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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

Iris, The World Of Records

Consumables [_] Healing Tablet Halberds [_] Elysium
[_] Catholicon x3 Accessories [_] Shield Ring IV
[_] Roda Leaf [_] Flash Bracelet
[_] Celcetan Panacea [_] Hero's Ring
[_] Skill Tablet [_] Hero's Cloak
[_] Life Elixir Minerals [_] Strange Mass x15
[_] Kaiser Potion [_] Diamond
[_] Healing Tablet [_] Blue Stone x10
[_] Healing Tablet [_] Amethyst
[_] Kaiser Potion [_] Red Stone x10
Armor [_] Saintly Robes [_] Purple Stone x10
[_] Berserker Armor +1 [_] Black Stone x10
[_] Valkyrie Dress +2 [_] Starlight Stone x10
[_] Saintly Robes Plant Materials [_] Celcetan Flower
[_] Valkyrie Dress +3 [_] Roda Fruit
[_] Berserker Armor +6 Key Items [_] Wind Crest
Swords [_] Apocalypse [_] Rain Crest
Gauntlets [_] Purgatorio [_] Sun Crest
Knives [_] Judgment [_] Sun Stone
Spears [_] Ragnarok [_] Mask of the Sun
Maces [_] Armageddon Memories [_] The 'Adventurer'

Enemies [_] Togone 518055483321253314-
[_] Sonarm 517053822641649318-
[_] Sidgodde 5112005485271727316-
[_] Totoankh 5214104983032172325-
[_] Shehazask 529405613031647325-
[_] Vezfes 5111004311871312308-
[_] Galba-Muva 51617618264131289-
[_] Rudogodde 5314404005541802333-
[_] Nel-Vesbye 5326204802613614333-
[_] Nel-Beever 5317603343292653333-
[_] Nel-Situ 5224506114154218333-
[_] Nel-Plera 5320104254152273333-
[_] Zenoranpa 506376022581313309-
[_] Jadelos 55336098141011853350-
BOSS #16 [-!-] Girguzalm 5333000742369396740-
BOSS #17 [-!-] Zerivutz 5333000778361396740-
BOSS #18 [-!-] Bulaghoul 5343000742396396740-
BOSS #19 [-!-] Kut-Shell 555370502344230Slash
[-!-] Blo-Shell 555370502344230Strike
[-!-] Shu-Shell 555370502344230Pierce
[-!-] Forberis 55938502549230-
[-!-] Akasha-Glyph 5570600625299978230-
Enemies [_] Hadugora 55586502242230-
[_] Shadow Gruda 553140290365230-
BOSS #20 [-!-] Phantom Gruda 5672204353871318910-

We'll get some dialog as we enter Iris explaining the three doors we'll have to take. Head forward to activate a monolith and now we'll have to choose which path to take. It really doesn't matter, but for the sake of the guide, let's take the far-left path first.

Iris: Bronze Area

Head forward and defeat the first new enemy: the Toqone. This demon enemy tries to snap you up in his jaws. Ouch! He's pretty easy though; slaughter him and head east to meet another new enemy: the Sidgodde. This harpy will use the eye it carries to try and shoot at you repeatedly, so keep dodging. After killing it, read the monument, which will prompt you to raise your hand. Doing this just resets the floor puzzles on this level though, so cancel and hit the floor panel to the right to move the floor. Head up the floor now and kill the monster. To the right are two more floor buttons; hit the south one and travel all the way south. Destroy the monster here and claim the chest for a Healing Tablet. Head back north, stopping by the path on the right to have Duren open the chest for a Shield Ring IV. Head back north and step on the northern button to switch the floor, then continue north some more to step on one once you reach the other side. For the two paths here, ignore the one that goes left and up; instead, hit the switch on the right to make the floor change. This will let you access the platform to the northwest for Catholicon x3.

Head south now and fight your way to another tablet that advises you to "Beware the witches' stares". The trick here is to equip your Dwarf Bracelet and walk under the lasers. You can un-equip it afterward and use the table to turn off the lasers forever. Fight your way upward now and hit the switch here; move up, left, and down to a second switch, then down to the lower-left to hit a third switch. Head south now, taking the left path down to the bottom platform. Open the chest to the west for a Roda Leaf, then kill the enemies and hit the right switch. This lets you get over to the right to access the chest for the Purgatorio, a powerful weapon for Duren. Return past the button you pressed to be back on the southern platform, then press the button to the left.

Head north back the way you came (the middle path between the two buttons), stepping on all three of the buttons along the way. Upon hitting the last one as you turn south, the platform will shift to the right, allowing you to go north and east to the locked chest for some Saintly Robes. Now, you are essentially locked out of progress to the west; to undo this, you have to go back to the east side (south and all the way around the circle), then go up, right, down, and right to see two buttons to the north and south. Hit them both, then return back to the western side by traversing the circle once again.

Once you're back on the other side, use the first three switches once again as you head south; when the path comes to a split once again, step on the button to the right this time, then go down to the platform and step on the button to the upper-left, allowing you to proceed. Move north to the next platform and step on the switch nearby to keep going north to another platform and fork. Head to the far north from here, and you should find a Duren-only locked chest with a Celcetan Panacea inside. Head south back to the fork and go east, hitting the last switch to the north, allowing you to continue on to the east and north to exit this forsaken area.

Head forward and read the tablet. Equip the Beast King's Claws and take out the urns to the left and right to let water fill up this area, then head north. Kill the enemies and note the doors here; these actually warp us around, so we'll guide you through where to go. Take the left path first, then go down the ramp to your left and check to the southeast for a chest with a Celcetan Flower inside. You will start to encounter the Totoankh enemy, which is similar to the other flying enemy, but fires orbs instead of laser beams. Anyway, head north through the door here, then climb up the ramp and take the northwestern path. At the fork here, go through the southern door to find a dead-end with a Skill Tablet, then go back and travel to the left and fight your way north. After a few platforms, you'll come to another chest with the Flash Bracelet accessory, which actually lets you heal with a successful Flash Guard!

Head back south and east, past the southern door and finally east at the split. Head southeast down the ramp, then go through the southeastern door at this fork. Open the chest to the southwest for a Roda Fruit, then the locked chest to the northeast for a Life Elixir. Return back to the fork and move northeast now. Stay on the path (skipping a door) and at the end of the path, fight your way to a chest with a Kaiser Potion. Head back now and go through that northwestern door we skipped. Head forward to a split, then head southwest when you can to find three treasure chests! Open them for some Strange Mass x15, a Diamond and finally Duren can claim a Berserker Armor +1. This is male-only armor that prioritizes strength over defense. Once you have those, head north and open the chest you run into for the powerful Apocalypse sword for Adol. Continue on to the monument; SAVE, then head forward to face a boss!

BOSS #16

Girguzalm, The Bronze Colossus

Recommended Level: 53

Girguzalm is the first guardian we will face. The first thing you should note is the solo HP bar. This boss will be much easier than most of the previous bosses we've been facing lately. Hey, at least he has those nifty shoulders that look like chameleons, right!?

To back that up, Girguzalm only has three moves in total: Boomerang Swords, a wind slash attack, and his rotating blade attack. See below for a more in-depth look at these moves. The biggest thing to note in this fight is to do whatever you can to NOT to get stuck in a corner, as you can easily eat several hits in a row and end up hurting afterward. The last worthy thing of note is that you can stun Girguzalm and lay into his core, although this isn't needed by any means to defeat him. Check out the moves below and lay this guardian low.

Here are Girguzalm's moves:

    • Girguzalm's most common ranged move is his wind slash. He will slam both of his swords down at you and produce two blades of wind that go screaming at you. He does this three times in a row. You have plenty of time to get out of the way though (or you should), so just dash back and forth to dodge this move.
    • Girguzalm's next move is his boomerang sword attack. He'll throw both swords out and have them return to him. You can actually stand in front of him and be safe... Well, not RIGHT in front of him, but a few feet away.
    • Girguzalm's toughest move has to be his rotating blades. In this move, he will extend his swords out and turn around quickly, creating a 360 degree whirlwind of death. He also moves towards you slowly while doing this move. If you get hit without guarding, you can expect multiple damaging hits to ensue. If you can, dash out of this move; you can also just guard through the damage, if you wish.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

One path down, two to go. Let's head up the middle path now to enter the silver path.

Iris: Silver Area

Head up the slope and you'll meet a new enemy called a Shehazask. These guys fire out shots that try to drag you in and hurt you, as well as hit you with a normal melee strike. Just blitz them to avoid the draw-in shot. Next up to the east is the Vezfes; this multi-faced creature will try to squash you, but not if you squash it first. Continue to the far east to find a chest with a Wind Crest in it. This is a key item for this area; use it on the monument to the south we passed to open the area up with a wind gust to the north!

Use the wind to head north and note the Vezfes gains a blow attack now that the wind is active. Head north and have Adol finish the living weapon here, and soon after you'll see a chest in some water with Blue Stone x10 in it. Continue to the northwest and follow the path to another monument. First, go west and use the gust of wind to go up a level, then fight the enemies you find. Duren can open a chest here for the Hero's Ring. Head back, then move northwest up the steep slope and open the two chests here with an Elysium in one (a weapon for Frieda) and a Healing Tablet in the other. Head back down the slope to the monument and use the Wind Crest again to stop the winds.

Head back to where the chest in the water was (at the fork to the southeast), then to the southeast platform. Kill the enemies here and claim the Rain Crest from the chest. Return to the monument once more, then choose to use the Rain Crest, which will raise the water. Head northwest again and use the water to continue, following the path to a fork. Head southeast first to find a group of treasure chests; open them for an Amethyst, a Healing Tablet, and finally the Valkyrie Dress +2, a Female-only armor that ups strength a bit. (I almost wish characters changed armor in this game now just to see if this would look like Valkyrie Profile or not!) Continue to the northwest to come to a monument. Use the Wind Crest here, then head north, killing the living weapons to find a chest with the Sun Crest in it. Head back down and use the newly-acquired Sun Crest to open the way forward.

Head southwest and kill the face (who shoots fireballs now) and check the chest for Red Stone x10. Head southeast now, ignoring the northeast path for a bit. Continue southeast and take the second northeast path to find a chest with a Hero's Cloak in it (an accessory that ups STR and DEF based on enemies defeated) and a Kaiser Potion. Head southwest now to a circular area and use the Wind Crest with the monument here. Now, head back northeast, northwest, and then northeast to the path we skipped to find a wind platform. Take it north to a chest with some Saintly Robes in it, then return to the monument we just found.

At the monument, use the Rain Crest and head southeast to get past the pool. Once you get up to the next level, you can use a platform to the left and descend down to the monument again. Do so, then use the Sun Crest, then head back up on the platform. Fight your way east and north, then use your Gale Shoes to get up the wall. Open the chest here for the Judgment knives for Karna. Continue to the north to activate a monument, then SAVE. The next boss is coming up; we highly recommend equipping the Hero's Ring before going into battle. Assuming your EXTRA skill is ready to go that is! You can always change it to something else after delivering the EXTRA blow. Anyway, here we go!


The Boss fight begins at 5:33 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #17

Zerivutz, The Silver Colossus

Recommended Level: 53

Zerivuts is similar to Girguzalm in physical appearance, only with bird faces instead of a chameleon. Also like Girguzalm, Zerivuts only has three moves in total. These moves include a powerful forked beam move (his most powerful move), a frontal energy sphere attack, and a side energy sphere attack.

You can REALLY cheese this attack if you wish. Two of Zerivutz's attacks are able to be endured (in other words, you can get hit by them and keep attacking). You can combine that fact with multi-hit skills to really lay into Zerivutz. This comes at the risk of getting hit by his beam attack (which hurts), but you can really stun him fast like this. Combine that with a Hero Ring enhanced EXTRA and you can often finish this boss off in one stun cycle.

Here are Zerivutz's moves:

    • Zerivutz's most dangerous move is a split beam attack. This move is so powerful that, as a rule, you want to stand off-center of the boss. When he does this move, he'll shoot a beam straight ahead (which should miss you if you are off-center) and to the sides. THEN the sides come inward. Stay still in the safe zone near the middle beam to remain safe.
    • Zerivutz's second move is kinda weird. He'll put his claws in front of him and shake them, making energy spheres come out. If you are far enough away you can avoid them as they spread out as they travel. If you are close, you are bound to take some damage though...
    • Zerivutz's final attack is similar to the frontal energy sphere one. This time, he'll put his hands to the side of the arena and cause shots to come inward. Again, only easy to avoid at range since they spread out.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

Two paths down! Time for the last path. Head down the right path and enter the golden area!

Iris: Golden Area

This area will have us rotating puzzles to create pathways. We also need to defeat rooms of enemies to unlock the exit. Fun, right? Leave this first one alone for now and head forward to kill the first enemy here: a Rudogodde. It looks like a bee / harpy hybrid and will fire projectiles at us. Take the first right here and follow the path to a chest with Purple Stone x10. Head back to the initial ring control panel and use it to make the MIDDLE ring rotate COUNTER-CLOCKWISE once, then move the INNER ring CLOCKWISE once. Now you can take the newly-formed middle path to the west, eventually reaching a rare Sun Stone. Head back to the panel now and rotate the OUTER panel COUNTER-CLOCKWISE once. This is just to get a chest with the Armageddon weapon in it for Calilica. Nice!


This Sun Stone is the last one in the game. Now would be an awesome time to use it and get someone their ultimate weapon. Don't forget!

Back to the panel now. The three paths in front of you should still be facing left, so with that in mind, turn the INNER ring CLOCKWISE once, and the OUTER ring COUNTER-CLOCKWISE one, with the result below.

Now you can go north and west to a new control panel, and more importantly, our first combat room. The enemies here are Nel-Plera, and will shoot at you with arrows. They also cause a ton of negative status effects, so get rid of them quickly. Launch area skills immediately to hurt them as a group, then wipe out the weaker ones first. Once you are done, you'll see that you've unlocked a lock to the exit.

Use the nearby control panel and move the INNER ring COUNTER-CLOCKWISE once. You can now take the upper path to a chest with some Black Stone x10. Head back to the console now and make the MIDDLE ring go COUNTER-CLOCKWISE twice and then the OUTER ring go CLOCKWISE three times, with the result below.

Follow that path to another control panel but more importantly a 2nd battle room. This one has four Nel-Situ in it; watch out for their area beam attacks and take them out to unlock the second seal. At the console, turn the OUTER ring CLOCKWISE once. This is so you can get to the nearby chest to the right for some Starlight Stone x10. Head back to the console now and let's turn the OUTER ring COUNTER-CLOCKWISE once, the MIDDLE ring COUNTER-CLOCKWISE three times, and the INNER ring CLOCKWISE twice, with the result below.

This should take you up and to the north quite a ways, leading to a chest at the end with a Valkyrie Dress +3 in it. Head back to the console now and turn the MIDDLE ring CLOCKWISE twice. This gets you to a new console at the exit door. Here, use the console and turn the INNER ring COUNTER-CLOCKWISE three times, the MIDDLE ring CLOCKWISE once, and the OUTER ring COUNTER-CLOCKWISE once, with the result below.

This opens the path to both of the final battle rooms, so go ahead and follow it, stopping off to the easternmost one first. This one has four Nel-Beever in it, fast little buggers that will be a pain. Area attacks work well enough, but they may be fast enough to dodge some. After they're disposed of, continue following the path as it moves south, west, then north into the final combat door. You'll find four Nel-Vesbye in here; they will poison you easily and tend to either charge you or spray webbing at you. Take them out to break the final seal.

With the seals broken, make your way back to the newly opened main gate to the far north. Open the chest for the Ragnarok weapon, an exceptional weapon for Ozma. Hit up the monument and SAVE. The final guardian is up next; once again, use the Hero's Ring on whoever is going to use the EXTRA gauge.


The Boss fight begins at 9:33 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #18

Bulaghoul, The Golden Colossus

Recommended Level: 53

Like the other two guardians, Bulaghoul is fairly simple. He has three moves in total and looks similar to his fellow guardians.

Bulaghoul's attacks consist of a forward clap with his hands that results in a large area attack, a move where he tosses his hands forward and does damage by grabbing you while drawing you forward (we can't make this stuff up...) and a ground attack that shoots out several fire waves, as you saw during his introduction. This fight is fairly straight forward and similar to the other two fights. Every attack is fairly powerful though, so rushing him is not recommended. You can still expect to kill him in about two stun cycles though, especially with an enhanced EXTRA attack. Check out his moves below and take down the final guardian!

Here are Blaghoul's moves:

    • Bulaghoul will clap his hands forward, causing a large area attack. This is telegraphed well ahead of time and is very easy to dash away from. Beware of his slight movement when he does this, and dash back in once he is done to continue damaging him.
    • Bulaghoul's second attack is rather odd. He will throw his hands forward at you; these hands go straight forward, so dodging to the left or right works nicely, but they are fairly fast. If they do catch you, expect to be hit multiple times and drug back to Bulaghoul.
    • Bulaghoul's last move is where he slaps the floor and sends out a ton of fire shockwaves. These shockwaves are fairly spread out, so getting hit by more than one is not very possible. They are rather slow and easy to dodge as well.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

Once you have all three guardians beat, head back to the central hub and save. You can now use the central warp point to head for the "Central Area", so do that to progress the story. Before going upward, check behind the warp point for the Berserker Armor +6.

PSN Trophies

As long as you were able to open every other chest in the game, you will obtain the Treasure Hunter Trophy when you open this final one.

Up ahead is a series of battles against some new enemies. The smaller ones are Zenoranpa, who will try to rush you and can shoot out projectiles from four directions. The bigger ones are Jadelos and they are STRONG. Beware of their axe attacks and frontal charges, as well as their beam attacks. This is an exceptional area to buff your levels if you are lacking, as the big guys give 11K+ experience. There is also a monument to the north you can heal at.

STOP! Beyond this monument is the POINT OF NO RETURN. Make sure that you've done everything in the game that you wanted to do, and make sure that you're properly stocked and ready to take on the final two bosses of the game. When you're ready, head north to begin the end.

Completion Percentages before the Final Bosses
Map Completion 100.0%
Chests Found 100.0%
Harvest Points 100.0%
Monster Compendium 94.8%

The Boss fight begins at 1:59 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #19

Akasha-Glyph, The False God of Causality
(with Kut-Shell, Blo-Shell, Shu-Shell, and Forberis)

Recommended Level: 55

Here we are at the penultimate boss of the game. Akasha has two forms, so let's go over both of them below.

The first form is not really a fight against Akasha (the central boss), but a fight to get to him. Notice his GREEN life bar (yes, he has three life bars). We are going to chip away at it and get to the second phase of the fight.

To do that, we need to destroy three glyphs surrounding Akasha. The three glyphs are colored red, yellow and green and represent the game's attack types (Red=Slash, Yellow=Strike, Green=Pierce). The glyphs themselves are weak to the color they represent, so for the extra edge, switch to different characters to take them out faster. Of course that is easier typed than done, as you have to avoid all of Akasha's attacks as you go after the glyphs. As a general rule, you want to focus on hit-and-run attacks to give yourself time to dodge everything you need to, but still take out the glyphs quickly. Check out the first form's attacks below and work on taking those glyphs out!

Once you take out the first form, Akasha will lower down quite a bit and begin his second phase. This phase is annoying, as you can only harm the boss when he slams his arms down on either side of you and exposes his chest, so when he does this, go all-out with all of the skills and offense you can muster. During the rest of the time, Akasha is invulnerable to attack, so focus on dodging his various attacks and killing off the column foes. Seriously, stay on the move and only attack the column if it is easy to do. Check out the second form's attacks below to prepare and put an end to this menace!

Here are Akasha-Glyph's moves in his first form:

    • The first move you'll likely notice (and will carry over to the second form) is the column ally that Akasha has. This column has its own health bar and will try to crush you. Yeah... it's kind of odd, but very effective at distracting you. It will sometimes try to crush you multiple times in a row, like some sort of serial-crusher. Take them out when you can to make life easier.
    • Akasha-Glyph will summon a large sword above you and drop it down. It's pretty easy to notice a giant sword being formed above you though, so dodge as soon as you can to stay safe.
    • His most common move is a set of spikes that Akasha will summon up near his head and send zooming down at you. These spikes start out at four, but will become more numerous as you start to really threaten Akasha-Glyph by destroying the glyphs protecting his first form. Try to get a Flash Move here to give yourself more time to destroy the glyphs.
    • Probably his most dangerous move in his first form is his gigantic fist attack. The ground below you will glow, and soon after, a giant fist will punch upward causing decent damage. More importantly, it will knock you down and subject you to column pounding and spike impaling, which just compounds the damage done.

Here are Akasha-Glyph's moves in his second form:

    • The column attack will continue on into this phase. Heck, as Akasha's HP gets lower, you will start to see two columns out and about. Twice the annoyance!
    • Akasha-Glyph will sweep his arm across the arena. This move is fairly fast and will likely nail you once or twice during the fight. Try to guard (or Flash Guard) it, or even dodge inward to avoid it.
    • If you thought one or two columns was bad, how about a dozen? Akasha will drop multiple columns down at you. This attack isn't very threatening though, as you can simply dash away to avoid it. Since he only does it when you can't hurt him, there's no reason not to be on the move anyway.
    • This final attack only occurs when Akasha-Glyph is vulnerable to attack (when he has his arms down). When he is in this state, he will shoot a blue beam down at the ground underneath you, and a second later, cause it to explode upwards. If you attack his chest in a hit-and-run manner, you can often dash away when this move activates and either stay safe or keep attacking. Not very threatening.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

PSN Trophies

You'll earn the The Darkling Ordeal Trophy after the battle.

After the battle, talk to your allies if you wish, then pick up the Mask of the Sun. After some dialog, head south and exit back to the Temple of the Sun. There's plenty of dialog afterward, as well as a few pitched battles between the dialog that you'll have to fight. Follow along between the fights and scenes, and you'll eventually get to the mountain with Duren and Frieda. Once you're there, just focus on climbing up the mountain and not on the shadows (though make sure to defeat a few for your bestiary). Equip the Beast King's Claws and tear through the rocks there, and wait for the blazes of fire from the wall to let up for a moment before trying to pass through (or just take the outside path, if applicable). Once you get to the top, you'll face the game's final boss:


The Boss fight begins at 17:37 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #20

Phantom Gruda, The Hollow Specter

Recommended Level: 56

We won't lie to you: this fight is fairly simple. Definitely a bit anti-climactic. Oh well...

You are controlling Adol alone of course, so here's hoping you have him in fighting shape. Gruda is fairly mobile and likes to dash around and guard occasionally, but he is really no match for you. His attacks aren't that threatening either. To top it all off, you have an entire inventory full of items to call upon so this fight will very likely be a breeze to you. Seriously, it is almost laughable.

Feel free to use items and lay into Gruda. Every single one of his attacks is blockable, and you can in fact slowly chip away at victory just by counter-attacking. That is far too boring though, so keep an eye on your health and lay into him to end this. Check out his moves below to see what you face and fight your way to victory!

Here are Phantom Gruda's moves:

    • Gruda's basic attack is a five-hit melee combo. This can do moderate damage if completely unguarded and sustained, but is very easy to dodge. Use a skill to counter this move and really punish him. If you're low on SP, try to Flash Guard for the critical hit bonus.
    • Gruda is fond of jumping high into the air and diving down at you. This does area damage, and once he has landed, shockwaves will shoot out from where he landed. These shockwaves are spread out and easy to dodge; either dash away from this or guard through it.
    • Gruda has a dash attack that he'll use at times to cover the distance between the two of you. Another easy attack to guard or Flash Guard.
    • When Gruda doesn't use his melee combo or dive attack, he will often do a spinning attack. This move is a 360 degree area attack, but you can just guard through it or dash away to remain safe.
    • Once his HP is below 50%, he will start to do his version of an EXTRA attack. He will charge in place for a while and punch forward. If he doesn't connect, nothing will happen. If he does connect, it will start a series of strikes on you, hitting you for around two dozen hits. Thankfully, you can guard through this whole attack and lose less than 200 health. Hey, we weren't lying when we said this was an easy fight! Finish him off already!

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

PSN Trophies

You'll earn the Monster Meister after defeating Gruda, assuming you were able to defeat one of every monster in Celceta.

After the battle, just head northeast and examine the ledge, choosing to finish the deed. Watch the events unfold, and you'll earn the final memory: The 'Adventurer'. Enjoy the ending that you deserve!

PSN Trophies

Upon completing the game, you'll earn the following Trophies: Memories Unfogged (for discovering all of Adol's Memories), and Adventurer (for completing the game).

And... that's all! Congrats on completing Ys: Memories of Celceta! But wait, there's more! Be sure to let the credits run all the way through, then SAVE YOUR CLEAR DATA at the end! Now you can check out New Game+ and Time Attack!

Completion Percentages
Map Completion 100.0%
Chests Found 100.0%
Harvest Points 100.0%
Monster Compendium 100.0%

PSN Trophies

If you want to earn a Platinum trophy, you'll need to beat the game once again on Nightmare mode, as well as several other things. Be sure to check the PSN Trophies section to see which ones you have left to accomplish!

New Game+ and Time Attack

New Game+

Once you've completed the game at least once, you'll be able to start a New Game, but with plenty of bonuses from your prior playthrough! To do this, just go to the main menu and choose Load Game, then select your clear data. Here's what you get to carry over:

  • You keep your level and statistics.
  • You keep all of your standard items and equipment.
  • You keep all of your skills and skill EXP.
  • You keep all of your bestiary entries.
  • All resource points and chests are still indicated on the map.
  • You keep almost ALL of your percentages present in your Journal's Records (minus the two mentioned below).
  • As stated above, but more specifically, you keep your Map %. Because of this, you can visit Governor General Griselda after you first meet her and reap all of the rewards if you managed to get 100% in your first playthrough.

A few things to note, though:

  • You do NOT keep your Treasure Chest %. ALL of the chests are reset, so you will have to open them again. However, they are on your map if you found them the first time.
  • You do NOT keep your Quest %. ALL of the quests are reset, and you will have to do them again.
  • You lose ALL of your Key Items.
  • You lose ALL of your Artifacts.
  • Bosses now have more HP and higher statistics than before.
  • New Game+ is the ONLY way to do everything in the game 100%. You MUST do the weapon quests in Selray differently than the first to be able to achieve 100% item completion.
Time Attack

You can face old bosses in Time Attack, or even complete a Boss Rush against the game's bosses all in a row, so be sure to check it out! If you load clear data and begin a new game, you can access Time Attack from the Memories Menu, allowing you to challenge bosses again.

If you're aiming to get the 4 Trophies for Time Attack, your best bet would be to start a New Game+ under Easy. Keep in mind that the party you have with you is the party you can use in the Time Attack and Boss Rush, so you'll want to wait until you have your preferred party. If you like a challenge, you can do it with Adol alone, but if you have to do it as soon as possible, it's recommended to at least proceed to the Casnia Mine so you have Duren with you as a backup.

Here's what you do have through the fights:

  • Your current party.
  • Your current SP gauge.
  • Your current EXTRA gauge.
  • Your current Skills.
  • Your current Accessories. (You can boost your low STR/DEF/HP by equipping accessories that boost those. Equipping a Wanderer's Cloak and a Hero's Cloak will make the first half of the bosses a joke.)
  • A set level, weapon, and armor, based on the boss.
  • 3 of each of the following items:
    • Honey Potion
    • Bitter Potion
    • Kaiser Potion
    • Roda Droplet
    • Celcetan Panacea

For the Boss Rush, you only have that set of items to last you through the whole series of battles, so use them wisely!?