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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

Colonia Artifact Laboratory

Gold [_] 10000G Minerals [_] Gold Ore x10
Consumables [_] Roda Fruit
[_] Guard Elixir Key Items [_] Sun Stone
[_] Life Elixir [_] Mask of the Moon
[_] Catholicon x3 Harvest Points [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
[_] Bitter Potion [_] Coal / Silver Ore
Swords [_] Rune Blade +9 [_] Coal / Starlight Stone
Gauntlets [_] Holy Glove +7 [_] Strange Mass / Red Stone
Accessories [_] Hermit's Scarf [_] Coal / Starlight Stone

Enemies [_] Galba-Deule 453100705241139100-
[_] Galba-Zera 47565390240140283-
[_] Pulgart 45473370446448262Strike
[_] Goras 45365232163131257-
[_] Denas 46928504262798275-
[_] Godenas 4816508163091568315-
[_] Pit-Bulb 46425301187329265Slash
[_] Uno-Bulb 4730903903011493291-
BOSS #14 [-!-] Sol-Galba 4710700748284607710-

You'll want to play as Adol for this dungeon, as you'll face living weapons throughout the entire thing, and you'll need his unique action to kill them. Straight to the north is an Iron Ore / Silver Ore deposit. Explore the room and head east to meet a Galba-Zera; note the Galba name, signifying that it's another living weapon, so have Adol ready. Other than that, it is pretty much cannon fodder; avoid its blast and kill it off. The next room has some normal enemies in it. The first is a sphere monster named Pulgart who is weak to strike attacks; he can do area attacks, shoot out two balls and can also charge up a powerful beam (be sure to kill it before the beam goes off, or get out of the way). The next foe is the Goras, a small floating monster who tries to spin at you; not a big threat at all. The exit to the north is a dead-end, but you can explore it if you wish.

Return back and head south and explore the circular room and then head northeast, fighting your way through a living weapon to an exit. You'll get a quick scene as you enter the new area. Fight your way onward, destroying the Coal / Silver Ore deposit along the way. Continue on to the next area and push forward until you see a scene. We'll now have Leeza as company! Don't worry about her though, she will recover any damage that she happens to take almost instantly. See, totally not an escort mission!

Continue on to the south and enter the next area. A new monster called a Denas will great you here, which is supposed to look like a grim reaper. Eh... kinda, I guess. Kill him off and continue on, killing another one and ravishing the nearby Coal / Starlight Stone deposit. Nearby is a vent you can use your Dwarf Bracelet to access; put it on and go in! The pathway leads you back to a normal area where you can go back to being big. Check the south nook for a Strange Mass / Red Stone deposit and head through the next exit. This leads down to a dead-end with monsters, but also treasure! Claim the Roda Fruit and the Guard Elixir here (with Duren's help), then head all the way back to the start of the dwarf tunnel.

Kill off the Denas and head south down the pathway as it winds north. There is a new monster here called a Pit-Bulb, which is weak to slash attacks (Adol can utterly destroy these things). There's also a locked chest with a Life Elixir; have Duren grab it, then head up the stairs to the next screen. Fight your way through this screen (another linear path) and kill the living weapon at the end, continuing to another screen. This next screen is very linear as well, so press on through. Continue north to a wide room and slaughter the enemies there. Try and focus on area attacks to really slaughter the Pit-Bulbs here, then collect from the nearby Coal / Starlight Stone deposit. Continue to the northwest and hit up the monument, then kill the living weapons past it. Head north first to find a chest with a Hermit's Scarf in it, which lets you obtain experience while walking. Head south now and kill off the rest of the living weapons, then fight your way west down the hallways to the next area.

Continue forward and soon you'll come to a split in the path, with one path leading north and another east. Head north first, as it leads to a dead-end. You'll find a new enemy here: the Uno-Bolb. This is actually what results when several Pit-Bulbs merge. This thing will cause area of effect poison and can shoot pink blobs at you that stay on the ground for a bit. It has a jump attack as well, but is fairly easy to take out. Do so, then check the treasure chests here for some Gold Ore x10, a Rune Blade +9, and 10000G. Head back and take the eastern path now, which leads down to a wide area with a ton of Pit-Bulbs. Take them out before they try to merge or something, then inspect the lattice nearby to open up a path for your Dwarf Bracelet. Head in, and you'll see a split in the path giving you the choice between an upper and lower path. Take the upper path first, as it leads to a chest and nothing else. Have Duren open it for a Sun Stone which will be used to forge ancient weapons. Head back through the dwarf tunnel now and take the lower path.

You'll be at a split soon, but be sure to take the southeast path first. Fight your way forward to a large area to the east. Kill the enemies here and then you'll be free to loot the three treasure chests for some Catholicon x3, a Holy Glove +7 for Duren, and finally a Bitter Potion. Head back west to just outside the Dwarf Tunnel now and head north. Follow this path to the next area and keep going. At the circular path, explore both routes and keep heading north. You'll encounter another wall-mounted living weapon here; take him out just like the guardian of these ruins to open the way forward. Head in and travel to the large open area to the northeast. Search around the southeast for a button to connect the nearby bridge, which opens this area up to the beginning of the ruins. Head forward to the monument and save if you wish, as a boss fight is coming up. Head north to see for yourself!


The Boss fight begins at 3:09 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #14

Sol-Galba , The Muddled Galbalan

Recommended Level: 47

Sol-Galba, round two! He actually retains a lot of his previous moves from the first fight, but of course his stats have been enhanced. He also adds in a handful of new moves, just to keep you on your toes. Returning moves include his hand smash, which will place lines on the arena for you to dodge (again, go slow to avoid them easier), his shockwave move that is designed to push you back, and his fire spit that breaks up into smaller fire balls that chase you. These fireballs hit much harder now, so be careful.

As far as new moves go, one of the most annoying is a blinding light move that will daze you. This by itself is no big deal, but Sol-Galba will often follow up with a ground punch move and nail you with it. You CAN guard the flash move, but it requires a Flash Guard. Sol-Galba will also take off in the air and come crashing down a small while later. You can use his shadow to see where he's coming down at. When he lands, there'll be some area damage to avoid; the range is quite impressive, so be ready. Small bolts of energy will also shoot out from him in the four cardinal directions (relative to him, of course), so be careful of that as well.

His next new move is a simple tail sweep that sweeps around 360 degrees. If you are close to him when he does this, you may as well just guard, as your dash won't cover the distance to safety. If not, dash away. Finally, Sol-Galba has one last powerful move where he will get down and charge up a shot near his mouth for a bit, then release it at you. This powerful shot can be dodged at the last second to avoid damage, but does deal heavy damage if it hits. It is easier to dodge than previous bosses charge attacks though, so you should be okay.

With all those moves covered, let's talk about how you hurt Sol-Galba. You'll probably notice that each of its feet and hands have health bars. Focus on the feet first to (eventually) get him on his hands, but save your SP. Once he is on his hands, hit them with a powerful SP attack and finish them both off. After that, the beast will be stunned for a time and fall flat on its face. THIS is the time to actually chip away at Sol-Galba's health bar. Lay into him hard and you should knock off around 33% of his life bar (give or take). He will recover soon, and you'll have to start back from square one, meaning that you'll have to go through roughly three cycles of knocking him down before this beast is finished (again, more or less). Check out his moves below and pacify this dangerous creature.

Here are Sol-Galba's moves:

    • It will smash its hands against the floor and cause lines to appear. Milliseconds later, anything touching the line will be hurt. This is one of those rare times when walking SLOWLY during an attack can save you, as you don't want to run into a line.
    • Sol-Galba will spit fire at someone. This in and of itself is really easy to dodge (the fire is fairly slow), but several smaller fireballs will break off and home in on nearby allies. Dash away to stay safe as the homing ability doesn't last long. The fire itself is powered up of course, so be sure to avoid it.
    • Another returning move sees Sol-Galba raising his wings and producing a shockwave, knocking everyone back. Again, this is his "get away from me" move. He actually uses it a lot less often in this fight.
    • One of his new moves is a 360 degree tail sweep. This is a powerful ability with quite a large hit radius. If you are close to him, it is best to guard to mitigate damage. If you are a bit away, you can likely just dodge away from him to avoid damage.
    • Sol-Galba's most annoying move is a blinding flash of light. You'll see this coming as the screen's light changes when he is about to do it, but unless you Flash Guard it at the exact second he does the attack, you are going to get dazed. This move doesn't really stop at the daze though, as Sol-Galba will very likely (as in almost guaranteed) follow up the attack with his ground punch attack, hitting you with a line of energy and punishing you for not perfectly guarding.
    • Another new attack sees Sol-Galba finally taking flight. Follow his shadow when he does, as he is about to come smashing down causing area damage all around him. Fairly easy to dodge thanks to the shadow. It's worth noting that once he lands, small energy beams will shoot out in all four cardinal directions (centered on him: north, south, east and west), so be sure not to approach him from those directions to stay safe.
    • His final attack (or at least the attack you'll see once he starts getting low on health) has Sol-Galba charging up a beam shot out of his mouth and firing it at you. As you can expect, this does heavy damage if it hits, but by getting on the other end of the screen and dodging to the side as soon as you see him release it, you will be able to dodge it. It lasts a while though, so you won't be able to hurt him until it is done. Be sure not to dodge yourself into a corner.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After the fight, enjoy the dialog as the game lays a few revealing bombshells on you. You'll gain the Mask of the Moon during the dialog. Hurrah!

Next, we head on to the Temple of the Sun. Be sure that you save and that you're properly equipped and ready, as we have a boss fight coming up. Make haste!

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 97.8%
Chests Found 79.4%
Harvest Points 97.5%
Monster Compendium 80.0%

Temple of the Sun

BOSS #15 [-!-] Eldeel 4827700683327654590-

To get to this area, head out to Elduke (which is easy after warping to Roos' Nest) and you'll see a scene as soon as you do. After all of the dialog ends, you'll be in the temple.

PSN Trophies

You will obtain the Beyond Lies Your Goal Trophy upon opening the temple doors.

SAVE FIRST, if you haven't already! When you're ready, make your approach and take on... well... god.


The Boss fight begins at 1:57 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #15

Eldeel, The Black-Winged God

Recommended Level: 48

Here we are, finally facing off with Eldeel's dark persona. You'd think this would be a truly hard fight, perhaps even the final boss, but not so much. Eldeel has a number of element-enhanced attacks, and the vast majority of these attacks have some form of area-of-effect to them, so dodging is of the utmost importance here.

Let's start with the basics. Eldeel will summon giant water bubbles to slowly approach you in two sets of three; dash away from them to stay safe. His next attack is a series of homing fireballs that will try to hit you one after another, two sets in total. Again, staying on the move will keep you safe completely. Next up is a lightning sweep with his spear that will sweep 360 degrees around him. You should be able to dash away just in time and remain safe (or even get a Flash Move, in which case go back in and lay on the damage). His fourth basic move also involves his lightning spear (Eldeel really does prefer lightning). He will thrust his spear at you, which in itself is easy to dodge, but when he does it, several (around four) lightning spheres will appear out from the tip and travel around randomly for a short period of time. If you can get behind him or to his sides, you can easily evade them (your AI partners will often eat these).

Those are only his basic moves. However, once you get his health down to about 50%, you will see a scene where Eldeel will automatically use what is likely his most dangerous move: the lightning rod. Eldeel will charge up his spear for a bit, then it will disappear. A second later it will appear right where you are as lightning strikes it and causes damage to anyone within its radius while drawing you in. The secret here is to start running away from your current spot as soon as the spear disappears / finishes charging. With a sustained dash, you can remain safe from this attack entirely.

His last two moves come after you've seen the lightning rod for the first time and are rather tricky. The first isn't too bad... Eldeel will charge up a green sphere and throw it at the ground. These spheres aren't meant to hurt you; they are meant to hit the ground and cause green lines to appear. Once they do that, whirlwinds will travel down the lines and attempt to hit you. Much like the lines in the Sol-Galba attack, if you slow down and walk, you'll be much safer. The final attack is his worst; his earth buster attack. Eldeel will cause ripples to appear on the ground; these ripples will chase you while causing earth spikes to spring up one after another. Very tricky to dodge, but start dashing away as soon as you see this and change directions. He will do this twice in a row, just like most of his elemental attacks.

And that's all there is to fighting Eldeel. Other than knowing his moves, you have a massive HP bar to eat through, so be ready for a long fight. It is also worth noting that Eldeel can dash and move about very quickly, so try to stick to quick-acting skills to save yourself SP and ensure you connect. Check out his moves below and take on the Black-Winged God.

Here are his moves:

    • The first of his basic attacks is a set of three water balls that will travel slowly at you. Very easy to dash away from, but if you do get hit, you will often get juggled by them and take multiple hits. He does two sets of water balls in total.
    • The second of his basic attacks is a string of fireballs hurling at you one after another. If you stay on the move, you can dodge these with ease. Like the water bubbles, if one does hit you, all of the subsequent ones likely will as well, leading to multiple hits. He does two sets of fireballs.
    • Eldeel's third basic attack is a simple sweep of his lighting-infused spear. This is a 360 degree move, so be ready no matter where you are! Dashing away from it can often net you a Flash Move, so be sure to capitalize on that when it happens.
    • Eldeel's fourth basic move is his lightning spear thrust. The thrust itself is easy to dodge as you'd imagine, but be careful of the lightning spheres that appear afterward. They will appear in front of Eldeel and can move randomly about, so be sure to get to his side or back to be safe.
    • Once you have his HP down to 50%, you'll see his lightning rod ability. Eldeel will charge up his spear, and after a few seconds, it will disappear. It will then reappear wherever you are standing and not only try and suck you in, but also shock you with waves of lightning. You can dash away as soon as the spear appears, but keep on dashing to remain safe. You may very will die if you are unable to dash away in time.
    • After his health gets below 50%, Eldeel will also use a green sphere attack that causes green lines to appear on the ground. Whirlwinds will appear after the lines show up and travel down them. You can of course stay out of the way of the lines and remain safe.
    • For his last move, Eldeel will cause ripples to appear on the ground and chase you. These ripples will cause spikes of earth to appear underneath you if they catch up with you. Run away as soon as you see this attack to stay ahead of it and give yourself a chance to dodge it. Eldeel will send out two waves of ripples in total at you.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

Enjoy the dialog after the fight, as Eldeel opens up the way forward for us.

Now... We're supposed to head to the final dungeon, Iris, to advance the story and finish the game. Instead, we have many things that need wrapping up, so let's get started with that.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 98.0%
Chests Found 79.4%
Harvest Points 97.5%
Monster Compendium 80.6%

Final Quests, 100% Map Completion, & the Super-Boss, Foria-Daros

Gold [_] 20000G Consumables [_] Celcetan Panacea
[_] 25000G Artifacts [_] Ares Seal
[_] 25000G Minerals [_] Gold Ore x18
[_] 25000G [_] Onyx x3
[_] 20000G [_] Gold Pedestal Replica
[_] 100000G Harvest Points [_] Strange Mass / Green Stone
Accessories [_] Marl Wreath [_] Strange Mass / Yellow Stone
[_] Yupel Wreath [_] Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom
[_] Libra Wreath [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Celcetan Wreath [_] Coal / Strange Mass
[_] Bloodstained Magatama [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Holy Knight's Magatama [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Skill Ring III Key Items [_] Sun Stone
[_] Hero's Ring

Enemies [_] Olrabadi 559820769348314910-
[_] Complerra 20225139873889-
[_] Compragov 558590838461213030-
[_] Vandaroper 5512100858396382880-
[_] Golden Pikkard 3024243212051406210000-
SUPER-BOSS [-!-] Foria-Daros 593480011483743530160-

We're finally at the end of the game, so it's time to wrap everything else up first, including quests and all the optional goodies. Like before, some are missable, so you'll want to (at the very least) get those done now.

Sub-Quest: Mouse's Information - (Missable!)

Head back to Casnan and go see Mouse. This time the info will be about the commander Griselda.

You will obtain the Heard It All PSN Trophy after completing this mission! Congrats on getting one of the harder trophies.

Quest: The Ultimate Purifier

Casnan: Find the quest on the bulletin board, then talk to Mucho. He will ask for a Roda Leaf from us. You very likely have one already, asthere was one in the Lake Tolmes Ruins. If not, you can head to the Roos' Nest and get one for 30 Fresh Leaves.

Hand it over and Mucho will make up his new drink. You'll get a chance to have one of your party members drink it soon. Whoever drinks it gains +300 HP, so choose your favorite!

REWARD: 20000G, HP +300 for a character of your choice

Quest: Fruit Bat in the Dark

Casnan: Talk to Luluca after seeing this quest, then head down into the mines. This beast is in the depths where we found the first boss... and is just as big! This has to be the nastiest fruit bat I've ever seen! Look at that club tail!

This thing is a bit tough, but very beatable! Just watch out for its landings, as they will stun you. Its scream attack will stun too, so stay on the move and lay into it when you can.

Once you beat it, return to Luluca for your reward.

REWARD: 25000G

Quest: The Wandering Chick

Comodo: Another one! Check the quest board, then go talk to Shaman Pippi again to learn the third chick is now missing! Great... Except this one has LEFT the village. He will be in one of two places just outside of the village:

1) Head directly south of the stone monument. Once you reach the harvest point here, you should see the brown chicken to the south by the cliff. Carefully approach Tsukune; he'll often just be looking off to the left, so you can grab him easily.

2) Even further south than the first point, but still on the same screen. Follow along the western edge as you go south, and you should come to a stopping point where Tsukune and an open chest will be below you to the south. He is once again looking off to the left, so approach carefully.

Once you nab him, return him to Pippi for your reward.

REWARD: Gold Ore x18

Sub-Quest: Zara's Tickling - (Missable!)

Selray: We can hit up another tickle session now, so be sure you head to Selray and go see Zara about some tickling! TICKLE HEAVEN!

Sub-Quest: Zara's Tickling - (Missable!)

Selray: THAT IS RIGHT! You can get a SECOND tickle session right now! In fact, we highly recommend it as this is the FINAL TICKLE SESSION! I thought it'd never end!

You will obtain the Tickled Pink PSN trophy after completing the two tickle sessions.

Quest: Happy Present

Selray: This time, we'll need to help out Rilche. Check out the quest on the board, then go outside and head north up the bridge.

Talk to Rilche and she'll say she wants three flowers for some wreaths, but there is a catch here! We can choose what type of flowers to give her, but to get the maximum reward (which includes some unique items), we have to give her 3 Marl Flowers, 3 Yupel Flowers, 3 Libra Flowers and 3 Celcetan Flowers! You may or may not have these already. If you don't have any of them, head to Roos' Nest and exchange until you do. You can make all of these from their lower tiers (Marl > Yupel > Libra > Celcetan) so gather Fresh Leaves if you must and you'll get these soon enough.

Talk to Rilche once you have them and choose to give her three of each variety. Enjoy the scenes and rewards afterward.

REWARD: Marl Wreath, Yupel Wreath, Libra Wreath and Celcetan Wreath.

Quest: Legendary Weapon

Selray: This one involves the blacksmith Syriu, and is quite honestly the best quest in the game. Why? Well, because you get the best weapons and armor in the game from it!

This quest is actually quite involved since it requires a very rare item. The item is so rare that there are only three in the entire game. Yep, this item is the Sun Stone! There are actually three in the game, but we only really need one to "complete" this quest.

However, that being said, you likely already have a Sun Stone. If that is the case, you can go ahead and give this to Syriu and technically complete the quest. Let's go through where each Sun Stone is!

1. This is located in the Colonia Artifact Laboratory. This is likely the one you already have. If you don't, visit that section and go get it already!

2. This item is located in the Forest of Dawn: East. We actually pick it up soon; look after this quest block section as we explore some sealed areas in the Forest of Dawn: East and pick up this second Sun Stone.

3. This last Sun Stone is in the final dungeon of the game, so to get it you will have to wait a while. It is in the "Iris: Golden Area". We'll leave a note for you once you get to it.

That's all of them! Be sure to check the notes below!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This quest is devious. With only three Sun Stones in the game, you can only get three of the ultimate weapons and armors for your party. This means that to complete your inventory, you must play through the game twice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on your second playthrough, be SURE that you are getting the three weapons you did not pick the first time through! We would hate for you to waste a playthrough on such a silly thing!

Quest: Cries from the Abyss

Highland: Check it out on the bulletin board, then go talk to Cordelia and Mr. Tiddles out near the entrance to Highland. They'll, um... play around with us for a bit before getting to the point: a monster extermination in the Underground Ruins.

The easiest way to get to this beast is from the monolith at the Underground Ruins: End. He isn't too tough at this stage in the game, but bring potions just in case. From the monument, just move forward to see the beast, Compragov, and his minions! They are taken by surprise!

Kill off the minions first, then focus on Compragov, as he won't re-summon minions. Compragov has a hard-hitting slash, but it takes a while to wind up, so you have FOREVER to get out of the way. He is also fond of dashing himself. In addition, he can shout and stun anyone near him, throw a phial and do fire damage and finally hit the ground and send a homing strike at you. Fairly easy-to-dodge stuff (except for the shout... he does that one very fast). Still, at this stage in the game, you are more than a match for him. Unleash those skills and take him down!

Report back to Cordelia and Mr. Tiddles to report your success. Myaoo!

REWARD: 25000G

Quest: Rabbit Hunting

Danan: Go check the board in the library out for the new quests. Oh man... seems like Rabbit is missing! Head over to the item shop and talk to Pigeon, who will try to tell you his life story before giving you the quest. You'll also get a dialog choice (it doesn't matter what you pick; he doesn't help) and we'll be off to go search for Rabbit.

Since you have this handy guide, finding Rabbit is a cinch! To find Rabbit, warp to the Ashen Forest: Outskirts warp point and make your way to Frog's Inn. Yep, she is in there! Head inside and enjoy the scenes, picking whichever dialog choice you wish until Rabbit, well... runs off again.

Head back to Danan now and go see Pigeon in the item shop. Ugh, are you kidding me Rabbit?! Bah, okay, out we go again! This time, warp to the Forest of Spores warp point and head south to the camp. You'll find Rabbit yet again. Pick whichever dialog you wish, then enjoy the rest of the automated scenes. Aww...

REWARD: 25000G

Quest: Resentful Spirit

Danan: Go talk to the man in the library, up the left set of stairs. He'll end up handing you a Bloodstained Magatama and asks that you purify it out in the Ashen Forest. Sounds like fun, right?

Check out the map now and you'll see the quest flag in the Ashen Forest. Make your way to that screen. Once you are there, head to the north and have Frieda freeze the path leading to the left. Over there is where the armor is, and is where we will be leading the soul to.

After that, head to the very south and be sure to equip that Magatama you were given. To the south, you'll see a soul floating around; with the Magatama equipped, it will follow you. Lead it up to the north now (make sure it is following you) and over to the armor. Time for a fight!

This beast is called Vandaroper, and is a tough fight. Not quite boss-tough, but he's the hardest non-boss enemy you've faced up to now. He absolutely loves area attacks and can hit fairly hard, so focus on a hit-and-run offense. At range, he will either send a wave at you (which does low damage) or slice at you once and then do an area attack.

All of those attacks are very easy to dodge, but Vandaroper has one last trick up his sleeve; he will sink down into the earth, then pop up a while later. If you get hit when he pops up, it will devastate you or even downright kill you if you aren't at full health (or close to full health). However, he telegraphs where he is going to pop up every time, so stay away and you'll be safe!

Once you've defeated him, return to the quest-giver for your two rewards down below!

REWARD: Holy Knight's Magatama, 20000G

You will obtain the Philanthropist PSN trophy after completing this last quest, as it is the last quest in the game!

Now that we finally have all of the quests out of the way, let's work on completing our item collection! By now, you should have all of the following:

  • Consumables: 17/17 (100%)
  • Artifacts: 14/16 (#8 and #16 should be empty.)
  • Character Weapons: You should have all EXCEPT 2-4 weapons for each character (depending on if you chose him/her in the Weapon quests in Selray.)
  • Armor: 11/16 (#12-#16 should be empty, unless you used a Sun Stone, then 12/16, and either #15/#16 will be full.)
  • Accessories: 54/55 (#51 should be empty.)
  • Minerals: 23/23 (100%)
  • Plant Materials: 16/16 (100%)
  • Beast Materials: 35/35 (100%)
  • Key Items: 16/20 (#11, #15, #16, and #17 should be empty.)

If you need help finding out which items you need, visit the Appendices and take a look; it'll tell you where to obtain each and every one. You should be able to buy, craft, or discover everything needed to fill out the items listed above.

NOW... With all of that done... We can finish exploring the rest of the Great Forest, bringing our Map % up to 100%. By doing so, we will also encounter the toughest enemy in the game, Foria-Daros.

We highly recommend reading ahead and also bringing in a TON of healing items. Seriously, 50 Bitter Potions isn't exaggerating, and a healthy supply of Roda Droplets can't hurt either. Also... it is worth noting that beating this foe doesn't really reward you anything... You can get the chest in this area without defeating this enemy, as long as you can get Duren to it quickly and not get hit for a few seconds.

If you're below level 50, it's recommended that you go back to the final areas of the Colonia Artifact Laboratory and grind for a while. The higher level you are, the better.

When you're ready, teleport to the Forest of Dawn: East, the very first stone monument you encountered in the Forest of Dawn, right beside the one on the Beast Plains. You'll need your Beast King's Claws to find these extra areas.

Forest of Dawn: East

Head east from the monolith to the next area, then follow the path until you wind up on the southern side of a body of water, at a fork. You can either go south or north; head south first, following the long path down here until you come across a set of barriers that we found way at the beginning of the game. Use the Beast King's Claws to shatter these, then proceed north to the next area.

This place is just full of treasure and is monster-free! Head up the right edge and have Duren open up the treasure for Onyx x3. Just to the north are two resource points with Strange Mass / Green Stone and Strange Mass / Yellow Stone. Head to the left now and before going upstairs, nab the Gold Pedestal Replica in the cubby to the left. Head up now and grab the Sun Stone from the chest. One of only three in the game and part of the Legendary Weapon quest! (Bringing your total to two now!)

Just to the south of the chest is a Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom resource and further south is a Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower resource. That's all for here, so head back to the previous area.


It's STRONGLY recommended to go forge your 2nd legendary weapon / armor now in Selray for another of your party members before squaring off with Foria-Daros.

This time, head north at this fork you'll come to another fork with barriers and an exit to the east; exit to the east. We've been here before, but in the northern part of this area, there is a barrier we can now break to reach a chest with a Skill Ring III. After grabbing it, head back to the previous screen and break the barriers up here to exit to another area. To the right is a Coal / Strange Mass resource, and up north a bit further is a chest with a Celcetan Panacea.

Now... SAVE! With all that taken care of, head north when you're ready. Allow me to introduce you to Celceta's resident nightmare: Foria-Daros.


Foria-Daros, The Holy Beast

Recommended Level: 52+

Make sure to bring a TON of Bitter Potions! The game doesn't consider Foria-Daros to be a boss, but since it is harder than ANYTHING else out there, we are here for you!

Foria-Daros hits HARD. Super hard. So guarding and dashing in this fight is a MUST. Be sure to read those moves below to know what you should expect.

An important note is knowing that you can actually get away from Foria-Daros (the Gale Shoes help). As long as you don't leave the area, Foria-Daros won't regain HP. You can use this knowledge to run away and recover HP naturally. Be careful when you do though, as Foria-Daros will use its long-range purple lightning attack when you get away from it. Honestly though, that's inefficient; again, make sure to bring a ton of Bitter Potions!

Guard well, know its moves and heal smartly. Try to use long-range special attacks when you can (Aura Fencer is nice). Equip something that will prevent Paralysis. If you need to, be cheap and run away to heal up and regain SP from the easy monsters. Abuse health items. Whatever it takes!

Here are Foria-Daros' moves:

    • Its basic "attack" is jumping around. Just doing this alone is dangerous! Each bounce sends an area attack out that doesn't hit very hard. Once it jumps away, a flower will bloom and shortly explode afterward. This attack is best to dash away from.
    • Foria-Daros will charge up BLUE lightning (the color is important!) and after a short time will shoot electricity at you. This blue lightning spreads out after it is shot. If you can, dash around it. If not, guard against it.
    • Also be on the look-out for PURPLE lightning. This is perhaps the attack that will kill you... the most. Foria-Daros will charge up purple lightning and shoot it out. It has a LONG range and a slight homing design to it. Being at short range is devastating but the attack also sends lines along the ground that will hurt you if you get caught in them.
    • The most devastating attack comes when Foria-Daros jumps up HIGH. It will attempt to land on you afterward and will then shoot out an earth attack that, if it catches you, shoots spires up. You can out-run this attack by dashing away.

After defeating the beast, have Duren check the chest for a Hero's Ring. There are also Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower and Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower resources on either side of this upper area.

Wow! Fun, huh? Keep in mind that you can come back and take him on again if you wish! If you beat him 4 times (twice with each set of 3 party members), you should be able to max out at Level 60!

Beating Foria-Daros & 100% Map Completion

By defeating that beast, as well as exploring these two hidden areas, you should now have brought both your Harvest Point % and your Map % to 100%, earning you three trophies overall: the Lord of the Jungle trophy, the Stupendous Scavenger trophy, and the Master Cartographer trophies. But by doing so, you can also earn a couple goodies from Griselda!

Griselda's Map Rewards: Visit Governor General Griselda one last time; with 100% map completion, she will give you the Ares Seal, as well as 100000G! Make sure to unleash the Ares Seal in Highland!

Golden Pikkard

Oh yeah, don't forget about the Golden Pikkard, that cute little rascal that runs randomly around the Forest of Dawn! The place I've found him most is as the Forest of Dawn: Sunlit Ruins (just travel northeast from the Forest of Dawn: Stream monolith.) He appears to appear more frequently during the night, but I have also encountered him during the day.

The easiest way to approach him is to equip the Sacred Beast Collar, then enter / search / exit / re-enter the Sunlit Ruins repeatedly. Once you see him, approach him, then switch back to human form and QUICKLY unleash your EXTRA skill on him to take him out. Make sure to find and defeat him at least once before moving on to Iris!

You'll earn the Gold Hunter trophy for defeating one of them.

(If you want to farm them for EXP and Gold, just rest in a tent to restore your EXTRA gauge, then return and repeat.)

Now that we are done with that, it is time to proceed to Iris and finish what we started.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 100.0%
Chests Found 82.1%
Harvest Points 100.0%
Monster Compendium 83.8%