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by Zoelius

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.27 | Updated: 08/03/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Copyright and Other Information

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius) AKA (Zoel Giradel) This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all, no exceptions. This guide shall only be allow for public display on www.gamefaqs.com, www.rpgsite.net, kiseki.wikia.com, and www.neoseeker.com; other use is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws. If you have any questions, tips or concerns, my contact is at Chaomin@gmail.com and be sure to put "Cold Steel" in the subject title so I can find your email quicker.

*Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked.

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FAQ Version

2016 - January 30.01Initial Faq version
2016 - January 6 - February 40.02 - 0.21Completed Walkthrough
2016 - February 5 - 150.22 - 0.25Expanded Database
2016 - March 110.26Added a condense Quest List.
2017 - August 30.27Added PC Controls.



Rean Schwarzer

Weapon TypeTachi (Sword)
Voice ActorKoki Uchiyama / Sean Chiplock
BioThe main protagonist of Cold Steel. Rean was recently acccepted to enroll at the
Thors Military Academy. His friendly attitude, quickly makes him allies and friends.Skilled in leadership and eastern sword fighting, wields a Tachi.

Alisa R.

Weapon TypeBow
Voice ActorYui Horie / Rachel Hirschfeld
BioOne of Rean's classmates, Alisa is a friendly person, but has a tendency of holding onto grudges. She is knowledgeable in the field of Orbments, and highly skilled with a bow.

Elliot Craig

Weapon TypeOrbal Staff
Voice ActorRyoko Shiraish / Lucien Dodge
BioElliot is a nice kid with a down to earth personality; he ends up as one of Rean's
first friends due to this kind personality. He uses a prototype orbal staff.

Laura S. Arseid

Weapon TypeGreatsword
Voice ActorMariya Ise / Marisha Ray
BioLaura is a noble from the Arseid bloodline, which is renowned for their
swordsmanship. And as such she wields a greatsword, and is a great asset to
Class VII.

Jusis Albarea

Weapon TypeSword
Voice ActorShinnosuke Tachibana / Ben Diskin
BioThe second son of Duke Albarea, who is one of the empire's highest ranked nobles. Jusis has a very cynical personality, and will ignore people that approach him for personal gain. He is highly skilled in fencing, and as such uses a sword.

Machias Regnitz

Weapon TypeShotgun
Voice ActorTakuya Sato / Edward Bosco
BioIntelligent and an overachiever, Machias is one of Class VII's top performer in
academics. He has a strong dislike towards nobles, often getting into quarrels
with them. Machias uses a shotgun.

Fie Claussell

Weapon TypeDagger Pistols
Voice ActorHisako Kanemoto / Cassandra Morris
BioDespite appearing to be lazy and oblivious to her surroundings, she is surprisingly agile, having combat prowess exceeds her peers. Fie wields twin weapons, a combination of a pistol and a dagger.

Emma Millstein

Weapon TypeOrbal Staff
Voice ActorSaori Hayami / Rena Strober
BioOne of the smartest students to attend Thors Military Academy, Emma achieved
the top score in the entrance exams and is chosen as the student president.of
Class VII. Emma wields an Orbal Staff like Elliot.

Gaius Worzel

Weapon TypeSpear
Voice ActorYoshimasa Hosoya / Kaiji Tang
BioAn exchange student from the Nord Highlands, Gaius is friendly and easygoing,
which makes him one of the first people that Rean befriends. In battle, Gaius uses
a spear.

Battle Basic

One of the main fundamentals of all RPG games is combat. This section will cover the battle system of Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steel.


This gauge determines the turn order, appearing on the left side of the screen. The game provides many ways of manipulating turn order, every action has a different delay parameter. For example: if you move, you can have your turn back after two turns, but if you attack, you won't get your turn until 4 turns later. There is also skills that can cause additional delay to enemies. The key of winning combat is learning how to adjust turn orders and use them to your advantage.

Status Bar

HPThis is the health of the character, if it falls down to 0, the character will be K.O.ed.
EPUse for casting arts (magic)
CPCraft Points. Use for special skills, CP is automatically raised when attacking enemies.
Red OrbS-Craft is available. This mean the character has over 100 CP allowing you to use their S-Craft (a super attack).
It is also called S-Break, which is when you press the Triangle button. This lets you use your S-Craft without being your turn.

Orbment System
Members of Class VII will receive an Arcus units that is used for equipping Quartz (gemstones composed of Sepith). Each character will be equipped with a Master Quartz, which contains a set of spells, status attributes and special effects. This can be used as a quick way of setting a character battle type (Fighter, Healer, Magician, etc...). There is also regular type of Quartz, which will let you use Arts (magic) or other status boosts depending on the Quartz. You can unlock additional Orbment slots at the price of Sepith.

Field Attack and Battle Advantage

On the Field Map, you can use the Field Attack function by pressing the X button. If you encounter an enemy and strike it from behind, it will cause them to be stunned. During this moment you can start an enemy encounter with an additional advantage. This allows your character to take turns earlier and reduced enemy HP. The enemy can also do this to you.

Abnormal Status (Negative)

Unlike most RPGs. In the Legend of Heroes games, abnormal status actually work on bosses which is one the main key of winning combat. You can take advantage of these status defects to gain a huge advantage in battle. Of course the same can happen to you as well.

List of Abnormal StatusCure
PoisonDeals minor damage at the of afflicted's turn.Antidote, Curia Balm, Recuria
SealRenders the afflicted unable to attack, use crafts or S-Crafts.Relaxant, Curia Balm, Recuria
MuteRenders the afflicted unable to use arts.Insulating Tape, Curia Balm, Recuria
BlindReduce ACC and EVA by 50%.Eye Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
SleepRenders the afflicted unable to act. All damage dealt to them is critical.Mint Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
NightmareAfflict the target with sleep and bestow a random status ailment when they awaken.Mint Drop, Curia Balm, Recuria
BurnDeals major damage at the end of the afflicted's turn.Cooling Spray, Curia Balm, Recuria
FreezeRenders the afflicted unable to act. Deals medium damage at the end of their turn.Warmer, Curia Balm, Recuria
PetrifyRenders the afflicted unable to act, with a 30% chance to be K.O.ed when attacked.Softening Ointment, Curia Balm, Recuria
FaintRenders the afflicted unable to act. All damage dealt to them is critical.Stimulant, Curia Balm, Recuria
ConfuseThe afflicted attacks both enemies and allies indiscriminately.Sedative, Curia Balm, Recuria
DelayForce the afflicted to wait longer for their next turn.Time
VanishTemporarily removes the afflicted from the battlefield and reduced their EP to 0.Time
Stat DownDecreases the attribute corresponding with the displayed icon.Time

Abnormal Status (Positive)

These are status buff that are used for enhancing the target's status temporary.

List of Status Buffs
InsightIncreases accuracy and evasion rate by 50% and renders the imbued 10% more likely to unbalance a foe.
HP RegenRestores some of the imbued's HP each turn.
CP RegenRestores some of the imbued's CP each turn.
Physical ImmunityNullifies the next physical attack received.
Art ReflectReflects the next magic attack received.
Stat UpIncreases the attribute corresponding with the displayed icon. Note: Red icon means the buff is at 50%.


There is 4 types of attacks in the game, Slash, Thrust, Pierce and Strike. Each character have different proficiency with their attack types. If you strike an enemy with the attack type they're weak to, it will cause them to unbalance and lead to a Link Attack *read section below.

Combat Links

As you progress further in the game, you can use the Combat Links function by pressing the L button and assign the members you want to Link together. When a character is linked together, you can land an extra attack when you unbalance an enemy. During this phase, you can use the assist command (Unlocked in Chapter 1) which does one extra attack and add one Bravery Point. At Chapter 3, you can use the Rush command which requires 3 Bravery Points, this will make you and your partner strike multiple times at the target. Then in Chapter 5 you will get the Burst function, which cost 5 Bravely Points and will have all your party member attack during Link Attack.

Other Terminology

Link EXP

Link EXP is the bonding level between you and your partner. This is mostly for Link Attacks, as you increased your Link EXP level, you can unlock additional support abilities between you and your partner. To earn Link EXP, you will need to link together in battle, attend bonding events or through story events. Certain story events require a high Link EXP level to trigger.

Bonding Events

Bonding Points Icon

At certain days of the game, you will receive bonding points, which are used for spending time with people you know, revealing additional back story and raising the Link EXP with the character you spend time with. Certain unplayable (NPC) characters have a hidden Link EXP value.


Prologue Part A

Start a new game and select the game's difficulty level. If you plan on getting the Platinum trophy, you will need at least two playthroughs.

EasyBalanced for quick, easy battles. Ideal for beginners and story enthusiast.Enemies are at 0.70 of their stats.
NormalBuild around satisfyingly tough combat. Aimed to people used to playing RPG.Enemies are at 1.00 of their stats.
HardBattles will take everything you have. For skilled players who find Normal too easy.Enemies are at 1.15 of their stats.
NightmareBalanced for New Game+. Ideal for replays.Enemies are at 1.30 of their stats.

Watch the introduction sequence, you will control the boy with the dark hair.

Head forward to the next area, you will encounter a group of drones. This will be your first battle, and all party members should be at level 49. Your party members are very strong at this point, so you don't really need to worry about losing. If your HP drops very low, you can heal yourself with items or healing abilities. It is highly recommended you avoid all battles at this moment, as you don't get to keep anything from here. When you reach near the exit, you can use the Orbment Charging Station to fully recover your party. After you are done, exit and you will face two robots which will be the first boss of the game.

BossHPElemental Efficacy
Zephryanthes x226500 (Normal)150, 100, 100, 100
This is your first boss of the game, both robots have a ton of HP. A quick way of depleting the boss's HP is to use your S-Break by pressing the Triangle button. The robots can hit really hard with its laser attack. If any of your party members is K.O., you can use Emma's Serene Blessing to revived them, or a Reviving Balm item.

Prologue Part B


You will gain control over the protagonist, Rean. You can speak to the town NPC and see certain events by checking and visiting other places first. A lot of the charm from playing a Legend of Heroes game is that NPC dialogue will change depending on when you talk to them. If you are ever lost in the game, pressing the Square button will open the navigation menu, which will tell you the next objective. Now go to the north exit to Thors Military Academy, watch the orientation event.

Old Schoolhouse

When you have control, examine your weapon on the left side. You will receive a Master Quartz along with your weapon. Open the menu and equip the Master Quartz in the Orbment menu. Afterwards, there will be some arguments between the rest of the class when everyone is finished talking, only Elliot and Gaius will join your party.

Note: If you plan on getting the Platinum trophy for this game, you need to find every single treasure chest in the game, as well as analyze all monster data. This section of the Old Schoolhouse is a one time access only area. So try your best to explore it as much as you can.

Monster Guide

NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Flying FelineRed Beast FleshU-Material
Grass DromeCoarse Rock SaltClear Gelatin
Coin BeetleS-TabletChitinous Shell

Treasure List

Sepith x50 (7 Colours)Old School House - Underground Area 1
Needle Shoot
TearOld School House - Underground Area 2
Sepith x50 (7 Colours)Old School House - Underground Area 3
Evade 1

As you leave, you will see a monster, if you manage to sneak up on it and striking it by using the X button, you can gain an additional advantage in combat. Depending on your performance in battle, you can gain bonus exp on your victory. The more times you have fought the monster, more information regarding that monster will be added into your notebook. There is also an ability (Elliot and Emma's Detector ability) and an item (Battle Scope) that allows you to unlock all this information at once. If you are planning getting the platinum trophy, you need to filled the Monster Guidebook completely.

Get the Needle Shot Quartz located in the treasure chest to your north. If you forgot the treasure chest, Elliot will remind that there is an object right there. As you head downstairs, you will encounter an Orbment Charging Station, use it to fully restore your party. As you go a little further, you will encounter a slime-type enemy, these Grass Dromes are weak against Arts attack. You can cast Arts at it, or rely on Elliot to hurt it. As you go further you will find an insect-type monster. There will be a lot in this battle, the best method is to rely on Gaius's Craft ability, Gale Stinger as it has the ability to seal them (Prevents target from using physical attacks). Afterwards, Machias will join your party. From here on, keep moving forward, you will eventually meet up with the girls. Continue further and you will encounter Fie. From here you can find a treasure chest containing the Tear quartz located on the west. Keep moving forward to the east area, you will encounter Jusis fighting some monsters. Afterwards, Machias and Jusis will argue, you are given two choices, if you reprimand Jusis, Machias will stay with your party, if you stop Machias, Jusis will join your party. Then take the south exit to Underground area 3. From here, there is a treasure chest located on the north and south corner. When you have picked up the two treasure chest, take the southeast exit to go the next area. Heal up by using Orbment Charging station, and save your game as well, as there is a boss fight right just ahead.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Iglute Garmr8270 (Normal)Form 1: 120, 120, 120, 120
Form 2: 125, 100, 120, 100
The best thing you can do for this boss fight is to use Elliot's Craft ability, this will recover your HP each turn. The boss also carries a lot of area type attacks, it's best for you to have your party member spread out, so they don't all get hit by its area attack. Arts are highly effective against the first form due to it's poor magic defense. When you have dropped the boss's HP below 50%, it will change form. The second form, is a bit more aggressive and has different stats then the previous form, with stronger magic defense but lower physical defense. Overall, if you keep yourself buff up with Elliot's Craft ability, this battle should be a piece of cake.

Chapter 1

April 17

Watch the introduction scene until Instructor Thomas ask Rean to answer a question. Answer it with the third choice "Nord Highlands" doing so will increase your AP (Academic Points). Earning AP will increase Rean's Rank, along with item rewards.

Leave the classroom and head outside. Go to the building located on the east side, a student will approach towards you and will show you a trick. Either choice is wrong, so it doesn't matter which one you pick. Before you enter the Student Union Building, go to the School Library located on the southeast area of the map. Go inside the Library and read the book, "Imperial Railways: A History".

Note: there is a trophy for collecting all the books in the game, and one of the strongest weapon in the game requires a collection of a certain type of book.

Then go to the Student Union Building, and head to the second floor and examine the room located on the bottom of the map. Select the first option to see an event scene and end the day.

Night time

You will have the Character Profile section added to your Notebook. Depending on when you talk to a certain character, a page will be added to their Character Profile, if you manage to completed the entire Character Profile section, you will get a trophy (It requires two playthroughs minimum due to a shortage of Bonding Points on the first playthrough). Anyway, visit each of Class VII members, speak to them to hand out the student notebook to them. You can always check the map to see who hasn't received their notebook yet. When you are done, return to your room and head to bed.

April 18 [Noon] [Free Day]

Read the letters that Rean received from the mail box. In order to accept Side Quest (Task), you need to read the request letter first to accept the task. These quests must be done in a timely manner, as in within the same day game time. If you advanced through the story without finishing these task, you won't able to do them again. Finishing Side Quest will also earn you AP, which will determine your rank for the chapter.

There is three requests listed here, the first two are highlighted in Red. These request must be completed in order to advance through the story.

Note: There are Hidden Side Quest that won't be listed in these letters.

Now leave the building, you will gain access to the Quick Travel menu by pressing the Square button. As you try to go any further, you will meet a student who will give you a fishing book. From now on, you can fish by examining the deck near the water. You can receive the book, "Red Moon Rose - Chapter 1" by speaking to the bookstore owner, Keynes. Collecting all 14 volumes of the Red Moon Rose series allows you to exchange for the strongest weapon later in the game. These books have a very small time frame to obtain. So they must be obtained immediately, if you have missed one, you could purchase them Micht's Pawn Shop using the Inspect Curios function, however, this requires a lot of luck and resetting the shop stock over until you see it. You might never see it in the Pawn Shop cause of the low odds (Also this function is bugged on New Game +).

Then purchase the Imperial Chronicles issue 1 from the bookstore. Collecting every book in the game will unlock the Honorary Literature Club Member trophy.

Bonding Events
You can speak to characters highlighted with a Yellow Exclamation mark on the map to attend their Bonding Event. Bonding Event will reveal additional backstory for that character and as well as improve your relationship with them. To attend a Bonding Event, you need Bonding Points. You are only given a limited amount of Bonding Points, which makes it impossible to see all of them on the first playthrough. However, you can get additional Bonding Points on New Game + playthroughs.

New Character Profiles

April 18NoonElliot [Page 1]Attend Elliot's Bonding Event.
April 18EveningNicolas [Page 1]Finish "Story of Seasoning" Quest.
Lotte [Page 1]Speak to Lotte near the Upper Class Dormitory after receiving the Recipe Book.
April 25NoonRean [Page 1]Automatic.

List of Bonding Events

ElliotElliot's room in Class VII Dormitory.Add Page 1 to Elliot's Character Profile.
Link EXP +500
LauraGymnasiumLink EXP +500
MachiasParkLink EXP +500

Side Quest

Quest NameA Noteworthy Loss
You can find Colette at the cafeteria of the Student Union Building. Speak to Colette and accept her request. Colette's notebook is located at the Main Building 2F. You will find her notebook lying on the couch near the southeast area.
RewardSilver Chain, 4 AP
Quest NameOld Schoolhouse Mystery [Required]

Head to the School Main Building and go to the principal office (the center east room). Speak to Principal Vandyck, he'll give you the key to the Old Schoolhouse. Going inside the Old School House will automatically advance the time of the day to evening. So before you do this quest, make sure you finish everything else first. As you encounter the first monster, the game will let you do Link attacks. First, go to the Tactics Menu and assign the members you want to link together. Link attack is very effective in battle as it can let you land an extra attack against an enemy if the attack cause an unbalance. Now go to the boss room located on the east side of the map.

Sepith x100 (7 Colours)Old School House - Floor 1 Main Area
Curia Balm
White Glasses
MonsterItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Dastardly AmalgamCoarse Rock SaltClear Gelatin
PomSmoke GrenadeHearty Powder
Dissolution SlugHoney SyrupClear Gelatin
Coin BeetleS-TabletChitinous Shell
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Minos Demon8261 (Normal)Form 1: 100, 100, 75, 125Soul Blur
Minos Demon is a lot easier than the previous boss. Simply buffed up with Elliot's Resounding Beat and Rean's Motivate. Then strike the boss until it goes down. The boss can use Dark Breath, which can cause blindness. If your attack miss, the boss can take this opportunity to counterattack, so make sure you cure blindness before you attack it.
After you have defeated the boss, exit the room, the party members will notice the object from earlier is now glowing. Examine the object and it will give you the option to warp back to the entrance. Leave the Old Schoolhouse.
ClientPrincipal Vandyck
RewardSeal, 5 AP
Quest NameOrbal Delivery [Required]
Head to the Academy, Engineer Building, and speak to George who is behind the counter. You will receive three items that need to be delivered to three different places.
  1. Orbal Scale: Nicolas (Located at the School EC Room) [Main Building 2F, Southeast room]
  2. Orbal Lamp: Micht (Located at Micht's Pawn Shop) [East area of Trista]
  3. Orbal Wristwatch: Lala (Located at Radio Trista) [Southwest area of Trista]

Once you have delivered all the parcels, go to the Engineering Building and speak to George. Afterwards, George can create new Quartz and upgrade weapons for you.

RewardRecipe Book, Simple Omelette, Fresh Eggs x3, Blade Deck, Coarse Rock Salt x3, Orbal Radio, 4 AP

April 18 [Evening] [Free Day]

Watch the event, you are given one Bonding Point, spend it on who you like best. You can also get a new character profile by speaking to Lotte by the entrance to the Upper Class Dorm. You can give Unique type dishes to her. If you manage to give her 20 different types of Unique Dishes, she will give you a really strong quartz in return. You can also speak to Instructor Thomas and give him Peculiar Dishes, giving him all 20 different types of Peculiar Dishes will get you a powerful quartz as well. There is also a hidden side quest you can do by speaking to Fred at the Cafe.

List of Bonding Events

AlisaAcademy FieldLink EXP +500
TowaStudent Council RoomLink EXP +500 [Hidden Value]

Side Quest

Quest NameStory of Seasoning [Hidden]
Go to Kirsche's Cafe & Inn and speak to Fred by the counter. Select the first choice to help him out. Then go to the Main Building 2F, to the EC Room, which is located in the southeast area. Speak to Nicholas and leave. Then go to the Student Union Building and speak to Ramsay the chef at the kitchen. Then head back to the Cafe and speak to Fred.
RewardCrispy Pizza x3, Add Page 1 to Nicholas's Character Profile, 4 AP

When you're finished all side activities, return to Class VII's Dormitory to end Free Time mode.

April 21

As this day begins, you will be doing your Practical Exam. Gaius and Elliot will join your party, now the game will let you adjust your character setting in the menu screen and also will give you the option to save. Once you're ready, exit out of the menu to start the Practical Exam.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Combat Shell α7200 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100U-Material
You need to win this battle without losing a single party member. If you fail, you will some miss AP, which will prevent you from getting S Rank for this chapter. Buff up using Rean and Elliot's support abilities, then link Rean and Gaius to perform Link Attacks. Watch out for the boss's Art attack; it does roughly around 80% of your party's HP, so make sure you're always at full health.

April 24 Field Study Day 1

All of Gaius' Quartz will be removed when you begin. Make all the preparation you need, such as stocking on supplies and fishing. There is also a small event scene near the Radio Station. When you got everything you need, head to Trista Station at the south area of Trista. Speak to the Clerk by the counter and purchase the train tickets.

Speak to all party members. When you talk to Elliot, you can play the Blade mini game. Playing this mini game will raise the Link EXP between your opponent (Only the first match counts).

Note: You should always save your game before playing this mini game, sometimes playing Blade, can cause the game to randomly crash.

Once you are done, select the last option to move on. Watch the event scene, you will then receive a letter that contains your assignments in Celdic. Before you leave, speak to the Margot, the Owner of Weathercock to get the "Sweet Cookie" recipe. You can get the book, "Red Moon Rose - Chapter 2" by speaking to Anita (Southeast corner of the Grand Market). You should purchase the Sitting Mishy from Hofen's Stuffed Toy Stall (One of the shops in Grand Market) this can be used for exchanging something really important for later in the game and purchase the Carnelian Reprint Issue 1 & 2 from Tommy's Imported Good to filled the book section.

Food Recipe List

Sweet CookieMargot: Weathercok
Whole JuiceTisel: East Celdic Highway - Farmhouse

Side Quest

Quest NameFor the Common Cold
Go to the Celdic Chapel which is located on the east side of town. Speak to Father Zirbel at the center and accept his request. Go to the Grand Market and speak to Flint to received a Bearclaw. Then leave town through the west area. Watch the event scene, head out on the north path, a wolf will be blocking your path, the game will let you know about the S Break option (A super attack that consumes a 100 to 200 CP). Then go inside the farmhouse located northeast. Speak to Paul and he will give you the Imperial Carrot. Return to the Chapel and give Father Zirbel the ingredients he requested.

  • Flint : Grand Market (Middle Left)
  • Paul - Farmhouse on West Celdic Highway 2
ClientFather Zirbel
RewardTeara Balm x3, Celestial Balm x3, 4 AP
Quest NameAny Bright Ideas [Required]

Go to Oddvin's Arms & Orbal Factory and speak to Samus by the counter. Leave town through the West Celdic Highway.

Sepith x100West Celdic Highway 1
EP 1
Aqua BleedWest Celdic Highway 2
Curia Balm
EP Charge II

Head north and go to West Celdic Highway 2. Examine the Road Lamp in the south area of the map. Select the third choice "466515", picking this choice will give you an additional 1 AP. Report back to Samus.

RewardDetection, 4 AP (+1 If selected the correct choice)
Quest NameEast Celdic Highway Monster [Required]

Leave Celdic through the East highway. Go to the Farm House located on the Southeast. When you're inside, speak to Syro. Leave the farmhouse and take the Southeast exit to East Celdic Highway 2. You will find the Quest Monster located at the northwest area.

Enemy NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Crop MuncherEye DropRed Beast Flesh
DeathcargotClear GelatinChitinous Shell
Evil CrowFresh EggHearty Powder
King DragonflyAntidoteHearty Powder
Fanged WolfTear BalmRed Beast Flesh
Ripper SquirrelStimulantRed Beast Flesh
Acerbic TomartianAcerbic TomatoU-Material
GroundbaitEast Celdic Highway 1
EP Charge I
Proxy Puppet
Teara BalmEast Celdic Highway 2
HP 1
Reviving Balm
Earth Lance
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Scary Dinosaur9670 (Normal)100, 200, 100, 125Shield 2
This mini boss will be a cakewalk with Laura in your party. Make sure you characters are buffed up, and just attack it, Laura's Craft skill can deal massive damage to the boss and can weaken its defense. When the boss is almost dead, it will start to glow red to deal one last resort type attack, defeat it before it happens.

Once you have defeated the monster, go back to the farmhouse and report to Syro. You can also speak to Syro's Wife, Tisel to receive the Whole Juice recipe.

RewardFresh Eggs x10, Starberry x10, Honey Syrup x10, Coarse Rock Salt x10, 4 AP

Watch the event scene at the Grand Market. After you finish talking to Otto, leave to see a scene with Sara. You can do another Hidden Side Quest. To do the side quest, go to the Grand Market and speak to Lymon, at the Grand Market.

Quest NameA Day as a Merchant [Hidden]

Go to Grand Market, and speak to Lymon. His stall is near the entrance. Accept his offer to run the store for him. Then select the following choices.

  1. 35 mira in total *3rd Choice
  2. 900 mira *1st Choice
  3. Include some cheese for 20% off *2nd Choice
  4. Sell 6 for 60 Mira *5th Choice

If you select the choice listed from above, it should grant you an extra 2 AP, making it a total of 5 AP for finishing this quest.

RewardCoral Bracelet, Marble Bracelet, 3 (+ 1-2) AP

Once you're done with all your side activities, return to the Inn for dinner to end the day.

April 25 Field Study Day 2

As soon as you wake up, Margot will hand you over the assignment letters. Read them and leave the Inn. Head to Grand Market to see an event scene. After you finished talking to Otto, return to the Grand Market again, speak to Merchant Heinz on the center. Then speak to Merchant Marco at the rear area of the Grand Market. Afterwards, answer the question with the third choice "The provincial army", this will increase your AP by 1. Head to the Provincial Army building, and watch the event. Go near the Chapel and speak to the girl sitting on the bench. Then speak to the drunk man near West Celdic Highway entrance. You can also pick up the book, "Red Moon Rose - Chapter 3" by speaking to Robin at the West Highway - Farmhouse. Now finish the side quest before you continue on with the main story.

Side Quest

Quest NameWest Celdic Highway Monster

Go to the Market Manager's House, speak to Otto and select the second choice to hear details about the monster. Leave town by going to the West Celdic Highway, you will find the monster located on the west area. Defeat it and report back to Otto.

BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Zwordar9924 (Normal)165, 100, 170, 30Breath
The only thing you need to watch for out for it's when Zwordar cast its art. They can do massive damage if your characters are close to each other. You can use Rean's Autumn Leaf Cutter to interrupt Zwordar's casting.
ClientMarket Manager Otto
RewardU-Material x5, 4 AP
Quest NameLost Wallet
Head to the Grand Market, and speak to Merchant Lizze (she's the girl with the ponytail near the entrance). Accept the request. Go to the Train Station to see an event. Then head to the Weathercock Inn and speak to Margot. Head back to the Grand Market, and go to the northwest area, speak to the man sitting by the table. Now go to the Chapel, and speak to the woman with the pink hair.
ClientMerchant Lizzie
RewardPikkard Plush, 4 AP

When you're finished all the Side Quest, continue with the main story by going to West Celdic Highway. Take the north exit, to get to Highway 2, then go all the way north to the end, to find Lunaria Nature Park, watch the event scene and then head to the park.

Lunaria Nature Park

This area is very straightforward, you just keep going north to reach the next area. The path will often split into different paths, where you can sidetrack to obtain treasure chest. When you find the next Orbment Charging Station, you will face a boss battle when you enter to the next area.

Monster Guide

NameItem Drop 1Item Drop 2
Jelly ShroomClear GelatinHearty Powder
Blade HornHearty PowderChitinous Shell
Blade PincerHearty PowderChitinous Shell
Sasa PandaRed Beast FleshU-Material
Gordi ChiefRed Beast FleshU-Material

Treasure List

Sepith x100 (7 Colours)Lunaria Nature Park 1
Curia Balm
Citrus Bottle
Teara BalmLunaria Nature Park 2
Air Strike
Celestial Balm
Coral Ring
HeatwaveLunaria Nature Park 3
Teara Balm
Golden Sphere
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Fake Park Ranger x41663 (Normal)100, 100, 100, 100Teara Balm, EP Charge I
This boss fight is like facing a bunch of grunt units. Each grunt unit can attack from a distance, the good thing is all of these rangers are really fragile, you probably could take them out with a few attacks. If you manage to get hit them with your area effect skills, you will end this battle real quickly.
BossHPElemental EfficacyItem Drop
Grunoja21800 (Normal)100, 100, 120, 125Attack 2
Gordi Chief x22496 (Normal)100, 100, 135, 100Red Beast Flesh, U-Material
As soon as the battle begins, Rean will unlock his S-Break ability. The boss has two grunt units with it, so take care of the two Gordi Chief first. The main boss is huge, but its also clumsy in it's movement, that it might end up wasting it's turn without doing anything. When the boss starts to attack, it can swipe with its claws hitting multiple targets. Sometimes the boss will do Fist of Fury which deals massive damage to a single target. Alisa is actually very handy for this battle, with her Blessed Bow ability, you can easily heal your allies and boost your CP.

Watch the event scene. The Chapter will end and will add up all the AP you have accumulated in this Chapter. If you manage to clear this chapter without missing a single AP, you will get the S rank.