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by KeyBlade999

Table of Contents

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FFX-2 FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: v1.60 | Updated: 09/20/15

Table of Contents

  1. Notes on This FAQ (READ!)
  2. Donations
  3. Introduction
  4. Walkthrough
    1. 100% Flowchart
    2. Prologue
    3. Chapter 1
    4. Chapter 2
    5. Chapter 3
    6. Chapter 4
    7. Chapter 5
    8. Last Mission: Iutycyr Tower
  5. Creature Create
    1. The Basics
    2. Creature Build-Up
    3. The Colosseum
    4. Creature Stat Comparisons
    5. Creature Create Stat Growth
  6. Enemy Bestiary
    1. Basic Stats - Main Game
    2. In-Depth Stats - Main Game
    3. Basic Stats - Colosseum
    4. In-Depth Stats - Colosseum
    5. Enemy Bribery
    6. Gunner's Gauntlet Foes
  7. Garment Grid Data
    1. Sectional Format
    2. Abominable
    3. Bitter Farewell
    4. Black Tabard
    5. Blood of the Beast
    6. Bum Rush
    7. Chaos Maelstrom
    8. Conflagration
    9. Covenant of Growth
    10. Covetous
    11. Disaster in Bloom
    12. Downtrodder
    13. Enigma Plate
    14. First Steps
    15. Flash of Steel
    16. Font of Power
    17. Healing Light
    18. Healing Wind
    19. Heart of Flame
    20. Heart Reborn
    21. Helios Guard
    22. Higher Power
    23. Highroad Winds
    24. Horn of Plenty
    25. Hour of Need
    26. Howling Wind
    27. Ice Queen
    28. Immortal Soul
    29. Intrepid
    30. Last Resort
    31. Megiddo
    32. Menace of the Deep
    33. Mercurial Strike
    34. Mortal Coil
    35. Mounted Assault
    36. Peerless
    37. Pride of the Sword
    38. Protection Halo
    39. Raging Giant
    40. Ray of Hope
    41. Restless Sleep
    42. Sacred Beast
    43. Salvation Promised
    44. Samurai's Honor
    45. Scourgebane
    46. Seething Cauldron
    47. Selene Guard
    48. Shining Mirror
    49. Still of Night
    50. Stonehewn
    51. Strength of One
    52. Supreme Light
    53. Tempered Will
    54. Tetra Master
    55. The End
    56. Thunder Spawn
    57. Treasure Hunt
    58. Tricks of the Trade
    59. Undying Storm
    60. Unerring Path
    61. Unwavering Guard
    62. Valiant Lustre
    63. Vanguard
    64. White Signet
    65. Wishbringer
  8. Dressphere Data
    1. Sectional Format
    2. Alchemist
    3. Berserker
    4. Black Mage
    5. Dark Knight
    6. Festivalist
    7. Gun Mage
    8. Gunner
    9. Lady Luck
    10. Mascot
    11. Psychic
    12. Samurai
    13. Songstress
    14. Thief
    15. Trainer
    16. Warrior
    17. White Mage
    18. Floral Fallal (Yuna's Special)
    19. Full Throttle (Paine's Special)
    20. Machina Maw (Rikku's Special)
    21. Blue Bullet Skills
    22. Mix List
    23. Last Mission Dressphere Stat Growth
  9. Items Listings
    1. Consumables
    2. Battle Items
    3. Gunner's Gauntlet Items
    4. Accessories
  10. Shop Details
    1. Quick Jump
    2. The Full List
  11. Trophy Guide
    1. Quick Listing
    2. Detailed Guide
  12. Credits
  13. Version History
  14. Legalities

Walkthrough (Continued)

Chapter 2 - Besaid

TREASURES CHECKLIST (ignoring Gunner's Gauntlet rewards)
[_] Wall Ring[_] Hi-Potion x2[_] 1,500 Gil[_] Potion x3[_] Ether x2

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Flan AzulFlan552208787524206312Lightning
Iron GiantIron Giant22223300201004011012None

Seeing as you plundered most of the stuff from the village in Chapter 1, there's not much here as of yet. However, a few new chests have appeared. Leave the village and head along towards the beach. At the Waterfall Way area, as you cross the first bridge, jump behind it to find a Wall Ring. Once at the beach, you can climb the ledges to the left and go across to the semi-hidden part of the beach to find 1,500 Gil and two Hi-Potions. If you enter the cavern from before, you should be able to three Potions and two Ethers as well.

Return to where you saw the Aurochs and speak with them. Talk to them and opt to take on Beclem in the Gunner's Gauntlet!

What is the Gunner's Gauntlet? It's actually one of my favorite FFX-2 minigames! ^_^ Essentially, you have a limited amount of time to run a course (7 minutes here). Along the way, you will encounter a number of enemies, and you won't actually battle them. Rather, Yuna will be able to shoot at them - lock-on with Circle, and go bang-bang with X. Your attacks will always connect, taking away one HP from the enemy. (See Gunner's Gauntlet Foes for details on HP. Also look in Gunner's Gauntlet Items for the ammo stuff.) Once the fiend hits 0 HP, they die and you earn points, and probably some ammunition or something else in a chest.

That's basically it - once you make it to the end within the allotted time, if you've gotten enough points, you get rewards, as below.

LevelScore NeededRewards
1500Enigma Plate Garment Grid
2750Power Wrist
3900Silver Bracer
41,000Titanium Bangle
51,150Mortal Coil Garment Grid
61,300Beaded Brooch
71,400Diamond Gloves
82,000Faerie Earrings

You'll definitely want to hone your skills for a while to get that Adamantite, since it boosts your Defense and Magic Defense by 120 and puts up Auto-Protect and Auto-Shell! It's not entirely impossible - I managed to grab it.

As a footnote, there IS a glitch (or just clever abuse) in the Gunner's Gauntlet system, and it's the same as in the original FFX-2. However, you will need to have played it enough times such that the enemies (Bicocettes, I believe) that drop Volley Ammo appears. Essentially, as you near the end of the path (the last long linear pathway heading towards the beach), there is a waterfall. For whatever reason, standing near or almost behind it makes enemies ignore you. Get a Volley Ammo on the way to the waterfall and, once there, just sit there for a while until a Bicocette arrives on-screen (or longer if you so please): then shoot 'em all down with the Volley Ammo, collect that Volley Ammo dropped by the Bicocette(s), then loop from there. It's easy enough to exceed 2,800 points (Level 9 par) with a LOT of time to spare using this trick.

The Gunner's Gauntlet is the only thing here, anyways.

Chapter 2 - Kilika

[_] Turbo Ether[_] Mana Tablet x2

As it stands, Kilika will be closed for most of Chapter 2. You can land there, though! In fact, you probably should, given the rewards here. Essentially, just jump over the boats for the Turbo Ether and two Mana Tablets, then beam back up to the Ent-- I mean Celsius.

Chapter 2 - Luca

[_] Light Curtain x2[_] Covetous Garment Grid

When you arrive in Luca's outskirts, go downstairs. Jump to the chest near the bottom to find two Light Curtains inside, then return to the stairs and you'll meet up with Shelinda! ... Hm. Anyhow, press R1/R2 if you want to switch between camera angles, then you can have that interview with Yuna. It's not completely pointless, at least, since you get the Covetous Garment Grid. That's 'bout it.

Chapter 2 - Mi'ihen

[_] Muscle Belt[_] 1,000 Gil[_] Phoenix Down x3[_] Antidote x3[_] Potion[_] Silver Bracer[_] Holy Water x3
[_] Eye Drops x3[_] Phoenix Down x3[_] Grenade x2[_] Ether[_] Potion x2[_] Echo Screen x3[_] Soft x3
[_] Chocobo Feather/Chocobo Wing x2/x3[_] Gold Hourglass x1 / Chocobo Feather x1/x2[_] Selene Guard Garment Grid

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Bully CapFungus9437683832658143212Fire
Flan PalidoFlan1888512222222473308212Fire
Fly EyeEvil Eye2581,03252522424204012None
Iron GiantIron Giant22223300201004011012None
Wild WolfLupine185740001026122812None

We'll begin with the same stuff as in Chapter 1 - basically, start at the south end and run northward along the linear path, picking up the treasures from the seven chests on the way. (That's the first row of the Treasures Checklist thingy above.) BYPASS THE AGENCY for the moment, since you will basically forfeit 100% completion (or perhaps not - it's pretty tough to tell) if you go inside. Continue along the remainder of the main Highroad and plunder more chests along the way; you'll also be able to engage in the usual PR/bridal quest stuff from the Calm Lands (the main reason I threw the note in here).

Finally, enter the agency and speak with the girl kwehing about Chocobos. Go outside and speak with the girl, Calli, and tell her "I think I remember" and "Of course" in the scene following. This starts up another mission.

Follow Rikku at the start of the mission, heading south of the agency and continue following her thereafter. As you go, pay attention to the ground; you'll notice some yellowish feathers at some points. Run over them and make the chime sound: each time Rikku stops, then, you can pick "Sure" to get a possibility to nail a prize. (Pick "Not this time" to continue running.) If you opt for the prizes, you get two Chocobo Feathers for 1~3 feathers, three Chocobo Feathers for 4~14 feathers, two Chocobo Wings for 15~17 kweh-thers (had to do it =P), and three Chocobo Wings for any more.

As you leave the screen, you will also get a Gold Hourglass for 1~8 feathers, a Chocobo Feather for 9~15 feathers, and two Chocobo Feathers for any more than that.

When you meet the Chocobo, it'll basically rush along the left, right, or middle of the road, and you want to block it. Look at the Chocobo to know which direction to block it in, and that'll do it. HOWEVER, screw up a couple of times (three should do it) to help make a Chapter 4 event occur later. After a screw up, follow Rikku and Paine and there will be a scene when you reach them; after the second one, run south and you'll see Rikku just land on her rear. After the third scene total, the Chocobo escapes, after which you should go to the south end and speak with the Al Bhed woman - tell her "Please, yes!" to get the 'Boko.

After, save the game, then run far to the north to eventually encounter a boss.


BOSS - Chocobo Eater
Chocobo Eater(Oversouled)
Maximum HP2,3502,993
Maximum MP230230
Magic Defense44
Elem. WeaknessFireFire
Elem. ResistanceNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityGravityGravity
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNone
EXP. Earned350680
Gil Earned500770
AP Earned12
Common Steals1 X-Potion1 Shining Bracer
Rare Steals2 X-Potions2 Shining Bracers
Common Item Drops1 Wall Ring3 X-Potions
Rare Item DropsNone5 X-Potions

When you fight the Chocobo Eater (again?), you'll see him to be a bit superior to his FFX variation. Not to mention there's no more of the whole segmented-battlefield thing. Anyhow, you'll see a physical attack (hits highest-HP character), Fira, Watera, Blizzara, and Thundara for the most part. You'll also see a sort of "Me no like you!" thing in the Oversouled form, after which he hits a certain character four times, probably killing them.

The non-Oversoul form is ridiculously easy. The main thing you'll want to do first is Silence it as well as hit it with Armor and Mental Break. The Silence takes care of 80% of its normal offense, and the Breaks help boost your damage. You'll also probably want to induce Slow if you can, and throw up Protect on your highest-HP character. As a result, the Chocobo Eater will rarely hit (relatively) and typically deal minimal damage to the target (Protect, and Sentinel if possible), especially if you got the Adamatite from the Gunner's Gauntlet (Chapter 2 - Besaid). From there, just apply weaknesses: Fire or Fira from magic users, and Firestrike (item buyable in Bikanel - Fiery Gleam accessory) from physical powerhouses.

Oversouled Chocobo Eater can a bit more difficult if you don't have the Agility needed to outspeed it before it gets in a lot of hits. As before, opening with Silence takes care of a lot of the magical damage, and Protect on everyone (the "Tired of" attacks) will help. Also go for the Armor/Mental Breaks as well. At that point, you simply need someone to heal as necessary and, again, use Fire/Fira/Firestrike. The only real difference is that, when the Eater begins to charge for "Tired of [character]", you'll want as many people to use Sentinel beforehand - using Slow on the boss somehow cam really help in giving you the time needed for that.

After the battle, you'll gain the Selene Guard Garment Grid!

Also be sure to watch the ending sequence for the episode in full. After, return to Mi'ihen and speak with Clasko and the girl near him to be able to bring them to the Celsius. ... Why can't it be named Fahreinheit or Kelvin, again? =P

Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock

Anything marked with a single asterisk ( * ) in the lists below implies that this thing can only be obtained or dealt if you sided with New Yevon by going to Bevelle before Mushroom Rock. Anything marked with two asterisks ( ** ) implies that you need to come here before Bevelle (i.e. trying for 100% - see Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock or Bevelle? for more) to get them.

I also divided the walkthrough into two separate bits, based on which you did. See Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock - Siding With the Youth League if you're coming here before Bevelle, or Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock - Siding With New Yevon if you went to Bevelle first.

[_] 1,500 Gil[_] Hi-Potion[_] Turbo Ether x2[_] Phoenix Down[_] Ether[_] Crimson Sphere 7
[_] Kinesis Badge *[_] Shining Mirror Garment Grid *[_] Shining Bracer **[_] Mythril Bangle **

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Bully CapFungus9437683832658143212Fire
Drowsy OchuOchu2,4842,60810310328048018031012Fire
League Raider *Human293-30-70-130-1-None
League Ranger *Human230-180-10-80-1-None
League Soldier *Human178-28-10-80-1-None
League Trooper *Human244-16-10-60-1-None
League Warrior *Human422-26-70-120-1-None
Red ElementalElemental993363303302852254312Ice

Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock - Siding With the Youth League

When you arrive in Mushroom Rock, follow the red arrow in the minimap to a scene and the ravine path. Use the lift after and go along the part northward. You will eventually encounter some Drowsy Ochus - you're welcome to slice 'em up or fry 'em, whatever you prefer, or you can just CAREFULLY walk by them. Other than that, when you hit the lift, grab the chest for a Shining Bracer before actually using the lift. At the Youth League's headquarters, go to the east and jump to the small path there for a Mythril Bangle, then speak with Elma and Lucil in the area. Other than this, there's nothing else to do here, really.

Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock - Siding With New Yevon

Follow the red arrow in the minimap as you arrive to reach a scene. It seems that the Youth League is not particularly happy with the YRP. Oh well. Head to the next area to begin the mission!

Dispose of the two soldiers in front of the lift, then use and kill the next two soldiers, and the two thereafter. (Seriously, I cannot understand why they don't like us. =P) You'll find a couple of Drowsy Ochus on the way as well; you can tiptoe by them if you want. Past them are a few more soldiers to battle, then there's a bit of a miniboss.

BOSS - Elma & 2 League Warriors
ElmaLeague Warrior
Maximum HP1,840422
Maximum MP45026
Elem. WeaknessNoneNone
Elem. ResistanceNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityGravityGravity
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNone
EXP. Earned20070
Gil Earned230120
AP Earned21
Common Steals3 Phoenix Downs1 Hi-Potion
Rare Steals2 Mega Phoenixes2 Grenades
Common Item Drops1 Wall Ring1 Hi-Potion
Rare Item DropsNone2 Grenades

Elma is the main threat in this fight; the League Warriors you've already dealt with, probably, and they only use a basic physical. Elma is able to use a basic physical attack and Thunder to do damage, Sleep to put you to sleep, and she can also use some time-based magic: Haste on herself and Slow on you.

Generally, you'll want to spend your first couple of turns blasting away the League Warriors - for the most part, Elma will use Haste on herself as soon as she can, so that's basically a free shot. Focus your offenses on the Warriors and they should be down pretty quickly. During that time, you may want to try to Dispel Elma's Haste if you can; otherwise, Protect and Shell would be great alternatives to lower her offensive power, as would Power and Magic Break.

Your actual offense can't really consist of much. If you have Reflect, that could work so long as you have ample Hi-Potions to suffice for healing: Reflect will bounce back her Thunder and Slow magics. While Slow won't affect her, better nothing than being hit. Anyhow, offense is basically Armor/Mental Break supplemented by your best attacks.

As a footnote, Elma can be put to Sleep, which makes that Reflect idea a bit funnier. In any case, put her to Sleep somehow and she won't awaken for a few turns or until hit physically, meaning magic-oriented parties will have no problem here at all.

After the battle, go along the path to the end and the mission will eventually end, netting you a Kinesis Badge and the Shining Mirror Garment Grid in the process.

Chapter 2 - Moonflow

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Flan BlancoGel6242,113542542981307210712Fire
Shell ShockerHermit4,7004,93582828601,3807801,50012None

When you arrive at the Moonflow, head along to the southern bank of the river and speak with the red-clothed man nearby. Tell him that you'll his tickets. This quest, in essence, requires you to go along the northern and southern banks of the Moonflow, selling tickets for a baseline 500 Gil each (1,000 if you did NOT speak to Tobli in Chapter 1), keeping the profits, usually. You have ten tickets to sell, which means a borderline 5,000/10,000 Gil will be taken in, or at least hopefully. To sell a ticket to someone, simply press Square next to them.

Anyhow, here are the people you can sell to, and the costs they'll take 'em for. There are 14 people total, so you have some slight freedom in which 10 to choose. Finally, the last column will tell you if these people are among the idea 10 (selling prioces over 1,000 Gil!): bolded cells there mark more easily whether you should sell to them or not. Sell to the others if you dare, but...

Oh, and we're going south-north here.

Area of MoonflowSpecific Location/PersonTicket PriceGood Sell?
South Bank RoadWoman at the southern exit1,500 GilYes
South Band RoadMan at northern exit200 GilNo
South BankWoman with the kid nearby1,000 GilNo
South BankWoman with a bandana on1,500 GilYes
South WharfWoman near the Save Sphere1,500 GilYes
South WharfMan on the right-side bench1,000 GilNo
Southern DockMan on the stairs1,500 GilYes
Southern DockMan in the southwest corner2,000 GilYes
Northern DockGirl in ortheastern corner2,000 GilYes
Northern DockBoy just to the right of a Hypello2,000 GilYes
North WharfThe woman here2,000 GilYes
North WharfThe man here500 GilNo
North Bank RoadFirst man on the roadside1,500 GilYes
North Bank RoadMan near the elderly lady2,000 GilYes

As a note, taking the highest sellers into account, you can rack up as high as 12,500 Gil here.

After the tenth ticket, you will meet with the red-robed guy again. If you sold all 10 tickets, making at least 5,000 Gil or 10,000 Gil (which is outlined at the start of the section), you will end up getting the percentage contribution to your 100%! ^_^

You also get a reward or set thereof as below. You also get any profit (over 5,000 or 10,000 Gil) you earned.

Tickets SoldCh. 1 Moonflow Quest Done?5,000+/10,000+ Gil?Rewards
0 ~ 5NoNoNone
6 ~ 9NoNoGun Mage Dressphere
NoYesGun Mage Dressphere, Seething Cauldron Garment Grid
YesYesSeething Cauldron Garment Grid
All 10!NoNoGun Mage Dressphere, Seething Cauldron Garment Grid
YesNoSeething Cauldron Garment Grid, Muscle Belt accessory
NoYesGun Mage Dressphere, Seething Cauldron Garment Grid
YesYesSeething Cauldron Garment Grid, Muscle Belt accessory

In case you're worried about skipping Dresspheres ahead of time, you could have gotten the Gun Mage Dressphere from the whole thing in the Chapter 1 Moonflow already, so don't worry about that. The main prize for 100%-ers is the Seething Cauldron Garment Grid. ;)

That does it, though.

Chapter 2 - Guadosalam (Extras)

There isn't quite a ton to do here, but there's a convenient cash-grabbing minigame here for those wanting some money. You'll need 10,000 Gil first, though!

Anyhow, the southeastern building entrance in the area takes you to a place owned by the Data Dealer. Ask for some data, then opt to take it. You'll pay up 10,000 Gil and have to find the person the Dealer is speaking of, and you'll be able to find the person, simply based on that clue (and the chart below if needed). Once the person is found, speak with them via the Square Button and you'll earn 10,000 Gil times some number.

  • Anyhow, below you'll find the clue given to you and the correspondent person and Gil reward.

ClueLocation and PersonGil
"He is someone loafing about indoors"The Hypello in the Tobli Productions area25,000 Gil
"I believe it's someone interested in joining the Syndicate"The woman in brown and green next to the large Chateau40,000 Gil
"I haven't the slightest clue what this guy is doing"The aimlessly-walking Hypello outside50,000 Gil
"It is a woman"The woman east to the Tobli Productions entrance70,000 Gil
"It was someone rather young, yes"The woman with the red bandana in northwest Guadosalam30,000 Gil
"It's a guy sitting down"Kid in the helmet just outside the Dealer's place50,000 Gil
"It's someone by the entrance to town"The man near the Thunder Plains exit60,000 Gil
"It's someone near the door that will not open"Man in the blue bandana in southwest Guadosalam50,000 Gil
"It's someone right next to a door"Man west of the Tobli Productions entrance30,000 Gil
"It's someone sitting down; I wonder what he's doing there?"The man with the blue shirt in northwest Guadosalam40,000 Gil
"It's the last person you'd expect, no questionThe Data Dealer!100,000 Gil
"The guy you're after is just sitting aroundMan in red shorts outside the Dealer's place30,000 Gil
"The person is a woman"The woman in green in northwest Guadosalam25,000 Gil
"This guy's in a place you wouldn't expect"The shopkeep in the ... well, Guadosalam's shop!90,000 Gil
"This individual can be found indoors"The "overweight man" in Guadosalam's shop30,000 Gil
"This man bears himself with confidence"Man with brown headgear outside the Dealer's place30,000 Gil

You can also speak here about details regarding our current mission, but "all work and no play" blah blah blah. We'll cover it later.

Chapter 2 - Thunder Plains

[_] Echo Screen x4[_] Potion x3[_] Pearl Necklace[_] Silence Grenade x2[_] Ether x2[_] Phoenix Down x2
[_] Samurai's Honor Garment Grid

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Bolt DrakeDrake6232,492424215224513018312Water
Gold ElementalElemental843962802804068407212Water
Lesser DrakeDrake5772,10833333058224012Ice
Red ElementalElemental993363303302852254312Ice

As with our previous trip here, the main feature are the treasures in the checklist above, found all throughout the Thunder Plains in easy-to-spot chests. The only exception is the Samurai's Honor Grid.

For that, begin by speaking with the Al Bhed kneeling near the southern lightning rod in the southern Plains. Basically, you will have to approach a lightning rod (green square on the map) and examine it with X. You then have to press a certain button sequence thirty times, with three mess-ups allowed - you must also not take too long to complete the sequence. The sequence varies from tower to tower, but the general idea depends on the character - for Yuna, you must memorize a pattern; for Rikku, you must press the buttons that are displayed; and for Paine, you must enter the falling buttons. The only exception is one of the final towers for Yuna in which you press the buttons in the reverse order that you are given.

Go speak with the Al Bhed in the Travel Agency when you're done and you will earn the Samurai's Honor Garment Grid. (You don't have to complete all ten - just finish five and attempt all of them once.) Also note that getting all ten calibrations will help you get a Ribbon in Chapter 5!!


There are some items you could and probably should have gotten here back in Chapter 1. If you don't have them yet, you can speak with Tromell several times to get them after completing the mission here: these items are the Full Throttle Special Dressphere and the Unerring Path Garment Grid.

Additionally, the Minerva's Plate here can only be obtained if you did not speak with Tobli at the Moonflow in Chapter 1, though you did the "Shave the Hypello" sidequest there, shushessfully shaving all five bags.

[_] Haste Bangle[_] Bitter Farewell Garment Grid[_] Minerva's Plate[_] Icy Gleam[_] Silver Bracer[_] Hi-Potion x2

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Amorphous GelGel9732,33399999948078038052012Variable
Deep HaizheHaizhe1,0304,119122122133188408312Lightning
Gold ElementalElemental843962802804068407212Water
Flan AzulFlan552208787524206312Lightning
Red ElementalElemental993363303302852254312Ice
White ElementalElemental773081551552853265012Fire

When you enter Macalania, go along the path to the Hypello. Speak with him, telling him "Sure, why not?", then go to the second of the spring areas. From the entrance area with the Save Sphere, that's north three and northeast one more area. Speak with Bayra there and you'll need to track down a musical troupe.

The remaining two members of the troupe (Donga and Pukutak) have run off somewhere, taking the form of butterflies. (Oh, God, not this crap again...) In this area, you should easily find two of the rings. Go back to the previous area, then go southeast another. As you go along this path, you'll seee a third ring of butterflies; you'll fight a forced battle on the way. Continue south for another forced battle and you'll eventually end up at the Woods' entrance.

Use the Save Sphere, then go east an area, south one, and southeast one more; grab the ring here and you'll be teleported back to Bayra. Don't speak with him, though! Go back to the Lake Road area and go southwest from there; you'll find the final butterflies in this area. Jump over the gap nearby, then go up the incline and, once near the ring, jump through the butterflies. Backtrack to Bayra and speak with him to end the mission. You'll end up receiving the Haste Bangle, as well as setting up a Garment Grid later on in Chapter 3.

Choose "No" after this to not leave Macalania so we can still do stuff. Speak with Tromell, as mentioned at the start of the section, if you don't have the Full Throttle Special Dressphere and the Unerring Path Grid. Also return to the Hypello you spoke to near the start and you'll get a Bitter Farewell Garment Grid and - only if applicable - the Minerva's Plate accessory.

Finally, don't forget the Silver Bracer north of the entrance area, and the Icy Gleam in the area beyond there; they're pretty easy to spot. Continue north two more areas to the Lake Road, then go northwest and along to the front of the Travel Agency (brrr....) to find two Hi-Potions. If you ended up not getting O'aka back here in Chapter 1, see Chapter 1 - Macalania for some details: you can still spot and follow him here. Also feel free to shop in the Macalania Travel Agency's shop, but nothing's changed. Anyways....

Chapter 2 - Bevelle

[_] Cat's Bell

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Yevon DefenderHuman186-38-10-40-1-None
Yevon GuardHuman223-22-10-40-1-None

Before you arrive, be sure to read the Chapter 2 - Mushroom Rock or Bevelle? section. Essentially, whoever you gave the sphere to will end up influencing, ever so slightly, what you can do here. Having gone to Mushroom Rock with the sphere and giving it to the Youth League means you'll fight the enemies here and gain no item. If you went to Bevelle first (forfeiting 100%) and gave the sphere to New Yevon, you do get the Cat's Bell accessory from Pacce. It's not much of a benefit, though - HP +15% and HP Stroll... Meh.

Anyways, if you sided with the Youth League, there's nothing to do here but grind aganist enemies, really. You can go north on the Highbridge for that, but that's it: you'll be forced out soon enough. If you sided with New Yevon, you can go north to the New Yevon headquarters and speak with Pacce for the Cat's Bell, but that's also it. A brief trip either way.

Chapter 2 - Calm Lands

[_] Ether x2[_] Chocobo Wing x2[_] Phoenix Down x2[_] Phoenix Down x2[_] Phoenix Down[_] Alchemist Dressphere
[_] Highroad Winds Garment Grid[_] Gysahl Greens[_] Pahsana Greens

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Amorphous GelGel9732,33399999948078038052012Variable
Blue ElementalElemental36378835035034262018029012Lightning
Death DauberWasp78312111832121812Fire
Flan BlancoGel6242,113542542981307210712Fire
Queen CoeurlCoeurl3,27012,4801,3401,40020840533061012None
Wild WolfLupine185740001026122812None

NOTE: To get everything started and done here, you must have found Clasko in Chapter 1 - Mushroom Rock, then return to the area and allow him on the Celsius after. Next, complete the sidequest in Chapter 2 - Mi'ihen and allow both he and Calli on the Celsius. If you did not complete the Chapter 1 quest, go to Mushroom Rock in Chapter 2 and you should find him for this quest in Chapter 3. If you do not come here in Chapter 2 (though why the hell you're looking at a Chapter 2 walkthrough is beyond me, since you'd logically be beyond it), then come back in Chapter 3.

When you arrive, there will be a scene with Clasko, during which you should not follow him, at least for now. Head to the middle of the Calm Lands where the travel agency is; shop if you need, but do speak with the young Ronso here and they'll leave. Also look around the south part of the Calm Lands for two Ethers, in the large central area for two Chocobo Wings and two Phoenix Downs, and the bridge area for two Phoenix Downs, with a Phoenix Down in the gorge far below it.

After, head to the east side of the Calm Lands, where the Monster Arena used to be in FFX. There are some ruins there, as well as Clasko: speak with him and say "Sure, why not?". This will start up another mission.

When you arrive inside, take note that some of the fiends you'll see are simply mirages; touching them makes them disappear. There WILL be one real fiend in the encounter, though: no more and no less. The mirages will end up facing in the direction of the real one, if you can tell; some are harder than others. Essentially, think about the one that's not rotated. ... >_> Yeah, it's hard to grasp just from the text. >_>

Anyhow, save as you enter. Go ahead and go find those real fiends. After the fifth finding, you'll end up meeting with Clasko and kill the remaining three Blue Elementals to end the simple mission, netting you the Alchemist Dressphere and the Highroad Winds Garment Greed. This place will also become a place for breeding mons-- I mean Chocobos. Kweh~! ^_^ Return to the ruins and examine the Chocobo sign to the right. Say "Hey, Clasko! to receive some Gysahl Greens and Pahsana Greens''.

Now go try using them to catch a Chocobo you find in the wild before Chapter 3! ... *throws Chocé-Ball*

Chapter 2 - Zanarkand

[_] Dispel Tonic[_] Phoenix Down x2[_] Hi-Potion x2[_] Grenade x2[_] L-Bomb x2[_] Remedy[_] Lunar Curtain
[_] Mana Spring[_] Light Curtain[_] 1,000 Gil[_] Elixir x2[_] Phoenix Down x2[_] Hi-Potion x2[_] Remedy x3
[_] Remedy x2[_] Ether x2[_] Soul of Thamasa

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
White ElementalElemental773081551552853265012Fire

Not much to say about hunting the treasures, really. If you come into the southern end of the area and walk along the linear path through the area, you should be fine. The first treasure is in the "Dome: Interior" area, and the last in the Great Hall. Pretty easy to spot them, too. >_>

As you go along, speak with Isaaru just outside of the Cloister in Trials. You'll be given an objective to find the 24 monkeys and make 12 pairs of them. For the sake of simplifying this task (especially to FFX vets), we'll call the first area with Isaaru Area 1, and then number them off thereafter through Area 6. (Area 1 = Cloister, Area 2 = large Cloister, Area 3 = under Cloister, Area 4 = Chamber, Area 5 = Great Hall, Area 6 = The Beyond.)

PairFirst in PairLocationSecond in PairLocationWhy they go together, for the curious...
#1BirchArea 6SequoiaArea 4Birch and sequoia are kinds of trees
#2SpringArea 5AutumnArea 2The spring and autumnal equinoxes, for the seasons
#3DuskyArea 1DawnArea 6Times of day: dusk is before night, and dawn is just after night
#4RosemaryArea 5ThymeArea 3Kinds of food condiments
#5TerranArea 3SkyeArea 6Terran = Terra = Earth, Skye = Sky, so the earth and the sky
#6MinniArea 5MaxxArea 3Mini and Max
#7SummerArea 4WinterArea 1The summer and winter solstices, also for the seasons
#8PekeArea 3ValliArea 4Peke = Peak, Valli = Valley, so peak and valley, which are topograpgical structures
#9CanisArea 5FelinaArea 1They're Latin for dog and cat, respectively
#10ArrohArea 3QuivrrArea 1Arroh = Arrow, Quivrr = Quiver; you put arrows in a quiver
#11GoldeArea 4SylvaArea 1Gold and Silver - the Generation II Pokémon games ... and elements >_>
#12LunaArea 1SolArea 5They're the Latin names for the Moon and the Sun, respectively

I don't see how these opposite relationships are going to work out... >_>

Anyhow, you'll get the Soul of Thamasa accessory after playing Cupid. That finishes this area, and all of the optional stuff if you've been following this guide the whole time.

Chapter 2 - Guadosalam (Mission, Part 1)

You can look at the section Chapter 2 - Guadosalam (Extras) if you need details on some of the optional stuff, though that mostly related to Gil-grinding.

In any case, other than that and this little bit, there is not much reason to be here. Simply speak with the people around here to learn of the various places the Syndicate has gone to: Djose, Mt. Gagazet, and Bikanel. Now that we're done with the optional stuff, it's about time we looted those places, right?

In that case, we'll cover them in this order: Chapter 2 - Djose, Chapter 2 - Bikanel, and Chapter 2 - Mt. Gagazet.

Chapter 2 - Djose

[_] Echo Screen x2[_] Phoenix Down x2[_] Potion x3[_] Floral Fallal Special Dressphere[_] Syndicate Uniform

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Assassin BeeWasp233832113861489012Fire
Death DauberWasp78312111832121812Fire
Dr. GoonHuman232-41-10-50-1-None
Gold ElementalElemental843962802804068407212Water
League Ranger *Human230-180-10-80-1-None
League Scout *Human128-18-10-60-1-None
League Soldier *Human178-28-10-80-1-None
League Trooper *Human244-16-10-60-1-None
NOTE (*): These enemies are only fought if you gave the sphere from Chapter 2's start to New Yevon (Bevelle)

When you beam down from the Enterprise, head into the temple and into the northwestern of the side-rooms to find two Echo Screens, then leave the temple. Grab the two Phoenix Downs to the northeast, then go south and along the Pilgrimage Road, grabbing three Potions on the way. Eventually, you'll meet up at the "Y"-shaped intersection between the temple, the Djose Highroad, and the Moonflow - go southwest towards the Highraod and further along until a scene begins, also initiating a mission.

Once it begins, continue heading southward and you'll find a sphere lying on the ground - it's Yuna's special Dressphere, the Floral Fallal!

Oh, and a boss. Can't forget those.

BOSS - Ormi, Logos, and Fem-Goon
Maximum HP1,1501,030167
Maximum MP2248172
Magic Defense21210
Elem. WeaknessNoneNoneNone
Elem. ResistanceNoneNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityGravityGravityNone
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNoneNone
EXP. Earned8016010
Gil Earned12012070
AP Earned331
Common StealsX-PotionMega-PotionPotion
Rare StealsElixirElixirNone
Common Item DropsIron BangleSilver BracerPotion
Rare Item DropsNoneNoneHi-Potion

Nothing much that'll surprise you in this battle at this point. Ormi uses a basic physical (~150) and his Pirouette Pitch (~175) as usual, as well as a new move - Concussive Shock - that hits everyone for unblockable damage (around 150~250). Logos still uses his two-hit Attack. You'll also see him throw a Flash Bomb (~45 damage and Darkness to all) and a Hush Grenade (same thing, but Silence in lieu of Darkness). He'll be the main threat in this battle. Finally, there's the generic Fem-Goon: she'll use Fire, Fira, Thunder, Thundara, Blizzard, Blizzara, Water, and Watera for the most part, though there is a basic Attack she'll use, too. If you have some of those elemental accessories, you may not have as much trouble as others, depending on your luck.

Anyhow, it would probably be best to begin by taking out the Fem-Goon before Logos and Ormi. She is not that much of a threat, but her first-stage elemental spells tend to hit everyone, so that's not too good. You could alternatively place Reflect on everyone and pretty much nullify her offense, allowing you to focus mostly on Logos. Focusing on Logos allows you to keep your offense, since his skills can stop your physicals (Flash Bomb) or magic attacks (Hush Grenade).

There's no particularly recommended way to go about it: just Reflect the spells and you won't have much to deal with much trouble.

After that, the mission closes and you get one of the three Syndicate Uniforms!

Chapter 2 - Bikanel

Whenever you go to Bikanel, DO NOT do any more digging than is absolutely necessary, EVER! Doing so can result in you obtaining the Yellow X item, an item known to upgrade a boss later on in the game; getting enough of these can cost you 100% completion. The boss in question is the Experiment boss in Chapter 5.

[_] Machina Maw Special Dressphere[_] Syndicate Uniform[_] Hour of Need Garment Grid

Enemy NameSpeciesHPHP (OS)MPMP (OS)EXP.EXP. (OS)GilGil (OS)APAP (OS)Weaknesses
Angra Mainyu-333,444-9,999-5,000-5,000-30-None
Bolt DrakeDrake6232,492424215224513018312Ice
Fly EyeEvil Eye2581,03252522424204012None
Killer HoundLupine202818003668183412None

Words to the wise... If you find Angra Mainyu somehow when digging or something, RUN!. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond your level of skill at this point, and the main reason I would suggest saving as much as possible whenever you decide to go digging.

Be sure you complete the details regarding Chapter 1 - Djose and Chapter 1 - Bikanel before you do anything here. It's actually required, and, yes, you can still do these things in Chapter 2.

When you arrive in Bikanel after that stuff, speak with the hovercraft pilot, then Nhadala, then the pilot again. When given the choice, head on to the Oasis. There, approach the nearby sphere, which happens to be Rikku's Machina Maw Special Dressphere! ^_^

Oh. Right. These dudes.

BOSS - Logos and Fem-Goon x2
Maximum HP1,030167
Maximum MP48172
Magic Defense1210
Elem. WeaknessNoneNone
Elem. ResistanceNoneNone
Elem. ImmunityGravityNone
Elem. AbsorptionNoneNone
EXP. Earned16010
Gil Earned12070
AP Earned31
Common StealsMega-PotionPotion
Rare StealsElixirNone
Common Item DropsSilver BracerPotion
Rare Item DropsNoneHi-Potion

Logos still uses his two-hit Attack. You'll also see him throw a Flash Bomb (~45 damage and Darkness to all) and a Hush Grenade (same thing, but Silence in lieu of Darkness). He'll be the main threat in this battle. Finally, there's the generic Fem-Goon: she'll use Fire, Fira, Thunder, Thundara, Blizzard, Blizzara, Water, and Watera for the most part, though there is a basic Attack she'll use, too. If you have some of those elemental accessories, you may not have as much trouble as others, depending on your luck.

Opening this fight with some Reflect will be very useful in bouncing back the Fem-Goons' magic spells: just imagine those first-level spells hitting your party and being bounced back twice per turn... Reflect has a lot of utility that way. That and maybe Protect are all you really need to set yourself up: after that, Logos will go down pretty easily so long as you keep the ailments off your party. The Fem-Goons will probably end up killing themselves in the meanwhile - or at least they did for me. =P

After the scene and getting the Syndicate Uniform and Hour of Need Garment Grid, you're more than welcome to leave.

Assuming you did all of the Chapter 2 sidequesting first and gave the Awesome Sphere to the Youth League, and of course aced Chapter 1 and prior, you ought to have a 37% completion rate. If not, you're doing something out of order in regards to this guide perhaps.