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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

Sacred Beasts' Lair

Consumables [_] Roda Droplet Key Items [_] Slate Fragment
[_] Honey Potion [_] Slate Fragment
[_] Healing Tablet [_] Slate Fragment
[_] Bitter Potion Harvest Points [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
[_] Power Tablet [_] Strange Mass / Green Stone
Accessories [_] Silver Axe [_] Strange Mass / Green Stone
[_] Power Ring I [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
[_] Skill Ring I [_] Strange Mass / Green Stone
Minerals [_] Iron Ore x10 [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
[_] Silver Ingot Gold [_] 500G
[_] Topaz Artifacts [_] Hydra Scales
[_] Sapphire x2

Enemies [_] Bibarmul 1112268461335-
[_] Rapshel 12121591453239Strike
[_] Amnagan 14192119805450Strike
[_] Reppi 137873442944Pierce
[_] Pigbulb 15545903713860Slash
[_] Varchin 111113050-
[_] Zogrom 164291546120266-
BOSS #04 [-!-] Volnake 131020013510517720-
BOSS #05 [-!-] Angoraboras 1641901628334550-

Once inside, check to the northeast, and you'll learn about Ozma's Unique Action: the Spear Thrust. With it, you can break weak walls underwater, which will allow you to proceed in otherwise blocked areas. Switch to Ozma and have him take care of the wall to the northwest, flooding the first area and allowing you to climb the stairs to the next.

Check out the blue stone monument just to your right, then move northwest to a four-way fork. Open a chest to the northeast for Iron Ore x10, then head all the way northwest into a new room. There are six chests in here; the one that needs unlocked by Duren contains a Slate Fragment , while the others have the following: Silver Ingot, Roda Droplet, Topaz, 500G, and a Honey Potion. Return to the four-way fork and head southwest to the next area.

There's not much so the south, so make your way north. At the dead-end with the water, have Ozma hop in and break the wall to open some more paths. Drop down onto the stairs, then head down and into the water. To the south and southeast is a newly uncovered chest; open it for a Healing Tablet, then head east from there up a new set of stairs. As with the last area, proceed to the north, where you'll come to a dead-end that requires Ozma's spear to create another gaping hole. This will fill up the central area even more, but this time, it also raises a platform back on the west side. Have Duren open the chest here for a Silver Axe; this helps with rare item drops, so you should keep it equipped on your main damage dealer at all times!

Make your way back to the first four-way fork of the dungeon, then head southwest back to the western area. Go ahead and take the southern path this time, as the boulder has risen enough for you to continue along past it. Once you come to the dead-end with the water once again, have Ozma break through it one last time to fill the central area up as high as it will go. With that, you can now access the stairs to the northeast, so drop into the water and make your way up those stairs, arriving at a blue stone monument. Use it, then SAVE.

When you're ready, enter the room to the northeast and face off with the giant serpent that would just like to say hello!


The Boss fight begins at 22:50 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #04

Volnake, The Serpent of the Rapids

Recommended Level: 16

Volnake is.... amazingly easy in comparison to our last couple of fights. (Which is pretty obvious if you look at his level, though his stats are high enough...)

For the battle, control Adol and release his Sol Breaker if you have it ready. Afterward, just spam Rising Edge on the giant snake, and he should fall fairly quickly.

Here are the snake's rather lackluster attacks:

    • It will spit several orbs of water around you; Flash Guard or dash away. There are quite a few of them fired at once, so a Flash Move would be in your best interest.
    • It will spit several arrows of water, in a line from side to side; dash toward him and land a few blows while he's busy covering the ground with water.
    • It will spit several arrows of water, in a line directly at you; Flash Guard or dash away, as only one (maybe two) will even hit you.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

Easy enough. Continue north to the next area, where you'll come to a glowing chest that contains your second artifact: the Hydra Scales, which will allow us to swim deep and breathe underwater! Just press CROSS to dive and TRIANGLE to resurface! Sweet! (We'll get to finally go treasure hunting once we're done with this place, as we have a few chests we've already passed that were submerged.)

Equip the Hydra Scales, then make your way back to the central area with all the water and dive down! Make your way all the way to the bottom, then check to the south/southwest, and you should find the chest that's been teasing you for a while: a Power Ring I. Now, while you're underwater, take a look at the northern wall; about 3/4 of the way up, you should see a hole you can swim through, so do so. In this area, take out the new enemies you see here (including that giant freaky frog), and open the chest to the north for a Bitter Potion.

Head back out to the main watery area, then return up the stairs to the southeast/east. At the fork here once again, we can now proceed east, so dive down into the water and make your way north to a fork. Instead of going south as the path goes, go north through the narrow hole here. Move forward and through the narrow path ahead, and when you reach the split in the path, go northeast first. You'll find a chest that Duren will need to pick; once he does it, you'll receive another Slate Fragment . Return to the fork and head northwest, coming to a dead-end. Have Ozma break through the underwater rock to the far north. Doing so will unleash a HORDE of Bibarmuls to come and attack you! Clear them all out, then open the chest for your just reward: the Sapphire x2 they were guarding in the chest.

Return to the previous area, then take the southeastern path, which will eventually bring you back up to land and turn southwest to the next area. Cross the nice, serene bridge to the west -- wiping out that monstrous, overgrown toad along the way -- to the next area. Jump in the water here and swim to the bottom. Make your way north, but stay on the left side. As you go forward, look for a jet that will blast you to the right and back to where you were; to avoid it, float up and above it just a bit; if you get blown back by just going up, then you need to go further. To the far north, you'll see five large rocks; take out four of the five rocks, which reveals a chest containing a Skill Ring I. Destroy the fifth and final rock to have five more drop down, then only destroy two so that it forms a bridge above you.

Return to the water's entrance and head west, following the path as it turns north. Harvest the Iron Ore / Silver Ore as you come across it, then cross the rock bridge to the east. Take out another beastly frog, then harvest the Strange Mass / Green Stone to the southeast. Exit to the north from there. Hop down into the water once again, proceeding north to a fork. Head northwest first, watching out for another jet blasting toward you. For this one, you can either continuously move northwest, waiting for it to stop, which should give you enough time to get to the other side, or move northwest and stop in each alcove to the left or right, to avoid the jet. Either way, when you make it to the other side, switch to Duren and have him open the chest here to find another Slate Fragment .

Go back to the fork and move northeast, opening the chest on the left side for a Power Tablet before going north to the next area. Climb out of the water and head north just a bit, harvesting the Strange Mass / Green Stone on the left, and the Iron Ore / Silver Ore on the right. After going through another pool of water to your north, you'll find another fork and a dark blue stone monument. Exit to the northeast before checking out the large door.

There are two Harvest Points here to the northeast and east; check them out for Strange Mass / Green Stone underwater and Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber to the right of it. Check out the large pillar to the east and have Ozma smash it; it'll tip over and create a bridge to the earlier areas. That's it for exploring the Sacred Beasts' Lair, so head back to the previous area and check out the large door. It's another touch puzzle, so go ahead and place the three Slate Fragments in their correct positions, then proceed inside.

Before the expected boss battle, you'll come across a giant fish that chases you!

BOSS #05

Angoraboras, The Gluttonous Tyrant

Recommended Level: 17

PART 1: For this first part, just swim away until you start seeing some of the bomb enemies (Varchins) appear on the screen; at that point, hit them so they explode a few seconds later, hopefully directly on him. Don't worry about damage; once his HP is depleted from the exploding Varchins, he'll retreat and you'll be fully recovered. Save if you like, then follow him through the hole he made to take him on, but on land this time.

PART 2: Most of the time, you'll just be avoiding attacks while waiting for the dingly in front of his face to be within reach. Once it is, have Adol use his Stun Raid repeatedly to build up its stun gauge. Eventually, it will become stunned; move in with an EXTRA skill to drop him of most of his HP. You should be able to take him out before he gets back up and around. If not, then take him on one more round.

Here are the beast's attacks:

    • It will shoot several rocks out from the top of his body; just constantly dash around the area, and they will miss.
    • It will shoot several bubbles from its chin; just constantly dash around the area, and they will miss.
    • It will slam a fin at you once, leaving his dingly open for attack for just a moment; try for a Flash Move, then land as many hits as you can.
    • It will bite at you twice, leaving his dingly open for attack for a few moments; try for Flash Moves both times so you can land multiple blows.
    • It will dangle its dingly in front of his face, baiting you to attack it; hit him a few times, but don't linger too long, as he WILL bite at AND swallow you and your party members for extra damage.
    • It will suck up a lot of water, pause for a moment, then launch it at you for major damage; this is pretty hard to avoid, but fairly easy to Flash Guard. Just guard as he spits, or jump away if you're not having luck there.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

After the battle, move north and watch a long series of scenes unfold. You'll eventually regain control in Selray.

PSN Trophies

You'll earn the Pure Waters trophy after clearing the Sacred Beasts' Lair.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 43.5%
Chests Found 26.7%
Harvest Points 44.0%
Monster Compendium 28.3%

Selray Village (2)

Gold [_] 2500G Plant Materials [_] Chito Nut x3
Consumables [_] Honey Potion x5 [_] Raparo Fruit x3
[_] Bitter Potion x5 [_] Arieda Fruit x3
[_] Antidote Powder x5 Beast Materials [_] Indestructible Shell x2
[_] Anti-Paralysis Powder x5 [_] Hard Scale x2
[_] Frog Extract x2

As with Karna before, Ozma has temporarily left the party, but he'll be back. With the problems solved here, you can now do Quests! Head over to the community center and check out the board to unlock three new ones! Make sure to SAVE before trying them, as the first one's reward varies on how well you do!

Quest: Shopkeeper for a Day - [URGENT] (Missable!)

Make your way to Ray the shopkeeper, just to the lower right of the community center. By volunteering, he'll give you the low down on how to handle discounts for the customers. Pay CLOSE attention to him, as one of the items that sells much cheaper than normal. (For me, it was Chito Nuts. It'll either be that, a Raparo Nut, or an Arieda Nut.)

    • 1st: Pamela: Recommend cotton.
    • 2nd: Rilche: Refuse.
    • 3rd: Rilche (again): Buy a fruit for her (30G).
    • 4th: Adol: Call out to try attracting more.
    • 5th: Cirrus: Sell him the Nut or Fruit that Ray had a high stock of.
    • 6th: Farna: Discount the Nut or Fruit that Ray had a high stock of.

If you were able to hit all six answers correctly, you'll receive a Recommended Goods Set (Extra Large), which is detailed below. (If you don't get the Extra Large, reset and try again, paying better attention this time!)

REWARD: Honey Potion x5, Bitter Potion x5, Antidote Powder x5, Anti-Paralysis Powder x5, Chito Nut x3, Raparo Fruit x3, Arieda Fruit x3, Indestructible Shell x2, Hard Scale x2, Frog Extract x2

Quest: Seeking Moisture

By taking the path to the lower-left of the town center, you'll come across a Lusty-Eyed Frog and a girl named Bonnie. If you give her 10 Clear Liquids for that frog of hers, you'll earn some cash, as well as be able to charm the frog! (If you don't have enough, trade in your Filthy Liquids toward Clear Liquids at the shop, or fight some Gelogs out in the Algon River Basin.)


Quest: A Swarm of Black

Talk to Bertha in the community center, and ask about the Vesbiwars. You'll need to pursue them inside the Jade Cave.

Sadly, that's all we can do for now, as we have yet to get there. (to be continued...)

Sub-Quest: Zara's Tickling - (Missable!)

This is the second of eight different times she will tickle you, so stop in at the community center and see her before heading out.

Sub-Quest - Charming the Animals

We have five more animals here to charm into our hearts! Keep in mind that you have to have completed the Seeking Moisture quest before you're able to charm the frog here. This should bring your total to 17/24.

Selray Village
DucklingEnergetic DucklingIn the center of town, just to the left, by the straw.
DuckKindly Parent DuckIn the center of town, just to the left, by the straw.
PikkardFluffy PikkardFrom the center of town, just across the bridge to the northeast, by some straw.
PikkardRough PikkardFrom the center of town, just across the bridge to the northeast, by some straw.
FrogLusty-Eyed FrogFrom the center of town, just a few steps southwest on the bridge. It's sitting on the corner post of the paths that meet there. (Seeking Moisture must be complete.)

With that, we are finished with Selray for the moment, it's time to return to Casnan City to proceed with the story. Yes, there is a lot we can explore, but being down to a party of two will make exploring a bit difficult, so we will postpone it for just a little while until we're back to three.

Leave Selray for another scene with General Leo, then head south back into the Algon River Basin. Proceed through it back to the light blue stone monument, using it to return to the entrance of the Forest, then back to Casnan, once again.

Casnan City (2)

Gold [_] 12000G Minerals [_] Gold Ore
Minerals [_] Gold Ore [_] Gold Ore
[_] Gold Ore x2 [_] Coal x30
[_] Gold Ore Key Items [_] Well-Worn Notebook

Upon arriving, you'll automatically report to Griselda. Watch the scene, then leave the Government Building for a few more. When it comes to selecting a memory to help you decide your next move, choose "The Tower" to proceed. When the next morning comes around, it'll be time to take care of some more quests! Go ahead and check out the Quest Board and add the two new ones to your journal! Unlike previous Quests, these are actually required to proceed. (Plus an extra sub-quest just to take care of it.)

Sub-Quest: Mouse's Information - (Missable!)

Pay a visit to Mouse in the alley behind the bar once again. For another 100G, you'll hear another rumor, but this time, about Panza and his eating habits.

Quest: Challenge

Just outside the bar by the fountain, you'll find Evan and Lyle. Accept their challenge, and you'll have to go all around town finding five pieces of gold ore to prove your worth. You can ask Lyle for hints... or just keep reading! Here they all are:

  1. In the bar, check by the wall of the staircase to the left for your first Gold Ore.
  2. In a house in the lower part of town, with a different-colored roof than the houses around it (which is Wagner's and Ada's house; if you look on the map, it's directly southeast of Evan and Lyle). Check the kitchen here for the second piece of Gold Ore x2.
  3. To the right of the entrance of the mine are the horse stables; you'll find one Gold Ore in the hay behind the horse there.
  4. In the alley behind the bar, on a box to the lower right of Mouse; you'll find one piece of Gold Ore there.
  5. Outside of the Government Building, there is a series of small tents to the left of the entrance; you'll find the last Gold Ore there.

Return to the boys to finish the task!

REWARD: The Gold Ore you already found, plus Coal x30

Quest: Miner's Wanted

Head into the first area of the Casnia Mine and talk to Wagner. Accept his request, and you'll be given a pickaxe to start mining. This quest is limited by time, so your reward will be based on what you can unearth! Start on the right, then make your way up to the top, then to the northwestern corner, then back south along the western wall, all the way to the southwest before time expires. Try to aim for just the piles of rock that have a gold top to them, taking out the rest only if you have the time.

REWARD: Any Ore or minerals you already found, plus up to 12000G if you were able to recover all 10 pieces of Gold Ore.

Return to the center of town after completing the quests for a scene. Follow the people to the northwestern exit (toward the Plains) for a comical scene between Leo and Karna, with several scenes to follow afterward. (During them, you'll receive the Well-Worn Notebook.) The next day, she'll permanently join your party! Now, we have one more quick sub-quest before moving on.

Sub-Quest: Mouse's Information - (Missable!)

Now that Karna's with you, Mouse has another piece of information! So stop on by and donate a 100G to his cause to learn more about Sancho.

That's it for Casnan, so go ahead and make your way to the first light blue monument in the Forest of Dawn: East.

Backtracking: Underwater Chests / More Quests / Selray Village (3)

Consumables [_] Bitter Potion Accessories [_] Crimson Scale Charm
Swords [_] Spectacular Heat Sword [_] Risky Bandana
[_] Flame Sword Minerals [_] Ruby
Gauntlets [_] Superb Toxic Gauntlet [_] Gold Ore x3
[_] Venom Knuckle

There are three chests we've come across so far in the game, so let's go find them.

Forest of Dawn: East

1) From the first monument, head west to the next area. Make your way south along the long path to the bottom of the 'S' (see the map), but before the exit to the southwest (that leads to the Gidona Crater), check the water to the north for a chest containing a Ruby.

Make your way back to the monument, then teleport to the Forest of Dawn: Wetlands light blue monument.

Forest of Dawn: Wetlands

2) From this stone, head northwest, then north at the fork. You'll eventually come to the pond; take out the enemies here, then jump in with the Hydra Scales equipped and grab the Crimson Scale Charm.

3) Return to the light blue stone and go south to the next area. From here, just go northwest, and you'll find the chest in the water just before the entrance to the Waterfall Cave. Open it for a Risky Bandana.

That's it for the chests! We have two quests to take care of Comodo, so let's get to those first. (From the light blue monument entrance of the Forest of Dawn: East, teleport to the Forest of Dawn: Stream, then head south, cross the big bridge, and return east to Comodo.)

Comodo Village

Nothing new here except quests, so here it goes.

Quest: Crafting Materials

Talk to Artisan Saisen in his tent to the left of the community center, and he'll ask you for three Indestructible Shells. (You may likely already have them, but if not, you can get them from the Gazapo (blue-shelled crab at the Forest of Dawn: Stream) and Hourun (red-shelled creature at the Algon River Basin) monsters, or you can trade Sturdy Shells (3 each for 1 Indestructible Shell) at Selray.

With that in his hand, not only do you get rewarded for helping, but you now have access to his second-tier accessories!

Saisen's Crafts (Crafting)
Life Ring II
Power Ring II
Shield Ring II
Skill Ring II
Gold Ornament
Hero's Cloak
Risky Bandana
Crimson Scale Charm
Azure Scale Charm
Warrior Seal II
Silver Axe
Golden Axe
Sage's Diadem

REWARD: Life Ring II

Note: If you have the materials to create them, making and equipping the Wanderer's Cloak and Hero's Cloak on your party members should give you a MASSIVE boost in both STR and DEF.

Quest: The Runaway Chick

In the tent on the 2nd level, talk to Shaman Pippi and accept her proposal to find her chicken. Just exit her tent and approach the chicken to the left to find it. Since you can't approach it from behind here, it'll run away. Go down to the first level, and you should see it on the right, facing the opposite direction; just sneak up on it and you should get it no problem. You'll automatically return it to Pippi for your reward.

REWARD: Gold Ore x3

Comodo is finished, so it's time to make your way back to Selray and talk to Ozma! (Leave Comodo to the west and north back across the bridge, use the light blue monument to the Misty Peak: Exit, then to Selray down the hill.)

Selray Village

Watch the quick scene with Ozma, where he permanently joins your party. Before moving on, we have one real quest, and one quick tickle quest.

Sub-Quest: Zara's Tickling - (Missable!)

Now that you have finished the events in Casnan and regained both Karna and Ozma, it's time to be tickled by Zara once again! Make sure to get it done before moving on.

Quest: Super Weapon Test

Syriu, the amateur blacksmith in the building to the right of the community center, wants you to test one of her super weapons. You can either pick one for Adol or Duren; I recommend Adol, since he'll be used more in the next dungeon than Duren. Either way, choose whichever you like to receive either the Spectacular Heat Sword or the Superb Toxic Gauntlet. (The sword will always leave Adol Burning [constant HP drain], whereas the gauntlet will always leave Duren poisoned [slow HP drain]. Make sure to keep them healed throughout.)

If you tell her that "It looks and sounds awesome!", then you'll receive a Bitter Potion as well as the weapon.

Once you equip the weapons, leave Selray and head back to the dark blue stone monument, then head east into the Forest of Dawn: West.

Forest of Dawn: West

Here, you'll need to take out 5 Rangoas; there are 3 in the first area, and 7 in the area after, 2 being just to the east. You'll receive a prompt when you've successfully defeated 5 of them; return to Selray once you have.

Selray Village

Return to Syriu and claim your prize!

REWARD: Flame Sword or Venom Knuckle


There is quite the spike in difficulty coming up right now. You'll likely take quite a bit more damage than you're used to from the regular enemies coming up, so make sure that you have the best equipment available, and to get extra healing items.

Now that we have a full party once again, we need to explore the remainder of The Forest of Dawn: West before taking on the Underground Ruins! From the entrance to Selray, go back a screen to the Algon River Basin, then go east and through this exit that we have yet to have taken.

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 43.5%
Chests Found 28.1%
Harvest Points 44.0%
Monster Compendium 28.3%

Forest of Dawn (West) (2)

Gold [_] 3000G Harvest Points [_] Strange Mass / Red Stone
Consumables [_] Bitter Potion [_] Coal / Iron Ore
Accessories [_] Power Ring II [_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf
[_] Courage Scarf [_] Rotting Fruit / Rotting Leaf
Minerals [_] Blue Stone x10 [_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf
[_] Red Stone x10 [_] Rotting Fruit / Rotting Leaf
[_] Gold Ingot [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
Beast Materials [_] Axe Tail x3 [_] Iron Ore / Gold Ore
Harvest Points [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore [_] Rotting Fruit / Rotting Leaf
[_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf [_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf
[_] Coal / Iron Ore [_] Coal / Strange Mass
[_] Coal / Strange Mass [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
[_] Strange Mass / Blue Stone [_] Coal / Iron Ore
[_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf Memories [_] Night in Selray

Enemies [_] Shard 1113581403239-
[_] Rushiarbo 1622197802860Pierce
[_] Barazowalla 17452211722871Slash
[_] Bozuonga 18237019811075380-
[_] Rangoa 184841655411777-
[_] Crocle 2228802451811408101-


You may want to take a party of Adol, Karna, and Ozma to start with; having both Karna and Ozma will increase your party's damage output, and having Ozma handy to boost your DEF will be extremely useful. Oh, and the fact that there are tons of flying bugs right off the bat makes the latter two that much more helpful. You may want to control Karna just to stay at a safe distance.

Keep in mind that along with the much stronger enemies, there are SEVERAL large creatures here that can easily stomp you into oblivion: the groups of Bozuonga, and a new threat, the Crocle. While you have leveled up and might be able to take on the Rangoa a bit easier, the Bozuongas (especially in multiple numbers) and the Crocles can wipe you out very quickly if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Same goes with large groups of normal enemies.

The biggest thing we'll have to worry about here is the Crocle, the giant reptile roaming these parts. His attacks are somewhat slow so they're not too hard to Flash Guard / Flash Move, but be careful, as they hit pretty hard. Make sure to take one down for your bestiary entry; it'll take at least one EXTRA skill and a one round of it being stunned before it falls.

Be careful and stay healed! Don't forget; you ARE outside. You can stand still and heal... if you're able to not be bothered long enough.

Just to your northeast is a Harvest Point with Iron Ore / Silver Ore, and below the ledge with the assaulting flowers is one with Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf. Head up the hill to the east, then look for a chest containing a Bitter Potion by a ledge amongst the pink grass. On the northern side of this ledge, you'll be at a fork; make your way west first and opening the two chests here; the Blue Stone x10 underwater, and the one on the far west ledge -- that Duren has to open -- containing an Axe Tail x3.

Return to the fork and move north, bringing you to another open area / split in the path. Harvest the Coal / Iron Ore along the ledge to your left, then take the western path, following it to the south. You can harvest Coal / Strange Mass and Strange Mass / Blue Stone along the way, and you'll find a chest to the west and south at a dead-end; it contains a Power Ring II. Return to the fork.

Head northwest now, working on the large group of enemies here, which also lead to the aforementioned Crocle. (Ignore the path here to a new area; we'll come back to it once we clear the forest here.) Check the far north for a Harvest Point with Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf. Directly west from it is a small path that wraps around to the south, leading to another Harvest Point and some Strange Mass / Red Stone. Once you have both of those, return to the fork and start making your way northeast, Harvesting the Coal / Iron Ore along the way.

When you come to a ledge, check to the north for another Harvest Point with Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf, then go all the way west to a dead-end with 3000G in a chest. Return to the east and start climbing up the winding path; eventually, you'll come to be close to the exit, where you can harvest the Rotting Fruit / Rotting Leaf nearby. Check the path to the lower-right of the exit, which leads to a chest off the beaten path; can claim the Courage Scarf from inside it, then head back and move northeast to the next area.

Again, be VERY careful in this area; more Crocles and a ton of Rangoas. Move east, Harvesting the Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf and Rotting Fruit / Rotting Leaf along the way. Once you get to the fork, take the northeastern path first, checking the Harvest Point for Iron Ore / Silver Ore and opening the chest for a Red Stone x10. Return and head southeast now, Harvesting the Iron Ore / Gold Ore and Rotting Fruit / Rotting Leaf to the lower-left. Further east you'll find another set of Harvest Points with Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf and Coal / Strange Mass, but you'll also find another of Adol's Memories here: Night in Selray.

Return to the fork once again and move northwest. Retrieve the Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber from the Harvest Point at the fork here, then head directly south to find the chest on the ledge we saw earlier. Open it for a Gold Ingot. Head all the way north from here to Harvest one last Coal / Iron Ore, then examine the log to your right to knock it down, creating a shortcut for you back to the first area of the Forest of Dawn: West that we seemed to have covered ages ago. (Feel free to venture back there and take on some Bozuongas, if you're feeling frisky!)

That's it for this part of the forest, so let's check out that area we passed just a few minutes ago. Return to the last area, then make your way to the open area in the center. The Jade Cave is just to the northwest, so head on in!

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 45.4%
Chests Found 31.6%
Harvest Points 50.6%
Monster Compendium 30.3%

Jade Cave

Gold [_] 3000G Harvest Points [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
Armor [_] Scale Mail DX +2 [_] Coal / Iron Ore
Harvest Points [_] Strange Mass / Green Stone [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber
[_] Strange Mass / Yellow Stone [_] Strange Mass / Blue Stone
[_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber [_] Strange Mass / Red Stone
[_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore [_] Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber

Enemies [_] Rushiarbo 1622197802860Pierce
[_] Labadi 152069952235Pierce
[_] Vesbiwar 17447183661900-

This area only has two small sub-areas, but has plenty of Harvest Points to forage. Proceed east, Harvesting the Strange Mass / Green Stone along the way. When the path splits a bit to the lower area, head down there, making your way west. Harvest more Strange Mass / Yellow Stone, then open the chest at the dead-end for a Scale Mail DX +2. Head back to the fork and move a bit east, checking the two Harvest Points above you for Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber, and Iron Ore / Silver Ore to the right of it. Follow the path a bit more, and you'll find two more Harvest Points (Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber and Coal / Iron Ore) to the far south before continuing east to the next area.

Quest: A Swarm of Black

Upon entering this area, a set of large Vesbiwars will appear, per Bertha's story. More will appear as you defeat others until you've taken out the entire swarm. You've beaten much tougher enemies already, so easily take them out to complete your task. Just remember to return to the Community Center in Selray and report to Bertha for your reward.


All that's here are three Harvest Points, so be sure to raid them. (Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber, Strange Mass / Blue Stone, Strange Mass / Red Stone, and Damaged Lumber / Sturdy Lumber.)

With that, we're ALMOST completely done with the Forest of Dawn. We'll come back later in the game when we can plow through the remaining blocked paths. Now, let's start the path to the Underground Ruins! Exit the forest and make your way back to the entrance of Selray, then head north to a new area of the Algon River Basin!

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 45.4%
Chests Found 32.1%
Harvest Points 54.1%
Monster Compendium 31.6%

Algon River Basin (North)

Harvest Points [_] Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
[_] Coal / Green Stone [_] Coal / Iron Ore

Enemies [_] Hourun 89939361425Strike
[_] Gelog 912259291230Slash
[_] Crocle 2228802451811408101-

Check the first Harvest Point to your right for Wilted Flower / Rotting Leaf, then head north and through the water. Once you're on the other side, look to your east in the center of the open area to find Coal / Green Stone at the Harvest Point here. Move north and northwest from there to find two more: Iron Ore / Silver Ore and Coal / Iron Ore. Once you have all those, go just a bit more northwest for a quick scene. Examine the wall here, and you should see the following picture:

For this puzzle, you need to touch the diamonds in a way that replicates the pattern in Adol's Journal. To solve it, just touch the top, right, bottom, and left diamonds to unlock the door. When you're ready, proceed through to the Underground Ruins!

Current Completion Percentages
Map Completion 46.8%
Chests Found 32.1%
Harvest Points 55.5%
Monster Compendium 31.6%

Underground Ruins

Consumables [_] Roda Droplet Swords [_] Bronze Edge DX +5
[_] Bitter Potion Knives [_] Hunter Knives DX +4
[_] Bitter Potion Harvest Points [_] Strange Mass / Red Stone
Artifacts [_] Spirit Cape [_] Iron Ore / Silver Ore
Minerals [_] Ruby [_] Coal / Strange Mass
[_] Ruby [_] Strange Mass / Blue Stone
[_] Sapphire [_] Strange Mass / Red Stone
Beast Materials [_] Hard Scale x3

Enemies [_] Ka-Bulb 149376572540Slash
[_] Hal-Bulb 1613089676456Slash
[_] Bulb 18202101776077Slash
[_] Cobira 191371594815083Pierce
[_] Complerra 20225139873889-
[_] Zorats 189451389867-
[_] Guspoun 2282219181573101-
BOSS #06 [-!-] Elvaron 21660023011770940-

More amazing music!!! Follow the path, making sure to check out the dark blue stone monument here. Move forward a bit for a quick scene, then continue northwest to enter the depths of the Underground Ruins. Proceed southwest, and at the first fork, take the path to the southeast for a chest containing a Ruby. Once you have that, it's time to go... *groan*... underwater. Equip the Hydra Scales and hop in, moving northwest through the narrow path. When you come to an open area, check to the northeast for some Hunter Knives DX +4 inside a chest, then head back to the southwest and through the narrow path there.

Once back on dry land, continue southwest until you reach a fork; make your way southeast first, and you'll come to three chests and a massive beast. Open the chests for a Roda Droplet, a Bitter Potion, and a Spirit Cape, which you need Duren to pick the lock before you can grab. Be sure to equip this Artifact when nothing else is needed at the moment, as it'll help you recover your HP ANYWHERE as long as you're standing still! Head back to the fork, then switch to Karna and go up the stairs to the northwest. Have her cut down the chain to lower the bridge, then cross it to the next area.


The large Guspoun that you just fought here is an excellent monster to learn skills from at this point of the game; just control the character you want to gain a skill with each time you take it on, and you should have no problem getting up to the character's fifth skill within a few battles. Just leave the area to the northwest and come back to have him respawn. (It's also a good way to get everyone to level 20 or 21 before continuing on, if you haven't already.)

In this next area, Harvest the Strange Mass / Red Stone, then switch to the Dwarf Bracelet and enter the crevice. At the fork in the tiny area, head north and northeast first, raiding the Harvest Point along the way for Iron Ore / Silver Ore. Once you're on the other side, switch back to normal size, Harvest the Coal / Strange Mass to the south, then take out the Guspoun and company. Climb up the stairs to the north and follow it to the next area, which is the bridge high above where you just were. Cross it, and you'll end up at a dead-end with Hard Scale x3 in a chest.

Return back to the fork at the tiny area and take the western path now, then Harvest the Strange Mass / Blue Stone to the right once you're on the other side. Take a few steps to the southwest, then clear out the monsters on this level before going down the stairs on the right. Check out the Harvest Point to the far southwest for Strange Mass / Red Stone, then enter the next tiny area to the northwest. There's not much in this area; just follow the path through to the other side.

You'll enter at a fork, so head southeast to another. To the southwest is a chest containing a Bitter Potion, and to the northeast is a dead-end where you had just seen a chest above you; have Duren pick the lock to receive a Bronze Edge DX +5. Return to the fork; we have three more paths to take here, so let's go northwest past the staircase first, as it turns northeast fairly quickly, leading to a chest with a Ruby inside. Head back to the fork again, and this time, climb the stairs to the northeast and equip the Hydra Scales. Have Ozma smash the wall in the water, then head through and follow the path all the way to another dead-end. Once you get the Sapphire out of the chest here, return to the fork one last time.

Head southwest from the staircase, then go through the doorway to the next area. Be sure to SAVE and recover at the dark blue monument. When you're ready, move forward on the bridge to take on the next big baddie.