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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

Subterranean Forest

Harvest Points [_] Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom Harvest Points [_] Damaged Lumber / Nocturnal Mushroom
[_] Damaged Lumber / Nocturnal Mushroom Memories [_] A Familiar Stranger (1)

Enemies [_] Pitol 28322258195174141Strike
[_] Bonpeet 28286209159366145Pierce
[_] Rudorian 29479176123368147-

This area is pretty neat with laid-back music. Head south to the next area to meet a bunch of new enemies. The first is called a Pitol and is little more than fodder; he will try to charge you but is easily taken down. Next up is a flyer: the Bonpeet. His shots will actually curse you, which makes enemy attacks always critical; thankfully, the shots are easy to avoid. After heading in for a bit, you'll meet the horrific Rudorian. Their body is pretty much all mouth... terrifying. They will try to grab you and bite over and over, so remain mobile and use skills to finish them quickly. I have actually seen them grab me OUT OF a kill mid-skill, so always try to flank them.

After encountering the first Rudorian, check the north wall for a Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom harvest point. Head west, killing two more Bonpeet. Past them is a Damaged Lumber / Nocturnal Mushroom harvest point. Continue south defeating enemies until you head west. After moving a bit more, SKIP PAST the northern exit; it leads to the Ashen Forest, and we'll be going here soon enough.

Continue west to a Coal / Iron Ore harvest point and carry on. There will be a 2nd northern exit soon; we'll get to it in a moment, but head west for now. There is a dead-end here with several enemies, a Damaged Lumber / Nocturnal Mushroom harvest point, and a light that Adol can touch for the A Familiar Stranger (1) memory.

After getting the memory, fight your way east and take the westermost exit to the north. Hit the monument and save if you like, then head north to see a scene at....

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 68.2%
Chests Found 50.0%
Harvest Points 70.6%
Monster Compendium 51.6%

Danan Village

Gold [_] 10000G Maces [_] Extreme Death Mace
[_] 15000G Halberds [_] Incredible Icy Halberd
[_] 10000G Accessories [_] Life Ring III
Consumables [_] Life Elixir x3 Minerals [_] Gold Ore x9
[_] Power Elixir x3 Plant Materials [_] Celcetan Flower x2
[_] Guard Elixir x3 Key Items [_] Ethan's Signature Book
[_] Enigma Tablet x20

Enemies [_] Anderaula 354643051709980Slash
BOSS #09 [-!-] Sol-Galba 297110367355219090-

PSN Trophies

You will obtain the A Storied Village trophy upon entering Danan.

You'll be greeted to several scenes here, as well as a major bombshell. Ha! The music here is excellent as well, especially when it picks up. Afterward, you'll be free to explore the town; there are several good scenes to be had just by exploring, even though they are all optional. Also, you're likely to run into this sub-quest while exploring, so take care of it now!

Sub-Quest: Mishy's Hide and Seek

5) In Danan, head up the first set of stairs to the north. STOP! See that tail hanging behind the light on the left? Yep, that's Mishy. He'll run off yet again.

Once you are ready to continue the story, enter the Elder's house, which is the smaller house near the top of the city. Enjoy the scenes and revelations! The Elder will go take you to see a treasure at some point; don't get too comfy though, as a fight is about to commence! (At which point, Frieda officially joins your party!)

Frieda's Starting Equipment
Ancient Halberd
Sorcery Robes

BOSS #09

Sol-Galba, The White Galbalan

Recommended Level: 29

Sol-Gabla doesn't have many tricks in this fight. I mean, remember this is a flying dragon-ish monstrosity we are talking about, yet in this fight all he does is stand in place and use ranged attacks (which you can see below).

Needless to say, Sol-Galba isn't really giving his all in this fight, but that's OK. He only has four attacks, one of which is merely a "get away from me" move, so learn the threats here and get to work. Use a character with a powerful single-hit skill that you enjoy as you will need to be able to run away from Sol-Galba's feet at any time. That being said though, if you spread out from your other party members, you can occasionally get lucky and have Sol-Galba focus on them which lets you keep attacking (don't count on it, but be thankful when it happens!).

There's really nothing left to say about this fight. Check the beast's moves below and hit it with all you got. Heal when you get under 300 HP to be super-safe.

Here are Sol-Galba's moves:

    • It will smash its hands against the floor and cause lines to appear. Milliseconds later, anything touching the line will be hurt. This is one of those rare times when walking SLOWLY during an attack can save you, as you don't want to run into a line. Sol-Galba will rotate this attack based on who he is targeting, which as we mentioned earlier may be a very good opportunity to punish him extra for.
    • Sol-Galba will spit fire at someone. This in and of itself is really easy to dodge (the fire is fairly slow), but several smaller fireballs will break off and home in on nearby allies. Dash away to stay safe as the homing ability doesn't last long.
    • Sol-Galba will cause circles of fire to appear randomly in the arena, often chained together. You can expect to see around six circles of fire appear and cause massive damage if you get caught in them. Dashing away will often save your hide (and it is easy to get a Flash Move here); just be careful that you don't dash INTO another fire circle.
    • Its final move really isn't an attack move at all... Sol-Galba raises its wings and produces a shockwave, knocking everyone back. This is merely his "get away from me" move designed to make sure you don't beat up on him TOO much.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After the cutscenes, we'll be able to tackle the quests here in Danan! Check out the board in the library at the top of the town to see them. Let's do it!

Quest: Secret Synthesis

For this quest, we have to go talk to Yami, who will eventually ask us to gather a bunch of materials. Eight in total: four Plant materials and four Monster materials. Check out the materials below for help gathering them if you need it. You hoarders out there may already have them all... if not, just make some exchanges.

Plant Materials:

Beast Materials:

REWARD: Life Elixir x3, Power Elixir x3, Guard Elixir x3

Quest: Twilight Flowers

This quest is fairly easy, as it is combat focused. We are asked to take down a replicating flower-type enemy called an Anderaula. It is in the Subterranean Forest, to the East. It isn't a very hard fight but it is best to use a character with a powerful area attack.

Approach your target and you'll see a quick cut-scene. Replicating, indeed! You'll be facing eight foes once the scene ends. Jump out of the tactically unsafe middle area and let loose. Your area attack skill will come in handy here.

Once you are done, head back to Greta to finish your quest and claim your reward.

REWARD: 10000G

Sub-Quest - Charming the Animals

Once again, we have more animals to charm! I love being a friend to all the animals! This should bring your total to 24/24, completing the quest and earning you the Wordless Affinity trophy!

ChickenBiancoIn the central area outside of the elder's house.
FrogVerdeIn the central area outside of the elder's house.

Quest: Good Luck Charm

Talk to Mikuri on the second level in the village. He requires not just any good luck charm, but one of your real luck accessories. The easiest / cheapest item to hand over is the Silver Axe (although you can also hand over the Golden Axe if you really wanted to).

Now you undoubtedly already have one of these if you've been following the guide (we picked one up in the Sacred Beast's Lair), but let's make a new one in Comodo. As you recall, you have the accessory crafting shop there. Crafting a new Silver Axe will cost you a Silver Ingot (which you can easily get through Refining in Casnan) and an Axe Tail. If you've explored the Forest of Dawn West, you likely already have some of these.

With those materials in hand, go create a second Silver Axe and hand that one over to obtain your reward.

REWARD: Enigma Tablet x20

Talking to Saisen likely started another quest, which you can finish below...

We also have a handful of quests to do at all the towns we've been to up to now!

Quest: Crafting Materials 2

Comodo: Time to help Artisan Saisen again. This time he'll ask for a Bizarre Hide. You MAY have one already from the Guspoun in the Underground Ruins (the large spore creatures), but if not, you have two options. The first is simple; just exchange 6 Sturdy Hides in Danan for one. Otherwise, there are several creatures coming up in the Forest of Spores area that drop them (seriously, 3 out of the 4 enemies in the area have a chance at dropping them...). So, if you need to, wait until you go through that area for this quest.

With that in his hand, not only do you get rewarded for helping, but you now have access to his third-tier accessories!

Saisen's Crafts (Crafting)
Life Ring III
Power Ring III
Shield Ring III
Skill Ring III
Blue Tree Earring
Spirit Tree Earring
Courage Belt
Perilous Bandana
Courage Scarf
Hermit's Scarf
Warrior Seal III
Tactician's Gloves
Immovability Belt
Silver Dragon Charm
Gold Dragon Charm


Quest: The Naughty Chick

Comodo: After getting this quest from the community center, go visit Shaman Pippi again. Seems a different chick ran away and we're needed to catch it!

This one is a tad harder than the first chick, but not too bad. Here are where its locations will be, but not necessarily in this order:

  • Just to the left of Pippi's, near some boxes. Can't catch it here.
  • Just to the right of Pippi's, under the bench. Can't catch it here either.
  • Up two levels from Pippi's, underneath the second fire pillar; approach from the right, and you'll be able to nab it!

Return the chick back to Pippi for your reward.

REWARD: Gold Ore x9

Sub-Quest: Mouse's Information - (Missable!)

Head back to Casnan and go see Mouse. This time the info will be about Mucho.


Griselda's Map Rewards: Now's a good time to visit Griselda again. Since you have 60% of the map done, you'll receive 15000G from her!

Quest: Hungover Pikkard

Casnan: Yes, this is a new quest in Casnan. We can't make this stuff up! Go check the board and you'll see this request, then go talk to the girl down by the horse stall. She'll have a drunk Pikkard on her hands and wants an item to help him... you are given many choices here, but the item you want to give her is a Catholicon. Any other choice does nothing but cost you an item. Give her the Catholicon for your 10,000G reward. Now that's a lot of money for helping a drunk pig!

REWARD: 10000G

Quest: Signature Collector

Highland: Head over to Highland and get the quest from the bulletin board, then go see Ethan by the mayor's mansion. He'll show you a notebook that he wants help getting signatures in (which is of course where we come in). He wants us to find people whose names start with Q, U, and Z.

Agree, and you'll receive Ethan's Signature Book. We can do this now, we just need to know where to look. Luckily for you, there's no need to search the land over; just read below!

  • You can find the Q person (Quincy) in the item shop in Casnan. He is off to the right.
  • You can find the U person (Ursula) outside the elder's house in Danan. By the animals.
  • You can find the Z person by talking to the tickle-monster, Zara, in Selray. She is in the community center area. (Take care of her TICKLE while you're there -- it's marked below anyway.)

Return to Ethan for your reward!

REWARD: Celcetan Flower x2

Sub-Quest: Zara's Tickling - (Missable!)

Selray: We can hit up another tickle session now, so be sure you head to Selray and go see Zara about some tickling!

Quest: Mega Weapon Test

Selray: Syriu has another weapon test for us! I'm... scared. This is the last one at least! This time you can either pick one for Frieda or Calilica. Up to you. Either way, choose whichever you like to receive either the Incredible Icy Halberd or the Extreme Death Mace respectively. The halberd freezes you constantly (an Azure Scale Charm is a must) while the mace puts a big dent in your defense. No really stopping that...

To test these weapons out, Syriu tells us we must defeat five Madogra-Slef enemies. These foes are in the upcoming Ashen Forest area... and are a pain to fight. We can't complete this quest just yet, so you'll have to wait until we enter that area. Don't worry, we will remind you when to kill these things! As a precaution, you should stock up on potions though. Seriously, those things can be a pain.

That was a lot of quests, huh? We stuck with it though, and that trophy will be worth it! Now that we have those quests done, let us continue to the next area: the Ashen Forest. If you need supplies or new equipment, get them now. When you're ready, just exit Danan to the Subterranean Forest, then head east and north to the exit we passed earlier. Be well prepared: this area is HUGE.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 68.2%
Chests Found 50.0%
Harvest Points 70.6%
Monster Compendium 52.9%

Ashen Forest / The Frogs' Inn

Gold [_] 6000G Harvest Points [_] Strange Mass / Purple Stone
Consumables [_] Purification Powder x3 [_] Strange Mass / Yellow Stone
[_] Kaiser Potion [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] Bitter Potion [_] Strange Mass / Purple Stone
[_] Guard Elixir [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] Healing Tablet [_] Strange Mass / Purple Stone
[_] Purification Powder x3 [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Bitter Potion x3 [_] Marl Flower / Chito Nut
[_] Honey Potion x3 [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
Artifacts [_] Beast King's Claws [_] Rotting Leaf / Chito Nut
Maces [_] Hyper Breaker [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
Halberds [_] Cruel Axe [_] Iron Ore / Cracked Shell
[_] Ancient Halberd +5 Harvest Points [_] Strange Mass / Purple Stone
Accessories [_] Immovability Belt [_] Coal / Iron Ingot
[_] Golden Axe [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
[_] Silver Dragon Charm [_] Strange Mass / Green Stone
Minerals [_] Strange Mass x10 [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Gold Ingot x3 [_] Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom
[_] Black Stone x5 [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
Memories [_] Rite of Summoning [_] Silver Ore / Gold Ore
[_] The Two Commanders [_] Strange Mass / Purple Stone
[_] A Familiar Stranger (2) [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] The Naive One [_] Fresh Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Eldeel's Concerns [_] Marl Flower / Chito Nut

Enemies [_] Grahm 31517263120339161Slash
[_] Benolid 30131303680-
[_] Dizwalla 32606340124460168Slash
[_] Vilma 33491228176625176Pierce
[_] Rotoruta 359763052591264190Strike
[_] Madogra-Slef 421400068129316072243-
[_] Ribbi 355252311375410Slash
BOSS #10 [-!-] Ribbi-Roi 358560403221299850-

We'll need Frieda in this area for her special ability, so definitely take her along. Head forward and hit up the monument, then continue on for a scene with Leo. (You can choose to be cordial here, if you wish!) Once you are done talking with the group, continue on. In the next screen, you'll be able to use Frieda's unique skill to cover up the poison coming out of the ground, which will let us pass. A new enemy awaits us past the ice: the Grahm. These earth creatures are weak to Slash so Frieda is a good choice to take them out. They can move under the earth and try to ambush you, so watch out!

Kill them off and head east, down the lower path, collecting from the Strange Mass / Purple Stone harvest point here. To the east are more Grahm and Dizwalla (a beefed up Barazowalla); kill them and head north. Defeat the enemies in the open and get used to the ball-type enemies. These are Benolids, and are more of a nuisance than a threat; if they explode near you, they can cause the crappy Misfortune status effect, which makes you lose gold when you are damaged. Once the foes are dead, check the western wall for a Strange Mass / Yellow Stone harvest point. From here, head southeast to a dead-end; destroy the enemies you find, then check the chest for some Purification Powder x3.

Head back northwest and you'll come to a three-way split. The southwest path leads back to where we came; explore it first to find a Coal / Silver Ore harvest point, then take the time to explore that path to fill out the map (but don't exit to the northwest just yet). Once you've done that, return to the fork and head northwest, which is actually a dead-end (with treasure - the best kind of dead-end!). Fight the enemies at the start and mine the Strange Mass / Purple Stone deposit nearby. Now work your way clockwise, collecting the Coal / Silver Ore deposit and fighting your way to the chest at the end for a Kaiser Potion. Head back to the fork once more when you are done.

Now, we're going to explore an area that is technically a huge dead-end to us. Take the furthest northern path up to the next area. Kill the first set of enemies and hang a left; you'll se a Strange Mass / Purple Stone deposit nearby. To the north are FOUR plant enemies, so be ready to dodge their seed volley attacks and take them out. Your rewards are two harvest points; one with Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower and the other with Marl Flower / Chito Nut. There is also a chest here only Duren can open that has an Immovability Belt inside.

Head to the right split in the path now and fight your way northward; there's another Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower harvest point here. To the north you will find some strange coral... coral that you can't do anything to no matter how hard you try. Don't worry; like with areas earlier in the Forest, we'll get an item to clear it out in time. Anyway, to the right is a fissure you should have Frieda close; this leads to a path with a Rotting Leaf / Chito Nut harvest. Go ahead and exit to the right, which leads to Table Mountain... which is now connected properly to the Ashen Forest. Make sure to rest up here! Now, we have to return all the way back to the three-split path; the easiest way is to warp back to the first monument here in the Ashen Forest, then go north to that area. From that entrance, head north and take the first exit to the northwest, leading us deeper into the Ashen Forest.

You'll be presented with a path split here. Head south and kill the enemies you encounter. There is a Iron Ore / Silver Ore deposit here. Continue south (past a path to the northwest) and you'll come to a Iron Ore / Cracked Shell deposit and the Rite of Summoning memory. Head back north now and take the northwestern path we just skipped. You'll see an exit to the west; ignore it for now and continue north. Watch out for the mines and check the chest up here for some Strange Mass x10. Head east slightly and north to find a group of Grahm and Dizwalla up here. Take them out, then collect the nearby Purple Stone / Strange Mass deposit. Continue to the northeast, destroying the monsters along the way. You'll eventually find a Coal / Iron Ore deposit here, as well as a chest with Sorcery Robes +3 in it. Very nice! Head back southwest now and take the western exit to continue.

Hit up the Strange Mass / Purple Stone deposit here and head southwest. This leads to an open area with a TON of mines (area attacks help here), so be careful. Take the southern path here to find a Bitter Potion, then move back north. Travel west over the tree bridge to find another chest with some Gold Ingot x3. To the northwest is a Coal / Iron Ingot deposit. Head back to the entrance now, then go north; you'll soon see another split in the path. Go figure, right? This one has a trick to it though: gas is blocking off the way north, but not northwest.

Head northwest first and kill the Dizwallas. Just to the north is a Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber harvest point, and to the west is a strange statue you should take note of. Past that is a chest with a Golden Axe, and up on the hill is a Strange Mass / Green Stone harvest point. Head back east now, then have Freida seal the fissure to the northeast to continue to the next area. (Freezing this one causes the other one to gas up, so if you need to travel back that way, just freeze that one and vice versa.)

You'll be in a new area type here, one with a lot of swampland. Kill the Vilma you encounter (they are weak to Pierce attacks; hello Karna) and explore the small cubby to the east to find a chest only Duren can open with a Guard Elixir inside. The path to the north here is blocked by more coral... don't worry; we'll be able to smash it soon! Head west for now, but use the water path. In the water here is a Rotoruta, a giant frog beast that charges at you and sprays poison. It is weak to Strike attacks, so let Duren pound on it. Explore the small area to the northeast to find the The Two Commanders memory... there's more to Leo than meets the eye!

Continue to the northwest. In the wide-open area, look for a Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower harvest point to the far west. Continue north now, then go ahead and explore the rest of the area up here. There are two harvest points and two exits; avoid the exit to the west, nab the Coal / Nocturnal Mushroom goodies from the northern point, and the Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber from the western point. Once you have those, take the upper eastern exit (southeast of the Coal harvest point.)

This new area has a STRONG enemy in it: a giant plant named Madogra-Slef. This thing is TOUGH! It's level 42 and can hit you for 300-400 damage with each hit (and a base strength of 681!). Honestly, it is best to just run past this monster and come fight it later on in the game. If you try now, a game over may very well be in your future.


This Madogra-Slef it the foe you need to kill five of for the Mega Weapon Test (and there are more in the next screen after this one, so don't feel like this is the only one). As we mentioned before, it is DANGEROUS though. This is mainly due to its slime attack which shoots up in the air, then lands on you. It homes in on your position easily, so stay on the move and have healing ready if you decide to take it on. It also has an area of effect poison and can shoot out objects from its corners (the poison and slime from the air are the attacks to watch out for). We have to kill five of them for the quest, so healing WILL be needed. Try to keep it frozen as much as you can (players who have upgraded their weapons will shine here) and stay on the move. If it proves too much, you can always come back to them later.

Also, rotate your party while you fight them; they are likely to learn new moves due to its high difficulty.

Quest: Mega Weapon Test

You can get to the Madogra-Slefs fairly quickly by warping to the Table Mountain monument outside the Subterranean Forest and just heading west into the Ashen Forest, resting in the tent there to charge your Extra gauge, then exit to the west and go north at the first screen.

Once you defeat FIVE of these monstrocities with the Incredible Icy Halberd or the Extreme Death Mace equipped, head back to Selray Village and return to Syriu and claim your prize!

REWARD: Cruel Axe or Hyper Breaker

Are you past the demon plant from hell? Good. Keep heading northeast and kill the Vilma. Check the deposit nearby for some Silver Ore / Gold Ore. (There's a pretty sweet-looking structure in the background, but there's nothing we can do about it yet.) Continue to the east and exit to the next area. This place is fairly big, and has four exits (counting the one we just came through). Make sure to explore it thoroughly for map percentage.

At the first fork, head southwest through the water to another split; continue southwest, and you should see two paths split off to the northwest right as you run into another Madogra-Slef. Each branch leads to a dead-end with a treasure chest and a harvest point, so check them both out. You'll net Strange Mass / Purple Stone and a Healing Tablet in the first, and a / and Ancient Halberd +5 for Frieda. If you continue southwest, you'll see an exit that returns to a previous area of the forest; remember that for a bit later, as we will be heading back.

But for now, return to the fork just northeast of the Madogra-Slef, and turn east. You should see another harvest point here; snag the Coal / Silver Ore from here, then head east at this fork. Just a few steps to the northeast should be another memory, so have Adol check it out to uncover A Familiar Stranger (2).

Feel free to explore the rest of the area; south of where we are now is another exit that leads to a prior area of the forest, which will serve as a shortcut from the Table Mountain monolith. When you're ready, take the northeastern exit of this area to arrive at Outskirts, home of the Frogs' Inn.

Here you'll meet the residents of Frogs' Inn: the Ribbi. The bestiary calls them "Remarkably Lazy", hehe. They are humanoid frogs who will try to strike you with their clubs and can use their tongues to draw you in. Beat them up and check to the east for a Fresh Leaf / Marl Flower harvest point, then continue north. You'll find a path to the west is blocked by coral. Continue north, killing along the way (you monster!) and harvesting the Marl Flower / Chito Nut plant to the north. At the top, kill the guards and inspect the object in front of the gate.

Frogs' Inn Puzzle

Drag rocks onto the top of the pedestal using the touchscreen. The pedestal will rise or fall depending on the weight of the rocks. Here is the solution:

    1. Use the BIG Crystal (first one down)
    2. Use the BIG Rock (third one down)
    3. Use the SMALL Rock (fourth one down)

Once you get the right solution, the gate will open and you can enter. Get ready for a boss fight though:

BOSS #10

Ribbi-Roi, The Master of the Grotto

Recommended Level: 35

Since Ribbi-Roi is at least four times as big as all of the other Ribbi, it's little surprise that he is master of the grotto!

This is a fairly entertaining fight. By himself, Ribbi-Roi is pretty easy. However, he is not alone: the other Ribbi will join him, which means he will get constant reinforcements. You will face up to four Ribbi alongside the boss at any given time, so it is best to focus on Ribbi-Roi himself since the reinforcements don't stop.

Ribbi-Roi's attacks focus on using his weight against you. He is fond of belly-flops and lunges, trying to smack you around. Thankfully these attacks are fairly easy to avoid. He will also try and kick his minions at you if they are available and can use his enormous tongue to lash out at you. In fact, he can use his tongue to trap one of your party members in his mouth, removing them from the fight completely. Don't worry about that too much though, as it is only temporary and you'll get your party member back after a minute or so. Check Ribbi-Roi's moves below and teach this giant from who's REALLY the master of the grotto!

Here are Ribbi-Roi's moves:

    • While not technically a move, it should be noted that Ribbi-Roi is backed up by a never-ending wave of Ribbis throughout the fight. Up to four will appear at any given time if not culled. Still, be sure to focus on Ribbi-Roi.
    • Speaking of minions, Ribbi-Roi will kick them at you if they are around him. This causes a small amount of damage to the poor Ribbi in question, but bigger damage to you if the hit connects. It's pretty easy to dodge this move.
    • Ribbi-Roi will lash his giant tongue out and swallow up a party member (usually whoever you are controlling), taking them out of the fight for about a minute. Not a lethal move by any means, but definitely unique.
    • If you are in range, Ribbi-Roi will lunge forward at you. He can do this multiple times in a row if he wishes, so be careful after dodging just in case. This move is pretty easy to dodge.
    • Ribbi-Roi's last move is the belly-flop. A giant frog HAS to have a belly-flop! This is very easy to see coming (since he is actually jumping) and causes area damage around wherever he lands at. Dash out of the way to remain safe.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After winning the fight, the frogs will give up. You can even talk to them now, although they have their own language.


Want to know what the frogs' are saying? We have you covered! You can ALMOST make out what the frog people are saying, but many of their letters are actually part of a cryptogram! We've sat down and figured it out for you though, so don't waste your time with substitution ciphers and see our solutions below!

First, let's go over the substituted letters and tell you what we figured out:

    • P = W
    • M = E
    • X = G
    • Small t = N
    • F (with a divot at the top) = O
    • F (flat downward angle) = A
    • M (cross on the top) = M
    • M (three lines down) = Y
    • C = P
    • N (downward slope) = U OR V
    • Upside Down Y = C
    • Small h = K
    • X (with lines on each side) = D

Other letters are not substituted. Now for the messages from the frogs, from left to right:

    • Frog 1: I have not yet begun to fight!
    • Frog 2: I will remember This! Actually I will forget.
    • Ribbi-Roi: I am Ribbi-Roi. Pleased to meet you.
    • Frog 3: I let you win! So do not gloat!
    • Frog 4: Puny human picking on the little guy!

Open up the chest in front of Ribbi-Roi for the Beast King's Claws artifact. This is the artifact we've been waiting for! With this equipped, we can use a tackle with CROSS and can destroy that pesky coral that's been tormenting us!

There's more treasure to get here. Equip the Hydra Scales and dive into the water to the left to find a Silver Dragon Charm. Next, dive into the water on the right for some Black Stone x5. Finally, head up the hill to find three chests for some Purification Powder x3, some Bitter Potion x3 and some Honey Potion x3.

Head back outside now and equip your Beast King's Claws. Go bust open that path to the west to find a chest with 6000G in it, as well as the nearby memory for Adol: The Naive One. With that out of our way, we're free to continue through the rest of the Ashen Forest. Head back to the nearby monument, then exit back to the southwest. In the four-exit area, take the southwesternmost exit to return to the area where we first met the Madogra-Slef. Since we've already explored here, go south and smash the coral, then just head all the way west, turning north when you have to, until you reach the next area.

You'll reach a rest point here. Finally! Set up a tent and enjoy the Eldeel's Concerns memory that comes with it. That is it for this massive forest! When you're ready, it's time to proceed north into the Forest of Spores.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 80.8%
Chests Found 58.0%
Harvest Points 80.0%
Monster Compendium 58.0%

Forest of Spores

Gold [_] 20000G Harvest Points [_] Coal / Iron Ore
[_] 30000G [_] Coal / Iron Ore
Consumables [_] Power Elixir [_] Power Elixir
[_] Enigma Tablet x2 [_] Coal / Iron Ore
Minerals [_] Coal x100 [_] Purple Stone / Black Stone
Harvest Points [_] Strange Mass / Green Stone [_] Coal / Silver Ore
[_] Purple Stone / Black Stone [_] Strange Mass / Red Stone
[_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber Memories [_] Day in the Life of a Roo
[_] Damaged Lumber / Nocturnal Mushroom

Enemies [_] Zakaruko 37299327383607210Strike
[_] Ravaeel 35320219100330190Pierce
[_] Demileel 371050186146154205-
[_] Supofanga 39984491155218220-
BOSS #11 [-!-] Polestol 37248186146160-
[-!-] Mustrum 3712700485237898030-

Griselda's Map Rewards: After using the stone monument here, it would be a good time to visit Casnan to visit Governor General Griselda; you should have 80% for your map, so visiting her will net you two rewards this time, for 70% and 80%: 20000G and 30000G! Then just warp right back to keep on going.

Break through the coral and you'll soon encounter your first new foe: the Ravaeel. This thing is... well, a ball of some sort. Not very dangerous; it likes to hop around a lot and is weak to piercing attacks. To the northwest is a Strange Mass / Green Stone harvest point, then to the south of that is a Purple Stone / Black Stone deposit (Ah, the Black Stone!!). Continue to the west to meet a Zakaruko, a scorpion foe weak to strike attacks.

You'll be at a split soon. The path to the north is a dead-end though, but has a new enemy called a Supofanga in it. These things are... weird; they have scythe arms and pack a decent punch, but are still little more than fodder. Your reward is a Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber harvest point and a chest with Coal x100. Head south and near the Damaged Lumber / Nocturnal Mushroom harvest point, you'll meet the Demileel. This large flesh monster is actually an adult Ravaeel, but isn't even as dangerous as a Supofanga though, so take it out! Soon you'll see a path split; head west first through the coral and kill the monster you find. The harvest point here has some Coal / Iron Ore and the chest has a Power Elixir. Head back and fight your way south to another screen.

You'll fight a TON of scorpions in this area. Take them out and continue west to a Coal / Iron Ore harvest point, then move east into the water. There's a ton of Supofanga here, but no challenge. Continue on back to dry land and head north. Kill the enemies here and hit up the Purple Stone / Black Stone harvest point, then continue northwest, breaking through the first set of coral for Enigma Tablet x2. Continue north to activate another stone monument. There is a boss fight coming up, so make sure you have enough potions, particularly Bitter Potions and something to cure poison. Once you are ready, head north to the next area to take on the Mustrum.

BOSS #11

Mustrum, The Deformed Nightmare
(with Polestol)

Recommended Level: 37

Make sure to defeat at least one Polestol that is summoned during the battle!

Well, this thing is just plain ugly. Still, this should be a good battle for you, mainly because Mustrum actually has some strategy to his madness... He is all about his poison moves, and he also has short-range and long-range options, as well as a second form once you take away half of his health bar.

Beating up on Mustrum is not hard as long as you watch out for his short-range moves. These include a short charge combined with area-of-effect poison (you want to dash away from this, as there is no safe spot), a second poison spew that only shoots out from his flanks (you can actually stand right in FRONT of him and be safe... keep attacking!) and a flop move to hit anything in front of him. Lastly he has a chomp move that HURTS if you get caught in it (it is very short range though, and you can easily dash away). These are all easily evaded once you've seen them a few times. His only real long-range option is an acidic spit that sticks to the ground afterward and can poison you.

The real threat in the fight is Mustrum's final move and subsequent strategy. He will cause spiked plants to appear around the arena; you can manually destroy them, but they explode once you do and may try to hit you with area damage. Their real purpose is to heal Mustrum though; once you start to inflict real damage, Mustrum will head over to them and they will heal him for around 250 HP. This will make the fight much harder if you are not around the bosses level. You COULD go around the arena and kill all of these spikes to ensure the boss doesn't heal, but ideally you would just fight Mustrum in the middle of the arena and once you see him heading for healing, you can use some sort of area skill to hurt Mustrum AND destroy his healing source. Ozma's Crag Burst and Frieda's Cocytus Drive are the two best skills (range-wise) for this task.

Once you take away half of his health, he will change forms, becoming much more physically impressive. It's all just looks though; in actuality, he has far less moves and no longer heals.

In this form Mustrum will try to leap and stomp on us as well as hitting the ground with his claw and causing three poison streams to spring up. These streams are staggered, so you MAY get off easy if you are close by when he does this, but you should just dash away when you see this move to be safe. Finally, Mustrum will charge around the edge of the arena. Once he wears himself down and starts seeing stars, you can REALLY lay into him.

Check out his moves below and take care of this deformed nightmare!

Here are Mustrum's moves BEFORE his form change:

    • If you are a long-range target, Mustrum will spit an acidic blob at you. This blob can poison you and stays on the ground for a while after landing. It doesn't stick around too long, though. You can see worms for a short time after it is launched. Disgusting!
    • If you are close enough, Mustrum will do a three-hit chomp at you with his middle mouth. This move can hit for around 100 HP per bite, so don't stick around if it isn't safe!
    • Another close-range move involves Mustrum flopping onto you. Or at you, at least. This is really easy to dash away from, but does cause an impact around wherever he lands.
    • Mustrum will often do a short charge at you while simultaneously spewing poison all around him. This poison can hit you multiple times but shouldn't be fatal unless you are really low on health. Only really dangerous if he charges you near a wall.
    • His weirdest move involves the two mouths on his flanks spewing poison outward. You can actually stand right in front of him when he does this and be perfectly safe. Naturally you want to hurt him when he does this, if you can. The poison travels a short ways (medium-range, we would say) and can hit you multiple times.
    • His last move is his most dangerous: Mustrum can cause spiked plants to appear all around the arena. He will than use these to heal himself. The plants themselves have low HP but can do a small area poison effect. Follow our strategies above to mitigate Mustrum's healing abilities.

Here are Mustrum's moves AFTER his form change:

    • Mustrum will jump high into the air and come crashing down. Very easy to avoid thanks to the awesome camera. The stomp does area damage, so be sure to stay away!
    • Mustrum will strike the ground with his new scythe-like arm and cause poison geysers to appear. Three in total, spread out in a forked pattern. These have a fairly short range, so you should be able to dash away in time, which we recommend just to be safe.
    • Mustrum's final move will have him go crazy... literally. He'll rampage along the edge of the arena and eventually try to run you over. Dash away at the last second (you will likely get a Flash Move as you do). Soon after, Mustrum will become dizzy. This is the IDEAL time to pour on the damage, so use your best skills here to really lay on the pain.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

Continue on (Save!) and enter the new screen to the northeast. Break through the coral to the northeast for a Coal / Silver Ore harvest point, then continue north . Fight your way to the top of the screen and kill the foes there. The west wall has a Strange Mass / Red Stone harvest point, while the northeast wall has the (very odd) Day in the Life of a Roo memory for Adol! After getting these, head through the eastern exit nearby to advance to the next area.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 84.2%
Chests Found 59.3%
Harvest Points 83.2%
Monster Compendium 61.9%