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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Appendices (Continued)


You can add materials to weapons to increase/decrease their statistics and adjust their attributes. At first, you'll only be able to reinforce using Minerals in Casnan, but once you reach Selray, you can reinforce using all three types of material AND old weapons that have been previously reinforced.

Weapon Reinforcements
Attack ATK Attacks deal more damage.
Absorb ABSB Recover HP when attacking enemies.
Critical CRIT Attacks sometimes deal critical damage.
SP SP SP gain is increased.
Poison POIS Attacks sometimes cause Poison status.
Paralysis PARA Attacks sometimes cause Paralysis status.
Burning BURN Attacks sometimes cause Burning status.
Freezing FRZN Attacks sometimes cause Freezing status.

Armor Reinforcements
Defense DEF Reduces damage received from enemy attacks.
Recovery HEAL HP slowly recovers.
Evasion EVA Occasionally causes enemy attacks to miss.
Speed SPD Increases movement speed.
Poison POIS Reduces the duration of Poison status.
Paralysis PARA Reduces the duration of Paralysis status.
Burning BURN Reduces the duration of Burning status.
Freezing FRZN Reduces the duration of Freezing status.

(The first four attributes match each other for both weapons and armor.)

Iron Ingot+1
Silver Ingot+3
Gold Ingot+5
Gold Pedestal Replica+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
Gold Pedestal+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9

Sturdy Bone+1(-1)+1+1
Sturdy Hide+1+1(-1)(-1)
Sturdy Shell(-1)+1(-1)+1
Strong Hair+1(-1)(-1)+1
Clear Liquid+1(-1)(-1)+1
Poisonous Organ+2+1
Spider Web+1+1+1
Beast Fang+2+1+1
Indestructible Shell+1+2+1
Hard Scale+1+1+1
Frog Extract+1+1+2
Soft Fur+1+2+2
Fluffy Fur+1+2+2
Fierce Beast's Claw+1+2+2
Bizarre Hide+1+2+2
Acidic Liquid+2+1+2
Slime Mold+1+1+1+1+1
Titanic Bone+2+2+2
Tribal Cloth+2+2+1+1
Axe Tail+2+2+1+1
Buffalo Horn+2+1+2+1
Monkey King's Hair+1+1+2+3
Boar Exoskeleton+1+2+2+2
Hammer Beak+2+2+2+1
Monstrous Talon+2+2+2+2
Awful Carapace+3+3+3
Sharp Horn+3+6
Drill Beak+3+3+3
Cursed Blade+6+6

Fresh Leaf+1(-1)(-1)+1
Roda Leaf+3+3+3+3
Marl Flower(-1)+1+1(-1)
Yupel Flower+1+1+1+1
Libra Flower+2+1+1+2
Celcetan Flower+3+3+3+3
Chito Nut+1(-1)+1(-1)
Raparo Fruit+1+1+2
Arieda Fruit+2+1+1+2
Roda Fruit+1+9+1+1
Sturdy Lumber+1(-1)(-1)+1
Nocturnal Mushroom+1+1+1


Listed below are all of the accessories that you can craft.

ItemCostRequired Materials
Life Ring I100GIron OreSturdy Bone--
Life Ring II1000GIron IngotIndestructible ShellEmerald-
Life Ring III3000GSilver IngotBizarre HideEmeraldIndestructible Shell
Life Ring IV5000GGold IngotTitanic BoneEmeraldBuffalo Horn
Power Ring I100GIron OreSturdy Hide--
Power Ring II1000GIron IngotIndestructible ShellRuby-
Power Ring III3000GSilver IngotBizarre HideRubyBeast Fang
Power Ring IV5000GGold IngotTitanic BoneRubyDrill Beak
Shield Ring I100GIron OreSturdy Shell--
Shield Ring II1000GIron IngotIndestructible ShellTopaz-
Shield Ring III3000GSilver IngotBizarre HideTopazHard Scale
Shield Ring IV5000GGold IngotTitanic BoneTopazBoar Exoskeleton
Skill Ring I100GIron OreStrong HairClear Liquid-
Skill Ring II1000GIron IngotIndestructible ShellSapphireMonkey King's Hair
Skill Ring III3000GSilver IngotBizarre HideSapphireAwful Carapace
Skill Ring IV5000GGold IngotTitanic BoneSapphireCursed Blade
Blue Ornament200GStrong HairSturdy Shell--
Gold Ornament1200GStrong HairSturdy ShellGold Ingot-
Blue Tree Earring4000GSturdy LumberBizarre HideSapphireSoft Fur
Spirit Tree Earring4000GSturdy LumberBizarre HideAmethystFluffy Fur
Courage Belt5000GBizarre HideFierce Beast's ClawSapphire-
Mystical Belt8000GBizarre HideTribal ClothAmethystSharp Horn
Wanderer's Cloak500GSturdy HideStrong HairSpider Web-
Hero's Cloak1000GSturdy HideStrong HairBuffalo HornMonkey King's Hair
Risky Bandana1000GStrong HairFierce Beast's Claw--
Perilous Bandana4000GStrong HairMonstrous Talon--
Courage Scarf5000GSoft FurSapphire--
Hermit's Scarf5000GFluffy FurOnyx--
Tactician's Gloves6000GBizarre HideHard Scale--
Immovability Belt7000GBizarre HideTribal ClothHammer Beak-
Flash Bracelet10000GCursed BladeAxe TailHammer BeakDrill Beak
Flash Anklet10000GCursed BladeBuffalo HornBoar ExoskeletonAwful Carapace
Snake Amulet200GSturdy BonePoisonous Organ--
Swallow Amulet200GSturdy BoneSpider Web--
Thunder Beast Charm200GSturdy BoneBeast Fang--
Crimson Scale Charm1000GSturdy BoneRubyHard Scale-
Azure Scale Charm1000GSturdy BoneSapphireHard Scale-
Silver Dragon Charm3000GSturdy BoneSilver IngotMonstrous Talon-
Gold Dragon Charm3000GSturdy BoneGold IngotMonstrous Talon-
Warrior Seal I300GSturdy ShellStrong HairSturdy Lumber-
Warrior Seal II1000GIndestructible ShellStrong HairSturdy Lumber-
Warrior Seal III4000GIndestructible ShellStrong HairSturdy LumberAwful Carapace
Warrior Seal IV8000GIndestructible ShellStrong HairSturdy LumberSharp Horn
Silver Axe1000GSilver IngotAxe Tail--
Golden Axe1500GGold IngotAxe Tail--
Sage's Diadem2000GSilver IngotEmeraldTopazBoar Exoskeleton
Saint's Diadem12000GGold IngotMonkey King's HairBoar Exoskeleton-
Spirit Necklace10000GGold IngotTitanic BoneDiamond-


Listed below are what the artifacts can become after being unleashed.

ItemCostRequired MaterialsEffect
Dwarf Bracelet+-----No reduction to STR or DEF.
Hydra Scales+2000GHydra ScalesRubySapphire-Deal added damage underwater.
Gale Shoes+2000GGale ShoesEmeraldSapphire-Dashing knocks enemies back.
Beast King's Claws+2000GBeast King's ClawsRubyTopaz-Tackle damage increased.
Spirit Cape+4000GSpirit CapeAmethyst--HP recovery speed increased.
Sacred Beast Collar+4000GSacred Beast CollarDiamond--Movement speed increased.
Aeolus Urn+4000GAeolus UrnAmethystRubySapphireOccasionally gain extra gold.
Ares Seal+4000GAres SealOnyx--Further increase the gauge's fill rate.


Listed below are all of the Quest in the game, sorted by the order listed in the Journal.


The Quests listed as "Unconfirmed" in the boxes below are provided by chuckyjugg from my forums. They are listed separately, as I have yet to complete and confirm them.

To Milk a Fabros

When? After clearing the Casnia Mine.
Client Mucho
Reward 1000G

Talk to our MAAAYUN at the bar, Mucho, to start this quest. He needs some Fabros Milk; long story short, you'll need to milk one, and he'll mark the place on your map for you.

Once you're at the second area of the Beast Plains, head north until you can turn west, then go west a bit, then all the way south until you go down a hill and into a body of water. From here, you have to sneak up on the Fabros to be able to milk it, so swim to the southwest edge of the water, then move to the southwest to spot the beast. You should head over to the left some so that you're directly behind it, then from there, WALK as slowly as you can up to it (lightly tilt the analog stick) until you are able to get to it. (Don't worry; you'll get as many tries as you want to do this until you have it right.) Eventually, you'll milk it and get the rare Fabros Milk. With it in hand, you can return it to Mucho for your reward. (But you should wait until you slay the Langritz so you only have to make one trip. There is also a yellow monument in the northwest corner of the area you can use to warp, if you like.)

Honey Potions

When? After clearing the Casnia Mine.
Client Soldier Wallace
Reward Bitter Potion x3

Make your way to the soldier's cafeteria, which is just to the right of the entrance to the government building. Talk to Wallace in here, and he'll give you... Brittle Bone x120 to buy some Honey Potions. You can either just fork over 3 Honey Potions, or go buy 3 of them with your own money (300G), or actually proceed with the quest like you're supposed to. With these bones, make your way to the Trading Post, then exchange your 120 Brittle Bones for 12 Sturdy Bones. After that, turn right around and sell your 12 Sturdy Bones for 300G. With that, you can now get 3 Honey Potions to take back to Wallace. Upon giving the Honey Potions to him, you'll receive an even better deal!

Purchasing Iron Ore

When? After clearing the Casnia Mine.
Client Goldsmith
Reward 5000G (6250G after haggling)

For this quest, just return to the Casnia Mine and run through it, going between the two Harvest Points and clearing them out, hoping for more Iron Ore rather than Coal. (It'll take several minutes for the supply to regenerate, so run back to town and go talk to the Governor General in the government building, then come back. It should be ready by then.) Once you accumulate 20 pieces of Iron Ore (or 200 pieces of Coal, or a combination of the two), return to the Trading Post. Trade in your Coal if you need to get to 20 Iron Ores, then choose to Sell your Iron Ore.

First, he will offer 5000G. HAGGLE!

Next, he will offer 5500G. HAGGLE FURTHER!

Now, he will offer 6000G. HAGGLE EVEN FURTHER!

Finally, he will offer 6250G. ACCEPT THIS OFFER, OR YOU WILL FAIL!!!

Bear on the Plains

When? After clearing the Casnia Mine.
Client Luluca
Reward 2000G

Talk to Luluca, who is standing beside the Quest Board in the bar. Ask about Langritz, and she'll tell you about the bear that needs defeated on the plains. Sounds easy enough!

Once you're at the second area of the Beast Plains, head north until you can turn west, then go west a bit, then all the way south until you go down a hill and into a body of water. From here, continue southeast and all the way south, and you should encounter the Langritz at the bottom of the area.

FIGHT: Langritz

As long as you're around level 4 and have your 2nd tier equipment, you shouldn't have any problem taking down this guy. With all the monsters you've been fighting, your EXTRA gauge should be full, so unleash that at the start to knock him down quite a bit to make it an even more manageable fight. Once he's done for, you can finally return and claim your reward. (There is a yellow monument in the northwest corner of the area you can use to warp, if you like.)

5: Challenge! [Urgent]
Client: Evan and Lyle
Reward: Treasure
Location: Town Square
Dec. Find all 5 hidden stashes of Gold Ore around town.
1.Gold Ore in Bar
2.Gold Ore in Mine Chief's House
3.Gold Ore in Stable
4.Gold Ore in Back Alley
5.Gold Ore In Tent in front of General Government Building.

6: Miners Wanted [Urgent]
Client: Head Miner Wagner
Reward: Depends on Results
Location: Down at the Mine
Dec. Dig out as much Gold Ore as u can in a set time limit

7: Hungover Pikkard
Client: Lucir
Reward: 10,000 G
Location: Ally Near Trading Post "down by the dog,pig"
Dec. Medicine for a Hungover Pikkard x)

8: The Ultimate Purifier
Client: Mucho
Reward: 20,000 G
Location: Bar Owner
Dec. Bring Mucho a [Roda Leaf].
Chose a person you use the most that you want to drink the Fabros Milkshake Max it adds +300 to max hp.

9: Fruit Bat in the Dark
Client: Luluca
Reward: 25,000 G
Location: the Waitress in the Bar
Dec. Defeat 'Olrabadi'.Can be found in the last part of 'Casnia Mines' where u fought the first boss of the game.

Sword Training

When? After clearing the Ancient Burrow.
Client Lindsay
Reward 2000G (with an addition 2000G for winning.)
Location Top level of Comodo

If you can afford it, upgrade Adol's equipment at the shop before continuing. Now, head up to the top level of the village and talk to Lindsay on the right. She'll want to learn how to use a sword, and the other will want to see you fight, so begin the fight against Duren!

He's actually pretty tough; you'll want to be at least level 16 like you were with the previous boss. As for the fight itself, start off with your EXTRA skill if you got it, then do a lot of dashing, only striking once or twice at a time before dashing again. He moves quickly and strikes HARD, easily racking up hundreds of HP worth of damage before you even know it. Adol's Sonic Slide comes in very handy, dealing damage while sliding through and away from Duren, saving you from a couple of hits, so use it when you can.

(If you lose against Duren, you only receive the money from Lindsay rather than both girls, and you lose out on Duren's Bestiary entry [and its related trophy], as well as the Better Man trophy itself.)

You will obtain the Better Man Trophy when you defeat Duren.

A Fresh Meal

When? After clearing the Ancient Burrow.
Client Edea
Reward 3000G
Location Fourth level of Comodo, by the deer

Easiest quest ever. On the fourth level of the village, talk to Edea, who wants 10 Fresh Leaves to feed her deer. If you don't already have them, stop down on the first level and talk to Fleur to exchange your Rotting Leaves for them. (And if for some bizarre reason you don't have enough Rotting Leaves, start making the rounds at different Harvest Points to get them.)

The Monkey King

When? After clearing the Ancient Burrow.
Client Agent Theresa
Reward 3000G
Location Community Center

Theresa at the community center can tell you about the Golwonga; it's a beast related to the Bozuonga, and it just needs wiped out. It's in the forest, so let's go take care of it! Leave the village to be back out in the Gidona Crater.

Gidona Crater

Make your way to the southern end of the area, then exit to the east to be back in the Forest of Dawn.

Forest of Dawn: East

The Golwonga is just to your right from here!

FIGHT: Golwonga

Ah, the Bozuonga's big brother. This guy hits VERY hard, and he's pretty relentless; you'll likely need to use items to heal, as sometimes you don't even have a chance to dash away once he's hit you, and will stack a few more hits on you for good measure. If you have your EXTRA skill gauge full, start off with that, then keep your SP gauge built up. Have Adol constantly use his Stun Raid on the beast and hope that it's enough to knock him to the ground, stunned long enough for you to either finish him off or at least deplete the majority of his HP. He will also summon lesser Cobongas to annoy you while you fight him.

Once he's down, return to Comodo to claim your reward.

4: Crafting Materials
Client: Artisan Accessories
Reward: New Accessories
Location: Saisen's Workshop
Dec. Find x3 'Indestructible Shell's'
Monster Drops: Gazapo "Forest of Dawn", Hourun "Algon River Basin", Rotoruta "Ashen Forest".

5: The Runaway Chick
Client: Pippi, the Shaman
Reward: 3x Gold Ore
Location: 4th Lv of Comodo "in the building next to 'A Fresh Meal' Quest"
Dec. Finding the White chicken being raised by Pippi.Must walk up behind the chicken 1st loc. is down by the 2 pigs at the entrace of Comodo. 2nd spot is very top lv where the quest [Sword Training] is at.

6: The Naughty Chick
Client: Pippi, the Shaman
Reward: 9x Gold Ore
Location:  4th Lv of Comodo "in the building next to 'A Fresh Meal' Quest"
Dec.Finding the Yellow baby chick being raised by Pappi.Must walk up behind the chick 1st loc. 2nd lv of Comodo between the 2 building's under the left tent. 2nd loc. is in front of the building where u get the quest hidding under the left fire post.Walk right between the stairs and fire post to get the Baby Chick.

7: Crafting Materials 2
Client: Artisan Accessories
Reward: New Accessories
Location: Saisen's Workshop
Dec. Find x3 'Bizarre Hide's'
Monster Drops: Guspoun "Underground Ruins", Grahm "Ashen Forest", Ravaeel "Forest of Spores", Demileel "Forest of Spores", Supofanga "Forest of Spores", Ibolzu "Lake Tolmes Ruins".

8: Crafting Materials 3
Client: Artisan Accessories
Reward: New Accessories
Location: Saisen's Workshop
Dec. Bring 'Saisen' x3 'Titanic Bones'.Found in Primevel Lands.
Monster Drops
[Crocle], [Zorats], [Pogarov], [Grunpe], [Merahva], [Tolmeus]

9: The Tyrannical Frogs
Client: Agent Theresa
Reward: 15,000 G
Dec. Defeat the 'Ribbi-Magi' in Waterfall Cave, can be found in the last area of the cave.

10: The Wandering Chick
Client: Shaman Pippi
Reward: x18 Gold Ore
Dec. Yet another of 'Pippi's' chickens seems to be MIA.This one is not like the others found in town.This time u have to go out in the feild.First go south of 'Comodo' it will run, then go back the way u came 2nd spot is in between the havest spot and chest to the left.

1: Shopkeeper for a Day [Urgent]
Client: Ray, the Merchant of Smiles
Reward: Recommended Goods Set
Location: Entrance of Selray
Dec. Sell everything that people want at the right prices and discount on certain items.

2: Seeking Moisturizer
Client: Bonnie
Reward: 2500 G
Location: Same spot where the frog is at for [Wordless Affinity] trophie.
Dec. Bring x10 'Clear Liguids' to Bonnie for her frog.Drops from various monsters.

3: A Swarm of Black
Client: Agent Bertha
Reward: 3000 G
Location: Village Assembly
Dec. Defeat Vesbiwars nesting in Jade Cave beyond the Forest of Dawn

4: Super Weapon Test
Client: Syriu
Reward: An Amazing 'Super Weapon'
Location: Amateur Blacksmith
Dec. Defeat x5 'Rangoas' western area of "Forest of Dawn".Be sure to Equip a "Crimson Scale Charm" while doing this Quest.

5: Hyper Weapon Test
Client: Syriu
Reward: An Amazing 'Hyper Weapon'
Location: Amateur Blacksmith
Dec. Defeat x5 'Crocles' can be found between Selray and Underground Ruins.Be sure to Equip a "Thunder Beast Charm" while doing this Quest.

6: Mega Weapon Test
Client: Syriu
Reward: An Amazing 'Mega Weapon'
Location: Amateur Blacksmith
Dec. Defeat x5 'Madogra-Slef' can be found in 'Ashen Forest: Marshland' which is left of the 'Ashen Forest: Outskirts' warp stone. There's a exit close to the enemy so u can kill leave come back kill Rinse and Repeart. Be sure to Equip a "Azure Scale Charm" while doing this Quest.

7: A Swarm of Scarlet
Client: Agent Bertha
Reward: 15,000 G
Location: Village Assembly
Dec. Defeat the Swarm of 'Vesbilzons'. There in the 2nd area of Jade Cave.

8: Happy Present
Clinet: Rilche
Reward: Smiles
Location: North of the Villache.Leave the Inn then take the Upper Right path.
Dec. Bring x3 of the same variety of flowers to Rilche.

9: Legendary Weapon
Client: Syriu
Reward: Legendary Weapon
Location: Amateur Blacksmith
Dec. Bring her a Sun Stone and she will make the Legendary Weapon for which ever charater you pick. Very useful for Nightmare diffuclty as it will carry over next play. Locations for the stones are 'Gold Area of Iris', the 'Colonia Artifact Laboratory', and the 'Forest of Dawn: Nameless Ruin'

1: Unleashing Artifacts
Client: Philemon
Reward: ???
Location: Philemon's Workshop
Dec. Bring a 'Emerald' and a 'Topaz' to Philemon. And he will make an Artifact of your choice better.

2: Purchasing Silver
Client: Oona
Reward: 10000 G
Location: Oona Market
Dec. Bring Oona x3 'Silver Ingots' can be made at a Blacksmith.Providing at this point in the game u have enough 'Silver Ore'.

3: Wayward Guardians
Client: Mariana
Reward: 5000 G
Location: Mariana inside the Cathedral
Dec. Defeat x5 'Ruzaslape' can be found outside of "Sanctuary Approach" after finishing "Tower of Providence".

4: Signature Collector
Client: Ethan
Reward: x2 Celcetan Flower's
Location: House left of the Mayor's Mansion
Dec. Fill the remaining pages of Ethan's notebook with name's being with Q, U, Z

Q: Quincy from 'Casnan' The guy standing to the right inside of the Item Shop in 'Casnan'.

U: Ursula from 'Dana" the lady standing by the girl with the 2 animals.

Z: Zara from 'Selray' the little girl for the [Tickled Pink] trophie.

5: Cries from the Abyss
Client: Cordelia
Reward: 25,000 G
Location: She is sitting on the wall next to the main entrance to the city.
Dec. Deafeat 'Compragov' and his little minions. Found in the area where u fought the boss in the 'Underground Ruins'.
(NOTE) Party lv should be 50+ As 'Compragov' is lv 55.

1: Secret Synthesis
Client: Yami
Reward: Rare and Valuable Elixirs
Location: Laboratory, left side of the counter
Dec. 1 of 8 Flowers needed

Plant Materials  Harvest Area

Yupel flower: Exchange x5 'Marl Flowers'. In 'Comodo Village', and 'Roos' Nest'.
Libra flower: (Monster Drop) [Madogra-Slef]
Raparo fruit: Mt. Vesuvio, Elduke Outskirts, Table Mountain
Arieda fruit: (Monster Drop) [Madogra-Slef]

Beast Materials   Monster Drop

Poisonous Organ: [Asarkos], [Bozowalla], [Barazowalla], [Blaybye], [Zakaruko], [Wibbye]
Frog Extract: [Zogrom], [Ribbi], [Ibolzu]
Acidic Liquid: [Hal-Bulb], [Bulb], [Guspoun], [Pit-Bulb], [Uno-Bulb]
Slime Mold: [Dizwalla], [Madagora]

2: Good Luck Charm
Client: Mikuri
Reward: Tablets
Dec. Bring Mikuri a [Silver Axe].Can be made in Saisen's Workshop in 'Comodo' with 1 'Silver Ingot', 1 'Axe Tail'

3: Twilight Flowers
Client: Librarian Greta
Reward: 10,000 G
Location: the Black Archives
Dec. Defeat [Anderaula] can be found in [Subterranean Forest]

4: Rabbit Hunting
Client: Explorer Pigeon
Reward: 25,000 G
Dec. Must search for his partner 'Rabbit'. 1st location she can be found at is 'Frog's Inn' 2nd location is the 'Forest of Ash: Camp'.

5: Resentful Spirit
Client: Sydow
Reward: 20,000 G
Location: To left up the stairs of the 'Black Archives'
Dec. Frist equip the 'Bloodstained Magatama'. The head towards 'Ashen Forest' at the quest maker on you'r map you wanna head down into the next area. There was a chest there and above the chest was a Black ball looking thing. That is the soul u need to take back to the armour. (NOTE) Party lv should be 50+ As 'Vandaroper' is lv 55.


Untracked Sub-Quests

There are a few times in the game where you can partake in a Quest of sorts to earn items, rewards, or progress toward a Trophy... but they're not tracked anywhere. Here are the ones that can be found.

Griselda's Map Rewards

At the beginning of the game, Governor General Griselda asks you to help map The Great Forest, and doing so will earn you rewards. Well, that wasn't just a plot point; if you check back in with her throughout the game, she WILL reward you! Every 10% will trigger a new reward, and 100% will earn you the Master Cartographer Trophy!

    • At 10%, you will receive 1000G from her.
    • At 20%, you will receive 3000G from her.
    • At 30%, you will receive 5000G from her.
    • At 40%, you will receive 7500G from her.
    • At 50%, you will receive the Aeolus Urn and 10000G from her.
    • At 60%, you will receive 15000G from her.
    • At 70%, you will receive 20000G from her.
    • At 80%, you will receive 30000G from her.
    • At 90%, you will receive 50000G from her.
    • At 100%, you will receive the Ares Seal and 100000G from her.

Mouse's Information

There are several points throughout the game that you can go to an alley behind the bar in Casnan, where you'll find the informant named Mouse. If you're able to get all 8 pieces of his information in one playthrough, you'll earn the Heard It All Trophy.

    • Piece #01 can be obtained after clearing the Casnia Mine for 100G.
    • Piece #02 can be obtained after clearing the Ancient Burrow for 100G.
    • Piece #03 can be obtained after clearing both the Ancient Burrow and the Sacred Beasts' Lair, when you have control of just Adol on his own in Casnan.
    • Piece #04 can be obtained after Karna rejoins you in Casnan.
    • Piece #05 can be obtained after you clear the events in the Tower of Providence.
    • Piece #06 can be obtained after Frieda joins your party.
    • Piece #07 can be obtained after you reach The Roos' Nest.
    • Piece #08 can be obtained after you clear Colonia Artifact Laboratory.

Charming the Animals

Throughout the game, you can encounter several animals. As long as you don't antagonize them in any way, or give them rotting or otherwise awful materials, they will be charmed to you with only two gifts (like Fresh Leaves, Marl Flowers, or Chito Nuts). When it shows that it has three hearts above its head, consider it charmed! Upon charming it, you will receive a random material in return!

Charm all 24 animals to earn the Wordless Affinity trophy! Here is where they are all located:

Casnan City
CatAffectionate CatFrom the center of town, take the southeastern path down the hill; the cat will be on a ledge on the left side, in front of the house there.
DogDrooling DogJust outside of the Trading Post on the right side.
PikkardBeer-Raised PikkardJust outside of the Trading Post on the right side, above the dog.
HorseWell-Built HorseIn the stable near the Casnia Mine.

Comodo Village
PikkardMasculine PikkardIn the pen just to the left of the entrance.
PikkardEffeminate PikkardIn the pen just to the left of the entrance.
DeerValiant BuckOn the first level, near the railing.
DeerDocile DoeOn the first level, near the railing.
Baby ChickTevaIn Shaman Pippi's house on the second level.
White ChickenSasamiIn Shaman Pippi's house on the second level.
Brown RoosterTsukuneIn Shaman Pippi's house on the second level.
DeerAffectionate DeerOn the fourth level, beside Edea from the A Fresh Meal Quest.

Selray Village
DucklingEnergetic DucklingIn the center of town, just to the left, by the straw.
DuckKindly Parent DuckIn the center of town, just to the left, by the straw.
PikkardFluffy PikkardFrom the center of town, just across the bridge to the northeast, by some straw.
PikkardRough PikkardFrom the center of town, just across the bridge to the northeast, by some straw.
FrogLusty-Eyed FrogFrom the center of town, just a few steps southwest on the bridge. It's sitting on the corner post of the paths that meet there. (Seeking Moisture must be complete.)

Highland Town
UlpacaPlain UlpacaIn the bottom right of town, middle house, in the stables.
CamebullGentle CamebullIn the bottom right of town, middle house, in the stables.
PikkardShining PikkardIn the bottom right of town, middle house, in the stables. Must use the left outside door to reach him.
DogWatchdog GalmNear the shop in the center of town.
CatMr. TiddlesNear the entrance of the town, sitting on the wall by the girl.

ChickenBiancoIn the central area, by the frog.
FrogVerdeIn the central area, by the chicken.

Zara's Tickling

Just like with Mouse's Information, there is another quest that requires you to visit someone several points throughout the game, resulting in a trophy. This time, it's for a little girl named Zara from Selray Village. She's in the Community Center, and unlike Mouse... she wants to tickle you! Letting her do so in 8 various points throughout the game earns you the Tickled Pink trophy.

    • Tickle #01 is available upon entering Selray for the first time.
    • Tickle #02 is available after clearing both the Ancient Burrow and the Sacred Beasts' Lair, but before returning to Casnan.
    • Tickle #03 is available after Karna and Ozma rejoin your party, when you return to Selray from Casnan.
    • Tickle #04 is available after you clear the events in Highland.
    • Tickle #05 is available after Frieda joins your party.
    • Tickle #06 is available after you arrive in The Roos' Nest.
    • Tickle #07 is available after you clear Colonia Artifact Laboratory.
    • Tickle #08 is available right after the 7th time.

Mishy's Hide and Seek

Once in Highland, you can start trying to find Mishy hiding in various places in the land of Celceta. Finding him in all 6 hiding spots will earn you the Mishy Masher trophy.

    • Hiding Spot #01: Highland - In the bottom right of the town map, on the fence outside of the barn with animals inside.
    • Hiding Spot #02: Selray - On the little patch of land near the bottom of Selray, where you can access by swimming there.
    • Hiding Spot #03: Casnan - Top of Casnan castle, the place where there is a nice view.
    • Hiding Spot #04: Comodo - Around the animal shack near the entrance of Comodo.
    • Hiding Spot #05: Danan - In the area where you go up a flight of stairs, and you can see Mishy's tail sticking out when it's hiding behind a post.
    • Hiding Spot #06: Roos' Nest - Right as you walk in. The Sacred Beast Collar accessory (found right outside the nest) is required.


Monsters (Bestiary)

First is just a list of monsters, for those trying to see which ones they need to complete their bestiary. Click the monster name to see their full entry, or scroll down further.

Monster Listing

Casnia Mine
Beast Plains
Forest of Dawn
Golden Pikkard
Jade Cavern
Waterfall Cave
Gidona Crater
Ancient Burrow
Masked Warrior
Algon River Basin
Sacred Beasts Nest
Underground Ruins
Plateau Path
Sanctuary Approach
Tower Of Providence
Masked Soldier
Table Mountain
Subterranean Forest
Ashen Forest
The Frog's Inn
Forest of Spores
Colonia Battlefield
Outskirts of Elduke
Mt. Vesuvio
Lake Tolmes Ruins
Colonia Artifact Laboratory
Mt. Vesuvio - Volcano
Shadow Gruda
Phantom Gruda



Item Drops
Damaged Hide
Sturdy Hide
  • Mole-like monster that awoke during the commotion in the mine. While its vision is lacking, its sense of smell is exceptional, so it never gets lost.



Item Drops
Filthy Liquid
Clear Liquid
  • Monster shaped like an earthworm. Slides toward its foes and spits a powerful acid to dissolve them.



Item Drops
Cracked Shell
Sturdy Shell
Iron Ore
  • Insect monster which disguises itself as ore. Discharges electricity from its two long feelers to paralyze its prey.



Item Drops
Damaged Hide
Sturdy Hide
Strong Hair
  • An extremely ferocious giant mole monster. Digs into the ground with its sharp claws and torments its prey from below.


  • A bat with an extraordinarily large body and wings. Uses ultrasonic waves to stop its foes' movements and tears them apart from within.

Beast Plains