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    Version 4.0
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    Version 4.4 Completed Homura chapters 2 and 3
    Version 4.2 Completed Homura chapter 1
    Version 4.0 Completed Hanzo chapter 5 and Ending (thanks to Lacrexius for
    	    translation of Ending)
    Version 3.6 Completed Hanzo chapter 4
    Version 3.4 Completed Hanzo chapter 3
    Version 3.2 Completed Hanzo chapter 2, Homura introduction, all Homura
    	    character profiles and stories.
    Version 3.0 Completed Hanzo introduction, first chapter, all Hanzo 
    	    character profiles and stories.	
    Version 2.6 Completed Gessen chapter 5 and ending
    Version 2.4 Completed Gessen chapter 4.
    Version 2.2 Completed Gessen chapter 3.  Made a few corrections (thanks to 
    Version 2.0 Completed Gessen introduction, first two chapters, all Gessen
    	    character profiles and stories 
    Version 1.4 Completed Hebijo chapter 4, 5 and ending
    Version 1.2 Completed Hebijo chapter 3
    Version 1.0 Completed introduction, first two chapters, all Hebijo
    	    character profiles and stories 
    1.00 Hiritsu Hebijo Academy Introduction
    1.01 Hebijo Chapter 1-01 Restoration starting shot
    1.02 Hebijo Chapter 1-02 Search for Select members
    1.03 Hebijo Chapter 1-03 Cursed spirit power
    1.04 Hebijo Chapter 1-04 Magic bullet Archer
    1.05 Hebijo Chapter 1-05 Bullet ballerina
    2.01 Hebijo Chapter 2-01 Gratuitous revenge
    2.02 Hebijo Chapter 2-02 Seasoned revenge
    2.03 Hebijo Chapter 2-03 Disheveled hair
    2.04 Hebijo Chapter 2-04 Weak compensation
    2.05 Hebijo Chapter 2-05 Real power
    3.01 Hebijo Chapter 3-01 Invitation from Gessen
    3.02 Hebijo Chapter 3-02 Pride of Hebijo
    3.03 Hebijo Chapter 3-03 Reason for betrayal
    3.04 Hebijo Chapter 3-04 Together with Bebetan
    3.05 Hebijo Chapter 3-05 Black fire and white ice Rondo
    4.01 Hebijo Chapter 4-01 Balance of supply and demand
    4.02 Hebijo Chapter 4-02 As you are
    4.03 Hebijo Chapter 4-03 Bonds
    4.04 Hebijo Chapter 4-04 Desire and Pride
    4.05 Hebijo Chapter 4-05 When words fall
    5.01 Hebijo Chapter 5-01 The gear out of order
    5.02 Hebijo Chapter 5-02 An honest trigger
    5.03 Hebijo Chapter 5-03 The end of revenge
    5.04 Hebijo Chapter 5-04 What is needed for shinobi
    5.05 Hiritsu Hebijo Academy Ending
    6.01 Miyabi's story
    6.02 Murasaki's story
    6.03 Imu's story
    6.04 Ryobi's story
    6.05 Ryona's story
    7.01 Miyabi's character profile
    7.02 Murasaki's character profile
    7.03 Imu's character profile
    7.04 Ryobi's character profile
    7.05 Ryona's character profile
    11.00 Shijuku Gessen Girls' School Introduction
    11.01 Gessen Chapter 1-01 Enjoy life
    11.02 Gessen Chapter 1-02 Strictly clean up
    11.03 Gessen Chapter 1-03 The Mask of Nanto
    11.04 Gessen Chapter 1-04 The Evil that erodes the Good
    12.01 Gessen Chapter 2-01 Comparing acorns
    12.02 Gessen Chapter 2-02 Hidden demon's eyeball
    12.03 Gessen Chapter 2-03 Masked young woman
    12.04 Gessen Chapter 2-04 The Supremacy of pleasure
    12.05 Gessen Chapter 2-05 Good ninja vs Good ninja
    13.01 Gessen Chapter 3-01 The difference between Good and Evil
    13.02 Gessen Chapter 3-02 According to appearance
    13.03 Gessen Chapter 3-03 Evil = Bad?
    13.04 Gessen Chapter 3-04 Place to go home
    13.05 Gessen Chapter 3-05 As Good and Evil lives
    14.01 Gessen Chapter 4-01 Unexpected bookworm
    14.02 Gessen Chapter 4-02 Person to play with
    14.03 Gessen Chapter 4-03 Same town Evil ninja
    14.04 Gessen Chapter 4-04 Free life	
    14.05 Gessen Chapter 4-05 The light inside Evil
    15.01 Gessen Chapter 5-01 A real adult
    15.02 Gessen Chapter 5-02 What is really wanted
    15.03 Gessen Chapter 5-03 Understood feeling
    15.04 Gessen Chapter 5-04 For a friend
    15.05 Gessen Chapter 5-05 Good and Evil intersects
    15.06 Shijuku Gessen Girls' School Ending
    16.01 Yumi's story
    16.02 Murakumo's story
    16.03 Yozakura's story
    16.04 Shiki's story
    16.05 Minori's story
    17.01 Yumi's character profile
    17.02 Murakumo's character profile
    17.03 Yozakura's character profile
    17.04 Shiki's character profile
    17.05 Minori's character profile
    21.00 Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy Introduction
    21.01 Hanzo Chapter 1-01 Basic practice
    21.02 Hanzo Chapter 1-02 A bout with Hibari
    21.03 Hanzo Chapter 1-03 As seniors
    21.04 Hanzo Chapter 1-04 The collapse of peace
    21.05 Hanzo Chapter 1-05 The secret of Hibari's pupils 
    22.01 Hanzo Chapter 2-01 Resolve necessary for shinobi
    22.02 Hanzo Chapter 2-02 Pretend shinobi
    22.03 Hanzo Chapter 2-03 High-spirited gal
    22.04 Hanzo Chapter 2-04 Double personality daughter
    22.05 Hanzo Chapter 2-05 School Festival baptism
    23.01 Hanzo Chapter 3-01 Breaking in, Gessen school building
    23.02 Hanzo Chapter 3-02 Even in place of life
    23.03 Hanzo Chapter 3-03 New force, attack
    23.04 Hanzo Chapter 3-04 Versus new Hebijo 3 person team
    24.01 Hanzo Chapter 4-01 Absolute Secret ninja master training
    24.02 Hanzo Chapter 4-02 Like a fool
    24.03 Hanzo Chapter 4-03 Growth as a shinobi
    24.04 Hanzo Chapter 4-04 The price of shiny pupils	
    24.05 Hanzo Chapter 4-05 Those who are shinobi
    25.01 Hanzo Chapter 5-01 For certainty
    25.02 Hanzo Chapter 5-02 When I must fight
    25.03 Hanzo Chapter 5-03 Exchange of life
    25.04 Hanzo Chapter 5-04 For lost time
    25.05 Hanzo Chapter 5-05 An ideal world
    25.06 Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy School Ending
    26.01 Asuka's story
    26.02 Ikaruga's story
    26.03 Katsuragi's story
    26.04 Yagyu's story
    26.05 Hibari's story
    26.06 Daidouji's story
    27.01 Asuka's character profile
    27.02 Ikaruga's character profile
    27.03 Katsuragi's character profile
    27.04 Yagyu's character profile
    27.05 Hibari's character profile
    27.06 Daidouji's character profile
    31.00 Homura's Crimson Squad Introduction
    31.01 Homura Chapter 1-01 Piece of cake combat form training
    31.02 Homura Chapter 1-02 Battle over a feast
    31.03 Homura Chapter 1-03 Paparazzi Haruka
    31.04 Homura Chapter 1-04 Fated Attraction
    31.05 Homura Chapter 1-05 Unremembered fate
    32.01 Homura Chapter 2-01 Shinobi House Rapunzel
    32.02 Homura Chapter 2-02 Good shopper young wife
    32.03 Homura Chapter 2-03 S and M
    32.04 Homura Chapter 2-04 Two people who do not understand each other
    32.05 Homura Chapter 2-05 Secret Manouevering guy
    33.01 Homura Chapter 3-01 Remembered Place
    33.02 Homura Chapter 3-02 Enemy who doesn't speak
    33.03 Homura Chapter 3-03 Super KY
    33.04 Homura Chapter 3-04 Adult Play
    33.05 Homura Chapter 3-05 Flame Vs Ice
    34.01 Homura Chapter 4-01 
    34.02 Homura Chapter 4-02 
    34.03 Homura Chapter 4-03 
    34.04 Homura Chapter 4-04 
    34.05 Homura Chapter 4-05 
    35.01 Homura Chapter 5-01 
    35.02 Homura Chapter 5-02 
    35.03 Homura Chapter 5-03 
    35.04 Homura Chapter 5-04 
    35.05 Homura's Crimson Squad Ending
    36.01 Homura's story
    36.02 Yomi's story
    36.03 Hikage's story
    36.04 Mirai's story
    36.05 Haruka's story
    36.06 Rin's story
    37.01 Homura's character profile
    37.02 Yomi's character profile
    37.03 Hikage's character profile
    37.04 Mirai's character profile
    37.05 Haruka's character profile
    37.06 Rin's character profile
    1.00 Hiritsu Hebijo Academy introduction
    The wind stroked the cheek of the riverbed.
    The thick overgrown Summer grass shakes noisily, and the light of the full
    moon is reflected on the surface of the water.
    I hazily rode the wheelchair, watching the view flow past.
    Miyabi:"...I am empty."
    Imu: "Miyabi, what did you say?"
    Behind my back I could hear Imu's voice.
    I don't answer, and Imu silently pushes my wheelchair.
    Imu: "...Let's go back soon."
    I do not think anything, no matter what is said.
    I do not feel anything no matter what.
    I am empty.
    Why did I become like this?
    I never thought about it.
    Why was it, I became empty.
    Imu: "Miyabi.  See, Hiritsu Hebijo Academy." 
    Imu stopped the wheelchair and pointed.
    As she speaks I follow her fingertip and see the castle tower floating there.
    Imu: "There you and I were transferred to train as Hebijo."
    Hebijo, Hebijo, Hebijo.
    Something stirred in my empty heart.
    When I heard the word Hebijo, my empty heart trembled.
    Why is that.
    Miyabi: "...Huh?"
    Suddenly all over my body my hair stood up.
    I felt a strange sensation coming from the castle tower.
    Imu: "A shinobi barrier.  It's from Hebijo.  However, it is not just
    Shinobi barrier...
    Was my feeling what was called a shinobi barrier?
    It's a mystery.
    When I feel the shinobi barrier, my blood becomes hot.
    Imu: "So Hebijo are attacking...What are they doing, it's us!"
    Imu raised her voice in irritation.
    After a while, one of the barriers dropped.
    One more followed, then another shinobi barrier went out.
    Imu: "It looks like they've made their decision..."
    Miyabi: "...Decision?"
    To me it did not seem to be a final decision.
    For some reason, when the shinobi barrier came down, another presence began
    growing greatly.
    But it wasn't just any presence.
    The nausea and weakness showed it was an ominous presence.
    Suddenly a deafening thunderous noise echoed.
    Hebijo's castle tower shook violently.
    Imu: "Wh, what is that!?"
    Together with the thunderous noise something inside of me starts raving.
    It feels like a beast inside of me is trying to fly out.
    Miyabi: " Uuuu....Uaaaarggh!"
    Imu: "Miyabi!?"
    I tore at the hair on my head in pain.
    Imu: "Hebijo...dead..."
    I noticed Imu muttering.
    From inside the castle tower something giant began to slowly rise.
    It was something with the head of a grotesque monster.
    Imu: "Is that...a spirit?"
    The monster's roar pierced my body.
    At that moment, I was clearly reborn.
    Spelled out in the terrible memory of my comrade's screams and blood...
    Suddenly tears streamed out of my eyes.
    I'm not empty. It's the opposite.
    My heart is full of pride.
    So much, anger and regret and sadness...
    Imu: "Miyabi, are you ok?"
    That's right, I am Miyabi.
    A chosen member of Hiritsu Hebijo Academy.
    It's more correct to say I was a chosen member.
    Probably because of that incident my heart will be shut for a long time.
    I got down from my wheelchair to stand on my own two feet.
    Imu: "Miyabi?"
    Looking up at the sound of Imu's surprised voice, I gave a small nod in
    Imu: "Y, you've returned?"
    I've certainly returned.
    Maybe my memories too.
    In front of my eyes, Imu.
    My childhood friend.
    Imu: "Miyabi...I'm...How long this moment..."
    Tears flowed out of Imu's eyes.
    Miyabi: "Imu, this is not a cause for crying."
    Miyabi: "The spirit."
    In front of my eyes, lit by flames, the mad, grotesque form of the spirit took
    In the past I have read about such things.
    That spirit is named Orochi.
    Miyabi: "Imu, we've returned!  We are Hebijo!"
    Although I tried to break into a run, my legs still couldn't move.
    I said my strength had returned, but I had been in the wheelchair for too long
    so my legs had withered.
    Imu: "Okay, hold on to me."
    Holding on to Imu's arm, I slowly began to move my legs.
    I walked for about 10 minutes.
    I finally arrived at the remains of Hebijo Academy...It was a mountain of 
    rubble and dead bodies.
    For some reason, that giant Orochi didn't appear again.
    Imu: "Why this..."
    In front of this disasterous scene, Imu was stunned with shock.
    I also clenched my fist tight enough to bleed.
    That time...
    The time of that mission...
    If I could have controlled my power...
    If so, as the lead selection, Hebijo would have been saved.
    But now is not the time for regrets.
    Imu is sitting down grasping onto my arm.
    Miyabi: "Imu, stand up."
    Imu: "...Miyabi."
    Imu looks up into my eyes.
    Miyabi: "We have no time to waste."
    The one who attacked Hebijo.
    The one who could not protect Hebijo from attack.
    The one who soiled Hebijo's honour, I forbid it.
    Miyabi: "...It is recovered."
    Imu: "Recovered?  What is?"
    I pull on Imu's arm firmly.
    Imu staggered up.
    Miyabi: "It has been decided."
    They say that a school is not only made of stone.
    Miyabi: "Time has stopped and...for Hebijo pride!"
    1.01 Restoration starting shot
    Now it's time to start the restoration of Snake Woman Academy! First, let's 
    warm up! (Miyabi)
    A number of months after Miyabi's awakening...Hiritsu Hebijo Academy school
    building was reopening.
    Suzune-sensei: "So, from now I will convey to you the intention of this 
    Suzune-sensei: "The select members have become civilians, so now there are no 
    Hebijo representatives at the academy."
    Suzune-sensei: "Therefore, you will recruit new members to form a Homura
    ex-shinobi hunting group."
    Imu: "New select members..."
    Miyabi: "..."
    Imu: "It's somehow regrettable."
    Imu: "If Miyabi hadn't gone unconscious, we would have select members."
    Miyabi: "Imu, there's no point lamenting the past.  It's too late to start 
    Imu: "Y, yeah."
    Suzune-sensei: "Miyabi.  First gather together 5 members.
    Miyabi: "I understand."
    Suzune-sensei: "Without select members there's no point in reforming Hebijo."
    Suzune-sensei: "So if you want to regain the fallen pride of Hebijo, you must
    deal with Homura's 5 ex-shinobi."
    Suzune-sensei: "You need to make up for lost time."
    Suzune-sensei: "You can't establish their whereabouts here. You have to
    identify it immediately, so start practising."
    Imu: "OK, I understand."
    Miyabi: "Losing good shinobi, the Hebijo were diminished. Those new to this
    business will face certain death.
    Imu: "Yeah. We shouldn't give those girls this responsibility.
    Suzune-sensei: "Do you think it will be so easy?"
    Miyabi: "What do you mean by that?"
    Suzune-sensei: "I trained Homura's group. If you fight them, you will not be
    Imu: "Wait a minute.  Whose side are you on?"
    Suzune-sensei: "I am neither an ally nor an enemy of the students. I merely
    state the facts.
    Miyabi: "Imu, that's enough. If you have time to waste on pointless talk then
    go and train."
    Miyabi: "Suzune-sensei, there's nothing more to report, is there?  So then, do
    you want us to start training soon?"
    Suzune-sensei: "I understand."
    Miyabi: "So, Imu, spar with me."
    Miyabi: "Do not mind about using force against me.  If your power is unripe...
    I will cut you down mercilessly."
    Imu: "Yes, I understand."
    Imu: "But, I will not be easy.  Because I want to be with you forever."
    Miyabi: "So then, let's go!"
    Imu: "Come on!"
    Imu: "...Damn. As I expected,  Miyabi."
    Miyabi: "Hmm.  Your skill hasn't degraded.  You pass."
    Imu: "Really? Did I meet your expectations?"
    Miyabi: "No, not yet.  Imu, become stronger and stronger."
    Miyabi: "Powerful force is required to achieve the earnest desire, and you do
    not have enough yet."
    Imu: "...Miyabi.  I want to be at your side.  Forever."
    Miyabi: "Do not ask such a silly question."
    Miyabi: "You are my right hand. Of course, you are not allowed to leave me."
    Imu: "Ah.  Miyabi, that's not it.
    Imu: "No matter what happens, I will never leave your side. You will never be
    Miyabi: "I expect it."
    Imu: "...Miyabi will not be left alone again.  Because I will get stronger and
    1.02 Search for Select members
    Why are there 5 select members...? Me and Miyabi are plenty! (Imu)
    Imu: "It's no good, Miyabi."
    Imu: "It seems there are now no Hebijo. No newcomers experienced like our 
    Miyabi: "You and I have fought together since we grew up, it seems there's
    only a little time left to start."
    Imu: "New members only get in the way.  I think if it's just me it's enough."
    Miyabi: "What you say is not the reason.  Suzune-sensei said we must gather
    five people.  We need three more."
    Imu: "Are you dissatisified with only me?"
    Imu: "...I. I... Miyabi and I only, we two are enough."
    Miyabi: "Imu.  You're not looking seriously."
    Imu: "Eh?"
    Miyabi: "You're not looking seriously for comrades."
    Imu: "That's not true."
    Miyabi: "You're lying."
    Imu: "...Uuh."
    Imu: "B, but...I don't want unknown things like that to come between us."
    Imu: "What will I do if they betray you?"
    Imu: "Besides, besides..."
    Miyabi: "Besides what?"
    Imu: "If one of them comes to like Miyabi..."
    Miyabi: "What is that talk?"
    Imu: "Sorry."
    Miyabi: "If you're discontent, you can settle it by fighting the Hebijo.  In
    the case that you win, we won't accept them."
    Imu: "I understand."
    Miyabi: "With all your might to grant your desire...right, come on, Imu."
    Imu: "Yeah.  Let's go. Miyabi."
    Imu: "I...I won?"
    Miyabi: "Not bad, Imu."
    Imu: "Miyabi, did you lose on purpose?"
    Miyabi: "Well.  I held back a little."
    Imu: "W, why?"
    Miyabi: "You are my close aide. I judged that it's not good for you to be 
    burdened with so much dissatsifaction."
    Imu: "...Miyabi."
    Imu: "...Sorry.  I was wrong. I behaved too selfishly."
    Imu: "...There's one. One who is suitable to be our comrade."
    Miyabi: "Is it a student I know?"
    Imu: "Yeah.  But you don't know here real form."
    Miyabi: "Real form?"
    Imu: "Well, you'll understand when you meet her."
    Imu: "Because I've had lots of problems with her. My younger sister 
    1.03 Cursed spirit power
    My younger sister is a truant from the sounds of it. That girl's problematic...
    Murasaki: "...Huh?"
    Murasaki: "Bebetan?"
    Murasaki: "Where is Bebetan..."
    Murasaki: "D, dreadful...my Bebetan isn't anywhere."
    Imu: "The stuffed toy bear is here."
    Murasaki: "...Big...big sister?"
    Imu: "Murasaki, long time no see."
    Murasaki: "...Uhuh...Did you...come here to see me?"
    Imu: "...Ah, that's right."
    Murasaki: "I'm glad.  But...why...?"
    Imu: "We're restoring the Hebijo right now.  Your power is needed."
    Murasaki: "...Eh?...My power?"
    Imu: "That's right.  Your cursed spirit power."
    Murasaki: "...No way.  I ...won't hurt big sister."
    Imu: "Murasaki, do you want to say I'll be hurt again?"
    Murasaki: "That's w, wrong.  That's not the reason."
    Imu: "I have become stronger!  It's different from that time!"
    Imu: "So you can't be confined inside anymore!"
    Murasaki: "But...but..."
    I am what is called by society a shut-in person. I spend from morning to 
    evening in my room with Bebetan.  I haven't attended Snake woman school even 
    once.  I am a legendary Hebijo truant shinobi student.
    The way I spend each day has reduced to a pattern.  At 6 o'clock in the 
    morning I wake up and give Bebetan a good morning kiss.  Getting out from my
    duvet, the breakfast and dinner made by the housekeeper has been placed.
    After eating breakfast, I use the internet for a long time.  By the time I've
    been round my favourite SNS several times, half the day is over. After SNS, 
    it's time for an online novel.  The recommended title I'm reading every day is
    a work called "Shinobi House Rapunzel".
    The leading part is a young girl with purple hair locked up in an evil ninja's
    mansion, and a love story with some princes unfold. Hearing the title only, 
    you are reminded of a cosy subject, but the reality is a mobile phone novel 
    that develops into a ghastly pale syrup.
    The princes are killed, and Rapunzel in shock develops an addiction to various
    things.  Finally, the story escalates dramatically.
    Who killed the princes? 
    What is the secret of Rapunzel's birth?
    What is the giant conspiracy to rule the world behind the scenes?
    ...And, with a daring expansion of the series, I can't help being excited by
    the daily updates.
    This novel has drawn more than 2,000 comments. 10,000 people have pressed the
    "like" button.
    I can't believe they haven't made this novel into a movie, something must be
    wrong with this world.
    Muttering something like that, I push the "like" button.
    I get into bed and always talk to Bebetan.
    Murasaki: "...Bebetan. Why do you think my big sister forgives me?"
    Bebetan doesn't reply but, stroking his fluffy body, I fall asleep contentedly.
    That is my daily routine.
    With just Bebetan and I every day is calm and peaceful.
    I do not like trouble and strife, and I also want to have a break from feeling
    Therefore, this is the main reason for other people not to touch me.
    My house has for a long time continued the lineage of evil ninjas. 
    Especially my father was waiting for my ability in the evil ninjas.
    I was forced to do shinobi training. 
    But, this was not the right direction for me.
    To an enthusiastic, serious and positive person like my sister, one suits 
    rigorous training.
    Aimless people like me can't face the violent world of shinobi.
    Like this I appealed to my parents, but they didn't listen to me.
    I was told by them I was a talented shinobi.
    A talented shinobi...
    I had an idea of what my parents were saying.
    In the depths of my heart, a ferocious power is hidden.
    It's called a cursed spirit, this ferocious power.
    That was when I was still a child. 
    I played truant from shinobi training, and played house with Bebetan in the 
    Murasaki's father: "What are you doing!"
    Father raged with anger, grabbing hold of my hair.
    Murasaki: "That hurts!  Let go!"
    Murasaki's father: "Shut up!  If you don't be quiet I'll pull all your hair
    The more I resisted the more my hair was pulled, as I was dragged out to the
    training ground.
    At the training grounds the offended face of my sister was waiting.
    Imu: "Are you able to become a worthy shinobi!"
    Big sister looked right at me and forcefully picked up Bebetan.
    Murasaki: "Ah! Bebetan!"
    Imu: "Because of such a thing you'll never be pulled out of your dependency!"
    As things came to a head, my sister pulled apart Bebetan at the neck.
    ...It was at that time.
    Inside my head I felt an explosion growing, and I lost consciousness.
    When I came to, my father's eyes were wide in amazement.
    And at my big sister lay collapsed at my feet.
    Murasaki: "Sister...what happened?"
    As I was staring blankly, my father applauded in pleasure.
    Murasaki's father: "You defeated your sister."
    Murasaki: "Eh?"
    Murasaki's father: "That is the cursed spirit power. By detonating your mental
    strength, the ninja art increases the power of the body ten times."
    As I was stunned with shock, by contrast father had a wide grin on his face.
    I defeated my big sister.
    I had defeated my beloved big sister.
    ...Cursed spirit power.
    Hidden in my heart, the dreadful power made me shake with fear.
    Ever since that day, my sister and I have kept our distance.
    As I was thought of as an incompetent younger sister, I seem to have badly
    hurt the pride of my sister.
    I thought of apologising over and over again.
    However, if I apologised I felt I would rub my sister up the wrong way.
    ...And then, because of the consciousness of my crime, I became a recluse in 
    my room.
    My parents recommended me to enter Snake Woman Academy.
    Snake Woman is a prestigious school of evil ninja.
    Getting in was not as simple as just using my parent's connections.
    In the first place, being a truant for a long time was out of the question.
    On that day, a man calling himself a Snake woman examiner suddenly came to my
    Suddenly reaching forward, he looked as if he was going to grab Bebetan 
    sitting on the bed.
    Murasaki: "Aah! Don't touch Bebetan!"
    Those were the last words I remember.
    When I returned it was to the sound of applause, and my feet were covered in 
    the blood of the collapsed examiner.
    Murasaki's father: "You passed the entrance exam."
    The applause was from my father, the Hebijo and staff.
    My sister was glaring at me with deeply jealous eyes.
    However, although the Hebijo decided to accept me, I didn't leave my own room.
    Murasaki: "If they force me to go, I'll use my cursed spirit power!"
    Because of my firm resistance, my parent's stopped trying to force me to
    In a dim room with the curtains closed, hugging my knees I think.
    Here is good.
    Here is good, also.
    Imu: "Murasaki, do you say you won't hear my request!"
    Murasaki: "B, but...that is, I am..."
    Imu: "I am, what?"
    Murasaki: "What do you say, that..."
    Murasaki: "...But...Big sister is just saying..."
    Murasaki: "That is if big sister approves of me..."
    Imu: "It does not matter about me.  Clearly show your own intentions."
    Murasaki: "Huh?"
    Imu: "If you can't, it's best if you don't become a Snake woman."
    Imu: "Instead we will take Bebetan."
    Murasaki: "Ehh!"
    Murasaki: "No way! Just that no way!  Return!"
    Imu: "If you wish me to return, fight me."
    Murasaki: "No, No, NoooooO!"
    Murasaki: "......"
    Murasaki: "...Return."
    Imu: "It's come! The cursed spirit!"
    Murasaki: "RETURRRRRN!"
    Imu: "Murasaki, that's it.  We need that cursed spirit."
    Murasaki: "...Eh? Eh, Eh?"
    Murasaki: "...I...again..."
    Miyabi: "Cursed spirit.  I see.  It has much power."
    Imu: "Our family is born with a special predisposition to secret ninja arts."
    Imu: "...But I can't use it."
    Murasaki: "...Ah....Miyabi is there?"
    Miyabi: "It's been a while, Murasaki."
    Murasaki: "...Sniff.  Sniff sniff."
    Miyabi: "What's this?"
    Imu: "Murasaki, stop that habit!  It's impolite!"
    Murasaki: "S, sorry. Because I was in a dark room for a long time...I trust my
    nose more than my eyes..."
    Murasaki: "Th, that smell is...how I mostly recognise. ...Who is that person?"
    Murasaki: "...Sniff.  Sniff sniff. ...Miyabi is a very noble person..."
    Murasaki: "...Sniff.  Sniff sniff."
    Imu: "Anyway, stop it! I said it's impolite!"
    Murasaki: "S, sorry."
    Miyabi: "Well, I don't care about the sniffing."
    Miyabi: "Murasaki."
    Murasaki: "Y, yes."
    Miyabi: "I am hunting to restore the Hebijo, and I will sharpen this person
    and intend to fight it out. For that reason please lend me your power."
    Murasaki: "...My...that power is...needed..."
    Imu: "Murasaki, for god's sake!  Miyabi is begging you!"
    Murasaki: "Big sister also...needs  my power?"
    Imu: "That's right. It's necessary so we invite you."
    Imu: "It's not for me, that power, maybe..."
    Murasaki: "Big sister needs me.  ...But...but..."
    Murasaki: "Hey, Miyabi.  Is it alright for Bebetan to come too?"
    Miyabi: "Sure.  Your friend is also invited to come to the school."
    Murasaki: "...I understand.  I don't know if I will be very useful but...
    Please use....My power."
    Imu: "Huh. *sigh* Now we have gathered three people."
    Miyabi: "That's right. Two more to make five people."
    1.04 Magic bullet Archer
    This is the rumoured Snake Woman Academy.  Hey, does that guy Miyabi live
    here? (?)
    Ryobi: "Are you Miyabi?"
    Miyabi: "Who are you?"
    Ryobi: "As I thought your eyes are different. I expected this."
    Ryona: "Uh-huh.  That's right.  Really,  Miyabi."
    Imu: "Hey, you!"
    Imu: "Asking who is Miyabi.  Identify yourselves quickly."
    Ryoni: "Aha.  This faithful dog seems likely to be a bully."
    Imu: "Huh! Faithful dog?"
    Ryona: "Ryobi, wait, wait. If she's a bully,  I want to be bullied."
    Ryona: "I am also a faithful dog."
    Ryobi: "Huh.  It can't be helped."
    Ryobi: "Your paw!  Sit!  Beg!"
    Ryona: "Woof!  Woof!  Woof woof!"
    Ryobi: "Don't be playful!  Stupid dog!"
    Ryona: "Whiinnne.  More more."
    Imu: "...Let's go, Miyabi.  We don't have time to care about perverts."
    Miyabi: "That's right."
    Ryobi: "Don't have time to care? Have you heard that we are students of Gessen
    Girl's school?
    Miyabi: "Gessen...the good ninja training school."
    Miyabi: "...If so you are my enemies."
    Ryobi: "Wait. Listen to the rest of my story. We sisters are thinking of 
    transferring to align ourselves with the Hebijo."
    Miyabi: "Transfer?  Why?"
    Ryobi: "There are various reasons but, to put it simply, we want to see if we 
    are more suitable as evil ninjas than good ninjas."
    Ryona: "That's right.  We really want to transfer to the Hebijo."
    Miyabi: "That's quite a vague reason."
    Miyabi: "However, to seek the reason to become an evil ninja is bad manners.
    If you want to transfer, so be it."
    Miyabi: "Those who come will not be refused.  That is the Hebijo."
    Ryobi: "Indeed, ex-select team chief.  You understand the story.  But, before
    Ryobi: "Let me see your Hebijo level.  I wonder if this school is worthy for
    me to enter."
    Imu: "Wh, what is this!  You are disrespectful to Miyabi!"
    Miyabi: "Imu, cut it.  What you say is fine. Let's spar together."
    Ryobi: "Ain't that right."
    Ryobi: "However, I'll say this just once.  My shinobi technique is a little 
    bit different, so take a good look."
    Miyabi: "Oh?  How is it different?"
    Ryobi: "...They become big."
    Ryobi: "...My breasts!"
    Miyabi: "Ryobi, you're pretty good."
    Ryobi: "I won, right.  But I just want to say...
    Ryobi: "Miyabi, what's going on!? Why didn't you use your full power!?"
    Miyabi: "You wanted to know the level of the Hebijo. Whether or not I fight at
    full power shouldn't be a problem."
    Ryobi: "...I, I know that."
    Miyabi: "Do you understand this?"
    Ryobi: "...Yeah.  It's frustrating but I understand."
    Ryobi: "I couldn't see the depths of your power, so my training regime is 
    still not enough..."
    Miyabi: "That's right.  Anyway, you passed."
    Ryobi: "Huh?"
    Miyabi: "When you've finished the transfer paperwork, you'll enter my team."
    Imu: "...Miyabi, I disagree. Somehow this guy gives me a bad feeling."
    Ryobi: "Oh, Is the faithful dog afraid of Ryobi?"
    Imu: "You get carried away.  It's not easy for you to close your mouth."
    Ryobi: "Please follow your owner quietly, faithful dog."
    Imu: "What was that!"
    Miyabi: "Stop it."
    Miyabi: "You will soon need to put that energy towards training.  That way you
    will become stronger."
    Ryobi: "I understand.  Miyabi, I will join your team.  From now on, thank you."
    Miyabi: "Okay."
    Imu: "...tut."
    1.05 Bullet ballerina
    Next is Ryona's turn~ Really, really tormented~ (Ryona)
    Ryona: "Right, next is my turn. Do a strict and violent test.
    Imu: "...Just now who is this?"
    Ryona: "I'm Ryobi's younger twin sister Ryona. Really, nice to meet you."
    Ryobi: "Don't mind her.  She's just a masochistic pervert.  Hardcore.
    Ryona: "You're terrible Ryobi.  If you say like that, I feel really good."
    Miyabi: "...Will this guy take the test too?"
    Ryobi: "Don't worry she has power."
    Ryona: "Not just power.  I also have breasts."
    Ryona: "If you can't believe it, it's fine to look.  See, breasts, breasts."
    Ryobi: "R, Ryona! Don't say that in public!"
    Imu: "...She's certainly hardcore."
    Ryobi: "Well, if you actually try to fight you'll understand Ryona's power."
    Miyabi: "I see. If so let's go."
    Ryona: "Yeees.  I will try my utmost."
    Ryona: "Ok, I won.  I really passed this test, right."
    Miyabi: "Uh-huh.  It was good.  Your power is satisfactory.
    Ryona: "Well, from now on I am your comrade. Everyone, let's really get along
    Miyabi: "Sure.  That power will be welcome."
    Imu: "Somehow I can't consent but that is our fifth member. It seems we've
    gathered enough war potential."
    Ryobi: "Therefore, it's good if the faithful dog follows silently."
    Imu: "You called me faithful dog again!"
    Ryobi: "But, can't you see the relationship between you and Miyabi is like a
    pet dog and master?"
    Imu: "Fool! Miyabi and I are childhood friends!"
    Ryobi: "Childhood friends?"
    Imu: "That's right! Our parents were both shinobi so when we were kids we
    often played together!"
    Imu: "Next time you call us pet dog and master! That time, you will..."
    Murasaki: "...Big sister, your loud voice is scary."
    Ryobi: "Huh?  Wh, who are you?"
    Ryobi: "How long have you been there?  I mean, who are you?"
    Miyabi: "This is Murasaki.  Our comrade."
    Ryobi: "Ohhh."
    Ryona: "Nice to meet you, Murasaki.  If you want to see my breasts, I'll show
    Murasaki: "Huh?  Huuuh?  N, n, n, no thank you."
    Ryona: "Don't be so reserved.  Look, look, look, look."
    Murasaki: "H, help me.  Big sister!"
    Ryona: "Ooh. Imu and Murasaki are sisters.  The same as Ryobi and I, right."
    Imu: "...Miyabi.  Is it really okay?  These five members."
    Miyabi: "Sure. If we gather their power, any personality is fine."
    Miyabi: "There are many things to do to achieve the restoration of the Hebijo."
    Imu: "So then, for the time being where shall we start?"
    Miyabi: "I have not yet grasped the footsteps of the ex-shinobi, so I will
    repay a debt to the Hanzo clan."
    Imu: "Certainly.  We also lost our castle, for which I blame the Hanzos."
    Miyabi: "Right, it's finally time to fight! Le's raise the Hebijo's fallen 
    pride aloft again!"
    Imu: "Yeah!"
    Ryona: "Yeah!"
    Ryobi: "Yes yes."
    Murasaki: "...Un.  ...Sniff.  Sniff sniff."
    Murasaki: "What is it.  This. The two transfer students smell...what is 
    2.01 Gratuitous revenge
    First is thanks to Hanzo Academy. I hope you enjoy it~ (Ryona)
    Hibari: "Hei yah!"
    Yagyu: "Hah!"
    Hibari: "Yah! As expected, that's Yagyu!"
    Yagyu: "No.  You are also pretty good.  I understand how you are rapidly 
    getting stronger."
    Hibari: "It's good for sometimes just the two of us to train."
    Yagyu: "Really!? If you say so, and sometimes much better with just two
    Hibari: "Ahhh!"
    Yagyu: "What is it! An enemy!"
    Hibari: "I can see an ice cream shop!"
    Hibari: "Hey, Yagyu! Buy me an ice cream!"
    Yagyu: "Wait! Hibari!"
    Hibari: "W, what? What is it?"
    Yagyu: "See, take this pocket money."
    Hibari: "Yay! Thank you, Yagyu! Right, I'm going!"
    Hibari: "Excuse me! An ice cream please!"
    Ryona: "Welcome! Welcome to Mr. Bunny's ice cream!"
    Hibari: "Waah, looks delicious! Well, two please."
    Ryona: "Coming right up.  They're really delicious!"
    Hibari: "Here's 500 yen."
    Ryona: "OK. So then, there's no change."
    Hibari: "Huh?  Isn't there 200 yen change?"
    Ryona: "Are you angry? Did you get angry?"
    Ryona: "If so, it's ok to hit me. I mean, I want you to hit me."
    Hibari: "Huh?  Wh, what?"
    Ryona: "If you don't like to hit, a massage is fine."
    Ryona: "Look, look , look."
    Hibari: "Wahhhh.  Wh, who is this person?"
    Ryona: "It can't be helped."
    Ryona: "If hitting and massage is both no good...So, shall I let you die? 
    Yeah, really, I'll let you die."
    Hibari: "Huh!? Who are you?"
    Ryona: "I am Hebijo Academy 1st year student Ryona."
    Hibari: "Sn, Hebijo Academy?"
    Ryona: "That's right. The Hebijo that you destroyed has been reformed again."
    Hibari: "I, I didn't intend to destroy the Hebijo."
    Ryona: "Even if you didn't intend it, facts are facts.  So, now I will get my
    Ryona: "Ryona, dance the pride of evil!"
    Hibari: "Kah! I won't be beaten!"
    Ryona: "Hibari is weak. I didn't feel good at all."
    Hibari: "Uuuuh..."
    Ryona: "I thought you would hurt me more.  That's a pity."
    Hibari: "Yagyu...chan..."
    Ryona: "That's right. I have a really good idea."
    Ryona: "If Hibari tells Yagyu about this, great power will come from her
    Ryona: "Then I will be really beaten down."
    Hibari: "Yagyu...flee...please..."
    Ryona: "It's impossible. Yagyu will not run away."
    Ryona: "To get revenge for Hibari, she will surely attack me."
    Ryona: "So. Hibari will also remember perfectly."
    Ryona: "...No power is stronger than revenge."
    Hibari: "...Uuuh."
    Ryona: "OK. For one person, that's all." 
    2.02 Seasoned revenge
    Until I accomplish my purpose I won't stop (Ryobi)
    Yagyu: "Huh? I thought I heard Hibari's voice just now..."
    Ryobi: "You're sharp despite getting a little carried away recently.  Let's
    get just a little second opinion."
    Yagyu: "Hibari's presence has been extinguished..."
    Yagyu: "Hell, what happened?"
    Ryobi: "Hey, are you ignoring me?"
    Yagyu: "Oi, step aside.  I must go to where Hibari is."
    Ryobi: "I said listen to what I'm saying!"
    Ryobi: "Because the child Hibari has already been killed by Ryona a long time
    ago! Your partner is Ryobi here!"
    Yagyu: "...What is that? Has Hibari been injured?"
    Yagyu: "I won't allow it!"
    Ryobi: "Anyway, I don't have any grudge against you, but there is a situation
    going on here."
    Ryobi: "Until that time comes, I can't afford to lose."
    Yagyu: "You bitch, what are you saying!"
    Ryobi: "I said there is a situation. But, just today..."
    Ryobi: "Ryobi, dance the pride of evil!"
    Yagyu: "Gasp!"
    Ryobi: "You wanted to get revenge for Hibari but..."
    Ryobi: "I'm more seasoned for revenge."
    Yagyu: "...H, Hibari."
    Ryona: "Ahh.  Is it over already?"
    Ryona: "I thought I'd tease Yagyu."
    Ryobi: "That's too bad. Our mission is already complete."
    Ryona: "Oh.  Boring.  It wasn't enough of a challenge.  I'm itching. Itching."
    Ryobi: "Don't itch!  Stop it, it's undignified!"
    Ryona: "Hey, Ryobi can bully me, right."
    Ryobi: "Huh.  So troublesome."
    Ryobi: "Got it.  I understand. When we get back to the school I'll be plenty
    mean to you."
    Ryona: "Really?  Yay!"
    Ryobi: "...However."
    Ryona: "However?"
    Ryobi: "Do not forget the plan."
    Ryona: "...Yeah.  I won't forget."
    Ryona: "I won't, won't forget."
    Ryobi: "Right.  That is good. Well, let's return to the Academy."
    Ryona: "Yesss."
    2.03 Disheveled hair
    My first mission...It's scary...I want to go home already...(Murasaki)
    Murasaki: "...This is Hanzo Academy."
    Imu: "Murasaki, surely you're not intimidated?"
    Murasaki: "Eh?  Eh?  I'm not i, i, intimidated."
    Murasaki: "Right, Bebetan? I, I, I'm not intimidated am I?"
    Imu: "Alright then. If that's the case, cut down the vanguard."
    Murasaki: "Eh?  Ehhh?"
    Imu: "You'll shame Miyabi.  She asks you, Murasaki."
    Murasaki: "...U, u, un.  I'll try my best to do what big sister says."
    Murasaki: "...Ah...I want to go home to my room."
    Murasaki: "...Someone. Someone help me...Bebetan...Bebetan."
    Ikaruga: "Ex, excuse me. What did you do?"
    Murasaki: "...Huh."
    Murasaki: "Sniff sniff.  Sniff sniff."
    Murasaki: "...Really...elegant smell. ...She has money...but she's not a snob."
    Murasaki: "...To me I...understand.  ...You are a person with a pure heart."
    Murasaki: "Also...the faint smell of medical herbs. ...These are...commonly 
    used shinobi herbs.
    Ikaruga: "Huh?"
    Murasaki: "...You...are a Hanzo Academy student, right?"
    Ikaruga: "...And you are?"
    Murasaki: "...Bebetan.  I will fight."
    Murasaki: "...Because I want my big sister to be pleased."
    Murasaki: "Also...It's not fair.  To be blessed with a pure heart."
    Murasaki: "There are such people in the world, while people like me live 
    Ikaruga: "What are you talking about?"
    Murasaki: "Secret Hebijo Academy...I am Murasaki.  ...It's bad but...please
    Murasaki: "Murasaki, dance the pride of evil."
    Ikaruga: "Kah!  This child is a student of the Hebijo!"
    Ikaruga: "...Kuh."
    Murasaki: "I w, won...But...you were weaker than I thought."
    Murasaki: "...Was this person really on the select team?"
    Murasaki: "If you're not happy about that, you've no choice but to become an
    ex-ninja in shame."
    Ikaruga: "...Ex-ninja?"
    Murasaki: "...The previous select team became ex-ninjas. They are on the run
    here and there. However...we are going to take care of them."
    Ikaruga: "...Th, that's...Yumi's group..."
    Ikaruga: "...M, mortifying.  If you have to fight Gessen..."
    Murasaki: "...Huh?"
    Murasaki: "I see.  Before the fight with me, you were fighting with people
    from another school."
    Murasaki: "...So it was a surprisingly easy win."
    Muraski: "But...a win is a win.  That's good.  My mission has ended safely."
    Murasaki: "Maybe my big sister will be pleased."
    Murasaki: "...So then, please excuse me."
    Ikaruga: "...Kah. ..It's, it's regrettable."
    2.04 Weak compensation
    Katsuragi...Let me dispel this resentment that crushes the Hebijo!(Imu)
    Katsuragi: "...Damn. Those Gessen guys were quite tough."
    Katsuragi: "That attack was on the eve of the school fire festival."
    Imu: "You look tired."
    Katsuragi: "Who are you?"
    Imu: "Secret Hebijo Academy 3rd year student Imu."
    Katsuragi: "Hebijo? The same school as Hikage's lot."
    Imu: "Hikage? Don't group us together with those losers."
    Katsuragi: "Huh. So, what do you want with me?"
    Imu: "Ah.  Today Hanzo Academy will fall into Hell."
    Katsuragi: "All right, I'll grope you in Hell!"
    Imu: "Wh, what! That gesture!"
    Katsuragi: "What it is , is massaging."
    Imu: "Stop it! Stop that obscene thing!"
    Katsuragi: "Oh dear. You've got an embarrassed face...I'm quite excited."
    Katsuragi: "Grope grope...grope grope."
    Imu: "St, stop it! Stop it! I said stop it!"
    Katsuragi: "Good.  Good. Look look. I expose myself more."
    Imu: "Kuh, you scandalous girl! If you don't stop I will make you a corpse!"
    Katsuragi: "Right then, until now I was just joking. I absolutely cannot lose
    this time."
    Katsuragi: "...Seriously let's do it."
    Imu: "Did you finally get serious?  If so, me too...Imu, dance the pride of
    Katsuragi: "...Kah. ...I lost."
    Imu: "Why is it.  Why does your face looks satisfied?"
    Katsuragi: "I couldn't afford to lose...I couldn't afford to even though I
    Katsuragi: "But...you...were able to have a good fight. Unconsciously...it 
    felt good, I thought."
    Imu: "..."
    Katsuragi: "So.  Finally will you give me your name?"
    Imu: "I refuse."
    Katsuragi: "Huh?"
    Imu: "I don't do anything for a loser. Because a loser has lost everything."
    Imu: "Does it feel good to lose? That bitch and I will never understand each
    Imu: "It's best for the loser to perish here alone."
    Katsuragi: "...I see. ...there's no answer....to the one who lost..."
    Imu: "I struggled against that wounded person more than I thought."
    Imu: "I wonder if I have the cursed spirit like Murasaki?"
    Imu: "...Damn.  Why doesn't the cursed spirit awaken in me..."
    Imu: "If I had the cursed spirit, I wouldn't have lost to Murasaki.  Then, 
    Murasaki might not have become a recluse."
    Imu: "It's all because I was weak..."
    2.05 Real power
    A school duel is just playing. A shinobi's real enemy is... (Miyabi)
    In this world there are those which are called ghosts.
    From the battle between ghosts and shinobi are born beings like pus.
    Born into this world as a result of the nutrients in the blood shed by shinobi.
    That Orochi is also a kind of ghost.
    It was when I was an elementary school student.
    While playing in the hills behind and dreaming of being a shinobi, a strange
    wind smelling of blood blew.
    Miyabi: "What is this?"
    As I looked around, suddenly a black mass descended from the sky.
    From the black mass grew a number of limbs, crawling about squirming and
    feeling bad.
    It was like I was having a bad dream.
    I couldn't move as if I was frozen, and a terrible cry emitted from the black
    mass into the sky.
    Miyabi's mother: "Run away!"
    My mother had become a target for the black mass' attack.
    Worried by my late return home, she had come out to meet me.
    Miyabi: "Mother!"
    As I shouted, droplets of blood splashed up.
    Right in front of my eyes, the black mass crushed my mother's head.
    Without a head my mother's body fell to the ground, and the black mass pointed
    a claw at me.
    I am also dead.
    This notion came to me.
    Before blinking, the black mass was carved up into scattered pieces.
    Miyabi's father: "...Are you alright?"
    My father returned his blood-covered sword to it's sheathe.
    Miyabi's father: "...I told you not to come to this mountain."
    The top chief of the evil ninjas, Hebijo academy principal...that was my
    As I took my father's hand, I momentarily shared the ghost's fate.
    Father lay his jacket over my dead mother. Seeing that act, I came back to
    Mother was dead.
    She died to protect me.
    She died cruelly with a crushed head.
    Sadness and despair leapt from my heart to torment me.
    At that time.
    I became half-crazed, and father embraced me tightly.
    Miyabi's father: "Fighting ghosts is a shinobi's fate. If you think to take
    revenge, fight to become Kagura."
    Miyabi: "Kagura?"
    Kagura...Because it was the first time to hear that name, my wonder and 
    sadness subsided.
    If I become Kagura, it seems I can fight with ghosts.
    If there's a way to take revenge for mother, in that case I won't cry
    Miyabi: "I'll do it.  I'll do it.  I will become Kagura."
    Miyabi's father: "The road to Kagura is precipitous, it isn't a route which
    anyone can do. First, you must become the head of the strongest shinobi
    student's select group."
    I nodded in approval to father's words.
    As soon as possible, by the shortest distance, I would become Kagura.
    After that, I would exterminate all the ghosts until not one remains.
    After my mother's death, without even a day's rest I continued a menu of
    training devised by my father.
    As a result, after graduating from junior high school to enrol at Hebijo, I 
    could become the head of the select group in my first year.
    Through a clear strength of purpose, I was boosted to higher and higher
    But it was still not enough.
    My father did not tell me clearly, but Kagura seems to be the highest grade 
    of shinobi.
    To reach there, I had to be more disciplined, and I also had to recognise the
    achievements building up around me.
    When I was diligently repeating missions, I ran into conflict with good ninja 
    school students.
    Both sides shed blood in fierce fighting...
    ...That blood let to countless ghosts coming into existence.
    Remembering my mother, I tried to intercept them with the intention of 
    However, the ghost's strength was overwhelming and my attack didn't do 
    As my mind was cornered, the secret ninja arts were too much and led to
    Abyss Blood Clots.
    Fellow shinobi constantly raise a shinobi barrier while they are fighting a
    Depending on the amount of the defeated enemy's blood, the shinobi's combat
    ability can increase.
    When the shinobi barrier reaches it's limit, the barrier becomes a blood clot
    into another dimension.
    At that time, suddenly blood clots drift into myself.
    This Abyss Blood Clot limits the ability to raise combat ability.
    However, one pass, when this Abyss Blood Clot is triggered and the spirit
    erodes, you will not be able to control the power.
    Furthermore, in the worst-case scenario the spirit will collapse, and you might
    even become a cripple.
    Extreme use of this banned Abyss Blood Clot ninja art has a very high risk.
    However, at that time I was not concerned about the risk.
    Eaten by the ghost one after another, regardless of whether they were friend
    or foe, even Imu who participated together on the mission was injured and
    lost consciousness.
    The only road left to me was the invocation of the Abyss Blood Clot.
    Miyabi: "Secret ninja technique! Abyss Blood Clot!"
    ...From that point on I do not remember at all.
    As a result of my spirit collapsing, I couldn't do anything.
    According to what I heard after regaining consciousness, only Imu and I
    had survived.
    The corpse of the ghost did not seem to be there, with the power of the
    Abyss Blood Clot I now think I barely managed to drive it away.
    Even now I still don't know the reason I lost control.
    If I was to rage to exhaustion, not only my spirit, but also my body would be
    seriously damaged.
    Maybe, I might have died.
    However, I had released the Abyss Blood Clot before it happened.
    Although most of my memory returned, even now I can't remember something.
    What was the important thing...
    I feel as if something important happened...
    However, the most important thing for me right now, rather than one single
    memory, is to restore the pride of the Hebijo.
    If I had mastered the Abyss Blood Clot, I wouldn't have been outdone as the
    select lead by the Hanzo guys.
    So, the honour of Hebijo was damaged, and all was caused by me.
    Therefore, I must crush Hanzo. I need to crush the ex-ninjas to smithereens.
    Hebijo as the strongest ninja school, becoming the select leader, there's no
    time to stop.
    Miyabi: "And now, I will be.  I will be Kagura. Kagura to destroy the ghosts."
    Miyabi: "I am Hebijo's Miyabi. You are Hanzo's Asuka, right."
    Asuka: "You are...a Hebijo student?"
    Miyabi: "You will get to taste the real power of Hebijo."
    Asuka: "Real power?"
    Miyabi: "That's right. The power that destoys all."
    Asuka: "Wrong. Power is not like that."
    Asuka: "Real power is the power of a shield."
    Miyabi: "A power of that degree can defeat Homura or any fool."
    Asuka: "Homura is a fool then?"
    Miyabi: "Yeah, that's right. Orochi was revived because of that girl's
    Miyabi: "She has become an ex-ninja without responsibility...I'm past anger
    and utterly appalled."
    Miyabi: "This is what I call a fool, what do you call one?"
    Asuka: "Stop it! Don't say any more abuse about Homura!"
    Miyabi: "It's easy to silence me, but you have to beat me."
    Miyabi: "However, can you beat me?"
    Asuka: "...I will beat you.  I will kill you."
    Asuka: "Asuka, I dance for justice and endure!"
    Miyabi: "Miyabi, dance the pride of evil!"
    Miyabi: "Nothing else from your mouth."
    Asuka: "...Strong.  Too strong. Hebijo has people like this..."
    Miyabi: "The Hebijo you know, I left behind the weakened snake girls."
    Miyabi: "My father lost the right to speak because of my mistake, and instead
    a rapacious politician was named senior."
    Miyabi: "Before being crushed by you guys, Hebijo was already rotten."
    Miyabi: "But, it's different now. We have restored the pride of Hebijo!"
    Miyabi: "We will dispose of your precious Homura's lot."
    Asuka: "...Uhh.  ....Homura...I'm sorry."
    3.01 Invitation from Gessen
    It's irrelevant that we are old comrades! I'll open an air hole in her head!
    Imu: "We have paid back the debt to Hanzo Academy.  What's next?"
    Ryobi: "Have you been contacted by Suzune-sensei?"
    Imu: "Not yet. The ex-shinobi.  Where are they hiding."
    Miyabi: "..."
    Imu: "Miyabi?"
    Miyabi: "Heh heh heh.  Ha ha ha ha!"
    Ryobi: "Wh, what? Why do you suddenly laugh?"
    Imu: "Miyabi, what is it?"
    Miyabi: "Look at this.  A while ago an invitation from Gessen Girl's school
    Ryobi: "An invitation from Gessen?"
    Miyabi: "It seems those guys want to hold a school festival with us. They were
    considerably mortified by us smashing Hanzo before."
    Murasaki: "...So, what shall we do?"
    Miyabi: "There's only one thing to do. We are coming to crush them.  That is
    Imu: "I understand. Miyabi. Let's dismess Gessen quickly."
    Imu: "They of course also will fight Ryobi and Ryona. You might have an old
    colleague as an opponent, will that be a problem?"
    Ryobi: "Problem? To whom are you talking to?"
    Ryona: "I've already forgotten all about Gessen. Really it will be no problem."
    Murasaki: "Is that true? Sniff sniff...sniff sniff."
    Ryobi: "Wh, what?"
    Ryobi: "St, stop it! What are you doing?"
    Murasaki: "Hmmm...As I thought...this smell..."
    Miyabi: "So then, let's head off. To where the Gessen shinobi are waiting."
    Ryobi: "Murasaki, do you have a second?"
    Murasaki: "...Wh, what is it?"
    Ryobi: "What was that just then? You said as I thought, this smell. What did
    you mean?"
    Murasaki: "...N, nothing especially."
    Ryobi: "Ah, I see. That's ok then."
    Murasaki: "..."
    Murasaki: "...So I will fight...for my big sister."
    Ryobi: "Huh?"
    Ryobi: "...Wh, what the hell."
    Ryobi: "This is the appointed place. Now, my opponent is..."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ryobi: "...Because it's evening it's you. Won't let go of your mask as usual."
    Murakumo: "...Traitor."
    Ryobi: "I'm not a traitor.  I ditched you."
    Ryobi: "Because a friend's club like Gessen doesn't suit Ryona's and my 
    Murakumo: "...Yagyu was my prey. ...How dare you..."
    Ryobi: "Let me say one thing. First, when you talk to someone take off your
    mask.  It's rude."
    Ryobi: "If you talk like that, your speech won't be a whisper. I can't
    understand what you're saying."
    Murakumo: "...Tiny breasts."
    Ryobi: "!? Wh, what, suddenly."
    Murakumo: "...Tiny breasts."
    Ryobi: "Wa, wait a minute!"
    Ryobi: "You said Ryobi has tiny breasts!? Am I wrong!?"
    Murakumo: "...Ryobi has tiny breasts."
    Ryobi: "Th, th, this chest is deliberate!"
    Ryobi: "Because, you see, if my chest was big it would get in the way of my
    Murakumo: "...Then why do you sound bitter?"
    Ryobi: "D, damn! I got mad now! I'm gonna shoot your mask off!"
    Murakumo: "...Uwah."
    Ryobi: "I won, right. Heh. No more bad words."
    Ryobi: "Still, it's good. This chest is truely great."
    Ryobi: "If it was larger than this, I wouldn't be able to handle my gun."
    Ryobi: "From the bottom of my heart my chest is great. Genuinely. No lies.
    From my true heart."
    Murakumo: "...I know.  I know..."
    Murakumo: "...that you are using a bust up massage water bath..."
    Murakumo: "Kah!"
    Ryobi: "...What did you say? If you've got something you want to say, say it
    Ryobi: "Huh? No more talking?  What a pity."
    Ryobi: "..."
    Ryobi: "...I don't forgive people who laugh at my chest."
    Ryobi: "Big sister praised my chest..."
    Ryobi: "...Big sister...it will be soon."
    3.02 Pride of Hebijo
    To grant Miyabi's dearest wish...I cannot be sidetracked! (Imu)
    I don't forget it.
    It was the Summer of the third year of Elementary school.
    A thunderhead floated overhead in the deep blue sky, as me and Miyabi lay in
    the grass,just sighing.
    Imu: "It's somehow boring."
    Turning towards Miyabi, I said with pouting lips.
    Imu: "Pretending to be a ninja has become boring."
    At that time my father was an active duty evil ninja, on a mission in partner-
    ship with Miyabi's father.
    Since I was his daughter, lots of sagas of their deeds came to my ears.
    Imu: "Hey, do you want to be a real ninja?"
    Miyabi: "A real ninja?"
    Imu: "Right. Not just playing ninjas. Like our fathers, carrying weapons 
    seriously, doing it in a dangerous place."
    At my proposal Miyabi's pupils were shining.
    We entered the shinobi home warehouse, supplied ourselves with real ninja
    tools, and entered the mountain behind our neighbourhood.
    It was a place our parents told us absolutely not to enter until they were
    blue in the face.
    Miyabi: "I wonder if any stray dogs are around here?"
    Imu: "Or bears too."
    The warning of our parents were forgetten as we entered the mountain in high
    As we proceeded the trail was dense, but we didn't feel scared.
    Although we were carrying real shuriken and kunais, we ourselves felt that we
    had become incredibly strong.
    Coming to the beautiful scenic side of the mountain, my heart skipped a beat
    as we unpacked.
    Imu: "Shall we start?"
    Miyabi: "Yeah. One-to-one combat."
    Wielding the weapons, we two ran around the trees.
    We called it one-to-one combat, but actually we were only throwing leaves or
    climbing trees.
    However good the weapons we were holding were, ultimately it ended up the same
    as our normal ninja play.
    Miyabi:" ...Eh...what's this?"
    Suddenly Miyabi halted.
    Imu: "What is it?"
    Miyabi: "There is a strange smell."
    Now that she mentioned it, it did smell strangely of blood.
    Me and Miyabi looked around the area and...
    Suddenly a black mass descended from the sky.
    Imu: "Yah!"
    Looking closely at the black mass, dead animals were hung there.
    From there a number of limbs grew.
    It was shaped like a figure from a horror comic book.
    As we were overcome with shock, the black mass emitted a terrible cry into the
    I was dead.
    This monster would kill me.
    I could only close my eyes through dread.
    However, I didn't feel pain for long.
    The monster's queer voice was also gone.
    I gingerly opened my eyes to look.
    There was a scene I couldn't understand.
    The monster had somehow been cut into scattered pieces.
    To my side Miyabi was being held in her father's arms.
    And, at their feet, Miyabi's mother was...
    There was her headless corpse.
    What happened at the spot I later heard from Miyabi's father.
    I apologised to Miyabi.
    Time and time again I apologised.
    Because if I hadn't suggested we play as ninja, Miyabi's mother wouldn't have
    But, Miyabi never blamed me.
    Miyabi: "...If you feel guilt against me, it has made you into a stronger
    At that time I decided in my heart.
    To become a stong shinobi who would not lose to anyone, and continue to 
    support Miyabi...
    So then, we joined Hebijo.
    The two of us simultaneously entered the school and the select team.
    That was also as a matter of course.
    The reason was because we had already had sufficiently rigourous training.
    This time we didn't play at being ninjas.
    With such a harsh training there was the possibility of losing our lives.
    We were still children yet we endured, probably because there was the clear 
    objective of becoming stronger.
    Miyabi's desire to seek strength grew even more when she enrolled in Hebijo.
    Miyabi's eyes were always looking higher.
    I felt that attitude was a little dangerous.
    If you compare, it's not strange for such a fine blade to break.
    ...And then, that blade really did break.
    Good ninja school students were waiting to ambush us while Hebijo was on a 
    From the natural sky, ghosts descended as Miyabi invoked the prohibited Abyss
    Blood Clot to intercept them.
    As Miyabi invoked the Abyss Blood Clot, a dreadful feeling grew stonger.
    However, she lost control over both her body and spirit, and even after the 
    ghosts had been driven away the force continued on and on.
    If it was left like that, the force would have continued until Miyabi's death.
    What to do?
    What should I do?
    In my desperation I remembered what I had been taught at Hebijo.
    Abyss Blood Clot...
    What I had been taught about the Abyss Blood Clot...
    Inspiration flashed in my head.
    Imu: "That's right. Blood Clot Reversal!"
    It was a never actually tried banned ninja technique but, if successful, it
    could release the corrupted power in the blood.
    Mustering my remaining power, I signed the mark.
    Concentrating my spirit to it's utmost limits, I pointed the palm of my hand
    in Miyabi's direction.
    Imu: "Blood Clot...Reversal!"
    From my hand power was released, and from Miyabi's whole body blood poured
    out, shrinking the shinobi blood clot.
    However, the runaway force didn't go away at all.
    Imu: "...Shit...As I thought, my power isn't..."
    The power isn't in my body.
    The animation seemed to leave my palm.
    No, I won't give up.
    I won't give up even until all my life runs out.
    In my desperation I was inspired.
    Imu: "Shiiiiiiiit!"
    It was my fault Miyabi lost her mother.
    I had to repay her for her forgiveness at that time.
    Imu: "Uwaaaaaaaah!"
    The wicked evil wrapped around Miyabi weakened a little.
    Do it.
    Just one more effort.
    Imu: "Aaaaaaaaaaah!"
    Summoning the last of my power, the shinobi Blood Clot vanished, and the 
    powerless Miyabi collapsed to the ground.
    Imu: "...I, I did it."
    Thinking of my strength of feeling for Miyabi, I successfully used the
    forbidden ninja technique.
    Imu: "...Miyabi."
    I ran over to Miyabi's side. 
    Miyabi had lost consciousness, but she was breathing fine.
    Imu: "...Thank god...Miyabi...That's really good."
    I embraced the blood-covered Miyabi tightly.
    But, the incident wasn't over yet.
    An after-effect of the Abyss Blood Clot was that Miyabi had become Miyabi
    no longer.
    There was a consciousness inside her eyes but she didn't show any reaction.
    I didn't know if she would recover quickly, or if she would stay like that, 
    and the doctor's explanation wasn't clear.
    And after that incident Shiritsu (private) Hebijo Academy changed it's name
    to Hiritsu(secret) Hebijo Academy and was rebuilt.
    Events until yesterday were like a dream, 
    Ourselves, but also our surroundings, went though big changes.
    But, I believed.
    Miyabi is not a girl who would end up like that.
    Needing to regain my sanity, I made it my aim to become the strongest ninja.
    Therefore, leading Miyabi, once, we quit Hebijo.
    Fortunately, a short way from the place we quit there was a sanitorium.
    There, me and Miyabi lived alone.
    Like a soulless doll I washed Miyabi's body, and opened her mouth to feed her
    easily-digested food.
    When it became evening she flinched at something, and I lay down in bed 
    hugging the shaking Miyabi.
    I will heal her.
    I will heal Miyabi.
    Unaware, Miyabi's existence became everything to me.
    And so, that wil not change now that Miyabi has been revived by Orochi.
    For Miyabi.
    Everything I do is for Miyabi.
    That is my purpose for living.
    Imu: "Now, where is the unlucky guy who will be my opponent?"
    Shiki: "Ah! You are Imu-chin, right!"
    Imu: "I, Imu-chin?"
    Shiki: "As I thought, it's Imu-chin! It's as I expected. No matter from where
    you look at it you look like Imu-chin."
    Imu: "You are my partner. ...You seem like an idiot."
    Shiki: "Gah! Is Imu-chin so rude? Saying someone is like an idiot on your
    first meeting is a fail?"
    Shiki: "Moreover, you also defeated your prey Katsuragi-chin, right?"
    Shiki: "That's really so rude! Unbelievable! You shouldn't be so rude to a
    friend of mine!"
    Imu: "I'm not socialising. Let's do this quickly. We're wasting time."
    Shiki: "Huh? Why such a big attitude? Must be because Hebijo isn't strong."
    Imu: "What was that?"
    Shiki: "Because, Hebijo was crushed by Hanzo. It took all the select members
    to do it."
    Shiki: "In addition, your school building seriously makes me laugh."
    Imu: "...That was the previous Hebijo.  It's not related to the Hebijo now."
    Shiki: "But, Hebijo is Hebijo."
    Imu: "Shut up already! Don't make any more insults about Hebijo!"
    Shiki: "Hmmm. Imu-chin is an angry one. That kind of person should take 
    calcium, as my friend Hitomi says."
    Imu: "I said shut up! ...That mouth that talks too much, now I'm gonna
    close it!"
    Imu: "Well, now you understand! This is the power of Hebijo!"
    Shiki: "Uuuuh...Your speaking is completely different..."
    Shiki: "Imu-chin...so strong..."
    Imu: "Shit! Shit! This is all Homura's bad!"
    Imu: "If those guys hadn't lost to Hanzo, Hebijo would not be thought of as
    Imu: "I can't forgive Homura's group at all! We need to payback retribution."
    Imu: "And then, Miyabi and I will restore the pride of Hebijo."
    3.03 Reason for betrayal
    It's been a while since I've been to Gessen! ...Everyone,are you well? (Ryona)
    Ryona: "Ah! Yozakura! Long time no see!"
    Yozakura: "Ryona..."
    Ryona: "What's up? With that scary face?"
    Yozakura: "My opponent has deceived me, isn't that true."
    Ryona: "I see. So that's why you're in a huff."
    Ryona: "But, sorry.  It can't be helped."
    Yozakura: "It can't be helped...going missing from Gessen...is something that
    can't be helped?"
    Yozakura: "Weren't we comrades? At least... that was what I thought."
    Ryona: "I also thought we were comrades. But, it's too bad I needed to be a 
    Snake woman."
    Yozakura: "...Won't you then tell me why you needed to be a Snake woman?"
    Ryona: "...No way. ...It's really a secret.  Nothing more than that."
    Yozakura: "...Is it something related to Ryoki?"
    Ryona: "...Huh?"
    Ryona: "Yozakura...do you know about my big sister?"
    Yozakura: "Just as I thought, that was it..."
    Ryona: "...Hey, have you talked to anyone about my big sister?"
    Yozakura: "No, not yet."
    Ryona: "I see."
    Ryona: "Well, here I have to close Yozakura's mouth."
    Ryona: "Because about my big sister is really, really, really a secret!"
    Yozakura: "Kuh..."
    Ryona: "I'm sorry...Yozakura..."
    Ryona: "I didn't want to part from Gessen.  That is really true.  I'm really
    not lying."
    Yozakura: "...Ryona."
    Ryona: "...But, to get revenge for my big sister, there was no choice but to
    join Hebijo."
    Ryona: "Because revenge on the guy who killed big sister is everything to
    Ryobi and I."
    Imu: "Ryona, you've finished."
    Ryona: "I, Imu."
    Imu: "Even when your opponent was an ex-colleague, you could accomplish the 
    mission properly."
    Ryona: "H, hey! Do you distrust me?"
    Imu: "Because you are kind unlike Ryobi. But now I trust you more."
    Imu: "You are now a fine member of Hebijo...and also my comrade."
    Ryona: "U, uh...Th, thank you..."
    Imu: "So then, let's go back. I'll go ahead."
    Ryona: "..."
    Ryona: "...Big sister. ...Really, I will strike your enemies."
    3.04 Together with Bebetan
    Only mine Bebetan...Today also together... (Murasaki)
    Minori: "Oh, you finally came! I've waited a long time!"
    Murasaki: "...Um, erm. It's not particularly good for me..."
    Murasaki: "...I mean...I'm going home."
    Minori: "No way! You and I are going to play!"
    Murasaki: "...eh...Play?"
    Murasaki: "If it's play...I was doing that...alone in my room with video
    Minori: "Stop mumbling!"
    Murasaki: "Oh!"
    Minori: "...Hey, you. You defeated Hanzo, right?"
    Murasaki: "...Do you say defeated...I made my sister pleased..."
    Minori: "Sister? Is that the reason why you took a playmate?"
    Minori: "Terrible.I can't forgive you. I really liked that straight black-
    haird girl."
    Murasaki: "Straight black hair...Do you mean Ikaruga..."
    Minori: "That is a person who will take anyone to play with!"
    Murasaki: "...Th, that's not it. ...There is someone who would play with me."
    Minori: "Liar! Don't tell lies!"
    Murasaki: "...It's not a lie. ...Bebetan...plays with me."
    Minori: "Bebetan?"
    Murasaki: "That's right.  My stuffed toy Bebetan."
    Minori: "A stuffed toy isn't a person!"
    Murasaki: "Not a person?"
    Murasaki: "No such thing...Bebetan is a person the same as I..."
    Murasaki: "Do not mock Bebetan!"
    That is a story of when my sister was a third year junior high school
    Murasaki: "Big sister...where are you..."
    Worried because it had became evening but my sister still hadn't returned
    home, I wandered around the place.
    I had withdrawn from going outside, but it was less crowded late at night.
    Trusting my memories of childhood, I headed towards a place it seemed like
    my sister would go to.
    Since the episode with my cursed spirit power, my sister had come to avoid
    However, I still loved my big sister. Somehow we couldn't be reconciled, 
    but I thought about her a lot.
    Suddenly drops of rain started pitter-pattering down.
    Starting to rain late at night somewhere gives me an ominous feeling.
    Become anxious, I walked quicker.
    I entered a playground where we used to play together a long time ago, and 
    found my sister sitting on a covered bench.
    No, to say more accurately, it wasn't only big sister.
    Miyabi was sitting next to her.
    Big sister and Miyabi were huddled close together, and it was difficult for me
    to call out in that atmosphere.
    I stood shock still in that place, idly watching the two figures.
    They had been friends since childhood, and I knew they got on well.
    But, I wonder how to say it.
    I can't say the atmosphere was like just friends, but like some emotion was
    flowing between them
    The rain was also running on to the bench.
    Big sister, with an atmosphere different from usual, moved to wipe the damp
    part of the bench where Miyabi was.
    I said of her she is like a man, but here I saw her as really feminine.
    I had never seen that form in front of me before.
    I felt like this is really, really my big sister.
    I remember being so sad, and jealous of Miyabi.
    As long as there is my cursed spirit power, I feel big sister won't even look 
    at me a second time.
    Reluctantly turning my back on the two of them, I silently returned home.
    Returning to my room dripping wet, I hugged Bebetan tightly with resignation.
    Murasaki: "...Just Bebetan will see me. For a long, long time, only
    Bebetan will see me."
    From that day forwards, I thought of Bebetan as my big sister.
    Murasaki: "...That's it, you understand. ...Bebetan is not my real big
    Minori: "Huh?"
    Murasaki: "...My real big sister always looks at Miyabi."
    Murasaki: "About me...surely, I don't matter."
    Murasaki: "...But...I...will try hard."
    Murasaki: "Try hard try hard...I've got to get my big sister to forgive."
    Minori: "...Excuse me.  Talking to yourself so much makes me feel creepy."
    Murasaki: "...Eh? ...Was I saying something?"
    Minori: "Grrr! This girl, hurry up and die!"
    Murasaki: "I...won."
    Minori: "...Somehow, really mortifying."
    Minori: "Losing to this dark girl..."
    Murasaki: "...You also became dark."
    Murasaki: "...Big sister, how, will you turn to me..."
    3.05 Black fire and white ice Rondo
    Finally fight with the General...I won't lose to an ex-ninja! (Miyabi)
    Miyabi: "Are you the Gessen leader?"
    Yumi: "You are Miyabi, aren't you? My name is Yumi."
    Miyabi: "I'm not interested in your name. Because soon I will defeat you."
    Yumi: "You're rather self-confident."
    Miyabi: "Such self-confidence, no."
    Yumi: "...Huh?"
    Miyabi: "Well, in the past...What you said was accurate."
    Miyabi: "It was because of that boring self-confidence that spawned conceit,
    that led to my irreparable failure."
    Miyabi: "I will not repeat that mistake again. Once again the pride of Hebijo
    will be raised high."
    Yumi: "...I see. That meaning, you and I are the same."
    Miyabi: "What do you mean?"
    Yumi: "I can realise a long-cherished wish of my grandfather's...I'm also 
    fighting for my dream."
    Miyabi: "...Heh. Our little talk is over.  Let's go!"
    Yumi: "I won't lose! For my grandfather!"
    Yumi: "Uuuhh...Strong...No more...this is it..."
    Miyabi: "...That is the end of Gessen. According to the rules of the school 
    festival, let us burn your school building."
    Yumi: "...N, no way."
    Miyabi: "Hanzo and Gessen have been cleared away. The reinstatement of
    Hebijo is close."
    Imu: "Miyabi, there's a message from Suzune-sensei. Apparently the ex-shinobi
    hiding place has been found."
    Miyabi: "I see.  So they finally came. We will finally dispose of those ex-
    Miyabi: "Wait for me, Homura."
    4.01 Balance of supply and demand
    Finally the ex-ninja hunting mission! They'll be riddled with holes! (Ryobi)
    Miyabi: "Homura's hiding place has been found."
    Miyabi: "Finally the time has come. Now we start the hunt for the ex-ninjas."
    Imu: "Finally. I'm excited."
    Murasaki: "....Uhhhh...Finally...it has begun."
    Ryona: "Ryobi..."
    Ryobi: "Yeah, Ryona, it's soon..."
    Murasaki: "...Huh?  Soon?"
    Murasaki: "Sniff sniff...sniff sniff. ...As I thought, this feeling."
    Miyabi: "Each of you, head towards your opponent's hiding place."
    Miyabi: "I won't forgive failure. Even if you are struck down simultaneously,
    defeat the ex-ninjas."
    Imu: "Sure.  Of course."
    Miyabi: "Well then, let's go! Pride of Hebijo!"
    Ryobi: "You are an ex-ninja, right."
    Mirai: "Hmmm. So you're the Hebijo pursuer. So, what if I am an ex-ninja?"
    Ryobi: "Naturally, I would deal with you."
    Ryobi: "However, surely my target is a child...This seems to have become a 
    mission with a bad aftertaste."
    Mirai: "Wait a minute. Who said your target is a child?"
    Ryobi: "Who other than you?"
    Mirai: "I'm not a child!"
    Mirai: "I'm an overflowing-with-adult-charm lady!"
    Ryobi: "What I can see is a child. Especially your breasts..."
    Mirai: "You can't talk! Idiot!"
    Ryobi: "In this place you shouldn't say that!"
    Ryobi: "Certainly my breasts are not that large, but they beat yours! Just
    that is obvious!"
    Mirai: "To be proud of such a thing, it's pathetic."
    Ryobi: "What did you say?"
    Mirai: "Alright!? The world is made up of a delicate balance of supply and
    Mirai: "In other words, there is also value present in small breasts!"
    Mirai: "So,  my breasts are valuable. Because they are small, they're
    Mirai: "You and I have a different character for small breast complex!"
    Ryobi: "Uhh...what the, this sense of defeat."
    Ryobi: "I may have lost the battle of words but I will win the duel!"
    Ryobi: "I won't lose in this place!"
    Mirai: "...S, so...I lost..."
    Mirai: "...Homura...everyone..."
    Ryobi: "Haa...haa...She was quite tough."
    Ryobi: "But...Breasts are valuable because they are small? ...I've heard
    that before somewhere."
    Ryobi: "...Ah."
    Ryboi: "That's it.  Big sister said the same thing."
    Ryobi: "But, why had I forgotten that?"
    Ryobi: "Am I forgetting about big sister?"
    Ryobi: "...Why.  ...Why is that."
    Ryobi: "While everyone was making such a noise, did I forget about my big
    Ryobi: "That's not the reason.  That's really not the reason."
    Ryobi: "I have to get revenge."
    Ryobi: "...It's painful to forget such an important thing...I will let that
    guy taste it."
    4.02 As you are
    Too late, I will not turn back...I really, really won't forgive...(Ryona)
    Ryona: "Ah.  I'm nervous.  It looks like Ryobi won, so I have to follow."
    Miyabi: "..."
    Ryona: "Ah! M, Miyabi."
    Ryona: "It's OK.  Don't worry.  I'll do my best."
    Miyabi: "...Your power is too much in your shoulders."
    Ryona: "...Huh?"
    Miyabi: "As usual...it is good to be as you are."
    Ryona: "...Y, yes."
    Miyabi: "Is that alright? You are strong enough. Believe in your power to
    Miyabi: "I also believe in your strength."
    Ryona: "...I, I understand. ...I'll do my best."
    Ryona: "..."
    Ryona: "...What are you talking about. ...that messed up tone."
    Ryona: "...It's too late...Even if you say such a thing...since anything is
    too late..."
    It seems my parents were good ninja. It's not clear, because I have no
    memories of them.
    Before I was old enough to understand, I heard they had been killed in an 
    incident during a mission.
    Taking care of me and Ryobi was our five year older big sister, named
    Ryoki had large, gentle eyes, and her shiny black hair was always fluttering
    in the wind.
    Always kind, even when being strict.
    To me, my big sister was someone like my mother.
    Big sister was always putting off her own things and thinking about me and
    Although she was old enough to be really fashionable, she always wore the
    same clothes so we wouldn't go hungry.
    One time only did big sister say "I want to challenge it" and bowed her
    head to Ryona and Ryobi.
    That was to proceed along the same ninja road as our parents.
    Me and Ryobi didn't oppose her.
    We decided to support our sister's plan with open arms.
    Limiting snacks to one a month, she studied seriously to enter shinobi school.
    Through hard study and shinobi practice, big sister was superbly awarded a 
    scholorship and could enter Gessen Girls' School.
    Furthermore, because she didn't neglect her great effort after admission, when
    she became a 3rd year student she was chosen for the Gessen select team.
    If you can enter the select team, at that time your future as a good ninja is
    Amongst the three sisters, this was a dream come true for the gentlest, the
    most hardworking and the most talented.
    When we heard that story, me and Ryobi cried with happiness.
    That's great, big sister.
    Congratulations, big sister.
    There was a lot we wanted to say when we met.
    However, I did not realise it.
    She did not reply to my greeting when she returned to the house.
    She had pale, cold skin.
    Her eyelids remained closed.
    Her lips didn't move.
    Big sister had come back in front of us a corpse.
    According to the Gessen Girl's school teacher, big sister seemed to have been
    hit by the out-of-control Abyss Blood Clot of an evil ninja student.
    I did not understand everything well, but I understood that that shinobi 
    student was big sister's enemy.
    That shinobi student's name was Shiritsu Hebijo Academy's Miyabi.
    Rumour said the Miyabi had become a cripple in reaction to the runaway power.
    It seemed there was a possibility that she might recover, and she continued
    to receive nursing care from another survivor of the incident that killed big
    However, after that incident, Shiritsu Hebijo Academy was dissolved, and we no
    longer knew what happened to Miyabi and the other survivior.
    To us, if Miyabi recovered, she might decide to come back to the world of 
    We would get revenge for big sister on the recovered.
    In order to give us the strength, Me and Ryobi also planned to become
    shinobi, and we entered Gessen.
    After that, when the 1st year Summer was over and the recently established
    Hiritsu Hebijo Academy had been destroyed again, we heard that Miyabi had
    returned to consciousness.
    Miyabi, to regain the fallen pride of Hebijo, seemed to have started
    appealing for the restoration of Hebijo.
    When we heard that, Ryobi and I decided.
    Simply to get revenge on Miyabi was unsatisfying. Just as big sister's dream
    was killed, we wanted her to taste the same feeling.
    We transferred to Hebijo as it was neccessary to be by Miyabi's side.
    We would lend our strength to fight, and the moment our objective was 
    achieved, we would send her to the other world.
    We would beat her down from joy to despair.
    ...So, that day has come soon.
    When we defeat the ex-ninja...that will be Miyabi's final moments.
    In order to do so, we have to absolutely destroy the ex-Hebijo shinobi.
    That's right.
    Really, really.
    I really won't lose.
    Hikage: "Again...the appearance of something strange."
    Ryona: "You are my opponent, right? Kya...nice to meet you."
    Hikage: "You are the Hebijo pursuer? Why are you being so frivolous?"
    Ryona: "It's no good? If it's no good, I'll quit."
    Hikage: "Yeah. Do whatever floats your boat."
    Ryona: "If you say that I'm confused. You are not immediately cursing me with
    "stop it you idiot!""
    Ryona: "Ah, but, but - Which approach is best? Please tell me once."
    Hikage: "My reaction is worrying?"
    Ryona: "Yes, of course."
    Ryona: "I wonder what you think of me, I'm really anxious about what my 
    enemy says."
    Ryona: "After, because I'm poor at emotional expression, together exposing
    feelings feels good!  So fun."
    Ryona: "So then, please tell me what kind of feeling is good.  Tell me."
    Hikage: "Like that is fine. Because I don't care about fun."
    Ryona: "Aw, awww.  Hey, hey."
    Hikage: "What?"
    Ryona: "Is it ok if I fight like this atmosphere?"
    Hikage: "I said it's fine."
    Ryona: "Unnn.  If so, then please match my atmosphere."
    Ryona: "Somehow if it's only me I feel foolish."
    Hikage: "I understand, I understand. Although I don't quite understand, I'll
    match you perfectly."
    Ryona: "So, then, right! It's alright to fight me!"
    Hikage: "Alright!"
    Ryona: " Ok, Let's go!"
    Ryona: "I, I won!"
    Hikage: "Damn. I couldn't do it..."
    Ryona: "Are you ok? Doesn't it hurt?"
    Ryona: "I love pain so for me it's fine, but you hate it, right?"
    Hikage: "...Hah....you're a strange guy until the end."
    Hikage: "No...for you that's ok. ...it's good to be as you are."
    Hikage: "Nevertheless...you're strong."
    Ryona: "...Good to be as you are?"
    Ryona: "A while ago, Miyabi said the same thing."
    Ryona: "...As I am, what is that?"
    Ryona: "...I won't forgive Miyabi for killing big sister. ...I really won't
    Ryona: "But even so, I wonder if revenge is the only way to go..."
    Ryona: "...Uuuuh. It's no good to doubt. I remember the time when big sister
    returned home dead."
    Ryona: "...I will do it.  That is what I am like."
    4.03 Bonds
    I do not believe...As for the bonds, I do not believe... (Murasaki)
    Murasaki: "...Are you...Yomi?"
    Yomi: "Yes.  You are Hebijo's Murasaki, right."
    Murasaki: "Sniff sniff...somehow...smells of poverty."
    Yomi: "Wha!? What rudeness!"
    Yomi: "Certainly I might be poor, but I have a proper bath everyday!"
    Yomi: "Yesterday evening as well I collected wormwood from around the
    neighbourhood for wormwood hot water..."
    Murasaki: "I don't mean that...How can I say...The whole of you smells poor."
    Yomi: "I don't deny that I'm poor. However, I'll tell you what."
    Yomi: "I have friends even if I have no money. They are cherished friends you
    could never buy with money."
    Murasaki: "Friends are an illusion...I do not believe in such things...People
    are alone...always...forever."
    Yomi: "That's not true. Though our position might be different, we can 
    understand each other."
    Murasaki: "...That's enough. Anyway, no-one will look at me..."
    Ikaruga: "...Yomi..."
    Yomi: "Ikaruga!? Why are you here?"
    Murasaki: "Wh...what!? That person...she should have been defeated..."
    Yomi: "You are wounded! Why is your body so extreme?"
    Ikaruga: "Yomi...Your opponent is strong...but...don't lose..."
    Ikaruga: "Please...do your best."
    Yomi: "Ikaruga? Ikaruga!?"
    Murasaki: "Even though I thought she came to aid you...she collapsed.  What
    was...her purpose?"
    Yomi: "...Don't you know? That is the bonds of friendship."
    Murasaki: "...There is no such meaning. After all, she was no good for any
    Yomi: "No.  I firmly got strength from ikaruga."
    Yomi: "So, I won't lose."
    Murasaki: "I wonder if that's true? ...If so, maybe I'll give it a try."
    Yomi: "Yomi, come!"
    Yomi: "Uuhh...Strong...too strong..."
    Murasaki: "See.  As I thought...I won...ufufufu."
    Yomi: "Ikaruga...I'm sorry...I couldn't meet your feeling..."
    Murasaki: "..."
    Murasaki: "...But. Maybe there are bonds..."
    Murasaki: "Because, a rich person and a poor person can understand each 
    other's feelings..."
    Murasaki: "Me too, after the battle is finished...I wonder if I can become
    friends with my big sister?"
    Murasaki: "...If I fight seriously...Big sister will look at me, maybe..."
    Murasaki: "...I don't know that...I don't know, but..."
    Murasaki: "If I don't fight...I won't know anything.  If I stay shut up in
    my room...it will stay like this forever."
    Murasaki: "I will do it."
    Murasaki: "I will fight for big sister. I don't care even if my sister has
    turned towards Miyabi."
    Murasaki: "...Really...It is so."
    Murasaki: "My cursed spirit...surely...I have it for that. To fight for my
    big sister..."
    4.04 Desire and Pride
    Miyabi...There's one left...Your wish is just a little further... (Imu)
    Imu: "You're Haruka. For the sin of demeaning Hebijo's pride, you'll pay."
    Haruka: "Fufufu. It's good to pay for your sins, but first shouldn't we get
    to know each other?"
    Haruka: "Slowly and carefully over time.  Ufufu."
    Imu: "Wh, what are you saying?"
    Haruka: "Oh, you have fine, beautiful skin."
    Imu: "Stop it! Don't touch me!"
    Haruka: "Lovely.  I'd want to touch it forever."
    Imu: "Stop it!  Stop that lewd act!"
    Haruka: "If you stop fighting, I won't do this so much more?"
    Imu: "But, I said stop it! There are fools everywhere!"
    Imu: "That's enough! If you don't feel like fighting, step aside!"
    Imu: "I have to deal with Homura ahead!"
    Haruka: "...It's a shame but I won't move from here."
    Haruka: "Because Homura is my great leader. I will do my utmost to protect
    Imu: "That's the same as me. I will not let you interefere with Miyabi's
    Haruka: "If that's the case all we can do is fight. To defend our leaders."
    Imu: "Ah, it's what I want!"
    Imu: "I'll teach you how our Hebijo differs from you lot!"
    Haruka: "...Damn. I lost..."
    Imu: "Good! Now Homura remains the only one!"
    Imu: "Only a little more until we achieve our cherished wish! Miyabi, it's
    finally come to this!"
    Haruka: "...Cherished wish? What are you fighting for?"
    Imu: "It has been decided.  To make Miyabi's wish fulfilled, to restore the
    pride of Hebijo."
    Haruka: "...Hmmm. ...Which is more important?"
    Imu: "Huh?"
    Haruka: "Miyabi's wish or Hebijo's pride...if you could grant only one..."
    Haruka: "You...which would you pick?"
    Imu: "...Such a thing is determined. For me, Miyabi's wish is everything."
    Haruka: "Hmmm...so I see...Friendship is the important...thing, right."
    Haruka: "You said that we are different but...you...do not change much..."
    Haruka: "...we...and..."
    Imu: "You and we aren't changed?"
    Imu: "Foolish talk. Is there a reason for it?"
    Imu: "...That reason."
    Imu: "...Miyabi. Finally there's only one. ...Don't lose."
    4.05 When words fall
    Pride of Hebijo, now I will restore it! Wait for me, Homura...! (Miyabi)
    Suzune-sensei: "Miyabi, wait up."
    Miyabi: "Suzune-sensei?"
    Suzune-sensei: "What is your final goal?"
    Miyabi: "What is this? Now I want to concentrate on the fight."
    Suzune-sensei: "Become Kagura to fight ghosts...Is this your final goal?"
    Miyabi: "...What if it is?"
    Suzune-sensei: "You will die."
    Miyabi: "What do you mean?"
    Suzune-sensei: "You don't understand ghosts."
    Miyabi: "How ever much you say there are good things and bad things."
    Miyabi: "My mother was killed by a ghost. My beloved mother in front of my
    Miyabi: "Then I knew more about ghosts than any normal shinobi."
    Suzune-sensei: "It is more than merely seeing a ghost."
    Suzune-sensei: "For one who fought them like me, only seeing and knowing
    nothing at all is the same."
    Miyabi: "...One who fought them?"
    Miyabi: "Have you fought ghosts!?"
    Suzune-sensei: "Yes. I have fought ghosts."
    Miyabi: "...Won't you tell me the story in detail?"
    Suzune-sensei: "Yes.  That's why I came here."
    Suzune is my second shinobi name.  My first shinobi name was Rin.
    When I called myself Rin, I was a Hanzo Academy student.
    At the time of graduating from shinobi school, students are informed of
    significiant facts.
    This is about the real reason modern shinobi exist.
    The shinobi's true mission is...
    To suppress ghosts.
    At first I couldn't believe that ghosts are real.
    However, when I saw a sample of a ghost that was at the good ninja's 
    headquarters, I couldn't deny their existence.
    Soon I volunteered for the duty of destroying the ghost's lairs.
    It was a considerably dangerous duty, but at that time I didn't know fear.
    And also I wanted to reach the highest shinobi grade of "Kagura".
    If I were Kagura, the ghost enemies wouldn't be terrifying.
    I would be lying if I said there were no such graces.
    ...As a result, as soon as I started the mission I was going to see hell.
    Our mission destination was the deepest part of an empty and gaping cave in
    a coastal cliffside.
    Waiting for us there were giant sea slugs or wharf roaches with the face of a
    There were 10 of them in total facing us, and our unit was 50, including 
    We were destroyed in less than a minute.
    Not even one ghost was killed.
    I was hit by a small fragment fired by a ghost, blown against the wall of 
    the cave and hit my whole body badly.
    I realised that I had broken at least 10 of my bones.
    In my fading consciousness, I watched the outcome of the battle with despair.
    Blood was dripping out of the mouths of the ghosts.
    Inside the cave heads or limbs were cruelly scattered around.
    Because the scene was like a nightmare, I lost consciousness.
    Even under such circumstances, I was the only one who survived.
    Receiving the news that the entire good ninja team had been annihilated, the
    client appealed to the evil ninjas to destory the ghosts.
    Based on our report, the evil ninja team put in a large number of shinobi and
    they somehow managed to successfully destroy the ghosts.
    It was the principal of Hebijo who had collected me and enabled me to recover
    from my wounds...that is, your father.
    The principal had carried me to Hebijo's hospital.
    There were complex fractures throughout my body, as well as my tendons and
    ligaments were damaged.
    The diagnosis was that a complete recovery would take more than a year of 
    Even if I made a complete recovery, there would be after-effects remaining,
    and they said it would be impossible to be a front-line shinobi again.
    I did nothing but cry.
    I cried regretting I was too weak.
    My immobile body shook as I continued crying for 3 days and nights.
    Still it took a year before I was able to live my daily life by myself.
    When I heard that the good ninjas thought I was dead, I felt a little
    If I said I didn't think I wanted to meet Kiriya-sensei or Daidouji it would
    be a lie.
    However, I could not be exposed to the disgrace of returning to Hanzo alone
    at this late hour.
    I could no longer be a shinobi, so the principal promoted me to be a teacher
    at Hebijo.
    Although I was originally a good ninja, the principal didn't care at all.
    Because he forgave anything that was evil.
    As  my life was saved by Hebijo, I thought that I had to return the favour.
    Therefore, I decided to become a teacher at Hebijo.
    To raise shinobi who would also survive a fight with the ghosts...
    Suzune-sensei: "Do you understand? Even Kagura has lost to the ghosts."
    Miyabi: "...I see.  I understand that ghosts are formidable."
    Suzune-sensei: "Shinobi's technology and strength is neccessary to be sure. 
    However, that alone is not enough to beat the ghosts."
    Miyabi: "What do you say is needed more that technology and strength?"
    Suzune-sensei: "...That answer you have to find for yourself."
    Miyabi: "Eh?"
    Miyabi: "Gah. Hell, what does that mean..."
    Miyabi: "...Well, anyway. Now I have to concentrate on hunting the ex-ninja."
    Homura: "...Who's that?"
    Miyabi: "If a say a person who learned from Suzune-sensei, do you understand?"
    Homura: "...Suzune-sensei? I see, she is continuing to be a teacher at 
    Miyabi: "...Homura.  Hebijo was ruined because of your weakness."
    Miyabi: "I'll carve that sin into your body."
    Homura: "I am weak?"
    Homura: "That's a funny joke."
    Homura: "It wasn't my weakness. Asuka and her Hanzo comrades were strong."
    Miyabi: "That really is a funny joke."
    Miyabi: "Asuka's lot were defeated by us.  Without exception."
    Homura: "...Wh, what did you say?"
    Homura: "...Unforgiveable. You bitch, unforgiveable!"
    Miyabi: "...Oh, is this your seriousness? I'm glad of that!"
    Homura: "You! Asuka's foe!"
    Miyabi: "Right, come on!  Now let's do it! Miyabi, dance the pride of evil!"
    Homura: "Gah..."
    Miyabi: "...Just as I thought."
    Miyabi: "Only one correction.  You were never weak."
    Miyabi: "No, rather you were strong."
    Miyabi: "It's just what the ex-ninjas and I are carrying which is different.
    That is what separates the victors."
    Homura: "...I'm sorry...everyone..."
    Miyabi: "...Again."
    Miyabi: "Just like Asuka, Homura apologised to her comrades."
    Miyabi: "I can understand if you pour out your regrets during defeat.  But
    why do they think of their friends at the end?"
    Miyabi: "...Well, anyway."
    Miyabi: "I any case, I have achieved my purpose."
    Ryona: "Ah."
    Ryobi: "We came."
    Imu: "Miyabi!"
    Miyabi: "Everyone is present. That means..."
    Imu: "Yeah, we have a complete victory!"
    Ryobi: "Congratulations."
    Ryona: "I thought we could really do it."
    Murasaki: "...Here...the fighting...is finished, right."
    Miyabi: "...Everyone, thank you."
    Ryobi: "Huh?"
    Ryona: "Oh."
    Miyabi: "...Miyabi...thanked us honestly..."
    Imu: "Y, you lot are being rude!"
    Miyabi: "However, this is not the end. My real purpose is to aim at becoming
    Miyabi: "You and I together will make up the legendary stongest Hebijo."
    Imu: "Ah. I will follow you anywhere!"
    Miyabi: "Right now let's go back to the school and rest. We're all tired."
    Imu: "I understand.  We will do so."
    Murasaki: "...That's great...a rest...If I can...I want to rest for a long
    Ryobi: "...Ryona, it's finally come.  The time to get revenge for big sister."
    Ryona: "...Y, yeah."
    Ryobi: "...Miyabi...you will fall from heaven to hell."
    5.01 The gear out of order
    The hands of a clock can't be rewound. Whatever is the fate...(Ryona)
    Ryobi: "...Miyabi is completely off-guard. The plan is certain to work now."
    Ryobi: "I will do Miyabi."
    Ryona: "...It's good if I do Imu, right?"
    Ryobi: "Right. Do it well."
    Suzune-sensei: "...Both of you are here."
    Ryobi: "Su, Sunzune-sensei?"
    Ryona: "What is it?"
    Suzune-sensei: "You and Miyabi accomplished your mission well. It wil be for
    you to understand the person called Miyabi a little."
    Ryona: "Y, yeah."
    Suzune-sensei: "On top of that, there are things we need to talk to you 
    Ryobi: "Things we need to...talk about?"
    Suzune-sensei: "Yeah. About the death of Ryoki."
    Ryobi: "Big sister's death?"
    Suzune-sensei: "Ryoki wasn't killed by Miyabi. A ghost killed her."
    Ryona: "A ghost? What is that?"
    Suzune-sensei: "Why did Miyabi lose control? Did you ask Miyabi the reason
    Ryobi: "N, no."
    Suzune-sensei: "Suddenly at the scene of their mission,  A monster called a
    ghost appeared and annihilated all, regardless of good ninja or bad ninja."
    Suzune-sensei: "There, to fight the ghost, Miyabi invoked the Abyss Blood
    Ryona: "...S, so then, when Miyabi lost control, big sister had already been
    killed by the ghost?"
    Suzune-sensei: "It's like that."
    Ryobi: "Liar! That story is unbelievable!"
    Ryobi: "Mostly, how do you know that story!?"
    Suzune-sensei: "In order to know the memory which was sealed, Miyabi has had
    Ryobi: "If that's so, why didn't you tell us sooner!"
    Suzune-sensei: "If I had said you would soon have gone to face the ghost."
    Suzune-sensei: "Originally, that was why it was decided not to tell
    shinobi students about the ghosts before they had graduated."
    Suzune-sensei: "Because we cannot send immature shinobi against the ghosts."
    Suzune-sensei: "However, as you successfully achieved your mission hunting 
    the ex-ninja, I thought it would be ok to tell you the truth."
    Ryona: "...Ryobi."
    Ryobi: "...I don't believe it. ...It's too late, this story, I don't believe
    Ryobi: "Even if it's true, we can't backtrack now!"
    Ryona: "Ryobi! Wait!"
    Ryona: "Ryobi...where are you?"
    Ryona: "Surely...has she already gone to where Miyabi is? If so, I'm in no
    Murasaki: "...Where are you going?"
    Ryona: "Murasaki?"
    Murasaki: "I...noticed...there is always a dangerous smell coming from you
    Murasaki: "...You wish to kill Miyabi and big sister, am I right?"
    Ryona: "...If so, what?"
    Murasaki: "I will protect big sister!"
    Ryona: "..."
    Ryona: "...Can you do it?"
    Murasaki: "...I can...I can do it."
    Murasaki: "I...understand clearly. What my power is for."
    Murasaki: "My power is for protecting my big sister."
    Murasaki: "This power that injured my big sister will next time try to 
    protect her."
    Murasaki: "If so...my sister and I will be like before...best friends like
    when we were little."
    Murasaki: "...I will do my best. I will try to stop you."
    Ryona: "...I see."
    Ryona: "...It's too late. The gear is already out of order."
    Murasaki: "...What...did you say?"
    Ryona: "Imu is important to Murasaki, but Ryobi is also important to me."
    Ryona: "So, I'm sorry!"
    Murasaki: "I will do it!"
    Murasaki: "...Uuh."
    Ryona: "...I'm sorry. ...Murasaki, I'm really sorry."
    Murasaki: "...Uuhh...I...I couldn't stop you?"
    Ryona: "Murasaki, you had great strength. I won but it was really just
    Murasaki: "...Kuh."
    Ryona: "...Murasaki."
    Ryona: "...I really can't turn back now. I really can only carry on until 
    the end."
    Ryona: "Ryobi, wait for me."
    Murasaki: "...Still..I will...protect big sister."
    5.02 An honest trigger
    It's too late to change this way of life. If I pull this trigger it's the
    end. (Ryobi)
    Miyabi was standing alone in the backyard square. Called there under
    the guise of the headmaster, she fell for it hook, line and sinker.
    Ryobi lay down in the forest, aiming her sniper rifle.
    Ryobi: "Distance 3430 metres. Wind none. View good."
    Miyabi's forehead was reflected in the gun sight.
    Certainly it will blow off her head.
    Ryobi swallowed and held her breath.
    Looking at the defenceless Miyabi her heart pounded.
    Gessen, Hanzo, ex-shinobi...
    It was a strategy to gain her trust, but those days when they fought together
    carefully were no lie.
    For Ryobi, Miyabi was a comrade-in-arms.
    There was no doubt about that.
    But, it was too late to change her way of life.
    So, Ryobi didn't believe Suzune-sensei's story.
    Big sister wasn't killed by a ghost.
    It was by Miyabi.
    She couldn't be more convivnced.
    It was precisely because of revenge that Ryobi and Ryona could live until 
    No matter the fortune, no matter the sadness, no matter the misery, to get
    revenge they could endure all.
    Now, if they stop their revenge, their way of life until now would be
    Ryobi took a deep breath and fixed her breathing.
    Changing her feeling, she put her index finger on the trigger.
    Ryobi: "...If I don't pull this off...we can't move on."
    To encourage herself, Ryobi remembered daily life with her big sister.
    Day spent at junior high school, returning home and taking care of her
    sisters, and then in the evening a part-time job with an acquaintance...
    She almost has no time to sleep.
    Big sister taught Ryobi.
    A beautiful way of life as a person.
    It means to live honestly.
    But Ryoki could also act truely stupidly.
    Unconsciously concentrating on her index finger, she put everything into a
    single bullet.
    One more time, she carefully put Miyabi's head in her gun sight.
    Ryobi: "Okay..."
    But at that time, another person was reflected in her sights.
    It was Imu.
    Ryobi: "Ryona...What are you doing?"
    Imu took Miyabi's hand and was trying to lead her somewhere.
    Ryobi: "Shit!"
    If she's not quick they would escape.
    There is no time to lose anymore.
    Miyabi's face could be seen over Imu's shoulder.
    Ryobi: "Now!"
    Ryobi pulled the trigger.
    At that instant, a shadow of a figure obstructed the gun sight.
    Murasaki: "Ah!"
    That shadow was Murasaki.
    At full power the bullet meant for Miyabi pierced Murasaki in the back.
    Suddenly, Murasaki had got in it's way.
    Ryobi: "...Murasaki!? Why!?"
    Imu: "Murasaki! Murasaki!"
    Murasaki: "...Miyabi...big sister...you're not injured?"
    Imu: "No, thanks to you."
    Murasaki: "...That's great."
    Miyabi: "Shit! Hell, who did this?"
    Murasaki: "...Be careful...Ryobi and Ryona are...aiming at you and big
    Imu: "Ryona and Ryobi? What do you mean!?"
    Miyabi: "Imu. Ask it of Murasaki. I will head to the direction of the 
    Murasaki: "...Big sister...I'm sorry.  Until the end, hold my hand..."
    Imu: "Idiot! What is the end! You're speaking nonsense!"
    Murasaki: "...Unn."
    Imu: "Nor is it better to apologise to me."
    Murasaki: "...Eh?"
    Imu: "I was jealous. Of the cursed spirit power you have...."
    Imu: "So I kept my distance from you."
    Imu: "I'm really sorry. Guys like me are disqualified from being a sister."
    Murasaki: "..."
    Murasaki: "Hey, big sister. ...The sky is wide and high, isn't it...
    Imu: "Eh?"
    Murasaki: "Big sister brought me out from my room. So I could see this
    beautiful sky..."
    Murasaki: "For me...big sister is...always...forever...the best big sister..."
    Murasaki: "It's enough about me...Miyabi...protect Miyabi..."
    Imu: "Murasaki?"
    Imu: "Murasaki! Murasaki!!"
    Ryobi: "...What goes around comes around. Well? How does it feel to lose
    someone important?"
    Ryobi: "Still, Miyabi will also be upset. I do not stay in my sniping spot
    forever, idiot."
    Imu: "Ryobi! You bitch...I won't forgive you!"
    Ryobi: "Imu! Now is the time to get our revenge!"
    Ryobi: "Huh...huh...This contest...I won."
    Imu: "...Uhh"
    Imu: "Shit...Murasaki..."
    Ryobi: "...I was wounded more than I expected. But, while Miyabi remains...
    I can't stop here."
    Imu: "...Murasaki. ...Miyabi."
    Imu: "...I am...I am...I am in ...that place..."
    Imu: "...Huh? ...Th, this is..."
    Imu: "This...sensation is..."
    5.03 The end of revenge
    I'm jealous of you. Murasaki...Forgive me... (Imu)
    Ryona: "Ryobi!"
    Ryobi: "Ryona!"
    Ryona: "...What about Miyabi?"
    Ryobi: "She will have noticed we've returned here by now.  Let's ambush her."
    Imu: "Gaaaaaaah!"
    Ryobi: "Imu!? Why!? You should still be beaten!?"
    Ryona: "Th, this is...surely..."
    Ryobi: "Cursed spirit power!?"
    Ryona: "Imu has invoked Murasaki's power!?"
    Imu: "...I won't forgive. ...You guys, I won't forgive."
    Imu: "...I won't forgive. ...This power which has woken in me at this time 
    won't forgive."
    Imu: "All...all...I won't forgive all!"
    Imu: "I will destroy everythiiing!"
    Ryobi: "Ryona, we've come too far to lose!"
    Ryona: "Yeah! You also be firm!"
    Imu: "Argggggggh!"
    Ryobi: "...This...How...are you...so strong."
    Imu: "Aaaaaaah!"
    Ryobi: "A little more...For big sister's...revenge..."
    Ryona: "This is...the end of my revenge?"
    Ryona: "...But...This is...somehow good."
    Ryona: "It's really bad for big sister, but...for me to only fight for 
    revenge...is no good."
    Imu: "Huh, huhh! Ahhhhhhhh!!"
    Imu: "...I, I can't...stop it. I, I've lost...myself..."
    Imu: "Uwaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!"
    Miyabi: "What is this terrible screaming? Imu?"
    Miyabi: "...What is this. Have you taken up the cursed spirit power?"
    5.04 What is needed for shinobi
    Imu...Thank you until now. This time, it's my turn to save you. (Miyabi)
    Imu: "Aaahhhhh!!"
    Miyabi: "Imu!!"
    Imu: "...M, Miyabi. ...M, Murasaki."
    Imu: "Protect...I will...I will...protect you..."
    Imu: "Even...if I die...If I die...I will protect you."
    Miyabi: "Imu...You are...If you protect me and Murasaki you will lose 
    Imu: "Gaah!"
    Miyabi: "Uwah!"
    Miyabi: "...Uuh, what power."
    Miyabi: "...Un?"
    Miyabi: "This...sensation..."
    Miyabi: "...I remember.  I remember. The final piece of my memory has come
    Miyabi: "...Imu. The one who stopped me with Blood Clot Reversal when I was
    out of control ...That was you."
    Suzune-sensei: "Miyabi! What's going on!"
    Miyabi: "Suzune-sensei! Imu's cursed spirit power is out of control..."
    Suzune-sensei: "...What is this. Didn't the old blood come out?"
    Suzune-sensei: "Here once, it shrank.  If it comes up there again, we
    can't touch it."
    Suzune-sensei: "Imu now has power equal to a ghost. All I can do anymore is 
    request Kagura from headquarters..."
    Miyabi: "No way! If Kagura comes, it will be the end of Imu!"
    Miyabi: "I don't want to lose Imu! I don't want to lose anyone anymore!"
    Miyabi: "I will change this fate!"
    Suzune-sensei: "...Miyabi.  Do you understand what is needed for shinobi
    more than technology and strength?"
    Miyabi: "Eh?"
    Suzune-sensei: "Do you understand?"
    Miyabi: "I understand! I can finally understand the meaning of your words!"
    Suzune-sensei: "I see. If so, go! If now you will win! Save Imu!"
    Miyabi: "Yes!"
    Miyabi: "Imu, this time...It's my turn to save you!"
    Miyabi: "Imu!"
    Imu: "Uuuuh..."
    Miyabi: "Imu, be firm! Open your eyes!"
    Imu: "Even if...I die...If I die...I will protect you..."
    Miyabi: "Idiot! Do not say you will die!"
    Miyabi: "Didn't you say you would be with me forever! Don't...don't leave
    me alone!"
    Imu: "...."
    Imu: "...Miyabi?"
    Miyabi: "Imu!"
    Imu: "...I see. This time the cursed spirit power left me..."
    Imu: "...You rescued me, right."
    Miyabi: "No, I was the one who was rescued."
    Imu: "Huh?"
    Miyabi: "I was rescued by you again."
    Imu: "What do you mean?"
    Miyabi: "Thanks to you, I could understand what it is a shinobi really needs."
    Imu: "Really needs?"
    Miyabi: "Friends. Not only strength and technology."
    Miyabi: "A shinobi needs friends to become powerful."
    Imu: "...Miyabi."
    Miyabi: "Imu. You made me realise this."
    Miyabi: "Thank you, Imu. My friend. My true friend."
    Imu: "...M, Miyabi. ...Miyabi, Miyabi."
    Imu: "...For sure, thank you."
    Imu: "I'm so glad I'm alive."
    5.05 Shiritsu Hebijo Academy Ending
    I open my eyes from slumber and look up from the school infirmary bed.
    After I finished the fight with Imu, apparently my energy had run out and it
    seems I lost consciousness.
    Facing towards the side I looked at the neighbouring bed, where I met Imu's 
    Imu: "Miyabi, your eyes are open."
    Evidently Imu had also been carried to the school infirmary.
    Imu: "My body is not yet recovered, so I can't move."
    She had invoked power equal to that of a ghost, so there was also considerable
    stress placed on her body.
    However, her complexion was not bad, and with time she would make a complete
    After confirming Imu was safe, I became worried about Murasaki and the others.
    Miyabi: "...Imu, how about Murasaki?"
    I fearfully asked.
    Then, Imu gave a litle laugh and pointed with her index finger to the middle
    Murasaki: "...Miyabi...I would...be fine."
    I couldn't see her form but I heard Murasaki's voice.
    Miyabi: "Murasaki, you're safe."
    Murasaki: "...Yes."
    From the centre of Imu's bed, I unexpectedly saw  Murasaki's head.
    Murasaki: "After I was shot...I got proper medical attention."
    Miyabi: "Medical attention?"
    Murasaki: "...Therefore, please forgive Ryobi and Ryona."
    As Murasaki said this, the curtain besides the bed opened and Ryobi and Ryona
    came in.
    Their heads were wrapped in bandages, their faces covered in band aids, and
    their arms were in plaster.
    Miyabi: "...Imu did rather a flashy job."
    At my words the two of them gave a bitter smile.
    Imu: "You two, if there's something you want to say, say it quickly."
    Imu said this with her face in a huff.
    Then, Ryobi and Ryona bowed their heads to me.
    Ryobi: "I'm sorry."
    Ryona: "I'm sorry."
    I roused my body from the bed, giving out a small sigh.
    Miyabi: "No, you are not allowed to apologise."
    As I said this, the two looked up, their faces looking desolate.
    Ryona: "...That's right. There's no reason to forgive us."
    Miyabi: "Ryona, you misunderstand. I said I won't allow it because it is a
    Ryobi: "Huh?"
    Ryobi's face looked amazed.
    Miyabi: "Your vengeance came from the front. I do not run and hide. I will
    forever be your enemy."
    I proudly struck my chest.
    Ryobi and Ryona stared in amazement, and very deeply bowed their heads to me.
    Ryona: "We understand that about our big sister was a misunderstanding."
    Ryobi: "Because we heard Suzune-sensei's story..."
    The two of them apparently already knew the truth.
    Miyabi: "...What. Suzune-sensei has already said."
    Suzune: "Was it bad to say?"
    The door to the infirmary opened, and Suzune-sensei came in.
    Suzune-sensei was holding a large envelope, which she pressed 
    into my hands.
    Suzune: "Take a careful look."
    From inside the envelope I took out some documents.
    On the documents front cover was written "Select Team Information"
    Suzune: "Today, the authorisation came down from the school. You five are
    the Hebijo select team."
    At Suzune's words, Imu and Murasaki let out gasps of joy.
    Suzune: "And then, Miyabi. You are the head of the select team."
    Imu and Murasaki let out another loud gasp.
    Ryobi and Ryona also clapped their hands covered in plaster.
    Miyabi: "Thank you very much. In the future also we will continue not to
    dirty the honour of Hebijo.  We five."
    As I said five Ryobi and Ryona reacted.
    Ryobi: "...You said five? We are also in?"
    Miyabi: "That's right. Because we are a team."
    Ryobi: "B, but..."
    From Ryobi's plaster her palm came out just a little, which I gripped firmly.
    Miyabi: "People change. You can not always be good or bad. So, you two can 
    also change."
    Ryona: "Really? It's really ok to be together?"
    Ryobi and Ryona's eyes became moist.
    Imu's face became irritated at their attitude.
    Imu: "She's saying this is Miyabi's team. So be good."
    Murasaki: "...Big sister hasn't changed.  She still really likes Miyabi."
    Murasaki hit a nerve and Imu's face went bright red.
    Imu: "D, don't talk stupid! I don't only like Miyabi. I also really like
    She said it herself but Imu's face went further red.
    Now it looked like it was boiling.
    Seeing that situation, we all started laughing at once.
    Murasaki: "...Ah."
    A small sound escaped from Murasaki.
    Murasaki: "...Everyone laughing together...It's the first time..."
    As Murasaki said this, Imu, Ryobi and Ryona's faces all lit up.
    Miyabi: "Surely, from now on there will be many firsts."
    I looked over all their faces once again.
    Miyabi: "Because after all, from now, we are just beginning."
    At my words everyone gave a strong, firm nod.
    Because we are just getting started, there will be many mistakes and doubts.
    From now on we five will share it all.
    Joy and sadness, fun and anger.
    Miyabi: "Right, We'll make it! New pride of Hebijo!"
    6.01 Miyabi's story
    	1-01	I'm not a cool guy! 
    	Recently, I'm troubled by the increasing number of girls treating me
    	like a handsome guy...
    	1-02	Boy's manga protagonist
    	Really, it's always like this!  I'm an authentic woman!
    	1-03	A smart gentleman
    	Where am I a guy!? Shinobi students are starved for men so much!
    	1-04	It's Super Handsome Guy!
    	Hell, what if...I became a woman...?
    	1-05	I am that Miyabi...
    	Imu...She loves...She loves the real me...
    Hebijo student 1: "Kya! Look look!  It's Miyabi-sama!"
    Hebijo student 2: "Miyabi-sama...Today also she has a lovely appearance...
    Hebijo student 3: "If I could just embrace her!   Kyaaa!"
    Aah, it's frustrating.
    I don't want to hear such loud shrill voices.
    Kya kya kya kya.
    Kya kya kya kya.
    Every day every day, this one, why is it.
    It's become a hindrance to the select member's training.
    Miyabi: "You lot, be a little quieter."
    Hebijo student 1: "Kya! Miyabi-sama scolded us!"
    Hebijo student 2: "Again! Scold us again!"
    As I thought it's no good.
    To always get angry in that tone is futile.
    These students have been stalking me since the first day.
    When I enter a toilet cubicle, they're inside waiting to ambush me.
    There's also kya kya.
    Hell, I wonder why they like me so much.
    I'm strict with others as well as myself, but they're not interested in
    becoming strong...
    I'm not such an interesting person.
    I have to say once more, in the first place I am a woman.
    They don't remember they are saying kya kya to another woman.
    I'm getting fed up with this life.
    At this rate the chaos in my blood could lose control.
    There is no way this can happen.
    I'll consult someone.
    Shall I go to Hanzo Academy?
    Imu: "It's ok to look like a boy! I love the boy's comic's protagonists!
    Handsome gentlemen make my nose bleed! That's why I love Miyabi! I love
    Miyabi's manly character!"
    I felt a slight dizziness at Imu's passionate confession.
    I do not hate being told of love.
    Miyabi: "I am...I AM NOT A MAN!"
    I yelled in a loud voice, and ran away from Imu.
    Katsuragi: "Hey, hey, what's up?"
    As I was running through the town, Hanzo Academy's Katsuragi's call stopped
    me. Katsuragi is a girl who likes sexual harassment like an old man.
    Unexpectedly she might be the right person to talk to about my troubles.
    Miyabi: "Katsuragi.  Please listen to me."
    As I told her what happened, Katsuragi laughed loudly.
    Katsuragi: "The solution is simple.  You should appear more girlish."
    I see.
    If I dress like a woman I will no longer be treated like a handsome man.
    Kasuragi: "Shall we try it with some low-cost clothes? Now there's a really
    low bargain sale on."
    Kasuragi took out some clothes from her handbag.
    Miyabi: "Eh, you mean get changed here?"
    Kasuragi: "You should change quickly in the manner of a shinobi."
    Can I use sacred shinobi powers just to change clothes...
    I thought so, there's no other way.
    Kiyabi: "Eh, it can't be helped.  Shinobi power!"
    At high speed I changed into Kasuragi's clothes.
    They were cute girlish clothes, but somehow I felt uncomfortable.
    But, so I don't look like a guy I have to bear it.
    Imu: "Miyabi!  My love Miyabi!"
    Imu came chasing after me.
    Just right.
    I stood right in front of Imu, showing her that I had become a woman.
    Miyabi: "Imu, what do you think?  From now on I'm going to be like this."
    Imu: "Eh?"
    Imu seemed taken aback and her eyes opened wide.
    It had it's effect.
    From now on I'll be free of this frustrating boredom.
    So I thought, but in the next moment...
    A nosebleed erupted from Imu all over the place.
    Imu: "That appearance also...it's too wonderful...I love it..."
    My suffering will continue to next time.
    6.02 Murasaki's story
    	2-01 Don't bother me...
    	Please...Please leave me alone...
    	2-02 Big sister returns...
    	Big sister too, Miyabi too...don't bother me...
    	2-03 I don't need my big sister
    	Everyone...everyone...Be gone from my side...
    	2-04 Self-denial
    	........There's something I don't have...
    	2-05 Un-needed child
    	Who...? Someone talked to me...?
    Murasaki: "I want to go home..."
    I was horrified by the words that called out from my own mouth.
    Until now when the words "I want to go home" have come out, I've only thought
    it.  I thought that now I can finally have my own room.
    You might think it's pretty severe that I ended up like this, but there's a
    good reason.
    This room is my called my private space, but there's no guarantee of absolute
    Miyabi or my big sister can always enter whenever they like.
    Of course those two are a big part of my existence.
    But, spending time alone is just as big a part as being with those two.
    I think they do not know this.
    On my own I can vaguely waste my time in a lazy way, which I cannot do without
    I can't do that and so I have become surrounded by stress like an explosion.
    So, please, I want to be alone.
    Miyabi: "Murasaki, are you here?"
    Imu: "Hey Murasaki.  It's time for practise.
    See, they came!
    Just as I said those two came.
    Miyabi: "What.  Open these curtains."
    Miyabi opened the room's curtains wide.  I became fried in the bright light.
    Imu: "Murasaki, get changed quickly.  It's time for practice."
    Big sister wilfully opened my closet. She pulled out a jersey and shorts.
    No more.
    Don't step all over my world.
    Murasaki: "Big sister and Miyabi are stupiiiiiiid!"
    I pushed aside Miyabi and flew from the room.
    I ran.
    Da da da da I ran.
    I just wanted to be alone and I ran.
    Murasaki: "Huh, huh."
    Asuka: "Well, was it refreshing?"
    Asuka was smiling and laughing.
    Her carefree smiling face looked like an orange sun, and just looking at it
    made my heart soften.
    Murasaki: "Why are you laughing like that?"
    Asuka: "That's because, I can see Murasaki in front of me."
    I couldn't understand the meaning of what Asuka said.
    Asuka: "Two people laughing is more fun than one person laughing."
    Murasaki: "....Ahh."
    So it's like that.
    I nodded approval in my heart.
    I hardly laughed out loud at all when I was holed up in my room.
    But, with big sister or my Hebijo comrades there was often spontaneous
    laughter together.
    At that time my laughing face looked like Asuka's face right now.
    Asuka: "I am two people more than one.  And a large group is better than two
    I was unsure how to reply, and Asuka scratched the tip of her nose.
    Asuka: "Well, but it's my case only. Murasaki should do whatever suits
    Murasaki's mood."
    I nodded my head slightly in agreement.
    If I didn't have comrades all of my days would be gray.
    The past was gray but I endured it, but now I know about the orange coloured
    smiling face.
    I can't go back to like the past again. I wonder if I can make a compromise
    Murasaki: "...Asuka, thank you for everything."
    I think I should apologise to big sister and Miyabi.
    Back in my room, I found a note on my bed.
    "From now on we will knock before we enter your room.  Imu.  Miyabi."
    It was a message from those two.
    I was so happy and I collapsed onto my bed.
    I hugged Bebetan tight and, feeling good, I became drowsy.
    Without any more worries, I went to sleep happily.
    6.03 Imu's story
    	3-01 Imu's Girl Power Up Strategy! 
    	Aah, Miyabi...Miyabi...What can I do about me...
    	3-02 Charm?
    	I will have more supple movement to increase girl's power!
    	3-03 Cuteness?
    	I will not be left to rely on Katsuragi! More like this,cute feeling...
    	3-04 Girlishness?
    	To look up at that care-free smile...I will become even cuter!
    	3-05 For mine and Miyabi's happiness
    	I have become cute! Become cute and Miyabi...
    Imu: "Hey, Miyabi.  It's me, Imu. How is it?  How am I today?  I'm fashionable
    for you."
    I do not think of myself, this bewitching voice echoing across the shinobi's
    I gaze at myself in the reflection of the mirror.
    Looking coy, or taking off my hat, or removing my glasses.
    Whatever expression I make, I just sigh.
    Recently, I've been thinking about Miyabi a lot.
    Miyabi has been my best friend since we were children.
    But, for myself I want to be involved something more.
    When I'm standing in front of Miyabi, unconsciously I would casually touch her
    But, what if I seize Miyabi's heart?
    I wonder about the various consequences, and struggle to find a solution.
    This is my Girl Power Up strategy.
    I hope Miyabi can get the same feelings as me.
    But, how can I get my Girl Power up and make Miyabi fall in love?
    I think fashion is important, but that alone won't move Miyabi's heart.
    It can't be helped.
    Luckily there are others with strong Girl Power around me. 
    I'll consult with the women here to become powerful.
    Imu: "For my and Miyabi's happiness!"
    Yagyu: "....I understand.  Now I'll say how to make you cute."
    Imu: "Ah, I beg you."
    Yagyu: "However, you will become especially cute...Are you prepared?"
    I nodded deeply in response.
    Imu: "Yes!  To become cute I'm prepared to discard my fate!"
    Yagyu: "That's the spirit!"
    Yagyu made a stance of the secret ninja arts.
    Secret ninja arts to become cute...it's serious.  Yagyu is too serious.
    Yagyu: "Secret ninja technique!  By the squid I beautify you!"
    Moving at high speed, Yagyu instantly changed my clothes.
    Yagyu: "Right, now you've become cute. I pray for your good luck."
    Yagu left me totally co-ordinated, and I passed through the gates of Hebijo
    Imu: "Secret ninja technique, by the squid I beautify you...what magic?"
    I looked at my reflection in the surface of the water in the moat.
    My hair was dyed pink, with three blue ribbons.
    My top was a pale pink gym uniform, the bottoms were bold bloomers only.
    Miku: "...Th, this is!"
    Looking again calmly, I recognised it clearly.
    This appearance was Hibari cosplay.
    Entrusting Yagyu was a mistake.
    This appearance is not cute at all.
    It's just ridiculous.
    I tried to take off the clothes over my head.
    Miyabi: "Q, quite...good, isn't it?"
    I look back quickly, and there is Miyabi with red cheeks.
    Imu: "M, Miyabi!?"
    Miyabi: "Th, that appearance, is really cute isn't it? To be honest, it's my
    favourite.  Let me hold you in my arms like a princess."
    Imu: "Huh!?  Ehh!?"
    Saying that, against my will Miyabi picked me up.
    What happiness.
    I'm likely to faint to death.
    I have decided.
    From now on, everyday I shall wear bloomers like Hibari.
    6.04 Ryobi's story
    	4-01 Unspoken outburst of anger
    	Always this girl with just her big breasts!  I'll shoot her out of
    	4-02 Kimono huge breasts
    	It's frustrating that it still doesn't fit!  The next outburst of 
    	anger is between...
    	4-03 Prize fighting huge breasts
    	Totally, this big-breasted one is...shake, shake shaking!
    	4-04 The secret of breast augmentation
    	Hanzo Academy's Asuka...If she has the secret of breast augmentation...?
    	4-05 Breasts breasts change!
    	Finally...finally it's time...Now is the time to say farewell to tiny
    Shinobi are said to have the power of "Shinobi Power".
    The source for performing such skill dwells somewhere within the shinobi's
    Few are aware of the places in a shinobi's body which has this mysterious
    But Ryobi knows where the shinobi power lies within her own body.
    Because when Ryobi turns into a shinobi, her small breasts change into large
    In other words, it's not wrong to think her shinobi power dwells in her
    Ryobi is amazing.
    Shinobi power within your breasts is cool.
    Ryobi has truly amazing breasts.
    ...It is called Ryobi's fantasy.
    It was established without her permission.
    Because she does not think that way.
    If she turns into a shinobi, her small breasts become large.
    Some people who are not familiar with this phenomenon envy her.
    It no doubt seems like something from the future of Flaming Crimson Lotus
    Flower Squad.
    However, I want you to think about it.
    Every time Ryobi turns into a shinobi, when her large breasts become small
    again it leaves an empty taste.
    It's easy to imagine the emotional damage that does to a young girl.
    Ryobi: "...No, can other people imagine it?"
    Therefore Ryobi gets angry at any large-breasted shinobi around her.
    Ryobi: "Ah, big-breasted girls piss me off!"
    When it comes to this, only beating up big-breasted shinobi can dispel her
    Ryobi: "Take a look! I'll carve the horror of my flat-chested grudge on your
    Ryobi: "Right!  It's time to try the ninja technique of breast augmentation!"
    Ryobi raises her fist heavenwards.
    Farewell small breasts.
    Farewell every day emptiness.
    Ryobi: "Secret ninja technique!  Breasts breasts change!"
    Invoking the secret ninja technique, an unexpected thing happened.
    Ryobi's A cup becomes B cup, then C, DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU...!
    I wonder where they will stop growing?
    Stretching down loosely to the ground, they are far more than big breasts.
    You'd rather call these things wonder breasts.
    Ryona: "...Wh, what is this?"
    Ryona came in to touch and lift Ryobi's wonder breasts.
    Ryona: "These are Z cup, right."
    Ryobi: "Z, Z, Z, Z cup!?"
    People say that large breasts are good.
    However, if they're too big it's not good.
    Ryobi tearfully undid the breast breasts change.
    6.05 Ryona's story
    	5-01 Search for Ryona's master
    	Ryona needs a master! Really, really wants a bully!
    	5-02 Shall we dance?
    	What if Miyabi does a terrible thing to Ryona...
    	5-03 Tantalizing play?
    	Someone...The master who will dance together with Ryona is...
    	5-04 Requirements for master
    	Unh unh~... There is a lovely smell of my master.
    	5-05 Ideal master
    	He-h heeheeheeheehee-h Where is my master?
    Ryona pushes the CD player playback button as usual.
    In the room no other shinobi comes to, "Swan Lake" streams out.
    Ryona:  "La~lalalala~la"
    Alone, she dances ballet along to the sound.
    She forgets a little that she is a shinobi, for this time only she is just
    It's really fun, but it's not satisfactory.
    Ryona: "I wonder why there isn't someone to dance with me?"
    Ryona is searching for a master to dance with together.
    And persistently.
    A master who will also love Ryona like that.
    Ryona: "Aah, I want to dance with that kind of master. I want to climb to the
    peak of pleasure."
    While her fantasy was growing, Ryona was running out of patience.
    Ryona: "I'm not going to find a master staying like this any longer.  Not at
    Ryona: "Fantastic!  As I thought, Yumi is fantastic!  My gaze froze at her
    ice dance! I am already your captive!  Your slave!"
    Yumi: "H, huh..."
    This person!
    Ryona's master is this person!
    Ryona: "Master! Please dance together with me!"
    Yumi: "Wh, what did you say?"
    Ryona grasped her master's hand tightly.
    Yumi: "Pl, please stop that!"
    Yumi slipped out of Ryona's grasp and, red-faced, ran away.
    There is no escape.
    There is no escape.
    Because master is already Ryona's master!
    She chased after her desperately fleeing master dashing at full power.
    Ryona: "Please don't flee!  If you must flee, please do dance steps!  If
    stepping is unpleasant, abuse is fine!"
    Yumi: "S, stop!"
    Ryoma: "I'll stop!  Because I stop, please hit me! Really, really painfully
    Yumi: "Cut it out! Please don't come here!"
    Don't come here...
    This is...
    This is this is...
    The start of neglect play!
    I understand.  Master.
    So, I will watch Master from afar.
    I want to dance together but I can't.
    This is a state of postponement only, for she is my favourite type! 
    Hee hee.
    Hee hee hee hee hee.
    Ryona: "Aaah.  I'm happy."
    7.01 Miyabi's Character profile
    Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 3rd year student.
    Snake Woman Academy select member chief. Had to take a leave of absence due to
    an accident during a mission.  Her weapons are seven-bladed sword and dark
    fire wrapped around her palms.
    21 years old born on August 15th.
    Blood type:B	Height: 169cm
    B:90 W:56 H: 87
    Hobby: Bathing
    Likes: Chicken and egg rice bowl
    Secret animal: Crow & snake
    7.02 Murasaki's character profile
    Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 2nd year student.
    Dislikes people touching her. Has a stuffed toy bear. "Bebetan" is her only
    17 years old born on October 26th.
    Blood type:A	Height: 161cm
    B:105 W:59 H: 88
    Hobby: Playing with her stuffed toy bear
    Likes: Plain rice ball
    Secret animal: Bear
    7.03 Imu's character profile
    Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 3rd year student.
    Miyabi's  best friend from childhood. Took a leave of absence together with
    Miyabi. Her weapon is a priest's staff wrapped in electricity.
    21 years old born on June 9th.
    Blood type: AB    Height: 157cm
    B: 88  W: 60  H: 82
    Hobby: Studying
    Likes: Sushi wrapped in tofu
    Secret animal: Fox
    7.04 Ryobi's character profile
    Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 1st year student.
    Transfer student from Gessen Girl's school. Specialises in long-distance
    shooting with a sniper rifle.
    16 years old born on January 19th.
    Blood type: O    Height: 160cm
    B: 69/95  W: 56  H: 90
    Hobby: Shooting anything
    Likes: Lollipop candy
    Secret animal: Deer
    7.05 Ryona's character profile
    Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 1st year student.
    Transfer student from Gessen Girl's school. Her fighting style is with a gun
    in both hands, moving like skating.
    16 years old born on January 19th.
    Blood type:O	Height: 160cm
    B:98 W:56 H: 88
    Hobby: Shopping
    Likes: Fish paste
    Secret animal: Pig
    11.00 Shijuku Gessen Girls' School introduction
    It was a warm day in February with no wind.
    Climbing a hill covered in dead grass, there was a dazzling sunset sinking
    behind the mountain.
    As I looked back, walking behind me Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki and Midori's 
    faces were coloured orange.
    Minori: "That's right. Yumi, seriously, did you bring the good luck 
    Minori peered into my handbag.
    Yumi: "Of course. I wouldn't forget grandfather's favourite dish."
    There were many good luck strawberries inside my handbag.
    You could see through the wispy white skin to the heart of the large
    good luck strawberries.
    Even after becoming bedridden with his illness, grandfather only had good luck
    strawberries in his mouth.
    He must also like them today.
    Minori: "It's been a while since we've met with Black Shadow grandfather!"
    Minori said this smiling broadly.
    Yumi: "Yeah, that's right."
    My grandfather was Black Shadow, the legendary good ninja who hated evil.
    We five are of the lineage of good ninja, and all of our parents were killed
    resisting the evil ninja.
    Grandfather raised us as good shinobi, and entered us in Shijuku Gessen Girls'
    To repay that debt of gratitude, we did our strict shinobi training
    diligently, and all together we became select members.
    Yumi: "Well, just a little further.  Let's go."
    Just down a little from the hill was the place where grandfather was.
    Our hearts were bouncing so uncontrollably it seemed like they would jump out.
    ...Just then.
    ? "Gahahahahaha!!"
    Out of nowhere came a hearty laugh.
    I looked back and felt a presence, as behind us an old man dressed as a chef
    was standing there.
    Simultaneously we all raised our guard.
    We quickly realised that old man was no ordinary person.
    An astounding amount of aura was emitting from his short body.
    Yumi: "...Who are you?"
    Hanzo: "Me? I am Hanzo."
    Yumi: "H, Hanzo!?"
    When I heard that name, my blood became hot.
    The same happened to the other four.
    ...The legendary good ninja, Hanzo.
    Anyone who aspires to the way of the shinobi knows of him.
    If we were ordinary shinobi students, it wouldn't be strange for us to 
    prostrate ourselves.
    However, for us the existence of Hanzo wasn't so simple.
    Because, I had heard many times from my grandfather.
    ...Hanzo was also our predestined rival.
    Yumi: "What do you want with us?"
    Hanzo: "Somehow I'm free. Through boredom, I went for a walk to find a 
    Hanzo grinned and suddenly disappeared.
    Ah, the next moment I thought, as my chest was grabbed from behind.
    Hanzo: "Whoa.  Hoho. This is this is!"
    At some time Hanzo had gone round behind me.
    Yumi: "S, so rude!"
    As soon as I hit him with an elbow strike, Hanzo nimbly separated from my
    Yumi: "You know this is an outrage to Gessen select members!"
    Hanzo: "Of course. My hands wanted to check how much Gessen selected for
    breasts.  Grope grope!"
    Moving his hands roughly, Hanzo disappeared again.
    Yumi: "Everyone, be careful!"
    We carefully watched our surroundings.
    Hanzo: "I'm here!"
    Looking to where the voice was, Hanzo was behind Murakumo.
    Hanzo: "Grope grope! Grope grope!"
    Murakumo: "..."
    As she stood dumbstruck he rubbed her chest.
    Hanzo: "Nonresistant demon mask is also fun."
    Yumi: "Stop that!"
    As I tried to hit him, Hanzo once more disappeared.
    Hanzo: "I'll also taste this fruit here."
    This time, Hanzo appeared behind Yozakura.
    In a split second with both palms he again grasped her surprised chest.
    Hanzo: "Grope grope!  Grope grope!"
    Yozakura: "Wh, what are you doing!!"
    Hanzo: "For some reason I become excited by a woman losing her cool in a
    Next was Shiki.
    And Minori for good measure.
    Hanzo groped all our breasts in succession.
    We wanted to resist but Hanzo's movement was so nimble we couldn't hit back.
    Yumi: "This coward! Filthy good ninja!"
    As I yelled in a loud voice, Hanzo finally stopped.
    Hanzo: "A cowardly good ninja is terrible."
    Yumi: "Grandfather told us. Hanzo is a good ninja who tolarates the 
    existence of evil. Those were his exact words. Under the jurisdiction of that
    vile character, you are completely different from us pure shinobi!"
    I don't know if he was listening to what I said as his face played dumb and
    his mouth chewed.
    Was that guy really grandfather's rival?
    Hanzo: "But, you had that cowardly shinobi grope you and you also call 
    yourselves splendid good ninjas?"
    Hanzo's mouth was chewing again.
    Apparently he was eating something.
    Looking well there was something white around the edges of his mouth.
    Minori: "Y, Yumi...That guy is eating...perhaps..."
    As Minori said this, I peered inside my handbag.
    Yumi: "...None.  There's not even one!"
    Inside my handbag was empty.
    Hanzo was chewing on the good luck strawberries I had brought.
    Yumi: "Give them back! Give back the good luck strawberries!"
    Hanzo: "That's impossible.  I've already eaten them all."
    Hanzo nonchalantly affirmed.
    My blood boiled with anger.
    Yumi: "I really won't forgive you! Let's fight! Hanzo!"
    While I issued this call, Hanzo looked bored as he listened.
    Hanzo: "You cannot win no matter how angry you are. For your opponent, my
    grandchild Asuka is just right."
    Yumi: "Grandchild?"
    Hanzo: "Yeah.  Now she's a second year student at Hanzo Academy. To win 
    against Asuka you have to be a serious opponent."
    As he said this with a yawn, Hanzo unexpectedly disappeared.
    I strongly bit my lips through the humiliation.
    I could not face grandfather like this.
    Yumi: "...Everyone...Let's go back home today."
    As I said this in a strained voice, everyone gave a small nod.
    Back at the shinobi room of the school, homeroom teacher Wanpai was
    Wanpai is an old man with a splendid beard.
    Even though an old man he is muscular,  he still puts to shame active duty
    ninja with his moves, and he gave strict training to us.
    Wanpai: "Welcome back."
    Noticing our presence, his mouth remained open in his meditative posture.
    Wanpai: "A while ago, orders came down. They said a School Festival will
    We listened to instructions of the details of the School Festival.
    A showdown handed down from generation to generation at shinobi schools, 
    the school's life or death hangs on the fight of a shinobi student
    The winning school can burn down the losing school's school building, so it's
    an extreme festival.
    Wanpai: "How about aiming for Hebijo first?"
    Yumi: "I understand."
    The destruction of evil ninjas is our dearest wish.
    A School Festival is the perfect opportunity.
    Everyone also nodded their heads together.
    This will be a fair and square fight with the evil ninjas.
    An idea flashed as I thought this.
    If there's a School Festival can't we also fight with our fellow good ninjas?
    Yumi: "...Sensei, is it possible to wage war against Hanzo Academy in the
    School Festival?"
    Wanpai's face looked a little surprised, and thinking something his eyes
    opened for the first time.
    Yumi: "Sensei, please!"
    Reacting to my voice, Wanpai's eyes opened wide and brightly.
    Wanpai: "If you only have a lukewarm relationship you cannot master the way
    of the shinobi!"
    Yumi: "So what!?"
    Wanpai: "Competing with other good ninja, if it's a School Festival it's no
    problem, right! I hope we kick ass!"
    I gave a big nod in response.
    Yumi: "First from Hanzo Academy...everyone, let's do it!"
    Four people: "Oooooh!"
    Everyone's feeling was contained in the voice of that single yell.
    As desired, I will completely and utterly overthrow your grandchild Asuka.
    And then, next time it will be your neck.
    The grudge of the good luck strawberries is deeper than the ocean.
    Where there is light there is shadow.
    Where there is shadow there is light.
    Yin and Yang, good and evil, light and shadow...
    This absolute law of nature keeps balance in the world.
    If you live as a shinobi, you can't deviate from these laws.
    However, I think.
    I wonder if it's really true.
    If evil corrodes good, good will simply be steeped in evil.
    Isn't the balance of good and evil a nonsense phrase, which people thought a
    long time ago was convenient?
    I haven't seen any proof of it.
    Evil also changes to good, you can also see light in the darkness.
    The story begins with this, the story of our proof.
    Wielding a blade at the risk of our lives in order to prove the world of
    goodness and light.
    And then, there is one hope.
    The reward of fighting is for everyone to be able to laugh once more...
    11.01 Enjoy Life
    Before the School Festival, is it OK to play around a little? (Minori)
    Yumi: "If we are determined we will not lose our focus. Let's start training
    Yumi: "Shiki, Minori. First you two please spar."
    Yumi: "I'm going to make ready for the festival."
    Shiki: "Okay okay. We'll do it properly."
    Minori: "See you!"
    Yumi: "Well then..."
    Shiki: "...Hee hee hee. Looks like Yumi-chin's gone."
    Shiki: "Right, on my cellphone I'll..."
    Shiki: "...Ah, Shizue? Yeah, yeah, fine. I'm going now!"
    Minori: "Ah! Shiki, don't go!"
    Minori: "Won't you break your promise to Yumi if you go somewhere?"
    Shiki: "Heh heh.  There's a little not-to-be-missed sale on."
    Shiki: "So just today overlook it. From tomorrow I'll do it in earnest."
    Shiki: "Isn't playing better for Minori-chin than training?"
    Minori: "Eh? Th, that may be true but..."
    Minori: "But it's no good. If I play instead of training, Yumi will be angry."
    Shiki: "Well, if it's a secret it's no problem."
    Minori: "...I see."
    Minroi: "Yeah! That's right! You're smart!"
    Shiki: "Come on, Minori-chin can play as much as you like. Let's enjoy life!"
    Minori: "Enjoy life!"
    Yumi: "What do you enjoy!"
    Shiki: "Geh! Y, Yumi-chin..."
    Yumi: "For some reason I become worried so I came back... What happened to
    your training?"
    Minori: "Th, that's wrong! I thought I would do it properly!"
    Minori: "But, Shiki forced me..."
    Shiki: "Ah! Minori-chin is sly! You shouted "Enjoy Life" with me!"
    Minori: "I, I didn't shout!"
    Shiki: "You shouted!"
    Minori: "I can't hear! I can't hear anything!"
    Yumi: "Please stop this fruitless bickering!"
    Shiki: "Hyaa!  S, sorry!"
    Minori: "I'm sorry!"
    Yumi: "Really...This time please spar seriously."
    Shiki: "Yeess..."
    Yumi: "Especially Minori. I have not seen your best yet."
    Yumi: "If you make the same effort as your usual fights, it's fine for you
    not to be selected for the School Festival."
    Minori: "...Eh? It's like that."
    Shiki: "Yumi-chin, isn't that rather strict?"
    Yumi: "Strict? This is rather parental tenderness."
    Yumi: "If you enter the School Festival with half-hearted power, you will
    lose your life."
    Minori: "...I understand. I'll do my utmost. If just I don't enter the School
    Festival it's too bad."
    Shiki: "Oh, fighting spirit has come."
    Minori: "Yumi, look well!"
    Shiki: "Ahh. You really did it."
    Minori: "Yay! I won I won!"
    Yumi: "Minori, that was a magnificant fight. I expect you to be active in the
    School Festival."
    Minori: "Yeah! I'll do my best!"
    Yumi: "But, carelessness is forbidden."
    Yumi: "We must be diligent in training everyday, for the other school shinobi
    are also gaining strength."
    Yumi: "For my part, I will continue to devote myself to you two..."
    Minori: "Wham! Bam!"
    Yumi: "...Minori?"
    Minori: "It's already time for me to play! I trained seriously!"
    Yumi: "Certainly training has finished...However, I'm still talking..."
    Minori: "Monster goes smash! Princess goes crunch!"
    Yumi: "...What do you think? Shiki."
    Shiki: "Ah, Shizue? Sorry! Now I'm going there at demon mach speed!"
    Shiki: "Save me a limited edition bag, right!"
    Yumi: "...Haa. *sigh*."
    11.02 Strictly clean up
    Bad girls who don't clear away their toys will be punished! (Yozakura)
    Minori: "The princess goes hello! Mr.Tiger in the forest goes hello!"
    Minori: "The princess suddenly does a high kick! Mr.Tiger flies into the sky!"
    Minori: "Zoom!"
    Yozakura: "....Ouch!"
    Yozakura: "Minori! Your stuffed animal came flying into my face!"
    Minori: "Ahahahahaha! I'm sorry, Yozakura!"
    Yozakura: "Don't "ahaha" me. This room is messy with stuffed toys."
    Yozakura: "Who do you think is going to clear away all over the place?"
    Minori: "It's not all over the place! It's only because I'm still playing!"
    Yozakura: "What is this splitting hairs. If you don't listen to me I'll 
    smack your bottom."
    Minori: "Uuuuu...Well, I'll do it later."
    Yozakura: "You say that but you never do...In the end it's me who cleans up."
    Minori: "Ee hee hee hee hee. Because Yozakura is so kind!"
    Yozakura: "...It seems a little strict discipline will be a good idea."
    Yozakura: "Minori! I will make you clean up with brute force!"
    Yozakura: "Now you will listen to what I say, right."
    Minori: "Aww...I got it.  I will clean up."
    Yozakura: "Good good.  You are a good child."
    Minori: "Really? Minori is a good child?"
    Yozakura: "Sure."
    Minori: "Yay! Right, I'll do my best to clean up!"
    Minori: "First, to put the princess in Minori's toy box..."
    Minori: "...Ah!"
    Yozakura: "What is it?"
    Minori: "This is...the cow that had been missing! It was in this place!"
    Minori: "Mr.Cow goes moo moo! From boobies comes milk, pyupyupyu!"
    Yozakura: "...She started playing house again..."
    Minori: "Mr.Cow goes moo moo! From boobies comes milk, pyupyupyu!"
    Yozakura: "...Haa. She's a completely hopeless child."
    Yozakura: "Minori, please go play outside for a little. Because I will do the
    cleaning here."
    Minori: "I got it! Yozakura, thank you!"
    Minori: "Moo moo moo! Moo moo moo!"
    Yozakura: "...But, I won't lose. Someday, I will train Minori properly."
    11.03 The Mask of Nanto
    Secret Ninja Technique! Nanto Beat Down Sword! You are already scattered. 
    The year 2636.
    The world has been cruelly ruled by the villainous ninja.
    Villainous ninja: "Hyaua!!"
    Armed, mohawk-headed villanious ninjas loot the ruins of the cities.
    Boy: "Stop it!"
    A cute boy from Johnnies* tackles a villainous ninja. [*Johnnies: a music 
    label famous for boy bands]
    He bravely tries to take back the rice cake that had been stolen.
    Boy: "That is an important rice cake! It's my last rice cake!"
    Villainous ninja: "Get away, you brat!!"
    The villainous ninja swings her short sword downwards towards the boy.
    Just then.
    A kunai sticks in the villainous ninja's arm, and with no power the short 
    sword falls to the ground.
    Villainous ninja: "Wh, who's that!?"
    The villainous ninja looks around with her face deep red.
    However, there is no-one around her.
    Nanto: "Where are you looking."
    The villainous ninja looked up at the sound of the voice, and on the roof of
    a ruined building there was a girl wearing a demon mask.
    Nanto: "The law of Gessen protects me!"
    The demon mask-wearing girl glares at the villainous ninja.
    Murakumo: "Good."
    The small voice echoes in the shinobi's room.
    I tried looking at the college notebook filled with sketches.
    The stages of the name are drawn fairly often.
    I'm largely satisfied.
    Murakumo: "The title is The Mask of Nanto. The author is Murakumo..."
    I write the title on the first page and lean my weight on the back of the
    I have loved manga for a long time, and have looked through every magazine.
    One day it was not enough just to read, so I now draw my own manga.
    Murakumo: "I'm in a good condition.  I will continue."
    Next I will draw the battle scene between Nanto and the villainous ninja.
    I picked up the pencil once again, and held it over the college notebook.
    Nanto: "Hyoo! Haatatatatata!"
    It was Nanto's certain kill technique, Nanto Beat Down Sword.
    This manga will be the most spectacular.
    ...I can't draw it.
    Although it's the most spectacular I can't draw it well.
    I absolutely can't draw action scenes well.
    Reality has some boldness.
    And also a depiction overflowing with originality.
    It's easy to say but difficult to draw.
    Because there's nothing that can help me anyway.
    Just for now I need to research action.
    However, what is the best way to research...?
    Shiki: "(chanting Buddhist sutra)"
    From the neighbouring room a small voice leaks in.
    It's Shiki's voice.
    Her habit is like a gal, and she loves the Heart Sutra.
    Shiki: "...(chanting Buddhist sutra)"
    As I hear Shiki's voice, I'm struck by a good idea.
    Murakumo: "...That's it. I have assistance."
    Shiki is an admirer of my manga, and she always gives me earnest reviews.
    Murakumo: "I hope Shiki will collaborate with me."
    Muttering this, I put down my pen and headed towards the neighbouring room.
    Murakumo: "Shiki...I have a request."
    Shiki: "Huh?  What is it, Muracchi?"
    Murakumo: "The truth is...I can't draw action manga. I hope for your
    collaboration in this."
    Shiki: "About manga you can't draw? Was it end of the century metrosexual man
    Murakumo: "Yeah. Only I'm troubled that the intensity of the action is not
    Shiki: "Okay! We'll really collaborate!"
    Shiki: "But, how do we do that?"
    Murakumo: "It's easy. You can fight with me."
    Shiki: "That's all? It'll be a breeze."
    Shiki: "Right, let's do it right away."
    Murakumo: "Survive."
    Shiki: "Uhya! I'll sterilize dirty things!"
    Murakumo: "Huh!?"
    Shiki: "Muracchi also hurry up and get into character! Ushashashasha!"
    Murakumo: "No...Even I do not go that far."
    Shiki: "That's no good! So you'll be in the right mood.  Come on, do it."
    Shiki: "You do not need a reason for life and death! Everything is at our
    Murakumo: "Uh, it, it can't be helped."
    Murakumo: "...Th, the law of Gessen protects me!"
    Shiki: "Bitterness!  I have no regrets in life!"
    Murakumo: "...Thanks to you Shiki. Now it looks like I'll be able to draw good
    quality action manga."
    Shiki: "Really? That's great!"
    Shiki: "But it was fun. To do that kind of collaboration anytime is okay!"
    Murakumo: "Really? ...Actually, there is one more uneasy scene."
    Shiki: "What what? There's room to collaborate."
    Murakumo: "...I can't draw love scenes. Because I've never had an experience
    like that."
    Murakumo: "So won't you do a love scene with me? What, a light kiss is fine."
    Shiki: "L, love scene!? ...I mean, we're both girls!"
    Murakumo: "I don't mind at all."
    Shiki: "W, wait up Muracchi? Your eyes look serious but surely you're 
    Murakumo: "I said I don't mind at all."
    Shiki: "Hi, hieeeeee!"
    Murakumo: "For my manga, Shiki. Just once.  Just once is fine."
    Murakumo: "I'll turn of the lights and create an amosphere. I will borrow
    from the movies."
    Murakumo: "Please just once. Let's do it just one time."
    Shiki: "S, sorry, Muracchi! You'll have to settle for practising kissing with
    the bathroom taps!"
    11.04 The Evil that erodes the Good
    Evil also undermines the existence of Good...In one moment it is rapidly 
    destroyed. (Yumi)
    Yozakura: "Yumi, can I add expired tofu to miso soup?"
    Yumi: "....sigh."
    Yozakura: "Yumi, what is it?"
    Yumi: "No, it's nothing."
    Yozakura: "...I see."
    Yozakura: "But, people who aren't concerned cut up sponge instead of tofu by
    Yumi: "Huh!?"
    Yozakura: "What is troubling you? I can listen if you like."
    Yumi: "...I was thinking a little about grandfather."
    Yozakura: "About Black Shadow?"
    My name is Black Shadow...a man who has lived as an ex-shinobi.
    My real granddaughter Yumi was appointed the select team leader of the elite
    good ninja school, Gessen.
    Yumi seems to be approaching a splendid good ninja.
    Yumi's parents died soon, and after that I took over.
    Therefore, she inherited my values of "Evil should be destroyed."
    I do not regret my own path I have walked.
    I still believe that the smiles of people can defeat evil.
    However, this is only my values, Yumi doesn't need to live the same way.
    Of course, it's not only Yumi. 
    Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki and Minori were also the same.
    I'm glad they bravely followed my intention, but for that have those girls 
    lost something?
    The truth is, since she entered Gessen, I haven't seen Yumi's smiling face 
    To defend people's smile, it's as much to say she sealed up her own smile...
    Yumi and the others are pure and straight.
    That's why I'm not worried.
    ...I'm not worried.
    Yumi: "...To make a world without Evil."
    Yumi: "That was grandfather's dearest wish. It is also our dearest wish."
    Yozakura: "If there's a world with only goodness, people will be free from the
    suffering of evil...I also often remember grandfather's words."
    Yumi: "However, it's not a simple matter to defeat evil."
    Yozakura: "What do you mean?"
    Yumi: "Do you know to examine the Hanzo Academy students?"
    Yumi: "The girls are apparently good ninja, but they seem to associate with
    evil ninja."
    Yozakura: "Huh? Good ninja and bad ninja are mixed..."
    Yumi: " I changed my thinking. Evil also undermines the existence of Good."
    Yozakura: "...It certainly seems so."
    Yumi: "Therefore we have to become stronger. So that we do not lose to such
    mighty evil."
    Yozakura: "I see.  It is reasonable to say."
    Yozakura: "Where this is concerened, we can train ourselves."
    Yumi: "I became restless whilst thinking. Yozakura, please can you have a
    match with me?"
    Yozakura: "Of course."
    Yumi: "So then, come on!"
    Yozakura: "For sure you're our leader. Such superb strength."
    Yumi: "No, you were what I truely expected."
    Yozakura: "No no, for sure you're a leader."
    Yumi: "Outrageous. It's surely you."
    Yozakura: "No, you're a leader!"
    Yumi: "No, it's you!"
    Shiki: "Either one is fine!"
    Shiki: "I'm super hungry is more important than that!"
    Yumi: "Eh?"
    Murakumo: "It is well that you two have been livened up. But to forget
    the situation of our stomachs is not good."
    Minori: "Hey! My stomach is sticking to my back!"
    Yozakura: "O,our business..."
    Yumi: "S, sorry! From now we will make it!"
    Shiki: "Cup noodles is good enough."
    Minori: "Minori will make do with potato chips."
    Yozakura: "...Damn. This is also due to Evil. As I thought we absolutely 
    can't allow Evil."
    Shiki: "...If you blame Evil for everything it's not good."
    12.01 Comparing acorns
    Because Minori is really an adult, I can play make-believe shinobi! (Minori)
    Yumi: "This is Hanzo Academy."
    Yumi: "However, to be able to penetrate so easily...The security seems to be
    loose in spite ofit being a good ninja school."
    Asuka: "What a shame! It's no such thing!"
    Asuka: "I noticed perfectly your infiltration."
    Yumi: "That is not enough to say it with dignity. Since you did nothing apart
    from remove the signpost."
    Asuka: "You look like a shinobi, only...what's your business with Hanzo
    Yumi: "My name is Yumi. We are from Shijuku Gessen Girl's school."
    Asuka: "I am Asuka. I am Hanzo Academy select team chief."
    Yumi: "Asuka. Today has come the application for the School Fesival for
    Hanzo Academy."
    Asuka: "Eh? School Festival!?"
    Yumi: "Huh. It is fine without needing to be set up."
    Yumi: "Today I have only come by to introduce myself."
    Hanzo: "What is this! You're not willing! Not willing!"
    Yumi: "That voice!?"
    Asuka: "Gr, grandpa?"
    Hanzo: "It's finally started! A historical first. A fight between fellow good
    Yumi: "Show yourself! Abnormal old guy!"
    Asuka: "...Abnormal old guy. It's a terrible thing to say but because it's 
    true there's no reply."
    Hanzo: "Yumi, do you want to see me? Is that because you are drunk on my 
    Yumi: "Do, do not mess around!"
    Asuka: "That's right! Granpa, don't mess around!"
    Yumi: "Huh. Asuka, please don't agree with me."
    Asuka: "A, apart from agreeing with you, I said what I thought until now."
    Hanzo: "I will appear before you when this has been settled."
    Hanzo: "That way is more dramatic, right?"
    Yumi: "I see. If that's the case, there's no time to lose."
    Yumi: "Everyone! Hanzo Academy has decided to follow Good and Evil here and
    Minori: "Okaaay! Minori, great, great rampage!"
    Hibari: "Eh? This tiny girl is a shinobi? No matter how you view it, you
    look like a little girl..."
    Minori: "How rude! Minori is not a child!"
    Minori: "'Cos I can lick a little wasabi!"
    Minori: "And I can drink black coffee!"
    Hibari: "Huh? You can drink black coffee?"
    Minori: "Yeah! If I  put in lots of sugar and milk!"
    Hibari: "If you put in sugar and milk, I can drink it!"
    Hibari: "But that's mostly not black coffee."
    Hibari: "...As I thought you're like a kid."
    Minori: "Ah, you said it again! You said Minori is like a kid again!"
    Hibari: "...Because."
    Minori: "And yet Hibari is exactly like a child!!"
    Hibari: "H, Hibari is not a child!"
    Minori: "You're a child!"
    Hibari: "I'm not a child!"
    Katsuragi: "...Hibari, you've descended to the same level."
    Hibari: "If so, this fight will decide who is the child!"
    Minori: "Alright! With pleasure!"
    Minori: "Hibari, you're not allowed to cry!"
    Minori: "Yay! Minori won!"
    Hibari: "Uhhhh..."
    Minori: "Minori is strong so she's an adult! Hibari is a child!"
    Hibari: "Because a loss is a loss...Hibari admits she is a child."
    Hibari: "B, but I think a real adult isn't just strong."
    Minori: "Huh? An adult isn't just strong?"
    Hibari: "Yeah. Hibari thinks so."
    Minori: "...I see. It seems to be as you say."
    Minori: "So then, what is a real adult?"
    Hibari: "Th, that Hibari also doesn't know, but..."
    Minori: "An adult."
    Hibari: "An adult."
    Minori: "Yeah! This is Minori's homework!"
    Hibari: "That's right. Hibari will also do for homework."
    Minori: "So then.  Hibari. Let's meet next time and check our answers."
    12.02 Hidden demon's eyeball
    Which girl is my opponent? Maybe she likes cute accessories? (Shiki)
    Shiki: "(Chanting Buddhist sutra)"
    Long ago, I and the Heart Sutra were distant green celebrities.
    My mother and father were both elite leaders of good ninja, and we lived in a 
    new detached house in a famous high-class residential area.
    It was a 3 storey 8LDK house, with two maids, and who knows how many luxury
    foreign cars.
    When I was an elementary school student my pocket money was 100,000 yen a 
    At the weekend I often went shopping in town with my friends.
    Clothes, accessories, magazines for adults, CDs...
    If my pocket money wasn't enough, I could buy anything I wished on my parent's
    credit card.
    I periodically got a straight perm, beauty treatment and manicure and the 
    beauty parlour.
    Thinking about it now, it was outrageous for an elementary school student.
    But, that period of celebrity lifestyle didn't last for long.
    My parents were killed by a mistake whilst on a mission.
    When my parent's bodies were brought back home, they had a number of wounds
    from a beast's claw marks.
    Anyone I asked about the wounds gave the excuse "I can't talk about a 
    mission" for not answering.
    Because they were leaders it seems they just had to go on important missions.
    I couldn't bear my grief.
    I understand the rules of the world of shinobi.
    But, I didn't know the reason for my parent's death.
    I cried in front of my parent's bodies.
    Those tears were half from sadness, and half from unfocussed anger.
    After all the wake guests returned home, I clenched my lips and went on 
    Black Shadow: "(Chanting Buddhist sutra)"
    Unexpectedly hearing the Heart Sutra, I looked round.
    There was a burly old man with his face covered in scars.
    Shiki: "...Who?"
    Black Shadow: "My name is Black Shadow."
    This was how I met Master Black Shadow.
    Black Shadow: "In this world, there is hateful darkness, there is Evil to
    I was a child so I didn't understand what Master Black Shadow was talking
    But, looking into Master Black Shadow's kind black pupils, I felt like I was
    being wrapped in a warm blanket.
    Black Shadow: "If you want to destroy darkness and overthrow Evil, come with
    At Master Black Shadow's words I responded with a small nod.
    At Master Black Shadow's hidden house, Yumichin and Muracchi, Yozakurachin and
    Minorichin were there.
    Everyone was a child in the same circumstances...I quickly realised they had
    all lost their parents.
    But, I couldn't easily open my heart to them.
    I don't really know the reason why.
    I was irrationally angry at the loss of my parents, and hit out at anyone for
    no reason.
    Especially I often quarrelled with Muracchi, and I think I was extremely
    mean to Minorichin.
    If I did like that, Master Black Shadow was naturally angry.
    At that time he would give me a blow to the head. When he was angry, Master
    Black Shadow's eyes were really sorrowful.
    Shiki: "...Master Black Shadow. Why are you so sad when you are angry?"
    Black Shadow: "Shiki. Because the true colour of anger is sadness. A heart
    captured by anger doesn't erase the sadness."
    These words remained in my heart for a long time.
    But, by what he said, would I be able to escape from my anger?
    Like that Master Black Shadow taught me the Heart Sutra.
    And then I used the Heart Sutra for emotional support.
    Talking to friends on the phone, buying an item on bargain sale, there are 
    still times when it's not enough.
    At those times, I chant the Heart Sutra.
    Shiki: "(Chanting Buddhist Sutra)"
    So that anger and sorrow won't steal away my heart.
    So that I can get calm pupils like Master Black Shadow.
    Shiki: " Hiya! Are you Yagyu?"
    Yagyu: "That's right. Who are you?"
    Shiki: "I'm Shiki.  Nice to meetcha!"
    Shiki: "I mean, Yagyuchin! That eye patch is super cute!"
    Yagyu: "Huh?"
    Shiki: "Gimme! That eye patch, gimme!"
    Yagyu: "What are you saying? There's no way I'm giving it to you."
    Shiki: "Why not?"
    Yagyu: "I don't need to give a reason."
    Shiki: "Bah. Well, nevermind."
    Shiki: "So, I'm gonna beat ya! That way I'll take it quickly."
    Yagyu: "Huh. Just try to take it."
    Shiki: "If I want something I get it. Look, like your eye patch."
    Shiki: "So, let's go!"
    Yagyu: "Gah..."
    Shiki: "...Well then.  That kind of thing."
    Shiki: "You know I won. That eye patch seals your Secret Ninja Technique,
    Yagyu: "..."
    Shiki: "I may look like this, but I really study you know."
    Shiki: "That...is called a...hidden demon's eye?"
    Yagyu: "..."
    Shiki: "Sealed in your special eye patch is a power that has it's own wishes,
    am I right?"
    Yagyu: "You're quite knowledgeable."
    Shiki: "Heh heh. There's a moe gap, right? [*Moe gap: mismatch between a
    person's appearance and character]"
    Shiki: "So, that is why, give me that eye patch."
    Yagyu: "...Do not touch it!"
    Shiki: "!?"
    Shiki: "Wh, what is this sensation?"
    Yagyu: "This eye patch is not special. You can get it anywhere."
    Shiki: "Lie? To seal a hidden demon's eyeball it must be a special eye patch."
    Yagyu: "Such talk doesn't matter."
    Yagyu: "If this eye patch seals in a demon, it will be a reasonable
    Shiki: "...Hmmm."
    Shiki: "Because there's a lot I do not understand, just for today I'll 
    overlook it."
    Shiki: "...But."
    Shiki: "Next time we meet...That eye patch will definitely be mine."
    12.03 Masked daughter
    My opponent is the daughter of the Phoenix Conglomerate...I don't want to
    remember... (Murakumo)
    Murakumo: "You're Ikaruga."
    Ikaruga: "..."
    Murakumo: "...Why are you staring at me?"
    Ikaruga: "...Haven't we met somewhere before?"
    Murakumo: "!?"
    Ikaruga: "Those eyes, I recognise them..."
    Murakumo: "You are not acquainted with me.  Today is the first time."
    Ikaruga: "Is that so? Hmmm..."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "...Ah! I remember!"
    Murakumo: "!?"
    Ikaruga: "I saw you mingling at a corporate party! You wore that mask even 
    with a beautiful dress..."
    Murakumo: "A person like that is anywhere."
    Ikaruga: "No they're not!"
    Ikaruga: "The legendary girl who does not remove her mask at any party..."
    Ikaruga: "Until I actually saw it for myself, I thought it was just an urban
    Murakumo: "I don't know."
    Ikaruga: "I think for sure she's the daughter of the Great Wolf Conglomerate.
    Isn't that so?"
    Murakumo: "I, I don't know."
    Ikaruga: "No, it's no mistake."
    Ikaruga: "Dancing with her mask on, crushing the toes of those around her..."
    Ikaruga: "Finally crashing into the champagne tower with her bottom in full
    view...that Great Wolf Conglomerate daughter."
    Ikaruga: "So then, Murakumo, that was you, wasn't it?"
    Murakumo: "St, stop it.  I don't want to remember."
    Ikaruga: "Just as I thought!"
    Murakumo: "Now it's different."
    Ikaruga: "If you deny it, take off that mask!"
    Murakumo: "I, I won't do it!"
    Murakumo: "Huh...There's no more mouth."
    Ikaruga: "Gah..."
    Ikaruga: "But there's no doubt...Hiding your head but not hiding your bottom, 
    it should be Murakumo!"
    Murakumo: "Therefore, that is why I have already forgotten!"
    Ikaruga: "Uhhh..."
    Murakumo: "...Certainly, I was of the Great Wolf Conglomerate.  But now I 
    stand here as a shinobi from Gessen."
    Ikaruga: "Why? Why are you a person like that?"
    Murakumo: "Do you say that? It is something that exists depending on the
    Ikaruga: "...That's certainly so."
    Ikaruga: "Murakumo, there is one thing I want to ask about Great Wolf 
    Ikaruga: "Do you know of the planned urban development of the slums?"
    Murakumo: "Of course I know."
    Ikaruga: "If so then please! Stop that development!"
    Ikaruga: "The people who live there have nowhere else to go!"
    Murakumo: "Why do you worry about poor people?"
    Ikaruga: "Th, that is..."
    Ikaruga: "...My friend's home town is in the slums."
    Ikaruga: "That friend doesn't know about the planned urban development yet."
    Murakumo: "...I see."
    Murakumo: "However, it's perverse for the loser to make a request of the 
    Murakumo: "If you want to request something, first you must beat me."
    Ikaruga: "...I agree with you.  I have no answer."
    Murakumo: "So then, this conversation is finished. Goodbye."
    12.04 The supremacy of pleasure
    Hanzo Academy impure fellow shinobi hit me back! (Yozakura)
    My home was a large family.
    I was the eldest daughter, in a family with 11 younger brothers and sisters.
    All of them were twins or triplets or born within a year of each other.
    12 kids were born within 9 years to a terrible mother.
    Yozakura: "Hey, everyone be quiet!"
    Inside the house was like a never-ending festival.
    As babies they cried day and night, and then when they grew up as kids they
    ran around scrambling for toys.
    In the kid's room there wasn't a bunk bed, there were 2 five-person beds.
    After turning one year old, the period of special treatment passed and the
    beds were automatically expanded, with the result that five-person beds
    became the norm.
    The bedroom was like a jam-packed submarine.
    The liveliest time was at evening dinner.
    When it started to smell good, all the kids gathered bustling into the
    Quarrelling sisters and napping brothers all viewed the carried cooking with
    eyes like wild animals, lining up with chopsticks or cup to start helping 
    Because I received a good upbringing, I didn't help myself.
    The goal was to know that day's menu as early as possible, so as to camp in
    front of your favourite dish.
    To win through the struggle for existence is inherent in a large family, so it
    is natural to begin helping like that.
    12 people: "Thanks for the food!"
    With their cry the competition for food is carried out.
    The kid who got the best position is silently stuffing their cheeks with their
    favourite food, while those who didn't are complaining or wailing.
    Just as I thought, big sister has more rice, I hate carrots, do I eat meat,I 
    don't want to drink barley tea, orange juice is good...
    Yozakura: "Now now, don't fight, don't fight!"
    At such times, so everyone can eat fairly, I ran around carrying small plates
    of food over to the distant children or bringing orange juice.
    In the meantime, the food has all been eaten without leaving a trace.
    I also wanted to really eat til I was full.
    But it couldn't be helped.
    After giving birth to 12 kids, mother returned to work as a shinobi, where she
    was killed.
    Maybe because she had been far from a real fight for 12 years, suddenly in the
    field the giving and taking of life had become more severe.
    And so I became those kids' surrogate mother.
    With the death of our mother, I became aware of the occasion and without
    giving any tears or crying, I stood on one step of my brothers and sisters 
    and behaved brightly.
    I thought that because of father's job as a shinobi he didn't often come home,
    so it happened that, including babies, the lives of 11 people were in my hands.
    But looking after 11 unruly kids was more than I imagined.
    Everyday was hard, laughing in earnest, being angry in earnest, looking at 
    their studying, resolving quarrels or praising their grades.
    It was tough, but I wasn't unsatsified.
    Rather, the atmosphere brought about by a large family became the source of my
    And then, one year after mother's death, father also died.
    Of course, it was an incident during a shinobi mission.
    On the day of my father's funeral ceremony, by the side of his body the adult
    relatives talked in whispers.
    Relative 1: "I will take charge of the second son."
    Relative 2: "The third daughter for me."
    I burst into the circle of relatives.
    Yozakura: "I will work. I will earn money to protect my brothers and sisters!"
    But, at that time I was still only 9 years old.
    Age had nothing to do with my serious determination.
    In the end, my brothers and sisters were taken in by my relatives.
    It was decided I would also be taken in, but so as not to go to that
    relative's house, I ran away.
    I can live by myself.
    I must prove I can live.
    If I can prove that I can live by myself, I can welcome back my brothers and
    So I said, a nine year old's shallow thinking.
    I had absolutely no hope of surviving.
    Soon I no longer had any money, and I endured the night dew in the park.
    Black Shadow: "...Come to my house."
    At that time I first met Master Black Shadow.
    Yozakura: "If I go to your house...will I once again live together with my
    brothers and sisters?"
    Weary and hungry, I could barely get out my tired voice.
    Black Shadow held out his large, rugged hand.
    Black Shadow: "Yeah. I'll give you strength to protect what is important to
    I stretched my weak right hand towards Black Shadow.
    Yozakura: "...I will become stronger.  To protect my brothers and sisters."
    Maste Black Shadow grabbed my hand firmly.
    It was rough but warm...Holding Master Black Shadows' hand.
    Yozakura: "Are you Katsuragi?"
    Katsuragi: "Yeah.  That's right."
    Yozakura: "...What is it? That strange gesture?"
    Katsuragi: "I have decided it."
    Katsuragi: "Sexual harrassment!"
    Katsuragi: "Where should I sexually harrass you? Uuh. Even just thinking 
    about it makes me excited."
    Yozakura: "...Katsuragi. Do you do sexual harrassment to everyone?"
    Katsuragi: "A foolish question. Untouched breasts have no worth, it is said."
    Yozakura: "...Disgraceful."
    Katsuragi: "Huh?"
    Yozakura: "I said it's disgraceful! You bitch! What are you thinking of, doing
    sexual harrassment!?"
    Katsuragi: "E, ehh?"
    Yozakura: "Is it alright! Listen well. There are only two uses of sexual
    harrassment in this world."
    Yozakura: "One is a shinobi's weapon. The other one is for gentlemen who 
    remain married for life."
    Yozakura: "Sexual harrassement shouldn't be done lightly!"
    Katsuragi: "...No, that, somehow. ...Th, that's strict."
    Yozakura: "That's just your lack of sincerity!"
    Yozakura: "Well, that character, I'll beat it into shape!"
    Katsuragi: "Damn. I lost I lost!"
    Yozakura: "A natural result."
    Katsuragi: "You're strong. I was able to enjoy for the first time in a long
    Yozakura: "Fighting is enjoyable?"
    Yozakura: "From where does this supremacy of pleasure come from?"
    Katsuragi: "S, supremacy of pleasure?"
    Yozakura: "Impure! Unpleasant! Filthy!"
    Katsuragi: "So it is said. This is my nature."
    Yozakura: "...It doesn't seem easy to beat your nature into shape. You need
    more long-term guidence."
    Katsuragi: "L, long-term?"
    Yozakura: "So, I'll leave it for today."
    Yozakura: "Next time we meet, I'll be stricter. Until then, please do your
    most spiritual practice."
    12.05 Good ninja vs Good ninja
    I will never acknowledge it...A good ninja acknowledge evil... (Yumi)
    Asuka is Hanzo's granddaughter, and I am Black Shadow's granddaughter.
    In other words, the beauty of death which comes now is a confrontation 
    between the grandchildren of legendary shinobi.
    I first met my grandpa 10 years ago...at the time of my parent's funeral.
    In a small funeral hall deep in the mountains, by people I had never met 
    before, I was told what admirable shinobi my parents were.
    But, I didn't want to listen to that talk. 
    All that praise for my mother and father wouldn't bring them back to life.
    I wanted to know the reason for my parent's death, but there was no-one who
    would answer that question.
    As I was idly outside the funeral hall, a old man with a scarred face
    approached me.
    Black Shadow: "Do you want to know the reason for your parent's death?"
    When the unknown person spoke out, I firmly nodded without even being
    Black Shadow: "If you want to know, come with me. I'll make you a ninja."
    For some reason I still wasn't scared and, once more, I gave a big nod.
    At that the old man's features gave a smile.
    Black Shadow: "If so, from today your shinobi name is Yumi."
    Yumi: "...And your name is?"
    Black Shadow: "My name is...Black Shadow. I am your grandfather."
    Granpa's house was in a depopulated area deep in the mountains, and there soon
    I started training.
    Black Shadow: "If you risk your life in your training, you can survive in a 
    real battle."
    As of his words, in grandpa's strict training one step wrong could lead to
    I think that I could bear the training because I wanted to become a shinobi
    like my parents.
    If I became a shinobi I would learn the reason for their death.
    If the reason for their death was clear, I would search for their enemy to 
    get revenge.
    So I wanted to become a shinobi as soon as possible. I must become one.
    ...If I think about it now, I was in too much of a hurry.
    When one year had passed, I became able to do the same Secret Ninja Technique
    as grandpa.
    Yumi: "Grandpa, please look at this power! If I only have this power revenge
    will be easy! See! I can do anything!"
    As I yelled this excitedly, grandpa approached me silently.
    He slapped me in the face.
    From then on grandpa didn't let me do any training.
    As an alternative to training, grandpa taught me many things.
    How to make grain or barley, the name of the constellations in the night sky, 
    Japanese history and legends...any subject I learned was fun, and I knew it 
    made sense to live on.
    But, I was a little dissatisfied.
    Because, now I thought I needed to do training.
    Hell, when would I get to restart training?
    For that reason I always had a pouty face.
    Picking up the leaves from the mountain grasslands, suddenly something cold
    brushed against my cheek.
    Yumi: "Gyah!"
    I let out a little cry, as behind me granpa was standing.
    Black Shadow: "You're tired. Have a little break."
    In grandpa's hand was a cup of shaved ice.
    I dropped down onto the grass and put the shaved ice into my mouth.
    A cold, simple sweetness spread throughout my mouth.
    Black Shadow: "You and I are alike."
    Sitting next to me grandpa mumbled, sighing.
    Black Shadow: "You think if your power gets stronger, everything will be
    Yumi: "...If it's stronger I can do anything."
    As I spoke sharply, grandpa patted me on the head.
    Black Shadow: "In this world, power alone is not enough to solve anything."
    Yumi: "Is that right?"
    At my quick rebuttal, grandpa gave a thin smile.
    And then he pulled out a short sword and posed low.
    Black Shadow: "...Secret Ninja Technique, Black Ice."
    Grandpa waved his sword and a black mass of air flew into the sky.
    Around me it became dark, and the mood was unexpectedly heavy.
    With just this amount of power, even if the enemy were an army of ninja, 
    you could bring them down with one blow.
    My own Secret Ninja Technique seemed like child's play, so different was it
    from grandpa's level.
    I was so amazed that my shaved ice dropped out of my hand.
    Black Shadow: "Even with only this power, I was not able to meet you."
    Yumi: "What do you mean?"
    Black Shadow: "Your mother said nothing about me."
    I did not know that I had a grandfather.
    My mother didn't talk to me about her father.
    Black Shadow: "Power is really not right. Those who do not know what power 
    is...they become like me."
    With lonely-looking eyes. grandpa stroked my head gloomily.
    Black Shadow: "So, I taught you. The meaning of power."
    From the next day onwards we restarted my training.
    With training as strict as ever, I become even stronger.
    However, even though I became stronger, my mind seemed to be calm.
    That was my own marvel.
    Why am I acquiring such large power? I began to think about that in earnest.
    Not for the personal grudge of my parent's revenge, using power was for 
    realising a great dream.
    So then, I bowed my head to grandpa.
    Yumi: "Can you show me the use for power?"
    Grandpa closed his eyes and quietly told me everything.
    His training as a good ninja, half a lifetime as an ex-ninja...
    When I had finished listening to his story, my mind was decided.
    Grandpa's dream was to realise a world without evil. 
    That was what my power would be used for.
    So I can't forgive Asuka.
    I can't forgive good so close to evil.
    Because I cannot feel they also have any belief in this dream whatsoever.
    If worthless, good will destroy just the same as evil.
    This grandchild vs. grandchild showdown will not be easy.
    It's grandchild vs. grandchild war.
    Yumi: "Asuka. You seem to be friends with evil ninja, isn't that right?"
    Asuka: "I wouldn't say friends...we're rivals."
    Yumi: "Are you...rivals? Well, would you kill that evil ninja?"
    Asuka: "...I don't need to kill her. There are many things we can understand
    about each other."
    Yumi: "Good ninja and evil ninja exist to the contrary. There's nothing at
    all you need to understand."
    Yumi: "Evidently the legendary shinobi made a mistake in your training."
    Asuka: "Don't say bad things about gramps!"
    Asuka: "Gramps taught me loads of important things."
    Yumi: "My grandpa also taught me something important."
    Yumi: "The wish of making a world where Evil is eradicated and there is only
    Good. The only way for that world is to eliminate tears."
    Asuka: "...I cannot accept the difference. Do you think smiles are not born 
    in this world?"
    Yumi: "In other words, you can accept Evil?"
    Yumi: "Worthless. I will not talk at all."
    Asuka: "I'm not worthless! But..."
    Yumi: "I'm not willing to argue with you."
    Yumi: "Which are the correct principals? It will be proven in a fight, like 
    Asuka: "Gyah!"
    Yumi: "Finishing blow! Get ready!"
    Homura: "I won't allow it!"
    Asuka: "Homura!?"
    Yumi: "What!? Why is an evil ninja here!?"
    Homura: "Shameful, Asuka!"
    Asuka: "Homura, why?"
    Homura: "What happened will happen no more!"
    Homura: "I came to ask about the rumours that a School Festival had been 
    opened...I would have said for you to lose to anyone other than me is 
    Asuka: "I, it hasn't been done yet! I was just going well!"
    Homura: "Huh. It seems all you  haven't lost is your high spirits."
    Yumi: "Your relationship is rather good, isn't it?"
    Homura: "Relationship is good? You misunderstand."
    Homura: "Asuka is my rival. She exists for me to kill some day."
    Yumi: "Why did you save her in order to kill her?"
    Homura: "If she dies here I would be troubled. I acted on behalf of myself."
    Yumi: "This is your manner of speaking."
    Yumi: "The fact that good and evil intersect doesn't change anything."
    Homura: "You seem to awfully hate evil."
    Yumi: "Of course. To exterminate evil from this world,  That is my purpose for
    Homura: "Huh. If you like.  However, good also can't exist in a world without
    Yumi: "What do you mean?"
    Homura: "What I said."
    Yumi: "...Huh. I have no ear inclined to evil's sophistry."
    Yumi: "Asuka. Today we were interrupted. It will be settled next time. At the
    actual School Festival."
    13.01 The difference between Good and Evil
    There's no need to understand Evil...Because it's existence is a crime.
    Could it be because of my age?
    Recently I remember the past a lot.
    Graduating from ninja school, resigning as a Good ninja, why I became an 
    I hate Evil.
    Good hates ruinous Evil.
    I try to make a world without Evil...a world with only Good.
    Always I think about only that.
    I was young and pure.
    No, maybe I was too pure. 
    With such purity a Good ninja couldn't perceive the world.
    After I became an ex-ninja, I continued to hunt Evil ninja.
    That was acting contrary to the laws of shinobi.
    Shinobi: "Kill him! Kill Black Shadow!"
    To try to kill me, shinobi from both Evil and Good factions were sent after 
    In the extreme battle to completely destroy the ex-ninja, there were also 
    some civilians who fell victim.
    To defeat Evil, but it was not my intention for innocents to be hurt.
    I gave up hunting Evil ninja, and went underground.
    And then, 10 years ago.
    I learnt that my real daughter and son-in-law had been killed.
    They were husband and wife Good ninja who had been defeated in a battle with
    Evil ninja.
    In my heart, dispair and anger ruled.
    It doesn't matter if other civilians get involved.
    I headed to the funeral hall with a feeling of black revenge hidden in my
    I thought that I would report to the couple's corpses that I would resume Evil
    ninja hunting.
    Then in front of their corpses a young girl was standing.
    I doubted my own eyes.
    That young girl looked just like my daughter when she was a child.
    That child was certainly my granddaughter.
    The young girl vaguely sensed my presence.
    Despair and anger had also snatched away that child's heart.
    Surely, if she advances down the road of revenge, this child's sweet smiling
    features would never return.
    She would walk down the same road of carnage as me.
    However, words alone would not comfort a person who had lost someone important.
    What should I do?
    What can I do to help this child?
    Black Shadow: "Do you want to know the reason for your parent's death?"
    Before I knew it I had spoken out to the young girl.
    Although she was talking to a stranger, the young girl didn't hesitate and
    firmly nodded her head.
    Black Shadow: "If you want to know, come with me. I'll make you a ninja."
    I trained her close to my side.
    The goals of a shinobi and Yumi's purpose for living.
    And then, by living together with me, Yumi should surely realise.
    Revenge is not the only way, if you go on living only for a grudge all that
    will remain is emptiness.
    The first days with my granddaughter couldn't help but be fun.
    Of course doing training, how to swim in the river, how to grow vegetables and 
    fruit, how to play in the mountains, letting her experience the limits of my
    In each case, seeing the twinkle in Yumi's eyes healed my turbulent heart a 
    Unexpectedly, revenge was gone from my heart.
    I no longer felt like hunting Evil ninja.
    Instead I first started picking up those like Yumi who had lost parents in the
    conflict between shinobi.
    Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki, Minori...like Yumi, those kids also were contacted
    with affection.
    To my surprise, Yumi and the rest, all of them, were blessed with talent as
    Having followed my training, they acquired enough power to easily pass the
    entrance examination of Shijuku Gessen Girls' School, a prestigious school
    of good shinobi.
    After they enrolled in Gessen their growth was a sight to behold.
    All five became Gessen select members, which even I had never thought possible
    in my wildest dreams.
    My granddaughter and the others were having a glittering start to the world of
    Good ninja.
    I was truely happy. 
    Happy from the bottom of my heart.
    However, I did not have long to live.
    In the middle of my delight, I was attacked by a disease.
    An incurable disease.
    To not be deprived of life suddenly, to live even one day longer, it was 
    neccessary for me to rest in bed.
    Not knowing how much time I had left, the thought of Yumi and the others was
    foremost floating around my head.
    Those children shouldn't be made to live as I had.
    I thought that's why I had done training so seriously.
    However, and yet I couldn't help worrying about those children.
    Black Shadow: "...Murakumo."
    I want that child to get more self-confidence.
    Changing her personality when she's wearing or taking off her mask, if she
    takes it too seriously it is not enough belief.
    I want to know that she can survive even bare-faced.
    Maybe drawing herself as the protagonist of a comic book will give her the 
    chance to have self-belief.
    From my own perspective, I think it's a good way.
    Black Shadow: "...Yozakura."
    I want that child to live in no hurry.
    She became a splendid shinobi herself and seems to strongly hope to live
    with her family again, and for that does she not risk herself too much?
    Eventually in time, younger brothers and younger sisters will all become
    independent adults.
    At that time it's good for each adult to reunite.
    I want her mind to allow time for that.
    Black Shadow: "...Shiki."
    I want that child to learn English.
    In the dawn of becoming a fully-fledged shinobi, to embody the true meaning
    of Buddha, I want her to spread her wings around the world.
    If she calls that original fashion "Japanese Ninja", she will create a 
    sensation aound the world.
    It will be the first great achievement as a shinobi.
    Black Shadow: "...Minori."
    I want that child to stay as she is now.
    I don't want her to become a boring adult and forget her playful heart.
    Precisely because of the tense world of shinobi, the existence of children 
    like her is needed.
    If she stays as she is now, surely she will become a good moodmaker.
    So, I hope that she doesn't lose sight of her own pace forever.
    Black Shadow: "...Yumi."
    I would have Yumi laugh.
    That is my greatest desire.
    A smile suits Yumi.
    No, the fact is I haven't seen it, but surely I think a smile suits her.
    If I could see that child's smile, I would have no more regrets in life.
    I could go to the afterlife satisfied.
    However, it is a marvellous thing.
    Now my only wish is for those children to be happy.
    I was fixated by exterminating Evil ninja, but now I have become not to care.
    I don't think about my own decline.
    Rather, I am really hoping for this.
    I gained the light.
    The light of Yumi, Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki and Minori.
    That light has banished my gloominess.
    Thank you.
    My beloved granddaughter and the others.
    I want to watch over you a little longer.
    Yumi: "This is Hiritsu Hebijo Academy...An academy for Evil ninja once crushed
    by Hanzo."
    Miyabi: "What do you want?"
    Yumi: "...Who are you?"
    Miyabi: "Hebijo Academy 3rd year Miyabi. You seem to have lost your way."
    Yumi: "I am Gessen Girl's School's Yumi. Today is the application for the
    School Festival."
    Miyabi: "...How entertaining. I will take that application."
    Miyabi: "It's good for you to realise the power of the reborn Hebijo."
    Yumi: "No. It's you who will realise. I will teach you fully the true 
    power of Good ninja."
    Miyabi: "Huh. Try it if you can do it. Ryobi, come in."
    Ryobi: "Roger."
    Yumi: "Murakumo, if you please!"
    Murakumo: "I acknowledge."
    Ryobi: "Keh...Murakumo is my opponent?"
    Murakumo: "Long time no see, Ryobi. You traitor."
    Ryobi: "Wearing your irritating mask as usual. Do you wash it properly?"
    Murakumo: "You not only abandoned Gessen, but also joined the Evil ninja...
    You seem to be insane."
    Ryobi: "It's nothing to do with you. I have my own purpose."
    Murakumo: "The only purpose of Evil ninja is to be destroyed."
    Ryobi: "Haaa...I'm sick of your vagueness already."
    Ryobi: "Destroy Evil ninja, destroy Evil ninja...When you open your mouth it's
    nothing but that."
    Ryobi: "What do you know about Evil ninja in the first place?"
    Murakumo: "So what."
    Ryobi: "Huh?"
    Murakumo: "...Evil is incorrect. Evil is wrong.  For these reasons, if I 
    don't need I have no interest."
    Murakumo: "...Therefore, I will cut it out!"
    Ryobi: "Uhhhh."
    Murakumo: "Do you understand? Justice will prevail."
    Ryobi: "...Can I just say one word in front of you?"
    Murakumo: "...Alright."
    Ryobi: "I have experience of both Good and Evil. There is no difference 
    between them."
    Murakumo: "You bitch, you're still saying that."
    Ryobi: "Good ninja and Evil ninja...both trust their fellow shinobi with their
    lives...the only difference is their point of view..."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ryobi: "Fighting between Good and Evil can't be avoided.I also understand
    Ryobi: "But...that is why...knowing about the enemy you're fighting...their
    Murakumo: "That's enough."
    Murakumo: "Because of your foolish talk I have lost my will to deliver the
    final blow."
    Murakumo: "...Excuse me now."
    13.02 According to appearance
    The guy who judges a person from their appearance isn't a good guy. (Shiki)
    Shiki: "Ummm.  You're my opponent?"
    Imu: "That's right."
    Shiki: "Well, nice to meet ya."
    Imu: "Another bimbo. You're not my enemy."
    Shiki: "Grrr. I really attract people who judge by appearance."
    Imu: "Huh. Human beings are usually as they appear."
    Shiki: "Perhaps you say, you think yourself to be smart? You know
    Imu: "Kah! What do you know about me!"
    Shiki: "If that's the case, what do you also know about me."
    Imu: "Shut up! Be silent!"
    Shiki: "Well, I know something about you."
    Imu: "What is that!?"
    Shiki: "Evil ninja equals the bad guys. That is sufficient."
    Shiki: "Your hobbies, your favourite brand, your interests. I don't want to
    know them."
    Shiki: "By this, I'll give you a beating."
    Imu: "Kuh...uuuh. How did I lose to this guy..."
    Shiki: "Now, now, don't get so depressed. It can't be helped. I am so strong."
    Imu: "I had...someone I wanted ...to protect."
    Shiki: "Once again. Is there any way an Evil ninja has such a thing? Just 
    you're really damaged."
    Imu: "...I have to go...to where Miyabi is..."
    Shiki: "Wa, wait up. Where are you going in that condition?"
    Imu: "...Uuuhhh."
    Shiki: "Aaah. She didn't say. She's fainted."
    Shiki: "..."
    Shiki: "...But, really? Evil also has things they want to protect..."
    Shiki: "...I see. ...So that's it."
    13.03 Evil = Bad?
    Evil is bad! It's not without reason that has been determined! (Yozakura)
    Yozakura: "Ryona!"
    Ryona: "Wooah! Mama!"
    Yozakura: "I, I'm not your mama!"
    Ryona: "But...the way you get angry is like a mama."
    Ryona: "Scold me more! Scold me more! Mama!"
    Yozakura: "If that's the case, Ryona! Why did you become an Evil ninja!?"
    Yozakura: "I do not remember you being brought up that way!"
    Ryona: "Ho ho! Ryona is a bad child! So scold her more, more!"
    Ryona: "..."
    Ryona: "...Huh? But if I become an Evil ninja, why is it wrong?"
    Yozakura: "Because it is always wrong. Because it is an Evil ninja."
    Ryona: "Hmm.  So what is wrong about Evil ninja?"
    Yozakura: "What it is...because Evil ninja are always bad guys."
    Ryona: "Why?  Why are Evil ninja bad guys?"
    Yozakura: "Th, that is..."
    Ryona: "Hey hey, why?"
    Yozakura: "...Because Evil is always wrong!"
    Yozakura: "You don't seem to understand from the mouth...so I will punish you
    from the body!"
    Yozakura: "Now you have learned from experience. So, hurry up and return to
    Ryona: "...I can't do that. Because at Hebijo, I feel comfortable."
    Yozakura: "Comfortable with Evil ninja? That's stupid."
    Ryona: "Noo.  It's true."
    Yozakura: "...There is no reason for you to lie."
    Yozakura: "No, in the first place you were not the kind of person to tell a
    Yozakura: "...Ryona...Please go already."
    Ryona: "Huh? You won't finish me?"
    Yozakura: "Listen up, please go! Before my feeling changes!"
    Ryona: "Y, yeah.  I understand."
    Yozakura: "...Evil feels comfortable...I can't believe it."
    13.04 Place to go home
    An Evil ninja has what kind of life? I wonder if anybody knows? (Minori)
    Minori: "Hee hee hee! Black Shadow gramps!"
    Black Shadow: "Minori, here, here. Hurry up and catch me."
    Black Shadow gramps flew from tree to tree, as Minori chased him with all her
    Minori: "Wait, wait, wait, wait!"
    Black Shadow: "Don't wait, don't wait, don't wait, don't wait!"
    Some time ago my belly grumbled, as surely Black Shadow gramps and I had been 
    playing tag for 5 hours.
    But, despite the fact he was getting old, Black Shadow gramps was so good at
    fleeing that I couldn't catch him at all.
    Just a little more and I can touch him!  I thought, as he agilely avoided me.
    Minori: "Bah! Black Shadow gramps runs away too much!"
    Black Shadow: "I'm a natural at tag. So do you give up?"
    Minori: "I don't! I still have a long way to go!"
    Black Shadow gramps laughed, and escaped agilely again.
    Because Minori doesn't have a mother and father, I live together with Black
    Shadow gramps or Yumi or the others, but every single day is really fun.
    Because, every day until the crows caw Black Shadow gramps and Minori play so,
    so much.
    Minori: "OK! Minori, do your best!"
    Minori increases her chase speed, and Black Shadow gramps runs even faster.
    In no time at all, Black Shadow gramps is a speck in the distance.
    I can't chase like this any more.
    Minori is impatient.
    Minori: "Black Shadow gramps! Wait, wait up!"
    Minori's voice doesn't reach him, and without even turning around, Black 
    Shadow gramps becomes smaller and smaller.
    Minori: "Wait! Don't leave Minori!"
    Somehow through fear Minori shouts as powerfully as she can.
    Minori: "Wait up! Black Shadow gramps!"
    Again, that dream.
    Minori was stirring restlessly in her bed.
    Recently, she often had that dream.
    The dream of a not at all fun or enjoyable time.
    From that day onwards, Black Shadow gramps no longer played with Minori.
    Minori was really sad, and begged him many times to play together but it was
    no good.
    But, Minori knew perfectly well it was just being selfish.
    Because, Black Shadow gramps had become ill.
    Minori wants to see Black Shadow gramps laughing face.
    So, Minori has to find a playmate herself.
    Because if I can do that, surely Black Shadow gramps will have peace of mind.
    Minori swiftly jumps out of bed.
    Minori: "OK! Today I will also look for a playmate!"
    Minori: "Hey, hey! Will you play with Minori!?"
    Murasaki: "No, I'm going home.  I am going home."
    Minori: "That's no good!! You can't go home before Mr Frog has croaked!"
    Murasaki: "...Ribbet, ribbet. The frog has croaked so I'm going home."
    Minori: "Ah! An impression of Mr Frog? Minori will do it too!"
    Minori: "Ribbet ribbet!  Ribbet ribbet!"
    Minori: "Ahahahaha!"
    Murasaki: "Ahaha...you're very good.  Well, I'm going home."
    Minori: "I said no! We're still playing!"
    Murasaki: "I just want to go home...Bebetan, what to do?"
    Minori: "Ah! Mr Bear! Cute!"
    Minori: "Minori also has loads of stuffed toys! So, shall we play together?"
    Murasaki: "...You like stuffed toys?  If so...then just a little..."
    Minori: "Yay! So, Mr Bear is the bad guy!"
    Minori: "Princess Minori will beat Mr Bear! I will strip off all his hair!"
    Murasaki: "T, take off his hair?"
    Murasaki: "If that's the case, forget it! Don't hurt Bebetan!"
    Minori: "Aw, you're selfish! If so, playing with dolls is finished!"
    Minori: "Now we play at pro-wrestling!"
    Minori: "That was fun! I'm satisfied!"
    Murasaki: "...Uuuhh....Ouch."
    Murasaki: "I want to go back home quickly..."
    Minori: "Ah, it's alright to go home.  'Cos Minori played a lot."
    Murasaki: "Th, that's good...At last I can go home."
    Minori: "Hey, hey. What kind of place is an Evil ninja's home?"
    Minori: "I expect it's a secret base inside a sewer? It's something like a
    damp and humid cave?"
    Murasaki: "It's a regular...house."
    Minori: "Huh!? Evil ninja live in a regular house?"
    Minori: "Why? Because you're Evil ninja!?"
    Murasaki: "Quickly...I want my warm and soft house...I want to drink some
    tea...and take a breather..."
    Minori: "...Just like Minori. After playing, Minori also likes her home."
    Minori: "That means...Evil ninja and Minori are the same?"
    13.05 As Good and Evil lives
    Destroying Evil is Good's way of life! That way is the only way to push 
    forward! (Yumi)
    Yumi: "Evidently my comrades seem to have won. Why do you not give up?"
    Miyabi: "Give up?  Foolish talk."
    Miyabi: "If I don't lose, Hebijo's pride will not die."
    Yumi: "That's stupid."
    Yumi: "No matter if Evil survives, beyond that there is no day of rest for
    Miyabi: "Evil will survive as Evil even with no rest."
    Yumi: "The destruction of that surviving Evil is Gessen's way of life.
    That is, Good's way of life."
    Miyabi: "Either way I will not survive...is that what you mean?"
    Yumi: "That's right."
    Yumi: "Well, let's wrap up this School Festival with my victory!"
    Yumi: "This is the finishing blow!"
    Miyabi: "....Aaah!"
    Imu: "Stop!"
    Miyabi: "Imu!"
    Yumi: "Get out of the way!"
    Imu: "Keep your hands off Miyabi! I...I will be your opponent!"
    Miyabi: "Stop it Imu! You can't fight with your body in that condition!"
    Imu: "It's ok if I give you some time. Get away from here."
    Imu: "If you survive...Hebijo will somehow rise again!"
    Yumi: "..."
    Imu: "Come on! See the pride of Evil ninja!"
    Yumi: "...That's enough. I've lost interest."
    Shiki: "Yumichin! Finished?"
    Yumi: "...Yeah.  Let's go home."
    Shiki: "Huh? The enemy chief is still alive? Aren't you going to burn down 
    their school?"
    Yumi: "Hebijo is not worth going that far. I have judged that victory is
    Yumi: "Well, let's meet up with the others."
    Shiki: "Y, yeah."
    Yumi: "The School Festival this time is a total victory. Surely grandpa
    would be pleased."
    Shiki: "That's great. It was worth fighting, right!"
    Minori: "Minori also did her best! I wonder if Black Shadow gramps would also
    be pleased with me?"
    Yozakura: "Yeah. Surely he would pat you on the head."
    Minori: "Really?  Yay!"
    Shiki: "...Hmm, was it really well done?"
    Yumi: "What do you mean?"
    Shiki: "No, nothing especially serious. Just, what the Evil ninja said was 
    Yozakura: "...You mean, they were different from how we thought."
    Murakumo: "...I too...felt that a little."
    Yumi: "...Evil ninja should perish. Nothing more or less than that."
    Yumi: "Hesitation in battle is forbidden. Do not let your mind be captured by
    Shiki: "Y, yeah.  Understood."
    Minori: "So then, let's go home everyone!"
    Yumi: "...Imu's feeling in protecting Miyabi...Can that feeling truely be 
    called evil?"
    Yumi: "Imu's action...didn't look like evil. So I couldn't destroy Miyabi and
    Yumi: "However...Was it really well done?"
    Yumi: "...Grandpa."
    14.01 Unexpected bookworm
    I unexpectedly read books. Comics and novels and magazines too. (Shiki)
    Once, there was a man who called me a close friend.
    He was a shinobi the same as me...
    No, he had more talent.
    In truth, I think he was a friend who had an irresponsible personality...
    People were always gathered around that Hanzo.
    Shinobi should be solitary, I think, but Hanzo was the opposite.
    However, precisely because I held the opposite opinion, somehow we were 
    extremely drawn to each other.
    Yet, only our views on Evil weren't able to be compatible.
    For me, whose relatives were taken by Evil ninja, whoever is evil is a 
    target for destruction.
    I said as such to Hanzo.
    Hanzo: "Your anger and sorrow is understandable. However, what you say to me, 
    the act of destroying Evil is evil in itself."
    Black Shadow: "...Hanzo, are you saying I am evil?"
    Hanzo: "Not that. I would say that Evil is more or less a part of human
    beings. You cannot even begin to deny it."
    Black Shadow: "If so, I will try to make a world without Evil and with only
    After that, we began to walk different paths.
    Ironically, I lived as an ex-shinobi in the shadows, whilst Hanzo was called
    a legendary Good ninja.
    Becoming an ex-ninja, I immediately knew that my dream was only a fantasy.
    No, even though I knew really, for some reason I just looked away.
    As where there is sun you can be sure there is shadow, Good and Evil are two
    sides of the same coin.
    The more I defeat evil the more the amount of hate and sorrow increases, and 
    I myself will become evil.
    What Hanzo said was correct.
    Denying evil results in hate, and the world will sink into darkness.
    I despaired of the path I had chosen.
    I didn't know what I had to do to support my life.
    It was at that time.
    I met Yumi and the others.
    Living together with those children changed my life.
    With the children's noise and laughter everyday, my heart frozen with hate 
    became gentle.
    Now I can proudly answer to Hanzo.
    There is a world with only light.
    And Yumi and the others are light itself for me.
    However, somehow I changed that light from my darling children into hatred.
    Looking back on their upbringing, I passed on the inspiration for this
    meaningless hatred...so I believed.
    But, the results were wrong.
    For me, those gentle children thought to inherit the purpose of the 
    destruction of Evil.
    Why is that.
    Why did it surely get to this.
    For me, to make me happy, if they push forward like they are now, finally 
    they will walk down the same path as me.
    But, however much I regret it, I can't stop those children now.
    All I can rely on is...Hanzo, only you.
    As my replacement, pass it on to those children.
    Fighting for hatred is meaningless.
    And then, those children will be free from me.
    My close friend.
    I'm relying on you.
    Yumi: "The ex-ninja from Hebijo are here."
    Yumi: "There is nothing more dangerous than uncontrolled Evil ninja. ...Unless
    we surely take care of them."
    Homura: "Someone has thought to try and come here...Aren't you the Good ninja
    that meddled with Asuka's group?
    Homura: "What is it? This time you came to do the School Festival with us?"
    Homura: "Our Homura Crimson Squad is not a school, but we'll respond to a team
    competition anytime."
    Yumi: "...The existence of Evil tempts Good. Of course it absolutely can't
    be overlooked."
    Homura: "You mean you won't forgive Evil. You look like me a long time ago."
    Homura: "However, it was Good I wouldn't forgive."
    Yumi: "Please don't say that we're the same."
    Homura: "Well, there's nothing we can understand by discussion. Don't shinobi 
    establish black and white by fighting?"
    Yumi: "Alright. Wherever you want."
    Shiki: "Yes yes! So, first up is me."
    Mirai: "Homura, if so I will be first."
    Homura: "Mirai. I'm counting on you."
    Shiki: "I'm Shiki.  Nice to meet ya. Miraichin is my opponent, right."
    Mirai: "Wh, what is that. That child like a gal?"
    Mirai: "...But, because I've never talked to such a person, it could maybe
    become material for my novel."
    Shiki: "Eh. Miraichin said you're writing a novel?"
    Mirai: "H, hey are you listening to a person's monologue without permission!?"
    Shiki: "But it can't be helped because I've already heard. I mean, I'm just
    interested in a novel written by an Evil ninja."
    Mirai: "That's unexpected. Your face doesn't look like you read."
    Shiki: "Ah, that's so rude. A well-read person may look like this."
    Mirai: "Is that so?"
    Shiki: "I read a book everyday. All genres."
    Shiki: "I advise my friend who draws manga. It's not related but my hobby is
    the Heart Sutra."
    Mirai: "Shi, shi, shi, shi. Shut up!"
    Mirai: "Bah! Let's fight quickly!"
    Shiki: "Well, one promise. If I win, you will let me read your novel!"
    Mirai: "Uuh.  I, I lost."
    Shiki: "So, let me read Miraichin's novel."
    Shiki: "...Hmmm."
    Shiki: " "Shinobi House Rapunzel", right."
    Mirai: "Wh, what about it!? Please tell me your thoughts!"
    Shiki: "Hmmm...Hmmm..."
    Mirai: "Hey! Say something!"
    Shiki: "Miraichin is super noisy. I'm reading earnestly so stay silent."
    Mirai: "Uuuh..."
    Shiki: "..."
    Mirai: "Ah! Is, is it funny?"
    Mirai: "Where, where?  Where is it funny?"
    Shiki: "Miraichin, shhh. I'm still mid-way."
    Mirai: "Awww..."
    Shiki: "Ah well! I've finished reading!"
    Mirai: "...A, after all your impression is good! If I ask I may not write
    Shiki: "It was super interesting. Miraichin, it's really great."
    Mirai: "R, really?"
    Shiki: "Even though the setting bombed quite a bit, the psychological
    description is written carefully."
    Shiki: "So the story development draws you in hard."
    Mirai: "...Th, thank you."
    Shiki: "It's truly my favourite expansion. I've become Miraichin's fan."
    Shiki: "So then, my victory is up to here."
    Mirai: "Huh? My finishing blow?"
    Shiki: "If I do a finishing blow, I won't be able to read Miraichin's novel.
    So, I will go."
    Shiki: "...Haha. I really shouldn't laugh. I praised a novel written by an
    Evil ninja..."
    Shiki: "...It's super unbelievable. ...I don't hate that evil."
    Shiki: "...Why. ...Master Black Shadow."
    14.02 Person to play with
    Minori and pretend shinobi playmate, this finger stops! (Minori)
    Minori: "Ahahahaha! Hikagechan, wait wait wait!"
    Hikage: "I'm not waiting. I'm outta here."
    Minori: "Touch! Caught ya!"
    Minori: "Haa haa...Playing tag is fun!"
    Hikage: "I get it.  Just now you were playing tag."
    Hikage: "I didn't know what you were doing. Since you were chasing me I was
    runnning away."
    Minori: "Minori is great at tag! I was even praised by Black Shadow gramps!"
    Hikage: "I see. Minori has fast legs. It's a big deal for a little girl."
    Minori: "Hey, hey. Will you play with me again?"
    Hikage: "I don't understand well but apart from that it's ok. If you like it's
    Minori: "So, next Hikagechan is the demon. Catch Minori!"
    Minori: "Ahahahaha!"
    Hikage: "Wait, wait, wait."
    Minori: "Hah...! Hikagechan, stop stop!"
    Hikage: "Huh? What is it?"
    Minori: "It just dawned on me, Minori came here to fight!"
    Hikage: "Ah, that's so."
    Hikage: "Then, shall we fight?"
    Minori: "...But."
    Hikage: "What, don't you want to fight?"
    Minori: "Minori wanted to...play more with Hikagechan."
    Hikage: "If so, it's ok to play after fighting."
    Minori: "Really!? You'll play with Minori?"
    Hikage: "If you want to play it's ok to play. Is there some problem?"
    Minori: "No, no! So, let's hurry up and fight!"
    Hikage: "Well then, come on."
    Minori: "Good! The fight is over!"
    Minori: "So, Hikagechan, let's play!"
    Hikage: "..."
    Minori: "...Huh? What's up?"
    Hikage: "...Sorry.  I need a little break."
    Minori: "Awww.  M, Minori...did it too much..."
    Minori: "S, sorry.  Hikagechan!"
    Hikage: "Don't worry about it especially. If you fight, it's natural."
    Minori: "But...but...! Hikagechan, be firm!"
    Hikage: "Somehow, this is a rather strange feeling. Aren't I your enemy?"
    Minori: "...Evil ninjas are my enemies. ...But...Hikagechan is different."
    Minori: "Since, except for Black Shadow gramps, you were the first to play
    with Minori."
    Minori: "...But, Black Shadow gramps hates Evil ninja. ...But, Minori likes
    Minori: "...If I play with Evil ninja, Black Shadow gramps would surely 
    be sad."
    Minori: "...Which is good...for Minori?"
    Hikage: "...I see. ...That is a difficult problem."
    Hikage: "Whichever way...in this condition I can't play with you for a while."
    Hikage: "In the meantime, is it ok for you to think about it seriously?"
    Minori: "Y, yeah.  That's right.  Minori...will think about it seriously."
    14.03 Same town Evil ninja
    Even though the same town, Evil ninja are Evil ninja...Our destiny to fight
    can't be avoided. (Murakumo)
    If you ask Yumi and the others, if you speak to me it's the mask, and if you
    speak to the mask it's me.
    I understand their feeling why they want to say like that.
    Because according to them, from when they first met me, I have always worn my
    My mask and I have been connected for roughly 8 years.
    For shinobi, not knowing your origins is a weapon.
    For that reason, my mask has become an essential for my daily life.
    However, how I came to wear a mask was a very sad tale.
    My family was 3 - my parents and I - but when we were around the dining table
    there was also a neighbour's girl there.
    She was about two years younger, with blond hair that suited her well.
    Her parents were often absent because of work, so she was invited to my house.
    Within our family circle, I can't forget her face when she was happily sipping
    plain miso soup or biting into pickled wild vegetables.
    Like sisters,  that girl and I often played together.
    We played house or marbles, jumped rope, and swam naked in the pond in the
    We played with all our might until the sun set then, holding hands, we walked
    to the slums which smelt of rotten bananas.
    When I heard that my Shinobi parents had been killed in an accident, I was a
    5th grader at Elementary school.
    An acquaintance of my father said they had been hit by a car, but even though
    I was just a child I could tell that was a lie.
    There is no doubt that my parents were killed on a shinobi mission.
    With the shock of losing my parents, I closed my heart, and hid my face 
    beneath a rubbish bag.
    Then that childhood friend...
    Girl: "Hey, look."
    She covered her head just like me, with a patchwork of bean sprout bags.
    Even though everyone laughed at us she didn't mind at all.
    That girl was a really important friend to me.
    So, when I was taken away by Master Black Shadow, it was painful to say
    However, to proceed along the path of a shinobi, I thought I needed to be
    prepared to disgard all human relationships until now.
    After that, now...
    I am upset by the hard to believe sight in front of me.
    That girl is standing before my eyes as an Evil ninja for me to defeat.
    Her name is Yomi...
    Why has this happened to her?
    If I am reunited with Yomi, I thought we would reminisce about old stories, 
    and I wanted to apologise for not saying goodbye.
    However, if my opponent is an Evil ninja, even though it's Yomi I must
    It's unpleasant but I must fight.
    Shaking off the good memories but...
    ...Can  I do it?
    No, I have no choice but to do it.
    Murakumo: "...Yomi."
    Yomi: "Murakumo..."
    Murakumo: "Why did you choose the path of the Evil ninja. Even though I must
    cut down Evil ninja..."
    Yomi: "I don't regret choosing this path. Even if I am supposed to fight with
    Murakumo: "You became strong...Yomi. So, I don't need to accompany you to
    the toilet anymore."
    Yomi: "Th, that's damn right! I go to the bathroom by myself."
    Yomi: "...At nightime is a little scary though..."
    Murakumo: "Certainly...someone still accompanies you?"
    Yomi: "Th, th, that doesn't happen!"
    Murakumo: "I see."
    Yomi: "You say "I see", but do you really understand?"
    Murakumo: "Well, did you cure that habit? That habit of sucking your thumb 
    and talking in your sleep?"
    Yomi: "I, I absolutely don't do that! I sleep normally, except when my stomach
    is empty!"
    Yomi: "As for you, what is that mask?"
    Murakumo: "It's not your business."
    Yomi: "It is my business.  Because you are my friend."
    Murakumo: "Before being friends we are shinobi."
    Murakumo: "So then, I am a Good ninja, you are an Evil ninja. Fighting is our
    inevitable destiny."
    Yomi: "...I understand. If you say that, I will be your opponent."
    Murakumo: "Let's go! Farewell to our friendship!"
    Murakumo: "...I won."
    Yomi: "...Yeah.  I lost."
    Murakumo: "...How did it become like this. We were supposed to be friends 
    raised in the same town."
    Yomi: "It can't be helped. Because each person has their own path."
    Yomi: "...But, I still think of you as my friend, even now."
    Yomi: "Even with a life or death struggle...even going down a separate path...
    even good or evil, a friend is a friend."
    Murakumo: "...!"
    Murakumo: "...I see. That's it."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Murakumo: "I think so too. I really think so. A friend is a friend. It 
    doesn't matter if good or evil."
    Yomi: "...Murakumo."
    Murakumo: "Yomi, thank you. You taught me something important."
    14.04 Free life
    I will regain my family! There's no time to stop! (Yozakura)
    Haruka: "That kimono is so nice. The luster, the overflowing colour and 
    Haruka: "Somehow just looking at it gives me a thrill."
    Yozakura: "Don't look at people with those eyes!"
    Yozakura: "Most of all, you! Do you fight well dressed like that!?"
    Haruka: "This style is really handy and easy to move? Is this alright?"
    Yozakura: "So you shouldn't have any problem with how I'm dressed?"
    Haruka: "Because...you're not wearing anything else? A kimono is surely that
    sort of thing?"
    Yozakura: "...Wh, what is this sexual harrassment? I have no intention of 
    answering such a question!"
    Haruka: "You're serious...Somehow awkward."
    Yozakura: "That is too insincere!"
    Haruka: "Oh, maybe we'll get along."
    Yozakura: "How is that!?"
    Haruka: "People with opposite personalities attract. Like a magnet."
    Haruka: "...So, a question. Are you wearing anything beneath that kimono?"
    Yozakura: "S, so rude! I said I wouldn't answer!"
    Haruka: "Hmmm.  It can't be helped."
    Haruka: "If so, maybe if I rip up that kimono I can ascertain the answer."
    Yozakura: "How funny! Do it if you can!"
    Haruka: "Awww.  You got me."
    Haruka: "In the end I won't know the secret of what's under your kimono." 
    Yozakura: "Haa. How about if you fight more seriously? You won't survive in 
    the world of shinobi like that."
    Haruka: "Aha.  Are you worried about me?"
    Yozakura: "Huh?"
    Haruka: "Fufufu.  You're so kind."
    Yozakura: "I, I'm a Good ninja! I have chosen kindness!"
    Haruka: "That means you are also kind to Evil ninja?"
    Yozakura: "!? Th, that is..."
    Haruka: "See, you soon think seriously about that."
    Haruka: "It's fine to be serious, but sometimes the answer is not found in
    that alone."
    Yozakura: "...B, but...which is best?"
    Haruka: "Why do you not become more free?"
    Yozakura: "Free?"
    Haruka: "I don't say this just because I'm an ex-ninja... I think there are
    some things which can be found by living freely."
    Yozakura: "...I see."
    Yozakura: "...However, I have an earnest desire to destroy Evil. Until I have
    achieved that, living freely is..."
    Haruka: "...Destroying Evil, eh. If so, why haven't you finished me off?"
    Yozakura: "...Th, that is..."
    Yozakura: "...Because you are somehow a person I can't hate..."
    Haruka: "...Thank you. I'm happy to hear you say that."
    Yozakura: "...I wonder if I also can become free?"
    Yozakura: "Becoming free is a good thing...Master Black Shadow."
    14.05 The light inside Evil
    Good and Evil are completely incompatible! See me prove it! (Yumi)
    Yumi: "Your Evil undermines Good. For this reason I can't overlook your
    Homura: "...Undermines Good? Do you want to say I have changed Asuka?"
    Yumi: "That's right."
    Homura: "I see. Certainly my existence might have changed Asuka."
    Homura: "However, also vice versa."
    Yumi: "Huh?"
    Homura: "Because of Asuka I have also changed."
    Homura: "To put it like you did, Asuka's Good has undermined Evil."
    Yumi: "Eh?"
    Homura: "Asuka and I came to know each other through fighting. And then, now
    we have affected each other."
    Homura: "Well, to put it simply...Asuka is for me..."
    Homura: "My best friend."
    Yumi: "Best friend? ...What a fool. Good and Evil through each other..."
    Yumi: "...Grandpa.  How should I take this fact?"
    Homura: "Your thinking is jumbled in your head."
    Homura: "If you and Asuka fight right to the limit you will also understand."
    Homura: "But. If you want to fight Asuka, you first need to defeat me."
    Yumi: "I understand."
    Yumi: "If you say that...I will defeat you! And then, I will fight Asuka one
    more time!"
    Yumi: "Haa...haa..."
    Homura: "Not...bad."
    Yumi: "However, you have kept back your full power. It has still not been 
    settled completely."
    Homura: "How about it? Do you want to go on to the bitter end?"
    Yumi: "No. We will leave it here."
    Yumi: "I think I want to fight with Asuka right to the limit."
    Homura: "Eh? Wait a minute!"
    Homura: "I said if you should win you can fight with Asuka!"
    Yumi: "It's a strange thing to say if you think about it. Why do I need your
    permission to fight Asuka?"
    Homura: "...Huh? That is...is..."
    Yumi: "Asuka is not your possession."
    Homura: "C, certainly not.  I know that.  But...it..."
    Yumi: "Do you want to hog Asuka to yourself?"
    Yumi: "Fufu. ...Far from being best friends...you're totally like lovers."
    Homura: "F, f, foolish talk! W, why are we lovers!"
    Homura: "So be it! It's fine for you to fight Asuka!"
    Homura: "I don't know anymore!"
    Yumi: "Fufu. So you'll let me do as I please."
    Minori: "Hey! Yumichan!"
    Murakumo: "...It's finished."
    Yumi: "Everyone, were you successful?"
    Shiki: "Y, yeah."
    Yumi: "What is it. Your face is unhappy."
    Shiki: "...I became a fan of an Evil ninja's novel."
    Shiki: "So I couldn't do the finishing blow...Because of that, Master Black
    Shadow would be angry, right."
    Yozakura: "...Me neither."
    Yozakura: "Haruka's free heart...Honestly, it attracted me."
    Minori: "I played a lot with Hikagechan..."
    Murakumo: "To approve of Evil...we have rebelled against Master Black Shadow's
    Minori: "Doing that...maybe Black Shadow gramps is sad."
    Yumi: "...I have one thing I want to say to you all."
    Yumi: "Granpa said to exterminate Evil."
    Yumi: "But, I realised something when I fought with Hebijo or Homura's Crimson
    Yumi: "...Inside Evil also I saw light."
    Shiki: "That's spot on. I thought so too."
    Minori: "Minori too."
    Yozakura: "Me too."
    Murakumo: "I am the same."
    Yumi: "...Good ninja and Evil ninja are both shinobi."
    Yumi: "...But if we think so...we will betray granpa."
    Yumi: "...I want to know as well. The meaning of light and darkness...Good and
    Wanpai: "That is good!"
    Yumi: "That voice is Wanpai-sensei!?"
    Wanpai: "If you are also shinobi, think in your own head, move with your own
    Yumi: "Yes."
    Wanpai: "And then, to find the answer Hanzo Academy is perfect!"
    Yumi: "...Homura also thought so."
    Yumi: "Surely if Asuka had an influence over an Evil ninja's heart, maybe she
    will know the answer I want."
    Wanpai: "If you struggle on to find the result with your own strength, Black
    Shadow won't complain."
    Yumi: "I understand."
    Yumi: "Everyone, there's one more place left to fight the School Festival! 
    So, let's head to Hanzo Academy!"
    15.01 A real adult	
    A real adult...I wonder if Minori can also become one? (Minori)
    Yumi: "Hanzo Academy...I came here again."
    Asuka: "I've been waiting, Yumi."
    Yumi: "Asuka. Finally it is time for the School Festival showdown."
    Yumi: "It was originally your grandfather...To fight with Hanzo we devised
    this School Festival."
    Yumi: "But, now it's changed. My one reason is to fight with you."
    Yumi: "As a pupil of Black Shadow, as the grandchild of grandpa, I want to 
    contest with you!"
    Yumi: "Which shinobi is stronger? Let's make it clear in black and white!"
    Asuka: "Wherever you want, Yumi!"
    Minori: "Well, first up Minori will do it!"
    Hibari: "Minorichan's opponent is Hibari, right."
    Minori: "Hey, hey, Hibarichan. Minori thought a lot."
    Minori: "What is a real adult."
    Hibari: "Yeah. That was our homework."
    Hibari: "So then, did you come up with an answer?"
    Minori: "...Y, yeah. ...But, what to do. Im a little unconfident."
    Minori: "But, I think if I fight with Hibari I will understand. What it is to
    become an adult."
    Hibari: "I got it. So, Hibari will fight with Minori with all her power."
    Minori: "...Hibarichan, let's go!"
    Minori: "...Haa. Haa.  I won.  Minori, won."
    Hibari: "Yeah.  Minorichan was really strong."
    Hibari: "So do you understand the idea?"
    Minori: "Yeah."
    Minori: "What is a real adult... I think are people who can say their ideas
    Minori: "So, Minori is...Minori is..."
    Minori: "...Black Shadow gramps I'm sorry! Waahh!"
    Minori: "Minori thinks shinobi are neither good nor evil!"
    Minori: "Because, because...those Minori fought with, all of them were shinobi
    with all their might."
    Minori: "There's no difference! There's no connection with good or evil!"
    Minori: "Waaah!  Black Shadow gramps, I'm sorry!"
    Minori: "Waaah!"
    Hibari: "...Minorichan. I think you shouldn't apologise."
    Hibari: "Surely Black Shadow grandpa would be happy Minori has grown up."
    Minori: "W, w, w, waaah!  Thank you, Hibarichan!"
    15.02 What is really wanted
    What I really want...It is... (Shiki)
    Shiki: "Hiya, Yagyuchin! I came again!"
    Yagyu: "I was also waiting for you. I suppose we'll settle what happened the
    other day."
    Shiki: "That's right.  But, I wonder if I'll win?"
    Shiki: "As I thought, isn't that demon eye odd? Super dangerous."
    Shiki: "For power, one eye is sealed behind an eyepatch. Yagyuchin, you're 
    too fired up."
    Yagyu: "...That's a misunderstanding. This eye does not have sealed the power
    that you want."
    Shiki: "I'm wrong?"
    Yagyu: "Whether it is a good meaning or a bad meaning, human memory fades 
    with time."
    Yagyu: " Nevertheless, I didn't want to ever forget. ...My dead younger
    Shiki: "Huh?"
    Yagyu: "At first I made this eyepatch as a keepsake of my sister."
    Yagyu: "I thought if I use an eyepatch my view is halved, so each time I feel
    hard to look at things I will remember my sister."
    Shiki: "...So that's why you use an eyepatch."
    Yagyu: "If noticed to my eye..."
    Shiki: "The thought of Yagyu's sister will turn into power, right."
    Yagyu: "...No. I think my sister is giving me this power."
    Yagyu: "Because my sister is aiding me to become a shinobi..."
    Shiki: "...U-huh. I understand well, Yagyuchin. I was an idiot for saying I 
    wanted everything and anything."
    Shiki: "I won't say I want that eyepatch anymore."
    Shiki: "But, I...want to have something else instead."
    Yagyu: "Something else?"
    Shiki: "Total victory over Yagyuchin."
    Yagyu: "What?"
    Shiki: "I was super moved by your story. As a person and as a shinobi,
    Yagyuchin, I really respect you."
    Shiki: "But, that is why I can't lose. Even if no match as a person, I will
    try to win as a shinobi."
    Shiki: "Plus, because Master Black Shadow would be angry."
    Yagyu: "Alright. You fight for Black Shadow. I fight for my younger sister."
    Shiki: "Yeah! Let's go!"
    Shiki: "Haa...Haa...Yagyuchin, you're way too strong..."
    Yagyu: "No, You were the winner. It's a shame, but the truth."
    Shiki: "Yeah but it was super dangerous. I can't believe I won."
    Yagyu: "Surely Black Shadow would be pleased."
    Shiki: "...Maybe so. ...I wonder if Master Black Shadow is watching over me."
    Yagyu: "Why do you think so?"
    Shiki: "Fighting with shinobi in the School Festival, I understood well.
    Shinobi and shinobi. It's not related to Good ninja or Evil ninja."
    Shiki: "But, that means there is also to be evil...It's different from Master
    Black Shadow's opinion."
    Yagyu: "Even if your opinion is different, you can acknowledge your enemy."
    Yagyu: "The conclusion you have arrived at, Black Shadow would not disprove of
    it. That's what I think."
    Shiki: "...Yeah.  That's right."
    Yagyu: "You are a fine shinobi. Black Shadow would also be proud of you."
    Shiki: "...Thank you, Yagyuchin."
    Shiki: "I will try to convey my thoughts to Master Black Shadow."
    15.03 Understood feeling
    A free...way of life...freedom for me... (Yozakura)
    Katsuragi: "You came, Yozakura! I'm ready for ya!"
    Katsuragi: "Look! Both hands are in top form!"
    Katsuragi: "Grope grope grope!"
    Yozakura: "..."
    Katsuragi: "Uuh. That reaction. As tricky as usual."
    Yozakura: "You are...free, aren't you."
    Katsuragi: "Huh?"
    Katsuragi: "I'm free?"
    Katsuragi: "Well, certainly because I indulge in sexual harrassment it's no
    wonder it seems so."
    Katsuragi: "But, Yozakura. Things are not so simple."
    Yozakura: "Eh?"
    Katsuragi: "The purpose of my sexual harrassment is not just to do groping."
    Katsuragi: "So I can get along with various guys, even slightly, it's my way
    of communicating."
    Yozakura: "That's an unspeakable thing."
    Yozakura: "...But, there are many different ways of looking at things, I think
    that's right."
    Katsuragi: "That's it! Well, let's do it!"
    Yozakura: "Yeah."
    Katsuragi: "Sexual harrassment for life!"
    Yozakura: "W, wrong! Battle for life!"
    Katsuragi: "Ah, sorry, sorry! I made a mistake."
    Yozakura: "...So once again, come on now!"
    Yozakura: "Haa.  Haa.  I won."
    Katsuragi: "Ah, I lost. I lost. I was completely defeated."
    Yozakura: "But, it's a wonder. I want to fight with you more."
    Katsuragi: "Hee hee. It's ironic.  Me too."
    Yozakura: "Since the School Festival began, I tasted this feeling a lot."
    Yozakura: "The more I fought, the more I understood this feeling...Fighting
    doesn't only give birth to hatred, does it?"
    Katsuragi: "That's right. After being beaten, friendship sprouts from the dry
    Yozakura: "...I don't even know if it's good. Just, my feeling now, I don't
    dislike it."
    Yozakura: "If you make friends with your enemy, I think it's not such a 
    wonderful thing."
    Katsuragi: "Yeah.  That's right. I think so too."
    Yozakura: "...What would it seem like to Master Black Shadow?" ...Just, this
    is the conclusion I have drawn."
    15.04 For a friend
    I don't understand it... Good ninja wield a blade for Evil ninja... (Murakumo)
    Murakumo: "Ikaruga. Before we fight I want to ask one thing."
    Ikaruga: "Murakumo.  What is it?"
    Murakumo: "...Is your friend from the slums the ex-ninja Yomi?"
    Ikaruga: "Yes.  That's right."
    Murakumo: "I see. That is a coincidence. Yomi was also my childhood friend."
    Ikaruga: "If so, the matter of the slum redevelopment plan..."
    Murakumo: "That and this issue are different."
    Murakumo: "Yomi is an Evil ninja. As a Good ninja I can't use my power to
    Ikaruga: "What!"
    Murakumo: "As I said before, if you demand something, first you must beat me."
    Ikaruga:" That's right.  I understand. I must try to win for Yomi."
    Murakumo: "Uh-huh. Do you wield a blade for friends only?"
    Ikaruga: "Murakumo, let's go!"
    Murakumo: "Come!  Ikaruga!"
    Murakumo: "M, my...win."
    Ikaruga: "Kuh...Again...again..."
    Ikaruga: "I cannot afford to lose. To protect Yomi's hometown I cannot lose..."
    Murakumo: "...Ikaruga, that's enough."
    Murakumo: "I will order my father to stop the redevelopment of the slums."
    Ikaruga: "R,really?"
    Murakumo: "...That place is my real hometown."
    Murakumo: "If I do not listen to what you say, you're likely to continue
    standing until your death."
    Murakumo: "I do not want to kill you."
    Ikaruga: "Murakumo..."
    Murakumo: "I want to fight more. I want to fight with you or Yomi more."
    Ikaruga: "...Yes.  That's right. I also feel the same."
    Ikaruga: "It's not only fighting, I occasionally want to have a meal or talk
    at ease together."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "Is that no good?"
    Murakumo: "No. By all means, please."
    Ikaruga: "...Murakumo."
    Murakumo: "Next time let's the three of us meet, with no relationship between
    Good or Evil, just as friends who are all the same shinobi."
    15.05 Good and Evil intersect
    Good and Evil...Light and Shadow...The truth is at the end of the fight (Yumi)
    Asuka: "Yumi, finally it's my turn."
    Yumi: "Yes."
    Yumi: "Asuka, today I'm just a little bit different. Are you prepared?"
    Asuka: "Yumi, I prepared over there."
    Asuka: "Because Homura is my training opponent, I'm quite powered-up."
    Yumi: "Homura is your training opponent?"
    Asuka: "Ah, you're angry again? Good ninja and Evil ninja keeping company..."
    Yumi: "No. Through fighting the School Festival I have understood. That there
    are also many kinds of people with evil."
    Asuka: "That's right. It's interesting to be together with Homura and the 
    Yumi: "Fufu. Homura seems to love you."
    Asuka: "Huh!?  Really?"
    Asuka: "But, Homura is always nagging me when we meet. Are you training!?
    Are you being lazy!? And so on."
    Asuka: "Well, that nagging feeling has just become something of a habit,
    right.  Hee hee."
    Yumi: "...An Evil ninja and Good ninja as such close friends, just a little
    while ago I really couldn't believe it."
    Asuka: "But now?"
    Yumi: "That's right. I've reconsidered just a little."
    Asuka: "Just a little?"
    Yumi: "To change my mind completely, Asuka, I will fight with you right to 
    the very limit!"
    Asuka: "...Yeah, I got it! A contest, Yumi!"
    Yumi: "Neither Good nor Evil. Just as a shinobi I will strike with my all."
    Yumi: "Please watch, grandpa!"
    Yumi: "Haa...Haa...I won...didn't I."
    Asuka: "Not yet...Not yet!"
    Yumi: "Why? Why are you still standing?"
    Asuka: "Yumi, I haven't gone right to the limit yet. I haven't hit you with 
    everything yet."
    Yumi: "I don't understand. Whatever I do you are standing. Where is the 
    secret of your strength?"
    Asuka: "My strength is not a secret."
    Asuka: "All of my fighting opponents are stronger than me...so it's just that
    I'm desperate to avoid falling behind."
    Asuka: "Because, if the difference becomes too large, I won't be able to
    fight with everyone."
    Asuka: "For me that's horrible."
    Yumi: "...Asuka."
    Asuka: "Because I want to be friends with everyone. Because I want to be 
    rivals. So I don't want to lose...I think I want to become strong."
    Asuka: "And, just like Yumi fights for Black Shadow, if I'm defeated easily I 
    can't show my face to gramps."
    Yumi: "...I understand well. If so, let's do it to the end."
    Yumi: "Maybe we will die but to the limit!"
    Asuka: "Yeah!"
    Yumi: "And then, when the fight is over, if I'm still alive..."
    Yumi: "At that time, Asuka, please become my friend."
    Asuka: "Of course! You will become one of my best friends!"
    Yumi: "Thank you, Asuka! Well, I summon all of the last of my strength!"
    Yumi: "Haa...Haa..."
    Asuka: "As expected...Yumi. I can't stand anymore."
    Asuka: "I lost."
    Yumi: "No. I'm the same, my body can't move."
    Asuka: "If that's so, it's better not to move for a while."
    Yumi: "I don't do that."
    Asuka: "No good. That's impossible. What do you want to do?"
    Yumi: "...A handshake.  Asuka."
    Asuka: "...Yumi."
    Yumi: "It was a good contest. As promised, will you be my friend?"
    Asuka: "Of course. Nice to meet you, Yumi."
    Yumi: "...Grandpa, I'm sorry. I couldn't achieve grandpa's dearest wish."
    Yumi: "...Nevertheless, I am me. Grandpa's grandchild and Black Shadow's
    Yumi: "Embracing the love from grandpa in my heart, and proceeding straight
    down the path of the shinobi."
    Yumi: "Even if life is replaced with just this, I will keep on protecting it
    by all means."
    Yumi: "...Will you forgive me?"
    Yumi: "...Heavenly grandpa."
    15.06 Shijuku Gessen Girl's School Ending
    There is nothing to forgive or not to forgive.
    Rather, it is me who should bow my head.
    Once I hated darkness.
    The embers of that hatred stained Yumi and the others black.
    I was truely foolish.
    However, Yumi and the others cleared out that darkness and grasped light with
    their own hands.
    Those children surpassed me.
    They achieved what I couldn't.
    Will there be happiness about that?
    Those children were standing in first position.
    Now I can finally go to Heaven.
    Nursed by those children, after I passed away from this world my soul 
    wandered aimlessly for a long time.
    Because I was so worried about those children, I couldn't go on to Heaven.
    But, I think there is nothing more remaining.
    It seems about time.
    I proceed along a road of light stretching down from the sky.
    Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki, Minori, and Yumi.
    This is truely farewell.
    Black Shadow: "Congratulations from my heart. And, goodbye."
    Shiki: "Hey! Yumichin!"
    Yozakura: "Yumi!"
    Minori: "Yumichan!"
    Murakumo: "...Yumi."
    Yumi: "Everyone, thank you for your hard work. This is the end of the School
    Minori: "Of course, we won't burn down Hanzo Academy, will we?"
    Yumi: "Naturally. Because from now on we will have a friendly rivalry with our
    comrades at Hanzo Academy."
    Shiki: "Yeah, that's right."
    Yumi: "Here a break from fighting has arrived. Everyone, let's go and visit 
    the grave."
    Yozakura: "Right. Let's have a look at our grown figures."
    Shiki: "Yep yep. Especially I have grown sooo much!"
    Minori: "Minori too Minori too! I will be praised for becoming an adult!"
    Shiki: "Minorichin is still a kid. 'Cos you don't drink black coffee."
    Minori: "Even though I don't drink I'm still an adult! Black Shadow gramps 
    will praise Minori!"
    Murakumo: "Naive. Master Black Shadow will be most pleased with my growth."
    Shiki: "Huh? Unbelievable!"
    Shiki: "Rather, I think he will be angry because you are still wearing that
    Murakumo: "W, what is that!? Master Black Shadow said my mask was cool!"
    Minori: "Haaah...You two are fighting like children. As I thought, only Minori
    is an adult!"
    Shiki: "Wait, Minorichin, what is that!? Just unbelievable!"
    Murakumo: "Gununununu!"
    Yozakura: "Everyone, don't be irresponsible! It is settled that Master Black
    Shadow will be pleased with all of us!"
    Shiki: "...That's right."
    Minori: "Yeah!"
    Murakumo: "Reflection..."
    Yumi: "Fufufu.  Well, let's go. To grandpa."
    Shiki and Minori polished grandpa's grave with a scrubbing brush, sweat 
    beading their foreheads.
    As the dirt from the wind and rain fell off, the beautiful light of the 
    setting sun reflected off the gravestone.
    Shiki: "How about it? Yumichin?"
    Minori: "Has Black Shadow gramps become clean?"
    Yumi: "Yes, it's become really clean."
    Enough, I said with a quiet smile, as Shiki and Minori laughed proudly.
    Finishing picking the weeds from the surrounding area, Murakumo and 
    Yozakura also had the same smiling faces.
    We began to laugh like this because we had fought to the end of the School
    Yumi: "Grandpa, I was able to come and pray at last."
    Good luck strawberries were prepared in front of the grave, and I quietly put 
    both hands together.
    Come to think of it, before we visited, we already offered good luck 
    Is someone else other than us visiting?
    I slowly closed my eyes, and everyone closed their eyes and put their hands
    together the same way.
    We had visited here many times, but this time was a little different.
    Because through the many fights of the School Festival, we had come to report
    the growth budding inside us.
    Yumi: "Grandpa, we were able to grow through our battles. Does this growth
    delight you?"
    Before fighting with Asuka and the others, we couldn't help but be anxious
    that we were going against grandpa's will.
    But, now I don't think so.
    If grandpa sees our faces now, surely he will be pleased.
    Because grandpa loved our smiling faces.
    Wanpai: "Hmm...I was finally able to keep my promise."
    Unexpectedly hearing Wanpai-sensei's voice, everyone looked round
    However, standing there was not Wanpai-sensei...
    Yumi: "H, Hanzo?  Why are you here?"
    Standing behind us, holding a tub of sushi in both hands, was Hanzo.
    Yumi: "Where is Wanpai-sensei?"
    Hanzo: "If where is the question, here is the answer. Because, I am Wanpai."
    At Hanzo's shocking admission, we became dumbstruck.
    Hanzo: "Black Shadow begged me with his face down to the floor. If, when 
    something happened to himself, I would take care of you lot. So in disguise
    I acted as a teacher at Gessen."
    Yumi: "Grandpa asked you about ourselves?"
    Hanzo gave a little nod, and stared at grandpa's grave.
    Hanzo: "If it's for you lot, he bowed his head to I who had parted company
    from him. For him, you were more important than shinobi pride."
    My heart overflowed with thoughts of grandpa, and I couldn't bear the tears.
    Grandpa, we are happy.
    We are so happy you cared about us until the very end.
    Yozakura: "But, why did you provoke us with the good luck strawberries and the
    sexual harrassment?"
    Hanzo: "It was all a parental feeling to let you grow by following the School
    Hanzo answered Yozakura's question with a big laugh.
    Yumi: "But in the School Festival I had a hard time with Asuka. If I had 
    made one wrong step I might've been killed..."
    Hanzo: "It's pointless to worry about that. Because Asuka and the others have
    a soft way of discipline."
    Evidently we had been wrapped in the palm of Hanzo's hand.
    However, if that had been grandpa's intention we didn't take offence.
    That was the reality of Wanpai-sensei's training at Gessen.
    Until now, we had also become stronger in Hanzo's shadow.
    Yumi: "Wanpai-sensei. Thank you for everything until now."
    I deeply bowed my head, and Hanzo gave a little nod.
    Shiki: "...But, why the name Wanpai?"
    Shiki asked, inclining her head.
    Hmmm, Hanzo gave a big nod.
    I noticed a nice place, and his face said a lot.
    Hanzo: "Wanpai can also be read as "Ouhai". Ouhai, Ouhai...Oppai[breasts]!
    That's why! Gah hahahaha!"
    Hanzo let out a hearty laugh.
    With our faces struck dumb we couldn't say a word.
    Hanzo: "Well, Black Shadow. Won't you eat my sushi."
    Hanzo placed the tubs of sushi on the grave, and inside was stuffed with
    Seeing that, Shiki and Minori faces seemed to be drooling.
    Hanzo: "I also brought this for you lot. It's good to eat with all your
    As Hanzo said this, everyone reached for the sushi.
    I also placed in my mouth a large, fatty tuna roll.
    The deliciousness spread melting around my mouth, and without joking it
    almost fell out of my cheeks.
    With enraptured faces, everyone was stuffing their cheeks with sushi.
    Hanzo: "Well, congratulations! I pray for your prospects of a new way as 
    As Hanzo yelled into the sky, a wind that felt like the beginning of Spring
    Mixed with the sound of the gentle wind, I felt like I could hear grandpa's
    laughing voice.
    Looking up at the sky dyed red by the setting sun, my heart murmured.
    Yumi: "Grandpa, thank you from my heart. And, I will never forget you."
    16.01 Yumi's story
    	1-01 Justice is?
    	Justice is what...? I'm sure I can find out with good ninja!
    	1-02 Sex appeal = Justice?
    	There should be one form of justice...Where is the justice that I
    	1-03 Delicious = Justice?
    	Money and sex appeal is not justice! I haven't found true justice!
    	1-04 Breasts = Justice?
    	The nature of justice seems to come and go with the times...
    	1-05 Cuteness = Justice!
    	I...I have come to understand this thing called justice...
    Shiki: "Hey, Yumichin, in the end, justice, what is is?"
    Yumi: "Huh?"
    I was confused by Shiki's sudden question.
    When asked again I'll have a little trouble.
    There is a clear definition in me, but to make Shiki understand I'll have to
    devise a way of explaining.
    To simplify it so it's easy to understand...
    How to talk about justice?
    Yumi: "Justice...Justice...What is justice, right."
    Shiki: "You see, apparently winning is justice, so only that number of people
    have justice! I often hear it, but it doesn't make sense!"
    Yumi: "...Eh?"
    Shiki would not be satsified with a half-baked answer...
    When I fumble for the right words, Shiki sighs and turns to go.
    Shiki: "Aah. Yumichin also doesn't know."
    Yumi: "Please wait a minute! If you give me a little time I can answer!"
    I yell this after Shiki's parting back.
    As Shiki said, justice has a variety of forms.
    If that's so, I'm not sure if Shiki will be able to understand my answer.
    Yumi: "...It's neccessary for me to experience more various kinds of justice."
    Fortunately, there are many around me whose fighting is based on various types
    of justice.
    Yumi: "Let's learn about justice at once!"
    Yumi: "Cuteness...cuteness is justice..."
    This unprecedented sense of value hit me in the head.
    Yes indeed!
    Only cuteness is justice!
    It's simple to say if you think about it.
    If you're cute everything is permitted.
    If you're cute you can heal people.
    If you're cute...You can bring peace to the world!
    It's a wonderful thing.
    Exactly, only cuteness is justice.
    I have finally struggled to arrive at the truth.
    Yumi: "I cannot wait! I also will carry out justice!"
    Wearing a frilly dress, I spun round in front of the mirror.
    Yumi: "...So cute..."
    As it was an unexpectedly perfect match, I got in a good mood.
    This was also the work of justice.
    Yumi: "Not just appearance, but also a cute way of speaking...that's good, 
    Yeah yeah!
    I've found how to make myself rapidly cuter, puri!
    Shiki: "Y, Yumichin? Why that appearance..."
    I became aware of Shiki standing by my side.
    Yumi: "Ah! Shiki-chan, justice is being cute, puri!"
    Shiki: "P, puri?"
    Yumi: "That's right! Am I cute, puri?"
    It seemed Shiki involuntarily hardened up as I obtained cuteness, puri. 
    This is the justice I obtained, puri!
    I'm not afraid of anything anymore, puripuri!
    Yumi: "Yes. With Shiki too! Cuteness is justice, puri!"
    Shiki: "...E, everyone! Come here! Yumichin has become strange!"
    16.02 Murakumo's story
    	2-01 Return my mask!
    	Armed with my mask hides my weak heart...Without it I will become
    	2-02 This girl's shyness
    	Aah...My mask...! If I don't recover it quickly I'll die!	
    	2-03 Enough with my real face
    	If everyone can see my real face...Aah...! It's embarrassing!
    	2-04 Even without a mask
    	There's no need to flatter me by saying I'm cute! Please hurry up 
    	and return my mask!	
    	2-05 Self-confidence under the demon mask
    	My mask...My mask...My mask...My mask...
    Shiki: "Eat this, Muracchi! Secret Ninja Technique...Shiki Soku ZEX!"
    Murakumo: "Gah!"
    I narrowly avoided Shiki's attack. 
    I jumped back and when I looked around, the figure of Shiki is gone.
    Murakumo: "Where is she?"
    Shiki: "I'm right here!"
    Shiki was behind me. The secret ninja technique was a diversion, and this 
    was her true aim.
    It was good that this was practice, for if it had been a real battle I would
    certainly have lost my head.
    Murakumo: "I raise my arms, Shiki."
    Trying to look back, my eyes suddenly became bright.
    Shiki: "Thank you for this!"
    My demon mask was taken off me by Shiki.
    Murakumo: "Wh, what are you doing?"
    Shiki: "It's fine, Muracchi. Without your mask you're really cool."
    Murakumo: "L, listen up, give it back, give it back!"
    I covered my face with both hands as I drew closer to Shiki.
    Without my mask I couldn't bear the embarrassment.
    Shiki casually dodged me, and started calling someone on her cellphone.
    Shiki: "Ah, Yozakurachin. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm going over there with good
    stuff now."
    So saying, Shiki ran off.
    Murakumo: "Ah, wait!"
    In desperation I chased after Shiki.
    If I didn't get my mask back quickly, I would die of embarrassment.
    As she fell my mask dropped out of Shiki's hand.
    Murakumo: "Good. I am resurrected here."
    I quickly put on my mask.
    Finally, with a sense of relief, I could hide my face.
    Shiki: "Waaah.  Murachhi...You're so cute wihout your mask."
    Murakumo: "Huh?"
    What an idiot.
    I am not cute.
    A not-cute person who also has self-confidence is not funny.
    Murakumo: "...Stop flattering me. The word cute has no relevance to me."
    Shiki: "That's not true.  Muracchi is cute, cute, really cute."
    Murakumo: "I said I'm not cute, I'm not cute!"
    Shiki: "Cute, cute, cute, cute!"
    Murakumo: "Not cute, not cute, not cute!"
    Shiki: "Cute, cute, cute, cute!"
    Murakumo: "Not cute, not cute, not cute!"
    Just then our futile quarrel was interrupted as we let out a loud sigh 
    And then, our eyes met and we gave out a loud laugh.
    Shiki: "Hey, Muracchi is mean!"
    Murakumo: "You are too stubborn."
    It was so funny our laughter didn't subside for a while.
    There's no girl who isn't pleased when told that she is cute.
    It is true even for shinobi.
    To that extent if Shiki says that, maybe I can have a little more self-
    Murakumo: "...Shiki."
    Shiki: "Eh?"
    Murakumo: "...Thank you for giving me more confidence. Honestly, I was happy."
    As I said that, with my own hands I removed my mask a little.
    And then, although I was considerably embarrassed, I made my best effort to
    give a smile to Shiki.
    16.03 Yozakura's story
    	3-01 My fists are not broken
    	My weapons are both of my fists.These fists can destroy any opponent!
    	3-02 Iron fists vs Sniping rifle
    	There is sure to be a crack in missile weapons! My fists will try to
    	strike it!
    	3-03 Iron fists vs Drawn sword
    	The drawn sword technique...Once, I wanted to compete with your sword!
    	3-04 Iron fists vs Demon sword
    	My fists and Miyabi's demon sword...Fight to find out which is 
    	3-05 Iron fists vs Six claws
    	Just because there are many weapons it doesn't mean they're strong!
    	Those six claws, my fists will smash them!
    Yumi: "Yozakura, such movement shears my sword in half."
    Yumi said this as she was covered by her ice swords.
    Yozakura: "Gah...!"
    I jumped back and broke my posture.
    Yumi's ice sword barely missed me and dug into the ground where I had been
    Yumi spoke as I fell over onto my backside.
    Yumi: "If this was a battle any number of lives wouldn't be enough. You need
    more practice."
    Yozakura: "Th, that's not fair!"
    Yumi: "Not fair?"
    Yozakura: "My basic weapon is for close range fighting. If I fight an opponent
    who has missiles, I think I can't help but struggle."
    As I made this excuse, Yumi pooh-poohed it.
    Yumi: "Our battles are not for sport. Saying something is unfair does not lead
    to changing life."
    I couldn't give a rebuttal to her words.
    Yumi: "If your own weapons are unfair, you should go back to the halbard."
    As the back of Yumi went away, I saw her off biting my lip.
    Because I am proud of my weapons.
    I don't want to change my weapons at a moment's notice.
    If that was the case, for me, all I can do is to become stronger.
    I won't make the excuse of being short-ranged, instead I will refine the use
    of my weapons.
    Because only that way will Yumi acknowledge me.
    There are other opponents to train with.
    Even at a quick count, one hand is filled in an instant.
    Yozakura: "So let's go. I will overcome the difference with missiles!"
    Yozakura: "Hu, hu, I won. Now will Yumi acknowledge my weapons?"
    Homura, who I had beaten, stood up.
    Homura: "You were motivated by Yumi's provocation, right."
    Yozakura: "Huh?"
    Now that she mentioned it.
    Even though it's hated, for her friends she attends to them strictly...that is
    Yumi's way.
    If that was the case, I must endeavour to gain further.
    Yozakura: "Homura, how is the condition of your injuries?"
    Homura: "Foolish talk. There's no reason to be injured in our little fight
    just now."
    Homura let out a fearless laugh.
    I also laughed with pleasure.
    Yozakura: "Homura, would you spar one more time?"
    Homura: "No problem. I will compete to the bitter end with guys who want to
    become stronger."
    We faced each other, each taking up arms.
    Yozakura: "Well then, let's go!"
    Homura: "Come anytime!"
    I dropped my hips down low, and sprung at Homura.
    As sparks flew from our fierce play fighting, I could firmly feel the
    strengths and weaknesses of my own weapons.
    If I can fight like this with Yumi, it won't be the same outcome as before.
    Yozakura: "Homura, thanks for this time. I've surely finished taking hell 
    from Yumi."
    16.04 Shiki's story
    	4-01 Blog material collection
    	To raise the number of blog hits, I'm going to go search for cool and
    	extreme material!
    	4-02 Long-tongued snake girl
    	Is there nothing more violent and sexy, I wonder?
    	4-03 Ecstasy face ballerina
    	As I thought, everyone has a dark character! I really respect it!
    	4-04 Big-breasted handsome guy
    	Hebijo's Miyabi is a cool guy, so the access numbers for girls will
    	4-05 Gatling from between the legs
    	I've gathered enough material, so maybe my blog will go up?
    Shiki: "Liar! Really, really really!? But I don't get it!"
    I shouted at the monitor in front of me as I looked at the access figures for
    my blog.
    I cried out.
    Everybody would cry out.
    Because unbelievably the access figures had dwindled.
    Shiki: "Isn't that strange? Even though I put specific information on 
    recommended bargain cosmetics? Isn't that strange!?"
    I thought of hitting the computer but the numbers wouldn't change.
    So it's true, there's no mistake with the numbers.
    My blog is...not popular.
    Shiki: "Ah, that's it! So they prefer more stimulating content! I got it, I 
    got it. If that's the case, I'll do it!
    When I uploaded the cosmetics gossip I also didn't think about access numbers.
    That's probabaly it, right?
    What everyone wants is, after all, a little violence and sex, right?
    If so, it's a cinch.
    If that's what they want, I will offer just that.
    If it's violent and sexy material, there's a lot of it around.
    It's a little awkard, but it will lay the foundation to become the Queen of
    blogs for everyone.
    Shiki: "Right, I gotta go immediately! Ageh ageh!"
    Shiki: "Okay okay okay okay! My access ranking is really gonna climb up!"
    It's the Operations Centre.
    As soon as I got here I uploaded everyone's rather sexy photos.
    I'm sure everyone will like them.
    Won't they say I excelin violence and sex?
    Shiki: "Hmmm. Looking at the comments, Mirai seems to be the most popular."
    Oh well, to upload it quietly is bad I think, but...
    Shiki: "But, well, they're not strange photos! Surely everyone will be
    Thinking about their falling mood is useless.
    Because now I can just taste the pleasure.
    I once more shifted my eyes to the computer monitor.
    Shiki: "Huh?"
    For some reason my image was reflected on the monitor.
    It was also an image of me bathing naked.
    Shiki: "Wh, what is this!? Why have the photos been swapped!?"
    All the photos uploaded on my blog had been swapped with embarrassing photos 
    of me.
    N, no way.
    What is this, hacking?
    I didn't know who did this deed, but from the peak of my joy I feel straight
    to the bottom of the abyss.
    Shiki: "N, nooooo!  Don't looooook!"
    16.05 Minori's story
    	5-01 Trick or Treat
    	Minori doesn't have any candy! I'm going to get candy from everyone!
    	5-02 Bunny rice crackers
    	Minori got hungry! I'll get lots more candy!
    	5-03 Bunny candy
    	Maybe someone doesn't have bunny candy or something?
    	5-04 Ridiculous sweets
    	Sweet things are happiness. But tooth cavities are scary...
    	5-05 Bean sprout chocolate
    	More properly I want to eat delicious candy!	
    Minori: "None none none none none no-ne! Minori has no candy anywhere!"
    Nothing in the sweet jar! Nothing in the toy box! Nothing behind the 
    television or anywhere!
    Who ate Minori's candy!?
    Shiki: "Who it is, yesterday, you ate them all yourself."
    Besides Minori, Shiki made a disgusted face.
    Minori: "Ah...That's right."
    It was like she said.
    Minori ate them all.
    Idiot idiot idiot idiot! Yesterday's Minori is an idiot!
    But, what to do?
    I can't bear having no candy!
    When it comes to this, there's no other way but to use my hand!
    Minori: "...Trick or Treat!"
    So saying she struck a cute pose.
    Shiki: "Huh? How come it's Halloween?"
    Minori: "When I win against my opponent and cast this spell, I will get lots
    of candy!"
    Shiki: "No, that's wrong. That's not it."
    Shiki said it was wrong, but I didn't really care about such things.
    Because if Minori can get candy, anything is fine.
    So, I decided to go and play with a person who looks like they have delicious
    Minori: "If they don't give me candy I will give them a vicious beating. 
    Trick or Treat!"
    Minori: "Fantastic! This is the most delicious candy I've ever eaten!"
    The texture of crispy bean sprouts, the sweetness of chocolate happily flying
    around my mouth.
    I have never eaten candy that has made me feel so happy.
    Yomi: "Do you know the goodness of bean sprout sweets!?"
    Minori: "Yeah! I want to eat more and more!"
    Yomi "I'm so happy! I finally found a fellow bean sprout lover!"
    So saying, Yomi embraced Minori.
    Yomi: "If it's ok, won't you make bean sprout sweets together with me? If so, 
    then you can eat a lot more."
    Minori: "Really? Let's make it! Minori will make bean sprout sweets!"
    And then Minori became Yomi's pupil.
    1 week later...
    Minori: "Bean sprout candy, bean sprout candy...hee hee hee!"
    Yomi: "They're bean sprouts. Yep, they're bean sprouts and no mistake! 
    Ever since then, every single day Minori has made bean sprout sweets with
    Make and then eat, make and then eat...
    Gradually, the inside of her head became filled with bean sprouts named
    Minori didn't need anything except for bean sprouts.
    If she had bean sprouts she could live with that alone.
    Viva! Bean sprout candy!
    Yomi: "Bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts!"
    Minori: "Bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts!"
    Lost in a labyrinth of bean sprouts, they will not be coming home.
    But, it's alright.
    Because they are happy.
    Happiness is being surrounded by bean sprouts!
    Yomi: "Bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts!"
    Minori: "Bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts, bean sprouts!"
    17.01 Yumi's Character profile
    Shijuku Gessen Girl's School 3rd year student.
    Gessen Girl's school leader. Using the technique of traditional Japanese
    dance movements, by shaking the fan cold air and ice cubes fly out.
    18 years old born on December 31st.
    Blood type:A	Height: 167cm
    B:92 W:56 H: 84
    Hobby: Caligraphy
    Likes: Shaved ice (red bean)
    Secret animal: Spider
    17.02 Murakumo's character profile
    Shijuku Gessen Girl's School 3rd year student. 
    Daughter of the Great Wolf conglomerate. Her personality changes when she
    removes her mask. Uses a spear and a carving knife as her weapons.
    18 years old born on October 8th.
    Blood type:B	Height: 172cm
    B:96 W:58 H: 85
    Hobby: Drawing manga
    Likes: Rice cakes
    Secret animal: Wolf
    17.03 Yozakura's character profile
    Shijuku Gessen Girl's School 2nd year student.
    Has an over-serious, interfering temperament. Specialises in hitting with
    explosive gloves worn on both hands.
    16 years old born on April 5th.
    Blood type: O    Height: 159cm
    B: 90  W: 53  H: 82
    Hobby: Cleaning
    Likes: Rice crackers
    Secret animal: Wild boar
    17.04 Shiki's character profile
    Shijuku Gessen Girl's School 1st year student.
    Has a showy appearance, many contacts and is surprisingly savvy. Armed with a
    large, disc-shaped scythe.
    15 years old born on March 25th.
    Blood type: AB    Height: 161cm
    B: 95  W: 54  H: 83
    Hobby: Wandering around late at night
    Likes: Tomato juice
    Secret animal: Bat
    17.05 Minori's character profile
    Shijuku Gessen Girl's School 1st year student.
    Loves playing and confectionary. Releases a powerful attack with candy from 
    her bucket.
    15 years old born on February 14th.
    Blood type:AB	Height: 144cm
    B:86 W:50 H: 75
    Hobby: Napping
    Likes: Strawberry short cake
    Secret animal: Hamster
    21.00 Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy introduction
    I open the window to get out the warm futon.
    In front of my eyes a cloudless winter landscape was spread out.	
    In the distance I can clearly see the morning sun rising over the mountain
    A cool breeze enters and mingles with the stagnant air in the room.
    February mornings are cold.
    But, if I say like that, I can not be a fully-fledged shinobi.
    Asuka: "Well, let's do it!"
    With the window still open, daringly I undress from my pyjamas.
    In my underwear I rub myself with a dry towel.
    I am Asuka.
    2nd year student at the high school named Kiritsu Hanzo Academy.
    I should also say, it is not a normal high school.
    Within that high school, I am a student at the Department of Shinobi.
    At the normal high school departments of Hanzo Academy, there are about 1000
    Amongst those 1000, those shinobi students like me are concealed.
    A mammoth-sized school and a shinobi training centre...
    Hanzo Academy has two faces.
    What is a shinobi doing in this era?
    If there is a person who wonders such a thing, it isn't strange.
    If you say shinobi to someone, they think of an ancient feudal lord or daimyo,
    gathering intelligence or causing disruption, assassination, historical 
    figures who lived in a world of darkness.
    But, although normal people don't know this, there are still shinobi who 
    exist now.
    Even though the era has changed, politicians or corporations who have great
    influence continue to need those who live in the world of shadows.
    There are two kinds of shinobi.
    Good ninja who belong to the nation, and Evil ninja who do illegal acts.
    Although they are both shinobi, these two sides are at odds and are fated to
    Recently there was also a great battle.
    Us Good ninja students and students from the Evil ninja training school of 
    Hiritsu Hebijo Academy clashed violently.
    Me and the class representative Ikaruga, big sister personality Katsu, cool
    Yagyu and clumsy Hibari.
    These 5 members of the Department of Shinobi, fought desperately to win
    against Hebijo.
    The Hebijo girls were strong.
    The leader Homura, Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, Haruka...all of those girls too, we
    thought their true strength was greater than ours.
    It was a bitter battle.
    There was much sadness.
    Nevertheless, we surpassed them in battle fair and square.
    Already half a year has passed since then.
    With our hearts overcome with confidence from that great battle, we are
    encouraged in our training everyday.
    To graduate as fully-fledged shinobi, Kirya-sensei is giving as strict special
    Asuka: "...Dry towel rub, complete!"
    I put on my uniform and, with my short swords and shurikan in hand, run out of
    the room.
    Breathing out one white breath, I psych myself up in a loud voice.
    Asuka: "Okaaay!  Today also I'll do my best!"
    21.01 	Basic practice
    There's a new type of dummy for basic practice. Don't lose focus. (Kirya)
    Kirya: "Today is the start of training."
    Asuka: "Yes! Kirya-sensei. Thank you for your support."
    Hibari: "Asukachan, today you're also really lively."
    Katsuragi: "Heh heh heh heh."
    Katsuragi: "Yeah, if from the morning you're shaking like a jelly you'll also
    be lively."
    Asuka: "Wa, wait up Katsu-ne! What did you say?"
    Katsuragi: "I saw you.  Rubbing yourself down with a dry cloth in your
    Ikaruga: "Aha, rubbing with a dry cloth? Asuka, you know about old-fashioned
    Asuka: "When I was a kid, I learned it from grandpa. You use a dry cloth to
    rub yourself down and you won't catch a cold."
    Katsuragi: "Wow, I bow down to you. Thank you for your gift."
    Asuka: "Hey. Katsu-ne."
    Hibari: "Hmmm. If you rub down with a dry cloth you won't catch a cold."
    Katsuragi: "Oh! So then, you should do it every morning."
    Katsuragi: "But! Do it seriously in front of the open window in your
    Hibari: "Yeah!"
    Katsuragi: "Moreover, if you want to be even more hygienic, you should do it
    stark naked."
    Yagyu: "Katsuragi, you are reckless. Inspiring Hibari with perverted things
    in front of me."
    Katsuragi: "Wa, wait a second, Yagyu. Why is your sword drawn?"
    Yagyu: "From everything and anything, I will protect Hibari. That is my way of
    Asuka: "You're really lovey-dovey. Yagyuchan and Hibarichan."
    Yagyu: "L, lovey-dovey!? D,d, d, d, differently, th, th, th, that meaning 
    Kirya: "Well, talking is over. Today is basic training with wooden dummies."
    Asuka: "Basic training?"
    Kirya: "No matter how much you have grown, a shinobi who doesn't pay attenion
    to the basics will soon be killed."
    Kirya: " If you want to survive the world of shinobi, never forget the 
    Asuka: "Yessir!"
    Asuka: "Alright! All the wooden dummies have been destroyed!"
    Kirya: "Hmmm. Asuka, that was impressive."
    Asuka: "Kirya-sensei, from now on, please work us all really hard!"
    Kirya: "Uh-huh, that was my intention."
    Katsuragi: "That was also my intention! To work cute junior students really
    Hibari: "OK! Please help us out!"
    Katsuragi: "Right, leave it to me! My work out is kind and considerate!"
    Katsuragi: "With great attention to detail, grope grope...With great attention
    to detail, squish squish squish..."
    Yagyu: "As I thought, that neck should be cut off."
    Katsuragi: "Wah, Yagyu.  J, joke, it was just a joke."
    Yagyu: "I'm a girl you don't joke with."
    Katsuragi: "I, Ikaruga, please help me."
    Ikaruga: "Haa. You reap what you sow."
    Katsuragi: "What the."
    Hibari: "Yagyuchann, since training has finished, let's go and eat a Mr Bunny
    Yagyu: "What?"
    Yagyu: "Th, that means, the two of us spending time alone after school, eating
    sweet things is like spending a sweet time?
    Hibari: "Well, something like that."
    Yagyu: "Katsuragi, you had a narrow escape. I don't have time to play with you
    Yagyu: "I only want to play with Hibari. Right, Hibari, let's go quickly."
    Hibari: "Yeah!"
    Ikaruga: "Ah, you two please wait up. Training isn't finished yet."
    Ikaruga: "....Have they gone?"
    Katsuragi: "Phew, I was saved."
    Katsuragi: "However, even if my head is cut off, I won't stop doing sexual
    Katsuragi: "These two arms can do as much groping as possible!"
    Ikaruga: "...Haaa. Why is this...Everyone does things their own way."
    Asuka: "But, for me, I love everyone."
    Asuka: "Katsu-ne and Ikaruga and Hibari and Yagyu, I love everyone."
    Asuka: "So, everyone do your best to become a fully-fledged shinobi! Oooooh!"
    Asuka: "If I do it by myself I look like an idiot."
    Ikaruga: "Hee hee hee. That's not so."
    Ikaruga: "Yeah.  Let's all try our best. To become fully-fledged shinobi."
    Asuka: "Yeah!"
    21.02 A bout with Hibari
    Recently Hibari has eaten so many sweets...Now it's time to be strict. (Yagyu)
    Yagyu: "Hibari."
    Hibari: "What is it, Yagyuchan?"
    Yagyu: "Have a bout with me."
    Hibari: "Huh, why suddenly?"
    Yagyu: "I'm a little concerned about Kirya-sensei's words."
    Hibari: "He said a shinobi who doesn't pay attenion to the basics will soon
    be killed?"
    Yagyu: "That's right. So, I will help you to do the basics."
    Yagyu: "Right, come at me like you will really kill me. I will assess your
    Hibari: "..."
    Yagyu: "What is it, Hibari?"
    Hibari: "No way!"
    Yagyu: "Huh?"
    Hibari: "I said there's no way I can truely fight with Yagyuchan! Hibari
    really won't do it!"
    Yagyu: "No, so, that is..."
    Hibari: "No way!!"
    Yagyu: "(Kuh. When she's like this Hibari is stubborn.)"
    Yagyu: "(Also, like that she's also cute...)"
    Yagyu: "(No no, now is not the time for that.)"
    Yagyu: "(Anyway, if I can't help Hibari with her power, I won't be able to 
    sleep soundly.)"
    Yagyu: "(...So, what to do?)"
    Yagyu: "......."
    Yagyu: "...Hibari."
    Hibari: "What? If it's fighting I won't do it."
    Yagyu: "If you beat me, I'll hold a candy party."
    Hibari: "Huh!? Candy party!?"
    Yagyu: "Heaps of Mr Bunny cookies and all-you-can-drink sweet hot chocolate."
    Hibari: "...Gulp."
    Yagyu: "Right, Hibari, bring it on. Dare to grab the candy party in your
    Hibari: "Alright. Hibari, do your best!"
    Yagyu: "Haa..."
    Yagyu: "You have grown stronger. I can rest assured."
    Hibari: "Waaaaah!  I lost."
    Hibari: "Candy party...Candy party..."
    Hibari: "Waaaaah!"
    Yagyu: "W, wait!  Don't cry!"
    Hibari: "But...but..."
    Yagyu: "A contest is a contest. Since it's a promise we can't have a candy
    Yagyu: "Just, as a substitute..."
    Hibari: "A substitute?"
    Yagyu: "Let's have a candy festival together."
    Hibari: "Candy festival?"
    Hibari: "...How is that different from a candy party?"
    Yagyu: "Eh?"
    Hibari: "If it's the same content, I think there was no point in us sparring."
    Yagyu: "(What!?)"
    Yagyu: "(You're sharp!  You're sharp, Hibari!)"
    Yagyu: "(It was my plan to spend a fun time with Hibari whether I won or
    Yagyu: "(To see through that...Truely that is my beloved Hibari.)"
    Hibari: "Well, either is ok. If I can eat loads of candy."
    Hibari: "Thank you. Yagyuchan, I love you."
    Yagyu: "! L...o...ve?"
    Yagyu: "......."
    Hibari: "Wa, what is it, Yagyuchan!? A nosebleed, you've got a nosebleed!"
    Yagyu: "...Don't be concerned. Just I'm a little happy."
    21.03 	As seniors
    It's about time for my graduation exam! Intensive training without worrying!
    Ikaruga: "Katsuragi, is this voluntary training?"
    Katsuragi: "Yeah, Ikaruga. 'Cos the final graduation exam is near."
    Ikaruga: "...It's somehow in the blink of an eye. A month flows past so 
    Katsuragi: "Ah, that's right."
    Katsuragi: "You were so aloof, I remember it like it was yesterday."
    Ikaruga: "Please don't bring up those times of a year ago."
    Katsuragi: "That's so. Whatever you say, you're obviously lovestruck now."
    Ikaruga: "In, in what way am I lovestruck?"
    Katsuragi: "Well, anyway, it was fun. These 3 years."
    Ikaruga: "...I agree about that. They were a really perfect 3 years."
    Katsuragi: "...If we graduate...I wonder if we can still meet."
    Ikaruga: "We will do missions as shinobi, but it won't be like when we were
    Katsuragi: "We could also lose our lives on a mission."
    Ikaruga: "...Katsuragi. Can't we have a bout, for old times' sake?"
    Katsuragi: "Sounds good.  Let's do it."
    Katsuragi: "Since I know you can see breasts grow, but I don't know how you 
    can see the growth of a shinobi unless by fighting."
    Ikaruga: "Katsuragi, you don't need to go easy on me."
    Katsuragi: "OK, that's damn right!"
    Katsuragi: "...Come on!"
    Katsuragi: "Alright! This time I won!"
    Ikaruga: "Katsuragi, you've really become strong. Truely a boon from
    Katsuragi: "No, it's not just training. Because of Ikaruga I have become 
    Ikaruga: "...Katsuragi."
    Katsuragi: "Thank you, Ikaruga."
    Katsuragi: "As thanks I'll massage your breasts."
    Ikaruga: "H, huh? What kind of thanks is that?"
    Katsuragi: "It's fine, a small thing. For me, it's like a handshake of 
    Ikaruga: "I refuse such a handshake!"
    Katsuragi: "Ha ha! Until graduation best regards, Ikaruga."
    21.04 	The collapse of peace
    Recently it has continued to be peaceful every day but there's some disturbing
    signs. (Kirya)
    Wooden dummies equipped with real weapons attacked seriously.  I read their 
    moves and take them into hand.
    This time is an easy victory!
    That's what I thought in that instant.
    I looked back and from behind a wooden dummy earnestly swung down.
    Ikaruga: "No way! What is this!"
    With a loud voice my contemplation was shattered.
    In the hushed evening of the training room, only my rough breath echoed.
    In my head many times the simulation didn't work.
    As might be expected, the difficulty of the final graduation exam is high.
    If I can't destroy the armed wooden dummies flawlessly, I won't be 
    acknowledged as a full shinobi.
    Failure will mean the path to a shinobi would become shut.
    Everything that I have built up to now would be wasted.
    It's only a little longer until the final graduation exam.
    Because of this important time, my mind is in disorder and has become full of
    idle thoughts.
    Ikaruga: "...Ikaruga, what are you doing?"
    I asked myself this.
    Is it nerves? Is it impatience?  Or even...
    Just then I felt a presence from behind me.
    I turned around gripping the hilt of Hien.
    Ikaruga: "Who is that?"
    Standing there was...
    In a high class white silk costume, and with chains wrapped aorund his arm...
    I couldn't mistake his unique appearance.
    It was my older brother.
    Murasame: "...Long time no see, sis."
    Murasame: "...No, to be precise, you're not my sister tied by blood."
    Sister not tied by blood...
    That's right.
    I'm not my father and mother's real child. To inherit the path of a shinobi I 
    was received into their family as their adopted daughter.
    I stood up and bowed my head deeply.
    Ikaruga: "Long time no see. Big brother Murasame."
    Once again I stared at my brother's face.
    His hair stood out unkemptly and his skin palor was not good.
    Everytime I see him his appearance has become more unhealthy.
    Murasame: "How did I get in here? You're worried about that, right."
    Ikaruga: "Y, yes."
    Murasame: "Don't underestimate me!"
    Glaring, my older brother yelled at me.
    At home he was often getting angry like this.
    Murasame: "My house has spent so much money on this school! I can easily enter
    if I give the name of my house!"
    Ikaruga: "I see. You seem to be someone."
    I became quiet as my older brother's excitement calmed down.
    Murasame: "It's good you understand. If you understand."
    Really, as the oldest child my brother intended to follow the path of shinobi.
    However, my brother failed to pass the entrance exams of Hanzo Academy.
    Disappointingly he had no talent as a shinobi.
    Ikaruga's father: "I want a replacement for Murasame to continue as this 
    family's shinobi."
    As of my father's words I was adopted into the family, so even now I continue 
    to be wrapped in feelings of guilt.
    If I wasn't there, my father wouldn't think about an adopted child, nor my
    brother would have been hurt.
    I felt my brother watching me full of a sense of inferiority, and there was an
    inolerable pain in my heart.
    Ikaruga: "Come to think of it, brother, I heard your graduation has been 
    Older brother was a fourth year student at an important university. 
    His major was in Management.
    His graduation thesis was safely completed, and his credits were no problem.
    He was due to graduate this Spring.
    Murasame: "...Talking of university is good. My brains is the only area where 
    I surpass you a little."
    My brother dropped his gaze suddenly, and his voice became unusually soft.
    Murasame: "The truth is, it is like attending a kind of non-university
    seminar. Everyone graduates from there even if they don't attend. For
    example, the communication faculty skill up classroom, or the unity seminar
    to become an honest mind..."
    Saying like that, my brother became tongue-tied.
    Murasame: "...Well, that kind of place."
    Ikaruga: "Congratulations."
    I bowed my head deeply.
    After giving up plans to become a shinobi, my brother became the heir to my
    father while studying the path of management.
    I understand nothing about the world of management, but it's also required to 
    attend the communication faculty classroom.
    It's quite a strict world.
    Murasame: "...By the way, what do you need to get a graduation certificate?"
    Ikaruga: "To pass the final graduation exam."
    Brother thought a little than spoke.
    Murasame: "No, that's wrong. You're not qualified to undergo the final exam."
    Ikaruga: "...Huh?"
    Murasame: "First you need to settle things between you and I!"
    My brother gave a bold laugh, jumped back one step, and began to untie the
    chain around his arm.
    Murasame: "Well, take out Hien! That is an heirloom that I should take over!"
    My brother stabbed me with his glistening gaze. 
    Reluctantly, I pulled out Hien.
    Looking pleased, my older brother started swinging the chain counter-weight
    Murasame: "Sis! Do you know what I've been feeling until now!"
    I nodded, as he couldn't shake of the past.
    Since I thought whatever I do, big brother would be hurt.
    Murasame: "My feeling is just one. Are you really worthy of Hien?
    I want to feel that firsthand!"
    The speed of the counter-weight increased, and started humming.
    That was as if, it seemed like the expression of my brother's feeling was 
    Murasame: "Let's go, sis! This is a final graduation exam from Murasame, the
    next head of the Phoenix conglomerate!"
    Big brother threw the counter-weight at me.
    Murasame: "This is the skill of the town chain tournament 6th place!"
    His chain twined around my body.
    I stared into my brother's eyes silently.
    With an uncharacteristic seriousness, transparently, his gaze was true.
    Looking at those eyes, I made up my mind.
    Putting all my power into both arms, I loosened the chains and jumped high.
    Re-gripping Hien, in the air I did my Issen.
    I sheathed it at the same time as I landed.
    Murasame: "...Sis. When did you slip out of my chains?"
    My brother's face stared openmouthed.
    As I thought, he couldn't follow my moves with his eyes.
    While smiling with a cold sweat, my older brother hauled in the chain and 
    started swinging it around again.
    Murasame: "You seem quick to run away, but there's no running away from this
    Ikaruga: "Big brother, it's no more."
    Murasame: "Huh? What is?"
    Ikaruga: "What you're swinging around us no more."
    My brother looked up wide-eyed.
    With my Issen I had destroyed the chain, and it rained down in small pieces
    onto my brother's head.
    My brother was dumbfounded as only his arm was swinging round and round.
    Murasame: "....Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    The blood seemed to have drained from his face as he started to give out a 
    great laugh.
    Suddenly as I looked at my brother's face a large tear rolled down from his
    I pulled out a handkerchief and quickly handed it to my brother.
    Ikaruga: "Big brother, here."
    Big brother took the handkerchief and blew his nose twice with all his might.
    He casually put the screwed-up handkerchief into his pocket.
    Murasame: "...6th place in the town chain tournament. In the mansion tournament
    which only 8 people in the world participated in, 7th place. In the shurikan
    tournament for only children which I was forced into, 12th place...that was 
    With bright red eyes, my brother sniffed his nose.
    Murasame: "In a nameless tournament I desired some small satisfaction. I spent
    everyday pathetically, while you attempted to graduate from the best shinobi
    training grounds, naturally unlike. We are completely different creatures."
    Buckets of tears ran down my brother's cheeks.
    I passed him a tissue, and my brother again blew his nose with a loud noise.
    Murasame: "...I did not admit it, but I have been keeping a low pride through
    my jealous grudge of you. I'm shameful.  I'm a shameful man, me."
    I was amazed by his honesty.
    My older brother had never expressed his true heart before now.
    Ikaruga: "Big brother, do you have something?"
    I was baffled that my brother was like a totally different person.
    Murasame: "Nothing. This is my future."
    In an unsteady gait, my older brother headed for the door of the room.
    Then, with his hair fluttering, he smiled an awkward smile.
    Murasame: "...Sis. My dream since I was a child...My dream to become a 
    shinobi, it has become true for you."
    Only saying this, my brother silently left the room.
    Ikaruga: "...Big brother."
    I casually looked at the floor where my brother had been standing, and saw a 
    sheet of A4 paper had been dropped there.
    That was the graduation certificate of a "Sister Love! The secret to getting
    along with your sister!" seminar.
    This was the reason my brother's behaviour had changed.
    Ikaruga: "I think big brother...wants to get along with me."
    Many tears came out.
    Because I had given both my handkerchief and tissue to my brother, I had none.
    If I become a shinobi, my brother will grieve with anger.
    A decisive gap must be born between the two of us.
    For this, doubt grew in my heart.
    But, it is different now.
    Big brother said.
    And I will be his replacement in his dream to be a shinobi.
    I drew Hien from it's scabbard, and gave it one sweep.
    No more idle thoughts.
    I will head in a straight line towards the final exam.
    Ikaruga: "Thank you, brother."
    My mind was more crystal clear than ever.
    Ikaruga: "...Haa. As expected I am a little tired. But, I feel that it was
    possible to do a full training."
    Katsuragi: "Oh, serving at night, cheers for your hard work."
    Katsuragi: "I also feel like I just got back from a roadwork."
    Asuka: "Hey hey hey, I've made dinner. You two eat a lot, do your best for the
    final exam."
    Katsuragi: "This is another delicious-looking rolled sushi!"
    Katsuragi: "Bon appetit! Yom, yomyom..."
    Katsuragi: "Yah, delicious!"
    Ikaruga: "Hom..."
    Ikaruga: "Truely. Sourness removes the tiredness from my body."
    Asuka: "...Somehow, if I just see delicious food, I want to eat it."
    Hibari: "I got it, I got it."
    Asuka: "...Well, but we don't have special training for the final exam. Today
    ....that's good."
    Asuka: "Dinner...to eat."
    Yagyu: "Don't you say that about eating everynight? It's alright, to be fat."
    Ikaruga: "So-so."
    Ikaruga: "Everyone help yourselves. Patience is a powerful enemy of women."
    Asuka: "Th, that's right!"
    Yagyu: "And also obesity."
    Asak: "Th, that's right."
    Hibari: "Hibari has no connection to either patience nor obesity. Bon
    Asuka: "Ah, Hibarichan, that's not fair. I'll also eat!"
    Hibari: "...Fuu."
    Hibari: "Somehow Hibari, I want to eat something sweet next..."
    Asuka: "...If you say something sweet, soon it'll be Valentines Day!"
    Asuka: "What about this year?"
    Yagyu: "No what about, were you even able to choose a partner?"
    Asuka: "...There isn't.  There is not!"
    Hibari: "Hey hey, Hibari was thinking."
    Hibari: "We all made chocolate, as a present for everyone, right? 
    I feel like I want to exchange presents!"
    Asuka: "Ah, it might be good! ...I mean, last year we did so."
    Katsuragi: "...Geez, carefree is good. Since it's not Valentine's Day just
    Ikaruga: "That's right...There's many, many things about the final exam."
    Hibari: "...Eh?"
    Hibari: "Waah! Everyone, come, come!"
    Hibari: "Outside the window!  Outside the window! It's snow! Snow!"
    Asuka: "Waa, really!"
    Ikaruga: "This might pile up."
    Asuka: "Huh?"
    Ikaruga: "...This is a shinobi barrier! It's coming from the school yard."
    Asuka: "Let's go take a look!"
    Yumi: "The snow covers everything in white. Anger and sorrow, joy and
    Ikaruga: "Who is that?"
    Yumi: "My name is Yumi. We are from Shijuku Gessen Girls' school."
    Ikaruga: "Shijuku Gessen Girls' school?"
    Yumi: "This is Shiki."
    Shiki: "Hiya!"
    Yumi: "This is Yozakura."
    Yozakura: "I'm Yozakura."
    Yumi: "This is Minori."
    Minori: "Everyone, nice to mee you!"
    Yumi: "And finally is Murakumo."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Yumi: "Now everyone has been introduced, here we are now..."
    Yumi: "To announce the arrival of a School Festival!"
    Asuka: "School Festival? What is that?"
    Yumi: "You should listen as I teach you the details."
    Yumi: "After 7 days."
    Yumi: "We will call on you again. That is the start of the festival."
    Yumi: "...Well then."
    Asuka: "...Ah, they vanished!"
    Ikaruga: "...Didn't you go?"
    Murakumo: "...You're Ikaruga."
    Ikaruga: "Eh?"
    Murakumo: "Come here."
    Asuka: "Ikaruga?"
    Ikaruga: "...It's alright.  Don't worry."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "You're called...Murakumo, right. What do you want with me?"
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "I don't understand your silence. If you have something you want to 
    say please tell me."
    Murakumo: "Ikaruga...The daughter of the Phoenix Conglomerate."
    Ikaruga: "...Why is it?"
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "Ah!?"
    Ikaruga: "Kuh!"
    Ikaruga: "It can't be helped. If you don't want to say anything, I'm forced to
    make you talk."
    Murakumo: "Kyah!"
    Ikaruga: "Y, you're..."
    Murakumo: "P, please don't look! I'm sorry for my embarrassed face! I'm sorry
    to be sorry."
    Ikaruga: "Eh?"
    Murakumo: "There's no benefit even if you look! There's not, there's not."
    Ikaruga: "You are...the daughter of the Great Wolf Conglomerate, right.  
    That's why you know about me?"
    Murakumo: "As expected my secret has been exposed...That's right. I was found
    out.  That's right."
    Murakumo: "But it can' be helped.  Yes, I think it can't be helped. This ugly
    face, if you see it once you can't forget it."
    Ikaruga: "N, no.  That's not...Since I met you at a company party..."
    Murakumo: "It's ok, it's ok. Your concern is useless. Because I know myself.
    Yeah, because I know it."
    Murakumo: "Even so you're kind.  You're too kind. Ikaruga. But, that kindness
    is wasted on me."
    Ikaruga: "U, um, I'm not especially..."
    Murakumo: "No no.  Please don't look at my face so nicely. If you look like
    that, I'm troubled by my embarrassment..."
    Ikaruga: "U, umm...If so, you're personality changes without your mask?"
    Murakumo: "Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry if it's unpleasant. I'll wear the mask for a 
    long time."
    Ikaruga: "N, no, that wasn't what I meant to say..."
    Murakumo: "Please wait a minute. Now, I will put on my mask."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "Huh?"
    Murakumo: "...Phoenix Conglomerate...Serious won't forgive. It's neccessary to
    crush...to crush them utterly."
    Murakumo: "...Farewell."
    Ikaruga: "...Murakumo. Why the daughter of the Great Wolf Conglomerate?"
    21.05 	The secret of Hibari's pupils 
    Hibari also wants the power to protect everyone...(Hibari)
    Asuka: "Kirya-sensei, what is a School Festival?"
    Kirya: "A School Festival, handed down through shinobi schools, is an inter-
    school showdown."
    Asuka: "Showdown?"
    Kirya: "That's right. 	Five shinobi studentrepresentatives participate in the
    School Festival."
    Kirya: "The school that proposed the School Festival fortify their own 
    territory with a shinobi barrier and go out to meet their opponents."
    Kirya: "That is, you erect a shinobi barrier around Hanzo Academy and fight
    with Gessen who attack us."
    Kirya: "If eventually all the shinobi barriers are destroyed, Hanzo Academy 
    school building will be set on fire and the school will be disbanded."
    Asuka: "Hanzo Academy disbanded..."
    Kirya: "If you defeat the attack of Gessen, the next time it's your turn to
    attack them."
    Hibari: "What is...that kind of festival. If it's called a festival, it should
    be more fun."
    Hibari: "Candy floss and chocolate bananas and sauce rice crackers..."
    Yagyu: "And dried squid."
    Ikaruga: "But, this is the first time I've heard of the School Festival."
    Kirya: "Because the last time it was held was 50 years ago. No wonder you
    don't know about it."
    Asuka: "But, why is there such a showdown? I don't understand why schools 
    would have an interest in crushing one another."
    Kirya: "...Asuka. You know about shinobi ranking."
    Asuka: "First, low shinobi, middle shinobi, high shinobi, spy...then, um...
    special high shinobi, extreme high shinobi, heavenly high shinobi, utmost
    high shinobi...right?"
    Asuka: "After that are the generally unknown ranks...hungry shinobi, absolute
    shinobi, thunder shinobi, shadow shinobi, annihilation shinobi, manji shinobi,
    gloom shinobi, secret shinobi..."
    Kirya: "You learnt well. ...Well then, higher than a secret shinobi?"
    Asuka: "Eh? Is there such a one?"
    Kirya: "The one at the summit is called..."
    Kirya: "Kagura."
    Asuka: "...Kagura."
    Kirya: "It is said the School Festival was invented to train Kagura."
    Asuka: "...But, it doesn't seem like the Gessen lot's goal is to become
    Kirya: "That's right. In the first place, Gessen is a school for training
    Good ninja."
    Kirya: "That's not the reason why those who are Good ninja like Hanzo Academy
    have come to start a School Festival."
    Ikaruga: "This School Festival...something back is possible."
    Kirya: "At all events. More than subscribing to the School Festival, you fight
    to protect the school."
    Kirya: "For the students on the side of the school that was burned, it would
    become forever impossible to learn to qualify as a shinobi."
    Asuka: "Huh? You mean, if we lose the School Festival, it would not be
    possible to become a shinobi?"
    Kirya: "That's it."
    Kirya: "Ikaruga, Katsuragi. Now forget about the final graduation exam, 
    prepare to meet Gessen's attack."
    Ikaruga: "...I understand."
    Katsuragi: "...That's right. If it's not possible to become a shinobi, the 
    final graduation exam has no meaning."
    Kirya: "So then, talking is over."
    Hibari: "...School Festival. We'll start fighting again."
    Yagyu: "Don't worry.  I will protect you."
    Hibari: "Y, yeah."
    Asuka: "It's alright! Because even Hibari will become stronger!"
    Katsuragi: "Right right. It's good to plan in advance."
    Hibari: "...Uh-uh.  That's wrong. Hibari is worrying about everyone being
    Hibari: "Since, Hibari wants to protect everyone. Not only being protected but
    I also want to protect."
    Hibari: "But, Hibari doesn't have that power yet..."
    Hibari: "...I want the power. I want the power to protect everyone."
    Asuka: "H, huh? Wh, what is this?"
    Yagyu: "My body suddenly..."
    Ikaruga: "My body is moving on it's own."
    Katsuragi: "Wh, what is happening! This!?"
    Hibari: "Eh? What is it, everyone?"
    Asuka: "Huh? Only Hibari is safe?"
    Hibari: "...S, surely. This..."
    Hibari: "Did Hibari do this?"
    Asuka: "Uwaaaah!"
    Katsuragi: "Oh! What did you do, Asuka!"
    Asuka: "Katsu-ne, sorry! It seems someone is controlling my body!"
    Ikaruga: "M, me too! Like this, I might attack everyone with Hien..."
    Hibari: "...If Hibari...If Hibari doesn't defeat everyone."
    Hibari: "If I don't this magic can't be solved."
    Hibari: "There's no choice.  There's no choice."
    Hibari: "Everyone, are you alright?"
    Asuka: "Yeah. No-one is injured."
    Ikaruga: "Fuu. We're finally cured."
    Hibari: "Everyone...I'm really sorry."
    Ikaruga: "...Hibari, I felt like this puppet technique just now..."
    Hibari: "...Hibari' s family has, for generations, had a mysterious power in 
    our eyes."
    Yagyu: "...Pupil magic."
    Katsuragi: "That's why your pupils are different."
    Hibari: "Because Hibari would be an outcast, I had thought there was no such
    Katsuragi: "No no. Before you fight in the School Festival, grasp that great
    Hibari: "But, Hibari... I'm not mastering such power at all..."
    Ikaruga: "To be proficient it's good if you practise. Of course, we will also
    co-operate with you."
    Katsuragi: "Yeah. Let's do our best together."
    Asuka: "Un! I will also co-operate!"
    Yagyu: "Naturally, I will co-operate the most."
    Hibari: "Everyone...Thank you. Hibari...will do my best."
    22.01 	Resolve necessary for shinobi
    For father and mother, there is no choice but to win! (Katsuragi)
    Katsuragi: "Haa! Haa!"
    I watch the sinking sunset with my sight blurred by sweat.
    I had passed the limits of my body a long time ago.
    Katsuragi: "Haa! Haa!"
    Having finished a 50 km mountain path marathon, I sank down to the ground.
    Katsuragi: "Why is it, Katsuragi. Why is your strength like this?"
    I wiped the sweat which had somehow been raised from my body.
    The School Festival with Gessen is coming tomorrow.
    Even though I know it's overwork, I could not help but force myself.
    If we don't win the School Festival, I can't take the final exam.
    For me that is a big problem.
    To graduate from school and become a shinobi.
    And then, being active in the field, I will be deemed an excellent shinobi.
    If I can accomplish that...
    Katsuragi: "...I can live together with my father and mother."
    Hearing a dog's barking, I looked up.
    The barking was from Choco.
    My family member Choco's barking.
    Forgetting my exhaustion I stood up, and ran in the direction of Choco's bark.
    Choco had appeared in front of me before, and took me to my parents.
    At that time, I was only confirming that my parents were living a healthy
    The reason why I came home without saying anything was clear.
    I do not meet them just yet.
    Because I thought that we mustn't meet.
    Katsuragi: "Choco! Choco!"
    Running along the mountain path, something came flying out from the grass.
    With a perfectly round body, and chestnut-coloured round pupils.
    As I thought it was Choco.
    Katsuragi: "Choco!"
    I hugged him strongly with all my might.
    Choco also wagged his tail happily.
    Suddenly, Choco slipped from my arms and ran off.
    Katsuragi: "Choco, what is it?"
    In the direction Choco had ran was my parent's hidden village.
    With a somehow unpleasant premonition I chased after Choco.
    Crossing mountains, descending valleys, fording rivers.
    Before I knew it the sun had set.
    Trusting to the moonlight I continued runnning, and unexpectedly I lost sight
    of Choco.
    Katsuragi: "...Choco?"
    I looked all around.
    There were 2 shinobi presences.
    I thought they were Gessen but it wasn't so.
    They were not student level.
    It was the presence of adult shinobi.
    I girded myself unintentionally.
    Katsuragi's father: "...Why are you here?"
    Appearing in front of my eyes from a thicket, I could see the figure of my 
    Behind him was also my mother.
    The two had a few more wrinkles but my parents were the same as from my
    Katsuragi: "Father...Mother..."
    My mother came 1 step 2 steps closer.
    Over her shoulder I could see my father's face.
    From his stiff facial expression a sense of bewilderment could be felt.
    Like she had guessed my father's hint, my mother quietly kept apart from me.
    No words could be shared between us three.
    As expected, there wasn't a deep emotion at our reunion.
    That's true if you think about it.
    It's still too early for a tearful embrace between me and my parents.
    Katsuragi's father: "...Follow me."
    Walking after my parents, I came to a small village.
    There were no others in the many fields and gardens.
    I thought it was a perfect place for a hideout.
    We came to a small thatched cottage, and silently my father opened the door.
    Katsuragi's father: "...Enter."
    We entered the house and gathered round the hearth.
    My father and mother's faces were an orange colour in the reflection.
    An awkward silence descended, and I could only hear the sound of the crackling
    I slightly regretted coming into the house.
    Katsuragi's father: "Why did we disappear from in front of you?  I will tell
    you the reason."
    At my father's words I gave a little nod.
    It was 5 years ago.
    As leaders of the Good ninja an important mission was sent down to my father
    and mother.
    That mission was the assassination of an elderly shinobi.
    Previously he had been a brilliant Good ninja, but for holding dangerous
    ideas, headquarters had ordered his banishment.
    Katsuragi: "You said assassination...why, that old person?"
    Katsuragi's father: "That old man wanted to start a revolution in the world 
    of shinobi."
    My father and mother were given the mission because they were always 
    successful shinobi.
    Even if their opponent was a brilliant shinobi, if he's an old man there's no
    factor that could lose.
    The old man assasination target had been taking in children who had no 
    The children trusted the old man. There were bright smiling faces.
    They had no family but they were happy.
    However, if they killed that old man, the children would have no more support.
    Since they had become shinobi, this was the first mission the two hesitated 
    in executing.
    Still, they hardened their hearts when it came time to perform their duty.
    Young girl: "Stop it. Please."
    The two had been discovered by a young girl being raised by the old shinobi.
    Young girl: "Don't kill granpa. If you kill granpa, everyone here can't live."
    Katsuragi's father: "Seeing the girl, your face drifted into memory. The truth
    in me was I mustn't do actions that make children sorrowful. If I thought so,
    I couldn't do the assassination any more."
    For a shinobi who fails in an important mission, they must take responsibility
    with their life.
    However, father and mother hesitated to choose suicide.
    They chose the path of the so-called ex-ninja.
    Katsuragi's father: "I think disappearing in silence was bad for you.
    However, to protect you from shinobi law, there was nothing else that could
    be done."
    In silence I shook my head.
    The details of my father and mother's situation had been told to me by Asuka's
    grandfather after I entered Hanzo Academy.
    Katsuragi: "...I also have something to say."
    I was going to talk about my graduation from Hanzo Academy, but in a sudden
    change of mind I closed my mouth.
    Katsuragi: "...Unn.  No. It's nothing."
    My parent's didn't know I had entered Hanzo Academy.
    As I thought, I will tell them everything after I become a fully-fledged
    If I become a fully-fledged shinobi, the possibility of forgiveness for my 
    parent's failure and escape is high.
    So, I chose to enter Hanzo Academy.
    From the corner of the room the sleeping Choco suddenly woke up.
    He turned growling towards the outside.
    Katsuragi: "What is it, Choco?"
    I attempted to pick Choco up.
    An unknown shinobi came into the house.
    It wasn't a shinobi student.
    It was a common shinobi...and furthermore a high level one.
    Surely...they followed my footsteps.
    Katsuragi: "...What is this for."
    High-ranking Shinobi: "I don't need to answer."
    The high-ranking ninjas overpowered my unresisting parents.
    Katsuragi: "W, wait up!"
    As I ran up to my parents, from behind I was also caught by high-ranking
    With my neck and arms simultaneously tied, I couldn't move at all.
    Katsuragi: "Shit! Tied!  I'm tied up!"
    At last my parents were led out of the room.
    Katsuragi: "Father! Mother!"
    As I violently struggled, from the high-ranking shinobi who seemed to be the
    commanding officer came a roar.
    High-ranking Shinobi: "Don't struggle! Tomorrow you should be in a position
    for the School Festival!"
    Katsuragi: "That's right! If I don't do my best, Hanzo Academy is gonna burn!
    That's fine! I've become to feel like that!"
    I yelled desperately and the high-ranking shinobi untied my hands.
    Katsuragi: "It's a deal! I will certainly win the School Festival. Then in 
    return my parents will be forgiven!"
    The high-ranking shinobi silently stared at my face.
    High-ranking Shinobi: "If you can win through the School Festival to the end, 
    there will be scope for negotiations with headquarters."
    Katsuragi: "R, really!"
    At my question the high-ranking shinobi gave a slight nod.
    High-ranking Shinobi: "However, in the case that the School Festival is lost, 
    following the law on ex-ninja your parents will be executed."
    So saying, the high-ranking shinobi left the house.
    In the room was left only me, and Choco ran up to me.
    I picked the frightened Choco up.
    Katsuragi: "It's alright.  Don't worry. Because I will save father and mother.
    I'll win the School Festival."
    I murmured this to myself.
    This was no longer just a fight.
    For me, the school festival was a battle with my parent's lives in the
    I definitely wouldn't lose.
    Holding Choco, I gritted my teeth tightly.
    Katsuragi: "...No matter my opponent I will win!"
    Asuka: "Ah, she came!"
    Kasuragi: "...Haa, haa! Sorry!"
    Yagyu: "Where did you go?"
    Hibari: "We were worried."
    Ikaruga: "...Katsuragi.  Are you alright?"
    Katsuragi: "Eh, what?"
    Ikaruga: "Your face is an unhealthy colour..."
    Katsuragi: "Don't worry, don't worry!"
    Katsuragi: "More than this, soon it will be time for the School Festival.
    Let's go."
    Asuka: "Yeah."
    Asuka: "Everyone, be firm."
    Asuka: "I don't know what kind of opponent, but we can do it. Because just 
    like when we fought with Hebijo, we survived just fine."
    Asuka: "Right, each go to the appointed place. With a cheerful face, let's 
    meet here!"
    Ikaruga: "Yes!"
    Hibari: "Yeah!"
    Yagyu: "Uh-huh!"
    Katsuragi: "...I won't lose.  Really."
    Kasuragi: "Anyway, there's no choice but to win. For father and mother..."
    Katsuragi: "Until a good contest is finshed I can't say sweet things. Just 
    this time if I don't win it has no meaning."
    Yozakura: "Thank you for waiting."
    Katsuragi: "Are you my opponent?"
    Yozakura: "That's right.  My name is Yozakura."
    Katsuragi: "You seem to be a rather meek child."
    Yozakura: "Yeah. But, that's only how things look."
    Yozakura: "If we fight you will understand. Whether I am meek or not."
    Katsuragi: "That's just fine."
    Katsuragi: "Since if you're that kind of guy, I cannot bear to kick you."
    Yozakura: "Kick? You use your feet to fight?"
    Yozakura: "What is this shamelessness. If you're a woman, to fight with
    beautiful elegance, I only want to use my fist."
    Katsuragi: "Your weapon is your fist."
    Katsuragi: "Good. My leg and your fist, a contest to see which is stronger!"
    Katsuragi: "Haa...haa..."
    Katsuragi: "A win is a win but...I was also quite damaged."
    Yozakura: "What is it? Are you not going to give me the finishing blow?"
    Katsuragi: "...Finishing blow?"
    Yozakura: "A shinobi is victorious and she takes a life. While I'm still
    living, the match is not over yet."
    Katsuragi: "...Kuh. Take a life...Me..."
    Yozakura: "You don't want to grasp victory in your hand?"
    Katsuragi: "That's not it! I really won't lose!"
    Yozakura: "If so, then kill me. Sympathy is useless."
    Katsuragi: "...I, I can't."
    Katsuragi: "...I can't do it."
    Yozakura: "I see.  Is it like that? I thought it seemed strange."
    Yozakura: "Your attack didn't seem to be intended to kill. Rather than a 
    duel, it is totally a sport."
    Yozakura: "You pretend it is done on purpose, but I thought that it probes
    your true feelings..."
    Yozakura: "Your heart, you closed out completely."
    Yozakura: "Do it properly. A shinobi without resolve is not a shinobi. You are
    a shinobi failure."
    Katsuragi: "Huh!"
    Yozakura: "This match, it's good you beat me, right."
    Katsuragi: "F, fool! I won't lose!"
    Yozakura: "It will be the same as this no matter how many times it's done. 
    Stop it already."
    Yozakura: "When next we fight...please decide to be properly resolved."
    Yozakura: "Be prepared to kill your opponent."
    Yozakura: So, until then.  See you."
    Katsuragi: "Shit...I am...I am..."
    22.02 Pretend shinobi
    It's scary...What kind of kid is Hibari's opponent...? (Hibari)
    Hibari: "Is it alright if I wait here?"
    Hibari: "Uwah...I wonder what kind of person Hibari's opponent is?"
    Minori: "Sneak sneak...sneak sneak sneak..."
    Minori: "Touch!"
    Hibari: "Wah!"
    Minori: "OK! Next Hibarichan is It!"
    Hibari: "Wh, who are you?"
    Minori: "Who...I'm Minori. Hibarichan, don't you know about Minori?"
    Hibari: "Eh? We met somewhere?"
    Minori: "Minori is angry! What to do. In a huff like this."
    Hibari: "S, sorry!"
    Minori: "Hibarichan is a child that can't be helped! So then, you can't
    contest with Minori!"
    Hibari: "...Contest? You mean, surely Minorichan is a Gessen shinobi?"
    Minori: "That's right!"
    Hibari: "...If so, this is our first meeting..."
    Minori: "Ha ha ha ha! That's right! That's why Hibarichan doesn't know about
    Minori: "Minori made a big blunder. Careless, careless."
    Minori: "Sorry, Hibarichan! With that said, nice to meet you, I'm Minori."
    Hibari: "N, nice to meet you."
    Minori: "Right, Hibarichan, shall we play together! Hide and seek is good for
    Hibari: "H, huh?"
    Hibari: "...Hibari and Minorichan should fight now, right?"
    Minori: "Fight? Ah, you want to play pretend shinobi?"
    Hibari: "P, pretend shinobi?"
    Minori: "OK! Let's play lots as pretend shinobi!"
    Minori: "Ah.  But, Hibarichan."
    Hibari: "W, what?"
    Minori: "Minori won't lose at pretend shinobi!"
    Hibari: "...Haa...haa...It took a lot out of me but...somehow I won."
    Minori: "Ha ha ha ha! That was fun! Right, what shall we play next?"
    Hibari: "Eeh? You should be defeated...why?"
    Minori: "You ask why...because we were playing pretend, right?"
    Minori: "Since this was the first time playing with Hibarichan, Minori played
    the role of the loser..."
    Hibari: "Role of loser? That is..."
    Minori: "Right, next is hide and seek! Hibarichan is the seeker!"
    Minori: "OK, Minori will hide!"
    Hibari: "..."
    Hibari: "...I don't particularly have to go and search."
    22.03 High-spirited gal
    I do not mind which opponent...I will knock them down mercilessly! (Yagyu)
    Yagyu: "...Late. My opponent still hasn't come?"
    Shiki: "Sorry sorry! A phone call to my friend dragged on a little long."
    Shiki: "See, Anna talks for a long time? But she's a good guy so it's
    impossible to ignore her."
    Shiki: "It can't be helped since she said it would only be five minutes but
    somehow we talked for 30 minutes."
    Yagyu: "...You are my opponent?"
    Shiki: "Wah. So uptight! You're young so you should be more high-spirited."
    Yagyu: "High-spirited? I'm nothing like as high as you."
    Shiki: "Ha ha ha, bravo. Yagyuchin is like that style of acting."
    Shiki: "I'm Shiki, nice to meetcha."
    Yagyu: "..."
    Shiki: "I got it, I got it. Shizue is also your type. Usually she's quiet, but
    once in a while she makes a gag."
    Shiki: "But that's super-impressive. Ah, next time I'll introduce you to 
    Shizue. I think you'll get on perfectly."
    Yagyu: "...Enough chat. Let's hurry up and start."
    Shiki: "It's fine to do it but. I'm not particularly interested in what
    happens to this school."
    Shiki: "I mean, Isn't your eyepatch super-cute?"
    Yagyu: "...This eyepatch is cute?"
    Shiki: "Ok, if I win, give me that eyepatch."
    Yagyu: "You fool. I won't let you lay even one finger on it."
    Shiki: "Oh.  Is that eyepatch something important?"
    Shiki: "If so, I want it extra-badly."
    Yagyu: "If so let's have a match. At any event, I really won't lose."
    Shiki: "Right, I'm coming in high-spirits!"
    Yagyu: "Kah..."
    Yagyu: "A win is a win but...Can I go on like this..."
    Yagyu: "If I felt that guy hadn't lost her focus midway, it might have been
    Shiki: "...I mean.  Why the eyepatch?"
    Yagyu: "Huh?"
    Yagyu: "My attack had no effect?"
    Shiki: "Yagyuchin's eye is not bad, right. If so, why the eyepatch?"
    Yagyu: "...It's not your business."
    Shiki: "Hmmm. Somehow I'm concerned by it."
    Shiki: "Well, that's all for today.  Later, I promised to eat pasta with 
    Shiki: "Ah, will you come too, Yagyuchin? I can introduce you to Shizue."
    Shiki: "But, it's no good. You're wounded pretty deeply."
    Shiki: "Right, I'm going.  See you next time."
    Yagyu: "...Shit. That guy."
    22.04 Double personaliy daughter
    That daughter of the Great Wolf Conglomerate...Why do the School Festival...
    Murakumo: "...Ikaruga."
    Ikaruga: "As I thought, my opponent is you."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "Why is the daughter of the Great Wold Conglomerate a shinobi?"
    Murakumo: "..."
    Ikaruga: "It seems if you don't remove your mask you can't talk, right."
    Ikaruga: "In that case, only removing it revives you!"
    Murakumo: "Now is normal..."
    Ikaruga: "A contest!"
    Ikaruga: "Haa...haa..."
    Ikaruga: "...You're strong.  I barely managed to remove your mask."
    Ikaruga: "But at last now we can talk."
    Murakumo: "If you somehow talk to me my mouth becomes useless, so won't you 
    let me take my leave? Here also don't look at me."
    Ikaruga: "...Murakumo. Why are you, the daughter of the Great Wolf
    Conglomerate, a shinobi?"
    Murakumo: "You say that, but aren't you also the shinobi daughter of the
    Phoenix Conglomerate? I'm only the same."
    Murakumo: "In other words, I'm just employed as a shinobi by the Great Wolf
    Conglomerate.  If you think about it a little you should understand. Are you
    stupid, idiot?"
    Ikaruga: "A, anyway, let's talk calmly."
    Ikaruga: "If so, why do you carry such hostility towards me?"
    Murakumo: "That's a secret I can't say. When that kind of grudge comes out of
    your mouth it is instantly weakened. I can't give up holding on to it
    Ikaruga: "Grudge? You have a grudge towards me?"
    Ikaruga: "Perhaps...Is it caused by the antagonism between Phoenix
    Conglomerate and Great Wolf Conglomerate?"
    Murakumo: "Oh, You zero in on a good point. Someone is pretty near the mark.
    But, you didn't hit the truth."
    Ikaruga: "You and I are both now shinobi. Do you think our parents' dispute is
    Murakumo: "So, didn't I say that you were near the mark? Do you listen 
    properly to a person's talking? You."
    Ikaruga: "Eh?"
    Murakumo: "More than this, debating with me has no purpose."
    Murakumo: "...Farewell."
    Ikaruga: "Has she gone? In the end, the reason for her hostility to me is
    Ikaruga: "At any rate...if the fighting continues like this I will suffer
    Ikaruga: "It has been a long time since I've born wounds like this.
    ...Is everyone alright?"
    22.05 School Festival baptism
    I will protect everyone...I really won't lose! (Asuka)
    Asuka: "It seems all the others have already fought. If I also fail to defend
    the shinobi barrier..."
    Ikaruga: "Asuka."
    Katsuragi: "Asuka."
    Asuka: "Ikaruga and Katsu-ne! You two are safe!"
    Ikaruga: "...Yeah, somehow we could defend it."
    Katsuragi: "But, honestly, it was...hard."
    Asuka: "Katsu-ne! Ikaruga!"
    Yagyu: "...Asuka."
    Hibari: "Asukachan..."
    Asuka: "Yagyuchan! Hibarichan!"
    Asuka: "Everyone is seriously injured. I should take them along to the
    infirmary quickly!"
    Yumi: "Where are you going?"
    Asuka: "Y, you're!?"
    Yumi: "Shijuku Gessen Girl's School leader, Yumi."
    Yumi: "Were you running from our fight?"
    Asuka: "That's wrong! I just wanted to take everyone to the infirmary soon!"
    Yumi: "Someone helps even if injured on the battlefield...Do Hanzo students
    always fight with such wishful thinking?"
    Asuka: "Huh?"
    Yumi: "If you run off to take your friends from here, I will only cut you down
    from behind."
    Yumi: "Protecting your comrades is sweet, but your school will become lost."
    Asuka: "...Still...I don't want everyone to die."
    Yumi: "...You, until now what have you learned?"
    Asuka: "Wh, what did you say..."
    Yumi: "It seems you know nothing about the shinobi's way of life. With such a
    low degree person, I feel a fight doesn't occur."
    Yumi: "You should be enough for my men. Go, you lot."
    Asuka: "I will try to protect everyone! Asuka, I endure the dance for 
    Asuka: "Haa, haa. Quickly...everyone to the sick room..."
    Yumi: "Is this the legendary shinobi Hanzo's grandchild? Honestly, I cannot
    hide my disappointment."
    Asuka: "Yumichan...move aside."
    Yumi: "And if I don't?"
    Asuka: "Listen up, move!"
    Asuka: "Because everyone and I together will become fine Good ninja!"
    Asuka: "So, I won't let everyone die here!"
    Yumi: "...Evidently it seems that you are still hiding some power...But, 
    that power, do you only use it for your friends?"
    Yumi: "If so, that power has no meaning for a shinobi."
    Asuka: "That's not true!"
    Asuka: "I learned from Grandpa!"
    Asuka: "What you call power is only a sword and shield!"
    Asuka: "There is also power to protect people! It's not only a sword! Power
    is also a shield!"
    Yumi: "Huh. I cannot bear to hear such simplicity."
    Asuka: "What did you say!"
    Yumi: "It's not correct power. You've argued the theory, but power is not only
    for evil intent."
    Yumi: "Just, if you have power you can control everything. ...I want to show
    him one way or another."
    Asuka: "Want to show him?"
    Yumi: "..."
    Yumi: "Well, it's about all for today, I'm looking forward to setting aside
    the occasion next time."
    Asuka: "Eh?"
    Yumi: "I have become interested in your own power. I would like to check
    it's not related to your friends, this power."
    Yumi: "Well, I encourage you to prepare your physical condition until next
    time we fight..."
    Asuka: "...Somehow...she helped me."
    Asuka: "Everyone, now, I'll take you along to the sick room."
    23.01 Breaking in, Gessen school building
    Somehow we survived Gessen's assault but next it's our turn... (Asuka)
    Asuka: "Kirya-sensei, how is everyone's condition?"
    Kirya-sensei: "Their wounds were surprisingly deep. They still need to rest a
    little while."
    Asuka: "I see."
    Kirya-sensei: "...Asuka, I think you understand..."
    Asuka: "Yes, since we survived Gessen's assault, next time it's our turn to 
    Asuka: "As a part of all of us I will do my best."
    Kirya-sensei: "However, you are also in a wounded condition. If you enter 
    Gessen alone, without a doubt the tables will be turned on you..."
    Asuka: "But, if I don't go, it will become Gessen's turn to attack again."
    Asuka: "If we are attacked now, even though it's impossible, everyone will 
    surely fight."
    Asuka: "If that happens...everyone's life will..."
    Asuka: "So I will fight."
    Asuka: "I think I can't defeat all five of them, but I should be able to buy 
    everyone time to recover."
    Kirya-sensei: "...I see."
    Kirya-sensei: "I understand.  If so, I won't stop you."
    Kirya-sensei: "Only, make one promise."
    Asuka: "I understand."
    Asuka: "I won't die.  I really won't die."
    Kirya-sensei: "Until you have mastered the path of the shinobi..."
    Asuka: "Yes!"
    Kirya-sensei: "Ok, Asuka! Go!"
    Asuka: "Yes! Kirya-sensei, please take care of everyone!"
    Asuka: "Haa...haa...This is Gessen Girl's school..."
    Shiki: "Oh? Asukachin is alone?"
    Shiki: "Well, as I thought, with those injuries it's impossible for 
    Shiki: "But, Asukachin is also hurt.  Like that there's  no way for you to win
    against me."
    Asuka: "...No-one knows who will win the bout!"
    Shiki: "Ah, Asukachin is the type who tries her best when alone. That's great!
    I really respect that."
    Shiki: "But, by doing nothing it's impossible to finish this. I'll kill you
    Asuka: "I won't lose. For everyone, I won't lose!"
    Shiki: "OK, OK.  It's over, it's over, it's over."
    Shiki: "The fight is up to here."
    Asuka: "...Why?"
    Shiki: "Because it's boring.  Asukachin is too exhausted."
    Shiki: "I mean to be frank, it would be too easy to kill you."
    Asuka: "I, I can still fight."
    Shiki: "No way, no way, just no way."
    Shiki: "I mean..."
    Shiki: "Ah, sorry.  That's my phone."
    Shiki: "Hello? Ah, Yaeko. Yeah, yeah. What's that? Super-great."
    Shiki: "It's fine, it's fine.  I'm super-free so I'll come soon."
    Asuka: "...She left."
    Asuka: "The shinobi barrier also disappeared...For now, I seem to have won."
    Asuka: "Haa, haa, haa.  I was a little intense...but if I don't go on to the
    next shinobi barrier..."
    23.02 Even in place of life
    I've gotta do for Hanzo Academy...Everyone's school is... (Asuka)
    Asuka: "My next opponent is you, right."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Asuka: "Haa, haa.  It's a bout."
    Murakumo: "It's pointless."
    Asuka: "Huh?"
    Murakumo: "You are injured. You can't win against me."
    Asuka: "...No-one knows who will win!"
    Murakumo: "A reckless death. A worthless death."
    Murakumo: "As a shinobi, as a person. You should be ashamed."
    Asuka: "...I won't lose! ...Like hell will I lose!"
    Asuka: "Haa, haa."
    Asuka: "...It's no good. My body...won't move anymore."
    Murakumo: "It's very natural.  I have little sympathy."
    Asuka: "Everyone...I'm sorry.  I couldn't earn you more time..."
    Murakumo: "Those words, those thoughts, won't be delivered. ...Die."
    Ikaruga: "Wait!"
    Murakumo: "Eh!?"
    Ikaruga: "Asuka! Are you alright?"
    Asuka: "Ikaruga?"
    Ikaruga: "I heard the story from Kirya-sensei."
    Katsuragi: "Asuka, let's be frank! It's not cool to be rash alone!"
    Hibari: "That's right! We always do it together!"
    Asuka: "Everyone...Are your bodies already OK?"
    Yagyu: "More than us, worry about yourself."
    Asuka: "Y, yeah.  I'm a little hurt but OK."
    Katsuragi: "Really. You are too serious. You should trust in your seniors and
    juniors more!"
    Hibari: "That's right! That's right!"
    Katsuragi: "Trust can be massaged.  Grope grope! Grope grope!"
    Hibari: "Grope grope! Grope grope!"
    Yagyu: "Hibari, you have been influenced by Katsuragi."
    Asuka: "...That's right. Everyone, I'm sorry. I was just impatient..."
    Yagyu: "It's good you understand.  A more important problem is here."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Katsuragi: "Even if I say, we have only just fully recovered. Well, what about
    Murakumo: "Pl...pl...pl..."
    Yagyu: "Come on!"
    Murakumo: "Please don't look! Such a crowd of people looking at my face...No 
    way, it's embarrassing! No more! Impossible!"
    Hibari: "Eh?"
    Katsuragi: "Embarrassing? Being watched?"
    Katsuragi: "Hee hee hee hee. Here, it's the turn of the old man."
    Katsuragi: "Here and there, I will look at all of your places."
    Murakumo: "N, no! Please don't come! Please don't touch! Please don't smell!"
    Katsuragi: "Hee hee hee hee hee."
    Murakumo: "N, no more!"
    Hibari: "Ah. She ran away."
    Katsuragi: "Did you see? My sexual harrassment hell!"
    Yagyu: "...It was nasty."
    Ikaruga: "B, but, at any rate, it seems the crisis is averted, right."
    Hibari: "So, let's return to Hanzo Academy."
    Katsuragi: "That's right. Let's go home and have a bath!"
    Katsuragi: "The best place to heal tiredness or injury is Hanzo Academy
    Hibari: "Yeah! Bath, bath!"
    Ikaruga: "Asuka, you did your best.  You can return to Hanzo Academy proud."
    Asuka: "Yes!"
    Asuka: "Ahhhh...That feels good."
    Katsuragi: "As I thought, a bath is good. Uh, ah, ah, ahhhh!"
    Ikaruga: "...Katsuragi, please don't make such strange sounds."
    Katsuragi: "It's alright like this. Uh, ah, ah...ahhh!"
    Hibari: "But, everyone having a bath is of course nice."
    Katsuragi: "Since we still have to continue the School Festival. Spending 
    quality time together naked will raise our teamwork!"
    Yagyu: "Hibari, the water here is tepid.  Since it's warmer, you should come 
    to me."
    Hibari: "Yeah! Thanks Yagyuchan."
    Katsuragi: "Ahh.  Nevertheless, that mountain, this mountain. The view is
    Katsuragi: "Oh? Ikaruga, haven't you become bigger again?"
    Ikaruga: "Huh? Eh? W, what is that? What do you mean?"
    Katsuragi: "What I mean is the same as usual. Hee hee hee hee."
    Katsuragi: "I'll just confirm it.  Let me see now..."
    Ikaruga: "S, stop it please! Everyone is watching!"
    Katsuragi: "If so, let's confirm it somewhere no-one can see."
    Ikaruga: "Th, that's not what I mean!"
    Asuka: "Enough, Katsu-ne. The bath is for relaxing."
    Yagyu: "See, Hibari.  I have a rubber duck. You can play with it."
    Hibari: "Ah, Mr Duck! Quack quack quack!"
    Katsuragi: "OK! That's just enough of being hot! Let's wash everyone's backs!"
    Ikaruga: "Washing? But I feel a little embarrassed..."
    Katsuragi: "Why are you bashful, Ikaruga? The best way to raise teamwork is by
    washing backs."
    Katsuragi: "Right, everyone make a circle!"
    Hibari: "Wow! Washing, washing!"
    Yagyu: "Hibari, I prepared an elephant bath set.  I shall wash your back with 
    Katsuragi: "Right, is everyone ready?" Yeah! Scrub the back! Scrub it 
    Ikaruga: "S, scrub the back! Scrub it cleanly! Hee hee, is this alright?"
    Yagyu: "Scrub Hibari! Scrub her cleanly!"
    Hibari: "Tee hee hee! The bubbles are fluffy. They're like cotton."
    Katsuragi: "OK, turn around, next is the opposite person."
    Asuka: "Scrub the back! Scrub it cleanly! It's somehow fun!"
    Katsuragi: "Isn't it?"
    Katsruagi: "From now on the fights will get more and more serious. You should
    put your weight into your comrade's back."
    Katsuragi: "So wash your comrade's back with clean diligence!"
    Ikaruga: "I see.  That's right!"
    Asuka: "Hee hee hee hee! Ikaruga, that tickles!"
    Ikaruga: "It's no good if you move, Asuka. Because I have to wash until all 
    your nooks are clean."
    Asuka: "N, no more...I can't bear it anymore! Ahahahahaha!"
    Ikaruga: "Ah, please wait! Don't run away, Asuka!"
    ???: "That's right! Don't run away, Asuka!"
    Asuka: "Huh?  That voice is?"
    Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened violently.
    The harmonious atmosphere froze.
    Wih a towel wrapped around his waist, into the bathroom entered my grandpa.
    Hanzo: "Long time no see, Asuka!"
    Asuka: "Grandpa!"
    Katsuragi: "Peeping again! You perverted old man!"
    Katsu-ne and the others picked up the bath buckets and threw them.
    However, with magnificant poise, grandpa easily evaded them.
    At last there were no more bath buckets lying around.
    Ikaruga: "There are no more things to throw!"
    Yagyu: "What a monster."
    Ikaruga and Yagyu's faces showed disbelief.
    No wonder.
    My grandpa is the legendary shinobi named "Hanzo".
    The origin of the name of Hanzo Academy is also my granpa's shinobi name.
    Hanzo: "Everyone, calm down!"
    Grandpa said this with a serious face.
    Asuka: "Under these circumstances, how can we calm down!"
    Hanzo: "I only thought to invite you all for some sushi."
    From the time he was a legendary shinobi, grandpa also had a sideline of a 
    sushi restaurant.
    After his retirement he is passing his remaining time quietly as a sushi chef.
    Hanzo: "This season's toppings are in. I'm treating you."
    So saying, grandpa laughed with a grin.
    Ikaruga: "I'm happy that you're treating us but...if so, do you need to enter 
    the bathroom with just a towel..."
    Hanzo: "Anyway.  It's seaweed. Well, it's prepared at my shop. Gahahahaha!"
    Laughing, grandpa left.
    We came out of the bath and headed towards grandpa's sushi restaurant.
    The taste of the sushi is sure, but the media have never picked up on that
    The store was located in a small deserted shopping centre.
    The management appeared to be strict, but thanks to regular customers somehow
    it seemed to stay viable.
    Asuka: "Thanks."
    Passing through the shop entrance curtain, the lovely aroma of vinegar and 
    grandpa's whole smiling face greeted them.
    Hanzo: "Well sit, sit. You have a reservation this evening."
    Everyone sat at the counter like he said.
    Hanzo: "Right, what should I make. Codfish, cold amberjack, red snapper, 
    flounder...All of them are jumping around just like you girls."
    Asuka: "Hmmm, well I'll have...rolled sushi!"
    At my words grandpa fell off his chair.
    Hanzo: "Even though I said this season's toppings..."
    Despite saying that, the taste of grandpa's rolled sushi is exceptional.
    I couldn't help but order it.
    Ikaruga: "Well, first is rolled sushi. After that, shall we leave it up to
    Mr. Hanzo?"
    Hibari: "I agree!"
    To Ikaruga's suggestion Hibari raised both hands in approval.
    Even while frowning, grandpa was making rolled sushi with his superb hands.
    5 people: "Bon appetit!"
    All together the five of us stuffed our cheeks with rolled sushi.
    Asuka: "Mmmmm...delicious!"
    Hibari: "Yum!"
    Yagyu: "As expected."
    Ikaruga: "Truely!"
    Katsuragi: "As I thought, sushi made by a legendary shinobi is different!"
    Every mouth expressed their thoughts.
    Looking down out the corner of his eye grandpa pressed the sushi.
    If I think about it, recently I haven't come to grandpa's sushi restaurant.
    The last time I came here was about half a year ago.
    The reason I came at that time was I was together with Homurachan.
    Homurachan was from Hiritsu Hebijo Academy...
    A female student of the Evil ninja school nicknamed "Hebijo".
    The five from Homurachan's Hebijo group and us were in the middle of unfolding
    a life-or-death battle.
    Hanzo: "OK! Thanks for waiting!"
    As we finished eating the rolled sushi, Grandpa lined up rice balls in front
    of us.
    Asuka: "Hey, grandpa. Do you remember? About half a year ago, I came here
    together with Homurachan."
    Hanzo: "Oh, that big breasted black-haired girl."
    Asuka: "Homurachan was an Evil ninja student, so why were you nice to her?"
    At my words, grandpa moved his eyebrows a little.
    Hanzo: "Good ninja and Evil ninja are two sides of the same coin. If you look
    close enough they're the same. There's no difference."
    Grandpa finished serving the pickled ginger and, wiping his fingers, spoke.
    Hanzo: "...Asuka. Power must be in a pair of sword and shield. Do you remember
    me saying this?"
    Asuka: "Y, yeah..."
    Since I was little I was good at fighting, sending misbehaving men flying one
    after another.
    From that time I wanted to become a Good ninja.
    I thought I was doing the right thing myself.
    Like that. one day I was told by grandpa.
    Hanzo: "Your power is only a sword. What is called power, if it isn't both a 
    sword and a shield it's no good."
    I know that a sword is power.
    But why is a shield power?
    At that time I didn't understand that.
    Just about half a year ago I feel that I saw a little of that meaning.
    What gave me an opportunity of understanding was that shinobi student called
    On the way home after eating sushi, unexpectedly Homurachan murmured.
    Homura: "During your grandpa's period of active duty, with no connection to
    danger or safety, if it was for his comrades he seemed to want to attack in
    the vanguard. It's a strange tale, isn't it?"
    It was as if Homurachan was speaking to someone.
    It can be seen as an analogy to Japanese chess.
    Using a strong piece as the spearhead is a strange way of fighting.
    Homura: "Even though he had overwhelming strength, he was always injured. He
    demanded no reward. Since he fought only to protect his comrades."
    Asuka: "...That is, sword and shield..."
    When my voice leaked out unintentionally, Homurachan gave a little laugh.
    As I was remembering about Homurachan, grandpa sat down on the stool.
    Hanzo: "...May I tell you an old tale a little?"
    We looked at each other in surprise.
    This was the first time we had heard an old tale of grandpa's.
    Asuka: "...Sure.  Please."
    Hanzo: "Once, I also had a close friend who was a shinobi. He was a superb, 
    pure Good ninja...no, that is to say he was too pure."
    Katsuragi: "Too much, what do you mean?"
    Katsu-ne asked with her head inclined.
    Hanzo: "What should a Good ninja be? As a result of thinking about that, he 
    ended up with a narrow view..."
    Granpa said this with a far-away, lonely look in his eyes.
    Until now I had never seen grandpa with such an expression.
    Hanzo: "In the world for sure exists both light and darkness.  That's what I 
    think. However, he sought to completely destroy darkness in the world. 
    If darkness and evil ceases to exist, we will lose our way in a narrow-minded
    Grandpa let out a deep sigh.
    He became aware we were listening to his story.
    Hanzo: "Even I seemed to be evil to him. It was the straw that broke the
    camel's back. In pursuing good, he had become evil. It's a story I can't
    laugh off."
    Ikaruga: "What became of that person and Mr. Hanzo?"
    As Ikaruga asked this, grandpa shook his head.
    Hanzo: "...There was nothing to do but separate."
    Asuka: "You think that we need to have evil in the world?"
    Hanzo: "What do you think?"
    The thought of Homurachan floated into my mind.
    Homurachan is an Evil ninja, but for me I need her to exist.
    Asuka: "...I think bad things are wrong, but I think we need darkness in the
    world. Because if we deny darkness, there would be no need for shinobi..."
    At my words everyone nodded, and a small smile appeared in grandpa's face.
    Asuka: "...But, why? You suddenly told us this old tale."
    Hanzo: "You will understand gradually."
    Asuka: "You say gradually...what do you mean?"
    However much we asked, grandpa wouldn't say more than that.
    Asuka: "Well, grandpa, thank you for the meal. We'll come again."
    We bowed to grandpa and all stood up from the counter.
    Hanzo: "Ah. You must come again."
    After the sushi restaurant we headed home, and while everyone was talking 
    about the sushi with gusto, I walked alone in silence.
    Why had grandpa told us the tale about his old friend?
    Furthermore, why would we gradually understand the reason?
    As I was walking along thinking, suddenly everyone came to a stop.
    Katsuragi: "A shinobi barrier."
    Ikaruga: "Everyone, please focus."
    Katsuragi and Ikaruga raised their guards simultaneously.
    Asuka: "...But, this is..."
    Someone had raised a shinobi barrier.
    However, that shinobi barrier was not from Gessen.
    Yagyu: "...Be careful. We do not know who it is."
    At Yagyu's words I also strengthened my vigilance.
    It was not just one shinobi barrier.
    For the first time we had encountered five barriers.
    Even though the School Festival with Gessen wasn't finished, was a different
    team of five present?
    Asuka: "Heck, what's going on?"
    I clenched my fists and dropped my waist low.
    23.03 New force, attack
    That guy's a newcomer! Great! It's gonna be fun! (Katsuragi)
    Miyabi: "You guys are Hanzo students..."
    Asuka: "Who!?"
    Miyabi: "Did she and the others lose to these little girls? It seems Hebijo 
    became so weak while I was away."
    Ikaruga: "Hebijo? How are you connected to Hebijo?"
    Imu: "Miyabi, let me kill them. I will soon finish off all 5 at once."
    Miyabi: "Do not lose your head, Imu."
    Miyabi: "It's boring if it's too easy."
    Imu: "Really? That's right, Miyabi."
    Imu: "And shouldn't we relish those Hanzo guys' suffering even more."
    Asuka: "Who the heck are you..."
    Miyabi: "Hanzo shinobi. In the previous fight a pathetic junior student became
    indebted to you."
    Miyabi: "Listen well. We are the real Hebijo select team."
    Asuka: "Huh?"
    Ikaruga: "The real Hebijo select team?"
    Miyabi: "I am the leader, Miyabi."
    Imu: "I am Imu."
    Murasaki: ".............I'm Murasaki. ............Nice to meet you."
    Ryobi: "I'm Ryobi. I'll open a big air-hole in your poor chests."
    Ryona: "Ryobichan! Great! That would really hurt!"
    Ryona: "Ah. Ryonachan also wants an air-hole."
    Miyabi: "To take back the pride that was stolen, we apply...for the School
    Festival with Hanzo!"
    Asuka: "Eh!?"
    Hibari: "Not only Gessen but we also have to fight with Hebijo?"
    Miyabi: "Yeah, that's right. Because the School Festival is like a Battle
    Katsuragi: "I see, I see. If that's so, one school or two schools is all the
    Yagyu: "We'll take on any number of opponents."
    Miyabi: "Huh. Well, don't say after 7 days, shall we have a light Festival
    eve here and now?"
    Miyabi: "Fighting against you with me...Murasaki, how about it? Will you go?"
    Murasaki: "..........I, I want to go back home soon."
    Imu: "Miyabi. If so, I'll do it. I want to fight with Katsuragi a little."
    Katsuragi: "Oh, you nominate me? You've got quite an eye."
    Imu: "Since you somehow beat Hikage you've got carried away."
    Katsuragi: "...What's that? Do you want to say that Hikage is weak?"
    Imu: "Yeah, she's weak. She's so weak I can't say."
    Katsuragi: "That is inexcusable. If Hikage is weak, I am also weak."
    Imu: "Is that wrong?"
    Katsuragi: "Yeah. Hikage is strong. So I also am strong."
    Imu: "Hmmmm. If so, prove it."
    Katsuragi: "How's that! I won!"
    Imu: "Huh. Are you serious?"
    Katsuragi: "Eh? D, damn right. I'm not cutting corners in this bout."
    Imu: "...How disappointing. You are serious."
    Katsuragi: "What is that, what you say. You seem to totally begrudge my
    Imu: "Damn right. Didn't we say this is just the eve of the Festival?"
    Imu: "Why do you fight at your utmost in the pre-production."
    Katsuragi: "Wh, what?"
    Imu: "As I thought, you and Hikage are both nothing special. You're no match
    for me."
    Imu: "I'll tell you one thing. Hikage was always on the run from our 
    Imu: "She's a coward, Hikage is."
    Katsuragi: "That's such a stupid thing to say! She's not the kind of person to
    run away!"
    Imu: "Huh. You stand up for your enemy. Did you become friends through 
    Imu: "...How stupid."
    Katsuragi: "It's not stupid! You know nothing about us!"
    Imu: "Yeah, I know nothing. So what?"
    Imu: "More than that, I think there is something else to worry about."
    Imu: "The girl called Asuka will be killed."
    Imu: "Because even if you cut corners on the eve of the Festival, Miyabi's
    strength is staggering."
    Katsuragi: "Oh?"
    Imu: "If you're worried won't you go and see? Since we're finished here."
    Katsuragi: "Damn, Asuka. Be unharmed."
    23.04 Versus new Hebijo 3 person team
    The new Hebijo Academy...I wonder if we'll hurt each other again? (Asuka)
    Miyabi: "Asuka. My opponent is you."
    Asuka: "You said you're called Miyabi, right. My pleasure!"
    Ryobi: "Eh, Miyabi. That is, but I'm free."
    Ryobi: "Ah, I want to hurt! I want to hurt someone thoroughly!"
    Ryona: "Ryobichan, Ryobichan."
    Ryona: "If so, you can hurt me!"
    Ryona: "Right, hit me, beat me, abuse me! And as a bonus, at the end neglect 
    Ryona: "Even just thinking about it, aaaaaaaah."
    Ryobi: "Shut up, pervert!"
    Ryobi: "I've had enough of hurting you! I want to hear fresh screams!"
    Asuka: "...Ex, excuse me. But I can't quite understand your world."
    Miyabi: "You don't need to understand anything apart from that we're enemies."
    Asuka: "Eh?"
    Miyabi: "Each time you don't understand your enemy you don't fight?"
    Asuka: "That's not it. It's the opposite."
    Miyabi: "Opposite?"
    Asuka: "You can get understanding through fighting. And Homurachan and the
    others too."
    Miyabi: "Well, you can't understand me."
    Asuka: "W, why not?"
    Miyabi: "Because without exception the opponents I fight end up dead."
    Asuka: "...Miyabichan. I won't die."
    Asuka: "Because I haven't mastered the path of the shinobi yet!"
    Asuka: "Th, that's unfair. You interrupted our one-on-one fight."
    Ryobi: "Huh? The exchanges of life are unfair and shit."
    Ryobi: "In the first place, we said you'd die if you lost but since you're
    not ready things like unfair words come out."
    Ryobi: "Sweet-chan! Dishonored shinobi! Greenhorn! Hypocrite! You swine! 
    Lick my feet!"
    Ryona: "Oooooh! Ryobichan, great!"
    Ryona: "Give me! Give me vicious insults too!"
    Miyabi: "...At all events. Asuka, I understand your sweetness well."
    Miyabi: "I have to say it was Hebijo's disgrace for Homura to lose to the
    likes of you."
    Asuka: "...Now, what did you say?"
    Miyabi: "I say again and again. You and Homura are disqualified shinobi
    Asuka: "It's ok to say bad things to me. But don't put down Homura!"
    Miyabi: "It is unpleasant each time. False friends gloss over weakness."
    Asuka: "We're not false friends! I and Homura are..."
    Miyabi: "Do you say that you are each other's greatest rival? How trifling. 
    Truely trifling."
    Miyabi: "What kind of shinobi do you two think you are? Haven't you seen too
    many sports comics?"
    Asuka: "That's not what I meant..."
    Miyabi: "I was thinking about not taking your life today but ...I changed my
    Miyabi: "The fact is that shinobi are fraught with death, it's good that you
    learn this the hard way."
    Asuka: "...Shit! I still remain damaged..."
    Miyabi: "For shinobi weakness is a sin! Such a sin is redeemed by death!"
    Asuka: "It's no good. I'm beaten."
    Miyabi: "You're finished!"
    Miyabi: "What?"
    Asuka: "Eh!?"
    Homura: "What are you doing? Big-breasted girl!"
    Asuka: "H...Homurachan!"
    Homura: "Asuka! You can't lose to anyone except me!"
    Asuka: "Y, yeah!"
    Asuka: "...I mean, no, no! I won't lose to Homurachan!"
    Homura: "Huh. That's the Asuka I know."
    Miyabi: "...Homura. Helping Good ninja...have you thrown away the pride of
    Homura: "Huh. Don't make me laugh. Hebijo's pride is not so cheesy."
    Haruka: "That's right. The pride of Evil is not lost by getting along with
    Good ninja."
    Mirai: "Because it's good for Evil to be free! To go and assume it isn't is
    just ridiculous!"
    Yomi: "I don't have bean sprouts to feed people with such hard heads."
    Hikage: "The new select team seems to be guys who get annoyed alot. If I can
    say so, you should repress those feelings."
    Asuka: "E, everyone! It's great you're all fine!"
    Miyabi: "...These runaway shinobi."
    Homura: "Right, here all five of us are present, I'll declare it in a loud 
    Homura: "My Homura's Crimson squad apply for the School Festival with Hiritsu
    Hebijo Academy!"
    Asuka: "Eeeh!?"
    Asuka: "You mean, Hebijo versus Hebijo?"
    Homura: "Even though we're ex-ninjas, we have the soul of Hebijo. I'll prove
    Miyabi: "...Very good. I accept your challenge. We'll postpone Hanzo, and cut
    off the heads of the ex-ninja."
    Asuka: "...Homurachan, surely you helped us?"
    Asuka: "Because as we are, both Gessen and Hebijo didn't become our 
    Homura: "You guessed wrong, Asuka."
    Homura: "I only kick aside the guys in the way of us becoming the strongest.
    If we beat Miyabi's group, our next opponents are...Asuka, it's you!"
    Asuka: "...Yeah, I got it. This is precisely the Homurachan I know."
    24.01 Absolute Secret ninja master training
    Following Gessen, until Hebijo...I must teach them new power. (Kirya)
    Kirya: "...Homura, it's good you came."
    Homura: "Not particularly.  I told Asuka the reason I helped her."
    Homura: "Losing to the Gessen guys and the others, our pride is wounded."
    Kirya: "...Is the life of an ex-ninja very tough?"
    Homura: "Huh.  Compared to the hard training received from Suzune-sensei when
    we were at Hebijo, it's not."
    Kirya: "...Suzune? Is she your teacher?"
    Homura: "Yeah. A woman who boasts that forgiveness and mercy is not in her
    dictionary. Compared with Suzune-sensei's strict training, being an ex-ninja
    is nothing."
    Kirya: "...Forgiveness and mercy is not in her dictionary..."
    Kirya: "If only I had been so strict long ago..."
    Daidouji senior: "...So strict, why?"
    Kirya: "...Daidouji."
    Homura: "Y, you, what are you? A Hanzo sudent?"
    Daidouji senior: "Ex-ninja Homura. The one who I wish to have a bout against
    some day."
    Homura: "O, oh. As you wish."
    Daidouji senior: "...Even so, it's about time."
    Kirya: "Yes. Always I remember this time."
    Daidouji senior: "...Worry is useless. No-one is dead."
    Kirya: "Eh?"
    Daidouji senior: "Rin is not dead."
    Daidouji senior: "Kirya, Rin will come back for sure."
    Rin...Even now, everytime I hear that name, my heart is stirred.
    Rin was the first student I taught. 
    To say her age, she is one year senior to Daidouji.
    She didn't have enormous talent, but her never-give-up attitude and motivation
    was stronger than others, and her dream was to become a Super Ninja and bring 
    peace to the world...
    She was a girl with masses of brightness and energy.
    After school, Rin and Daidouji were often partners.
    Like cats with a good relationship messing around, on rainy days and windy 
    days their fists crossed.
    Power, speed, technique.
    The junior Daidouji overwhelmed in all aspects, but always the conclusion 
    wasn't settled properly.
    Why is this?
    Because Rin never said, "I am defeated."
    Usually, the sparring ended with Daidouji running out of patience.
    Rin: "Daidouji, what is it? Are you finished already!"
    The damaged Rin said this happily, and the sweating Daidouji grinned.
    Daidouji: "It's a truce for a while."
    As if to give respect for a good fight, the two of them stood up lending a 
    shoulder to each other.
    In the evening I saw them many times like that.
    Daidouji: "One day I will make you admit defeat."
    Rin: "No way, no way. Making me admit defeat will be more difficult than the
    final graduation exam."
    Daidouji: "If so, that will be my final graduation exam."
    The final graduation exam will be to make Rin say, "I am defeated."
    Daidouji set that objective within herself.
    However, that final graduation exam was never realized.
    Rin was killed soon after graduating from Hanzo Academy.
    It was the result of volunteering for a dangerous mission.
    In truth she should have failed the final graduation exam.
    However, since it was just a small mistake, I allowed her to pass.
    In response to the report of Rin's death, I couldn't help crying.
    In other words, Rin's death was my fault.
    Because I was moved by emotion, Rin was killed.
    Soon the time for the final graduation exam drew near, and Daidouji stood in 
    the schoolyard like a statue guarding a temple.
    Of course, it was in order to settle things with Rin.
    In a storm of falling flowers, Daidouji waited for Rin.
    For years she would continue to wait for Rin who would never come.
    And so Daidouji would remain a third year student forever.
    Kirya: "Daidouji."
    Daidouji: "What?"
    Kirya: "I will not commit another mistake."
    So saying, I turned face-to-face with Homura.
    Kirya: "Homura, I have a request."
    Homura: "A request? A Hanzo teacher has a request..."
    Before Homura could finish her words, I fell to the ground on my knees.
    And then, I pressed my palms and forehead to the ground.
    Homura: "What is that behaviour? Kneeling down on the ground."
    Homura's surprised voice came to my ears.
    Kirya: "I beg you! Lend Asuka and the others your strength for disciplined
    I wore out my forehead kneeling on the ground.
    My pride didn't matter.
    No matter what Asuka and the others wouldn't die.
    I could only do that with the co-operation of Homura and her gang.
    Kirya: "Everyone, listen. The fights until now have shown us the level of 
    Asuka: "...Yes."
    Kirya: "From now on, since the School Festival wasn't decided by the attack
    on the school, it will be settled at last by a final showdown on the battle
    Ikaruga: "But...to be frank, as we are now the odds of us winning..."
    Kirya: "Certainly that may be so."
    Kirya: "Therefore, this. You will learn the Absolute Secret ninja technique."
    Ikaruga: "Absolute Secret ninja technique?"
    Kirya: "An ultimate ninja technique a grade further than the secret ninja
    technique...This is the Absolute Secret ninja technique. You will force this 
    power sleeping inside you to come out through physical labour."
    Asuka: "This sleeping power to come out...Certainly if we can learn this ninja
    Hibari: "The odds for Hibari and us increase."
    Asuka: "Kirya-sensei! Please train us in the Absolute Secret ninja
    Kirya: "No, it is said the Absolute Secret ninja technique can only be born
    thorugh an intense conflict with an opposite force."
    Asuka: "An opposite force?"
    Homura: "Good and Evil. Light and darkness. Ying and Yang. In other words, it
    means us."
    Asuka: "Homurachan!?"
    Kirya: "Asuka, your training opponents are Homura and her gang."
    Asuka: "With Homura and the others' co-operation...this is already the power 
    of 100 people!"
    Homura: "This time is special. Give thanks to Kirya."
    Asuka: "To Kirya-sensei?"
    Yomi: "Well, we don't have much time. Team up in pairs and let's start
    Yomi: "My opponent of course will be Ikaruga."
    Ikaruga: "Yomi, thanks for your assistance."
    Kirya: "OK. So each of you start your training."
    Yomi: "Ikaruga, well let's go!"
    Ikaruga: "Right!"
    Ikaruga: "This is...a new power inside me..."
    Yomi: "It seems you've succeeded in learning the Absolute Secret ninja
    Ikaruga: "...Yeah.  Yomi, thank you."
    Yomi: "What is it? You've grasped the Absolute Secret ninja technique with a
    depressed look on your face..."
    Ikaruga: "It seems Gessen's Murakumo has a personal grudge against me."
    Yomi: "...I see. So it's difficult to fight her."
    Ikaruga: "...Yes."
    Yomi: "...If so please remember."
    Yomi: "Once I also held the same feelings against you."
    Yomi: "But, didn't we come to understand each other after we clashed?"
    Ikaruga: "...Murakumo and I will also come to understand each other?"
    Yomi: "First you must fight. Then you can think about it."
    Ikaruga: "That's right. It's as you say."
    Ikaruga: "First I will fight her!"
    Yomi: "Then, if you lose the bout with Murakumo, do not be worried even if you
    end up walking the streets."
    Ikaruga: "...What is your meaning again?"
    Yomi: "I will give you survival training on how to live anywhere."
    Yomi: "Starting with which wild plants to eat at all times and places, how to
    fight effectively at rubbish collection depots, and the method of cooking
    coloured bean sprouts 365 days a year."
    Ikaruga: "I, I understand. Th, then I can fight with peace of mind."
    Yomi: "Please try your best, Ikaruga."
    24.02 Like a fool
    I really won't lose...Really...Really... (Katsuragi)
    Katsuragi: "Haa, haa..."
    Hikage: "Huh. This is not training."
    Katsuragi: "Why is this. My attack doesn't hit at all."
    Hikage: "Somehow you don't know, but you strain too much."
    Katsuragi: "Eh?"
    Hikage: "The way you did it before was somehow more...stupid."
    Katsuragi: "S, stupid?"
    Hikage: "That's right. Somehow without trouble at all, you did it stupidly."
    Katsuragi: "Grrr. So a stupid fool says."
    Hikage: "But, because you are stupid, I have an interest in you."
    Katsuragi: "...I understand what you are saying. But, my next opponent said 
    she will not admit defeat if I don't kill her."
    Katsuragi: "At that School Festival my family's lives are at stake...I can not
    fight frivolously like a fool."
    Hikage: "Is that so?"
    Katsuragi: "That's right."
    Hikage: "Isn't it good to master your strength so you can get your opponent to
    admit defeat without killing them?"
    Hikage: "If you can do that and also save your family it's a matter for great
    Katsuragi: "Huh? What is that. It's hard to do so simply..."
    Katsuragi: "...No, that's right. ...It's a really simple speech."
    Hikage: "Right."
    Katsuragi: "...Hikage, thank you for opening my eyes. To master the Absolute
    Secret ninja technique, I will become stronger."
    Katsuragi: "And then I will defeat Yozakura in one hit!"
    Hikage: "That simplicity. That stupidity."
    Hikage: "That style, that's the Katsuragi I know."
    Katsuragi: "Right, so then, let's do it right now! Training! Training!"
    Hikage: "You're back to your usual self. It seems you've recalled your feeling
    of fun."
    Katsuragi: "Okay! I've become stronger and stronger!"
    Hikage: "Congratulations. You should be able to use the Absolute Secret ninja
    techinque now."
    Katsuragi: "Thank you, Hikage. I really can't thank you enough."
    Hikage: "If so, let me rub your breasts in return."
    Katsuragi: "Eh?"
    Hikage: "It's a joke, a joke."
    Katsuragi: "...Hikage said a joke."
    Hikage: "I've also changed a little."
    Katsuragi: "I see. Can I ask one thing?"
    Hikage: "What is it?"
    Katsuragi: "Something Hebijo's Imu said. She said you didn't fight her but ran
    Hikage: "Imu? Come to think of it, she often said she wanted to fight me."
    Hikage: "But, I wasn't in the mood. It doesn't especially mean I was running
    Katsuragi: "Ha ha.  Just as I thought."
    Hikage: "If I say in this way, the one I'm in the mood for is...Katsuragi,
    only you."
    Hikage: "Your foolishness penetrates and moves your opponent's heart."
    Hikage: "Katsuragi, since you moved my heart which has no emotion. With
    self-belief, go and fight the Gessen shinobi."
    Katsuragi: "Yeah.  I got it."
    24.03 Growth as a shinobi
    My opponent is probably...maybe the same. (Yagyu)
    Yagyu: "...Why is my opponent you?"
    Mirai: "H, huh!?"
    Mirai: "After I went to all this effort to accompany you, why such a remark!"
    Yagyu: "I have grown more than before. What about you?"
    Mirai: "Eh? Growth became b, bigger!? How? What do you do!?"
    Mirai: "Something you drank!? Massage? Yoga? Teach me obediently!"
    Yagyu: "What is that?"
    Mirai: "Are you going to feign ignorance in that way!"
    Mirai: "Ha, well anyway. Everyday I drink milk and eat cabbage."
    Mirai: "Soon I will overtake you!"
    Yagyu: "You don't understand well but...you are also growing as a shinobi, is
    my meaning."
    Mirai: "Yeah, that's right. As a shinobi and as a woman I am growing firmly."
    Yagyu: "If that's the case there's no shortage of training partners. Be my
    Mirai: "...Really, each time you say offensive things."
    Mirai: "Well, anyway. Instead, won't you bet on this bout?"
    Yagyu: "Bet?"
    Mirai: "How about the winner asking something of the loser?"
    Yagyu: "How foolish."
    Mirai: "Oh, are you afraid of losing? Your self-confidence is your weakness."
    Yagyu: "Is there a reason to be scared? Right. That bet. I will accept it."
    Mirai: "Okay, let's go!"
    Mirai: "...If I win...you will tell me how to get a large chest!"
    Yagyu: "...I won."
    Mirai: "I seems you have grasped the Absolute secret ninja technique."
    Yagyu: "...Apparently this power was pulled out from you. ...My gratitude."
    Mirai: "Oh, how respectful. If you always had that attitude, maybe I would
    come to like you."
    Yagyu: "Well, will you listen to what I have to say?"
    Mirai: "Huh?"
    Yagyu: "It was listening to the command of the person who won?"
    Yagyu: "A win is a win. Honour your promise."
    Mirai: "Ehh?"
    Yagyu: "From now, you will go and buy a Mr Bunny cookie for Hibari."
    Mirai: "H, huh!? Do you think about how far it is from here to the town!"
    Yagyu: "I do not know such a thing. If you're not quick they'll be sold out."
    Yagyu: "So, dash with all your might."
    Mirai: "H, horrible! As I thought, I withdraw my previous statement!"
    Mirai: "I'll hate you forever!"
    24.04 The price of shiny pupils
    With this mark of the pupil everyone...What will Hibari do? (Hibari)
    Haruka: "Long time no see, Hibari."
    Hibari: "Haruka!"
    Haruka: "Oh, what is it? What are those tears."
    Hibari: "You became an ex-ninja, right? How are you?"
    Haruka: "Eh, as you see.  How about you?"
    Hibari: "Hibari...Hibari is...the truth is...no so good."
    Haruka: "Why?"
    Hibari: "...Because Hibari is clumsy. Of course I always make mistakes..."
    Haruka: "...The same as ever. But, it's not bad."
    Haruka: "Anyway even if you're clumsy, if you follow your comrades like usual
    they can stop the blow, right?"
    Hibari: "...Since Haruka says that but..."
    Hibari: "No way... For Hibari that is no good."
    Hibari: "It's not only everyone at Hanzo Academy...It's also Hibari's family."
    Hibari: "...Everyone is too kind..."
    Hibari: "...Here and there...it's the fault of Hibari's eyes. ...If only these
    eyes weren't..."
    Hibari: "If Hibari didn't have these eyes..."
    Haruka: "Eyes?  What do you mean?"
    Hibari's family is a venerable shinobi family.
    To say how venerable, our shinobi ancestors are too many to remember.
    In is not an exaggeration to say that they have been active in history back to
    the Age of Civil War in Japan.
    With such a lineage, Hibari never had to think even once about wanting to be
    a shinobi.
    There was no backlash against home, or rebellion, or any of that kind of
    Hibari had a lot of older brothers and sisters, who all did exercises and 
    studied well.
    By contrast, Hibari bungled and clumsily failed no matter what.
    Thus it was thought that someone other than Hibari would inherit the shinobi
    So Hibari and her family came to an amicable solution.
    The family would warmly watch over the clumsy youngest child, Hibari.
    Hibari spent everyday as if wrapped in a soft towel.
    Just, there was only one worry. That was that none of my siblings had the
    "shiny pupils".
    In shiny pupils there is a mark like a star standing out within the pupils...
    that is Shiny Pupils.
    One who has shiny pupils can control the pupils technique within themselves.
    That was Hibari's family's greatest power, the shiny pupil power that my
    ancestors often used in an active role.
    In other words, as the one who possesses the shiny pupils, this means that
    Hibari is the legitimate heir to the family.
    It is said that the shiny pupils come out during puberty.
    However, my brothers and sisters were at an age to graduate from junior high
    The only one that remained was Hibari.
    So then, it was Spring in the 3rd year of junior high.
    The mark of the star appeared in Hibari's pupils.
    Soon my family relatives gathered in the hall for the debut of Hibari's shiny
    In the middle of their applause, Hibari alone felt a chill.
    I wanted just one person to say, "Why does Hibari have the shiny pupils?"
    My brothers and sisters who had trained as shinobi for a long time should 
    have complained to Hibari.
    The shiny pupils came to a girl who had imagined opening a cake shop in 
    the future, not to my siblings who had trained without rest to become elite
    This fate was too absurd.
    If our positions were reveresed, I think I really couldn't accept it.
    But, my family were different.
    Even though stupid Hibari was holding the symbol of the family, everyone was
    glad for me.
    Everyone was too kind.  They were too good people.
    Possessing the shiny pupils, Hibari also entered the shinobi training.
    Starting from the basics, I was such an annoyance to my siblings when training
    Even though I continued to make mistakes in the same training, no-one
    complained about me oven once.
    Rather, until Hibari could do it, they taught me many times with great care.
    Even entering Hanzo Aademy, the status remained almost the same as with my
    However clumsy I was, however troublesome I was, my comrades took care of
    Hibari gently.
    To Hibari I couldn't bear it.
    If I failed I wanted them to be angry.
    I wanted uselessness to be rebuked as uselessness.
    Why couldn't everyone do such a simple thing for Hibari?
    That was when I realised.
    Maybe, the power of Hibari's shiny pupils was constantly working, and everyone
    was under it's control.
    If so, that would explain why everyone was so friendly towards Hibari.
    If the power of Hibari's shiny pupils was constantly working, it means I could
    not socialise with anyone on an equal basis in my entire life.
    That is, in other words...
    ...Hibari can't get a real friend.
    That's how I express it.
    Haruka: "...I see."
    Haruka: "I know about your shiny pupils. When I was at Hebijo I heard about
    them in class."
    Haruka: "...And, then?"
    Hibari: "...And then..."
    Haruka: "Everyone is nice to you, catches you from failing, all because of the
    power of your shiny pupils?"
    Hibari: "...Y, yeah."
    Haruka: "You idiot. That's not the reason."
    Hibari: "Eh?"
    Haruka: "Those shiny pupils are not that omnipotent."
    Hibari: "T, that's what I thought but..."
    Haruka: "Alright, Hibari.  Listen well."
    Haruka: "The reason everyone likes you is because of your charm."
    Hibari: "...Hibari's charm?"
    Haruka: "Right. Please have more self-belief in your own charm."
    Haruka: "Hibari does her very best to change herself. Everyone is attracted 
    to that bravery."
    Hibari: "But...but..."
    Haruka: "If you can't grasp it, become stronger. With lots of training, you 
    will become a Hibari that doesn't fail."
    Haruka: "To co-operate for that I will spare nothing."
    Hibari: "Yeah! Hibari, do my best! Haruka, thank you for your assistance!"
    Hibari: "Yay! I beat Haruka!"
    Haruka: "Hibari, well done. It seems you've learned the Absolute secret
    ninja technique."
    Haruka: "Hibari, it's not related to your shiny pupils. You should proceed
    as yourself."
    Hibari: "...Thank you, Haruka."
    Haruka: "You're welcome. By the way, who is your opponent?"
    Hibari: "I only had a few words with Minorichan...um.  She feels like a 
    Haruka: "Eh!?"
    Haruka: "If Hibari calls her a child...this Minori must really be childish."
    Hibari: "Yeah. Minorichan's hobbies seem to be playing It and Hide and Seek."
    Haruka: "...I don't think they're hobbies for a high school student."
    Haruka: "I've become a little worried about Japanese education."
    Hibari: "It's alright! As Hibari is now, I can't lose to Minorichan!"
    Hibari: "Not only at a shinobi bout, but I also won't lose at It or Hide and 
    Haruka: "...I see.  Do your best."
    24.05 Those who are shinobi
    Homurachan and the others, they were alright. I really want to fight 
    again! (Asuka)
    Homura: "It's been a while since we've fought."
    Asuka: "That's right. Somehow I feel nostalgic."
    Homura: "How goes your shinobi training? Are you devoted to it properly 
    without playing truant?"
    Asuka: "Of course! Everyone is doing their best together."
    Homura: "Even so, it seems you couldn't hit Miyabi with hand or foot..."
    Asuka: "Th, that is...Because my physical condition wasn't perfect..."
    Homura: "It's out of the question."
    Homura: "A shinobi does not make excuses."
    Asuka: "Ohh..."
    Asuka: "But, since Homurachan couldn't cut down Miyabichan with a sudden
    attack, she is not damaged so easily."
    Homura: "Th, that is."
    Homura: "I went easy.  I went easy on her. If I had struck her down suddenly,
    I would be called a coward."
    Asuka: "It's out of the question."
    Asuka: "A shinobi should not make excuses."
    Homura: "Grrrr."
    Asuka: "I wonder if Homurachan is doing training seriously?"
    Homura: "Of course! I do not neglect my training!"
    Asuka: "Hmmm.  I wonder."
    Homura: "...Asuka, you have really beautiful skin."
    Asuka: "Eh? What, suddenly. Th, thanks."
    Homura: "I'm jealous. Because of my rigorous training everyday, I have endless
    raw wounds."
    Asuka: "Dammit! That's wrong! I also have raw wounds!"
    Homura: "Where do you have them? Your raw wounds are not to be found anywhere.
    This is merely Hanzo training."
    Asuka: "On, on my bottom! I have wounds on my bottom! If you like I'll show 
    Homura: "Wah!? Do not show me your bottom!"
    Asuka: "So, you believe me, right? My skin is wounded even roughly like 
    Asuka: "Since you've become an ex-ninja, can you not do training?"
    Homura: "I, I have a wound on my inner thigh!"
    Asuka: "Is that true? Ok, please show me!"
    Homura: "St, stop it I'm embarrassed!"
    Asuka: "Well, we can only make sure by actually fighting!"
    Homura: "Ah like that! Come with all your power! If not, the wounds on your
    bottom will be increased!"
    Asuka: "You should worry about your own bottom more than mine!"
    Homura: "Leave it out! Let's go!"
    Asuka: "Yeah! It's a fight!"
    Asuka: "...I won, I want to say..."
    Asuka: "Homurachan, are you ok now?"
    Homura: "More than that, how about it? Could you get the Absolute secret ninja
    Asuka: "...Huh?"
    Asuka: "Ahh! I wonder what.  A great power has sprung up."
    Homura: "If so that's good. That's the Asuka I expect."
    Asuka: "Homurachan, it seems I could get the Absolute secret ninja technique 
    through fighting..."
    Homura: "That was the purpose of this training."
    Asuka: "Now I will fight the guys from Gessen again. Thank you, Homurachan."
    Homura: "There's no cause for thanks."
    Asuka: "Will you fight with Miyabichan?"
    Homura: "Certainly Miyabi is strong."
    Homura: "However, I am even stronger. In other words, that's right."
    Asuka: "...Hey, Homurachan."
    Asuka: "After the School Festival is over...won't we fight one more time? A
    serious match without cutting corners."
    Homura: "Do you want to die that much?"
    Asuka: "Indeed. Just, I want to fight with the real Homurachan."
    Asuka: "Since for me, Homurachan is my best friend."
    Homura: "...Alright."
    Homura: "If we both survive the School Festival, someday we shall settle 
    Asuka: "That's a promise."
    Homura: "I understand. A promise between a shinobi and a shinobi."
    Asuka: "Yeah.  I'm looking forward to it."
    25.01 	For certainty
    Even if it's beyond my power I'll fight. For the important things. (Yagyu)
    Narrowing my eyes against the cold wind, I twist the tap.
    Holding out the tub, I walk straight along the graveyard path.
    I come to a stop in front of a splendid gravestone.
    Some fresh flowers have been placed at the grave.
    Judging by the ashes of the incense sticks, my parents must have been here 
    As I poured the water from the tub over the top of the gravestone, I 
    Yagyu: "I came, Nozomi."
    Today is the anniversary of my younger sister Nozomi's death.
    Our parents are both shinobi, and since it was rare for them to return home
    at a decent time, after school finished elementary grade student Nozomi 
    attended after-school childcare.
    And then, as a junior high school student it was my job to go there to meet
    Nozomi: "Big sister!"
    With her fluttering long black hair, Nozomi came rushing out of the after-
    school childcare centre.
    Coming to meet her, Nozomi grasped my hand with all her might.
    A gentle heat came from the palm of her hand, and somehow there was a warmth
    in my heart, and as I felt an attachment my cheeks melted into a grin.
    We didn't always go home soon, but headed towards an unpopular vacant lot.
    There I did independent training to become a shinobi.
    In the first year of junior high school I had already decided on my objective
    to enter Hanzo Academy.
    To become a shinobi like my parents, I wanted to prepare for the entrance exam
    even if it was a little early.
    Aiming at the targets, one after another I threw kunai.
    As I hit the targets in order, Nozomi trotted around.
    Nozomi: "Big sister, dinner is ready!"
    Playing house, in a bucket were dandelions or small stones.
    I pretended to put them into my mouth.
    Nozomi: "Eat a lot to become a shinobi who will lose to no-one."
    Yagyu: "Ah, I got it. So then, make more food."
    Nozomi: "Yeah! But, tie up the hair in front!"
    Nozomi liked to tie her hair with ribbons.
    However, she couldn't do it well herself, so always I did it for her.
    Yagyu: "Okay, that's good."
    With her hair tied in two black ribbons, Nozomi ran on the grass.
    In the meantime it had become dark, so holding hands we two returned home.
    When Nozomi becomes bigger, going home like that will disappear.
    Maybe it will be in a few more years. But, even if it's somehow forever, I did
    not feel that time with Nozomi would last.
    That small, warm, tender time with one more youth and I.
    It was irreplaceable for me.
    ....So, when I lost Nozomi in a traffic accident, half of my heart died too.
    From the day after she died, everytime I opened my eyes early morning I 
    prayed, "Give me my dream."
    But, however much I prayed Nozomi didn't appear, and everytime I cried
    Most days I was infected with sadness, and I had perfectly forgotten how to
    When two years since I had lost Nozomi had passed, I was surprised by a change
    in my heart.
    There was a small reduction in my sadness.
    I realised I also began to cry less for Nozomi.
    Previously I had been crying everyday...
    In shock I tried discussing it with my parents.
    This is what my parents said.
    In order for a person's heart to not be broken by sadness, they are able to 
    forget about hard things.
    Because people go walking forward, the distant past fades little by little.
    That's not a bad thing.
    And, even if the tears that flow for my younger sister decrease, that is
    I couldn't accept this.
    If Nozomi faded from my heart, I couldn't forgive myself.
    However, just as my parents had said, the memory of my younger sister seemed
    to be getting less and less.
    What should I do?
    How can I strongly remember my younger sister forever?
    Then I picked up Nozomi's ribbon as a keepsake.
    I made the ribbon into an eyepatch and attached it over my right eye.
    My field of vision was halved and things became hard to see, but that was 
    If I do like that I would really never forget my younger sister.
    ...That's the reason why even until now I wear an eyepatch.
    In front of the grave immersed in this memory, I felt a presence from behind.
    I turned around and there was Hibari.
    Hibari and Nozomi looked very similar.
    The first time I saw Hibari, I thought that Nozomi had come back.
    Yagyu: "...Hibari, why are you here?"
    Hibari: "You told me about it before. Today is your younger sister's
    Hibari offered incense at the grave, and closed her eyes in prayer.
    I idly gazed at the side of Hibari's face.
    In this world sadness abounds.
    Misfortune can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.
    Only the gods know about such things.
    So, what should you do if you are swallowed up by wanton unhappiness?
    How should you overcome such great sorrow?
    Honestly, I don't know well.
    Just, it is clear that people have no choice but to keep on living.
    Using the eye patch I became able to laugh, at least a little.
    In the shade of Hibari, and with my friends at Hanzo Academy, I remembered
    how to smile again.
    So, I want to keep on living.
    Surely, I want to.
    Hibari: "Hey, Yagyuchan, this is just saying what-if."
    Hibari said this with a quiet face.
    Hibari: "If Hibari dies, will you do an eyepatch like with your younger 
    I thought it was a strange question, but before the fight with Gessen maybe 
    she was a little nervous.
    Yagyu: "Yeah, I would do an eyepatch."
    I answered Hibari gently.
    Hibari: "Thank you, Yagyuchan."
    Hibari's face looked pleased, but soon she tilted her head.
    Hibari: "Eh? Huh?"
    Yagyu: "...What is it?"
    Hibari: "Yagyuchan, which eye would you wear an eyepatch on?"
    Yagyu: "Naturally, my left eye."
    So saying, we burst into laughter.
    Hibari: "If so, you'll have a patch on both eyes."
    Yagyu: "Certainly that's right. I won't be able to see anything."
    The two of us let out loud voices laughing like idiots.
    I spoke to Nozomi within my heart.
    I won't forget about Nozomi, but now I am able to laugh like this.
    That's alright, Nozomi.
    Living like this is alright, Nozomi.
    Yagyu: "Right, let's go back to the school.  Everyone is waiting."
    Before the final fight with Gessen, we would have a meeting at school.
    One last time I put my hands together in front of Nozomi's grave.
    Yagyu: "Nozomi, please watch. I will become a shinobi that won't lose to
    Asuka: "Ah, they came, they came!"
    Kirya: "You're late. Yagyu. Hibari."
    Yagyu: "It's my fault. Apologies."
    Hibari: "Sorry!"
    Mirai: "...What were you two doing?"
    Yagyu: "...I can't say."
    Mirai: "Wh, what? What can't you say?"
    Asuka: "Well, it's alright.  Everyone is present now."
    ???: "That's right! That's right!"
    ???: There's a great view of various mountains present. Gahaha!"
    Asuka: "Th, that voice."
    Hanzo: "Gahahaha!"
    In a blizzard of falling cherry blossoms, suddenly I appeared in front of
    their eyes."
    Even if I say so myself, it was a gorgeously produced entrance.
    Kirya: "Ma, master Hanzo!?"
    Asuka: "Grandpa!"
    Hanzo: "Hum."
    I turned round in every direction looking them over.
    There were my Hanzo shinobi students, as well as ex-ninja from Hebijo.
    I gazed at so many young and fresh bouncy girls.
    Well, Kirya was just the one hinderance.
    Today, there was one reason I came here.
    That was to continue the story told in the sushi restaurant.
    Hanzo: "...Do you remember the story I told you that time long ago?"
    Asuka: "Yeah.  About granpa's friend."
    Asuka and the others all looked towards me.
    It seemed they gradually began to understand the meaning of my words. I must
    reveal it now.
    Hanzo: "My former friend...he was called Black Shadow."
    At the name of Black Shadow, Kirya's eyes reacted.
    In Kirya's position, naturally he knows that name.
    Hanzo: "And, those five from Gessen Girl's school...They are Black Shadow's
    favourite pupils."
    Asuka: "Eh?"
    Asuka and the other's faces all looked amazed together.
    It's a marvel to anyone human.
    Even if you've lived a long time, anyway it rouses various feelings.
    Meeting a good friend, separating...and meeting another form.
    That's why I must explain properly to Asuka and the rest.
    A too-pure guy...the story of Black Shadow.
    From since we were at shinobi school, Black Shadow and I have been good
    friends, as well as rivals.
    At shinobi school it was usual for the two of us to compete for first and
    second positions in our grades.
    That said, as shinobi we were contrasting types.
    I was good at leading teams into a fight, while Black Shadow displayed a great
    strength fighting as an individual.
    Black Shadow: "I am facing alone. I do not want to die at the hands of 
    someone, and I do not want to let someone die because of me."
    Always such words came out of Black Shadow's mouth.
    Although such words sounded cold, conversely for me I felt a 
    tenderness in them.
    At that time, more than now, the dispute between Good and Evil ninja was 
    It seemed every day we heard stories of Good ninja being killed in the line
    of duty.
    Hearing such news, Black Shadow's features became grim.
    Black Shadow's parents were also shinobi who had been killed by Evil ninja.
    Black Shadow: "Hanzo, I will eradicate the Evil ninja. For that, I became a
    For someone who is a Good ninja, Evil ninjas are our foes.
    It is natural to destroy your foes, of that there is no room for denial.
    However, I had a feeling that Black Shadow's words were dangerous.
    Graduating from shinobi school, Black Shadow and I were welcomed into the 
    society of Good ninja as great rookies.
    However, even with such a brilliant debut, it seemed not to be satisfactory
    for Black Shadow.
    Very many Evil ninja had been exterminated, but a sucess for Black Shadow,
    he couldn't be convinced by the espionage.
    That said, the job of a Good ninja isn't all fighting Evil ninja.
    Gradually Black Shadow's frustration grew.
    And then, even though it wasn't his mission, at last Black Shadow began to
    do surprise attacks on Evil ninja.
    Black Shadow also didn't think such acts would be punished.
    For a Good ninja, Evil ninjas are our foes.
    If so, there's no question about taking care of Evil ninja outside of a 
    Even you should receive praise, rather than be criticised.
    Black Shadow was convinced that would be so.
    ...He was too young and was ignorant of the truth.
    Black Shadow didn't know.
    In the world of shinobi, as well as Good ninja and Evil ninja, there are also
    important people in the gray area.
    Good and Evil is not only back-to-back, sometimes they are mingled in a 
    complicated way.
    Black Shadow was ignorant of such gray shinobi, and quickly he was banished
    from the world of shinobi.
    I spoke to Black Shadow as we separated.
    Black Shadow: "Evil grows. Evil undermines Good and it grows. I want a world
    without Evil. I will try to create a world where only Good exists."
    Of course I objected.
    Hanzo: "Black Shadow, you are mistaken. I bet you. You cannot make a world 
    with only goodness. Even if you can create it temporarily, it seems to me that
    that is right."
    Black Shadow: "...That bet, I will win it. I will undoubtedly create my ideal
    That was the final conversation between Black Shadow and I.
    After that, Black Shadow went off hunting Evil ninja alone.
    Of course, such actions couldn't be forgiven, so both Good ninja and Evil 
    ninja aimed at taking his life.
    Unnoticed, we hadn't heard the rumours that Black Shadow was no longer
    hunting Evil ninja.
    Everyone thought that there were rumours that the best ninjas had been
    deployed to secretly dispose of Black Shadow.
    However, five years ago.
    I obtained some intelligence.
    There was one who picked up and raised children who had lost their parents
    to Evil ninja.
    And that one was named Black Shadow.
    Headquarters did not overlook the actions of Black Shadow.
    Leading children who were victims of Evil ninja, Black Shadow once again tried
    hunting Evil ninja...or so headquarters had decided.
    To assassinate Black Shadow, headquarters sent out two shinobi.
    However, those shinobi failed in the assassination.
    In the report they submitted...
    Katsuragi's father: "Black Shadow does not intend to resume Evil ninja
    hunting. Currently he is living peacefully with 5 children. It is not
    neccessary to assassinate him."
    This was written.
    Katsuragi: "Those shinobi...surely..."
    Katsuragi let out an amazed voice.
    Exactly so.
    The ones who were meant to assassinate Black Shadow were Katsuragi's parents.
    Asuka: "...Yumi told me. If only she had the power she could control 
    everything, and would show it by all means..."
    Until now Asuka had listened to my story quietly with her mouth shut.
    Asuka: "The one she wanted to show, must be Black Shadow, right?"
    At Asuka's words I nodded silently.
    Ikaruga: "In other words, Gessen are fighting for Black Shadow..is that what
    you mean?"
    Hibari: "So they're repaying a debt to Black Shadow who raised them."
    Ikaruga and Hibari's faces looked with mixed feelings.
    Hanzo: "Has it become hard to fight them?"
    At my question Asuka inclined her head.
    That countenance lit a quiet fire in her.
    Even after hearing about the circumstances of the Gessen students, her 
    fighting spirit wasn't swayed at all.
    Asuka: "Thank you, grandpa. Now their reason for fighting is clear."
    Asuka spoke in a clear voice not gone astray.
    I gave a large, satsified nod.
    Hanzo: "My old tale had it's effect."
    There was no more to tell.
    Just, if I could wish for one more thing...
    As I turned my back on Asuka and the others, I spoke in an voice that no-one
    could hear.
    Hanzo: "...Black Shadow...do not grieve for my friend."
    Kirya: "Finally it's the last battle of the School Festival."
    Kirya: "If you go through life as shinobi, you can never forgive losing."
    Kirya: "I mean for shinobi, defeat is death."
    Kirya: "Asuka, Ikaruga, Yagyu, Hibari. Far from dying, come back alive."
    Asuka: "Yes!"
    Ikaruga: "Of course!"
    Katsuragi: "Yeah!"
    Yagyu: "Acknowledged."
    Hibari: "Hibari will do her best!"
    Kirya: "Homura, Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, Hanaka."
    Kirya: "For this training, my thanks."
    Homura: "No need. It was good practice for the School Festival against 
    Kirya: "Homura, I just have one question for you. ...About your teacher
    Homura: "Suzune-sensei is...no, come to think of it, that's wrong."
    Homura: "She's not Suzune-sensei, she's Rin."
    Kirya: "Rin?"
    Homura: "Yeah. When we became ex-ninja, she told us to call her by that name."
    Homura: "So what about Rin?"
    Kirya: "...Ha. I see. It's like that."
    Homura: "What is it?"
    Kirya: "...No, it was fortunate that you could meet such a good teacher."
    Homura: "Yeah, I think so too."
    Kirya: "Right, it's time! Now each of you, head to the stage of the decisive
    Asuka: "Yes!"
    Homura: "Let's go!"
    Shiki: "Hello Yagyushin. It's good you came."
    Shiki: "You understand you're no match for me."
    Yagyu: "Even if I'm no match I will fight."
    Shiki: "Hmmm.  Why?"
    Yagyu: "To protect what is important."
    Shiki: "Something important. Any reason is fine for me to fight."
    Yagyu: "If anything is fine, why do you risk your life fighting?"
    Shiki: "Hey, hey. That really doesn't flow from that?"
    Shiki: "That's not my character, right?"
    Yagyu: "Do you fight for someone?"
    Shiki: "Me? I don't have such an especially deep feeling."
    Shiki: "I only want to have your lovely eyepatch."
    Yagyu: "You're bad at lying. People don't risk their life for an eyepatch."
    Shiki: "...That is Yagyuchin's situation, isn't it?"
    Shiki: "My friend Mizuho will risk her life just to get a new brand design she
    Yagyu: "We're not talking about your friend. We're talking about you."
    Yagyu: "Why do you fight?"
    Shiki: "Yagyuchin said, a person who is interested in others? I'm not like
    Yagyu: "Even if you're not like me, I am I."
    Yagyu: "Even if you're not like you, it seems you fight for someone."
    Shiki: "...Ah, right. Well, shall we do it quickly?"
    Shiki: "If you understand that much, you can't go back to your life anymore."
    Yagyu: "As you wish."
    Shiki: "Let's go! Yagyuchin!"
    Shiki: "Damn...Damn..."
    Yagyu: "That's enough.  You're lost. If we do anymore you will certainly die."
    Shiki: "The winner hasn't been decided. It's for me to decide if I've lost."
    Yagyu: "If you die, don't you think Black Shadow will be sad?"
    Shiki: "...Don't talk like you understand."
    Shiki: "...I must...realise the dream of Master Black Shadow!"
    Yagyu: "Even if it's against his will?"
    Shiki: "So, it seems you understand..."
    Yagyu: "To me, Black Shadow seems to be a person who would not take his dream
    over you."
    Yagyu: "If Black Shadow was such a cold person, he should not be so dear to
    Shiki: "...Eh?"
    Yagyu: "Am I wrong?"
    Shiki: "...Master Black Shadow."
    Shiki: "Wa...wa...waaaaah! Master Black Shadow, I'm sorry!"
    Shiki: "I couldn't live up to your expectations!"
    Yagyu: "...I wonder if Hibari and the others are safe?"
    ------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------
    25.02 When I must fight
    Hibari, I don't want to fight...But I'll fight even though I'm scared!
    Minori: "Ah, Hibarichan came! What shall we play today?"
    Hibari: "Hibari didn't come here to play."
    Minori: "Yeah, that's right! No chance, Hibarichan, 'cos Minori knows!"
    Minori: "Well, what shall we play?"
    Hibari: "That's wrong, wrong. Since I won't play!"
    Minori: "Aww! If you won't play why did you come?"
    Hibari: "...To fight with Minorichan."
    Minori: "Fighting is boring. More than that, everyone should play."
    Hibari: "Hibari also likes playing more than fighting."
    Minori: "So, why do you fight?"
    Minori: "Because someday everyone can't play anymore, you should play for as 
    long as you can."
    Minori: "Although Minori wants to play forever and ever...everyone...rapidly
    will be gone involuntarily."
    Minori: "Papa and...Mama and...also..."
    Hibari: "...Minorichan."
    Minori: "It's all the fault of fighting! If everyone played there would be
    Minori: "I hate fighting! Fighting be gone!"
    Hibari: "...I understand what Minorichan is saying."
    Hibari: "But, Minorichan. There is a time when people have to fight."
    Hibari: "It's scary, painful, and you want to run away...There's a time when
    you have to fight for someone."
    Minori: "That...you don't understand!"
    Hibari: "No.  I understand truly."
    Hibari: "So that's why Minori is here, right?"
    Minori: "Wrong! Wrong!"
    Hibari: "...Nothing is wrong at all."
    Hibari: "Fighting to protect something important.  Hibari and Minorichan are
    the same."
    Hibari: "So now Hibari will make it clear for you!"
    Minori: "Wah, wah, wah, wahhh! Hibarichan is stupid!"
    Hibari: "Minorichan..."
    Minori: "...If I lose the fight...I can't make Black Shadow gramps pleased!"
    Minori: "Because, Minori didn't want to fight..."
    Hibari: "Minorichan loves Black Shadow right..."
    Minori: "Black Shadow gramps played a lot with me instead of my Mama and 
    Minori: "We played all around until it got dark."
    Minori: "...I was happy.  Minori was really happy."
    Minori: "Because when I was playing, just a little I could forget that Mama 
    and Papa weren't there."
    Hibari: "...Minorichan."
    Minori: "If I won Black Shadow gramps would also become lively, and we could
    play together again..."
    Hibari: "...Eh?  What does "become lively" mean?"
    Minori: "...Wah, wah, wahhhh!"
    Minori: "Idiot, idiot! Hibarichan is an idiot!"
    Hibari: "It seems you're agitated and can't talk any longer."
    Hibari: "Anyway Hibari won. I'll quickly go to where the others are."
    25.03 Exchange of life
    I've decided! I really won't kill! I will win with my rules! (Katsuragi)
    Yozakura: "So, you came. Well, this time let's give and take life."
    Katsuragi: "Hmm, as I thought, it's no good not to kill?"
    Yozakura: "Damn right. The one who survives is the real winner."
    Yozakura: "There is no conclusion except for that."
    Katsuragi: "I understand. If you say that I'll do it."
    Katsuragi: "But, just one thing first."
    Yozakura: "What is it?"
    Katsuragi: "Fighting until the death of your opponent...Winning a fight like 
    that, can you report with pride to Black Shadow?"
    Yozakura: "Huh?"
    Yozakura: "Wh, what do you know about Master Black Shadow?"
    Katsuragi: "I don't know. So, I'm asking you."
    Yozakura: "...Master Black Shadow wouldn't wish for us to kill each other."
    Yozakura: "However, a world with only Good without black and white...to 
    realise the ideals of Master Black Shadow, we need to unite the Shinobi 
    Yozakura: "To realise his ideals, I must get my hands dirty. If so, I...will
    play the dirty role gladly."
    Katsuragi: "I see.  I understand. Well, it's not a thing we can discuss and
    understand each other."
    Yozakura: "That's right. Only the parting of life and death is the point of
    contact between us."
    Katsuragi: "Alright! So, shall we fight!"
    Yozakura: "A fight with the grace of a fist and a kick...let's go!"
    Katsuragi: "I won."
    Yozakura: "...For the umpteenth time do you understand? To announce yourself
    as winner please stop my breath."
    Katsuragi: "So, I won't kill you.  A win is a win without killing."
    Yozakura: "...Only you won't dirty your hands."
    Yozakura: "You are a coward. Do you think you can protect what's important
    like that?"
    Katsuragi: "...I believe."
    Yozakura: "...It's simple.  If you beat me, your parents will be settled, 
    Katsuragi: "You know about that?"
    Yozakura: "Yeah. I thoroughly investigate my opponents."
    Katsuragi: "I see."
    Yozakura: "So, if you want to help your parents, kill me! Kill me and grasp 
    Kasuragi: "No way."
    Yozakura: "What a fool...Will you abandon your parents?"
    Katsuragi: "...Ah.  It seems so. It might be like that."
    Yozakura: "...W, why?"
    Katsuragi: "If I kill you, even if a life is saved, my mother and father won't
    be pleased."
    Katsuragi: "Because, why do I take away...your life to protect my father."
    Yozakura: "...Huh? ...S, surely..."
    Yozakura: "...The assassin that time...was your..."
    Katsuragi: "Yeah, that's right."
    Yozakura: "...So, that's why you won't kill me."
    Katsuragi: "That's right.  I won't kill."
    Katsuragi: "Even for my mother and father...I won't kill you."
    Yozakura: "...Well done."
    Yozakura: "...I lost."
    Katsuragi: "Eh?"
    Yozakura: "I was lost in thoughts of your parents."
    Yozakura: "I wasn't thinking about Master Black Shadow's feelings after my 
    Yozakura: "...Katsuragi, I was taught by you."
    Katsuragi: "...Yozakura. Thank you for understanding me."
    Katsuragi: "...It just remains Ikaruga and Asuka."
    25.04 For lost time
    I cannot afford to lose. Whoever my opponent is... (Ikaruga)
    Murakumo: "...You came."
    Murakumo: "Finally...Finally I can get revenge."
    Ikaruga: "I have no idea why you bear such a grudge towards me."
    Ikaruga: "It's reasonable, will you not please explain the situation? Without
    knowing the reason for your grudge I cannot fight."
    Murakumo: "...Alright."
    Murakumo: "You...robbed me of my time."
    Ikaruga: "Time?"
    Murakumo: "Correct. It's your fault I was separated from Master Black Shadow."
    Ikaruga: "What do you mean?"
    Murakumo: "Losing my parents when I was a child, I was raised by Master Black
    Shadow. He was like my real family."
    Murakumo: "Every day spent with Master Black Shadow and my friends was beyond
    Murakumo: "However, suddenly one day I was separated from Master Black Shadow
    by the Great Wolf Conglomerate."
    Ikaruga: "The Great Wolf Conglomerate did it to you?"
    Murakumo: "I was told that a relative was managing it, and the reason I was
    suddenly claimed by that estranged conglomerate...was because of you."
    Ikaruga: "Because of me?"
    Murakumo: "Great Wolf Conglomerate didn't have an excellent heir. So...they
    copied their rival the Phoenix Conglomerate."
    Murakumo: "Just as Phoneix Conglomerate had welcomed the superior shinobi
    Ikaruga, Great Wolf Conglomerate pulled me into the company as the adopted
    Ikaruga: "I see...So that's why you and me?"
    Murakumo: "If only you had not received the title of adopted daughter, I 
    should have been with Master Black Shadow."
    Murakumo: "Vent your anger and laugh if you want to laugh. Even that won't 
    change the fact that you are the cause."
    Ikaruga: "Didn't you think about returning to be with Master Black Shadow?"
    Murakumo: "I tried many times! But, when I finally returned it was already too
    Ikaruga: "Too late?"
    Murakumo: "There's no room for discussion anymore. I will get my revenge."
    Ikaruga: "I understand your grudge against me. I also understand the sadness
    of being separated from someone important."
    Ikaruga: "But that doesn't mean I will lose out quietly to you."
    Ikaruga: "...I won."
    Murakumo: "...I lost.  No way. No way."
    Ikaruga: "Murakumo. You should have something more than your grudge against
    Murakumo: "...Something more?"
    Ikaruga: "I mean spending time together with someone important."
    Ikaruga: "You can't get back lost time. Since you can't get it back, you
    should cherish the time you have left..."
    Murakumo: "...I see.  That's right. Even fulfilling my grudge doesn't increase
    the time I have remaining."
    Murakumo: "I want to be together with Black Shadow Grandpa more. That was my
    only wish..."
    Murakumo: "...Somehow, how can I do that."
    Ikaruga: "Murakumo."
    Murakumo: "...I lost. More than that, there's no reason for me fighting for so
    Ikaruga: "...Asuka. Next it's only you..."
    Ikaruga: "If you win Hanzo Academy is victorious."
    25.05 An ideal world
    This world needs both Good and Evil. Right? Grandpa. (Asuka)
    Yumi: "You came."
    Asuka: "Yeah."
    Yumi: "With your defeat, grandfather's greatest wish will be fulfilled."
    Yumi: "No black or white, just a world of Good. A world where all is 
    Asuka: "...Yumichan. If there is a world with only Good, what kind of person
    can laugh?"
    Yumi: "Huh, I believe it's so."
    Yumi: "Conflict is born from Good and Evil, and sadness and hate is born from 
    Yumi: "Only Good, a world with just Good. That is a world that becomes 
    Asuka: "...I don't think so. A distinction between Good and Evil is needed."
    Yumi: "...Why is that?"
    Asuka: "There are shinobi who don't live for Good. What will happen to them?"
    Yumi: "If they don't live there is only destruction."
    Asuka: "If they don't fit your way of life then destruction...That is really
    Yumi: "It is you who is ridiculous. I don't understand why you deny the
    destruction of Evil."
    Asuka: "Yumichan. It is not only a question of Good and Evil."
    Asuka: "Light and Shadow, Good and Evil, Yin and Yang...All exist as 
    opposites. Do you understand that?"
    Asuka: "My grandpa told me. This world is made up of Light and Shadow."
    Asuka: "I think so too."
    Asuka: "There are all kinds of people in this world. There isn't only one way
    that makes somebody smile!"
    Yumi: "To a person who lost their parents in a conflict between Good and Evil,
    do you think that reason will pass? That reason will not move a person's 
    Yumi: "My parents were Good ninja who lost their lives in a fight against
    Evil ninja."
    Yumi: "Shiki, Minori, Yozakura and Murakumo are the same.  Their parents were
    all killed in a fight between Good and Evil."
    Yumi: "There be no more of such sadness and hate!"
    Yumi: "So I will unite the world of shinobi!"
    Asuka: "...Yumichan."
    Yumi: "Asuka. For my grandfather's dearest wish, die!"
    Asuka: "Yukichan, I won't die! I really won't die!"
    Asuka: "Until I have mastered the path of shinobi!"
    Yumi: "It came! That power, I will smash it!"
    Yumi: "Asuka! Now, face me!"
    Asuka: "In battle!"
    Yumi: "Haa haa."
    Asuka: "Haa haa."
    Asuka: "How about it? ...However much you attack I won't be defeated."
    Yumi: "As long as the ideal to fight is not broken, there is no-one to beat
    Yumi: "I will unite the world of shinobi for grandfather! Until then I won't
    Shiki: "As I thought, it's Yumichin."
    Yumi: "...Shiki?"
    Shiki: "I thought only Yumichin could not give in like that."
    Shiki: "I was no good. I gave in and lost."
    Yumi: "You shouldn't worry about it. I will fight until the end in your
    Minori: "Truely you are our leader."
    Yumi: "Minori?"
    Yozakura: "...To be honest, I wish I were the same. Now I do not know."
    Yumi: "Yozakura?"
    Yozakura: "So, this battle, I leave it all to you."
    Murakumo: "So, use my power!"
    Yumi: "This is...a Secret Ninja technique?"
    Minori: "...Accept our desire!"
    Shiki: "We enrust you with this battle!"
    Yozakura: "We will follow you to the final outcome!"
    Yozakura: "Because you are our leader."
    Yumi: "...Everyone."
    Yumi: "I understand. Lend me your power!"
    Yumi: "Everything for grandfather! To repay all of grandfather's kindness!"
    Yumi: "If it's for that, this life, I have no regrets!"
    Yumi: "Forbidden Yin Yang Reverse Course!"
    Yumi: "Haaaaaa!"
    Asuka: "Wh, what is that?"
    Yumi: "Both anger and grief, joy and pleasure are one.  To prove our dream..."
    Yumi: "Asuka! I will not lose!"
    Yumi: "Until I have united the world of shinobi!"
    Asuka: "A, aah...Such staggering power from Yumichan..."
    Ikaruga: "Asuka! Don't be fainthearted!"
    Asuka: "Ikaruga!"
    Ikaruga: "Please accept our Secret Ninja technique!"
    Katsuragi: "We have come here! If you lose I can't grope you!"
    Yagyu: "If it's you, you'll win."
    Hibari: "....Asukachan, everyone in Gessen is also suffering."
    Hibari: "So, please save all of Gessen! Only Asukachan can do this!"
    Asuka: "Hibarichan..."
    Asuka: "I got it! Everyone, lend me your Secret Ninja technique!"
    Asuka: "Haaaaaa!"
    Yumi: "How interesting. Our power is evenly-matched!"
    Yumi: "The battle will be decided by the strength of our minds!"
    Asuka: "Let's go! Yumichan! If it's the strength of our minds, I won't lose!"
    Asuka: "Asuka, I endure the dance for justice!"
    Asuka: "Haa...haa..."
    Yumi: "...I...lost?"
    Yumi: "N, no...not yet. I ...haven't lost..."
    Asuka: "Yumichan, no more.  Your body is..."
    Yumi: "My body is fine. Grandfather is...grandfather is..."
    Yumi: "Uhhhh."
    Yumi: "While my grandfather is alive...I wanted to show him..."
    Asuka: "Eh?"
    Yumi: "The ideal world that grandfather imagined...to show...to show..."
    Yumi: "So, grandfather, don't die..."
    25.06 Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy Ending
    Yumi's body bent and leaned forward.
    I instantly reached my hand out, supporting Yumi's body.
    Asuka: "Hey... Yumichan. What do you mean? You were gonna show a still-living
    relative of yours..."
    Yumi: "Let go of me..."
    Yumi pushed my body away unpleasantly, even though she was unsteady, she 
    stood with her own two feet.
    Within her cold eyes, from the remnants of her fighting spirit, there was fire.
    Yumi: "Grandfather is suffering from a serious disease... I don't know whether
    he still has up until Spring..."
    Yumichan said those words with trembling lips.
    Yumi: "As this year started, the illness only became worse. Suddenly to a 
    bed-ridden state. That is why￾AI...We want to show him. Grandfather's long
    awaited ideal world."
    Yumichan with tears forming in her eyes, gazed absent-mindedly at the night
    The Grandpa that acted as their parent is going to die soon. 
    I finally understood Yumichan￾fs resolve to win.
    If I were in the same situation, I probably couldn't accept defeat.
    Asuka: "With this, the School Festival is over, but we won't burn down 
    Gessen's School Building.
    Yumi: "Eh?"
    That is what we decided on, even before the Final Battle started.
    The winning school can abandon the right to burn down the loser's school
    building, it's not against the rules. Kiriya-Sensei confirmed it and it has
    been taken care of.
    Asuka: "Well then, if you say that we can't agree with each other...Let's make
    a campfire at the schoolyard. Let's gather around the fire!"
    Yumi: "Campfire?"
    Yumichan's eyes broadened.
    Asuka￾F "Right.￾@A campfire with everyone. It'll be fun,￾@I'm sure."
    With an amazed look, Yumi-han smiled bitterly.
    Even though she has a bitter smile, I saw it for the first time, Yumi's 
    smiling face.
    Asuka: "Well, I'll be going back to where everyone is."
    As I lifted her light hand, I turned my back to Yumichan.
    Yumi: "Wait!"
    As I looked back, Yumichan was now holding a blade.
    What should be barely enough￾Ashe glared at me, with an expression ready to
    face death.
    Yumi: "...Asuka, you are a good person...I painfully know that to a certain
    extent. Still! Even still! I! I cannot allow myself to lose!"
    Yumi's strongpoint for a weapon isn't sword fighting.
    If our blades met, I would probably win.
    Yumi surely knows this.
    But, even though she knows, she's coming.
    Even though she knows, she'll fight.
    Yumi is that kind of girl.
    Asuka: "...If this continues any further...One of us is surely going to die!"
    Yumi: "I don't care! Even if I die, as long as I carry out Grandfather's 
    long-cherished desire."
    With her resolve to face death she headed for me thrusting. 
    I had no choice but to ready my short swords.
    Asuka: "Yumichan!"
    Yumi's blade and my short swords were supposed to clash now.
    Before my eyes, a broad back appeared.
    A man wearing shinobi attire, between me and Yumichan, interrupted us.
    Yumi: "Kuh!"
    Yumi: "Eh!"
    Me and Yumi simultaneously stopped our movements.
    If we hadn't been interrupted by this person, we would have probably cut each
    other by now.
    Black Shadow: "It's already over. Yumi."
    That broad back muttered a bit.
    Yumi: "...Grand...father... Why?"
    So that means, this person is Master Black Shadow?
    Black Shadow took Yumichan's blade away from her hand.
    Black Shadow: "...you idiot."
    As Master Black Shadow gently said those words, he hugged Yumichan.
    With a body that looks like it's about to break￾Ahe tightly hugged her.
    As Black Shadow did this, from Yumichan￾fs eyes, a fountain of tears dropped
    as she cried.
    As Yumichan had stated, Black Shadow has been in a bed-ridden condition.
    I'm sure Master BlackShadow mustered all his strength just to come here.
    For Yumichan's sake.
    for the sake of everyone in Shijuku Gessen Girls' School.
    Hanzo: "Asuka, admirable work."
    Grandpa hit my shoulder lightly.
    Asuka: "...un."
    Hanzo: "Now, leave everything to me."
    Grandpa looked at Black Shadow and Yumichan with clear eyes.
    Hanzo: "...Black Shadow."
    As Grandpa called out, Master Black Shaodw peacefully looked back.
    On his pale face, there were remnants of countless sword cuts.
    Its a shinobi's face that's been on the verge of death, countless times.
    Black Shadow: "...Hanzo, I..."
    Hanzo: "Black Shadow, your victory came from what you gambled."
    As Grandpa said those words, Black Shadow was a little surprised.
    Hanzo: "...Finally, you earned a world of only good. Look, between your arms."
    Granpa pointed at Yumichan nestled in Black Shadow's arms.
    As Grandpa pointed, tears ran down straight through Black Shadow's cheeks full
    of scars.
    To Blask Shadow, Yumichan and the others was his Light.
    Not even a hint of shadow.
    A light-only existence.
    Yumichan, Maste Black Shadow, Grandpa... As I watched their three figures.
    I finally felt that everything was over.
    Asuka: "...Ah, Speaking of which...Are Homura and the others okay?"
    As my mouth said this with worry, someone hit my back with full strength.
    Homura: "We can never lose!"
    Asuka: "Homurachan!"
    As I hurriedly turn around, Homurachan was standing there, full of wounds.
    Homura: "We have a perfect victory. Of course, everyone is okay."
    Asuka: "I see, I'm relieved."
    Homura: "...And now, Asuka, next is to settle ours!"
    As Homurachan said this, she readied her weapons.
    Her facial expression was still full of willingness to fight.
    Asuka: "Eehh? Please wait a minute!"
    Homura: "Nope, I won￾ft wait."
    Asuka: "Now, the fight has just finished. Let's just go to the bath and rest!"
    Homura: "...A bath huh."
    As she heard the word bath, Homurachan thought for a little, then sheathed 
    all her weapons.
    Homura: "Sure then. I want to wash away all this sweat at the bath...However!"
    Homurachan poked me with her index finger. 
    Homura: "Not only me, but our comrades should also enter the bath."
    Asuka: "Of course. Let's go with everyone!"
    As Homurachan heard my reply she raised up her hand.
    As she did this, from far away, Homurachan's friends came running.
    If you look closely, they were also with everyone from Hanzo School.
    Asuka: "I'm sure it'll be fun when everyone goes to the bath."
    As I said that, an idea came to me.
    Asuka: "Hey, Homurachan?"
    Homura: "What?"
    Asuka: "It's about the bath...Is it alright to invite the girls from Gessen?"
    From my words, Homura was completely shocked.
    But, she suddenly let out a giggle.
    Then a huge laugh followed.	
    Homura: "Do as you wish."
    As I got a reply from Homura, I hurriedly ran to where Yumichan was.
    Asuka: "Ah, Homurachan. Don't forget to call Miyabi and the others!"
    Homura￾F "...Still, you really are a woman with no enemies nor allies."
    As I heard the words Homurachan sighed, I looked back and replied with a big
    smiling face.
    Asuka: "Yep! Because, we are the same, everyone is a Shinobi!"
    26.01 Asuka's story
    	1-01 Seeking ingredients for rolled sushi
    	I'll help grandpa! I'll gather delicious ingredients!
    	1-02 Seeking kelp broth
    	Somewhere in the world doesn't there live a person who has delicious
    	1-03 Seeking 1000 year dried squid
    	Apparently Yagyu seems to have some!
    	1-04 Seeking organic bean sprouts
    	Anyway, "that person" Yomi has some...
    	1-05 Seeking fresh cream?
    	I've gathered too much food so it's about time to go home...
    Asuka: "Big, fat ones are the best!"
    I've decided that way is completely best.
    So I cried out once more brimming with self-confidence.
    Asuka: "Because if it's not big I can't be satisfied!"
    Hanzo: "Uhuh Asuka, it's just as you said. Fatness is truth. Bigness is 
    justice.  I think so too."
    Grandpa gave a big nod at my words.
    Hanzo: "That said, I hope it will be more twisted...Since no matter how you 
    look at it, it's a new type of rolled sushi."
    Me and grandpa were home at our sushi shop, brainstorming new product ideas
    To power up the house speciality of rolled sushi, we wracked our brains to
    think of a rolled sushi that would wake up the world like a big wave.
    Asuka: "Well then, what's a foodstuff that has never been made before now?"
    Hanzo: "Hmmm. That seems interesting."
    I wasn't sure if I should tell that idea to other people.
    If you put something which everyone loves into a rolled sushi, it would 
    certainly become a great hit.
    Hanzo: "I see.  You're talking about market research. I never had that idea
    until now."
    Getting the OK from grandpa, I went out to hear everyone's opinion.
    Asuka: "What idea for rolled sushi will come out? Oooh! It's exciting!"
    Hanzo: "Finished! It's finished!"
    The five of us from Hanzo Academy, as well as the five from Homura's Crimson
    squad, could finally sample the completed rolled sushi.
    Hanzo: "Right, I give you the full taste. This is named Big Wave rolled 
    Hanzo carried in the rolled sushi in a sushi tub.
    Everyone's faces smiled at the sweet and sour aroma.
    Asuka: "Ok! Let's all bite in at once!"
    We took the Big Wave rolled sushi in our hands.
    Asuka: "Everyone ready?  ...Right then, after three!"
    10 people: "Bon appetit!"
    Everyone bit down at the same moment.
    Asuka: "Wa, waaaah!"
    From the Big Wave rolled sushi, the fresh cream came flying out and splattered
    all around.
    Hanzo: "Ha ha ha! A great success! Stuff your mouths and it flies out! This
    rolled sushi is like waves! It's Big Wave rolled sushi!"
    Seeing us covered in fresh cream, grandpa's amazed face gave a big laugh.
    Asuka: "...Aha.  But, this rolled sushi...is really delicious!"
    26.02 Ikaruga's story
    	2-01 Crackdown on public morals disturbance
    	Recently, public moral is being severely disturbed! Here, I come into
    	2-02 Public order and morals violation control
    	Once again public morals are being disturbed! I shall stop it!
    	2-03 Indecent exposure control
    	The sea is a place of public moral disturbance! The sea is calling me!
    	2-04 Reclusive person control
    	Truants also disturb public morals! A truant's duty is to be a student!
    	2-05 My rules!
    	My public morals! These are my rules!
    Ikaruga: "You over there! Your skirt is too short!"
    Standing on the street corner, I check the shinobi students from the other
    schools attire.
    Recently, somehow the shinobi student's behaviour has not been good.
    It's not just their disordered attire, but also loitering late at night, and
    I've witnessed them at improper amusement places...
    The shinobi student's minds seem to be somewhat dizzy and frivolous.
    If they live just a little fashionably, I wouldn't nag them.
    However, recently there are many disturbing incidents.
    Of course,  if I compare them to normal students, it may be that they excel in
    the skill of crisis management.
    However, even if that's so it's not a good reason.
    They're shinobi students so they have to safeguard the laws.
    Should they not be mindful to moderate their behaviour?
    Ikaruga: "When it comes to this, I can only stand up to it."
    If something is disarranged I should straighten it.
    I decided to crack down on the shinobi students.
    Maybe some people will be displeased, but when they become adults everyone
    will thank me.
    With a demon's heart, I will guide them all strictly.
    Ikaruga: "Disturbing public morals disturbs the heart! I will protect 
    everyone's virtue!"
    That was a somehow intense fight.
    Due to becoming a little bit angry, now still my head and body is flushed.
    However, I won all my fights and enforced my morality.
    Like a Japanese lady.
    Ikaruga: "Right! Imu will also obey my rules!"
    Imu: "What rules! Look at your own appearance closely before speaking!"
    Ikaruga: "...Huh?"
    My own appearance?
    Why does she talk about my appearance?
    ...I took a look at my own figure.
    Ikaruga: "...Aaah!?"
    With my clothing ripped to shreds, I was almost in a state of nakedness.
    Ikaruga: "Kya, Kyaaaaaaah!"
    Imu: "With that scandalous appearance you don't want to talk about public
    morals to others!"
    What a thing to happen.
    I was too absorbed in fighting and leading that I didn't notice my clothing
    had been ripped.
    Ikaruga: "T, this infamy is...Wa, waaah!"
    26.03 Katsuragi's story
    	3-01 Searching for new prey
    	It's boring how everyone has become too accustomed to my sexual
    	3-02 Cute form breasts
    	It's for no breasts! Then I'm gonna find it's treasure! 
    	3-03 Cool guy breasts
    	I'm waiting for this wobbling treasure like I've never seen before!
    	3-04 A little hate!
    	That's good! That's good! As I thought, new breasts are good!
    	3-05 Sexual Harrassment final battle
    	I won't lose this showdown! Until I've mastered the road of sexual
    Katsuragi: "There!  Grope grope!"
    I grabbed hold of Hibari's breasts with both hands from behind.
    Squishy, the first-rate softness felt pleasurable in the palms of my hands.
    Katsuragi: "Mufufu. Miss, what lovely breasts you have. Don't they make your 
    shoulders stiff?"
    Hibari: "Huh?  Not especially."
    From such an awfully thin reaction, I received a mild shock.
    Hibari: "Sister Katsu, is that enough? Just, Hibari wants to go shopping."
    Katsuragi: "Ah, ahh...I see. Excuse me."
    I released my hands from Hibari's breasts and she quickly walked off.
    Now, I am bored of molesting.
    Until a little while ago, they gave an innocent scream of "Gaaah!" or "Nooo!".
    Recently, everyone has become accustomed to my sexual harrassment and their
    reactions have become strangely thin.
    Actually, doing sexual harrassment to my comrades is no different from doing
    it to a wooden doll.
    Sexual harrassment is a taster for my hands and ears.
    A reluctant girl's screams gives me half a feeling of fun.
    Katsuragi: "Aw. What is my heart gonna become like this?"
    If so, there's no choice but to look for new targets.
    Naive, pure girls who have no resistance to sexual harrassment...
    That's it.
    I will continue to chase my dream of aiming for cute young girls.
    Katsuragi: "Surely this generation is the age of great sexual harrassment!"
    Katsuragi: "Take that! Cross hand grope!"
    Haruka: "What the! In that case, back hand grope!"
    Me and Haruka's sexual harrassment showdown was determined severly.
    Neither of us would budge an inch, and our battle continued for three days and
    Katsuragi: "Haa haa...You do it pretty well."
    Haruka: "Y, you too..."
    Without a conclusion being settled, both of us fell at that spot exhausted.
    In the world there's never been my equal, no, my master at sexual harrassment.
    But...I didn't feel bad.
    How long has it been since I've had such a good sweat?
    As I thought, the existence of a rival fires me up.
    Katsuragi: "I've decided!"
    I stood up manfully.
    Katsuragi: "I will become a greater master than you in sexual harrassment!
    Until then I won't graduate from Hanzo Academy!"
    My words also lit a fire in Haruka's soul.
    Haruka: "Ufufu.  I also won't lose, you know!"
    Having decided, we continued our battle.
    I could still do better in a sexual harrassment showdown.
    If it's with Haruka I can struggle with her however much is neccessary.
    And, I will win!
    I will become Queen of sexual harrassment!
    Katsuragi: "I won't lose! Really won't lose! Until I have mastered the road of
    sexual harrassment!"
    26.04 Yagyu's story
    	4-01 Where is Hibari!?
    	 Hibari has gone missing...It seems I was a little too harsh...
    	4-02 Candy struggle
    	A place Hibari would seem to go to...A place related to snacks?
    	4-03 Rice cracker struggle
    	It's about time to get the birthday cake...
    	4-04 Cake struggle
    	I must defend Hibari's birthday cake at all costs...
    	4-05 Hibari returns!
    	Not anywhere...After a place with only the two of us...
    Yagyu: "Hibari! Where are you Hibari!"
    I ran around the mountain while calling.
    Yagyu: "Hibari! I was bad! Let's go back home!"
    However, there was no answer at all.
    Only my voice calling for Hibari echoed back.
    A while earlier.
    The incident began during training with Hibari.
    Thinking that I wanted to make her stronger, I said a little strong words.
    Yagyu: "Don't cut corners, Hibari!"
    Hibari's face was a little shocked and...
    Hibari: "...A, awwww!  Yagyu is a idiot!"
    With tears in her eys, she ran off somewhere.
    I soon chased after her, but Hibari was no-where to be seen.
    What's done is done.
    I hit my head many times for my behaviour.
    Yagyu: "...Goddamn it...Today was Hibari's birthday..."
    Already in my head I had been simulating the most extreme fun birthday party.
    Yagyu: "Gah...arguing like that, the lovely birthday has been spoilt."
    Anyway, I have no choice but to locate Hibari and fix her mood.
    Yagyu: "If it's for that...I will become a demon!"
    After overrunning the nuisance Haruka, I handed over my present to Hibari.
    Hibari: "Wah! It's Mr. Bunny candy series! Thank you Yagyuchan!"
    Yagyu: "Since it's Hibari's birthday. This is natural."
    Hibari: "Yagyuchan, I love you!"
    That's great.
    Somehow I could fix Hibari's mood.
    It seems we can spend an extremely lovely birthday.
    Hibari: "But, since it's Hibari's long-awaited birthday, please don't quarrel
    Today was not a quarrel. It was the judgement of love.
    ...I intended to object, but stopped.
    Since it's her long-awaited birthday.
    I want Hibari to feel good.
    Haruka: "Happy birthday, Hibari."
    During that time Haruka had revived.
    Going easy on her seems to have gone wrong.
    Hibari: "Yeah! Thank you too, Haruka!"
    Damn it...I feel like my and Hibari's lovely birthday has been destroyed.
    What to do?
    Knock her down one more time?
    ...No, that's no good.
    More than Hibari's birthday, I don't want to spill blood. This is not about
    power, let's settle it with words.
    Right. Quietly. Peacefully. 
    Yagyu: "Why are you here?  You're in the way so you'd better leave."
    Haruka: "Oh, it's you who's not needed. Since I will love Hibari sooo much."
    Saying so, Haruka hugged Hibari.
    Yagyu: "D, damn it! My Hibari!"
    I was so angry that a blood vessel stood out beating in my brain.
    Yagyu: "Guh, Gigigigi!"
    However, I controlled myself.
    Hibari didn't wish for blood on her birthday.
    I forced myself to smile, and drew close to Haruka's side.
    And then, I secretly stamped on her foot.
    In return, Haruka also stamped on my foot.
    So that Hibari wouldn't notice our fighting, we surreptitiously said abuse
    in a quiet voice.
    Yagyu: "...Go home. Go home you cow. Go home to the farm."
    Haruka: "...You're the cow, Yagyuchan. So please eat some grass."
    Hibari: "Right, let's start Hibari's birthday party."
    Yagyu: "Oh!"
    Haruka: "Eh!"
    Although we were smiling, we were stamping each other's feet with all our
    26.05 Hibari's story
    	5-01 Maybe I can have loads of friends
    	Hibari is gonna go and make new friends!
    	5-02 Friend with rice crackers
    	In this manner I will make lots and lots more friends!
    	5-03 Friend with candy
    	Maybe there's another person who has Mr. Bunny candy?
    	5-04 Friend with Bebetan and Ninja rabbit
    	Ninja rabbit is not here! Where did he go...?
    	5-05 Heartless Yagyu
    	Finally I return to Hanzo Academy. I wonder if Yagyu was looking for
    Hibari: "P, please become my mayplate!"
    ...I got tongue-tied again.
    For quite a while Hibari has been practising again and again in front of the 
    Hibari: "P, Please become... Hibari's playmate!"
    I did it!
    This time was a success!
    Recently, Hibari has realised.
    If there's a kind of person who has common interests, we can become friends.
    Becoming friends with everyone at Hanzo, I think Hibari could grow up lots and
    So, I thought about increasing the number of friends even more.
    If I do that, Hibari can grow up more and more.
    If I grow up, everyone won't pull my leg anymore, plus in the first place I 
    think if I have friends everyday will be fun.
    So, Hibari is going on a journey to search for new friends.
    Hibari: "I will make loads of friends!  Oooh!"
    Hibari: "...Yagyuchan."
    Why do I have to fight Yagyuchan?
    I don't understand why.
    Yagyuchan should be my friend...
    Perhaps, she is angry that Hibari went on a journey without saying anything.
    Because Yagyuchan is a worrier...
    But, Hibari could make loads of friends on this journey.
    Hibari: "...So, Yagyuchan don't be angry."
    Yagyu: "I'm not angry."
    Hibari: "Huh?  So then, what is it?"
    Yagyu: "I needed to fill time until we were prepared. But it's alright now. 
    Let's go."
    Holding Hibari's hand, Yagyuchan headed towards the shinobi room.
    Entering the shinobi room, there was...
    Asuka: Happy birthday!  Hibari!"
    There was everyone from Hanzo Academy, and my new friends too.
    In the bustling decorated shinobi room, a cake and dishes were lined up.
    Yagyu: "You and I have already had a birthday party with just the two of us.
    This time I wanted to gather all our comrades to celebrate your birthday."
    Everyone: "Happy birthday!"
    Applause and party crackers rang out.
    From Hibari's eyes some small tears  spilled out.
    Hibari: "Thank you everyone! Hibari and you all will be friends for life!"
    26.06 Daidouji's story
    	6-01 Real graduation exam
    	The graduation exam I assisted for many years...It seems the time has
            come for me to also leave...
    	6-02 The will that is inherited
    	Hibari! Yagyu! Those two both had quite a good expression!
    	6-03 The beauty of the death of rebellion
    	Ikaruga! Katsuragi! Those 2 guys are also for the graduation exam, 
    	6-04 Hidden feelings
    	Asuka! You carry the burden of the beauty of death for tomorrow's
    	Hanzo Academy! Show me!
    	6-05 Farewell, Hanzo Academy
    	Now is the time for my final graduation exam...! The beauty of death
    	...blooms in profusion!
    In the middle of the Hanzo Academy schoolyard, I crossed my arms and quietly
    closed my eyes.
    Closer and clsoer for me the real graduation exam was approaching.
    To get Rin to say, "I'm beaten"...When that is done is when I will depart
    from Hanzo Academy.
    I'm aware that it's important to aim at becoming Kagura, but to settle a fight
    with Rin my shinobi path is of no use.
    Kirya: "I think the time is still early."
    The contest witness Kirya had arrived.
    Of course, the reason is because I had come early.
    Daidouji: "Asuka and the others?"
    Kirya: "I call them properly."
    From behind Kirya their five faces appeared.
    Asuka: "Daidouji senior...what do you want from us?"
    Daidouji: "The fact of the matter is I called you. I want to loosen up my 
    stiffening body."
    Katsuragi: "Eh!  Is this alright, senior!?"
    Without a moment's delay, Katsuragi's lewd hands drew near.
    I silently glared at her seriously, and Katsuragi stepped back with a pained
    Daidouji: "Before the graduation final exam, I want to warm up. Will you be
    my opponents?"
    As one, Asuka and the others all gave a big nod.
    Thank you. My juniors.
    Here I can welcome the fight with Rin with no regrets.
    So then, I want it to be seared into the eyes of you guys.
    Rin and my final battle.
    As I slowly stepped up, the defeated Rin's mouth opened.
    Rin: "...I'm beaten."
    I leaned over in front of Rin, and slowly held out my right hand.
    Rin gave a small laugh and grasped my hand.
    Rin: "The weight of your blow is very different from before."
    Daidouji: "That blow was stacked with the weight of thoughts of you."
    I pulled Rin up to her feet.
    That's right.
    I have become stronger because Rin gave me life.
    Daidouji: "I will soon become Kagura. At that time, won't we both hunt ghosts
    At my words Rin gave a big nod.
    Rin: "Yeah.  I'll be waiting. And then, there will be love and peace in the
    Kirya: "Daidouji, finally you graduated."
    Kirya-sensei came up holding the graduation cerificate.
    From his eyes slight tears were coming out.
    Seeing Kirya-sensei crying, I also cried.
    Surrounded by the applause of Asuka and the others, I accepted the graduation
    If I think about it, it was a long student life.
    However, I don't have any regrets.
    Thank you.
    27.01 Asuka's Character profile
    Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy 2nd year student.
    Has a legendary shinobi as a grandfather. Her battle styles emphasises 
    multiple blows with two short swords.
    17 years old born on September 8th.
    Blood type:A	Height: 155cm
    B:90 W:57 H: 85
    Hobby: Training
    Likes: Grandpa's rolled sushi
    Secret animal: Frog
    27.02 Ikaruga's character profile
    Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy 3rd year student.
    Daughter of the Phoenix Conglomerate and class representative. Is skillful at
    drawing her sword faster than the eye can see.
    18 years old born on July 7th.
    Blood type:A	Height: 168cm
    B:93 W:59 H: 90
    Hobby: Reading
    Likes: Tea ceremony dishes/Japanese tea
    Secret animal: Phoenix
    27.03 Katsuragi's character profile
    Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy 3rd year student.
    A difficult Senior with a caring, elder sister personality but a love of
    sexual harrassment. Her acrobatic footwork is skillful.
    18 years old born on November 5th.
    Blood type: B    Height: 165cm
    B: 95  W: 57  H: 90
    Hobby: Sexual harrassment
    Likes: Ramen noodles
    Secret animal: Dragon
    27.04 Yagyu's character profile
    Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy 1st year student.
    Because of certain circumstances, she has special feelings for her same
    classmate Hibari. Fights with an umbrellas lined with blades.
    16 years old born on December 23rd.
    Blood type: O    Height: 158cm
    B: 85  W: 60  H: 83
    Hobby: Sleeping
    Likes: Dried squid
    Secret animal: Squid
    27.05 Hibari's character profile
    Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy 1st year student.
    A strange girl who summons a mysterious creature called shinobi rabbit, has 
    shiny pupils and many wonders.
    15 years old born on February 18th.
    Blood type: B	Height: 160cm
    B:80 W:50 H: 73
    Hobby: Video games
    Likes: Every sweet snack
    Secret animal: Rabbit
    27.06 Daidouji's character profile
    Kokuritsu Hanzo Academy 3rd year student.
    Legendary Senior who has been enrolled at Hanzo Academy for many years. It 
    seems there is some reason for her not graduating.
    26 years old born on November 11th.
    Blood type: B	Height: 170cm
    B:100 W:58 H: 98
    Hobby: Frontal assault
    Likes: Meat
    Secret animal: Tiger
    31.00 Homura's Crimson Squad introduction
    Homura: "Well, I'm coming in.  Pardon me!"
    Exhaling under the cold, white weather, I thrust my daily pay packet into my
    breast pocket.
    Today was my part-time job as a house mover.
    I carried the luggage to the 5th floor of an old apartment building, where no
    elevator had been installed.
    With a backward glance to the other house movers complaining that the stairs
    were impossible, the TV, refrigerator, washing machine, bed...all I moved by
    My fellow part-timers were dumb-founded, but it was not such a great amount of
    heavy lifting.
    Hitting my breast pocket, I hurried on the road home.
    I slipped through the dusty urban area, and along a mountain trail off the
    beaten path.
    After a while of walking a small cave in a vertical cliff came into view.
    At first glance it seems a small hole, but once inside it becomes a large
    Our Hebijo pursuers also don't notice it, and since we became ex-ninjas we
    haven't been attacked even once.
    Checking the area well I entered the cave.
    Homura: "I'm back."
    Yomi: "Ah, welcome back."
    Haruka: "You've come home."
    Mirai: "Welcome home!"
    Hikage: "You're late."
    The four Yomi, Haruka, Mirai and Hikage were gathered sitting in a circle
    around the dinner table.
    Now that we have decorated the walls of rock, in it's own way it has become
    a gorgeous living space.
    Here is the den of Homura's Crimson Squad.
    This communal living began about half a year ago.
    To steal the super secret ninja manual of Hanzo Academy, a fierce battle with
    Asuka and the others unfolded.
    Behind it, we were unwittingly part of a conspiracy by Hebijo's founder, 
    Just as Dougen wished, we revived Orochi.
    We were able to defeat Orochi, but the Hebijo school building was destroyed
    without a trace.
    We cut down Dougen, and chose the path of the ex-ninja.
    Although no blame was on Yomi and the others, they also became ex-ninjas for
    While we dodged the Hebijo pursuers, we found this cave and lived here,
    It helps that we pay no rent, but we have to earn to pay for food and the
    neccessities of daily life.
    So, we decided each day of the week, we would do a part-time job during the
    Yomi: "Well, while it's hot."
    In charge of dinner, Yomi brought the dishes lined up.
    Homura: "...What is this?"
    There was a green soup on the plates.
    Yomi: "This evening is bean sprout carbonara."
    Homura: "Bean sprout...carbonara?"
    If you say carbonara that means spaghetti.
    However, on the plate there were no noodles.
    Looking at the green soup closely, a long-stemmed plant floated there.
    Perhaps this looks like a weed, but is it a noodle?
    Yomi: "Right everyone, don't show restraint."
    It's no good thinking about it.
    If it's inside the stomach bean sprouts are the same as anything else.
    Homura: "Bon appetit."
    Taking the plunge putting it in my mouth, the taste wasn't so bad.
    Gingerly eating, everyone's expression lit up.
    Mirai: "Big sister Yomi, this is yummy!"
    Mirai said this with her cheeks stuffed with weeds.
    At this, Yomi laughed with her head inclined.
    Yomi: "Oh, is that right?"
    Mirai: "Is that right...you mean, you didn't taste it?"
    Yomi: "Of course. So, I don't know whether it's tasty or not."
    Mirai: "Hey! I don't eat such a thing!"
    Unintentionally, an argument erupted between Mirai and Yomi.
    Homura: "Well, eat properly. Is it alright if you break your stomach?"
    Noisily, we ate the bean sprout carbonara.
    Doing this we felt like we were back at the Hebijo shinobi room.
    Even now our broken relationship with Hebijo hasn't changed.
    I think once in a while.
    Is it alright like this?
    Hiding and living in a cave, doing a part-time job while continuing to train.
    But what will there be beyond that?
    Now that we have ceased the path of the Evil ninja, what is a good purpose of
    Everyone loves me dearly.
    So, I have a duty to show to everyone the future path.
    Something that is not only an ex-ninja...
    Something that tastes the real feeling of living...
    Homura: "...That thing...can I find it?"
    In a voice that no-one else could hear, I quietly murmured to myself.
    31.01 	Piece of cake combat form training
    Recently, everyone has become flabby! It's time for combat form training! 
    Homura: "Hmm..."
    Mirai: "Ah! You've been thinking about something ever since this morning!"
    Hikage: "That's right. It's dangerous. In addition, I say that it is absurd."
    Mirai: "The 48 hour fire-walking endurance race?"
    Yomi: "That was hard, wasn't it. My clothing was all burned up..."
    Haruka: "Homurachin, it's no use thinking! Since you're the type who uses your
    body more than your head!"
    Homura: "Wh, what, you lot! Is it bad if I think?"
    Haruka: "There's no wisdom no matter how hard you squeeze. Squeeze and you'll
    only get a lot of milk."
    Homura: "Gah...you can say too much?"
    Homura: "I understand! That's enough! Training! Training!"
    Homura: "Let's do combat form training! Starting with Mirai!"
    Mirai: "Eh!?"
    Homura: "We ex-ninja don't have the time to let up. If you want to survive you
    must become stronger at the risk of your life!"
    Mirai: "I understand that but...At least let me eat some breakfast."
    Homura: "Indulgent! One extra inch is death! That is shinobi!"
    Hikage: "Homura is passionate. Me, I'm moved to tears."
    Haruka: "Hikagechin, that's a large yawn from you."
    Homura: "Shinobi training is no questions asked!"
    Homura: "Mirai! Won't you sacrifice yourself for the Dance of Evil!"
    Mirai: "Okay! I understand! I'll do it! It'll be good if I do!"
    Homura: "Still more, right Mirai."
    Mirai: "Uh. My condition was just a little bad."
    Homura: "I see. Let's continue until you warm up."
    Homura: "If this was a real fight there would be no next. Well, let's go!"
    Mirai: "Eh, ehhhh? Wait, wait. Let me rest a little."
    Homura: "Huh, it can't be helped."
    Homura: "Well then, Hikage! You'll be the replacement opponent!"
    Homura: "...Hikage?"
    Homura: "Hikage's not here."
    Homura: "If so, Yomi and Haruka! I order either of you to be my opponent!"
    Homura: "...Yomi? Haruka?"
    Homura: "Why is no-one here?"
    Mirai: "Aah! Everyone, that's not fair!"
    Homura: "I see. It's like that."
    Homura: "Watching our fight, it looks like they could no longer sit still. 
    So they each started their own training."
    Mirai: "Ehh? That's wrong. I said that's wrong. Everyone ran away."
    Homura: "Wow. Impressive. Impressive."
    Homura: "Mirai! We are also not far behind!"
    Homura: "This is not a situation for resting! We will restart the training 
    soon! Well, bring it on!"
    Mirai: "...Ahh...I resent everyone."
    31.02 Battle over a feast
    If you want to eat food other than wild grass, you have to win! (Yomi)
    Yomi: "Funfunfun-"
    Homura: "Yomi, I'm sorry. You cook for everyone every day."
    Yomi: "It doesn't matter at all. Since I love cooking."
    Homura: "Y, yeah. So today's menu is..."
    Yomi: "Right. A special soup with wild grass stock."
    Homura: "...Same as yesterday. I mean, same as every day."
    Yomi: "Ah, didn't you like it? If so, today I'll serve wild grass salad."
    Homura: "No, that's...just. Sometimes I want to eat meat or rice..."
    Yomi: "Wild grass is good for your health? I collect it from the mountain since
    we don't have any money."
    Homura: "I got it. I understand exactly what you're saying. However, even if my
    head understands, my stomach wishes for it!"
    Homura: "Hamburger! Steak! Curry rice! Sushi! Sukiyaki! Fish!"
    Homura: "I want to eat! I want to eaaaaat!"
    Yomi: "Pl, please stop! ...Drool."
    Homura: "Hey! But you want to eat it?"
    Yomi: "No...drool. That is...drool...not so."
    Homura: "Liar! Aren't you drooling!"
    Yomi: "Homura, please calm down. Your hunger is making you lose control."
    Homura: "S, sorry..."
    Yomi: "We are ex-ninja. We cannot afford luxury."
    Homura: "That's so but...I can't fight on an empty stomach. I wonder if those
    do not?"
    Yomi: "...It can't be helped."
    Yomi: "If so, win in a contest against me and I'll make you a feast."
    Homura: "Really!? That's really Yomi! You understand my words!"
    Yomi: "You are relieved quickly."
    Yomi: "As everyone entrusts me with their wallets, I won't lose easily."
    Homura: "Hah. It's what you want."
    Yomi: "Well, let's fight!"
    Yomi: "I won."
    Homura: "Gah...My stomach is empty...my power didn't come."
    Yomi: "But...I understood your feeling. Sometimes let's have luxury."
    Homura: "Wh, what!? Really! It's really ok!?"
    Yomi: "Yes. Today I will make you value my abilities more."
    Yomi: "Bean sprout full course!"
    Homura: "Be, bean sprout? Not meat or something like that?"
    Yomi: "Hee hee hee hee. It's been a while since bean sprouts."
    Homura: "No, Yomi. I said meat or something..."
    Yomi: "Bean sprouts are healthy. Bean sprouts are supreme."
    Homura: "No good...she doesn't hear me."
    Homura: "Huh. My stomach is too empty."
    Yomi: "Ho ho. If it's like that, you shouldn't have lost the contest."
    31.03 	Paparazzi Haruka
    My secret fun times are absolutely secret!(Mirai)
    The detergent soap suds sparkle on the surface of the river.
    Everyone's stockings and underwear, I wash splashing water.
    Mirai: "Uh. My hands hurt."
    The mid-Winter river water seems to cut my hands. More than cold, it's painful.
    Mirai: "I'll do my best. Mirai can do it."
    I get through the pain and my sensations are numbed.
    To be honest, when I was chosen by lot to do the laundry, it was because of my
    cursed luck.
    But, I came to look forward to doing the laundry.
    Since no matter how cold the water is I can endure it.
    My interest in cleaning has been piqued more and more.
    My own laundry, then Homura's linen underwear, after that big sister Yomi's
    girly clothes...
    The laundry is done quickly, just Hikage's and Haruka's things remain.
    From now is my fun time.
    I slowly take Haruka's adult-like bra and panties in my hand, and try them on.
    Reflected on the water's surface, I look at my figure from various angles.
    At that time my heart beats fast.
    I toast laundry as a sweet job.
    Mirai: "Phew...a little too close."
    I put Haruka's underwear in a small area, and next I try Hikage's leopard print
    bra and panties.
    Looking at my reflection in the water's surface, I feel pleased with myself.
    Pasiing the day with provocative underwear suits my feeling.
    Mirai: "Yeah...something feels good."
    Mirai: "Eh?"
    The small sound of a camera shutter comes to my ear.
    Just then sweat erupts from my whole body.
    Someone took a photo?
    In turn in feel towards the sound of the shutter.
    Standing there...holding a camera, is Haruka.
    At such a despairing view, I feel like fainting.
    Haruka: "Fufufu. I got a photo of Miraichan."
    Mirai: "Ha, Haruka!"
    Mirai: "Just now, did you...see me!?"
    Haruka: Relax. I took snapshots perfectly."
    Mirai: "Noooooooo!"
    Mirai: "Give it back give it back give it back!"
    Haruka: "Ya, Miraichan. This camera is mine, what can I give back?"
    Mirai: "That's wrong! The contents! Give me the contents!"
    Haruka: "Yeah yeah. I'll give you a nice print."
    Mirai: "Wrong wrong wrong! A print is no good!"
    Mirai: "If they should get into the public eye...! I couldn't live!"
    Haruka: "It's fine. Miraichan is a strong girl. Have more belief in yourself."
    Mirai: "Wa, wa, waaaah! Haruka is mean!"
    Mirai: "If that's so, I'll get them back by force! Get ready, Haruka!"
    Mirai: "Yay! I got the camera off Haruka!"
    Mirai: "Right, I'll take out the data card..."
    Mirai: "Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! This thing, it will be gone from this
    Haruka: "Oh oh. What a waste. After I went to so much trouble."
    Mirai: "Heh. I'm safe."
    Haruka: "It can't be helped so I'll have to be patient and look at the others."
    Mirai: "...The others?"
    Haruka: "Hey. In Miraichin's photo album."
    Mirai: "Wh, wh, whaaaaaaat!?"
    Haruka: "Hey hey, how pleasant. I'll show you specially. Drool running down is
    Haruka: "You can practise signing. Fufufu, I wonder if Miraichin wants to 
    become famous?"
    Mirai: "Ah...ah...ah..."
    Mirai: "Nooooooooo!!"
    31.04 	Fated attraction
    Days of fighting have started again. Tension is up. (Haruka)
    Haruka: "Oh, welcome."
    At the hamburger shop register, I let out a sexy voice.
    Haruka: "Your order? What would you like to eat?"
    The customer is an innocent high school student.
    Her face turns bright red under my gaze.
    Haruka: "Cute..."
    Leaning forward, I whisper into her ear.
    Haruka: "If you want to eat me..."
    The high school student's body reacts with a start.
    Haruka: "P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S..."
    Shop manager: "Heeeeeeyyy!"
    The next instant, my body pulls back from the high school student.
    Haruka: "Wh, what!?"
    Grabbing me by the scruff of the neck, the manager pulls me from the register.
    Shop manager: "Haruka, you're fired!"
    Haruka: "Wh, why?"
    Shop manager: "Do you plan to disrupt this hamburger joint?"
    I'm dragged to the back exit, and thrown out of the shop.
    Haruka: "So then, what about my wages?"
    Shop manager: "There are no wages!"
    The door slams shut with great force. Well, since I only worked for about 10
    minutes, if I say it can't be helped it can't be helped?
    Even so, getting fired on the first day again.
    This is the 20th consecutive time.
    Somehow my service is misunderstood.
    The first part-time job after becoming an ex-ninja was as a roadwork traffic
    I waved a red-coloured traffic guiding light, directing however many cars onto
    the construction site.
    There was no sense whatever.
    I said, "Thank you for your hard work driving", and as service let everyone 
    take a little look at my butt.
    Driver must not look away from driving, I'm not bad.
    I also tried being a private tutor...
    Not even one hour after the lesson had started, my male student couldn't stop
    having a nose bleed.
    In order to provide motivation, I showed my chest a little.
    In the end, I was chased out of the house by the mother. Really, it was 
    The next I tried to do was as a part-time caregiver.
    I wouldn't say it was my mistake, I lost my job trying to make a bedridden old
    man healthy.
    Since being bedridden is so sad, if I gave him my secret medicine he would be
    vivacious and start playing gateball or something.
    I don't care if it's not my job.
    I continued to be fired like this and that.
    Haruka: "Huh. Part-time jobs are difficult."
    In the end, today also I couldn't earn a single penny.
    What's a good way to explain this to everyone?
    Letting out a sigh I returned home.
    Returning to our hidden den, everyone was holding weapons, getting ready to go
    There was something in the atmosphere.
    But, my heart was twanging queerly.
    Even having such danger, it's more fun than doing a part-time job.
    With my chest swinging heavily, I ran up to everyone.
    Haruka: "What's going on? Why is everyone hurrying?"
    Homura: "...It seems someone is attacking Hanzo Academy."
    Haruka: "Eh, that's bad. So won't we go to help."
    Homura: "Wh, why should we help them!"
    Haruka: "Isn't Homurachin worried?"
    Homura: "I'm not worried. Those guys won't be beaten easily."
    Homura: "I've decided...it's alright."
    Haruka: "I see."
    Haruka: "Well, I'm going to invite everyone to take a look at the situation. 
    Homurachin, wait here."
    Homura: "Wh, what? W, wait a minute!"
    Homura: "If everyone else is going, I'm going to."
    Haruka: "..."
    Homura: "Wh, what?"
    Haruka: "As I thought, you are worried about Asukachin and the others."
    Homura: "Th, that's wrong! That's not it! Isn't it strange if everyone goes 
    but I don't go?"
    Haruka: "Yeah yeah. That's really dishonest."
    Haruka: "Well, let's all go quickly."
    Haruka: "This is...Everyone at Hanzo...has been beaten."
    Mirai: "Oh my god."
    Homura: "Asuka! Asuka! Hold on!"
    Asuka: "Uhhh...Homurachan? And everyone from Hebijo..."
    Homura: "It's not compassion, Asuka! You can't lose to anyone except for us!"
    Asuka: "...I haven't been beaten. I am...still going..."
    Homura: "Id, idiot! Don't move your body!"
    Haruka: "You say it's not compassion and you say don't move...Homurachan is 
    busy, right."
    Homura: "Sh, shut up, Haruka!"
    Homura: "So Asuka, who did this to you?"
    ???: "It was I who did it."
    Yomi: "You are!?"
    Miyabi: "Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 3rd year student, Miyabi. The head of the 
    select team."
    Homura: "...I see. Are you my successor?"
    Miyabi: "I successfully lured you out. Stupid ex-ninja."
    Imu: "It's Hikage! Hikage is here! Hikage is in front of me at last! Ha ha ha!"
    Hikage: "Who is this guy, calling my name and laughing. Should I laugh too?
    Ha ha ha ha ha."
    Murasaki: "...I want to go home. My opponent...looks tricky..."
    Mirai: "Tricky!? A, a, a, about me!? How can you say such a thing about me!"
    Ryobi: "Ryobi's opponent seems to be a demure girl? Bullying seems likely."
    Yomi: "Is that about me? Such a manner is careless and dangerous."
    Ryona: "Hey hey. Miyabichan. Can I snitch a little food?"
    Ryona: "Somehow I'm worried about that girl with the pink ribbon. Really, hurt
    Haruka: "Oh, do you mean me?"
    Miyabi: "It can't be helped. It's ok to play just a little."
    Ryona: "Thanks, Miyabichan. Well, please hurt me a lot!"
    Haruka: "Fufufu. Come, little miss. As you desire, I will...hurt you."
    Haruka: "Well? Are you satisfied?"
    Ryona: "Kyain kyain! Again again! I really want to be hurt more!"
    Ryona: "Ryona, that's enough for today. Let's withdraw."
    Ryobi: "Hey, Ryona. Let's go."
    Murasaki: "...G, great. ...Let's go home quickly."
    Homura: "Huh. Are you running away?"
    Imu: "Running away? Our true target is you."
    Homura: "What?"
    Miyabi: "We are not at our best after fighting those Hanzo guys. So, we'll let
    you off the hook today."
    Miyabi: "However, for the sin of scorning the pride of Hebijo you will atone
    with death. Be prepared."
    Haruka: "...Punish the ex-ninjas?"
    Asuka: "I'm sorry, Homura. If I was stronger..."
    Homura: "No, it's me who should apologise. I involved you in our problems."
    Homura: "But, I won't allow anyone except for us two to do it! Become more
    and more stronger Asuka!"
    Homura: "If so, I'll defeat you again!"
    Haruka: "Apologetic and angry...Homurachan is truly dishonest."
    Homura: "Haruka! You always tease me!"
    Haruka: "Yeah yeah."
    Homura: "...Even so...Miyabi."
    Homura: "She could come at anytime. Let's turn the tables on her."
    31.05 	Unremembered fate
    There are many whose fate I don't remember. (Hikage)
    Hikage: "Huh. Hunting ex-ninja. Seems to become really busy."
    Imu: "Hikage!"
    Hikage: "Eh? Who is calling me?"
    Imu: "It's me, Hikage! Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 3rd year student Imu!"
    Imu: "This is the 100th year we met here! I will rid myself of many grudges
    Hikage: "Are you someone from Hebijo? Aren't you so proud."
    Imu: "...What a minute Hikage. Did you...forget about me?"
    Hikage: "...Who?"
    Imu: "I, idiot! Have you perfectly forgotten?"
    Imu: "I took care of Miyabi's health during her long absence from school, but
    she has come back to the school little by little recently!"
    Hikage: "Hum."
    Imu: "Don't you know the name of the select team member in front of you!?"
    Hikage: "Hah."
    Imu: "Don't hum and hah! So, do you remember me now!?"
    Hikage: "Nah. Sorry."
    Imu: "Did you not harrass me time and time again! My elder again and again and
    again and again!"
    Hikage: "...Is that so? But I don't remember it."
    Imu: "You f, f, f, fool!"
    Imu: "I don't forget! That annoying boxer shorts affair..."
    Hikage: "Sounds like an interesting affair. I really wanna hear."
    Imu: "That day by chance all my underwear was in the wash..."
    Imu: "I went to buy some underwear from the convenience store, but girl's 
    underwear was all sold out..."
    Imu: "So I...had no choice but to buy men's boxer shorts."
    Hikage: "Hah."
    Imu: "It was unthinkable that this would come to light...But, I bumped against
    you in the corridor..."
    Imu: "In that case as I fell...everyone around us was able to see the boxer 
    shorts I was wearing!"
    Hikage: "Uh-oh. What a disaster."
    Imu: "Disaster? From then onwards my nickname was, "Pro-boxer Imu"!"
    Hikage: "That's cool. It's a stylish nickname."
    Imu: "That's not the only shameful incident!"
    Imu: "The incident of the glasses and sunglasses, the incident of the unaware 
    see-through school uniform..."
    Imu: "It's all because of you!"
    Hikage: "Sorry. I can't remember a single thing."
    Imu: "I sent you a letter of challenge many times! I said to fight over the
    select team member seat!"
    Hikage: "Don't let it get to you, I wasn't interested. Sorry."
    Hikage: "Well well, I was busy fighting with Hanzo."
    Imu: "That's enough! Even if you don't remember, it doesn't matter!"
    Imu: "This grudge will be cleared up! Hikage, I'll kill you!"
    Hikage: "Well, if that's the reason it can't be helped. I'll be your opponent."
    Hikage: "Ah. I remember your face just a little."
    Hikage: "You're that senior who was always darting around the edges."
    Imu: "What!"
    Hikage: "That was you. Sorry, I forgot."
    Imu: "Whaat!"
    Hikage: "'Cos at that time I was emotionless. Maybe, I unknowingly hurt you."
    Hikage: "So, I apologise. Sorry for being bad."
    Imu: "D, do you believe that an apology finishes this!?"
    Imu: "Generally, the incident of the upside-down swimsuit, the incident of the
    hand towel fried in oil...I don't forget!"
    Hikage: "Is there still so much?"
    Imu: "I'll leave it for today!"
    Imu: "Just, I don't forget! I will undoubtedly get my revenge!"
    Imu: "This is not just the question of ex-shinobi hunting! This is the question
    of my pride!"
    Hikage: "...Well, I don't understand well, but if I'm targeted it can't be 
    helped. Just as I thought."
    32.01 	Shinobi House Rapunzel
    Doing writing in front of everyone is somehow embarrassing... (Mirai)
    "Ah how annoying!"
    "Rapunzel said this while being struck by heavy rain."
    "Because, you do not love me!"
    "Just you pity me for my addiction to spiritual seminar!"
    "I confess everything, and he shunned me."
    I run my gaze around me and quietly tap on the computer keyboard.
    At the consumer electronics shop PC counter, during the weekday the number of
    customers was few.
    Mirai: "...Ah. They came."
    I press the save button and close the browser.The sales assistant approaches 
    with a business smile.
    Sales assistant: "Um, if you don't mind..."
    Mirai: "Th, this is the latest model PC, right. I got it, I got it. The 
    description is good. I mostly understand."
    Sales assistant: "Is that right?"
    As the sales assistant walks away, I glare at her back.
    Mirai: "Haa..."
    The feeling of high spirits suddenly left me.
    As I thought, using the consumer electronics shop PC to write my novel is a 
    little difficult.
    The truth is, as well as being an ex-ninja I have another face.
    A popular internet novelist...my pen-name is "futsure". [Lovely Buddha]
    The origin of my pen-name comes from the Chinese characters.
    My masterpiece "Shinobi House Rapunzel" is serialized on a novel site.
    A young, purple-haired girl is confined in an evil ninja mansion, but a love
    story with a number of princes unrolls...
    ...well, that's how it's supposed to be.
    As the story continued the number of fans increased, coming to want something 
    The result is the princes start to kill each other, Rapunzel becomes a general
    trading company for addiction, and the story flows in a direction perfectly
    out of control.
    However, this outrageous expansion made it more popular, and being unable to
    update the novel serial regular made it hard for my fans to endure.
    Having said that, since becoming an ex-ninja I've been hiding together with 
    the ex-Hebijo in this secret cave.
    Naturally, somehow it's embarrassing to write in front of everyone.
    I don't have identification papers, so maybe I also can't use a net cafe.
    Therefore I hit on the plan of using the consumer electonics shop PC counter.
    Mirai: "Soon...I wonder if that's good."
    As the sales assistant left, I opened up the browser. A few of the display PCs
    were connected to the Internet.
    I logged in to the novel site and returned to writing my unfinished novel.
    "It was the next moment. From the heavens poured the rain, and pierced my 
    "My aching body was numb. I thought I would die. But miraculously I survived."
    "In the rain, I became clearly aware. Perhaps, I'm worried about him."
    "What's this...divine revelation?"
    "If it's a divine revelation it can't be helped. I consent."
    "On this occasion, I also sympathize. Not a real love is ok. I opened my heart
    to him, and decided to confess the trauma I had for a long time."
    "Being ignored and blowing my top, a serious trauma..."
    That's good. That's good.
    Because I'm in a rush it's a little erratic, but in the first place it feels 
    like a net novel.
    Sales assistant: "Um..."
    Before I knew it the sales assistant's face leaned in.
    Concentrating too much on my writing I didn't notice her arrival. I pressed
    the save button and closed the browser in a panic.
    Mirai: "Th, this PC, it's too fragile."
    I don't know what I was saying, as I moved away from the spot.
    That said, when I come up to here, I want to finish writing to the end.
    I pretend to leave the shop, and return back here again.
    As a shinobi it's easy to exploit the sales assistant's blind spot.
    Returning in front of the PC, I've soon gone back to writing my novel.
    "But is it alright to admit to that trauma? I was super worried. But in one
    second I received the answer."
    "It's ok! My pure heart nodded!"
    "Because this trauma is not just a trauma. Because the secret of my eyepatch 
    is also related. It's an important thing."
    "I am roaring down the road of a tragic heroine."
    "No-one can stop me anymore."
    Writing up to there, I pressed the save button.
    That's the update completed for today.
    For a while I watched the "like" counter go up by 130.
    But, I know.
    It wasn't 130 people pressing the "like" button.
    From looking at the access log, the barrage was coming from only one core fan.
    Fearfully waiting in front of her monitor for my novel update.
    Next a comment from that person arrived in the comment box.
    Username: cute_hikky
    Kyaah!!!!!!!!up desu!!!!!!!!!
    I am not commenting at all and cute_hikky adds more and more comments.
    Username: cute_hikky
    I mean, did you change your IP address recently?
    An IP address is like an address that has been allocated to a single PC.
    The provider you're under contract with generally knows the address.
    Because that girl is my contributor, she seems to have calculated the consumer
    electronics shop's ID address.
    ...She is like a stalker, but that's no different from being my passionate fan.
    To give my thanks, I leave a comment.
    Username: futsure
    Thank you always.
    From now I will do my best with my writing.
    Soon a reply comes from cute_hikky.
    Username: cute_hikky
    I received a response------!!!
    I could die I could die I could die.
    No I don't want to die yet I don't want to die yet 'cause I'm happy.
    High tension--------!!!!!
    cute_hikky continued to post strange spirited comments.
    Username: cute_hikky
    I mean I live in that neighbourhood!!!!!
    But if we could meet I'd be too impressed...
    With that fan?
    Somehow it's a little scary, but just ignoring her is no good.
    Username: futsure
    I understand.
    It's ok.
    Username: cute_hikky
    Please rendevous at the vacant lot across from the station!
    A place with lots of people like a shopping street is impossible--- orz
    Mirai: "Vacant lot...?"
    With the contents of the novel I'm writing, I should have been considered an
    adult woman.
    I can't destroy that fan's image.
    I cover my whole body with perfume borrowed from Haruka.
    Mirai: "...I wonder if this will make me seem a little like an adult."
    While covered in the smell of perfume, I head towards the vacant lot where 
    cute_hikky is waiting.
    Mirai: "Surely this is the place where we will meet."
    Mirai: "I've spruced myself up more than usual. I put on Haruka's special
    Mirai: "All is prepared! It's alright to meet my fan!"
    Mirai: "...It's alright. ...Maybe alright..."
    Mirai: "Somehow I don't have confidence... As, as I thought I wonder if I 
    should go home."
    Murasaki: "...Huh? You are...the ex-ninja..."
    Mirai: "Oh! W, why are you here!?"
    Murasaki: "Ah! ...Please don't speak in such a loud voice."
    Murasaki: "I am...just...waiting to meet someone..."
    Mirai: "I know! You followed me!"
    Murasaki: "Eh? Th, that's wrong..."
    Mirai: "For Heaven's sake, leave me alone today! I have an appointment with an
    important person!"
    Murasaki: "...N, no. ...I am...I am..."
    Mirai: "So it's a fight! If I win you will leave here!"
    Murasaki: "...Uh. Please listen to what I say..."
    Mirai: "Well, let's sort this out quickly!"
    Murasaki: "...Uh. Bebetan, what to do?"
    Mirai: "I won! So, get out of here!"
    Murasaki: "Uhhh...Even though it took so much courage to go outside."
    Murasaki: "The important appointment is...the important appointment is..."
    Mirai: "Eh? Did you not come to attack me?"
    Murasaki: "I said so from the beginning..."
    Mirai: "I, I'm sorry. I was somehow so nervous..."
    Murasaki: "That's enough...I'm going home. I cannot meet my appointment dressed
    in these tatters."
    Murasaki: "Sniff sniff...Somehow you...stink."
    Mirai: "Stink? Me? I went wrong with Haruka's perfume!?"
    Murasaki: "...No. It's your life smell. A somehow poor smell. A smell of 
    Murasaki: "The life of an ex-shinobi must be tough."
    Mirai: "H, horrible! I don't have such a stink!"
    Murasaki: "Uhhh...Anyway, when next we meet I won't show any mercy."
    Murasaki: "...You...Potato head."
    Mirai: "P, potato head!? How can you say I'm a potato head!"
    Mirai: "...I'm also going home. It's bad if I meet my fan with such a stink."
    Mirai: "Huh...I wanted to meet my fan."
    32.02 Good shopper young wife
    Buying daily neccessities is my duty. Training for homemaking, it's fun! (Yomi)
    Yomi: "Well, shopping is finished. I'll return home to everyone."
    Ryobi: "Wait."
    Yomi: "You are...A Hebijo shinobi."
    Ryobi: "I am called Ryobi. Remember it."
    Yomi: "Yes. Ryobi. I'll remember well."
    Yomi: "Are you also doing shopping?"
    Yomi: "If so, there's a sale on at the supermarket in front of the station. I
    bought some tissues really cheaply."
    Ryobi: "I don't need tissues or anything!"
    Yomi: "Well, how about toilet paper? If so, that pharmacy right there is 
    Ryobi: "I don't need toilet paper either!"
    Yomi: "Oh, so you also have your eye on the bean sprouts sale?"
    Yomi: "That's bad luck. If you want bean sprouts I already bought them all."
    Ryobi: "But, I'm not doing shopping! I was tailing you to find out what kind
    of person my enemy is!"
    Yomi: "By enemy you mean....is that about me?"
    Ryobi: "Who else is there to talk about!"
    Ryobi: "Haa. Haa. Haa. ...Somehow my mood is mad."
    Ryobi: "But that's ok. Anyway, I will defeat you now."
    Ryobi: "After tailing you,  you do not seem to be so strong."
    Yomi: "Oh, so what did you find?"
    Ryobi: "...You're a young wife good at shopping?"
    Yomi: "Oh, no good. If you say that I feel embarrassed."
    Yomi: "...But."
    Yomi: "When you judge a person from appearance, I have a hurt experience!"
    Ryobi: "Huh. When it's not so it's not interesting. Let's go!"
    Yomi: "The Hebijo shinobi I expected. Really strong."
    Ryobi: "Kuh. It seems I depended on judging from appearance."
    Yomi: "Ah, Ryobi. Blood is coming from your knee."
    Yomi: "Please wait a minute. I have some really effective medicine for 
    Ryobi: "Wh, what are you doing?"
    Yomi: "Medical care of course. It's not likely to be settled today."
    Ryobi: "Giving care to your enemies...is that the work of a shinobi?"
    Yomi: "Because I am an ex-ninja. We are no longer bound by the conventions of
    the world of shinobi."
    Yomi: "...So then, please excuse me. I have to make this evening's dinner of
    bean sprout curry for everyone."
    Ryobi: "..."
    Ryobi: "...What was that. ...I wonder about such a thing."
    Ryobi: "...That girl called Yomi...Somehow I feel her atmosphere is like big
    Ryobi: "...Huh, so it's not just that..."
    32.03 S and M
    We attract each other...like a magnet of S and M. (Haruka)
    Ryona: "Ah! You came you came you came! I absolutely thought you'd be here!"
    Haruka: "Oh. If it isn't the Hebijo pervert."
    Ryona: "Yeah yeah! That's right! I'm Hebijo's Ryona!"
    Ryona: "Harukachan's flirting with Ryonachan is something that can't be 
    Ryona: "I was unconsciously looking for you. Hee hee hee."
    Haruka: "Oh oh. You totally love me, right."
    Haruka: "But...I also haven't forgotten about you. Your screams...were really
    Ryona: "Kyain! Kyain! Well, well, let's enjoy the two of us more!"
    Ryona: "I think it's really, really fun!"
    Haruka: "But, aren't there many people here? In front of this crowd of
    Ryona: "But it's ok!"
    Ryona: "Ryonachan wants to be humiliated in front of many people!"
    Haruka: "Fufu. Fufufufufu. You're a hardcore pervert."
    Haruka: "Alright. If you say that to me...I also feel a fire."
    Haruka: "It's ok if many people watch us! Ryonachan's sloppy face!"
    Ryona: "Kyain kyain! Yes! Let them watch!"
    Haruka: "So then, let's go!"
    Haruka: "Haahaahaahaa...! Still! Still I will hit you!"
    Ryona: "Haahaahaahaa...! More! More please!"
    Haruka: "Alright Harukachan! Let's go on forever like this!"
    Ryona: "Forever! Forever, right! Ryonachan, I seem to be strange!"
    Haruka: "This wish for Ms.Shy!"
    Ryona: "Kyain! Harukachan's gift to Ms.Shy!"
    Haruka: "Haaan!"
    Ryona: "Kyaiiin!"
    Homura: "Stop it!"
    Haruka: "Haa...! H, Homurachan?"
    Homura: "I thought you hadn't quite come home...What are you two doing in
    Haruka: "What...Fighting."
    Homura: "That is a bullshit fight! "Aha" and "Ufun"...such shamelessness!"
    Ryona: "Kuun. Let's also have fun together with Homurachan."
    Homura: "D, don't involve me!"
    Homura: "Hey Haruka! Come home quickly!"
    Haruka: "What a shame. There was still more until now."
    Ryona: "Waah...wah..."
    Haruka: "Ryonachan, I'm looking forward to next time. Until then...be patient."
    Ryona: "A postponement? Are you neglecting me?"
    Haruka: "Is that good? If you enjoyed it without me, I won't play with you
    Ryona: "Kyain! That is mean! I understand, I'll be patient."
    Ryona: "Ryonachan will really really be patient! But next time please play 
    with me again!"
    Haruka: "Good girl. So see you next time."
    Homura: "For god's sake!"
    32.04 Two people who do not understand each other
    Imu was super angry before. Maybe I should give an apology gift. (Hikage)
    Hikage: "Is this the place? The location of the challenge."
    Imu: "You came, Hikage!"
    Hikage: "I received your letter of challenge."
    Imu: "Huh. Aren't you awfully obedient?"
    Imu: "Before,  however much provocation there was from me you ran away. Why the
    change of mind?"
    Hikage: "Because I didn't care about provocation. What you said before was 
    surely a misunderstanding."
    Imu: "It doesn't matter if it was an misunderstanding. As long as I can get 
    revenge on you."
    Hikage: "Without saying it seems to be so. For today I have brought an apology
    Hikage: "Here, boxer shorts."
    Imu: "W, what the!?"
    Hikage: "Didn't you say before that you liked boxer shorts? So I bought some
    for you."
    Hikage: "For the ex-ninja life, earning the money to buy them was so tough. Be
    Imu: "F, for god's sake! When did I say that I liked boxer shorts!?"
    Hikage: "Huh? Maybe I made another mistake."
    Imu: "That's enough! Let's settle this quickly!"
    Hikage: "By boxing?"
    Imu: "Wrong!"
    Imu: "...Gugugugu. You really get on my nerves."
    Imu: "That mouth, it won't speak again!"
    Hikage: "Haa. It's tough to explain a misunderstanding."
    Imu: "S, strong. I didn't imagine such power."
    Hikage: "No no. You were also plenty strong. Do you aim at being world
    Imu: "But I don't do boxing!"
    Imu: "However, your strength gives me peace of mind."
    Imu: "If revenge is difficult, when I achieve it the excitement will be great."
    Hikage: "You won't be able to say that any more. When you see this you won't
    care about revenge any longer."
    Imu: "What? What do you mean!?"
    Imu: "...Surely. Are you still hiding your true power?"
    Hikage: "This is...Fried oil."
    Imu: "..."
    Hikage: "Before, you said you liked things fried in oil. So I'll give this to
    Imu: "...I understand well Hikage. You and I, it's really impossible to 
    understand each other."
    Imu: "Goodbye! Next time we we'll surely settle this dispute!"
    Hikage: "...Hmm."
    Hikage: "What did I do? I don't get it at all."
    32.05 Secret manoeuvering guy
    It seems the Hebijo assassin is approaching. Soon this dispute will be settled.
    An omen of bloodlust drifts through the gloomy back streets.
    Someone has been following me ever since I left my part-time job at the 
    doughnut shop.
    Homura: "...A shinobi?"
    Furthermore, they try to erase this distinctive sign in the same way as I 
    learnt...In other words, my tail is a Hebijo shinobi student.
    Homura: "Are they ex-ninja hunting alone?"
    I stop in a narrow alleyway.
    Then from the shadow of a building emerges a woman dressed in a ninja outfit.
    Tsumuji: "I am Tsumuji*. A Hebijo student."  [*Whirlwind]
    With glaring eyes, Tsumuji suddenly draws a ninja sword.
    Tsumuji: "My brother's foe! Homura, die!"
    Brother's foe...With those words I understand everything.
    Tsumuji is that guy's little sister.
    His sister aimed at my neck.
    Tsumuji's sword stabs through the air.
    However, that is only to talk of student level.
    Without even drawing my blade, I fend of the point of her sword without
    Tsumuji: "Damn! Why!"
    With that degree of skill, even doing it a hundred times would not graze me.
    I slip behind Tsumuji, and lightly chop the medulla oblongata.
    Tsumuji: "Ah!"
    Tsumuji lets out a weak cry and collapses to the road.
    Homura: "You're...Kouji's little sister."
    Speaking as I look down, Tsumuji chews her lip, chagrined.
    Speaking that person's name again is the last thing I would have expected.
    It was when I was a Junior High school student.
    Raised by a venerable Good ninja family, from since I was small I had been 
    allowed to attend cram school.
    However, it was not my only interest at that time.
    I developed special feelings for my cram school lecturer, and revealed that I 
    was a member of a shinobi family.
    The next moment, my lecturer's attitude completely changed.
    His identity was an Evil ninja, and his mission was the obliteration of my
    After opening up my heart, I plunged into an abyss of despair.
    The lecturer was pleased by that...
    It was the sneaky way of Kouji.
    I leave in anger, with Kouji submerged in a sea of blood.
    However, because of the violence, I failed the Good ninja academy qualification
    Being unable to become a Good ninja, my parents were furious at the shame 
    caused to my family.
    However much I explained the situation they didn't listen, and I was expelled 
    from my home.
    Abandoning my belief in my parents and my lecturer, for more than a year I 
    wandered aimlessly through the town.
    At that time I was recruited by a Hebijo scout.
    Since I had half-killed the Evil ninja Kouji, I showed a lot of promise and was
    accepted by Hebijo.
    I knew that Kouji's younger sister had planned to transfer to Hebijo.
    Because I was in charge of checking the midterm enrollment documents.
    Although I never met Tsumuji at school.
    Tsumuji: "Homura...It's your fault...My brother was expelled from the world of
    Evil ninja."
    Tsumuji stood up and brandished her ninja sword.
    Her eyes were glowing more violently.
    That said, she already completely gave up the ability.
    Tsumuji can't injure me even once.
    Homura: "If you're attacked as a junior high school girl, you won't be fit to
    be a shinobi. So, now, what are you doing?"
    At my question, Tsumuji grinds her teeth.
    Tsumuji: "...Now we're in the slums."
    Homura: "That's right. My friend Yomi was born in the slums, but home is where
    you make it. This town's people are kind..."
    Tsumuji: "Fool!"
    Tsumuji reacted to my words with an angry voice.
    Tsumuji: "It's not only my brother! You abandoned Hebijo for your own selfish
    ...Certainly I left Hebijo of my own volition. Maybe it can't be helped if it's
    thought I abandoned them.
    Homura: "Hmm. I understand your anger. However, you're too underpowered to 
    avenge your brother. Go train more at Hebijo."
    I turn my back to leave the field.
    I have no regrets about defeating Kouji.
    But, if she wants to get revenge for her brother, I could be challenged at any
    Of course, I am never going to lose.
    Tsumuji: "...Homura, is how you are living now what you wanted? My brother's 
    fall, the thing you abandoned Hebijo for was your life as a part-time worker?"
    At Tsumuji's words I involuntarily stopped walking.
    Tsumuji: "Now you are not even a shinobi. Crap. To lose to one such as you..."
    I couldn't find the words to reply.
    Someone was in the street.
    There is no way to penetrate my conviction now.
    Tsumuji: "...When I get stronger I want to defeat you. Just...it's impossible
    to become stronger with Hebijo now."
    Homura: "What do you mean?"
    Tsumuji: "Hebijo is decaying. The founder Dougen brainwashed everyone..."
    I should have killed someone for that guy.
    That's why we became ex-ninja.
    However, brainwashing Hebijo pupils, it seems Dougan specialised in the art of
    Homura: "Try to talk in details."
    Tsumuji: "I also don't understand well. However, just everyone changed. People
    who were decent until the other day, weapons, war, and muttered grumbling."
    It's different for someone than when I was a Hebijo.
    Homura: "Tsumuji, tell me Miyabi's whereabouts! The selection chief needs to 
    hear the facts!"
    Urged on by my spirit, Tsumuji gave a little nod.
    Homura: "Miyabi, you're here."
    Miyabi: "...Homura? Did you come all the way here to die?"
    Homura: "I heard that Dougen is alive. Is that true?"
    Miyabi: "Well now. Why do I need to tell you that?"
    Homura: "He's the guy who revived Orochi. If he's alive, you cannot afford to
    leave it be."
    Miyabi: "Hmm. Bullshit."
    Miyabi: "Dougen's purpose was the destruction of ghosts. He didn't wish to 
    revive Orochi."
    Homura: "...As I thought Dougen is alive."
    Miyabi: "You defy Dougen. You will die here!"
    Homura: "...Damn! As Tsumuji said, are you being brainwashed?"
    Miyabi: "...Ah!"
    Homura: "Listen well. Dougen is a man who doesn't just think of his own
    Homura: "According to rumour, weapons, war and dangerous talk is rife in 
    Hebijo, isn't that right?"
    Homura: "For you and Hebijo to be used like this, you will regret it always."
    Miyabi: "You think I listen to an ex-ninja who abandoned Hebijo? In the first 
    place I don't doubt Douzen at all."
    Homura: "I see...It seems you guys are really brainwashed."
    Homura: "There is no change in your actions and feelings, but you cannot defy
    Dougen's orders....is it like that?"
    Miyabi: "Such a lie tries to cause confusion in Hebijo. Your hatred for Hebijo
    must be considerably deep."
    Homura: "My hatred for Hebijo? That's not the reason!"
    Homura: "...Hebijo is my alma mater. That does not change even now."
    Miyabi: "What you think doesn't matter. Hebijo really can't forgive your 
    Miyabi: "Only the annihilation of the ex-ninja! You ought to wash your neck!"
    Homura: "Talking was useless."
    Homura: "...However, I can't leave Dougen alone."
    33.01 Remembered place
    The slums of my hometown...I'll try to protect it at any costs! (Yomi)
    The slum was my hometown where I was born and raised.
    From living in cardboard boxes, to the mansion of a corrugated iron structure,
    an area of human kindness is spread out from the outskirts of the city.
    On the side of overbearing buildings called symbols of wealth of this country, 
    without hesitation, it presents a dignified existence.
    Ikaru: "The black shadow is fluttering over again today! People call me KP 
    The voice of KP Mask echoed across the central square of the slums.
    KP Mask struck a pose on the stage, and the gathered children let out a loud
    Ikaru: "Heh heh. Little girl, shall you go somewhere with uncle?"
    Ikaru: "Stop it! Release your filthy hand!"
    Ikaru: "If you say release me as you're grabbed, you should have said not to
    grab from the beginning. Heh heh."
    Ikaru: "This pervert! I'll punish you!"
    With one person playing both enemy and ally, watching the original performance
    hero show the children held their breath glued to the spot.
    From the edge of the stage, I was also carefully watching the one person KP 
    Mask play.
    Yomi: "...I wonder if I can do that to?"
    To great applause from the audience, KP Mask returned to the wings of the 
    KP Mask took off her mask, and Ikaru wiped the sweat from her forehead.
    Yomi: "Ikaru, thanks for your hard work."
    Ikaru: "Well, next it's your turn."
    Yomi: "Y, yes."
    Wearing clothes tied with bags of bean sprouts, I went up on stage.
    Yomi: "One, spring hungrily...Two, with no unhappy thoughts. ...Three, let's
    bloom a brilliant flower! Blond hair bean sprout Mask, now watch!"
    In the centre of the stage I struck a dazling pose.
    Just then, a great roar went up from the main street.
    I could see a crowd of people carrying placards with something written on them.
    Since the children were frightened, the show was interrupted.
    Ikaru: "Yomi, what's that?"
    Yomi: "I'll go and see."
    Leaving my costume, I headed towards the crowd.
    Carrying placards with "Oppose redevelopment" written on them, the people were
    surrounding...The Great Wolf Conglomerate President.
    With a fine bearded face, a smart bowler hat and bow tie he resembled a stylish
    man from a previous era.
    The Great Wolf colluded with politicians and was pressing forward with a plan 
    to redevelop the slums.
    Probably today he came to inspect the slums.
    The Great Wolf's excuse was...
    Because the slum inhabitants were occupying the land illegally, they don't have
    the right to oppose the redevelopment plan...thus called a one-sided issue.
    Therefore, the slum dwellers couldn't be silent anymore.
    The crowd were united in singing a chorus of "Go home".
    The distance between the slum dwellers and Great Wolf was gradually shrinking.
    It was an explosive situation where one touch could unite a riot.
    However, Great Wolf was completely unperturbed, his eyes seemed to look down on
    them as he muttered, "Remove them."
    Just then, a strange figure stood in front of the Great Wolf.
    With a black pony tail and wearing a cloak and coat like a samurai warrior.
    She was burdened with a giant meat cleaver and spear, and wearing a mask of a 
    demon's face.
    She seemed to be the bodyguard of the Great Wolf.
    The bodyguard started to overwhelm the slum dwellers with her giant meat 
    cleaver in hand.
    The slum dwellers also prepared to use the placards as weapons.
    It was hopeless. As it was, so many people would get injured.
    Yomi: "Stop it!"
    Before I could say that, a slum dweller swung his placard downwards, and the 
    bodyguard swung her giant meat cleaver up.
    I drew my large sword  and lept in between the two people.
    As the giant meat cleaver and large sword hit, sparks flew.
    Murakumo: "...Who?"
    Yomi: "You?"
    Yomi: "I am Yomi."
    Murakumo: "...I am Murakumo. A Shijuku Gessen Girls' school select team 
    To talk about Gessen Girl's school, it's an elite Good ninja academy. If she's
    a select team member, her skill must be great.
    The bodyguard swung her giant meat cleaver around, and I greeted it with an 
    attack from my large sword.
    Then, my bean sprout mask and her demon's face mask flew off, and our true 
    faces were revealed.
    We looked at each other's faces, and time seemed to freeze.
    Murakumo: "...Surely...you are..."
    Yomi: "You are certainly..."
    Murakumo: "...I am called Murakumo...I am a shinobi."
    Yomi: "Yeah. If so, Murakumo..."
    When I was about to continue my speech, from the distance the sound of a police
    car siren could be heard.
    It seemed several patrol cars were coming this way.
    The slum dwellers scattered in all directions.
    Murakumo: "...Goodbye."
    Yomi: "W, wait."
    Without looking over her shoulder, Murakumo was gone.
    Murakumo and I were raised in the slums together.
    Murakumo was the elder, but I think only by one year.
    When we were elementary school students, Murakumo's parents were killed in an 
    Because of that, it spurred on her introverted character.
    She began to constantly hide her face.
    Before one noticed, she began to wear a paper bag with holes for eyes, nose 
    and mouth, and children from the slums started laughing at her.
    I wasn't able to watch, so I patched up a bean sprout sack and wore it with
    the same face.
    At that time was when I thought up Blond hair bean sprout Mask.
    Probably because of such a thing, Murakumo and I became best friends.
    But, one day, Murakumo suddenly disappeared.
    Rumours were flying around that she'd been kidnapped, or killed.
    I also searched for her desperately, but, in the end, I couldn't find Murakumo.
    Then we met again in such a form...
    Gessen Girls' School is a Good ninja training school...That is, they have a
    hostile relationship with Evil ninjas like me.
    Perhaps next time we fight our lives will really be at stake.
    Yomi: "Although we meet with such effort..."
    I let out a great sigh.
    Homura: "It has been reported to everyone. It is not very good news but..."
    Yomi: "Eh. What is it?"
    Homura: "Gessen Girl's School has challenged Hano Academy to a School Festival.
    Haruka: "Eh? Everyone at Hanzo will fight in that Festival?"
    Homura: "Aah. We haven't had the confirmation yet, but already there's news 
    that the Hanzo comrades have been attacked."
    Yomi: "...You mean...Ikaruga too?"
    Homura: "Certainly! It seems lately Hebijo too, but what is Asuka doing?"
    Homura: "Anyway, when it comes to this we'll march into Gessen!"
    Haruka: "I understand. Hanzo's revenge again."
    Homura: "W, wrong! Why do we have to get revenge for Hanzo!"
    Haruka: "...It begins again."
    Homura: "If we fight with strong shinobi, we will also become strong! This is 
    also a part of training!"
    Homura: "By no means is it related to Asuka's issues!"
    Hikage: "Well. It's that kind of thing."
    Mirai: "Yeah. How long do we have to wait until we can depart?"
    Homura: "Right, so let's go!"
    Yomi: "...Gessen means...Murakumo too..."
    Yomi: "Murakumochan."
    Murakumo: "...Yomi. ...Why did you come?"
    Yomi: "In the School Festival with Hanzo Academy...By chance, did you fight
    against a black-haired shinobi?"
    Murakumo: "..I don't need to tell you."
    Yomi: "...I understand. I also wouldn't talk about the results of a fight 
    against a fellow shinobi."
    Yomi: "If Ikaruga lost to you, I would accept you as a shinobi."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Yomi: "...So...Why did you become a shinobi? I also don't dare to ask."
    Yomi: "Because until now I also have had various situations."
    Murakumo: "I see. Asking about the past of a shinobi is uncouth."
    Yomi: "Will you let me ask for just one favour?"
    Murakumo: "...Favour?"
    Yomi: "Please stop lending a hand to the Great Wolf Conglomerate's resumption
    of the redevelopment plan."
    Murakumo: "..."
    Yomi: "...The place where we were raised is going to be crushed?"
    Murakumo: "If I...refuse, what then?"
    Yomi: "...When you fight a fellow shinobi, you can come to understand them.
    I believe that is so."
    Murakumo: "Alright! If you beat me, I will listen to your request!"
    Murakumo: "Well, come on! ...Yomi!"
    Yomi: "Murakumochan, go!"
    Murakumo: "...I lost."
    Yomi: "...Murakumochan."
    Murakumo: "...It's different from crying and bedwetting, right."
    Yomi: "N, naturally! Don't talk about wetting the bed!"
    Murakumo: "...I'm not strong enough. To not lose to you."
    Yomi: "Murakumochan."
    Murakumo: "...I'll try to talk to Great Wolf."
    Yomi: "Eh?"
    Murakumo: "Before fighting I made a promise. If I talk to Great Wolf he should
    Yomi: "...What is the relationship between you and Great Wolf?"
    Murakumo: "I said. I should have said. Asking about the past of a shinobi is
    Yomi: "...I see."
    Murakumo: "...Someday...When we meet again in the slums I'll tell you."
    Yomi: "...Yeah."
    Yomi: "At that time, not our shinobi names...we shall call each other by our
    real names."
    Murkumo: "Yeah."
    33.02 Enemy who doesn't speak
    I'm not good at conversation. I can't engage in talk. (Hikage)
    Yozakura: "...You're a shinobi who abandoned Hebijo, right. What is your 
    Yozakura: "Hou. You all seem to get along together well."
    Hikage: "...Uh? But wait a minute."
    Hikage: "Katsuragi is my guy, but I'm not her guy. If I am Katsuragi's guy I
    can't like her as much as she likes me."
    Hikage: "That means, maybe Katsuragi also can't be my guy."
    Yozakura: "Haa."
    Hikage: "..."
    Yozakura: "...?"
    Hikage: "Huh? What?"
    Yozakura: "Nothing. So, what is your meaning?
    Hikage: "What?"
    Yozakura: "So what am I listening to now?"
    Hikage: "Ah I see. Anyway, I think I'll try to fight with Katsuragi one more 
    Yozakura: "That's wrong. It's now."
    Hikage: "Now?"
    Yozakura: "Didn't you come here to fight?"
    Hikage: "Ah, that's right."
    Yozakura: "Then let's be enemies."
    Hikage: "I see."
    Yozakura: "..."
    Hikage: "..."
    Yozakura: "...Will we start?"
    Hikage: "What?"
    Yozakura: "...Are you kidding?"
    Hikage: "Kidding? Why?"
    Yozakura: "Please have a proper conversation! No matter if we're enemies, it's
    Hikage: "We're having a conversation now."
    Yozakura: "I, I know! It totally doesn't become catch ball!"
    Hikage: "Of course not. Since we don't have a ball."
    Yozakura: "That's enough. It seems you're not an opponent whose talking I can
    Hikage: "It is said relatively. I don't understand why."
    Yozakura: "You don't need to worry about it anymore. I will hit you so hard
    you won't be able to speak again!"
    Hikage: "I see. That sounds fun."
    Hikage: "You're quite strong. Katsuragi is naturally also a hard fight."
    Yozakura: "To lose to this unknown person..."
    Hikage: "Unknown is rude. How am I so unknown?"
    Yozakura: "What do you mean...I don't understand what you're thinking."
    Hikage: "That is often said. Why is that?"
    Yozakura: "As I thought, it's often said? So that is in conjunction with your
    Hikage: "...If so I wonder if everyone thinks like you."
    Hikage: "Hmmm..."
    Hikage: "Do you mean I should talk with other people more?"
    Hikage: "Thanks for telling me. I've got lots to think about."
    Hikage: "Thank you. Cheers."
    Yozakura: "I, is that right? That's good."
    Yozakura: "...I mean, it's a strange conversation but..."
    33.03 Super KY
    Recent words are difficult. The meaning of fad slang is obscure! (Mirai)
    Mirai: "You're the shinobi who messed with Yagyu! Be prepared to get beaten!"
    Shiki: "Yeah yeah ye-ah. Ain't that demonically bad?"
    Mirai: "H, hey! Am I listening to a human's talk!?"
    Shiki: "Ah, sorry, just now I was talking on the phone to Megu. Wait a sec."
    Mirai: "Eh? Y, yeah..."
    Shiki: "Yeah yeah, but I think that's super heavenly. I mean, ain't that a big
    Mirai: "Heavenly? Swizz?"
    Mirai: "...This shinobi, I wonder if she's a foreigner? Come to think of it, 
    somehow her feeling is like that."
    Shiki: "Ye-ah, well anyway I'll mail you. See ya!"
    Shiki: "OK, sorry. Were you waiting?"
    Mirai: "No problem! You are a Gessen ninja, right."
    Mirai: "I am super ninja Mirai! I destroy you!"
    Shiki: "What is that? Super great."
    Mirai: "H, huh? You're not a foreigner!?"
    Shiki: "Actually maybe I'm gonna be your opponent? Isn't that's a kinda 
    Mirai: "You said groovy, what is that? Please speak Japanese!"
    Shiki: "Eh? You don't know? Unbelievable."
    Mirai: "Th, that's enough! Talking like this is making me crazy!"
    Shiki: "Miraichin is mean. If you say like that I'll speak a little seriously."
    Mirai: "Disordered Japanese is a disordered heart! So I really won't lose!"
    Shiki: "Miraichin is demonically strong...My spirit is low."
    Shiki: "I mean, I won't send a mail to Rei...Just the worst thing is I can't go
    shopping or stuff."
    Shiki: "Miraichin...Super KY*." [*Kuuki Yomenai: Can't read the atmosphere]
    Mirai: "KY? What does KY mean?"
    Mirai: "...No response?"
    Mirai: "Somehow, although I won she was a fearsome enemy in many ways."
    Mirai: "I didn't understand half of what she said. Somehow I felt I fought a 
    space alien."
    Mirai: "..."
    Mirai: "What if my fan has that kind of sense? I wonder if we can have a 
    serious intercourse?"
    Mirai: "And I wonder what kind of girl she thinks I am? ...My character is 
    different over the net."
    Mirai: "After all, maybe she'll be disillusioned? I shouldn't think about 
    such things as that person."
    Mirai: "No good, the more I think about it the more scared I become. W, what to
    33.04 Adult Play
    Adult play is fun! I wonder if it hurts children? (Haruka)
    Haruka: "Are you the girl who is mischievious with Hibari?"
    Minori: "Yeah! I'm Minori!"
    Minori: "But, am I somehow mischievious? I only played with her one time."
    Haruka: "Oh oh. You're a rather childish girl."
    Minori: "Big sister is somehow rather like a mother!"
    Haruka: "Gah...Fufu. You have a different kind of cuteness to Hibari."
    Minori: "Hey hey. What will Big sister play with Minori?"
    Minori: "Juggling balls? Or else, Red Rover?"
    Haruka: "Big sister also likes playing, but I've grown out of it."
    Minori: "Bah. Boring!"
    Haruka: "But be assured. Because I'll teach you a more interesting game."
    Minori: "Really!? Exciting! Exciting!"
    Haruka: "But, maybe Big sister's game is a little too thrilling. Maybe it will
    be too fast for Minorichan."
    Minori: "It's alright! Cos Minori loves playing!"
    Haruka: "So, I'll teach you an adult's game. Maybe it will hurt a little at the
    Minori: "Yeah! Minori is like an adult!"
    Haruka: "Well. I won't go easy on you!"
    Haruka: "Fufufu. As I thought it was a little too thrilling."
    Minori: "It's painful, it's violent...Adult play is totally unfun!"
    Haruka: "Fufufu. That's what's called adult."
    Minori: "What what! You treat Minori like a child!"
    Minori: "Because Harukachan only acts like an adult!"
    Haruka: "Acts like an adult? Me?"
    Minori: "Somehow Big sister acts selfishly! That's so bossy!"
    Haruka: "Yeah. I did not intend as such."
    Minori: "After all, apart from me you treat people like children?"
    Minori: "That's so rude! Boo boo!"
    Haruka: "...Act grown-up?"
    Haruka: "...I never would have thought that."
    33.05 Flame vs Ice
    I don't fight for Asuka! That's totally wrong! (Homura)
    Homura: "How dare you snatch my prey."
    Homura: "It's me who will defeat Asuka! It's unforgiveable for anyone to mess
    with Asuka except for me!"
    Yumi: "Well, don't lose your temper."
    Yumi: "How is it? The life of an ex-ninja?"
    Yumi: "It's like Hanzo's revenge, but when I come to see it looks like you
    have lots of free time."
    Homura: "W, we don't have free time, that's rude. I'm busy everyday with a 
    part-time job."
    Yumi: "...Part-time job. A shinobi with a part-time job?"
    Yumi: "That's not it, I mean ex-shinobi..."
    Homura: "Goddammit, are you making fools of us!?"
    Yumi: "Not fools. I'm just interested."
    Yumi: "...My grandfather was also an ex-ninja."
    Homura: "What?"
    Yumi: "Is a life like an ex-ninja arduous?"
    Homura: "...The life is tough for anyone. You can survive it only through your
    own strength."
    Homura: "But, we chose that path. I'm not going to whine."
    Homura: "Was it like that for your grandpa too?"
    Yumi: "Yes. That's right. I never heard regrets from my grandfather's mouth."
    Yumi: "But, although he didn't say from his mouth, I may think so."
    Homura: "...It seems to someone."
    Homura: "I don't have regrets, but there is no other road now I think."
    Homura: "If it was just about me there's no problem."
    Homura: "However, although they don't say anything I think about my 
    Homura: "I wonder if this path was right...Honesty, I became uneasy."
    Homura: "...But, I can't afford to stop walking. Even though I carry anxiety, 
    I can't help but continue walking."
    Homura: "I can just believe in the destination of our path."
    Yumi: "I understand well your resignation."
    Homura: "Is that enough talk?"
    Yumi: "Yes. Next is only battle between fellow shinobi."
    Homura: "Ah. Let's go!"
    Yumi: "...You're strong, aren't you."
    Homura: "You too."
    Yumi: "That strength, how far will it persist?"
    Homura: "Until death, of course."
    Yumi: "Fufufu. I look forward to it."
    Yumi: "Homura will continue on the path of the Crimson squad, let me confirm
    that for sure."
    Homura: "Huh...Is it finished?"
    Haruka: "Homurachan, thanks for your hard work."
    Homura: "Haruka. Did you also finish safely there?"
    Haruka: "Yeah. Which is the next enemy of Hanzo here?"
    Homura: "B, but let me say many times! I just don't care about those guys!"
    Haruka: "Fufufu. Yeah yeah."
    Homura: "However, Are Asuka and the others alright?"
    Homura: "Although I also had a close match, there shouldn't be any enemy 
    who never wins..."
    Homura: "That is, maybe those guys have to do training."
    Haruka: "Oh, why us? Weren't we enemies?"
    Homura: "If Asuka and the others are humbled by useless ones, it will add more
    to our dishonour!"
    Homura: "Deciding that, let's head for Hanzo Academy!"
    Haruka: "Fufufu. It's ok to honestly say you want to meet Asuka."
    35.06 Homura's Crimson Squad Ending
    36.01 Homura's story
    	1-01 Homura's search for a trademark gag
    	Recently, everyone is too frivolous! Even I have a cast-iron gag...
    	1-02 Mimicry of animals
    	Dirty jokes are not helpful...Isn't there a more decent joke?
    	1-03 Ventriloquism
    	Mimicry battle is too high! Is a more fashionable joke impossible?
    	1-04 Negative talk
    	In a short performance anything is ok...Is there not even a joke I 
    	can do?
    	1-05 Committee chairman gag sense
    	Anyone...Anyone is ok...To instruct me in a joke...
    It was just the other day.
    When I returned to the hideout after finishing voluntary special training, 
    from the shinobi room I heard the sound of Yomi and the others laughing.
    Why were they laughing frivolously rather than doing training?
    I was a little angry.
    Homura: "Your awareness as ex-ninjas is not enough."
    I said this sternly as I entered the shinobi room.
    Yomi: "Oh, Homurachin."
    Mirai: "My stomach hurts from laughing too much!"
    Haruka: "Hikagechan's sneezing is funny!"
    Everyone was surrounding the listless Hikage and laughing.
    Homura: "What is funny about her sneezing?"
    Hikage: "A, a, a-choo! Slurp...pii!!"
    Hikage sneezed.
    At that Yomi and the others started laughing loudly.
    Hikage: "I seem to have a cold.  Achoo! Slurp...pi!! Pi!! Pi!!"
    3 people: "Hah hahahahaha!"
    Except for Hikage and I, the three were in fits of laughter.
    Yomi: "Haa, now everyone is able to have a trademark gag. Hikage's enigmatic
    sneeze.  My poor self-depreciating story. Haruka's sadism, Mirai's..."
    In the middle of speaking, Mirai stabbed Yomi with her elbow.
    Yomi looked startled at my face.
    Everyone's gaze turned to me.
    For this haughty person,  they dropped their eyes in shame...
    Did they want to say I was the only one without a trademark gag?
    I don't know why, but oddly I came to regret it.
    I mean, I am busy with training.
    I was lazy and had no time to master a trademark gag.
    Anyway, I'll try to find someone to consult with.
    Even so, it was a positive experience.
    I was especially surprised by Ikaruga.
    She is as impressive as is the average arctic weather cold...
    That is, the important thing is to believe in yourself.
    All you have to do is show off proudly that you think you are
    Homura: "Right, I'll do it. As I am now, I'll do it."
    Thinking about my own one-shot gag, I hurried back to my den.
    Homura: "Everyone, look."
    In front of the other four in the shinobi room, I made a daunting pose.
    Homura: "This is my one-shot gag!"
    As everyone looked on at me, I slowly pulled out my futon.
    And then, hiding inside the futon, I pulled out six swords.
    Homura: "Hermit crab!"
    I became the Queen of Laughter!
    Inside the futon I grinned.
    I couldn't hear a single voice, but I understood.
    This idea, this point of view, the cuteness of this animal called hermit
    crab...For this impeccable gag, everyone was overwhelmed.
    After a short pause waves of great laughter should appear.
    Until then I will stay as a hermit crab.
    36.02 Yomi's story
    	2-01 I do not want until I win
    	Recently everyone is too extravagant? I will crack down on
    	this luxury!
    	2-02 Ban on fashion
    	Austerity! I do not want until I win.
    	2-03 Extravagence is my enemy!
    	If I have bean sprouts my stomach is full! Except for bean sprouts
    	I don't need anything!
    	2-04 Austerity!
    	Futility futility futility futiliy futility futility futility 
    	futility so much futility!
    	2-05 If there is no bread...
    	Enough...I'm at the limit of hunger...Anything is ok I don't eat...
    Sniff sniff, sniff sniff.
    Smell, I smell.
    From here and there the stink of luxury pervades.
    Yomi: "I won't forgive this."
    For shinobi as well as other people, I can't forgive lavishness.
    To knock down each nature one by one, there seems to be a need to teach the
    splendor of thrift.
    My stomach grumbled.
    No, it does not matter that my stomach is empty.
    I will never feel annoyed because of hunger.
    In the first place whether you're a shinobi or not, in this day and age luxury
    is our foe.
    Now, the time has come.
    To breathe life into this warped mind of lavishness, the reformation of the
    world will start.
    The first opponent I'll beat the nature from is...
    That's right. I'll do that girl.
    Minori: "Uh. Minori won't lose again!"
    With a regretful look on her face, Minori launched some candy.
    I caught it nimbly and tossed it into my mouth.
    Chomp chomp.
    ...Huh.  This.
    Yomi: "Is, is that it? Your skill isn't all properly used up."
    Provoking her, Minori launched further candy at me.
    Minori: "I won't lose!"
    It comes!
    Here it comes!
    Again I caught it without missing.
    Chomp chomp.
    Minori: "Waaah. Minori's candy attack fell flat."
    Yomi: "Th, that's not so. It is effective. Your candy attack is quite
    effective on me!"
    I said this whilst wiping the drool from my mouth.
    Yomi: "So please do more candy attack!"
    I opened my mouth like a baby chick to it's parent.
    Minori: "...Wasn't luxury your enemy?"
    Minori said this with an amazed face.
    With my mouth open, I shook my forefinger.
    Yomi: "Yes.  Luxury is my enemy.  But, candy is my ally."
    Minori breathed a sigh, and launched a candy towards me.
    I naturally, without sparing caught it.
    Chomp chomp.
    Yomi: "Thank you for the meal! Now, once more please!"
    36.03 Hikage's story
    	3-01 The search for palpitation
    	I will search for a beautiful throbbing feeling.
    	3-02 Manga is palpitation?
    	Hmmm...What kind of feeling makes my heart throb?
    	3-03 Fighting is palpitation?
    	Where is palpatation? I wonder if it's lying around somewhere?
    	3-04 Candy is palpitation?
    	My palpatation, hell, where is it...?
    	3-05 Bebetan is palpitation?
    	Throbbing feeling is different for each person...
    Hikage: "I...will go search for something that makes my heart throb."
    This thought came to me as Haruka was idly chatting.
    Haruka: "Palpitation means heart throbbing and tightening in your chest,
    this is a really wonderful feeling."
    Hikage: "Huh. Is it that good? That palpitation."
    Haruka: "Sure. A feeling  you won't want to forget forever."
    I didn't know there was such a fine feeling in this world.
    I don't have feelings like that.
    Yet, since hanging out with my friends, an interest in such feelings has 
    sprung up.
    Surely, if I have that feeling, I can spend a more fun time with everyone.
    Hikage: "So then, this palpitation, how do I get hold of it?"
    Haruka: "...Right. Palpitation is something that is lying around in various
    I don't understand well, but if it's in various places, I shall go and search
    for it.
    Haruka: "Good luck, Hikagechan. Come to a palpitation memorial."
    Hikage: "Well, I will try my best."
    Hikage: "I see. In other words, palpitation is the thing which you like 
    Thanks to everyone, I finally understood what kind of thing makes my heart
    Finally I could get palpitation.
    Wait a second.
    What is the thing I like?
    Thing I like, thing I like...
    Thinking about it over and over is hard.
    That's it.
    Ah, that one.
    The thing I like is that one.
    Well, I'll do a little shopping.
    Hikage: "Everyone likes bean sprout kelp stew."
    Carrying the stew I entered the shinobi room, where everyone sounded happy.
    Yomi: "Wah, it looks really delicious."
    Homura: "Hikage! Is there any meat in this stew!?"
    Hikage: "Of course. There's loads at the bottom of the stew."
    At my words, Homura raised her right arm high into the air.
    Homura: "Meat, here I cooooooome!"
    Everyone let out a great laugh at Homura's over-reaction.
    It was my stew that raised their laughter...It is a good feeling.
    Homura: "However, Homura treating us to homemade cooking. It's an unusual 
    Hikage: "Don't mind about it. It's just so I can taste my heart throbbing."
    As I thought.
    Now, I am definitely palpitating.
    Casual day-to-day with my friends...
    This is the thing that I like.
    I see.
    Palpitating with someone is nice.
    Hikage: "Right, everyone, eat without hesitation."
    5 people: "Bon appetit!"
    36.04 Mirai's story
    	4-01 Sacred place pilgrimage Battle Royale
    	I really won't lose this battle. I bet my life on it.
    	4-02 Capsule toy maniac VS Lover of cute things
    	I won't hand over the rare item to anyone! Especially not to one such
    	as a wannabe fan!
    	4-03 Capsule toy maniac VS Anime lover
    	Every last one of them doesn't understand! Does no other true fan
    	4-04 Capsule toy maniac VS Shut-in recluse
    	The next sacred ground is a famous attraction. It seems to have become
    	quite a fierce contest!
    	4-05 Capsule toy maniac VS Capsule toy maniac
    	I won't hand over the next item to anyone! Even if I fall to 
    	corruption again...
    The winner gets everything, the loser loses everything.
    That is the world of contests.
    The world which I live in.
    On the battlefield your mind goes crazy, and you lose your common sense and 
    You can only believe in strength.
    If not you won't survive.
    Mirai: "...You cannot gloss over it."
    Today's fight I really can't forgive losing.
    In some sense, it's importance equals that of fighting against Hanzo Academy.
    Mirai: "I'll do it! By force!"
    I stretched my arm with all my might.
    Then, to the sparkling big case, in my heart I made an offering.
    Mirai: "Yay! I got the Nobunaga Oda Grandwalker figure!"
    With my fists raised in victory, envious gazes turned to me.
    It may be seen in their eyes.
    Here is a battlefield.
    Now, where I am, is a sacred place for the super-popular anime "Sengoku*
    Super Wars", set in the universe's period of civil war. [Sengoku period = age
    of warring states in Japan from about the 15th to 17th centuries]
    This is only called a sacred place since here is where limited edition rare
    items are sold.
    To get this rare item, toy capsule maniacs from all over Japan come to do the
    sacred place pilgrimage.
    Of course I am also one of them.
    Here there is no refined rule to "line up in order".
    Following the slogan of "Sengoku Super Wars", "I will take you by force",
    only the strong can buy the items.
    It's not just those who like anime, "Sengoku Super Wars" is supported by a
    broad fanbase.
    Therefore there are many rival opponents.
    Frighteningly I won't return home uninjured.
    But, as a "Sengoku Super Wars" toy capsule maniac I definitely won't lose.
    Mirai: "Now, let's go! All the rare items will be mine!"
    Mirai: "I won! I'll get the Sage Dayo figure!"
    Murakumo: "Kuh, not yet. It's not over yet."
    Murakumo staggered up to her feet.
    Truely she's a "Sengoku Super Wars" capsule toy maniac.
    What great guts she has.
    Mirai: "When it comes to this, there is no choice but to use the power of the
    Four Shoe!"
    Murakumo: "What!? You bitch, surely that is the swordswoman Juju!?"
    Mirai: "Like that! Punishment on behalf of his lord!"
    My and Murakumo's fight, detached from reality, started to go off in the
    direction of fantasy.
    Mirai: "Now, this is the final blow!"
    Murakumo: "Wait...my daughter."
    Mirai: "Huh!? Surely that is!  You are..."
    Murakumo: "Yes. I am your mother."
    Me and Murakumo, looking at each other, grinned.
    As expected it developed like that.
    Sengoku Super wars is the greatest.
    Minori: "Yay! I got the Sage Dayo figure!"
    The hand of Minori popped between us, holding a figure case.
    Mirai: "Ah."
    Murakumo: "Idiot."
    ...The ultra-rare item of Sengoku Super Wars I had been obsessed with that had
    escaped me...
    Mirai: "Kuh! My life is a failure!"
    Murakumo: "No. There are still rare items. Don't give up. When you give up
    the battle is ended."
    It was as Murakumo said.
    Still rare items remain.
    It is not the case to be stopped by regret.
    Mirai: "Right, I will continue to fight! Darth Momo!"
    Murakumo: "It's what I wish! Grandwalker!"
    We again broke into a fantasy battle.
    Even so, this sacred place pilgrimage had a great outcome.
    Because, although I didn't get a rare item, I could get a capsule toy maniac
    36.05 Haruka's story
    	5-01 Medicine to become a good girl
    	The new medicine is finished! I'll experiment on someone soon.
    	5-02 Test Subject: Katsuragi
    	The next guinea pig is...How about that girl from Hanzo?
    	5-03 Test Subject: Ikaruga
    	I want to test it on a more serious girl. Where is that commitee
    	chairperson girl...?
    	5-04 Test Subject: Imu
    	It's quite a good condition! I want to play with various girls!
    	5-05 Test Subject: Ryona
    	Isn't there a girl who can give me more fun...?
    Haruka: "Hey hey hey hey hey hey!"
    In the basement punishment room, I kicked my manservant.
    The manservant twisted himself aloud enraptured.
    At that I kicked him again in sympathy.
    Haruka: "Hey hey hey hey hey hey!"
    Without hesitating I kicked him.
    A pounding kicking.
    A thorough kicking.
    Haruka: "Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!"
    Has it already been about 2 hours of kicking?
    Still my manservant was rubbing against my feet with a smile all over his face.
    Evidently my "become an obedient manservant drug" seemed to be successful.
    The process of breaking someone in is really fun.
    Do you wonder why I would make a drug which omits this fun?
    That is, because there are acquaintances of mine who seem like they would 
    never become obedient.
    Haruka: "Fufufu. If I have this drug, this and that girl, everyone, will
    be my prisoner."
    If those girls kneel in front of me, what a wonderful feeling it will be.
    Surely I will get a new feeling of pleasure and no mistake.
    I wiped off the drool, and turned towards my prey.
    Haruka: "Ufufu. It seems I have awoken a new pleasant feeling in everyone."
    In front of my eyes, my new servants were kneeling.
    When I viewed that sight, I was pleased with myself.
    Haruka: "From now on I'll get more and more love."
    What shall I teach them first?
    It seems I won't be bored for a while.
    Homura: "...Garurururururu!"
    As I was grinning, suddenly Homura gave a groan.
    Haruka: "What is it, Homurachan? That groaning voice of resistance.  Hey, sit
    However, Homura totally didn't listen to what I said. 
    With a fearful face she drew closer to me.
    Ryona: "Garurururururu!"
    This time the groaning voice came from Ryonachan.
    This is strange.
    Everyone's state is changing before my eyes.
    Could this be a side effect of the drug?
    Just then, I noticed.
    Everyone's eyes...had become the eyes of a sadist.
    No way! 
    This is dangerous!
    Homura: "...Garurururururu!"
    Haruka: "Kyaaaaaaaah!"
    When I regained consciousness everyone had tied my hands in rope.
    Evidently the side effect of my "become obedient drug" seemed to change 
    everyone into a sadist.
    Ryona: "Hey hey! Doesn't this feel good!?"
    Homura: "Say in a good voice! Hey hey hey hey!"
    Unable to move, everyone was inflicting various tortures on me.
    Haruka: "Y, yes! It feels good!"
    All I could do anymore was to wait for the drug to expire.
    36.06 Rin's story
    	6-01 The final lesson
    	As a teacher...as a shinobi...Has the final challenge to fight
    	6-02 There is greed for strength
    	Mirai! Yomi! You became ex-ninjas and don't forget your pride as
    	6-03 Our graduation ceremony
    	Hikage! Haruka! Now, come! This battle is your final graduation test!
    	6-04 Don't need words
    	Homura! Your glittering pressure reminds me of a young Daidouji!
    	6-05 Love and Peace
    	Now to fulfil a promise...Now, transcend what is called the beauty of
    For years and years...
    I don't know if I'm living or if I'm dead...
    So, more than this, I can't afford to wait anymore.
    I decided I'm ready to fight Daidouji.
    However, there are things that must be done before fighting Daidouji.
    I have to suspend everything for my fight wih Daidouji.
    Both of us are not quite as strong compared with those days.
    I'm not sure if I will see those students again.
    So, I wanted to confirm Homura and the other's growth for a final time.
    I'm a woman who has walked the path of both Good and Evil ninja.
    Because of that, I can say clearly.
    The path of a shinobi is wonderful.
    It is a path which depends entirely on a woman's suitability to challenge it.
    I want to tell about that fight. I want to tell girls about my thoughts.
    Rin: "Right, first is my final lesson. And then, I will go to carry out my
    promise of many years."
    Rin: "What a match."
    Daidouji: "A long time ago, Rin! Why did you overlook the chink in my
    Daidouji was on her knees as she said this.
    Certainly, I overlooked Daidouji's vulnerabilty and did not dare to give her
    the coup de grace.
    Rin: "The old days are not a bad thing. I learned about an important person."
    Daidouji: "...Important person...I see. Kirya-sensei."
    As I gave a little nod, Daidouji stood up.
    Daidouji: "If that's so, I'll also try to accept the past. To become more and
    more powerful like you."
    We grasped each other's hands firmly, as Kirya-sensei arrived.
    Kirya: "Daidouji, what are you doing? Has your graduation been prolonged 
    Daidouji shook her head a little.
    Daidouji: "No, an unresolved result was settled. My graduation..."
    When there was that talk, I felt a strange atmosphere.
    Imperceptibly a tremendous number of ghosts had surrounded us.
    The smell of my and Daidouji's blood had drawn them.
    Kirya: "Rin, Daidouji! You've been injured in your fight! Leave this to me!"
    Kirya-sensei advanced in front, as though to protect us.
    Unexpectedly Daidouji's and my gaze met.
    It seemed like the two of us had the same thought.
    Daidouji and I erected a Shinobi barrier around Kirya-sensei.
    No ghost could interfere with him there.
    Kirya: "Y, you two!?"
    Daidouji: "Kirya-sensei, I want you to leave it to us."
    After telling Kirya-sensei that, Daidouji and I turned towards the swarm of
    Rin: "Here please witness our growth."
    A little ahead of where Kirya-sensei was I reviewed his way.
    And then, in a voice no-one could here I murmured.
    Rin: "Kirya-sensei...I liked you for a long time."
    Standing back-to-back, we intercepted the great swarm of ghosts.
    To be honest, it was a tough number of opponents for two people.
    I couldn't see Daidouji's face.
    But, I imagined I knew what expression was on her face.
    There's no doubt that Daidouji was laughing.
    And then I also laughed.
    We were in a desperate pinch but I laughed.
    Because Daidouji and I fighting ghosts together, it was totally like a dream....
    Daidouji: "Of our dead corpses, nothing will be found.  Let's go, Rin."
    Rin: "Yeah! Love and peace to the world!"
    37.01 Homura's Character profile
    Ex-Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 2nd year student.
    Prevented the revival of the evil ghost Orochi and became an ex-ninja.
    Fights with 6 swords as claws in her hands.
    17 years old born on January 3rd.
    Blood type:B	Height: 163cm
    B:87 W:57 H: 85
    Hobby: Fighting
    Likes: Japanese-style cooking
    Secret animal: Japanese rat snake
    37.02 Yomi's character profile
    Ex-Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 2nd year student.
    Coming from the ghetto has a sense of hatred and longing for wealthy families.
    Is good at handling heavy weapons or swords.
    17 years old born on February 10th.
    Blood type:B	Height: 166cm
    B:95 W:58 H: 90
    Hobby: Sewing
    Likes: Bean sprouts
    Secret animal: Japanese forest rat snake
    37.03 Hikage's character profile
    Ex-Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 3rd year student.
    Expressionless and taciturn, you do not usually know what she is thinking.
    She moves like a snake and her weapon is a knife.
    18 years old born on September 9th.
    Blood type: O    Height: 160cm
    B: 85  W: 57  H: 85
    Hobby: Nothing
    Likes: Nothing
    Secret animal: Cobra
    37.04 Mirai's character profile
    Ex-Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 1st year student.
    She really dislikes being ignored and has a personality like a selfish child.
    Fires guided ninja art missiles from her umbrella.
    16 years old born on December 28th.
    Blood type: A    Height: 150cm
    B: 62  W: 48  H: 59
    Hobby: Internet
    Likes: Stew
    Secret animal: Pit viper
    37.05 Haruka's character profile
    Ex-Hiritsu Hebijo Academy 3rd year student.
    In the team of ex-ninjas but has a grown-up personality. Employs a custom
    puppet integrated into her white coat as a servant.
    18 years old born on July 20th.
    Blood type: AB	Height: 169cm
    B:99 W:55 H: 88
    Hobby: Making dolls
    Likes: Kelp
    Secret animal: Japanese keelback snake
    37.06 Rin's character profile
    Ex-Hiritsu Hebijo Academy homeroom teacher.
    Ex-Good ninja graduate of Hanzo Academy. Although retired from the front line
    following an accident, her power hasn't weakened.
    27 years old born on September 30th.
    Blood type: A	Height: 160cm
    B:97 W:57 H: 90
    Hobby: World peace
    Likes: Beans
    Secret animal: Hawk
    This is a work in progress, and I shall periodically update it as I 
    translate new chapters.  I've tried to keep the translation as close to
    the original Japanese as possible, but sometimes I've had to reword for 
    readbility.  Hopefully the meaning has remained intact. 
    Feel free to contact me if you spot any glaring typos or translation mistakes!  

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