How do I beat (Arfoire)?

  1. I just cant seem to bet the final boss... im guessing ahe is... can anybody give me a full guide or anything that could help

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    JGregorios01 - 4 years ago

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  1. Depending on your party, you can win or lose the battle. Before battling her, set the party with your two strongest attackers and pair them off with people that have a defensive lily rank skill. If one of those attackers is Neptune, give her the Sharacite plus make her Vit stat 2k+ by giving her the Monkey Bracelet. Plus the fact if you level her up with Histy's Bookmark, she can deal more than 15k of damage with her HDD: Neptune Exe Drive. Give her the combo link Exe finish (if you don't have it, grind.)

    Tekken is a good choice as a frontline. Her strong blows can whittle the bar as quick as Arfoire can heal. Use her power combo as often as possible plus the Tekken Style finish. Give her a disc that allows her to deal 9999+ damage withe her EXE Drive. If you can't find it, wander the world till you do.

    Compa is very needed as a healer and her EXE Drive is nothing to forget. She can dish out damage comparable to Neptune in HDD and that's with no buff or debuff. In battle formation, keep her at the back of the formation. Set Vert as the backline for her.

    Actual Battle:

    - Being old as she is, do NOT use your EXE Drive for her. She can easily die from a continuous barrage of blows. Minimize your use of SP since you'll need it for later. Use items instead of skills if you

    True Arfoire
    -(Gasp) she turned into a dragon! Spam her with Debuffs as soon as possible and use boosters on your party. Switch Compa with Vert and use her EXE Drive. Switch again and stay back for a good while. DO NOT switch your main attackers. Notice that red radar that appears when you use skills, that's your saviour. Have Compa activate First Aid and move to a position that allows you to either: Heal both characters or move till she can heal one While at the back.

    She will quickly hit anyone you heal so keep their Hp high. Despite her current size, she can take two turns so 54k heal. Once you get a chance use Tekken's 10-hit Combo. Once Arfoire has 50% Hp give or take, she will use Dragon Raid. So have Tekken face her tail, Neptune at her scaly face and Compa being far away from neptune but not near Tekken.

    If you get Compa killed now, you are unbelivably dead. Reviving her is impossible while dealing 27k of damage. Arfoire also hits her for 8k of damage, instantly murdering her. Use energy lumps to revive her. DO NOT use Compa's kit skills because Arfoire might use Dragon Raid. When she's down to nearly 10% use any EXE Drive that you can. Except Neptune's coupling skill.

    If ya do it right, congrats! \(*^-\)

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