Review by Wewillrocku

Reviewed: 01/25/19

A great game for children. But will adults like it?

This is a very fun game for children. You are a rabbit who needs to rescue their siblings by reaching an end point in each stage. It's a platformer.

Graphics pop and colors are a clean pastel. It looks polished and tested, to a degree.

It is frankly an easy game. You can usually destroy an enemy by attacking them from behind (walking into them), but sometimes you have to attack from above. Since you don't have a weapon, the game is considerably different than it might have been. Later on, there are enemies that shoot sludge at you and they can sometimes be difficult to avoid. Often, you have to get past sludge on the walls or on the floor and it's a fun time because your character can cling to the walls. Your character is responsive and agile.

Your goal is to get three small carrots and one big carrot on each stage. Two or three of the stages hid them really well in my opinion. By collecting these carrots, you can also buy limited use power ups. For my review, I completed the game with four carrots on every stage except for the last stage. I also unlocked the cavern stages. Counting them all, there are three areas with a number of substages. The cavern makes four areas.

You can choose to use regular controls or touch screen controls. If you use the touch screen, then you have to press the screen every time you want to jump. I personally love the touch screen when it's done right, and it's done right here. Your jump can also be higher or lower depending on how long you press the button or the screen.

Is Kung Fu Rabbit worth owning? Yes. But the cavern stages, which are really just extra stages after the game is over, are absurdly difficult. If you thought the game was easy, then you'll think the cavern is much too tough. I would call this a relaxing game. A walk in the park is an expression that presents itself to my mind.

What games are like Kung Fu Rabbit? Super Meat Boy has the same jump and cling to walls mechanic, but it's a tougher game. Fez is all about jumping and changing the orientation of the objects on screen. A game about to be released in a month or two, Antipole DX, allows your character to shift gravity, which is a little similar to wall climbing.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Kung Fu Rabbit (US, 07/16/13)

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