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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

BOSS #06

Elvaron, The Blue Cavalier

Recommended Level: 21

A party of Adol, Karna, and Ozma is recommended; Ozma and Adol will be the main damage dealers for the first part of the fight, while Karna will be doing the rest during the second part of the fight. Ozma can also bolster your DEF while giving you the attack bonus for being in your party.

You'll start off by hacking away at each of its four legs; use Ozma's Crag Burst to deal major damage to all four legs at once. Once they are all out of HP, he will collapse for a bit; take that time to unleash any and all skills and EXTRA skills on the red orb that is revealed at the front of its body. It'll take several tries to take it down completely, so once it stands up, repeat.

Once its HP is a bit under half, it will glow red and become more aggressive. Its legs' HP will now be gone, so you can only hit it while its red orb is in range. For Karna, it's ALWAYS in range, so switch to her and fire away with normal shots, and when you have the SP, blast away with her Napalm Shot. (Try to time a Flash Guard before firing the Napalm Shot for CRITICAL damage!) Keep at it until it finally crashes and burns to a crisp.

Here are its attacks BEFORE it turns red:

    • It raises its right arm, then slams it down directly toward you; Flash Guard just as it hits, or dive to the side.
    • It twists its body, then slices from side to side with its right arm; Flash Guard just as his arm swings, or dive backward.
    • It jumps into the air, hoping to land on you; Flash Guard just as it lands, or run/dive away as fast as you can.
    • It will shoot flames from its left arm, but with a very short range; you can Flash Guard it if your close, but since it's constant, better off staying back for a moment.
    • It leans back onto its back two legs, then launches a spiral attack from all four of its legs; it's somewhat hard to avoid, so try to Flash Guard a moment after his front legs hit the ground to negate damage.

Here are its attacks while its legs are out from under him:

    • It will raise its left arm up, then punch at the ground; Flash Guard just as it hits, or dive backward.
    • It will barely move its right arm, then slash at you; there isn't much prep time here, so Flash Guard just after you realize it's moving its right arm, or dive backward.
    • It will combine the two, starting with its right sword arm; try to time Flash Guards for both, as there is a delay before his fire arm slams down. Otherwise, dive backward.

Here are its NEW attacks AFTER it turns red, in addition to the old ones:

    • It will stomp with one of its legs; easy to Flash Guard, or just move away and fire knives with Karna.
    • It will stomp with one leg at a time, multiple times; again, easy to Flash Guard, but just stay away and attack with Karna.
    • It will lean back on its back legs, then launch a MASSIVE flame shot around the field; once it shoots, dive toward him and keep attacking, as the fire will surround him, albeit a few steps from his body.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After the battle, finish up and exit the Underground Ruins to the northwest. (And goodbye, awesome music track.)

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 46.8%
Chests Found 36.6%
Harvest Points 57.3%
Monster Compendium 36.7%

Tranquil Hill

Memories [_] A Gentle Voice

PSN Trophies

You will obtain the Closer to the Truth Trophy after clearing the Underground Ruins.

Watch the scenes as you exit the Ruins, where you'll automatically acquire the A Gentle Voice memory.

That's it for here, so explore what little of the map is here, then exit to the next area.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 47.8%
Chests Found 36.6%
Harvest Points 57.3%
Monster Compendium 36.7%

Plateau Path

Consumables [_] Shield Tablet Harvest Points [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
Accessories [_] Warrior Seal II [_] Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut
Harvest Points [_] Coal / Iron Ore [_] Coal / Iron Ore
[_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf [_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf
[_] Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
[_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf Memories [_] My Inspirational Father

Enemies [_] Wonma 2326118211945108-
[_] Robutani 2235016111351101-
[_] Boltani 221771489855106-
[_] Egriz 3043703482891953154-

Remember that you can only teleport to stones the same color AND shape. The stone monuments on this side of the river are a different shape, meaning that it's a whole new set of stones you can teleport with; if you find a yellow one here, it will ONLY teleport to yellow ones on this side, not the other.

There's next to nothing in this first area; just a yellow monument, as well as a Harvest Point with Coal / Iron Ore after you turn east. Other than that, proceed along the path, watching the scene along the way, until you come to the next area. As you come to the fork here, ignore the paths to the northwest and north, but hack at the Harvest Point here for Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf. Now, head directly east to the Stargazer Ruins.

Plateau Path: Stargazer Ruins

Watch out for the deadly Egriz here, as he will tear you to pieces. Go down the hill a bit, then head directly west, Harvesting some Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut along the way. Just to the west of it is another of Adol's memories: My Inspirational Father. While you're here, Harvest the Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf, and open the chest for a Warrior Seal II.

On the eastern half of this area, you'll see two large raised hills (black spots on your map); there's a Harvest Point on the south side of each one; a Iron Ore / Silver Ore at the top, and Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut at the bottom. Once you have all of those, return to the Plateau Path.

Plateau Path

Return to the first fork of the area. Now, head directly north along the "middle" path, which goes north to the right of the first path. It should lead to another fork; continue north and east first to open a chest here for a Shield Tablet. Return to this last fork and go down the hill to the southeast, coincidentally to another fork. Go south / counter-clockwise and check out the three Harvest Points along the way; Coal / Iron Ore, Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf, and Iron Ore / Silver Ore.

Head back to the last fork and head north / clockwise and continue north until you reach a branch; this is where the original northwest path would have led you, so get the Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut from the Harvest Point here, then continue north across the bridge. There is a yellow stone monument here, so be sure to recover and save before continuing north to the next town.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 52.3%
Chests Found 37.5%
Harvest Points 61.1%
Monster Compendium 39.3%

Highland Town (1)

Key Items [_] Notebook Scrap
Memories [_] Eldeel and Leeza

After entering the town, watch a long series of events before you regain control at night. Check out the window to the upper-right to exit, then head southwest for a quick scene. Follow the girl up the stairs and enter the chapel to take part in another memory... Check out all five of the things in the center of the room here (globe, telescope, etc.) to progress the story, then head upstairs and outside. After a long discussion, you'll return back to the regular world and finish out more scenes there before you regain control. (And earn the Eldeel and Leeza memory. Now it's time to visit pretty much everyone in town.

Exit the building, then check out Leeza's house to the right. After you're done there, check the next building to the southwest and talk to Dario. Next, move southwest and check out the chapel for real this time. Once that's out of the way, the next place you need to check is the building to the far west/northwest of the village, which happens to be called Philemon's Workshop. (And now Philemon's Theme from Persona 2 starts playing in my head... Seriously, look it up. It's an amazing track.) Talk your leg off, then leave and head down the first set of the stairs to the south to the lower level of the village. Head into the first building on the right, then talk to Werner, the man sitting at the bar. Lastly, leave and head all the way to the house furthest to the right/east and talk to Simon and Betty inside.

You'll see a couple of scenes once you have visited every place in town. With that done, it's time to return to Adol's grave just before the Plateau Path. (If you want to visit any other places besides Highland itself [or grind for money], you will want to do so now, as you won't be able to for a little while once the story proceeds.) Head outside of town and use the yellow stone monument to warp to just outside of the Underground Ruins.

Tranquil Hill

Check the grave to the east, and you'll find a Notebook Scrap. Finish the scene here, and you'll automatically return to Highland.


Continue with the long scene here, then exit through the window as you did once before to be outside. Make sure to stop at the shop and upgrade your equipment before you go. Stop at Philemon's Shop to meet with Gazock, who can refine/reinforce/etc., while you're here. When you're ready, leave and head northeast of the chapel to approach the Sanctuary of Storms.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 53.1%
Chests Found 37.5%
Harvest Points 61.1%
Monster Compendium 39.3%

Sanctuary Approach / Sanctuary of Storms

Consumables [_] Bitter Potion Harvest Points [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Life Elixir [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Bitter Potion [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
Minerals [_] Purple Stone x5 [_] Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit
Memories [_] Apprentice Apostle [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
[_] Peaceful Times [_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower
[_] Coal / Iron Ore
[_] Coal / Silver Ore

Enemies [_] Wonma 2326118211945108-
[_] Robutani 2235016111351101-
[_] Boltani 221771489855106-
[_] Egriz 3043703482891953154-

Sanctuary Approach

Head up a few steps and examine the blue stone monument, then check out the next area to the west. There's nothing here, but explore it anyway for map percentage. Return to the last area and head north, collecting the Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower from the Harvest Point. Move northeast to the next area, then head north at the fork; you'll eventually come to a dead-end with a Bitter Potion inside a chest.

Head back and go south at the fork here, hitting three Harvest Points as you travel east for Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower, Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower, and another Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower. (Ignore the northern exit for now.) At the dead-end here, BE CAREFUL, as another Egriz appears. Once the beast and his cronies are down, open the chest on the right for a Life Elixir, then check the memory at the far north to have Adol uncover Apprentice Apostle.

Move back a little ways, then exit to the north to the next area. Harvest the Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit just to the northeast, then head directly east and up the small hill here for two more; some Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber and a Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower. Climb up to the north, and you should spot a chest on the northeastern edge; it has a Bitter Potion inside. Continue climbing to the northwest, and you'll encounter the deadly Egriz once again. Fight or flee; either way, there is a Harvest Point with a Rotting Leaf / Marl Flower and a chest with Purple Stone x5 inside.

Make your way south, then west, raiding the next two Harvest Points for Coal / Iron Ore and Coal / Silver Ore next to the blue stone monument. Use it, then proceed north to the Camp, where you'll rest for a bit. During your rest in the tent, Adol with unlock another memory: Peaceful Times. Once you regain control, it's time to head into the scary part of the Sanctuary of Storms.

Sanctuary of Storms

Map completion is not affected here, so don't feel bad if you can't reach every edge and corner here without getting struck by lightning.

Move forward... and die.

In any case, watch the events, and Calilica will join your party! Her special ability (Thunder Sphere) allows her to throw a charge at various objects, causing your surroundings to help you / change. There are no monsters out here, so you may as well control her the whole time. For this area, keep in mind that you only have a few moments to travel from lightning conductor to lightning conductor after Calilica energizes them. If you get hit, you have to start over from the entrance to the area, even if you're a few steps from the Tower.

Calilica's Starting Equipment
Prism Mace
Cerise Cape

Re-enter the Sanctuary of Storms, then follow these steps...

    1. Move northwest and energize the conductor here.
    2. Move northeast and energize the conductor here.
    3. Move northwest and energize the conductor here.
    4. Head north to the next area.

In the second area...

    1. Move northwest and energize the conductor here.
    2. Move northeast and energize the conductor here.
    3. Move north and energize the conductor here.
    4. Ignore the conductor to the west, and head north to the next area.

In this third and final area...

    1. Move northwest and energize the conductor here.
    2. Move northeast and energize the conductor here.
    3. Move slightly northwest and you'll reach the entrance of the Tower of Providence.

Use the blue stone monument here before entering. (If you get struck by lightning NOW, you return here instead of the start of the area.) You can still stop back at Highland if you need anything; otherwise, continue on.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 57.8%
Chests Found 39.2%
Harvest Points 64.6%
Monster Compendium 39.3%

Tower of Providence

Consumables [_] Anti-Paralysis Powder x3 Artifacts [_] Gale Shoes
[_] Power Tablet Maces [_] Prism Mace +6
[_] Roda Droplet Armor [_] Cerise Cape +8
[_] Bitter Potion Accessories [_] Tactician's Gloves
[_] Catholicon x3 [_] Azure Scale Charm
[_] Celcetan Panacea [_] Warrior Seal III
[_] Kaiser Potion Minerals [_] Emerald
[_] Life Elixir [_] Purple Stone x5
[_] Anti-Paralysis Powder x3 [_] Sapphire x2
[_] Skill Tablet x2
[_] Roda Droplet

Enemies [_] Rogiong 2421717319463104-
[_] Inslape 25814182114139121-
[_] Zelsitu 267612891601507141-
[_] Vivuig 24243320132382114-
[_] Le-Vivuig 26334356145629132-
[_] Vivuigol 284603941591176141-
[_] Gelgrarga 26602172262121127Strike
BOSS #07 [-!-] Zandabal 24258134103100-
[-!-] Litonileah 241470149152100-
[-!-] Krell-Emecia 245220228138106110-
BOSS #08 [-!-] Krell-Emecia 288510272151159050-

Move north to the elevator... that does not work. Well, it wasn't going to be easy anyway, so go ahead and start climbing the tower on your own. Just to your north is an Anti-Paralysis Powder x3 in a chest to the right, so grab that before taking the western path. Follow it along to another fork, then move south until you reach a dead-end with two chests; the top one is a type of mimic (Vivuig) that will attack you, whereas the bottom one has a Power Tablet inside.

Return back to the fork and head north, and once you cross the block bridge, have Calilica use her ability to raise a gold platform to your east. Before going there, stop on the massive platform just south of it (just to the north of the first chest you opened.) You'll be ambushed by SEVERAL huge beasts; take care when you take them on, using Flash Moves to your advantage as well as ranged skills to quickly reduce their numbers. After they're taken care of, go back to the northern fork and head east. After crossing the platform, you'll come to another branch; move northeast/east first and continue to a dead-end at the north. Equip the Dwarf Bracelet here, then continue along the tiny path to the northeast to eventually discover a chest with a set of Tactician's Gloves! Return to the last fork, then continue north and west up to the next area.

At the fork, head down and take a left, then have Calilica light up the object to the north to create a bridge to your northwest. Head up there and check out the chest... to find another mimic (an even stronger Vivuigol), then follow the southern path to another dead-end, but with an actual treasure this time: a Roda Droplet. Return to the first fork and board the platform to the right; wipe out the Inslapes, then have Calilica energize the platform to have it rotate.

Exit to the south, then have Calilica energize the two objects in this area; the one to the east lowers a gate, while the one to the south summons a platform (though it still needs raised by another switch.) Return to the platform and have Calilica spin it once more, then exit to the east. Move north at the fork here and step on the golden button at the dead-end; this allows the platform to extend enough to access the prior areas without having Calilica spin it. Head south and east to an open area; slay the baddies that ambush you, then have Calilica energize the object to the south to raise the platform that we made appear moments ago. Return to the platform and take the southern exit, following the path to the new dead-end with the chest for an Azure Scale Charm. With that in hand, return to the platform and take the eastern path once again, following it all the way up to the next area.

You'll run into some Gelgrargas here; have Duren or Calilica easily take them out, then have her energize the object to raise some more platforms to act as a bridge. Move to the far south, and you'll see quite a few things to the northeast. The connected path leads to another mimic, so take it out if you like. Before doing anything else right here, head east, and you'll come to two dead-ends; the southern one has a mimic, and the northern one has a Bitter Potion in a chest. Now, return to the objects and panels, then have Calilica energize the two objects closest to you; don't energize the one on the far left, as it will just lower one of the platforms you already raised. On the right side of the platforms you just raised, open the chest for Catholicon x3, then go claim the treasures in the two chests you can now reach for... another mimic, and a Cerise Cape +8 that'll fit Calilica or Karna nicely! From here, follow the winding path as it goes clockwise to the next area.

Move north, then open the chest to the northwest for an Emerald, then return to the fork and head southeast and southwest to a blue stone monument. Recover and save, then attempt to cross to the southeast to face the first boss of the tower.

BOSS #07

Krell-Emecia, The Guardian of the Storms
(with Zandabal and Litonileah)

Recommended Level: 25

You must attack each of the four Litonileah that are stationed around the edges of the area. Sadly, once you get too close to each one and attack it, they put up a shield that pushes you away. You can still hit them then, but it's not nearly as easy, so it's recommended to dash back and forth between them, hitting each one a few times before moving on to the next. It's hard to stay in one spot, as Krell-Emecia is constantly blasting you with lasers while you fight. Ranged attacks like Karna's Napalm Shot (and normal attack) or Ozma's Crag Burst will do the most damage. Once all four of them are down, Krell-Emecia will be disabled.

As for Krell-Emecia's attacks, they are pretty easy to Flash Guard / Flash Move, so I strongly recommend trying to time Flash Moves so you can get some extra hits in on the Litonileahs. Here are his attacks:

    • His arms will glow green and he will shoot a green beam at you, which circles around the area; time a Flash Move as it hits.
    • His arms will alternate going from down to up, firing off a green beam directly at you; time a Flash Move as it hits.
    • He'll put his arms together, then they will glow blue and fire a beam at you; time a Flash Move right as you see the arm glow blue and start flashing.
    • An orb will start glowing blue under him, then will fire out four blue beams; defend or time a Flash Guard if you can.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After the battle, open the chest that appears for the Gale Shoes. With these, you can now dash and climb up steep slopes by holding the CROSS button! Excellent! Our first order of business is to grab a treasure that was up a steep slope earlier, so equip them and return ALL THE WAY BACK to the very first area. Once you're there, return to the central platform and dash to the north, and you'll climb up that slope and arrive at five chests. BE VERY CAREFUL, as four of them are mimics that can quickly slaughter you. (Going up there with Karna's Extra Skill ready may be your best bet.) So take them out, then have Duren unlock the remaining chest to obtain the Warrior Seal III. Once you have that, return to where you fought Krell-Emecia.

Make your way southeast, then follow the path; open the chest to the south when you see it for a Celcetan Panacea, then move east to the next area. Out here, dash up the ramp while avoiding the laser shots from Krell-Emecia, then you'll likely be interrupted by some Fildabals several platforms up. Take them out, then continue dashing up the side of the tower until you reach the top of the outside. Open the chest to the southeast for a Kaiser Potion, then re-enter the tower.

Take a few steps forward, then open the chest to the east for Purple Stone x5, then head up to a somewhat dead-end area. Energize the object by the northwestern dead-end to change the platform structure. Now, you only have a few seconds to cross all of the platforms before they disappear; this is good in the way that you can discover another treasure by falling at a specific point, so energize the gold platforms, then run normally (don't dash), and you should land on a raised platform with a chest. Open it for a Life Elixir, then jump down and take out the Zelsitus. After the fall, just head to the east, step on the gold circle to call the platform, then head back up to try again.

To make it across successfully, energize the golden platforms, then DASH across them to the other side, not stopping until you ascend the steep wall and are safely on the other side. From this fork here, go northwest to be on the outer circle, then head all the way northeast and east to a dead-end with several treasure chests (and Zelsitus.) Open them for Anti-Paralysis Powder x3, Sapphire x2, and Skill Tablet x2. Take a few steps back west to the fork we just passed, then head south, east, and southeast to the next area.

Head west a bit to a fork; go southwest first and energize the object here, and it will lower the gate to the north. However, traps are then released as well, so you only have a moment to get there. DASH to the north and try to avoid the spiked balls; it may take several tries, but once you're on the other side, take out the enemies and have Duren open the chest for a Prism Mace +6. Step on the golden circle to the right to permanently lower the gate and disable the traps, then return to the first fork in this area. Head northwest and along the circle here, and you'll come to another object to energize (after several ambushes along the way.) The gate to the northwest will be lowered after energizing the object, so head back and go through it, then continue northeast to the next area.

Continue along the path, and you'll come to one last blue stone monument; recover and save, then head to the far north for a Roda Droplet. Once you have it, return to the monument and enter the center of the area to your left to take on Krell-Emecia one last time.

BOSS #08

Krell-Emecia, The Guardian of the Storms

Recommended Level: 28

Time for a rematch! Krell-Emecia is finally going to face us like a... robot. This boss actually has two distinct forms. The first is the giant robot form you will initially fight, and the second is the central orb that houses the consciousness of Krell-Emecia.

An efficient party for the fight would be Calilica / Karna / Duren. The first form is fairly easy and you can see its attacks below. Hit and run tactics are the best here, although you can get away with prolonged attacks if you pay attention. You are going to want a character with wide attacks and wide specials to take on the first form of this boss, as not only can you hurt the boss but you can actually hurt (and destroy) each of its arms. Granted, it will eventually summon new arms back, but if you can destroy them while attacking the main body you may as well!

Your newest party member, Calilica, is well suited to this boss. Her wide attacks will not only damage the boss but chip away at the arms while skills like Gigant Hammer will utterly destroy everything before it (just be sure you are up close to the boss when you use it).

After you take out the first form, you'll move on to the second. This form attacks in a set pattern: first it will use its rapid fire attack, then its spin-dash attack followed by another round of rapid fire, and lastly a massive beam attack. It is extremely hard to hurt it until you get to the post-beam phase due to how mobile the boss will actually be. Sure, you can use Karna's Homing Knives if you wish but it's often better to focus on not getting hit then settle for miniscule damage. After the beam attack, you will be able to really lay into the boss. This is the best time to use your characters special attack and skills. The boss will just keep repeating this attack cycle until it is destroyed. You can expect to take away around 25% of its total health per cycle (50% if you use a special).

Here are its attacks BEFORE it... becomes a small annoying orb:

    • He will propel himself at you like a jet. Very easy to dodge, but pink electric orbs spread out when he runs into the wall. Dodge around to his flank and counter-attack.
    • He will often punch at you, causing his arms to glow bright orange. The punch has a long wind-up, so you can often Flash Guard as it hits. The last punch makes the beast pause, so use this time to pour on the damage.
    • When his arms glow green, he is about to spin around in a circle. Dash away to be safe!
    • When he raises his arms in the air, he's about to smash them down, creating a shockwave around the impact area. Guard or dash away.
    • He will raise his back pieces and shoot off lightning bolts which land around the arena randomly. He uses this attack fairly rarely when he has arms, and more often when he doesn't. The start of this attack can also push you backwards.

Here are its attacks AFTER it becomes a small orb:

Remember that its attack mode in this form goes: Rapid Fire, Spin, Rapid Fire, Big Beam.

    • Its first attack is the rapid fire mode, where it will spit out a series of bolts, dash away, and spit out more bolts. Keep on the run and you'll be ok.
    • The second move will see the small orb stop in-place and power up, then dash straight at you. He will do this multiple times in a row. You can Flash Guard this move if you are quick, or you can just dash away to stay safe.
    • Its final move is its strongest. It happens at the end of the Rapid Fire, Spin Dash, Rapid Fire cycle: it will stay in place and charge up, then spit out a MASSIVE blue beam. Dash as soon as it fires and approach the orb. You won't be able to get to the orb due to the blast shockwave, but once it stops you can finally get some good time in to hurt the orb.

As always, just remember to take the time to heal if you're getting into trouble.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

Continue onward once you have destroyed the boss and use the elevator to reach the top of the tower. Head north to the doors to see several scenes. You'll meet Eldeel here and will have some dialog options before having to depart back to Highland.

PSN Trophies

You will obtain the White Wings Trophy after completing the events in the Tower of Providence.

Use the elevator here to descend to the lower floors, then use the next elevator on the right to head down to the bottom of the tower. You now have a shortcut from the first floor to the top of the tower! We need to head back to Highland now, so use the blue stone monument to warp back to the Sanctuary approach.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 57.8%
Chests Found 48.2%
Harvest Points 64.6%
Monster Compendium 46.4%

Highland Town (2) / Even More Quests

Gold [_] 10000G Knives [_] Amazing Viscous Knives
[_] 5000G [_] Spider Edge
[_] 10000G Spears [_] Perilous Thunder Spear
Artifacts [_] Dwarf Bracelet+ [_] Lightning Spear
[_] Aeolus Urn Beast Materials [_] Hammer Beak
Key Items [_] Golden Wing

Enemies [_] Masked Soldier 28329027220540640-
[_] Ruzaslape 319482631635200-

Once you get to Highland, move south to fight four mask-enhanced soldiers. There is no denying it: this is a TOUGH fight. Going toe-to-toe with these soldiers will likely get you killed, so use hit and run attacks to wear them down and focus on killing them off (Calilica's Gravity Sphere and Adol's Stun Raid are good choices here.) Once you are done there, is a TON of dialog to read through for some revelations on the sweet, juicy story. You will eventually get through it and claim the Golden Wing, which lets you warp to ANY monument. Wow! Just press SELECT, then the R BUTTON to show all of the warp locations on the map, and warp from anywhere!

We can now undertake quests at Highland AND we have Calilica in our party permanently. Hurrah! Let's do the quests below; check them out on the Quest Board at the bar.

Quest: Unleashing Artifacts

This quest just requires you to go see Philemon at his workshop. Not very hard, right? Yeah, I think we can handle that...

Once you talk to Philemon he'll explain that he can unleash the potential in our artifacts. He'll use the Dwarf Bracelet as an example and will require an Emerald and a Topaz from us. Hand them over (or go visit harvest points until you can make them) and Philemon will make the Dwarf Bracelet+ for you.

Once you are done, you will have the option to upgrade any other artifact you own... for a price, of course. Nothing worth having is free!

REWARD: Ability to upgrade artifacts

Quest: Purchasing Silver - (Missable! [You can fail, and you can miss a Trophy.])

A very easy quest, with a high reward. Oona (the shop owner) wants to buy three Silver Ingots. Chances are high that you already have some in your inventory. If for some reason you don't, there are several harvest points that contain Silver Ore, then you can refine from there.

First, she will offer the money only. HAGGLE!

Next, she will offer the money and a Honey Potion. HAGGLE FURTHER!

Now, she will offer the money and a Bitter Potion. HAGGLE EVEN FURTHER!

Then, she will offer the money and some Soft Fur. KEEP HAGGLING!

Afterward, she will offer the money and a Fierce Beast's Claw. HAGGLE ONE MORE TIME!

Finally, she will offer the money and a Hammer Beak. ACCEPT THIS OFFER, OR YOU WILL FAIL!!!

REWARD: 10000G, Hammer Beak

You will also earn the Touche Salesman Trophy if you were able to successfully haggle / sell during the three salesman quests.

Quest: Wayward Guardians

Mariana will be at the cathedral waiting for you. It seems some monsters from the tower are wandering around on the plains and need to be exterminated.

The monsters in question are five Ruzaslape. They are a re-skin of the Inslape enemies from the tower, with higher base stats all around. Still, they will fall fairly easily. You can find them one screen south of the tower. We need to kill five in total, but they are split up. You'll run into a group of three first (a good time to use a special attack to make things easy) and then head north to take two more out.

Once you are done, head back to Mariana to complete the quest and get your cash.


Sub-Quest - Charming the Animals

Once again, we have more animals to charm! I love being a friend to all the animals! This should bring your total to 22/24.

Highland Town
UlpacaPlain UlpacaIn the bottom right of town, middle house, in the stables.
CamebullGentle CamebullIn the bottom right of town, middle house, in the stables.
PikkardShining PikkardIn the bottom right of town, middle house, in the stables. Must use the left outside door to reach him.
DogWatchdog GalmNear the shop in the center of town.
CatMr. TiddlesNear the entrance of the town, sitting on the wall by the girl.

Sub-Quest - Mishy's Hide and Seek

Once in Highland, you can start trying to find Mishy hiding in various places in the land of Celceta. Finding him in all 6 hiding spots will earn you the Mishy Masher trophy.

To complete this quest, we have to find Mishy (a unique... cute... cat thingamajig...) a total of six times. No worries, he's not missable at any point! Since we're done here at Highland, we can find him in each of the towns we've come across this far. We can't finish yet, but we can complete 2/3 of it.

Feel free to take care of the other sub-quests below while in the appropriate town, to save some time!

1) Our first encounter with Mishy is in Highland. From the entrance, head east and northeast on the lower level; once you're past the second set of stairs, look between the first two houses to see Mishy on the railing to the northwest.

2) Mishy's second hiding place is in Selray. Take the first left down to the dock area and get in the water. Swim to the right and Mishy will be on an island. Heh.

3) Our third spot is in Casnan. Head to the Governor General's building and hang a left. Head out to the ramparts where you'll find Mishy hanging out. Next!

4) Head to Comodo now and enter, but before entering the village proper, head to the LEFT and in the animal pen you'll see Mishy.

That's all for Mishy for now. We'll see this cute little guy again later on!

We also must make sure to hit up our missable quests here before we get too far ahead!

Sub-Quest: Mouse's Information - (Missable!)

Casnan: Head back to Casnan and go see Mouse. This time he'll sell info about Luluca, the daughter of our best MAAYUN!!


Griselda's Map Rewards: Now's a good time to visit Griselda again. Since you have 50% of the map done, you'll receive an Aeolus Urn and 10000G from her!

For EASY MONEY, upgrade the Aeolus Urn to the Aeolus Urn+, then go to an area with no monsters and just rubber band your analog sticks together. Plug in your Vita so it doesn't die, and just let Adol run to the right for hours on end while you go to sleep or work, earning tens of thousands of gold in the process.

Sub-Quest: Zara's Tickling - (Missable!)

Selray: We can hit up another tickle session now, so be sure you head to Selray and go see Zara about some tickling!

Quest: Hyper Weapon Test

Selray: Syriu has another weapon test for us! I'm... scared. This time you can either pick one for Karna or Ozma. Up to you. Either way, choose whichever you like to receive either the Amazing Viscous Knives or the Perilous Thunder Spear. (The knives leave Karna with Heavy while the spear causes Ozma constant Paralysis. Ugh. Use amulets to try and negate these effects if you can.)

To test these weapons out, Syriu tells us we must defeat five Crocle enemies. The best place to do this is just north of Selray. Head there and defeat the one enemy past the lake, then make for the Underground Ruins. Enter the ruins and leave. Once you do that, the Crocle will be respawned and you can defeat it again. Take out five of them and head back to Selray.

Return to Syriu and claim your prize!

REWARD: Spider Edge or Lightning Spear

Now let's head to the next area. To get there, you need to head to the front of the Tower of Providence and then take the left exit.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 57.8%
Chests Found 48.2%
Harvest Points 64.6%
Monster Compendium 47.7%

Table Mountain

Gold [_] 5000G Harvest Points [_] Wilted Flower / Fresh Leaf
Accessories [_] Blue Tree Earring [_] Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut
Minerals [_] Gold Ore x10 [_] Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit
[_] Red Stone x5 [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
Harvest Points [_] Wilted Flower / Fresh Leaf [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
[_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber [_] Coal / Iron Ore
[_] Strange Mass / Yellow Stone [_] Cracked Shell / Iron Ore
[_] Coal / Iron Ore Memories [_] Mr. Popular
[_] Coal / Silver Ore [_] Black-Winged Assailant

Enemies [_] Rabee 2626415511959127-
[_] Brancha 2731022218667134-
[_] Gemelon 28835287176918141-

Head down the slope and battle the Rabee you find. That slope looks perfect for sledding! Keep your eye on the left side as you descend for a Wilted Flower / Fresh Leaf harvest point and continue south. At the tree, note the Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber and fight the new Gemelon enemy. It will try and pick you up with its tongue to hurt you, but it is more annoying than dangerous. Ugh, tongue saliva... continue south killing enemies, but right as you turn east, harvest the Strange Mass / Yellow Stone. Once you have it, head all the way east and southeast -- ignoring the exit to the left for now -- and use Karna's Throw Knife ability to open up a shortcut back to Highland. Very handy! Once that's down, go ahead and descend to the west to the next area.

Head south and fight the enemies in the open area. To the left is a Coal / Iron Ore harvest point near another Gemelon and a Coal / Silver Ore harvest point below it. There are two paths from here to continue down to the south. Explore both of them, as they each lead you to the same place. As you head south, you'll fight more enemies, but you can find a Strange Mass / Yellow Stone harvest point down here, as well as an exit to the right. Be sure to grab the chest to the south first though for 5000G, then exit to the right.

Continue south and fight your way to a split in the path. There is a Wilted Flower / Fresh Leaf harvest point here. We now have to choose whether to go north or south. Head north first, since it is a dead-end. Kill the enemies along the way and look for a Rotting Fruit / Chito Nut harvest point. Beyond that, fight your way to an open area and kill all the enemies there. At the dead-end, look for another harvest point, but with Rotting Fruit / Raparo Fruit, as well as a chest that only Duren can open for a Blue Tree Earring, as well as another of Adol's memories, titled Mr. Popular.

Head back to the split in the path now and make your way south. Here you'll fight some Rabee, Brancha and Gemelons. Follow the upper wall as you head west to find two harvest points: a Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber north of the Gemelons, and another Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber just to the west on the upper path. Continue south and stick to the southern wall for a chest with Gold Ore x10. Go kill the Brancha nearby and check the northwestern path for Red Stone x5. Now that we have all of that, save if you wish, then take the southwestern exit to continue.

This next screen is a camp; set up a tent and view the scenes to unlock the Black-Winged Assailant memory. Once you regain control, there will be two exits on this screen. The one to the left leads to the Ashen Forest, while the one to the south leads to the Subterranean Forest. We'll visit both eventually of course, but let's head to the Subterranean Forest first. Exit to the south and check the left side for a Coal / Iron Ore harvest point. Fight the Brancha you encounter, then at the bottom of the hill is one last harvest point with some Cracked Shell / Iron Ore materials. Take the exit to the east when you're ready to enter the Subterranean Forest.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 64.7%
Chests Found 50.0%
Harvest Points 69.2%
Monster Compendium 49.6%