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Master of the Invizimals
Unlock all trophies in Invizimals™: The Alliance
Dragon Master
Find The Star Dragon
Team Hero
Win a battle with your life bar full fighting with team mates.
Alliance Master
Reach level 30 in the Alliance
Master cook
Complete all recipes in the Kitchen.
Master hunter
Beat all captures in the Capture Book.
Steel Master
Capture the Steel Dragon.
Lone hero
Win a battle with your life bar full fighting alone.
Stop the Xtractors
Beat the story mode in Invizimals™: The Alliance.
Friend of Tigershark
Find the hidden Tigershark in Invizimals™: The Alliance.
Dragon Hunter
Capture a Dragon Invizimal.
Alliance Lord
Reach level 20 in the Alliance
Evolve one of your Invizimals to Colt stage.
Evolve one of your Invizimals to Max stage.
Growing up
Level up one of your Invizimals.
A world in colour
Find a colour seed and apply it to one of your Invizimals.
Find a dark seed and apply it to one of your Invizimals.
Outpost defender
Have a complete outpost with all its buildings.
Access all areas
Unlock all nine battle arenas.
Xtractor master
Claim an Xtractor for your catalogue.
Elemental force
Beat all Elementals in battle: Fire, Ice, Rock, Ocean, Jungle, Desert and Air.
Alliance Member
Reach level 10 in the Alliance.
Top of the class
Reach level 30 with one of your Invizimals.
Volcano Tournament Champion
Win the Volcano Tournament
Salma Tournament Champion
Win the Salma Tournament
Roarhide Tournament Champion
Win the Roarhide Tournament
Roboquito Tournament Champion
Win the Roboquito Tournament
Hilltopper Tournament Champion
Win the Hilltopper Tournament
Shadow Tournament Champion
Win the Shadow Tournament
Neko-suke Tournament Champion
Win the Neko-suke Tournament

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