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Reviewed: 09/05/19

Well worth the price of purchase.

4.5 stars.

This game is a vertical shoot 'em up. Velocity Ultra is genuinely innovative. In this game, you pilot a ship and navigate space debris, rescuing survivors along the way and shooting enemy ships or turrets. In some missions, there are over 200 survivors clustered in some spots, so the missions can be a little long but you get three lives and checkpoints. There are 50 missions and there is also significant if fluffy bonus content (these are minigames, from minesweeper to coconut dodge). If you are a completionist, then you're in luck, as you are with most of Sony's titles. You can track your achievements in game and see if you discovered the various bonus coins to open up secret missions (in addition to the base 50). You can also see if you completed each mission fast enough.

Speed does matter, because in this game you can hold R to speed up your ship. It's very handy for making the game feel modern, so I use this speed boost even when I don't necessarily need to complete the level fast. You also get a laser which fires quickly and is automatically turbo. You get bombs which are fired in the direction you're holding (unlike Zanac which counterintuitively had you firing bombs from the direction opposite your facing). Because of the speed up mechanic, there is always the risk of zooming passed the coin and this adds tension to the game; because of this, I actually don't mind collecting things like bonus coins (which I usually would consider a chore or unworkable in a shoot 'em up).

The missions differ from one another and you can play I believe over ten of them from the get go. The rest are unlocked gradually. They differ in that some are more oriented to shooting and others are about speed. Mission 3, for example, has plenty of enemies and you can play it any time you want, making this a very replayable stage for traditional fans of shoot 'em up games. This is actually a very nice feature and I highly enjoy being able to choose the mission. I like how many missions there are.

You can use the touch screen to warp your ship but most of the time, you'll probably be pressing Square to do that. I haven't actually discussed warping yet, so let me do that. The game calls it short form teleporting and long form teleporting. This is what I meant above by navigating debris. You'll have to teleport over obstacles frequently. This is fine because of the boost mechanic and the tension of going too fast and missing a powerup/survivor. You aren't actually punished for teleporting in the wrong spot. You just fail to teleport.

There is no shop between levels. I greatly enjoy this. RPG mechanics like shops are probably best left out of shoot 'em ups, ESPECIALLY if you have an autosave like many Playstation 3 and 4 games do (PS1 games don't autosave). Boy, do I have gripes about autosaving. I think it's completely counterproductive in games where you might choose the wrong upgrade path. Some missions require you to use different weapons from normal like the dual shot, which is an upgrade from the single shot that you had in the first several missions.

In conclusion, this game has a high fun factor. ANYONE who likes shoot 'em ups will like this game's speed, as well as the traditional mechanics, the warps, and the items it uses. This game could possibly be an entry into the shoot 'em up genre for people who like fast paced games but have never tried a shoot 'em up specifically.

By the way, this game is not to be confused with Velocity X2.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Velocity Ultra (US, 07/02/13)

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