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FAQ/Walkthrough by crzydiamond65

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/21/15

     H   H   OOOOO   H   H   OOOOO   K  K    U   U   M   M
     H   H   O   O   H   H   O   O   K K     U   U   MM MM
     HHHHH   O   O   HHHHH   O   O   KK      U   U   M M M
     H   H   O   O   H   H   O   O   KKK     U   U   M M M
     H   H   O   O   H   H   O   O   K  K    U   U   M   M
     H   H   OOOOO   H   H   OOOOO   K   K   UUUUU   M   M



                     FAQ Version: 1.00
                Written by: Crazy Diamond
              Email: crzydiamond65@gmail.com
                  Last Updated: 05/22/15



  I. Version History
  II. Introduction
  III. Hohokum Basics
  IV. Tips and Controls
  V. Map
  VI. Walkthrough
    a. Home World
    b. Hub World
    c. Farm World
    d. Amusement Park World
    e. Dot World
    f. Graph World
    g. Wedding World
    h. Kite World
    i. Water Park World
    j. Cave World
    k. Elephant World
    l. Forest World
    m. Iguana World
    n. Night World
    o. Pottery World
    p. Bee World
    q. Ocean World
  VII. Trophies
  VIII. Final Notes
    i. Ending
    ii. Eyes
  IX. Legal/Contact Info


                            I.   Version History


 1.00  (5/22/15) - First Version. Includes Introduction, Hohokum Basics, Tips
 and Controls, Map, Walkthrough, and Trophies. Should be more or less complete.


                            II.   Introduction


Welcome to my guide to Hohokum! Hohokum is a very interesting and divisive
game, but it can also be very rewarding, relaxing, and thoroughly enjoyable.
Proabably the biggest complaint about this game is that it is simply too obtuse
for its own good. There really isn't much of a story, you're never told what
you should do, and you aren't even sure what you are! Seriously, is it some
kind of kite-snake-sperm thing? Well, that's where this guide comes in!

My goal is not to simply tell you what to do but to give you a roadmap to fun.
Many people give the game a shot for a short while, get frustrated by the lack
of direction and give up completely. This is a shame, because they may never
get to experience one of my favorite games in recent memory.

Hohokum is obtuse on purpose. The idea is to explore, poke around, play. Figure
out what happens when you do this or that. The lack of direction is part of the
charm. But when that lack of direction inhibits a gamer's sense of fun the
charm is lost and frustration sets in.

In order to maintain the spirit of Hohokum, I've constructed this guide in a 
slightly different manner than you may be used to. For each world I've
written a series of hints and suggestions to help push you in the right
direction. Don't worry, I'll flat out tell you what to do if you need it. But
PLEASE, do yourself a favor and get lost in the sense of discovery this
game provides. It is SO much more rewarding to discover new secrets than to
simply follow directions.

Each world in the walkthrough contains a hints section, a solutions section,
a discovery section, an eye section, and a Hohokquick section. The hints will
give you basic suggestions that will nudge you toward your goal. The solution
section will tell you how to "clear" a world. The discovery section outlines
some fun, but otherwise optional things you can do in each world. The eye
section will attempt to help you find the all-elusive hidden eyes in each
world. And finally, Hohokquick has a few tips on completing the Hohokquick
trophy with respect to each individual world.

Bottom line: If this guide can help just one person find enjoyment in a game
that would otherwise have driven them away in frustration, I'll call that a
success. So go have fun and explore the world of Hohokum!


                          III.   Hohokum Basics


So what the heck do you do in this game? I recently read a review where the
reviewer proceeded to compliment Hohokum on its music, art, and atmosphere and
then complain that he never seemed to figure out what he was supposed to do.
Now, I don't really blame somebody for getting lost, but it seems to me that
a professional reviewer should have given it a better shot than that.

Despite what it seems, there is an objective to the game. And yes, you can
beat it, complete with a beautiful end credits sequence. I'll try my best
to explain what you're supposed to do.

The opening sequence has you navigating a series of black circles, collecting
other snake-kite-spermy things. This is what I refer to as the Home World.
As you proceed through the world of Hohokum, the Home World will fill up with
circular warps that can take you to each of the main worlds you've previously
visited. The central circle will take you to what I call the Hub World.

Now, the Hub World has three circular warps near the bottom left that will
take you to all of the worlds in Hohokum. Navigating Hohokum can be a
little confusing at first, but once you understand how the system works it
can really be quite easy. For more clarification, see the map below.

Your end goal is to travel to the fifteen main worlds and free the snake-
kite-sperm thing in each of them. Once you do you'll be treated to a fun
little sequence showing their name and what they were up to since you 
last saw them in the Home World. The objective for freeing each of the
snakes is different in each world, so that is where the sense of
exploration comes in. Poke around and figure out how to save your friend!
Once you've saved them all and returned to the Home World, you'll be
treated to the end credits. It's really that simple.


                           IV.   Tips and Controls


The controls in Hohokum are very simple. You move your snake with the left
stick and control the camera with the right stick. 'L' and 'R' can also turn 
your character if you prefer that method. 'X' makes your character go faster
and 'Circle' makes your character go slower. 'Square' makes your character
blink, but I haven't found a useful application for that yet. The PS4's
touch pad can also be used to draw with your character, but its usefulness is
beyond me.

Quickly alternating between 'L' and 'R' can make your character travel even
faster, and can be quite useful when navigating some of the larger worlds
like the Forest or Amusement Park. You can also do this simply by wiggling
the left control stick, but I've found 'L' and 'R' to be much easier.

One suggestion I have is to turn off the auto zoom feature in the game and
manually control it with the right control stick. This allows you to zoom
in close to see all the fun details and characters, or search for the
elusive eyes, whenever you'd like. Also, zooming out can be extremely
useful on the aforementioned larger worlds to get your bearings.


                                  V.   Map


Figuring out how the map works in this game can help to eliminate the feeling
of aimless wandering. Although I recommend making an attempt without the use
of this map, I understand 100% the usefulness of just seeing how it all works.
Honestly, just seeing with your eyes how simple it really can be should take
away some of the frustration that often accompanies Hohokum for some.

One exception to the simplicity is Dot World. In Dot World, there are a total
of five warp spots (six if you count the one you came in from), although four 
of them simply take you to a similiar solitary circle of dots with no real
objective. You can find more information in the Dot World section of the
walkthrough, but just be aware that I've only included the warp that takes
you on towards Graph World in the map below.

Here's how this map works. Main Worlds are labeled with brackets '[]' while
Transition areas are labeled with parentheses '(-)'. The Braces '{-}' mark a 
final Transition area that leads to either the Home or Hub Worlds.
Transition areas sometimes have something to interact with, but don't have
any objectives necessary to complete the game.

          /                          |                           \
     ____(-)___                    _(-)_                         (-)
    /          \                  /     \                         |
 [FW]         [WED]            [WP]     [FOR]                    [NW]
   |            |               |         |                       |
  (-)          (-)             (-)       (-)                     (-)
 /   \          |               |         |                       |
[AP] [DOT]     [KW]            [CW]      [IW]                   _[PW]_
 |     |        |               |         |                    /      \
{-}   [GW]     {-}             (-)       {-}                 (-)      (-)
       |                        |                             |        |
      {-}                      [EW}                          [BW]     [OW]
                                |                             |        |
                               {-}                           {-}      {-}


[HW] - Home World
[HUB] - Hub World
[FW] - Farm World
[AP] - Amusement Park World
[DOT] - Dot World
[GW] - Graph World
[WED] - Wedding World
[KW] - Kite World
[WP] - Water Park World
[CW] - Cave World
[EW] - Elephant World
[FOR] - Forest World
[IW] - Iguana World
[NW] - Night World
[PW] - Pottery World
[BW] - Bee World
[OW] - Ocean World
(-) - Transition Area
{-} - Ending Transition Area to Home/Hub World


                              VI.   Walkthrough


Each Walkthrough section below is divided into subsections, the most important
of which are the Hints and the Solutions sections. Try to use just the hints
at first, then return to the solutions section if you still feel lost.

The Discovery section outlines some of the fun, but optional, aspects of each
World to play around with. If you're looking to get more out of your
Hohokum experience, I recommend taking a look at this section. If you find
interesting tidbits as you play through that aren't in this FAQ, please let
me know and I'll give you credit and include it in a future update.

The Eye section will try to help you pinpoint the locations of any remaining
eyes that you haven't found. Please, don't email me saying you only have one
eye remaining, and you can't find it, and you'd like me to read your mind and
tell you exactly where your missing eye is (that sounded weird). I can't help
you there. I'll do my best within the FAQ, but I really don't have the time
or patience to deal with individual requests on this front. Sorry!

Lastly, the Hohokquick section has speedrunning tips for completing the
Hohokquick trophy. You can find more information on that in the trophy
section, but essentially these are just tips for what is ideally your second
or third playthrough of the game.

--------------------------------a. Home World---------------------------------

Hints:    - If you get lost in the beginning, try zooming out with the right
            control stick.
          - Run into things. There are lots of circles and objects to run into.
          - Collect as many snake things as you can and keep exploring.

Solution:  The beginning is quite simple. Collect 15 snake-things as you make
           your way up the screen. You collect a snake-thing when you go near
           it or run into the circle it is flying (swimming?) around. Once you
           have all 15 you should run into the circle that looks like a phone
           dial. A series of circles will appear around the dial, and will
           change colors once you've touched them all. Hold 'Square' when
           prompted and the dial will start counting down as each of the snakes
           disappear into various circles. Congratulations! You have begun
           your journey into Hohokum.

Discovery: - Once you've collected various snakes throughout Hohokum, they
           will appear circling around near the warps that take you to the
           World they were found in. Going near one will cause them to follow
           you again like they did at the beginning.

           - After collecting your various friends (especially all 15) it can
           be a lot of fun to head down from the central warp leading to the
           hub world. Just below that is a circle that, once touched, will
           cause the camera to zoom out and each snake to move in a symmetrical
           synchronization. See what kinds of patterns you can create!

	   - Just surrounding the room with the dial is a series of small,
           black circles. Once touched the black will recede, revealing a
	   colorful speaker. Try completely revealing all of the speakers
           and listen to the changing soundtrack.

Eyes:       - There aren't any hidden eyes to find here. But there is one eye
            that will be important later. . .

Hohokquick - The beginning should be one of the faster sections to speed run.
             Just run straight from snake to snake. Try not to veer too far
             to the sides and stick to the main path. In the dial room, simply
             bounce off of the black circles to collect your friends. Don't
             bother being precise, just bounce and run.
             - You can also utilize the Home World to quickly return to some
             of the various Worlds. This is especially useful when returning
             to the Pottery World during your speed run. Try to memorize the
             Pottery World warp before attempting the Hohokquick trophy.

---------------------------------b. Hub World---------------------------------

Hints:      - Familiarize yourself with this World. You'll be returning
            frequently throughout your journey in Hohokum.

            - See the island with the bearded man? Find out what happens when
            you open all the eyelids.

            - Try making the nutpoppers smaller.

            - Do any 3 of the symbols at the bottom of the World seem similar
            to you?

Solution:   - There isn't really a solution to this world. As the name
            suggests, it will act as your Hub throughout Hohokum. The three
            semi-circles at the bottom of the World act as the three main
            gates to the remaining 15 Worlds. See the map above for more info.
            Run through each of the circles to open up the warps that lead to
            each of the Worlds.

Discovery:  - There are many fun things to discover right here in the Hub
            World. What's the rush?

            - Find out what happens when you make each of the nutpoppers

            - See the four spinning, branch-filled objects on the bottom
            right, surrounding a strange circle with a droplet? They look
            like snowflakes with an apple in the center. See what happens
            when you touch the apple in the center of each spinning object.
            Try to touch each of them within a short time span.

	    - Touch the droplet that forms when the snowflakes are closed,
            preferably when you aren't currently on acid. Try blinking
            afterwards with 'Square'.

            - The bottom of the world has a series of symbols that, when
            touched, light up. Hitting the right three in combination will
            do something special. Try hitting the three square symbols.

            - Be on the lookout for more symbols throughout Hohokum that
            look like the ones in the Hub World. See the Trophy Section
            for another cool secret related to these symbols, or try to
            discover it for yourself!

Eyes:       - There are 18 total hidden eyes to find in Hub World. Finding
            them is pretty simple compared to some of the other worlds.
            15 of the eyes are found on the old bearded man's island. The
            other 3 are hidden amongst the nutpoppers. If you make all of
            the nutpoppers small, not only should you find the three eyes
            fairly easily, but you'll get a trophy for your troubles as

Hohokquick: - Since you don't actually have to accomplish anything in this
            world, you can simply just breeze past and continue to the other
            worlds during your speed run. Don't bother collecting eyes or
            anything. Just head to the warps with your 'L'-'R' wiggle and
            move on.

-------------------------------c. Farm World-----------------------------------

Hints:     - You won't be able to zoom here, but it might be helpful to check
           it out from top to bottom.

           - Do you notice anything that stands out to you?

           - See what happens when you make the vines grow.

           - When the seasons change, give the rest of the World a good look.

Solution:  - Everytime you "harvest" a crop, the seasons change. There
           should always be one fruit or vegetable thing out in the open,
           and a series of vines that you can make grow. When all the vines
           in a row are grown, one of them should have another fruit or
           vegetable that you can collect.

           - When the season changes to a blue/green color, head down towards
           bottom of the world and look for a green snake in the wheat. He
           should stand out pretty clearly. Run around him a bit and you'll
           find your friend Eli.

Discovery: - How many different colors does the background change to?

           - Mess around with some of the people in the background. Why are
           they afraid? Who knows.

           - Notice you can also get the trees to sprout cherries. Once the
           cherries have grown, you can also "harvest" them again.

Eyes:      - There aren't any eyes in this world.

Hohokquick: - This can be accomplished fairly quickly, but sometimes you
            get less lucky than others. I'm not sure if there is a specific
            way to get the seasons to change to the color you want, but I've
            found that just quickly grabbing fruits/vegetables will get you
            the season you need in short order.

---------------------------d. Amusement Park World----------------------------

Hints:    - This is a very large world with a lot to do. Zoom out and in
          as necessary to see what you need.

          - Hmmm, the roller coaster doesn't appear to be active. Let's
          fix that. See if you can find any sections to the roller coaster.

          - There are five roller coaster sections throughout the park.

          - Some of the objectives require specific kinds of people to
          fulfill. Zoom in to help you get the right person.

          - Try lighting the flames on the Hindu-like shrine.

          - Don't be afraid of the electric gates at the top. Does any good
          come from running through them?

          - Can you get the ferris wheel running again?

          - Is that some kind of beauty contest at the bottom near the rain?
          See if you can get the right people to it.

          - It looks like some people are waiting to enter the mouth of the
          monster near the top of the level. Fill the cars up so they can
          go on the ride.

Solution: - Try not to get overwhelmed by all of the things to do. Your focus
          is getting that roller coaster up and running again. You need to
          find the five cars hidden throughout the World then return them to
          the roller coaster to free Harriet.

          1) - Place people in each of the spots on the ferris wheel, then
             give it a good spin.

          2) - Light up each of the flames on the Hindu-like shrine.

          3) - Just to the right of the roller coaster is a series of five
          statues. Find a person that looks like each of the four statues
          to release the roller coaster part that makes up the fifth statue.
          If you need to dump some freeloaders, just run under one of the
          vacuum-blower things and find some new people.

          4) - Above and slightly to the right of the Hindu shrine is plat-
          form with a monster head and three cars. Each car has a person in
          them. Fill each of the three with two more people just like them.
          Once that's done, the ride will start, tragedy will strike, and 
          you will have one more piece of the coaster.

          5) - At the very top of the World is a few electrified gates near
          strands of lights. When electrified, pass through the lights to
          turn them on. Do this with each of the strands and the final
          coaster piece will be yours.

Discovery: - So much to do!

           - Ahh, that poor lonely guy is trying to seesaw by himself. Help
           him find a suitable buddy, will you? Wait a minute, there are a
	   lot of lonely see-saw-ers. Geez, why aren't they friends together?

           - It seems that some people would like to go to a specific place.
           Whether its a pineapple, a key, or a shoe, help them find the
           right building and you might be able to see what's going on

           - Some of the buildings have plants that you can grow.

           - This might be the only place where you can commit murder. By
           electrocution, no less!

           - Hey, a balloon salesman! Bring him the right person and some-
           thing strange will happen

           - See the different reflections from different people at the fun

           - The people in Hohokum are pretty quick with an umbrella.

Eyes:      - SO MANY EYES! With such a large World and 26 eyes to find, this
           one can take a while. Fortunately, the eyes aren't too well hidden.
           They're all more or less in the same places, without any tricky
           ones around. Try to make thorough vertical, or horizontal, sweeps
           and you should find them all in a pass or two.

Hohokquick: - This is arguably the longest World to finish, and is probably
            the spot that will make or break a speed run. Thing is, each of
            the specific people required for the third and fourth roller
            coaster parts appear in the same place each time. If you memorize
            where they are you can finish it much faster. Or you can just
            quickly cycle through as many people as you can and hope you get
            them soon like I did.

            - As soon as you finish this World push options and select go to
            home. Run into the Hub World from there to shave off a few

------------------------------e. Dot World------------------------------------

Hints:   - Try running into each of the people in this World.
         - Why is that guy riding on your back? Does he want something?
         - He seems to be grabbing dots like colored pancakes. What colors
         is he grabbing?
         - When you bring him back, he places the gathered dots into his
         sewing machine. Keep giving him what he wants and see what happens.

Solution: - Basically, the guy in the center of the World is making hats for
          the four people below his machine. Each hat requires four colors.
          Give him a ride around the dots until he grabs each of the four
          colors he needs, then return him to the machine. Once you've grabbed
          16 dots, and made four hats, you'll find your friend Hector
          in the last hat.

Discovery: - Dot World has significantly more warp spots than any other world,
           but don't let that confuse you. Four of the six all take you to the
           same giant cirlce of dots but with a slight variation.
           - Don't bother trying to completely fill out the giant circle of
           dots on the other side of the four warps. This place is just here
           for fun, so enjoy it and leave.
           - Take a look at how the residents of Dot World utilize the color-
           ful dots all around them. Well, that's one way to make a living.

Eyes:     - This World has 8 hidden eyes to find. Look for the darker grey
          circles that don't change colors when you run over them. Each of
          these circles has an eye hidden in them. Find all 8 grey circles
          and you've found all 8 eyes.

Hohokquick - This World may take a little bit of time, but it's much easier
           than Amusement Park World to breeze through. The colors required
           are the same each time, so memorize the quickest way to each color.
           Grab all four colors needed for a hat in each run. The guy grabs
           dots of a very specific size, so don't bother running around near
           dots that are too big, or too small. When you're finished with all
           the hats, the exit is in the upper right, directly under the one
           you came in from.

--------------------------------f. Graph World-------------------------------

Hints:    - Does anything stand out to you in the bottom right of the screen?

          - As you move from graph to graph, try to run around and see what

          - Do your best not to hit the walls.

          - Sometimes it might help to ease off of the 'X' button.

          - Listen for a buzz. Does anything change when you hear that sound?

Solution: - I'll walk you through graph by graph and try to describe what
          you need to do to move on to the next one.

          - For the first graph, simply fill out part of it until you hear
          a buzzing noise. You'll know you can move on when the lower right
          corner of the graph has a darker section near it. Run next to the
          dark section to open a path to the next graph.

          - The second graph requires you to create shapes that color in
          parts of the graph. Don't hit the walls or it will reset your
          progress. Color in as much of the graph as you can until you hear
          the buzz.

          - For the third graph, simply 'cut' the other snakes into pieces
          by running through them. You should hear the buzz fairly soon.

          - Graph four is trickier. You have to completely erase the colored
          portions of the graph by creating blocks around them. If you hold
          'X' the colored portions will grow much faster, so it might help
          to slow down here. Once the graph paper is clean you can move on.

          - For graph five, simply fill in as much of the graph as you can
          until you hear the buzz.

          - Graph six is kind of weird. Cut through the dark line and it 
          will make a strange waterfall kind of effect. Keep sweeping across
          the graph horizontally until you see four vertical lines of
          different colors and the buzzer goes off.

          - Graph seven solves itself. Just run and turn as fast as you
          can and don't hit the walls.

          - The final graph requires you to cut shapes into the colors,
          erasing them from the paper. Eventually you'll reveal your
          friend Maude, as well as the exit to this strange World.

Discovery: - Not much to do here in Graph World, but be sure to check out
           the alligators at the left of each of the screens.

Eyes:      - No eyes in this world either.

Hohokquick - This may seem counterintuitive, but seriously, ease off of the
           'X' button now and then. Hitting a wall and resetting a graph
            will certainly waste time, and on a couple of them, moving
            slower actually helps finish them faster. This is another fast
            one to complete, but make sure you remember what is required
            for each graph before you get to this world. As soon as you 
            hear the chime, move on to the next graph. When you're finished,
            jump to the Home World through the options menu instead of the

-------------------------------g. Wedding World-------------------------------

Hints:     - If this is a wedding, why is there only one person at the top?

           - Let the wedding bells ring!

           - The guests want to toast the happy couple. Give them something
           to toast with.

           - Is there any more punch somewhere?

           - Once you're seeing fireworks, see if you can find your friend
           somewhere. Is there anything snake-like around?

Solution:  - There are three stages to completing the wedding party. First you
           need to pick a match for the groom. There are three options below,
           but any of them will do. Apparently the groom isn't picky. Once
           you've completed the couple, ring the bell.

           - Now you need to serve drinks. Grab the waiters at the bottom and
           have them deliver drinks. When you run out of glasses, dive into
           the sea of punch and emerge with your refilled trays. Continue to
           deliver drinks to the guests until they're all satisfied.

           - Next you can play around with the fireworks for a while and
           enjoy the wedding. When you're done messing around, head to the
           bottom right where the boat is. Your friend Iemanja is on the bow
           of the ship, so illuminate him with the fireworks and you can be off
           on your way.

Discovery:  - Before you select the couple, run through each of the guests and
            watch their sweet dance moves.

            - See what happens when you pick a different match for the groom.
            The remaining two join the other guests, and they don't seem to be
            too broken up about being rejected.

            - There are some vines you can grow next to the dancing guests.

            - This is a great level to zoom in on when you play.

Eyes:       - All 6 eyes are in the same general location. Hover just above the
            red sea and they should appear briefly on the pillars. Quickly
            open each one as the waves roll past.

Hohokquick: - Don't be too picky about who the groom hooks up with. Just grab
            a suitor and ring the bell. This one should be very fast, and can
            help make up some lost time from Amusement Park World.

---------------------------------h. Kite World--------------------------------

Hints:      - Everybody here is excited for the Kite Festival. Collect some
            participants and help them get ready.

            - You want to gather up at least 8 people for the festival, then
            find each of those 8 people a kite to use.

            - Here in Kite World, kites grow on trees.

            - That pesky bird keeps bothering that man. See if you can get
            rid of it for him.

            - Everytime you try to grab that tree from the jackal, he seems
            to move it. See if you can trick him, and steal that tree.

            - Once you have enough kites for the festival, bring them to a 
            nice windy spot and let those kites fly!

Solution:   - So you need to find 8 people and get them 8 kites to use. The
            people are easy enough to find, just fly through the spiral trees
            to draw them out of their homes. Run into them to pick them up.

            - Once you have enough people, now you need to find kites. The
            kites are unravelled from the yellow trees that the people pick
            up. Most of them are scattered around the World in the open. A 
            couple require some puzzle solving.

            - Find the man swatting the buzzing bird and keep hitting the bird.
            Eventually it will get eaten by a nearby plant, revealing another
            yellow tree for you to pick up.

            - Another tricky one is at the bottom with the dog/jackal statue.
            When you run into the yellow tree in its mouth, quickly run up by
            the jackal's ears so that one of your riders can catch the tree.

            - There is another tree being guarded by purple pinecone things.
            Try not to touch the pinecones or the tree will disappear for a
            bit. Let go of 'X' if you need to in order to get the tree. If
            you're really bad at this for some reason, don't worry. The
            pinecones won't reset once hit, so eventually you have to be able
            get the tree. If not, you have more problems than I can possibly
            help with.

            - Once you've collected 8 people and 8 yellow trees, head up to
            top and deposit them all on the mountains. Once that's completed,
            your good friend Zachariah will be free.

Discovery: - At the top of the World you can "pop" the clouds floating by.
           Every once in a while the cloud will turn into an animal or, if
           you're lucky, something more rare. . .

           - At the far right of the World is a tree with more nutpoppers.
           If you make them all the same size something cool might happen.

           - In the middle of Kite World is an island with yellow bushes
           blossom when you run into them. Cause all the bushes to bloom
           and something might happen.

           - At the bottom of the map are 8 small people just chilling
           among the ruins. If you fly through the dandelion plants beneath
           them, they'll be able to float on the seeds. They really want
           to make it to the kite festival. Make sure they get there safely.

           - There are only 8 kites, but there are 12 people that you can
           collect, meaning you can still have 4 along for the ride. See if
           you can find them all.

           - Once the kite festival has begun and Zachariah is free, fly
           in tight circles around Zachariah for a bit. After a short while,
           you'll be able to float next to him in synchronization before he
           breaks free from his string to join you for a bit.

Eyes:      - This is one of the most challenging Worlds for finding the eyes.
           There are 10 total, but a few of them are deviously hidden. I'll
           try to describe each one below.

           1) At the top of the World with the mountains, there's an island
           that looks like a horse-thing on the left side. It has two
           mountains on it. The eye is very hidden on the tail of the horse.

           2) This is a tough one. Go to where the spiral trees are. Just
           above the furthest left spiral tree is an island that looks like
           an acorn. I promise, there IS an eye on that acorn. Seriously.

           3) Just below the second eye is a larger island with a spiral
           tree and claws below it. The eye is at the top of the island.

           4) Just to the right of the third eye, on the island with the
           spiral tail.

           5) Directly to the right of the fourth, on the island that looks
           like an elephant. It's between the front legs.

           6) On the island with the yellow trees that blossom. The eye is on
           the bottom left of the island.

           7) Just below the sixth eye is an elephant-like structure. The eye
           is right where the elephant's eye should be.

           8) To the right and slightly below the seventh eye, the eighth is
           located on the deer-structure's hind leg.

           9) Go straight down from the spot directly between eyes 7 and 8.
           This eye is on the far right of the platform with two people
           sitting down.

           10) Head to the right from eye #9. This eye is on the octopus
           structure's right tentacle.

Hohokquick - The key to finishing this one quickly is remembering where all
           the yellow trees are, and not wasting time gathering more people
           than you need. Gathering 8 people and 8 trees can be done
           surprisingly fast when you know what you're doing. Again, don't
           go through the warp when you're done. Just exit through the start

----------------------------i. Water Park World--------------------------------

Hints:    - Although it isn't nearly as big as Amusement Park World, Water Park
          World is still fairly large. Zoom out to get a good look at your

          - Try flying around the bottom of the map, underneath the water park.

          - When things start to get a little weird, make the most of a strange
          situation. See what you can find.

          - Try to figure out a way to wake up the sleeping elephant.

          - Once he's happy, return the elephant to a better place.

          - I wonder what will happen if you go back to the other dimensions?

Solution: - Okay, so this is a weird one, and I'm still not sure what's going
          on. First, you want to travel down to the bottom of the map and pass
          through the small space between the bottom-most rocks. This will
          change the music and color pallette of the world, as well as other
          things. Is it another dimension, or are you travelling to some
          dystopian future when the Water Park is but a distant memory?

          - Everytime you pass through that space you'll change dimensions.
          In the dismal dimension, there is a sleeping elephant with a white
          cloud above his head. You need to gather the white clouds scattered
          around the bleak setting and bring them to the larger cloud above
          the sleeping elephant. There are 9 clouds in total. Once you grab
          one you have a limited amount of time to grab another cloud, or
          return it to the larger cloud, before it dissipates and you'll have
          to collect it again. Grab them all at once, or make a few trips.

          - Once the cloud is gathered it will rain on the dirty elephant,
          revealing a brighter, happier elephant man inside. He'll hop onto
          your back for a ride, so take him back to the other dimension and
          drop him off in the large pool. Here he'll promptly start to squirt
          you with water for helping him out. Snake can't catch a break.

          - Finally, you're going to want to go back to the dismal dimension.
          This time, the future has changed, and apparantly the elephant has
          taken over the pool, claimed it his kingdom, and spawned many more
          elephant minions. Swim to the bottom of the pool to find your
          friend Oberon. I'm sure he has quite the story to tell.

Discovery: - There is so much to do in this world, so take your time and check
           it out before leaving.

           - Near the entrance of the park you'll notice some clothed people
           eagerly waiting to join the party. Help them into the changing
           room nearby.

           - At the top left of the map is the beginning of a very large,
           spiraling water slide. Throw some people on and follow them ALL
           the way down. If only this were a real slide.

           - Just to the right of that slide is another one with a hoop.
           You can see some of the people throwing balls through the hoop
           as they slide down.

           - Below the first slide is an island with some hot springs. A good
           soak sounds great after a nice, long slide.

           - Some people like to jump off the diving boards into the pool.

           - You can open and close the umbrellas on the patios, and twirl the
           gazebo. Don't know why, but you can.

Eyes:      - All 8 eyes are on the bottom of the map. They are very faintly
           colored, so look closely. They are also quite large compared to
           most other hidden eyes. Once you find one of them, the rest should
           be easy. On a separate note, these took me forever to find because
           I kept searching the Water Park up above.

Hohokquick - Make a beeline for dimension gate and try to get all of the clouds
           in one trip. It helps if you memorize where all 9 of the clouds are.
           Also, make sure you know where the warp gate is to move on to Cave
           World. This World requires a pretty average amount of time to
           complete, but shouldn't pose much of a challenge.

---------------------------------j. Cave World---------------------------------

Hints:    - Let's go spelunking! Use the man with the lantern to explore every
          inch of the cave. Leave no stone unturned!

          - See if you can find a way to get rid of the stones blocking your
          path. Is there anything else in the cave that looks similar to them?

          - The cave itself is not too big. Just take it one turn at a time,
          and be sure to go back and check a passage you didn't investigate

          - Try breaking all the pots, vases, and artifacts you come across.

          - Don't worry too much about the bats. Avoid them if you can, but
          they really only pose a minor nuisance.

Solution: - This is probably the second most straightforward World in the game.
          The first most straightforward is coming soon. Simply explore every
          passageway in the cave, and break every artifact. If a stone is
          blocking your way, find the four glittering stones in the same room
          and touch them all in sequence. The timing is pretty forgiving, but
          I believe they will dim back down if you don't touch all four in a
          certain time-frame.

          - Although you can make it to the end, and thus lose your lantern
          in the process, this won't necessarily complete the World. You
          need to find the passageway that contains a snake-like statue.
          Once you collapse the statue, your good friend Cecil will be
          released. Cecil looks very much at home in the dark caves.

Discovery: - There isn't too much extra to do in this world, but exploring
           every nook and cranny can be quite fun. It has a nice moody
           soundtrack that really gives Cave World a unique vibe.

           - In the upper right of the world is a cave with a strange
           centipede thing that looks like a plant. When you have the
           lantern, it just appears silhouetted and runs away from you.
           If you return without the lantern you can actually get a good
           look at this strange creature. It's certainly worth a peek.

           - In the bottom left of the map, right before you reach Cecil, is
           a room filled with strange pillbugs that light up when you bring
           your lantern. They look a bit like little morph balls from Metroid.

           - When you've dropped off your lantern-bearing partner, be sure to
           check out his den. There's a nice gramophone, a cozy rug. Is that
           his wife? His girlfriend? Just some lady he picked up and is
           trying to impress with his fancy stuff? Who knows?

Eyes:     - The eyes in this world are very easy. There are 11 of them, but
          each of them is quite easy to find. They look like the artifacts
          that you can break, and are quite large compared to most eyes. If
          you're missing one or two, it's probably because you missed a room
          somewhere. Check every turn off within the caves and you'll find
          them without any problems.

Hohokquick: - This is definitely one of the Worlds you're going to want to
            make a quick practice run through before attempting the
            hohokquick trophy. You need to know which rooms are necessary,
            and which are dead ends. Also, it's obviously important that
            you make it to the room with Cecil, otherwise your trip through
            the cave was a waste of time. Try to remember where the crystal
            stones are located so you can open the doors as quickly as

--------------------------------k. Elephant World------------------------------

Hints:    - Don't waste too much time in the forest with all the animals.
          The solution to this world lies at the bottom of the map, so once
          you've had your fun up above, head down and start poking around.

          - You should notice a couple of things down below. Both the monkeys
          and the peanut-shaped seeds will follow you. Try slowing down and
          see if you can do anything with the seeds.

          - These monkeys are more than willing to fight to rescue their friend.

          - Elephants don't like peanuts being thrown at them.

Solution: - First, you want to head down and gather up a large group of seeds
          from the dandelion-like plants below the swinging monkeys. Slowly
          carry the seeds over to the central island with the peanut-shaped
          statue/tree. When you get close, the seeds will be sucked up, and
          some of the vines below the statue will start to disappear. Keep
          bringing seeds until it is completely planted.

          - Next, you want to grab a monkey or two and bring them directly
          above the statue. They should hop down and gather up a bunch of
          peanut things, then curl up into a ball. When they've done this,
          you can pick them up and carry them around freely.

          - The final stage is the most action-packed hohokum gets. Once you
          have a monkey or two on your back, head up to the elephant at the
          top and start attacking. Although the monkey do all the work, really.
          Just avoid the attacks by holding 'Circle' and stay just in front or
          behind the elephant and the monkeys should make some good hits. Keep
          it up for a minute or two and the elephant should eventually drop 
          the cage, freeing the monkey and your friend Constance at the same

Discovery: - This is a fun, atmospheric little World, but there isn't too much
           to do. Mess around with the animals up above and run through the

Eyes:      - There are only 5 eyes here, but they're gonna make you work for
           them. 3 of the eyes are down below with the monkeys. They're pretty
           evenly spaced out along the bottom in the yellow things draped in
           the vines.

           - The other 2 are pure evil and prove that the makers of this
           game hate you and everything you stand for. They are up above in
           the trees, but are positioned so that they are only visible for a
           brief time. They are in the background trees, about mid-level.
           The first one is fairly close to the far left edge, on the top of
           one of the teal colored trees. The last one is a little easier to
           find. About mid-way between the right and left edges is a tall
           purple tree. The final eye is hiding behind that tree on a faint
           light blue one.

Hohokquick: - It is important to note that the more monkeys you can gather,
            the more peanuts they'll throw and the faster you'll defeat the
            elephant. You'll have to judge whether or not it's worth taking
            the extra time to gather more monkeys, or just head up and start
            attacking as soon as possible. If it's any help, the first
            time I attempted this trophy I had only one monkey, it took
            forever, but I still made the trophy in time. Use your best
            judgement, but I recommend 2-3 monkeys.

--------------------------------l. Forest World-------------------------------

Hints:    - This is a very large world, made all the more difficult to
          navigate by the fact that your zoom function is disabled. No need to
          fear, most of this place is extraneous to your goal. Find the masked
          kids in the center and focus on them.

          - Do you see any arrows on the masks or branches of the trees below
          them? What do you think they mean?

          - Try flicking the black rod above the masked kids and see what

          - The forest god prefers order to chaos. See if you can please him.

Solution: - This puzzle is quite simple. Run by all the kids in the masks in
          the direction indicated by the arrows. If you go the wrong way,
          simply turn around and try it again. Your goal is to get each row of
          kids to have the same masks. Once each row is uniform, flick the
          black rod and show the forest god your work. If he's pleased, each
          of the kids will don a new mask in his image, but one of them seems
          off. Give the goofy looking one a few nudges and your friend Mavis
          will emerge.

Discovery: - This is a large place to explore. Try bumping into the red sap
           on the trees.

           - See if you can sneak up on one of the bugs skittering in the

           - How many different kinds of bugs can you find? You might be
           rewarded for your patience and curiosity.

Eyes:     - You're going to hate this World by the time you're done here.
          Unfortunately, there is really no way I can make this massive 17
          eye search much easier for you. You'll simply have to scan through
          the environment methodically looking for the eyes on the branches
          of the trees. Once you find one, get a good look at it before
          opening it. Every one of the 17 eyes is the same shape, size, and
          color. Burn its image in your brain. I suggest starting at one of
          the corners and moving horizontally across the world. When you
          reach the edge, move down to where the bottom of the screen was
          before, and start making your way in the other direction. Take
          your time. It's better to be thorough than fast. Although I save
          this one for last, it really doesn't take me more than 2 passes
          to get every eye (I always seem to miss one on the first go!).

Hohokquick: - This is pretty fast to finish. I actually just suggest snaking
            your way through the masked kids, weaving back and forth. Then
            turn around and go back through each row in the opposite
            direction. Two passes is all it takes. I think this is faster
            than trying to determine where the arrow is and moving in that
            direction. If you think you can do that faster, go right ahead.
            I just like to be able to use the 'L'-'R' wiggle to blast
            through my two passes in no time at all, then flick the rod for
            a very speedy victory.

---------------------------------m. Iguana World------------------------------

Hints:    - This is one of the most fun worlds to play around in. Ironically,
          it's also by far the easiest.

          - Play around all you want, but your friend doesn't need any fancy
          puzzles to save. Just find him.

Solution: - Seriously, you don't have to do anything. Your friend Jeffcoat is
          sleeping (and a little angry) in the lower room at the far right.

Discovery: - This may be the easiest World to complete, but it would be a
           shame to leave so soon. See how many iguanas you can get to sing
           at the same time. This is definitely a fun place to mess around in.

           - Bouncing off the walls will start some percussion going for your
           string performance.

Eyes:      - Nope, there aren't even any eyes here. Seriously, this place is
           a freebie of fun.

Hohokquick - Ummm, go grab Jeffcoat. Then return to the Home World. This will
           certainly save you some time.

---------------------------------n. Night World-------------------------------

Hints:     - The lights and performance on the bottome of the World might be
           captivating, but your friend is in the skies up above.

           - Notice how the stars seem to follow you? Try filling out the
           constellations up above.

Solution:  - This is another very easy one to complete. In the top left corner
           of the sky you can see the faint silhouette of a snake. Fill it up
           with the stars that follow you and the constellation will be
           revealed to be your friend Lois.

Discovery: - This may be a quick and easy world to complete, but that doesn't
           mean you'll want to leave so soon. Try lighting up all the lanterns
           down below and enjoy the show for a while.

           - Once the lanterns are lit, the music will pick up a bit. You can
           turn them all off again by hitting the bell shape below the
           lantern platforms.

           - In the sky there are three large constellations that you can fill
           up with stars. It may take a few passes, but the sky will light up
           when you do.

Eyes:      - There are 8 eyes to find here, and none of them should be too
           difficult. 4 are on the bottom, one for each of the lantern plat-
           forms. The other 4 are much smaller, and hidden amongst the stars.
           Fortunately they are easier to find than they could be considering
           their location and previous Worlds' hidden eyes. The 4 in the sky
           are fairly evenly spaced from each other.

Hohokquick: - Just make a direct beeline for the top left corner and find the
            snake. Ignore everything else. Find Lois then move on to Pottery

-------------------------------o. Pottery World--------------------------------

Hints:    - Unlike the other worlds, you can't actually complete this one the
          first time you get here.

          - That doesn't mean you can't do anything. It's a small place, but
          there is something you can do. . . destroy things!

          - Hmmm, he didn't seem to like that very much, did he?

          - When you return, pay attention to what it looks like. Is anything
          different this time, compared to the last?

Solution: - So this is a strange one to complete. Basically you have to break
          all the pots, leave, then come back. The birdman will have then made
          even bigger pots in the hopes that you won't break them. Of course
          you're going to break them. Everytime you break all the pots, leave,
          then come back, the birdman will have made new, bigger pots until
          finally he gets sick of your shenanegans and makes a giant, unbreak-
          able pot. The crow that keeps poking out of the pots will reveal
          your good friend Lutterworth.

Discovery: - This is a big one. At the bottom is a man who paces back and
           forth. Run into him while he's walking and he'll form you into a 
           symbol. Do this three times and he'll show you three different
           symbols. The symbols change with each playthrough, so if you start
           a new game they will be different. Do these symbols look familiar
           at all? They should.

Eyes:     - There are only 5 eyes in this World. 4 are on the platforms with
          the pots. The fifth is a little tricky. It is dark black, and buried
          amongst the broken pots at the bottom of the map. It lies just
          slightly to the left of the pacing man's platform.

Hohokquick: - Because you have to leave and come back to this World in order to
            complete, it is a little more involved than some of the others. I
            recommend breaking the pots the first time, then heading straight
            for Bee World. Once Bee World is completed, return to Pottery
            World the same way you left for Bee World. Break the pots again,
            then go to Ocean World. After Ocean World, return to the Home World.
            The Pottery World warp is to the right. Remember which one it is.
            Return to Pottery World, leave by the top warp, then immediately
            return again to complete it. If you follow a plan like the one
            above you should be able to finish it with very little wasted time.

----------------------------------p. Bee World--------------------------------

Hints:    - Try to motivate those lazy bees to get back to work. This is a
          factory, not a day spa!

          - See what you can do to get that vat of guano filled up. We need to
          get production back up. Profits are down!

          - With the vat filled up with guano, follow the tubes and see what

Solution: - There are tons of bees to find scattered throughout the World to
          help boost guano production. Getting as many working as possible is
          helpful. First, dive into the guano vat and head through the bottom
          tube. This will free a bunch of bees from their bell cages. Wake
          them all up, then wake up any other bees you see hiding behind the
          pipes. There are a couple other bells with bees in the level, but
          you don't have to find all of them.

          - Once you have a good supply of bees producing guano, grab the
          three anteater vacuum dudes and fly them around the guano spots,
          picking up the preciously disgusting fluid. Drop them off above the
          vat and keep filling it up. There are two more tubes to reveal. The
          middle tube will take you to a tank with an exit and two more tubes,
          one on the bottom and one on the left. Go through the bottom one to
          free a few more bees if you need them.

          - Once the vat is completely filled you can head through the upper
          tube on the left. This will take you to some guy's office where your
          massive supply of guano will overwhelm the factory, freeing Grublin
          in the process.

Discovery: - There are plenty of extra bees that can be found scattered
           throughout the factory. See if you can find them all.

           - In the upper left of the map is another bell shaped container
           like the three on the bottom. Hit all the alarm bells around it to
           free another batch of bees.

           - The upper right of the map has another bell container. Get all
           the smoke stacks to spurt smoke in order to free another batch of

           - If you pass through the middle tube on the right of the guano
           vat, you'll end up in a steaming tank. Head through the left tube
           get shot out into a bell.

           - Once the factory gets moving more, you can pass through the pink
           car wash things and sound off another bell.

           - The left part of the factory has some guano bubbles you can pop.
           If you move slowly, you can even get stuck inside one.

           - Try grabbing some anteater-things and have them pass through the
           yellow steam cloud from the factory pipes. Gross!

           - Poor bees! They seem to be working themselves to death. When
           they've had enough, you can see them slowly floating down to the
           bottom of the map, where eventually a bunch of them will lay
           down to quietly face the dark abyss in peace. RIP.

Eyes:     - Okay, these are pretty tough to find. You have a total of 12 eyes
          to find, but some of them are very tricky. First off, 3 are at the
          very bottom of the map. One large one is on the far left and isn't
          too tricky to find. The second one is hiding on the platform just
          below and to the left of the exit warp. The third is hiding in a
          puddle of guano on the very bottom floor.

          - Four more eyes are within the factory piping below the guano
          vat. They shouldn't be too tough to find. Three of them are light
          colored, the fourth is darker and right above the man waiting for
          a cup of guano.

          - One eye is hiding on the far left platform where the anteater
          guy was standing.

          - There are two eyes in the upper piping, one on each side. The
          one to the left is easy to find, but the one to the right is
          hiding very well on one of the smoke stacks. Zoom in to get a 
          good look at it.

          - The final two eyes are on the yellow bee hive things. One is
          directly above the main hive and the guano droppings. The other
          is down and to the right, directly above the bell you ring when
          you shoot out of the piping.

Hohokquick: - Don't waste too much time collecting bees. Immediately head
            down the lower pipe in the guano vat and collect the bees in
            the bells there. That should be plenty for what you need. Grab
            more as you run past them, but don't go too far out of your way.
            Also, when getting the anteaters to suck up the guano, don't
            bother filling up their tanks. Just get what you need, bring 
            them down, and fill it back up on another pass. Just keep
            moving and you'll get the vat filled up in no time. If you
            really need more bees, head through the middle pipe and free the
            three bees stuck inside the pipes there.

---------------------------------q. Ocean World-------------------------------

Hints:    - It seems the diver wants to be reunited with the white jellyfish
          thing. Let's give them a hand with that.

          - The giant anchor octopus is a real jerk, eating fish and bullying
          anyone who gets near. See if you can put him out of commission.

          - The fish you collect will follow you anywhere there's water.

          - See the rusty clumps of debris floating around? Watch what happens
          when the fish get close.

          - If that anchor-pus wants to eat fish, feed him some fish he'll
          never forget.

Solution: - Your goal here is to get the white jellyfish thing to the man on
          the buoy near the entrance to Ocean World. The jellyfish will follow
          you in that direction, but soon the anchor-octopus will get in the
          way. Go collect a big school of fish and swim next to the rusty
          debris in the pools of water. The fish should change to an orange,
          rusty color and start leaving behind a trail of filth. With your
          contaminated fish in tow, go feed them to the octopus and watch him
          rust up right before your eyes. Feed him enough rusty fish and
          he'll completely rust up, allowing you to bring the jellyfish the
          rest of the way. Once the jellyfish reaches the buoy you'll find
          your friend Fanshaw.

Discovery: - There are schools of plankton waiting to be gobbled up by your
           loyal fish friends. See if you can eat them all.

           - There are three eels on the map, and if you swim close to them
           they'll follow you. I'm not sure if you can reunite them, they
           don't seem to follow me outside of their own bubble. If you find
           out anything, let me know!

           - A couple of the rocks have holes in them where dancing eels will
           pop out if you swim close by!

           - There are a couple of scaredy-cat hermit-crab things on some of
           the islands. Follow one around a bit and see what he does.

           - See that clam in the bottom right pool of water? I think I saw
           a pearl inside. Maybe you should swim into its mouth and. . .
           (snicker) check it out. Go on. Give it a try. Seriously. Swim
           inside its mouth. I'll watch.

Eyes:     - This World tends to give a lot of people some trouble when it 
          comes to the hidden eyes. I'll try to walk you through them all
          one by one. Of the 12 total, 7 are hidden amongst the barnacles
          on the purple rocks. The other 5 are larger and hidden in the
          background of the level with the green spots.

          - First the barnacle rocks. The first two are on the purple rocks
          surrounding the diver. One on each side.

          - For the third, head to the top of the map where the five rocks
          with white and red growths are. You'll find it on the rock just
          to the right of the bottom growth rocks, and just below the far
          right growth rock on the top row.

          - The fourth eye is to the right of the third. It's on the rock
          directly below the rusty pool.

          - Straight down from the fourth, the fifth eye is on the tri-
          angular rock just above the rusty pool.

          - Now let's backtrack a bit. The sixth is directly above the
          island housing the rusty anchor-octopus. The seventh is just
          below the island and to the right, both within the same pool.

          - Now let's find those background eyes. This first one is just
          to the right of the second rock-eye by the diver and the buoy.

          - For the second one, keep heading right after the first back-
          ground eye. You'll find it just to the right of the first rock
          with the white and red growth

          - Head straight down from the second eye and you should see this
          third eye between two purple rocks. (It's also right next to the
          sixth rock-eye.

          - The fourth is tricky, but is directly to the right of the third
          eye. You can only see it when the water recedes, so just be
          patient and wait for the water to move.

          - The final background eye is just to the left of the rusty pool
          that is directly below the fifth rock-eye.

Hohokquick: - As soon as you arrive, head over to the rusty pools to the right
            of the map. Grab as many fish as you can and swim them over to the
            anchor octopus. The jellyfish will pretty much just follow you
            without you doing anything in particular, so focus on getting rid
            of the octopus. Once that's done you only need to bring the jelly-
            fish a short distance to trigger the animation and free Fanshaw.
            You can accomplish all this in a very short time. You can either
            retreat the way you came to finish up Pottery World if you need to,
            or simply head to the Home World and access it from there.


                                VII.   Trophies


There are 12 trophies to collect in Hohokum, and only one of them should give
you any trouble, and even that one is fairly easy as far as gold trophies go.

Hohokquick (Hohokumnavigus Furius) - Gold

     - Complete the videogame Hohokum in under 60 minutes.

     - It probably doesn't need to be stated, but this trophy is best
       completed after having already finished Hohokum at least once. I 
       recommend running back through each of the Worlds after your first play
       through and refresh yourself on any of the requirements for completion.
       If like me you finished a World without knowing 100% what you did to
       finish it, check the Solution section in the Walkthrough for that World.
       It is also best to have a plan in mind before beginning. Decide on an
       order to tackle each world, and have the map written/printed out so you
       can check them off as you complete them and keep yourself organized.
       Although this isn't overly challenging, it does require that you move
       quickly and directly through each World. Press 'X' to end the cutscenes
       as quickly as possible, and don't forget to skip through the second half
       of the credits with 'X' as well. I haven't confirmed it, but I think the
       clock continues to run while paused.

Nutpopper's Regret (Popnutinus Minimus) - Bronze

     - Equalize all the popnuts in the popnut tree.

     - This trophy is referring to the popnut tree found in Kite World. Simply
       make all the popnuts either small or big and you'll acquire the trophy.

Ragazzi del 99 (Gelatus purgutoria) - Silver

     - Pay a visit to the Ice Cream seller.

     - This trophy requires some work, but is extremely rewarding to encounter
       on your own. Hopefully you were able to find it. If not, first head to
       Pottery World. Remember that man who paced back and forth on the bottom
       of the map? While he's walking, run into him and he'll turn you into a
       symbol. Do this three times and he'll turn you into three different
       symbols. Remember them, then head to Hub World. Touch the three symbols
       he showed you and a secret warp will be revealed.

       This secret warp takes you to a fun little desert level where a birdman
       is trying to sell ice cream. You can pick up some travelers and drop
       them off at his stand where they'll be able to enjoy some refreshing
       ice cream to ward off the desert heat. There isn't anything else to earn
       here, so don't make the same mistake I made and spend 30-45 minutes
       picking up as many guys as you can.

Nutpopper's Delight (Popnutinus Maxia) - Silver

     - Equalize all the popnuts in the popnut forest.

     - The popnut forest the trophy is referring to is found in Hub World.
       Although you can complete it by making all the popnuts large, I
       recommend making them small so that you can find the three hidden eyes
       here while you're earning the trophy. Two birds with one stone. This
       trophy seems daunting, but it should really only take a few minutes.
       Press 'Circle' if you need help controlling yourself off the bounces.

Clambound! (Bivalvia Claustrophobius) - Bronze

     - You were trapped inside the huge clam-thing. Curious fronds tickling
       you the whole time.

     - The clam-thing is found at the far bottom-right pool in Ocean World.
       Simply swim in its mouth a bit and he'll chomp down on you before
       eventually releasing you afterwards no worse for wear.

Les Croque Parabolique (Acrobaticus Sycamoria) - Bronze

     - Thanks to you all of the seed riders made it to the kite festival.

     - In Kite World you'll find the 8 seed riders at the bottom of the map,
       chilling above the dandelion seeds. When you release the dandelion
       seeds, the seed riders will grab ahold of them as they float upwards.
       You'll have to fly past them and guide them so that they land on the
       platform at the very top where the kite festival is held. Don't just
       assume they'll make it, you have to babysit them pretty thoroughly. I
       recommend only tackling 2 or 3 at a time.
       Also, they don't seem to land in the spot where that one guy is flying
       a kite. For some reason they'll just keep floating up and disappear. If
       that happens you'll have to leave and come back in order to complete
       the trophy. All 8 need to make it. This one might take a couple attempts
       to complete.

Young Ognathologist (Ognadae Ognadae) - Bronze

     - Get a good look at an Ognapod.

     - The Ognapods are the bugs that skuttle about in Forest World. In order
       to get this trophy you'll have to hold 'Circle' and fly up close very
       slowly. Don't push 'X' as you fly around or you'll scare them before
       you get a chance to get close.

Celebrated Master of Ognapology (Ognadae Tetratetron) - Bronze

     - Find four different species of Ognapod.

     - Like the Young Ognathologist trophy, you'll find this one in Forest
       World. Hold 'Circle' again and fly up close to the Ognapods, looking
       for different species. I'm not sure how many species there are total,
       but this shouldn't take too much time. I recommend completing it while
       scouring for those hidden eyes.

Ghoonpile (Ghoongollion Marginus) - Bronze

     - Make a nice stack of Ghoons.

     - You'll find the Ghoons in the transition area between Cave World and
       Elephant World. Just head to Elephant World from the Home World and go
       inside the warp to get there. The Ghoons ride on your back when you
       head off the screen. There are four different kinds, so your job is to
       stack them up, with the biggest on the bottom. If you grab them in the
       wrong sequence you'll be left with just one Ghoon. In order to complete
       first go off the screen to the bottom, then to the right, then up, then
       left. After that you should have a nice stack of four Ghoons.

The Ostler's Daydream (Cumulus Velivolus) - Bronze

     - You saw a cloud that looks suspiciously like the skybeast from Poto and

     - In Kite World you'll find some white clouds floating by at the very top
       of the map near the kite festival. If you pop the clouds, sometimes
       they'll turn into an animal. If you keep popping them you'll eventually
       see one turn into a dragon, and the trophy will be yours.

The Twilight Tickler (Bulblio Bulblio) - Bronze

     - Congratulations. You lit all the fairground lights without zapping

     - Like the description states, you need to light all the fairground lights
       at Amusement Park World without killing anybody. To do this you'll have
       to make sure you dump off all your passengers before running into the
       electric fence. Make sure you don't grab any new people on your way to
       the lights. This shouldn't be too tough, just don't get careless. If you
       zap somebody you'll have to leave and come back to make another attempt.

Shame of the Scuttlers (Hermetica Ingloria) - Bronze

     - See a stark naked Scuttler. Feel his shame.

     - In Ocean World all you need to do is chase one of the red hermit crabs
       around until he drops his shell and runs away. There are two Scuttlers
       so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.


VIII.   Final Notes


i. Ending

Once you've found all fifteen of your friends, all you have to do to finish the
game is return to the Home World. If you've been to each of the Worlds and for
some reason the ending credits don't begin, you probably missed one of your
friends in one of the Worlds. It's easy to figure out which one. Simply fly
around the Home World hub and find the portal that doesn't have a snake flying
around it. You'll find your missing friend there.

ii. Eyes

I didn't know where else to put this, so I'm just going to write a little bit
about the eyes right here. If you've finished collecting the trophies you'll
notice that there isn't any trophy for collecting all the eyes in the game.
It's a tad disappointing, but you're probably wondering what you actually get
for finding them all. The answer is not much.

Once you've collected all the eyes, head over to Hub World and find the old man
with the beard. He'll be pretty happy and hop onto your back for a ride. You'll
be taken back to Home World where you need to head over to a side passage to
the left. You'll find a large eye, and at that point the old man will hop off
and you'll see a cutscene of him turning into, well, some weird man-snake-kite
thing hybrid. And that's it.

Also, the cutscene for the weird old man will now take up the missing spot when
you select friends from the title screen. His name is in Hohokumese but it
looks like Ol Wolsey. So that's his name I guess. Ol Wolsey.

Whether or not you decide it's worth pursuing is up to you. The reward is
mainly in the journey itself. If you like exploring every nook and cranny of
this game, and have a large degree of patience, by all means go for it.


                            IX.   Legal/Contact Info


Hopefully this guide helped you with what you were looking for. As usual, this 
was written completely by me, and as such, requires my permission to post on
any website. It may not be sold or posted without my knowledge. Feel free to 
print a copy for personal use only. If you would like this guide to be posted 
on your site, please email me at -


If you send me any emails, please include HOHOKUM FAQ in all-caps in the subject
line. If this guide helped you in any way, send me an email and let me know.
Also, I'm always looking for more secrets and easter eggs to include in the
discovery section, so if you find any let me know so we can share them with
the rest of the community. And don't forget to have fun!

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