General Store" Tally"Purchase consumables items.
You can also purchase some missable books at a certain time.
5Grimwood Law OfficeYou can speak to the lawyer, Ian at this location.
6Villa RaisansUpper class apartment area. Ilya resides here.
7BellheimApartment area, you can find Henry, Ryuu, and Cecile's family here.

East Street

Map OverviewLocations
Apartment AcaciaYou can find Noel's Mom here.
Bracer GuildCome here to find members of the Bracer Guild.
Fishing GuildContains information about the Lake Lord.
Old Dragon DinerResting area, and can find San San here.
Jizo StatueCan offer Supreme dishes. Will be rewarded later.
MarteCan exchange fish you have caught for Sepith.

Government District

Map OverviewLocations
LibraryCan read various books, mostly Zemurian history.
City HallContains various information about the town.
CSPDCan find members of Crossbell Police here.

Waterfront Area

Map OverviewLocations
CNS (Crossbell News Service)You can find Grace and other reporters of Crossbell here.
Heiyue Trading CompanyA criminal syndicate, Cao Lee resides here.
FerryCan take a ferry to Mishelam. (Amusement Park)

Entertainment District

Map OverviewLocations
Arc en CielCrossbell's theatre. Occasionally will find Rixia, Ilya, and Sully here.
CasinoAccommodates gambling, can exchange medals for items.
Hotel MillenniumHotel, can rest here. Location to find tourist or non locals.

Residential Street

Map OverviewLocations
MacDowell ResidenceElie used to reside here. You can also visit the previous mayor.
Hayworth ResidenceYou can find the Hayworth family living here.
Geofront BPart of Crossbell City's infrastructure, contains monster etc.

Station Street

Map OverviewLocation
Crossbell StationLocation of the Crossbell Station. Mainly a story location.
Geofront AA dungeon in Zero no Kiseki. No longer accessible.
Crossbell AirportLocated at the entrance of Ursula Byroad. Only accessible during key events.

Back Alley

Map OverviewLocation
Antique ShopCan purchased some of best accessories from here.
Jazz BarSells certain food items. Mostly a location for story purpose.
Crimson MarketLocation of where the Revache headquarters used to be.


Map OverviewLocation
Lotus HeightsLower class apartments. Rixia also resides here.
Maison ImeldaSells certain food items. Mostly a location for story purpose.
Live House IgnisAffiliation of the Saber Viper (Wald) reside here.
Trinity Pool BarWazy's former home. Contains members of the Trinity Gang.
Maison ImeldaStory location.
Exchange Shop "Neinvall"Can exchange items for other obscure items.
Guillaume FactoryBlacksmith location, Guillaume can upgrade your gear with U-Materials.

IBC (International Bank of Crossbell)

Map OverviewLocation
IBC (International Bank of Crossbell)
You can exchange sepith here at a better rate. (A bonus for selling all seven types)
You can also come here to visit members from the Crois family (Mariabell, Dieter).