• Trophies

    There are 43 trophies total: 1 platinum trophy, 3 gold trophies, 13 silver trophies, and 26 bronze trophies.

    AdventurerIncrease the progress of all main quests from 40% to 50%.Bronze
    Bargaining SkillsAchieve sales level 2 in any shop.Bronze
    BlacksmithImprove equipment 100 times at the Blacksmith using any materials.Bronze
    BodybuilderCause 100,000 damage with any attack.Gold
    BookwormComplete 75% of the item encyclopedia.Silver
    ChallengerUnlock a five star battle rank at the Tutor.Silver
    EnlightenedPlay at least 200 hours (game world time) with an active light spell. It doesn't matter if the light is activated using items or magic.Bronze
    ExplorerCompletely explore 40 areas. (100%)Bronze
    FarmerFind and collect at least 150 items that can be picked or collected in the world.Bronze
    Fish ExpertDiscover 30 different fish.Silver
    FishermanCatch at least 75 fish.Bronze
    Food FighterEat 50 of any food to do more damage in battle.Bronze
    Fortune HunterIncrease the progress of all main quests from 80% to 90%.Silver
    GamblerWin 100 prizes of category B or better.Silver
    GlobetrotterIncrease the progress of all main quests from 20% to 30%.Bronze
    Grid SpecialistExpand a skill pattern of any skill 30 times.Silver
    HeroIncrease the progress of all main quests from 90% to 100%.Gold
    InexperiencedIncrease the progress of all main quests from 10% to 20%.Bronze
    InsatiablePermanently increase any attribute for any characters 10 times using food.Bronze
    Item SpecialistUpgrade weapons or equipment by using them in battle 15 times.Bronze
    Level FanAchieve 75 amount of level ups. This includes all team members, monsters and main characters alike.Bronze
    Level MasterBring all three main characters to level 70 or higher.Silver
    Master BreederHatch 5 monster eggs.Bronze
    Master ThiefSteal at least 100 items from monsters.Bronze
    MerchantPurchase 100,00 coins worth of items from any merchant.Silver
    OmniscientUse and study 40 magic books.Bronze
    PerfectionistUpgrade any piece of equipment to +5 by using crystals.Silver
    PioneerIncrease the progress of all main quests from 30% to 40%.Bronze
    PlayerIncrease the progress of all main quests from 50% to 60%.Bronze
    Rainbow Skies Winner TeamUnlock all other trophies.Platinum
    ResearcherDiscover and explore at least 20 optional areas or dungeons.Bronze
    RookieComplete 10% of all quests in the main story.Bronze
    SneakyInflict negative conditions on enemy monsters at least 100 times.Bronze
    SuperwarriorDefeat 1,000 or more monsters.Silver
    SurvivorSurvive 100 game days in the world of Lunah. (Defeats are permitted.)Silver
    The DoleSpend at least 500 Rainbow Coins at the Healer.Bronze
    TrainerRaise the level of any skill to 25 or higher.Bronze
    TravelerIncrease the progress of all main quests from 70% to 80%.Bronze
    Treasure HunterUnearth at least 50 buried treasures.Gold
    Trophy CollectorFind a total of 25 Moon Trophies.Silver
    Wannabe HeroDefeat all of the monsters from the quest 'Monsters Everywhere.'Bronze
    WarriorIncrease the progress of all main quests from 60% to 70%.Bronze
    ZealComplete 50 or more optional side quests. Repeatable quests only count once!Silver

    Contributed By: Rellni944.

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