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by Mwulf

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Translation Guide by Mwulf

Version: 0.65 | Updated: 01/16/2015

Miscellany (Continued)

Frequently Asked Questions

I try to cover everything that needs covering in the above sections of this guide, but every so often there's something important or useful or necessary to say that, for want of a better reason, just doesn't fit anywhere else. So I put it here, along with any general questions I'm likely to recieve, or do recieve.

What do I need to know to import this game?

Very, very little, fortunately. The most important thing you need to realize is that, although much cheaper, digital copies of games can ONLY be played via the PSN account that purchased them. That means that if you buy this game from the Japanese PSN store, you will only be able to play it when that Japanese PSN account is linked to your Vita.

Why isn't this FAQ finished yet?

A handful of reasons, to be quite honest. First and foremost, I simply don't have a whole lot of time to play the game. Also, and this is actually a bit embarassing to admit, but I'm not exactly having an easy time with the game. Maybe I'm rusty, maybe this game is harder than other Artdink games, I don't know. Sorry.

How are you writing this FAQ if you haven't finished the game yet?

With help. Lots and lots of help. I take information from my own game, the Japanese wiki page for this game, but mostly with the help of the community. I find my FAQs are very much collaborative efforts. The english-speaking Gundam community is small, so we all end up working together to find out all the ins and outs of games like this. So, to all of my friends who have helped me with this guide alread, and to all those who will in the future, I offer my most sincere thanks.

Why are some of the mobile suit / pilot / place / technology names spelled incorrectly?

I'm terribly sorry about that. I'm not really a big fan of Gundam Seed (don't get me wrong: I'm not one of those people who despise it, either) so I'm not overly familiar with the setting. When I write a name, I'm going by the Japanesethe katakana spellings. These can be... weird, and sometimes very hard to decipher. I've tried my best to match up everything to the official English localization spellings, but there may still be errors. If you spot any, please let me know.
In a similar vein, students of Japanese may notice that some of the mission name translations are, well, incorrect. Sometimes this is because I'm just not that great a translator. More often, it's because the mission name is the same as the title of a Gundam Seed episode. In those instances (if I find them) I try to use the equivalent title of the official English localization for the mission.

How do I unlock X mobile suit or Y pilot?

Check the mission list! If I know what mission unlocks a given pilot or mobile suit, I'll put that in the mission information. Basically, everything is unlocked by clearing story missions. If what you want doesn't unlock, you simply need to clear the mission at a higher rank. It's also fairly intuitive: you won't unlock many ZAFT mobile suits playing for the Earth Alliance, nor will you unlock many CE 71 mobile suits playing in CE 73.

When I try to start a mission, I get a weird error message or something and the mission won't start. What's going on?

Certain mobile suits can only be used in certain environments. While most of the mobile suits in the game can be used anywhere, a few can only be used in terrestrial or vacuum environements. If you can't start the mission, it's because you're either trying to play a space mission with an Earth-only mobile suit, or trying to play an Earth mission with a space-only mobile suit.

Is saved data stored on the game cart or on the Vita itself?

Saved data would appear to be saved directly to the Vita. This means that if you delete the icon on your Vita's menu screen, you'll lose all of your save data. Yeah, doesn't make a lot of sense to me, either.

Would you accept help with this Guide?

Certainly. I tend to view my guides, particularly for these niche games, as collaborative efforts. I'm a part of the communitythe only reason I'm the one making these damned things is because I've got the ability and, far more importantly, the inclination. If you're willing to help out, simply e-mail me or post on the official translation FAQ/Guide thread on GameFAQ's Gundam Seed Battle Destiny BBS. Anything, no matter so small, is fine. I'd be ecstatic to use your information and credit you accordingly.

I've noticed that several people have contributed information to this guide. What happens if two people submit the same information?

In that case I would (and already have) credit both people. I typically update the FAQ every week, and so long as you're sending me something that's not in the FAQ currently posted on GameFAQs, provided I haven't ascertained the information on my own, I will credit you. If ten people people email me to say X number should be Y, I credit all ten people.

What should I do if I'm unable to find out what I want in your guide?

You may either email me or ask on the Gundam Seed Battle Destiny BBS at GameFAQs.com.

Why didn't you respond to my email?

There are two possible reasons. First, it's possible that your email was caught in my spam filter. I generally scan through my spam folder before purging it, but it's entirely possible I deleted a real email by accident. It's also very possible that I HAVE responded to your email, and you simply haven't received the reply yet. Email isn't always instantaneous, ya' know. I read every email I see and always reply (if necessary). Before re-sending an email, or emailing me again to ask me whether or not I revived your first email, please... wait a day or two.
I also make it a habit not to reply to any emails that are unintelligible, rude, or asking for information that is clearly within the FAQ.

Update Log

June 2012 (v.0.10)
-Basic FAQ construction complete w/ general translation information added.
June 2012 (v.0.60)
-Lots more added. Currently have the "real" version which I probably won't upload until I reach the big v.1.00 (with full translations of, well, everything) and the somewhat gimped version I upload to GameFAQs. It's a bit confusing juggling the two, so let me know if you see any duplicate sections/paragraphs/whatever.
June 2012 (v.0.61)
-Minor formatting corrections & small addition to customization section.
January 2015 (v.0.65)
-Corrected S-Rank information for a couple of missions.


I would like to thank the following people for contributing information used in the construction of this FAQ:

a_gon_nee, of GameFAQs
-Skill information & translation
-Ally commands information & translation

asdfth12, of GameFAQs

-S-Rank information
babykiddy, of GameFAQs
-Mobile suit information
IceCold1993, of GameFAQs
-Game screens
-Gameplay tips
Krystal109, of GameFAQs
-Guide text retrieval help
kurimzon, of GameFAQs
-Era unlock verification
PollutedPlayboy, of GameFAQs
-Translation correction information
zeroman01, of GameFAQS
-Mobile suit information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to write me at the following email address: