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by Sykie

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FAQ by Sykie

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/05/2014
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Sykie's Freedom Wars End-Game Guide (Introduction)

As you may have already noticed, information on where to go, what to do, and how to do it once you've reached the end-game portion of Freedom Wars is generally pretty scattered and vague. You've probably found some answers to your questions via Google Search, finding your answer in a comment on a post or by asking someone in an online session. With this guide, my goal is to condense all the information I've come across, and the tips I've found and discovered, in one nice neat guide. So, without further ado, let's begin!

Section 1: Weapon Basics

Once you've finished the campaign, you still have a lot of work to do if you want to max out that gear. The first thing you should focus on is getting Rarity 8 Late Bloomer R1 weapons. If that made no sense to you, rest easy; the rundown is below (credit to wocoxv on GameFAQs for a lot of information in this section!):


A weapon's 'Rarity' only determines how many module slots a weapon has; it has no effect on any other stats. See below for more information on modules.


Modules are passive stat bonuses attached to a weapon. Typically, about half of a weapon's module slots will always be either randomly generated or modified by adding a material to the process; the other half can be changed around by inheriting modules from other weapons. For example, a Rarity 6 weapon will have 4 'main' module slots and 4 'additional' module slots. This is where Rarity 8 items really shine; they have 7 main slots and 5 additional slots.

  • "Maintained" means the module came from the base weapon, and was retained. (Shares slots with "Inherited")
  • "Inherited" means the module came from the component weapon. (Shares slots with "Maintained")
  • "Added" means the module came from the material added during the modification process. (Shares slots with "New")
  • "New" means the module was randomly generated. (Shares slots with "Added")
RarityModule SlotsMaintained/InheritedNew/Added

While some may opt for Rarity 6 weapons for the sake of time conservation, if you really want to maximize your weapon, Rarity 8 is the way to go.

Growth Rate

A weapon's 'Growth Rate' is the rate at which a weapon's power increases as you upgrade it. The Growth Rate is divided into 4 different categories:

  • Early Bloomer: EB Weapons have higher power at lower levels, but the amount of power gained by upgrading tapers off. These weapons end up being the weakest at max level.
  • Irregular: These weapons have a somewhat random growth rate, but the overall growth is somewhat consistent. This is pretty much mid-grade.
  • Regular: Regular weapons have a really consistent growth rate, which stays in the middle range.
  • Late Bloomer: LB weapons start out really weak, but are the most powerful at later levels/max level by a decently wide margin (about 20% more power than an EB).

The Growth Rate can be determined based on the minimum-maximum power range when viewing the weapon in the crafting panel; split that range up into 4 sections and you have your Growth Rate ranges. The Growth Rate can also be determined using the following formula:

(Weapon's LVL1 Power (before modules) - Weapon's LVL1 Minimum Power) / (Weapon's LVL1 Maximum Power - Weapon's LVL1 Minimum Power) = X
If X =
0.00 - 0.15: Late Bloomer
0.16 - 0.35: Irregular
0.36 - 0.47: Regular
0.48 - 1.00: Early Bloomer

Note that the Growth Rate CANNOT BE CHANGED.

For simplicity's sake, you can use the following alphabetical table to determine your weapon's Growth Rate:

Weapon NameLB Max Power
Arisaka Mk1205
Barbaras EB323
Creamy Screamy Jr1
Damascus Knife180
EZ Falke II164
EZ Igel VI498
EZ Katze I170
EZ Nashorn III740
EZ Wolf I Ausf. F288
Happy Chopper149
Holy Lance130
Hyuga Mk 2229
Kannagi Mk 5262
Murasame Mk 9142
Nambu Mk 25438

As long as your weapon's level 1 power (before modules) is LESS THAN the "LB Max Power", it's a Late Bloomer. If it is EQUAL TO the "LB Max Power" figure in the above table, then you are incredibly lucky and got a Rank 1 LB (see below). If it's any higher than the "LB Max Power" number, it's not a LB and not worth keeping (unless, of course, it's a Rank 1 of its Growth Rate; more below).

Growth Rank

Separate and apart from the Growth Rate is the Growth Rank. The Rank is a subcategory of the Rate, and determines the power level within the Growth Rate. To put it simply, the rank is the power number within the Growth Rate; for example, referring to the above table for the Exodus, 240 would be 'Rank 1', then 239 is 'Rank 2', 238 is 'Rank 3', etc. At level one, the Rank may not seem like a huge deal (as it only varies by 1 or 2 damage), but later on the exponential increase from the Growth Rate can easily tack on another ~5% damage (from a Rank 10 to a Rank 1).

Note that the Growth Rank CAN BE CHANGED, even across Growth Rates, by modifying your weapon with another weapon. For example, if you 'feed' a Rank 1 weapon to a Rank 5 weapon, your base weapon will become Rank 1. Also note that the Growth Rank can ONLY go up and NEVER down, so once you have a Rank 1 LB, it will always be a Rank 1 LB. As I stated before, this also works with other Growth Rates; for example, if you feed an EB Rank 1 to an LB Rank 5, you'll get an LB Rank 1.

Additionally, the weapons received from Simeon (by choosing the Path of Alliance) are all Regular Rank 1 weapons, so you can feed any of those weapons to your LB to make it Rank 1.

If you're still confused by any of this, don't worry. Copy and paste the following link into your browser for a down-and-dirty calculator to determine your weapon's Growth Rate/Rank (remember to check your crafted weapon for modules and factor them in using the "Mod Power Boost" drop-down selection);

FREEDOM WARS WEAPON GROWTH RATE/RANK CALCULATOR (credit to Arkia/ilydia/ariaandkia from GameFAQs for the translation!):

Elemental Effects

The Elemental Effects of the weapon grant it certain bonuses, as follows:

  • Fire: Strong against Ice, ignites abductor components causing additional damage over 30 seconds.
    People don't generally seem to favor this element much; the damage boost isn't as great as some of the others.
  • Ice: Strong against Lightning, freezes abductor components, weakening them and multiplying all damage inflicted by 1.5x.
    This element seems to be the most popular.
  • Lightning: Strong against Will'O, builds up a charge that will stun the enemy (similar to Binding Thorn Charge 2).
    The damage boost isn't great, but most abductors seem to be vulnerable to it. The stun proc is incredibly low (even at 100), therefore it's only really beneficial if your whole team is running it.
  • Will'O: Strong against Fire, builds up a charge that will cause an explosion on the abductor component for ~1000 damage (damage amount not confirmed).
    Procs fairly often, and is fantastic for severing components. Seems to be the second most popular element behind Ice.
  • Impact: Staggers the abductor after a certain amount of Impact damage has been inflicted; can only be obtained by upgrading a weapon to the first Advanced Model (the green one).

Note that the Impact element can only be added by upgrading your weapon to the Impact model (the green one), and the Impact element does NOT apply to the stat caps described below.

For Advanced model weapons (the options provided upon upgrading a level 5 weapon), the overall element stat cap is 100; for example you can have 100 of one stat and 0 of every other stat, or 25 of each of the 4 main stats, or any combination of your choice as long as the sum of the element stats don't exceed 100.

Additionally, when you 'feed' a weapon to your weapon through modification, your base weapon will inherit 20% of your component weapon's stats. Since you can only manipulate the 4 base elements and not the Impact element, it's recommended that you always upgrade your weapon to the Impact model. Also, upgrade to the advanced model before you start working on your element stats, because the basic model has a lower element stat cap.

One thing to keep in mind is that Elemental modules do NOT count towards the stat cap, therefore if you want to figure out what your weapon's base stats are, you will have to save up enough EP to remove the elemental damage modifying modules. If you want to retain those modules, savescum before you remove them so you can restore your weapon afterwards (see Section 3 for more information on savescumming).

Fortunately, the game will alert you when you have hit the stat cap on your weapon, so you'll know when you stop. At this point, since your stats can't go any higher, and the only thing that can reduce them is certain items used in modification, you never have to worry about your elements again. You can, however, still gain element boosts through modules; for example you can have more than 100 total elements with modules, and an element with a 0 base stat can still gain a value through a module. Your base element stats, however, will remain unchanged.

Section 2: Locating Materials

The forums for Freedom Wars are always chock-full of people looking for specific materials. What you may not know is that every single material in the game is easily identified and located in the game. In this section, I will outline how to find any and every item you are looking for.

Abductor Components

Most items will drop off of abductors when you sever certain components from them, and you can determine where an item comes from based on the name. For example, "Upper-Limb Fiber: All-Purpose Mk 2" comes from severing the upper-arm component of a Mk 2 All-Purpose abductor. When viewing an operation, as long as you have previously completed the operation, you can press SELECT to view details on what enemies you will fight in the operation, as well as which Field Resources you will find. The following tables outline which materials come from which abductor components. (Credit to freedomwars.wikia.com for these tables!)

[% = Can only be acquired from heat, cold, or electric-resistant abductors.]

All-Purpose / Heat-Resistant / Cold-Resistant / Electric-Resistant

RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4Reward 5
CageArmored ExoskeletonSynthetic GeneratorWill'O FiberWeaponWill'O Engine
HeadCranial FiberCranial ShellComposite SensorSinew Fiber
Other HeadCore Unit
Arm TopUpper-Limb FiberManipulatorSinew Fiber % Resistant Coating
Arm BottomUpper-Limb FiberManipulator % Resistant Coating
HandSinew FiberCore UnitManipulator % Resistant Plating


RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4
HipCore UnitSinew Fiber
Upper LegCore UnitFerrous FiberSynthetic Damper% Resistant Coating
Lower LegSinew FiberFerrous FiberSynthetic Damper% Resistant Plating


RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4
HipCore UnitFerrous FiberLeg Armor
LegsCore UnitFerrous FiberSynthetic DamperBooster
ThoraxCore UnitAbdominal Armor
TailCore UnitComposite Sensor
FootCore UnitFerrous FiberAI Unit


RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4
CageCore UnitWill'O FiberWill'O EngineWeapon
HeadCore UnitCranial ShellComposite Sensor
Corner / Outer EdgeSinew FiberAlloy PlatingAI Unit
ThoraxSinew FiberChest CarapaceMotherboard
FuselageCore UnitArmored ExoskeletonSynthetic Generator


RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4
CageWill'O EngineArmored ExoskeletonSynthetic GeneratorWeapon
Gun BarrelAI UnitBearingCompression Turbine
Outer EdgeAI UnitAlloy PlatingComposite Sensor
RibArtificial FiberArmorAI Unit

Ramosa / Special T-Type

RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
CageWill'O FluidWill'O FiberWeapon
HeadHeadgearWill'O FluidComp. Sensor
ArmArmed GearRepair Module
Arm PipeEX Manifold
ClawTalon Unit
LegsMuscle FiberDamper
TailWill'O FluidPolymer
WingWinged ExoskeletonRear Wing
After DefeatingTissue FiberWill'O Fluid

Paradoxa / Special S-Type

RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
CageWill'O FiberWill'O EngineWeapon
HeadManipulatorMotherboardComp. Sensor
Main GunManipulatorWill'O CapacitorMotherboard
Leg / ThornBoosterCompression TurbineRepair Module
ArmorArmored ExoskeletonArmor
Web LaunchersWill'O FluidCarbon Steel
After DefeatingManipulatorMotherboard

Red Rage (Mk2 can be fought in 8-2)

RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4
CageWill'O FiberWill'O EngineWeapon
HeadCranial Fiber3D Composite SensorVolition TransmissionSynthetic Sinew Fiber
Area Around HeadAI Unit
Upper ArmUpper-Limb FiberEnhanced ManipulatorSynthetic Sinew Fiber
Lower ArmUpper-Limb FiberEnhanced ManipulatorAI Unit
HandFist FiberAI Unit
HipLower-Limb FiberEnhanced Damper
LegsLower-Limb FiberEnhanced Damper
After DefeatingArmored ExoskeletonSynthetic Generator


RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4
EyeWill'O FrameWill'O Fluid
ImageSpecial CNTWill'O Alloy
BoxThorn-shaped PlateCompression TurbineServo MotorGenerator
ShieldSpecial ArmorRadiator
After Defeating (Body)Will'O FrameWill'O Fluid
After Defeating (Chains)Thorn-shaped PlateWill'O Frame


RegionReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
CageWill'O FiberWill'O EngineWeapon
HeadWill'O FluidArmored Exoskeleton
HornWill'O FluidWill'O GeneratorWill'O Reactor
Outer WingWinged ExoskeletonSynthetic Coating
Inner Wing BladeWinged ExoskeletonSynthetic CoatingWill'O Fluid
ClawTalon UnitWill'O Alloy
LegsWill'O FluidVernier ThrusterDamper
Snake-Headed TailStatic MotorRepair Module
TailStatic MotorRepair ModuleWill'O Fluid
After DefeatingWill'O FluidArmored Exoskeleton

Small Abductors (Rewards After Defeating)

NameReward 1Reward 2Reward 3Reward 4
Melee/Marksman/Armored/Mobile/CarrierTransmissionCarapaceWill'O TankGenerator

Field Resources

As for Field Resources, each map randomly generates the loot based on a table of items, which you can view by pressing SELECT when viewing an operation. If you don't find the material you wanted, you can run it again. Savescumming especially comes in handy later on, as some materials needed for upgrading in levels 7 through 10 are only found in certain Retributions, which can only be completed once at a time; with savescumming, you can run the same Retribution until you get the material you needed. (More on save-scumming below.)

Section 3: Maximizing Your Weapon

Alright, so we've covered the basics, and by this point you should know what you need to do and how to do it. In this section, I'll go over methods of getting materials and upgrading your gear in the most efficient ways possible, starting with getting your weapon to its highest point before Retributions.

Introduction to Save-scumming

If you want to do this all legitimately (and spend A LOOOOT of time doing so) you can skip this section, and skip all future mentions of this method. Please note, however, that even with save-scumming, this is still a very time-consuming process, so I would highly recommend using it.

Basically, save-scumming is the process of backing up your save data at various stages, essentially granting you free rerolls when presented with a gamble (of which there are many). To do this, you will either need a Plus subscription or a computer with Content Manager installed and registered to your Vita. If you have a Plus subscription, the process is much faster. From here on out, when I instruct you to savescum, follow the instructions below;

  • With Plus Subscription
    • Hit the Playstation Button (the Blue one on the left, obviously)
    • Tap the yellow PS Plus icon on the top-right
    • (If uploading) Tap "Upload", then tap "Yes" to overwrite (if prompted) and let your save data upload before returning to the game.
    • (If downloading) Tap "Download", tap "Yes to overwrite, tap "Yes" again to close the application, let the download complete and then open the game again.
  • With Content Manager
    • Run the Content Manager application on your Vita
    • Tap "Copy Content", then tap "Yes" to close the game
    • Tap "PS Vita System -> PC" if Uploading, or "PC -> PS Vita System" if Downloading
    • Tap "Applications"
    • Tap "PS Vita"
    • Tap "FREEDOM WARS", then "Copy", then "OK" (if downloading, tap "Overwrite" to overwrite the data on your Vita)

Getting a Rarity 8 LB Rank 1 Weapon

First off, you'll want your Rarity 8 LB Weapon. Basically, you will need 2 weapons; a Rarity 8 LB, and a Rank 1 weapon of any Rarity/Growth Rate (or a weapon from Simeon's Path of Alliance) to upgrade the Growth Rank on your Rarity 8 weapon. There are 3 ways to go about this (First, make sure your weapons facility is level 8);

  • Method 1: One weapon at a time
    • Save your game with your Accessory and savescum upload (MUST BE BEFORE STARTING MANUFACTURING; once the clock starts, the outcome is immediately calculated)
    • Start a weapon manufacturing job for the weapon you want
    • Use a 3rd Class Facility Manager citizen to finish the job immediately
    • Check the weapon for any modules that modify its Power; if there are, use the calculator from Section 1: "Growth Rank" to check the Rate/Rank. If there are no Power modules, check the weapon's power against the table in Section 1; if it is a Rarity 8 and its Power is below the "LB Max Power" figure, keep it!
    • If you don't have the elemental weapons from Simeon, I'd recommend running every weapon you produce through that calculator. If it says Rank 1 (regardless of the Growth Rate), keep it!
    • If you didn't get a Rarity 8 LB or a Rank 1, savescum download, start the game, and try again.
  • Method 2: 9+ weapons at a time (Make sure you have the materials for 3 weapons, as well as 3+ Chief Weapons Technicians and 3+ Level 8 Weapons Facilities)
    • Save your game with your Accessory and savescum upload (MUST BE BEFORE STARTING MANUFACTURING; once the clock starts, the outcome is immediately calculated)
    • Start a weapon manufacturing job for the weapon you want in 3+ Weapons Facilities, and assign a Chief Weapons Technician to each one.
    • Wait 7.5 minutes for the jobs to finish
    • Each facility will produce 3 weapons; follow the instructions in the previous method to check the Growth Rates/Ranks of them
    • If you didn't get a Rarity 8 LB or a Rank 1, savescum download, start the game, and try again.
  • Method 3: 10+ weapons per savescum (Make sure you have the materials for 10+ weapons, as well as 10+ 3rd-Class Management Trainees!)
    • Follow the instructions in Method 1 above, except 10+ times in a row between savescums.
      This method saves a lot of time if you're using Content Manager to savescum.

Once you have a Rarity 8 LB Weapon and a Rank 1 Weapon, simply feed your Rank 1 Weapon to your Rarity 8 LB weapon to upgrade its rank. Once you've done that, you can run it through the calculator again to make sure the rank carried over. There's no reason it shouldn't have, but I always check anyway. If you were REALLY lucky and got a Rarity 8 LB Rank 1 from manufacturing, you don't have to feed it anything.

Upgrading your weapon to Advanced Level 7

The next step is to upgrade your weapon to the Advanced Model Level 7, which is typically the highest you can go without doing Retributions, depending on which Advanced Model you chose. You should be able to do this quickly and easily with the materials you've saved up. If not, refer to Section 2 to obtain any materials you need on the way.

Once you get to Level 5, you will be prompted to upgrade to the Advanced Model. You can go with whatever you want at this point, however I would HIGHLY recommend going with the first model (green, with Impact damage), as Impact damage cannot be added any other way, unlike the other 4 elements which can be inherited from other weapons through modification. After upgrading to the Advanced Model, your weapon will start back at level 1, and that's when you will get it all the way up to level 7.

Elements and Modules

At any stage AFTER upgrading to the Advanced Model, you can work on your elements and modules. Remember, your weapon will inherit 20% of the stats of another weapon when you 'feed' that weapon to it, and keep the 100 stat cap in mind. I would recommend getting your elements to where you want them before working on your modules, as elements are a progressive process whereas modules are a die-toss, and will get all jumbled up through enhancing your elements anyway.

The fastest way to get your elements up to where you want them is to purchase any Level 5 weapon from Zakka and upgrade it to the Advanced Model with the element you want, then feed that weapon to your base weapon. You can also use certain items in the modification process to increase or decrease elements. As I previously stated, the game will alert you when you have reached the element cap on your weapon.

Another thing to note is that there are some translation issues with some of the items you can add to the modification. Most of them say that they create a module, however only some of them do. Refer to the table below for the items that actually modify your base elements instead of adding modules (credit to OmegaPlatinum on reddit):

Item NameEffect
Metallic Glass: RedReduces Fire element effects
Will'O Engine: All-Purpose Mk 1-4Reduces Fire element effects
Bituminous CoalReduces Fire element effects
Metallic Glass: BlueReduces Ice element effects
Will'O Engine: Carrier Mk 1-4Reduces Ice element effects
Sodium ChlorideReduces Ice element effects
Iron meteoriteReduces Electro element effects
Scrap IronReduces Electro element effects
Metallic Glass: BlackReduces Electro element effects
Will'O Engine: Artillery Mk 1-4Reduces Electro element effects
LimestoneReduces Will'O element effects
CinnabarBoosts Fire element effects
CupriteBoosts Fire element effects
Will'O Engine: D-Type I-IIBoosts Fire element effects
SiliconBoosts Ice element effects
SilicaBoosts Ice element effects
Will'O Engine: S-Type I-IIBoosts Ice element effects
Will'O Engine: αS-Type I-IIBoosts Ice element effects
BauxiteBoosts Electro element effects
Will'O Fiber: αT-Type (L/M Density)Boosts Electro element effects
Will'O Fiber: T-Type (L/M Density)Boosts Electro element effects
Will'O Conducting Hub+1 to Will'O Element
Will'O Fluid: C-Type I-II+1/+5 to Will'O Element
Will'O Fluid: αC-Type I-II+10/+15 to Will'O Element

After your elements will come your modules. This is where savescumming will really come in handy. The best way I've found to get the modules you want is to find a weapon with the module you want to 'Inherit' and use an item to try to influence your "Added" modules, which will share slots with the randomized "New" modules. Keep in mind the module slots mentioned in Section 1, and follow the following instructions:Refer to the table in the next section for the items which will add modules.

  • Save your game with your Accessory, savescum upload.
  • Open Weapon Modification in your Weapons Facility
  • Select your Main Weapon
  • Select your component weapon with the module you want
  • Select the item with the module you want
  • Start the modification cycle and finish it with a 3rd-Class Management citizen
  • Check the module outcome; if you got the module you wanted without losing any modules you wanted to retain, keep it and rinse/repeat, otherwise savescum and try again.

These items might help you (Credit to wocoxv on GameFAQs and OmegaPlatinum on reddit for these tables):

Conductive High-Polymer Element: BrownRetain 1 positive module
Conductive High-Polymer Element: BlackRetain 3 positive modules
C6 BenzotriyneRetain 5 positive modules
SulphurInherit 1 positive module
SeleniumInherit 3 positive modules
Magnetic NanocrystalInherit 5 positive modules
Item NameEffect
Willonite: L/M/H/UH PurityPower Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Metallic Carbon: L/M/H/UH PurityElemental Damage Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Heat-Resistant Plating: Mk 1-4Fire Element Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Cold-Resistant Plating: Mk 1-4Ice Element Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Electro-Resistant Plating: Mk 1-4Electro Element Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Will'O Fluid: UL/L/M/H/UH purityWill'O Element Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Will'O Magnetic Fluid: L/M/H/UH PurityAll Elements Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Ion-Conducting Film: L/M/H/UHHealth Absorption Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Diamond-Like Carbon: L/M/H/UH HardnessCritical Chance Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Layered CNT Plating: L/M/H/UH DensityCritical Damage Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
LonsdaleiteCritical Damage Up (L)
C3 CyclopropatrieneCritical Damage Up (S)
Glassy Carbon: L/M/H/UH PurityStagger Damage Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Ruined Cable: L/M/H/UH QualityHeadshot Damage Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Ruined Composite: L/M/H/UH StrengthAccuracy Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Ruined Conductive Coil: L/M/H/UH QualityFiring Speed Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Raw Graphite: L/M/H/UH PurityCarryable Ammo Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Processed Graphite: L/M/H/UH PurityClip Size Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Spoiled Electroviscous Fluid: L/M/H/UH PurityLock-on Speed Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
Gallium NitrideEffective Range Up (S)
MagnetiteEffective Range Up (M)
CoheniteEffective Range Up (L)
SphaleriteEffective Range Up (XL)
Ruined CNT Circuit: L/M/H/UH ComplexityAutocannon Warm-Up Speed Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)
CNT Reinforcement: L/M/H/UH HardnessMovement Speed Up (S)/(M)/(L)/(XL)

If you get stuck with a negative or neutral module at any point of this process and you can't seem to get rid of it, there's an NPC in the Cell Garden on Level 6 (6-F140) that will remove any module of your choice from your weapon for 5,000 EP.Try to keep track of which modules on your weapon fall into the "Maintained/Inherited" classification and which ones fall into the "New/Added" classification (I take a picture on my phone so I can compare the outcome to my previous 'checkpoint'). This will help you keep track of which modules will be maintained and which ones are subject to randomization. It will also help you keep track of the modules you don't want to lose. Once you have your 7 modules set up the way you want them, you can keep savescumming and rerolling the 'random' modules until you get a good combination. This sounds confusing, but it'll become more understandable after playing around with your modules for a while.

Section 4: Retribution Time!

At this point, both of your weapons are Advanced Model Level 7, your elements are to your liking, and your modules are set up how you want them. Typically, to upgrade your weapons past level 7, you're going to need to start doing Retributions. During your playthrough, you may have noticed your cell turning red and alarms going off; this means a Retribution operation became available, and you can claim it at any time from the "Request Special Operations" option from the Window on Liberty. These operations are especially hard, and provide very valuable resources as well as 10,000 year sentence reductions. Since you earn the same amount of Entitlement Points as you do Sentence Reductions from completing operations and donating resources, these are also a great way to earn EP. Every 5th operation you complete will give around a 20% chance of getting a Retribution operation.

An important note about Retribution operations (along with all Special Operations) is that you can only attempt them once. Due to the difficulty of these operations, I'd highly recommend starting or joining an online room to reduce your chances of failure, and also to share the precious rewards with others.

Normally, you would have to keep running operations until you got lucky with that 20% chance every 5 operations, which then gave you one of the few Retributions that could have the resource you need, and then have that item be picked from the operation's Field Resource loot table, and then completed the Retribution and received the item. Sounds like a very slim chance, right? Wrong! Instructions below!

  • Save your game with your Accessory (no savescum required yet)
  • Start an ad-hoc room
  • Run operation 2-3 five times (you can just run past everything straight to the objective, should only take you 20-25 seconds; my record is 16 seconds. It's helpful to keep a count to make sure you run it 5 times)
  • Exit the ad-hoc room to return to your cell
  • If you were lucky, your retribution popped right away; if it didn't, close the game (DON'T save the game or upload your save, just close it and open it again; the game auto-saved when you quit ad-hoc, and savescum isn't necessary yet)
    NOTE: You don't have to press START on the Start Screen; you'll notice right away if you got a Retribution as soon as the image of you sitting on your bed appears. If the screen has a reddish tint and embers, you got a Retribution, if it looks normal, close and restart right away.
  • When you get a Retribution, check the SELECT menu for the Retribution and make sure the resource you need is listed in the Field Resources. If it isn't, close the game and open it again (as if you hadn't gotten a Retribution)
  • Keep doing this until you get a Retribution with your resource in the Field Resources list

Once you have the Retribution operation you want, you have a two options;

  • Keep repeating this process and fill up your log with retributions, then start an online room and run them all with a group, or
  • Savescum upload your save and try it solo.

**NOTE: I've been told that saving the game with your accessory right before attempting a Retribution operation will allow you to simply close the application and open it again without having to savescum, even after beginning and/or failing the operation. I have not tested this personally, but I would assume this is because the game doesn't autosave until you have completely exitted the operation, so this should work as long as you close the game before it autosaves, and would save a lot of time for those savescumming without PS+. (Thanks, finalstan!)

It's much more fun to run them with a group, however the Field Resources will still be randomly picked and you might not get the item you wanted. If you go the savescum method, you can run around and gather the resources first, and if you didn't get the item you wanted, just download your savescum and start it again. You can also savescum if you fail the operation, so you won't lose it. Personally, I do them both depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I just want to play online and rack up the EP (Contribution Booster + augmentation boosts your EP/Sentence Reduction earned by 50%), but then again sometimes I just want to get that one item. It's up to you.

This last step will (eventually) get your weapon(s) to level 10, at which point your weapons are retardedly OP and you will tear apart everything that stands in your way. Congratulations!

Now you can work down your sentence, play online, try the PvP, get your trophies, unlock all the entitlements, or maybe start upgrading another weapon. The Panopticon is your oyster! Enjoy!

Section 5: Misc Info / Tips and Tricks

Some notes on abductor names and Red Rage parts (credit to Umbry97 on reddit):

  • S-Type is the spider abductor.
  • S-Type I is "Special S-Type: Rust-Red."
  • S-Type II is "Special S-Type: Dusk-Gray."
  • T-Type is the Ramosa (tiger) abductor.
  • T-Type I is "Special T-Type: Scarlet Glow."
  • T-Type II is "Special T-Type: Boundless Void."
  • 7-4 is for Red Rage Mk 1 parts.
  • 8-2 is for Red Rage Mk 2 parts.

The showdown operations don't always give the appropriate materials. For example, Showdown XX815 with Oltatum DOES NOT DROP Oltatum parts. You'll have to farm special operations with Oltatum to obtain Oltatum parts.

Good operations for farming Management citizens (credit to Umbry97 on reddit):

4-2Medical/Munitions Boosters and Reduce time by 5-10 minutes9 (5+4 more after completion)
6-4Reduce time by 10-15 minutes9
8-3Reduce time by 20-30+ minutes5

Table of materials needed for upgrading from Level 7 to Level 10 (for IMPACT MODEL) (credit to ionenwks on GameFAQs):

MaterialRetribution MissionLevel Required
Ruined Cable: Ultra-High Quality100 101 1067 -> 8
Processed Graphite: Ultra-High Purity1038 -> 9
Ruined Conductive Coil: Ultra-High Quality101 102 1059 -> 10

Good way to use all those Non-Existant Non-Resources you have laying around:

  • Start a production job in your Medical Facility
  • Input 1 Auto-Resuscitator+
  • Input as many NENR's as it takes to fill up the rest of the capacity
  • Assign any Medical Facility citizen you have available
  • The facility will output all high-quality items (the + ones, as opposed to the basic ones), and will almost always give you another 1 or 2 Auto-Resuscitator+ items
  • Rinse and repeat, donate however many of the items you receive

Here's a link to a table of resources received by trading with Citizens (credit to Asuko_XIII on reddit):

Closing Notes

If you have any suggestions/corrections/additions/feedback, etc. please let me know! I'd like for this guide to become the go-to resource for all things Freedom Wars so us players won't have to scour the internet for bits and pieces of information. As such, I am always open to suggestions. Also, I plan to expand this guide to include more commonly asked questions, so if anyone has any information they can provide on any other commonly-asked-about aspect of the game, please let me know and I'll incorporate it. Thank you for reading!