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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

Colonia Battlefield

Consumables [_] Bitter Potion Harvest Points [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
Accessories [_] Power Ring IV [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] Sage's Diadem [_] Coal / Silver Ore
Minerals [_] Gold Ore x10 [_] Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom
Harvest Points [_] Iron Ore / Cracked Shell [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Marl Flower / Chito Nut [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] Coal / Strange Mass [_] Silver Ore / Gold Ore

Enemies [_] Compleras 4148629520474236-
[_] Pogarov 4321105773011161251-
[_] Galba-Deule 453100705241139100-

Ah, an ancient battlefield! With amazing music provided once again by Sound Team JDK!

Head east and fight the new fodder enemy here: the Compleras. These human-ish monsters fire arrows at you, and some of the shots may stay on the ground for a while, so be careful. To the lower right is a Iron Ore / Cracked Shell harvest point, so reap the rewards, then continue north to a path split. Head northeast first, checking out the harvest point to the north with Iron Ore / Silver Ore. Now, to your left and right are two slopes heading upwards. Explore both of them, as they make a circle. You'll find a new enemy as you do so: a giant pig-thing named Pogarov. This giant beast hits HARD, and can do 200-300 damage easily so avoid his large hits by any means possible. He can also spew a poison breath that will stun you for a short period of time (which may result in a devastating follow-up hit). Multi-hit skills will punish these foes immensely (leading to easy stuns), so try out skills like Water Sphere (Ozma) and Gravity Sphere (Calilica) on them.

As you explore this circular path, you will surely notice the exit leading to the north; ignore it for just a moment and head east/southeast down the slope, continuing on the main path to the southeast. You'll fight more enemies here and find a Marl Flower / Chito Nut harvest point to the east before following the path further along. STOP! You should come to another stone monument. Go ahead and check it out so you can warp to it, but proceed no further, as you are now at the entrance to Elduke, the Ruined Capital. There is still plenty of the Colonia Battlefield to explore, so head back west and exit via the northwest path we skipped just moments ago.

Head north and defeat the enemies up there (your allies are going to charge them anyway...) and claim the nearby Coal / Strange Mass deposit. To the west is a dead-end, so let's go explore it first. Slightly to the southwest is a Iron Ore / Silver Ore deposit, and further southwest is another with Coal / Silver Ore, near the south wall of a hill to your northwest. From there, head due south; there is a slope leading down to a small area with enemies, another Coal / Silver Ore deposit, and a chest with Gold Ore x10 in it. Continue west now, heading north along the western wall when you can (in the name of exploration, of course.) In the northwestern corner, you will find a Power Ring IV in a chest. Head east back toward the entrance.

Time to explore to the east and north! Head northeast and you'll see a path to the south and a path to the north. Head south first to another dead-end with quite a few enemies. Be sure to check the north cubby for a Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom harvest point. You can also find a Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower harvest point to the southwest and another Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower harvest point to the east across from the last one. Be sure to pause every now and then to heal up from any big hits the Pogarov may get in!

Head back to the path split and head north. There are two big enemies blocking your path, so be careful. Head up the slope to the northeast to fight some cannon fodder, and you'll find a Coal / Silver Ore deposit and a chest with the Sage's Diadem in it. This accessory actually grants you more EXP on kills, so use it if you wish to get that little bump. Head southwest now, killing the enemies you find and gathering up the Silver Ore / Gold Ore from the deposit in your path. Continue to the west and you'll reach a chest with a Bitter Potion in it. To the north is an exit, so head through it.

Here you'll be in one last dead-end (for now). Activate the monolith nearby and then attack the creature stuck to the door to the north (Galba-Deule, the Abandoned Warrior). While it is undeniably strong, it has a small HP pool and will melt under your attacks. Unfortunately for you, this beast is impervious to your attacks and cannot truly be killed: you'll see a small cut-scene after beating it for the first time. Retreat!

That's it for the battlefield, so go ahead and warp back to the entrance to Elduke, entering the city once you're there.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 89.1%
Chests Found 61.1%
Harvest Points 87.4%
Monster Compendium 63.8%

Elduke, the Ruined Capital / Roos' Nest

Gold [_] 5000G Minerals [_] Emerald x2
[_] 15000G [_] Topaz x2
[_] 15000G [_] Ruby x2
Artifacts [_] Sacred Beast Collar [_] Sapphire x2
Accessories [_] Life Ring IV [_] Amethyst x2
Memories [_] Queen Rabbit [_] Onyx x2
[_] Diamond x2

Enemies [_] Ribbi 355252311375410Slash
[_] Ribbi-Magus 469670685328179130-
[_] Vesbilzon 305622521154630-


PSN Trophies

You will obtain the Lost Kingdom upon entering Elduke.

Once you get here, you'll see a cut-scene. Masked soldiers are in the area, so we have to be careful (although if you do approach them, the game will just warn you and let you go...). Head south to see another scene, then head north. Note the small stairs off to the right as you head up. Once you get to the top, try to interact with the door to set off a ton of dialog.

Well... we better start looking for a way in. First, explore the area up here for Map %, as well as the area right below you with the stairs leading up to it. Afterward, head south back to the ground to see an animal scamper off. It's a roo! Go ahead and follow it (the game won't let you do anything else) into the next section of the game.

Roos' Nest

After some initial dialog you'll be free to explore. Be sure to go visit the nearby shop for weapon and armor upgrades. Be sure to exchange items here, as you can obtain several new/rare items this way (Celcetan Flower, Roda Fruit and the Roda Leaf come to mind). Continue on through the village to meet the Elder Roo, who you can actually talk normally to! There will be quite a bit of dialog here, but you'll learn what you need to do next: search for the Mask of the Moon. That means heading to Mount Vesuvio and the Lake Tolmes Ruins. He'll also tell you about a collar you can use to talk to the young ones. Neat!

Let's go get that collar. Head out of the village to Elduke and take a left. You'll see an area just to the southeast of the "cross" (if you look at the map) that has a chest. Open it for the Sacred Beast Collar. Easy! (With this equipped, not only can you talk to Roos, but monsters won't attack you when it's equipped.) While you're out here, make sure that you've explored all of Elduke that you can for Map %. It should put you over 90%. To the far southeast of the area, you should be able to extend the bridge to an area of the Ashen Forest that we saw before, with the cool building in the background and the beastly Madogra-Slef. Yay for shortcuts!

PSN Trophies

You will obtain the Sea of Trees Unbroken upon connecting these two paths. If you've been following the walkthrough since the start, you should have connected all of the bridges that gave you shortcuts to other areas. This includes logs in the Forest of Dawn, drawbridges by the river, a honeycomb by the Sanctuary Approach, a sealed poison crack (courtesy of Frieda) in the Ashen Forest, and this bridge by Elduke.

Now, head back to the Roos' Village and talk to them all. In the second screen (where the elder lives), be sure to talk to the smaller Roo who calls himself "Oroocle" to obtain the Queen Rabbit memory. Poor Pigeon...

Before we carry on to a new area, let's make sure we get in some questing! Some of these are MISSABLE, so be sure to at least get those done now!

Sub-Quest: Mishy's Hide and Seek

6) This is our LAST one! Hurrah! In the Roos' Nest, equip the Sacred Beast Collar. Mishy is right at the entrance; talk to him and, you'll end up getting the reward below.

REWARD: Emerald x2, Topaz x2, Ruby x2, Sapphire x2, Amethyst x2, Onyx x2, Diamond x2.

You will obtain the Mishy Masher PSN Trophy after completing this sub-quest!

Sub-Quest: Mouse's Information - (Missable!)

Head back to Casnan and go see Mouse. This time the info will be about the explorer pair, Rabbit and Pigeon. Juicy!

Griselda's Map Rewards: While you're here, visit Casnan to visit Governor General Griselda; you should have 90% for your map, so visiting her will net you 50000G!

Quest: The Tyrannical Frogs

Comodo: Take a look at the quest on the board, then talk to Agent Theresa nearby, asking her about the Ribbi-Magi. Turns out that a bunch of them showed up in the Waterfall Cave recently.

Head over there (Warp to the Forest of Dawn: Wetlands to the northeast of Comodo, then go south to the area below; from there, go northwest and east to the cave) and head to the back. One large Ribbi-Magi will show up with some smaller ones! Take them out however you see fit; it isn't much of a challenge.

Return back to Agent Theresa for your reward.

REWARD: 15000G

Quest: Crafting Materials 3

Selray: Time to help Artisan Saisen yet again. This time he'll ask for a Titanic Bone. You likely already have one from the Pogarov creatures in the Colonia Battlefield (the giant pig creatures). If you don't, go fight them until you do!

With that in his hand, not only do you get rewarded for helping, but you now have access to his fourth-tier accessories!

Saisen's Crafts (Crafting)
Life Ring IV
Power Ring IV
Shield Ring IV
Skill Ring IV
Mystical Belt
Flash Bracelet
Flash Anklet
Warrior Seal IV
Saint's Diadem
Spirit Necklace

REWARD: Life Ring IV

Sub-Quest: Zara's Tickling - (Missable!)

Selray: We can hit up another tickle session now, so be sure you head to Selray and go see Zara about some tickling! Let's burn, baby!

Quest: A Swarm of Scarlet

Selray: Talk to Agent Bertha and ask about Vesbilzons to accept this. Head to the Jade Cave (to the east of Selray), and you will find these things in the back. A number will appear when you get close, but as you kill them off, more will fall down. Skills that hit a wide area are handy here in dealing with their numbers, but overall this isn't a very hard fight. (Napalm Shot them to death!!!)

Return to Agent Bertha for your reward once you are done.

REWARD: 15000G

After the questing, it's time to head to a new area. Head back out to Elduke and take the right path to an exit on the right.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 90.9%
Chests Found 61.6%
Harvest Points 87.4%
Monster Compendium 65.1%

Elduke Outskirts

Consumables [_] Celcetan Panacea Harvest Points [_] Rotting Leaf / Chito Nut
[_] Catholicon x3 [_] Strange Mass / Blue Stone
Harvest Points [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit [_] Strange Mass / Purple Stone
[_] Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit [_] Rotting Leaf / Wilted Flower
[_] Coal / Silver Ore Memories [_] Reminiscence
[_] Woman and Beast

Enemies [_] Pogarov 4321105773011161251-
[_] Wibbye 40417404143213228Pierce
[_] Madagora 401020321247275224Slash

This area has two major exits, as we told you before; one leads to Mt. Vesuvio, and one to the Lake Tolmes Ruins. We need to go to both, but I hate leaving maps unexplored until we take on the other. SO! For the sake of map completion percentage, we're going to explore the entire map of the Outskirts, then we will take on Mt. Vesuvio first.

We have a choice right from the start: north or south. Let's go southeast.

You'll be fighting Madagora enemies out here, which are weak to slash attacks and have an interesting attack pattern. Continue southeast up the slope killing these creatures and at the top gather the Iron Ore / Silver Ore deposit and continue on. At the top of the next slopes are more bee enemies and a Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit harvest point. Continue down the path and soon you'll reach a new area.

Continue onward out into a wide-open area and defeat the enemies here. On the right wall is a Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit harvest point. Up ahead is a split in the path; take the left path first (they both meet up eventually) and fight your way to a Coal / Silver Ore deposit. To the right is an area with the Reminiscence memory for Adol and a Rotting Leaf / Chito Nut harvest point. Continue on past a stream and you'll find a Strange Mass / Blue Stone deposit. Continue fighting your way eastward to an open area; be sure to backtrack to the split using the southern path to flesh out the map before continuing through the eastern exit into a new area.

Approach the ruins to the north, grabbing the Coal / Silver Ore deposit to the upper-left and continuing down the path. At the bottom, be sure to check the far west path for a Celcetan Panacea. Head north to see a quick scene, then continue north to activate the monolith. STOP! We don't want to enter the dungeon yet, as we'll be taking on Mt. Vesuvio first. Make your way all the way back to the very first fork of the Outskirts, just outside of Elduke. (And feel free to slay away while harvesting more minerals and plants along the way.)

Back at the first fork, let's wander northward. Kill the enemies along the way and raid the Strange Mass / Purple Stone deposit to the north. Just to the west is a chest with Catholicon x3 in it. Keep heading north and kill the pig in the way, then another split in the path will greet you. Head left first to explore the dead-end, then head right. Look for a Rotting Leaf / Wilted Flower harvest point on the way (things are getting chilly!) and head north for a scene.

Ha! It seems Leo is getting more capable every time we see him. After the scene is done, check the area to the right for the Woman and Beast memory. Hit up the monolith after watching the memory, then proceed north up the mountain.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 97.1%
Chests Found 62.5%
Harvest Points 90.5%
Monster Compendium 66.4%

Mt. Vesuvio

Consumables [_] Power Tablet Harvest Points [_] Purple Stone / Black Stone
[_] Shield Tablet [_] Purple Stone / Black Stone
[_] Guard Elixir [_] Coal / Starlight Stone
[_] Bitter Potion [_] Strange Mass / Blue Stone
[_] Celcetan Panacea [_] Coal / Strange Mass
Armor [_] Rune Cloak +7 [_] Coal / Strange Mass
Accessories [_] Courage Belt [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
Minerals [_] Diamond [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] Starlight Stone x3 [_] Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit
[_] Green Stone x10 [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
Key Items [_] Left Mask Fragment [_] Coal / Starlight Stone
Harvest Points [_] Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut [_] Strange Mass / Purple Stone
[_] Fresh Leaf / Marl Flower Memories [_] The King and Eldeel
[_] Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit [_] The Two Masks

Enemies [_] Avalatch 41920331254678236-
[_] Grunpe 41810371228571231-
[_] Domlits 42340382508655240Pierce
[_] Avabish 426455411352156243-
[_] Nogriz 4421805483475613259-
BOSS #12 [-!-] Mesarabadi 43663294173180Pierce
[-!-] Bami 4318100695285512900-

Head north and fight your first Mt. Vesuvio foe: the Avalatch. (Clever name!) This beast will try and throw giant snowballs at you, as well as launch himself at you -- feet first, but otherwise is fairly unremarkable. Keep heading north, then check to the right for a Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut harvest point. The piles of snow here can be attacked to clear the way forward.

Continue on up the mountain and soon you'll face a new foe called a Nogriz: a large polar bear that will try to freeze you with its breath. Dance around it and keep moving to stay safe. Note the ledge above you that we can't reach yet, then check the corner to the left for a Power Tablet in a chest. (You can earn some easy EXP here by having Karna kill the big beasties from a distance.) Continue your ascent up the mountain, and at the next set of enemies, be sure to check by the tree for a Fresh Leaf / Marl Flower harvest point. Continue on to a wider area and lay waste to your foes. The northeast corner here has a Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit harvest point. Now, there are two pathways from here (once you get rid of the snow); take the middle western path first. Karna is able to throw a knife here that will let you progress up the northern path; do so, then continue. You will see a scene as you go up the northern path, unlocking The King and Eldeel memory. Take the nearby exit after you see it.

We'll face a new foe here: the Grunpe. It kind-of looks like a dragon / penguin hybrid, and will actually slide on its belly to attack you! Ha, it's almost too adorable to kill... almost. Anyway, take them out and check the northwest corner for a Purple Stone / Black Stone deposit. Up the slope to the right is another Purple Stone / Black Stone deposit and a new foe: the Domlits. This is another beetle-type enemy, just beefed up and arctic-colored. Watch out for it digging into the ground to attack; it can freeze you as it comes out of the ground. Continue up the next slope to face some more of them; waste them, then continue upward for a Coal / Starlight Stone deposit. Kill the enemies here and continue upward. To the left is another Domlits and a Strange Mass / Blue Stone deposit. Just to the right is a chest with a Shield Tablet.

To the right are two jet streams blowing out of the ground; you need Frieda here to seal them, so take control of her and seal the right one first, allowing you to ride the left one up. Kill the enemy here and open the chest for a Courage Belt, an accessory that lets you gain SP when damaged. Head back down and seal the left fissure now (you'll have to do it twice), then ride the right one up. Destroy the enemies here and claim the Coal / Strange Mass deposit. Now, DON'T GO NORTH YET! To the left is an exit that actually leads to a dead-end, so let's explore it now. Head through it and destroy the enemies you face. Below them is a chest with a Diamond in it. Nice! Continue to the left for more enemies and one last Coal / Strange Mass deposit. Head back to the right and to the previous screen to continue.

READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH FIRST BEFORE GOING NORTH! If you don't make it where you want to, just drop down a hole and return to the fork to try again. (Keep in mind that you may have luck with your Gale Shoes equipped.)

Now... The northern path leads to a GIANT sliding section. As you go down though, stick to the right side to get to a path leading off to the right with a chest on it (you'll know it when you see it). The chest contains a Guard Elixir. From here, you SHOULD be able to run to the left and slide down a bit further; if you can't, try your Gale Shoes. Head out the nearby exit to the left to fight two Nogriz enemies in a VERY crowded area (stay on the move - use powerful skills). Once you defeat them, you can claim the two chests out here for a Bitter Potion and a Rune Cloak +7. Head back inside now and continue north for a scene. Ah, it's a trap! These soldiers are still very tough, so be sure to dodge around as much as you can and use area skills to spread the pain around. Focus on killing off the weaker soldiers when you can, and once they are all dead, just hang around for a scene.

Once the scene is over, head north to the exit. (Do NOT go after the mineral icon... you can fall down to the dead-end path from here.) You'll soon be outside again. Head north and kill the foes you find, then continue north. You'll have to dodge snowballs as you travel, but you'll soon be able to enact some revenge. There's a Iron Ore / Silver Ore deposit here at the top of the first hill. Continue up the slope to dodge more snowballs, and after you kill the Avabish enemies that were throwing them, look around for a Coal / Silver Ore deposit and continue to the right. You'll be at a split soon. Head south first, moving east and northeast to find some enemies, a Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit harvest point, and a chest with Starlight Stone x3 inside at a dead-end. Head back, then look for a small slope to the right; climb it, then use Karna to drop the platform so you can continue. Head down now and kill the monster, harvesting the nearby Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber, and opening a chest with a Celcetan Panacea inside. Grab it all and head through the exit.

We'll be inside again. Destroy the Coal / Starlight Stone deposit nearby and kill the enemies that drop down. Up and to the left is a chest with Green Stone x10 in it. Grab it and head right, fighting your way through a variety of enemies. The path will turn north eventually, but be sure to grab the Strange Mass / Purple Stone deposit in the eastern corner before following it. Foes will drop down from the ceiling as you continue; kill them off and make your way to a monolith. Now is a good time to save, as we have a boss up ahead. We highly recommend using Karna in this fight if you are comfortable with her, as you'll appreciate the ranged attacks. Proceed, and you'll finally get to shut this woman's mouth for good.

BOSS #12

Bami, The Enchanting Magician
(with Mesarabadi)

Recommended Level: 43

Make sure to defeat at least one Mesarabadi that is summoned during the battle!

Time to finally take out Bami! She has one last little trick though, and will transform into a type of Siren...

As we mentioned before, using Karna in this fight would be your best bet (and even makes perfect sense along with the story!) You will be able to get in several extra hits as Bami moves up and down vertically for some moves, and you'll also have some handy range. It's not a MUST though, so use whomever you are comfortable with.

Bami has a good variety of up-close moves and ranged attacks. For close up moves, watch out for her very quick front kick (which will launch you in the air), her ground slam (she will take off up in the area and slam down onto the ground - watch her shadow) and her flame-thrower attack (which is really easy to see coming).

For her long-ranged options, Bami likes to rise up into the air a little ways and come down with her talons out-stretched. She is trying to run into you, but she is moving extremely slow (if she does get you, she'll pick you up and drop you). She also has a projectile move that will shoot out five chakra-like weapons at you. These travel fairly fast and hit rather hard, so it is best just to guard. With skill, you may get a Flash Guard and can then really put the hurt on Bami.

Bami adds in two special attacks once the fight is well underway. The first is her summoning move: Bami will summon three bat enemies to her aid. Use a powerful area skill (Napalm Shot works nicely) once the enemies have been summoned to help destroy them. Bami's final move is devastating: she will stay in place and envelope herself in a purple aura. After a little while Bami will unleash a very powerful series of lightning strikes. This lightning peppers the arena you are in, but you get a split-second of seeing a purple shadow on the ground before the lightning hits so do your best to run around and avoid the strikes. If you do get hit you will take a TON of damage (likely 300-400 easily), and if you get hit quickly (on the first wave) you may very well get knocked down and hit by subsequent lightning bolts, which may outright kill you.

Focus on dodging Bami's projectile attacks and lightning and you will be okay. Check out her moves below for an edge.

Here are Bami's moves more in-depth:

    • If she is close enough, Bami will attempt to somersault-kick you. This will launch you up in the air if it connects. You won't likely get hit with this if you keep on the move.
    • One of her favorite moves has Bami flying up into the air and after a few seconds slamming back down, causing a fairly large area-of-effect damage radius. You can follow her shadow to see exactly where she is going to land, making this another move you likely won't have trouble with.
    • Another close-ranged move is Bami's flame-thrower. This is telegraphed well ahead of time as Bami charges up two large fire spheres and then uses them to spread flame directly in front of her. If you are lucky enough to get behind her when she does this, you can attack without worry. Otherwise, just run away.
    • Bami will rise up into the air a little ways and come back down feet-first. She will appear to be moving fast thanks to a shadow behind her, but in reality this move is very easy to dodge. If she does get to you, she will grab you up in her claws and rise up in the air with you, slamming you down afterward.
    • One of her most dangerous moves involves her throwing chakra-like projectiles at you. Bami will pause for a second and whip her wings outwards, producing five projectile weapons that will spread out and have a slight homing property. These things move fairly fast, so it is best to aim for a guard or Flash Guard to mitigate damage.
    • If Bami wasn't annoying enough already, she has the ability to summon bats as allies during the fight. Three, in total. Try to get in a powerful area attack once they are summoned to not only hurt them all at once but Bami as well.
    • Bami's final move is her most powerful: her lightning attack! Bami will envelope herself in energy and charge. This takes her a little while, so lay into her for a few seconds while she is charging, then run! Bami will then unleash the fury, causing multiple lightning strikes to rain down in the arena. These HURT if they hit you. You can see a brief purple shadow on the ground before they strike, so do your best to run out of the way to survive the attack.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After the fight, approach the altar to the north to see the memory The Two Masks, which shows you where the Mask of the Moon comes from. After that, claim the Left Mask Fragment from the chest.

You can head back to the Roos' Nest now if you wish, but there's little else you can do here. Now, you're ready to take on the Lake Tolmes Ruins. Teleport there when you're ready.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 97.1%
Chests Found 67.4%
Harvest Points 95.8%
Monster Compendium 70.9%

Lake Tolmes Ruins

Consumables [_] Enigma Tablet Armor [_] Rune Cloak +8
[_] Catholicon x3 Minerals [_] Amethyst
[_] Power Elixir [_] Silver Ore x50
[_] Bitter Potion [_] Coal x50
[_] Bitter Potion x3 [_] Onyx
[_] Roda Leaf Key Items [_] Right Mask Fragment
Accessories [_] Spirit Necklace [_] Artifact Sword Emeraude
[_] Warrior Seal IV Memories [_] Black Omens
[_] Saint's Diadem [_] Truth of the Spardas

Enemies [_] Merahva 42645341210233239Slash
[_] Tolmeus 4318606262415073251-
[_] Ibolzu 4517305263572221267-
[_] Sodwar 41332467147243236Pierce
BOSS #13 [-!-] Dagbanther 43804468183180-
[-!-] Gadis 4321700837311512900-

Head forward to meet some of the denizens. The smaller enemies are Merahva, reptiles that attack with a steel boomerang. The larger bird-looking thing is a Tolmeus; watch out for its water spit, as it can hit you multiple times from long-range. Head down the left staircase and into the water to find a chest with an Enigma Tablet to your right. Explore both this side's and the other side's watery bottom if you wish, then head up the left staircase. At the top, check to the south for Catholicon x3, then head north into the next area.

Here, you can head right if you wish, though you'll just find that this area connects to the previous screen (and the other staircase option). When you're ready, head left and down the stairs into more water, then turn south and head east to find a dead-end with a chest you can open for an Amethyst. To the west and north, you can check out a wall here that is slowly leaking; from there, fight your way to the far right. You'll be able to fight your way up some stairs at the end, then head south toward the next exit.

We're back out in the first room, only higher. Head south past the door to the right and you'll find some stairs. Follow them up to a chest with the very nice Rune Cloak +8 in it. Head back down and take the right exit now, and you'll see a scene here and will gain the Black Omens memory. Head north once you've seen it and attack the new Sodwar enemy; this thing is weak to Pierce, and will try to drill you. North of it is the gigantic Ibolzu foe: a giant plant frog that can bunker down and become invulnerable. It can also spit out a shot that makes several shots spread out in the area, as well as emit poison all around him, which will likely poison your entire team if not guarded against. Ignore this western path we've come across for just a moment and head into the nearby water, opening the chest to the left for the Spirit Necklace, an accessory that can revive you once upon death. Fight your way north in the water path now to come to an area you can climb up. Follow this path north to a chest that only Duren can open for a Power Elixir. With that in hand, take this northern western exit to continue. In this room, head down the path into the water, equip the Hydra Scales, then DIVE! There are three chests down here; from left to right, open them for Silver Ore x50, the Warrior Seal IV and finally Coal x50!

Head back to the previous screen and south to the previous western exit we skipped. Make your way west to a fork; both the stairs to the north or continuing left down to the water lead to the same area, but let's continue left for maximum exploration! Heading left leads to some water, so dive down and make your way toward the left ramp. To the north -- partially hidden by the stone ramp -- is a chest with a Saint's Diadem in it. This accessory converts gold to EXP, which can come in handy if you're not hurting for cash. Head up the western slope now and head over to the area to the left; there is a chest here for Duren to crack open containing a Gold Dragon Charm, which ups STR by 5 and prevents Misfortune. Head up the stairs to the north and head to the right. In the center of the area, you'll find a device that Calilica can energize that will connect this area with the previous one. Explore the rest of the area to the right to see how it is all connected, then go back into the water in the center and head south past the floodgate. Take a left and go to the area where you noticed the hole in the wall earlier (the upper left). Ozma can now break down the wall and expose the new area, so crack it open, then use the exit to the upper left to continue on.

We're in another waterway. Head down into the water, then swim northwest to find a chest with a Bitter Potion inside. Head south now and once you are back on dry land, defeat your enemies and head through the exit to the right. This leads to a broken walkway with an Onyx in a chest that we've been seeing for a while. Head back now and fight your way south to the next exit. We'll be back out to the first room again! Head north for a chest with Bitter Potion x3, then head south and fight your way north to another object Calilica can energize. This lets water into the first room while simultaneously opening the way forward. We CAN go back and get a chest, but it'll be much easier to grab in a few minutes, so let's put it off for now. Head north into the next area and fight your way up to a monument. This is a good point to save, as a boss fight is coming up. Head forward and soon you'll see a scene, as well as gain the Truth of the Spardas memory. Once that's over, it's time to tame the beast tamer.


The Boss fight begins at 6:16 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #13

Gadis, The Sadistic Beast Tamer
(with Dagbanther)

Recommended Level: 43

Make sure to defeat at least one Dagbanther that is summoned during the battle!

Gadis has a fairly brutal personality, so it should come as no surprise that he turns into a giant beast bent on flattening you. He has a decent mix of short range attacks and long range attacks as well as two special moves that he'll pull out in the last half of the fight.

If you get too close, Gadis may try to grab you in his non-claw hand and charge up energy, causing an explosion in his hand to hurt you for major damage. You can stop this if you do enough damage while he is charging. For the rest of Gadis' close ranged attacks, you can expect quite a bit of range thanks to his huge claw. These include a frontal area sweep and an overhead slam. You can still dodge these moves, but beware of their deceptive range. Gadis is also fond of leaping at you and causing wide area damage. Again, this damage radius is probably bigger than you are expecting, so run and dash as soon as you see it until you are used to it. It is extremely worth noting that Gadis takes a LONG TIME to get up after his belly flop attack and you can and should lay on the pain after he uses it.

For long range attacks, his most dangerous option is to throw his claw like a boomerang. This thing packs a decent punch and is fairly fast, so guarding (or Flash Guarding) is often your best option. He nailed us a few times by throwing it while we were on the move, so be careful at all times and be sure to watch out for its round trip return. Note that you can often run up to him and attack his right side as it is returning without worrying about your safety. Gadis also has a missile launcher in his arm (no kidding!) that can fire off five missiles in a row. These missiles travel slowly though, so they are easy to outrun despite their slight homing properties.

To cap things off, Gadis will summon wolves from nowhere to come attack you. Makes sense for a beast tamer, I suppose. These wolves are little more than a nuisance, but can do light damage and should be destroyed. Once his life is halfway gone, Gadis will start to use his most powerful ability; he will charge up his claw with red energy while pointing it at you. After charging for a while, Gadis will fire it at you, producing a large beam of fire. If you are close to his level, you should pour on damage while he is charging as it is possible to stun him, which not only cancels his attack but also gives you a stun period to hurt him in. If that fails, we'd advise retreating far away and standing still; wait for his shot and dodge it. He may fire at you or just to your side, so judge quickly and dodge away from danger. If he does hit you, you are looking at around 500 damage per hit and multiple hits, which is likely to outright kill you.

Check out his moves further below for a recap and take this beast tamer out. Here are Gadis' moves more in-depth:

    • If you are too close, Gadis will try and grab you or an ally. If he does this, he'll charge energy which will eventually explode the party member in question and deal large damage. It is possible to stun Gadis out of this move.
    • Gadis is extremely fond of belly-flopping at you, which will cause a fairly wide area attack where he lands. Try to avoid it. This attack makes Gadis slowly get back up on his feet, which is time you should use to pour the pain on!
    • If you are close, Gadis may pull his claw back and use it for a wide frontal sweep attack. If you can, dodge to his right and try to get behind him, or if you are on the move, dodge away. If he's caught you in a bad spot, just guard.
    • Gadis can also use his claw arm in an overhead forward slam. His arm extends for this attack, giving it decent and unexpected range. Dodging away from this attack will keep you safe though, which is fairly easy.
    • If you are further away, Gadis may take his claw off and throw it like a boomerang at you. This projectile travels fairly fast, so if you are in the line of fire, it's best to guard. If you are lucky, Gadis may be using this against a teammate and you can hurt him while he is doing it.
    • Another ranged attack has Gadis produce a missile launcher out of his arm and firing five missiles into the air. These missiles travel VERY slowly (talk about a bad missile!), but will try to hit you with their slight homing ability. This attack is very easy to dodge as long as you don't forget to!
    • Like a true beast tamer, Gadis can summon wolves to assist in his battle. Two wolves will come out of nowhere and attack. Use a powerful area attack if you can to hurt them and Gadis in one fell swoop as he often (but not always) summmons them to appear right by his side.
    • Gadis' most dangerous attack by far will start appearing once you have his HP around half (or more accurately, around 60% or so). Gadis will charge up his claw with red energy and get ready to shoot a large fire beam at you. If you are confident / strong enough, you can pour on the damage while he is charging and stun him out of it. If you do end up facing it, get a ways away and be ready to dodge once the shot is fired. Be careful, as the shot may be fired just to your left or right, forcing you to dodge appropriately. Getting hit by this attack will likely kill you. No pressure, right?

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After you regain control after the battle, move north and check the chest for the Right Mask Fragment. Now, before we forget, let's get the last chest in the ruins! Warp to the entrance and re-enter the ruins, then go down the right staircase and enter the water. To the north is a chest we can now reach with a Roda Leaf in it. Hurrah! Time for us to head back to Roos' Nest.

PSN Trophies

You will obtain the Mask in Hand Trophy when you obtain both halves of the Mask of the Moon.

Roos' Nest

Head inward for a long series of scenes. After talking with the elder, you'll be encouraged to visit the Colonia Artifact Laboratory and use the Artifact Sword Emeraude, which will let us kill living weapons. Or, well... will let Adol kill living weapons, as it is a unique action to him. After some more dialog, leave the Roos' Nest and warp over to the red monolith at the Colonia Battlefield.

Colonia Battlefield

You'll meet up with Gazock here. You can craft accessories or reinforce weapons here, which we highly recommend if you haven't done in a while. In any case, head north and get ready to go round 2 with the living weapon. Defeat it like normal, then use Adol's special action on its head to put it down for good. This starts some more dialog and gives you access to the next area. Time to go exploring!

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 97.1%
Chests Found 74.5%
Harvest Points 95.8%
Monster Compendium 74.8%