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In-Depth FAQs

100% Story Level Completion Guide (PS2) 11/28/03 Kouli 2.5 22K
Ability/Dress FAQ (PS2) 04/16/03 EChang 1.0 57K
Accessory FAQ (PS2) 06/26/04 Terces17 0.74 101K
Angra Mainyu FAQ (PS2) 04/13/04 Fantasy Gamer 1.8 53K
Automatic AP Maxing FAQ (PS2) 01/06/04 Collecting My Lesson 1.11 45K
Battle Quotes List (PS2) 11/24/05 Agent0042 / Zeruel 56K
Bestiary FAQ (PS2) 02/16/04 The Weapon Master 0.2 60K
Bevelle 100 Dungeon FAQ (PS2) 05/15/03 charmin 1.0 31K
Bikanel Digging Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Kasumi 10* 34K
Blitzball FAQ (PS2) 03/29/04 Jack Power 1.4 74K
Blitzball Player Stats (PS2) 01/06/04 FDelles 1.1 47K
Blue Bullet FAQ (PS2) 02/28/11 Split Infinity Hitomi 7* 37K
Boss FAQ (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Leifang 8* 227K
Bribe FAQ (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Christie * 52K
Cactuar Searching Guide (PS2) 01/06/04 Fantasy Gamer 24K
Calm Lands Mini-Games Guide (PS2) 11/02/07 Chocobahn 1.09 44K
Chocobo Ranch Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Kokoro 6* 85K
Choice/Conflict Guide (PS2) 12/18/18 Necrolesian 1.0 109K
Coin FAQ (PS2) 03/10/04 Mento NCN 24K
Crimson (Akagi) Sphere FAQ (PS2) 03/25/03 Kouli Final 2K
Debug Menu FAQ (PS2) 03/28/04 TopherAU 0.2 8K
Dossier FAQ (PS2) 12/23/06 MangarTheDark 1.01 57K
Dressphere Ability FAQ (PS2) 05/19/04 StarNeptune 1.4 46K
Dressphere Stats by Level (PS2) 03/06/04 FFBeowulf 1.1 151K
Dresspheres/Garment Grids Locations Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Dona 57K
Ending Guide (PS2) 09/03/05 Aerius 2.6 21K
Enemy Database (PS2) 03/22/04 hardcore rpg gamer 0.80 417K
Enemy Encyclopedia (PS2) 02/18/07 SinirothX 1.3 2002K
Episode Complete Guide (PS2) 04/22/03 EChang 1.0 18K
Episode Concluded Script (PS2) 11/24/05 Agent0042 0.90 32K
FFX-2: Creature Creator Guide (PS3) (HTML) 08/18/14 KADFC 1.11 102K
Good Ending Translation (PS2) 04/28/03 Kouli Final 2K
Gull Force Guide (PS2) 02/25/04 ChibiWallin 1.0 12K
Gun Mage Challenge FAQ (PS2) 07/17/07 Saoshyant 1.1 42K
Gunner's Gauntlet Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Helena 3* 30K
Item Locations FAQ (PS2) 01/24/05 ArionX 2a 297K
Item/Accessories List (PS2) 10/03/03 UltimusX 1.20 14K
Key Items FAQ (PS2) 02/08/04 The Weapon Master 1.01 32K
Lady Luck Dice Comparison Guide (PS2) 12/23/11 Blankety Blank Man 1.0 30K
Lady Luck's Reels and Dice Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Tina 2* 38K
Last Mission Guide (PS3) 05/29/19 Auron402 1.31 152K
Last Mission Guide (PS3) 07/05/14 Wnyerv 74K
Level 99 Dress Sphere Data (PS2) 04/28/03 Kouli Final 3K
Low Level Game Challenge Guide (PS2) 11/17/03 Kouli 1.5 16K
Mascot Speed Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Lisa 4* 41K
Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery Cave FAQ (PS2) 11/06/03 Kouli 1.0 6K
Mix List (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Ayane 9* 410K
Monkey Sidequest Guide (PS2) 09/26/06 Chiiiiler 1.1 22K
Monster Data/Steal/Bribe Guide (PS2) 06/21/03 Red Scarlet 1.12 189K
Monster List (PS2) 05/14/07 Kain Stryder Final 566K
New Game Plus Guide (PS2) 03/22/04 Krishach 0.96 10K
No Accessory/Low Level Challenge Guide (PS2) 08/19/08 Psilite 1.05 200K
Normal Ending Translation (PS2) 05/09/03 JillV Final 3K
Optimal 100% Story Completion Guide (PS2) 04/12/05 KG21 5.0 57K
Optional Missions Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Niki 5* 111K
Original Sountrack FAQ (PS2) 05/04/03 Iluna 0.1 22K
Oversoul/Steal/Enemy Statistics FAQ (PS2) 12/21/03 Guardcrush 46K
PR Mission FAQ (PS2) 05/29/03 Shuuin X2 1.10 138K
Perfect Ending Translation (PS2) 03/26/03 Kouli Final 2K
Perfect Game Walkthrough (PS2) 03/03/04 nemes1s 2.02 111K
Regional/International Version Changes (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Lenne 37K
Result Plate FAQ (PS2) 06/15/03 Kouli Final 7K
Result Plate/Garment Grid FAQ (PS2) 11/20/03 EChang 1.3 20K
Rin's Mi'ihen Mystery Guide (PS2) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Calli 61K
Search Sphere Quest FAQ (PS2) 02/24/04 NightMare185 0.1 12K
Shop List (PS2) 02/27/04 ABlaster 1.00 16K
Side Events Dialog Translations (PS2) 07/01/03 JillV 1.1 44K
Song Lyrics (PS2) 07/27/04 Agent0042 6K
Song Lyrics (PS2) 03/17/03 Kouli Final 4K
Speed Guide (PS2) 08/31/05 KADFC 1.30 67K
Sphere Break FAQ (PS2) 01/04/04 sakuracream 3.0 25K
Sphere Break Play Guide (PS2) 08/25/05 KADFC 1.00 25K
Temple Hole Guide (PS2) 08/12/06 Menji 1.5 31K
Thunder Plains New Cave FAQ (PS2) 11/01/03 Kouli 1.0 8K
Thunder Plains Tower Calibration FAQ (PS2) 02/02/04 NightMare185 1.2 33K
Translation Guide (PS2) 03/29/03 qazxsw 0.890 21K
Ultimania Translations FAQ (PS2) 06/04/06 Ryu_Kaze 1.00 31K
Via Infinito FAQ (PS2) 04/21/05 NightMare185 3.2 222K

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