• Club Mixing Set Unlocks

    Hidden song sets for Club Mixing mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Dark Abyss SetUnlocked at DJ Level 50
    Freaky Garden SetUnlocked at DJ Level 40
    Instrumental SetUnlocked at DJ Level 10
    Nostalgia SetUnlocked at DJ Level 30
    Rock to the Rhythm SetUnlocked at DJ Level 20
    Sound LabUnlocked at DJ Level 45

    Contributed By: beatDJnet, kingdom051, and Jotamide.

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  • DJ Icon Unlocks

    Hidden DJ Icons for Arcade mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anti-Break 1DJ Level 3
    Anti-Break 10DJ Level 86
    Anti-Break 11DJ Level 91
    Anti-Break 12DJ Level 96
    Anti-Break 2DJ Level 13
    Anti-Break 3DJ Level 23
    Anti-Break 4DJ Level 33
    Anti-Break 5DJ Level 43
    Anti-Break 6DJ Level 53
    Anti-Break 7DJ Level 63
    Anti-Break 8DJ Level 73
    Anti-Break 9DJ Level 81
    Exp 10%DJ Level 25
    Exp 12%DJ Level 35
    Exp 15%DJ Level 45
    Exp 17%DJ Level 55
    Exp 20%DJ Level 65
    Exp 22%DJ Level 75
    Exp 25%DJ Level 82
    Exp 27%DJ Level 87
    Exp 30%DJ Level 92
    Exp 5%DJ Level 5
    Exp 50%DJ Level 97
    Exp 7%DJ Level 15
    Fever 10%DJ Level 29
    Fever 12%DJ Level 39
    Fever 15%DJ Level 49
    Fever 17%DJ Level 59
    Fever 20%DJ Level 69
    Fever 22%DJ Level 79
    Fever 25%DJ Level 84
    Fever 27%DJ Level 89
    Fever 30%DJ Level 94
    Fever 5%DJ Level 9
    Fever 50%DJ Level 99
    Fever 7%DJ Level 19
    HP 10%DJ Level 21
    HP 12%DJ Level 31
    HP 15%DJ Level 41
    HP 17%DJ Level 51
    HP 20%DJ Level 61
    HP 22%DJ Level 71
    HP 25%DJ Level 80
    HP 27%DJ Level 85
    HP 30%DJ Level 90
    HP 50%DJ Level 95
    HP 7%DJ Level 11
    Recover 10%DJ Level 27
    Recover 12%DJ Level 37
    Recover 15%DJ Level 47
    Recover 17%DJ Level 57
    Recover 20%DJ Level 67
    Recover 22%DJ Level 77
    Recover 25%DJ Level 83
    Recover 27%DJ Level 88
    Recover 30%DJ Level 93
    Recover 5%DJ Level 7
    Recover 50%DJ Level 98
    Recover 7%DJ Level 17

    Contributed By: Jotamide.

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  • Individual Song Unlocks

    Hidden songs for Arcade mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AngelUnlocked at DJ Level 40
    Back to LifeUnlocked at DJ Level 6
    Dark PrismUnlocked at DJ Level 36
    EGGUnlocked at DJ Level 9
    EmblemUnlocked at DJ Level 42
    Fallen AngelUnlocked at DJ Level 24
    Hello PinkyUnlocked at DJ Level 3
    Ooh La LaUnlocked at DJ Level 12
    RenovationUnlocked at DJ Level 50
    ShowDownUnlocked at DJ Level 30
    SigNalizeUnlocked at DJ Level 48
    Silent ClarityUnlocked at DJ Level 44
    SuperNovaUnlocked at DJ Level 38
    The MAXUnlocked at DJ Level 34
    ThorUnlocked at DJ Level 32
    XeusUnlocked at DJ Level 46

    Contributed By: Jotamide.

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  • Note Skin Unlocks

    Hidden note skins for Arcade mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anti-Break 5Unlocked at DJ Level 40
    Auto-FeverUnlocked at DJ Level 30
    Exp 20%Unlocked at DJ Level 20
    Exp 30%Unlocked at DJ Level 70
    Fever 50%Unlocked at DJ Level 99
    HP 20%Unlocked at DJ Level 10
    HP 50%Unlocked at DJ Level 60
    Recover 20%Unlocked at DJ Level 50

    Contributed By: Jotamide.

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