How do I beat Abel and the chain boss?

  1. How do I beat Abel and the Chain boss online I keep getting the whitewater mission over again so I cant fight the bosses online?

    User Info: XmasterFM

    XmasterFM - 6 years ago


  1. You can do it online, I beat them online because I couldn't kill them solo either.

    User Info: CyberRihanna

    CyberRihanna - 6 years ago 0   0
  2. For Abel I suggest issueing the battle command suppress personnel for your team and priortize revival for your accessory. Your best chance to damage him is also to go with an assault gun and attack him from midrange. Or you could hook him with your thorn and continuously use the leap attack option.

    As for the peltatum your best bet is online play. However here are some tips. When the peltatum roars any chain you've defeated will be revived; to prevent this take out the boxes that do not have a chain. The head and neck are it's weaknesses. You can also use your thorn to escape it's attack that sucks you right under it. Chains can also be dragged down when loose for easier attack.

    User Info: Lu_Bu-Red_Hare

    Lu_Bu-Red_Hare - 6 years ago 0   0
  3. Abel + Red Rage is quite easy if you've got enough experience with the game. I suggest you go solo after him first while your party tries to chip as much damage as they can on Red Rage. Command your Accessory to "Prioritize revival" if things get messy though.

    For battle tactics, I highly recommend you use the Binding Thorn for this one. Abuse Leap Attacks on Abel until he dies or keep shooting him to death while he's walking (he'll be doing this little catwalk before he attacks, if you've noticed?).

    As for Red Rage, you should be okay since it really isn't much. Aim for the pod until you incapacitate it and command your party to go for an all-out attack on it. Another optional choice you have too is to sever as much parts as you can to weaken it (the Flare Knife is recommended but if you're using a light melee weapon it'll do).

    Peltatum.... well.

    A strategy I did for this boss battle is to sever ALL the boxes + stay in the lobby. You don't have to sever them ALL, but you must get as much as you can if you don't want more of those chain thingies coming at your crew.

    I highly recommend you bring a gun with a lot of ammo carry+firing range to this battle for those chains. If there's too many chains floating around, hole yourself up in the lobby (and for safety measures, bring a teammate or your Accessory if you die to revive you or to help you fight) and shoot 'em all to death.

    The Peltatum abductor itself is kinda weak in terms of health, so once you've got all those chain thingies out of the way, aim for the head for some nice damage. If he starts sucking your entire crew up with the vacuum, use your Binding Thorn to Leap back to the Lobby to escape. Attach yourself to the wall until it's safe to move.

    Lastly, don't forget to put "Prioritize revival" on your Accessory and "Unify Target" on your party.

    User Info: kusonagis

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  4. I just beat abel and red rage with the sub machine gun and the sniper rifle.

    Just bring ammo boxes or constantly pick up the 4 ammo crates across the stage.

    Use the sniper to pick off part off red rage (or break its pod) and use the sub machine gun to shoot abel.

    Set team to suppress personnel and accessory to prioritise revive. Kill abel first and then unify target on the lone red rage. Pick off parts to weaken its ability to kill your teammates.

    User Info: ceresbane

    ceresbane - 5 years ago 0   0
  5. For the abel fight I always kill abel himself first, he deals alot of damage and is a constant pain until he's gone. For peltatum (chain boss) you need to break the boxes or it will revive the chains that came from any unbroken box, this can cause your team to get overwhelmed so easily its almost impossible. It took me 5 tries to beat this boss and I had to use this strat to win even then

    User Info: coleblack1

    coleblack1 - 5 years ago 0   0

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