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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

BOSS #14

Sol-Galba , The Muddled Galbalan

Recommended Level: 47

Sol-Galba, round two! He actually retains a lot of his previous moves from the first fight, but of course his stats have been enhanced. He also adds in a handful of new moves, just to keep you on your toes. Returning moves include his hand smash, which will place lines on the arena for you to dodge (again, go slow to avoid them easier), his shockwave move that is designed to push you back, and his fire spit that breaks up into smaller fire balls that chase you. These fireballs hit much harder now, so be careful.

As far as new moves go, one of the most annoying is a blinding light move that will daze you. This by itself is no big deal, but Sol-Galba will often follow up with a ground punch move and nail you with it. You CAN guard the flash move, but it requires a Flash Guard. Sol-Galba will also take off in the air and come crashing down a small while later. You can use his shadow to see where he's coming down at. When he lands, there'll be some area damage to avoid; the range is quite impressive, so be ready. Small bolts of energy will also shoot out from him in the four cardinal directions (relative to him, of course), so be careful of that as well.

His next new move is a simple tail sweep that sweeps around 360 degrees. If you are close to him when he does this, you may as well just guard, as your dash won't cover the distance to safety. If not, dash away. Finally, Sol-Galba has one last powerful move where he will get down and charge up a shot near his mouth for a bit, then release it at you. This powerful shot can be dodged at the last second to avoid damage, but does deal heavy damage if it hits. It is easier to dodge than previous bosses charge attacks though, so you should be okay.

With all those moves covered, let's talk about how you hurt Sol-Galba. You'll probably notice that each of its feet and hands have health bars. Focus on the feet first to (eventually) get him on his hands, but save your SP. Once he is on his hands, hit them with a powerful SP attack and finish them both off. After that, the beast will be stunned for a time and fall flat on its face. THIS is the time to actually chip away at Sol-Galba's health bar. Lay into him hard and you should knock off around 33% of his life bar (give or take). He will recover soon, and you'll have to start back from square one, meaning that you'll have to go through roughly three cycles of knocking him down before this beast is finished (again, more or less). Check out his moves below and pacify this dangerous creature.

Here are Sol-Galba's moves:

    • It will smash its hands against the floor and cause lines to appear. Milliseconds later, anything touching the line will be hurt. This is one of those rare times when walking SLOWLY during an attack can save you, as you don't want to run into a line.
    • Sol-Galba will spit fire at someone. This in and of itself is really easy to dodge (the fire is fairly slow), but several smaller fireballs will break off and home in on nearby allies. Dash away to stay safe as the homing ability doesn't last long. The fire itself is powered up of course, so be sure to avoid it.
    • Another returning move sees Sol-Galba raising his wings and producing a shockwave, knocking everyone back. Again, this is his "get away from me" move. He actually uses it a lot less often in this fight.
    • One of his new moves is a 360 degree tail sweep. This is a powerful ability with quite a large hit radius. If you are close to him, it is best to guard to mitigate damage. If you are a bit away, you can likely just dodge away from him to avoid damage.
    • Sol-Galba's most annoying move is a blinding flash of light. You'll see this coming as the screen's light changes when he is about to do it, but unless you Flash Guard it at the exact second he does the attack, you are going to get dazed. This move doesn't really stop at the daze though, as Sol-Galba will very likely (as in almost guaranteed) follow up the attack with his ground punch attack, hitting you with a line of energy and punishing you for not perfectly guarding.
    • Another new attack sees Sol-Galba finally taking flight. Follow his shadow when he does, as he is about to come smashing down causing area damage all around him. Fairly easy to dodge thanks to the shadow. It's worth noting that once he lands, small energy beams will shoot out in all four cardinal directions (centered on him: north, south, east and west), so be sure not to approach him from those directions to stay safe.
    • His final attack (or at least the attack you'll see once he starts getting low on health) has Sol-Galba charging up a beam shot out of his mouth and firing it at you. As you can expect, this does heavy damage if it hits, but by getting on the other end of the screen and dodging to the side as soon as you see him release it, you will be able to dodge it. It lasts a while though, so you won't be able to hurt him until it is done. Be sure not to dodge yourself into a corner.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)


The Boss fight begins at 1:57 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #15

Eldeel, The Black-Winged God

Recommended Level: 48

Here we are, finally facing off with Eldeel's dark persona. You'd think this would be a truly hard fight, perhaps even the final boss, but not so much. Eldeel has a number of element-enhanced attacks, and the vast majority of these attacks have some form of area-of-effect to them, so dodging is of the utmost importance here.

Let's start with the basics. Eldeel will summon giant water bubbles to slowly approach you in two sets of three; dash away from them to stay safe. His next attack is a series of homing fireballs that will try to hit you one after another, two sets in total. Again, staying on the move will keep you safe completely. Next up is a lightning sweep with his spear that will sweep 360 degrees around him. You should be able to dash away just in time and remain safe (or even get a Flash Move, in which case go back in and lay on the damage). His fourth basic move also involves his lightning spear (Eldeel really does prefer lightning). He will thrust his spear at you, which in itself is easy to dodge, but when he does it, several (around four) lightning spheres will appear out from the tip and travel around randomly for a short period of time. If you can get behind him or to his sides, you can easily evade them (your AI partners will often eat these).

Those are only his basic moves. However, once you get his health down to about 50%, you will see a scene where Eldeel will automatically use what is likely his most dangerous move: the lightning rod. Eldeel will charge up his spear for a bit, then it will disappear. A second later it will appear right where you are as lightning strikes it and causes damage to anyone within its radius while drawing you in. The secret here is to start running away from your current spot as soon as the spear disappears / finishes charging. With a sustained dash, you can remain safe from this attack entirely.

His last two moves come after you've seen the lightning rod for the first time and are rather tricky. The first isn't too bad... Eldeel will charge up a green sphere and throw it at the ground. These spheres aren't meant to hurt you; they are meant to hit the ground and cause green lines to appear. Once they do that, whirlwinds will travel down the lines and attempt to hit you. Much like the lines in the Sol-Galba attack, if you slow down and walk, you'll be much safer. The final attack is his worst; his earth buster attack. Eldeel will cause ripples to appear on the ground; these ripples will chase you while causing earth spikes to spring up one after another. Very tricky to dodge, but start dashing away as soon as you see this and change directions. He will do this twice in a row, just like most of his elemental attacks.

And that's all there is to fighting Eldeel. Other than knowing his moves, you have a massive HP bar to eat through, so be ready for a long fight. It is also worth noting that Eldeel can dash and move about very quickly, so try to stick to quick-acting skills to save yourself SP and ensure you connect. Check out his moves below and take on the Black-Winged God.

Here are his moves:

    • The first of his basic attacks is a set of three water balls that will travel slowly at you. Very easy to dash away from, but if you do get hit, you will often get juggled by them and take multiple hits. He does two sets of water balls in total.
    • The second of his basic attacks is a string of fireballs hurling at you one after another. If you stay on the move, you can dodge these with ease. Like the water bubbles, if one does hit you, all of the subsequent ones likely will as well, leading to multiple hits. He does two sets of fireballs.
    • Eldeel's third basic attack is a simple sweep of his lighting-infused spear. This is a 360 degree move, so be ready no matter where you are! Dashing away from it can often net you a Flash Move, so be sure to capitalize on that when it happens.
    • Eldeel's fourth basic move is his lightning spear thrust. The thrust itself is easy to dodge as you'd imagine, but be careful of the lightning spheres that appear afterward. They will appear in front of Eldeel and can move randomly about, so be sure to get to his side or back to be safe.
    • Once you have his HP down to 50%, you'll see his lightning rod ability. Eldeel will charge up his spear, and after a few seconds, it will disappear. It will then reappear wherever you are standing and not only try and suck you in, but also shock you with waves of lightning. You can dash away as soon as the spear appears, but keep on dashing to remain safe. You may very will die if you are unable to dash away in time.
    • After his health gets below 50%, Eldeel will also use a green sphere attack that causes green lines to appear on the ground. Whirlwinds will appear after the lines show up and travel down them. You can of course stay out of the way of the lines and remain safe.
    • For his last move, Eldeel will cause ripples to appear on the ground and chase you. These ripples will cause spikes of earth to appear underneath you if they catch up with you. Run away as soon as you see this attack to stay ahead of it and give yourself a chance to dodge it. Eldeel will send out two waves of ripples in total at you.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #16

Girguzalm, The Bronze Colossus

Recommended Level: 53

Girguzalm is the first guardian we will face. The first thing you should note is the solo HP bar. This boss will be much easier than most of the previous bosses we've been facing lately. Hey, at least he has those nifty shoulders that look like chameleons, right!?

To back that up, Girguzalm only has three moves in total: Boomerang Swords, a wind slash attack, and his rotating blade attack. See below for a more in-depth look at these moves. The biggest thing to note in this fight is to do whatever you can to NOT to get stuck in a corner, as you can easily eat several hits in a row and end up hurting afterward. The last worthy thing of note is that you can stun Girguzalm and lay into his core, although this isn't needed by any means to defeat him. Check out the moves below and lay this guardian low.

Here are Girguzalm's moves:

    • Girguzalm's most common ranged move is his wind slash. He will slam both of his swords down at you and produce two blades of wind that go screaming at you. He does this three times in a row. You have plenty of time to get out of the way though (or you should), so just dash back and forth to dodge this move.
    • Girguzalm's next move is his boomerang sword attack. He'll throw both swords out and have them return to him. You can actually stand in front of him and be safe... Well, not RIGHT in front of him, but a few feet away.
    • Girguzalm's toughest move has to be his rotating blades. In this move, he will extend his swords out and turn around quickly, creating a 360 degree whirlwind of death. He also moves towards you slowly while doing this move. If you get hit without guarding, you can expect multiple damaging hits to ensue. If you can, dash out of this move; you can also just guard through the damage, if you wish.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)


The Boss fight begins at 5:33 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #17

Zerivutz, The Silver Colossus

Recommended Level: 53

Zerivuts is similar to Girguzalm in physical appearance, only with bird faces instead of a chameleon. Also like Girguzalm, Zerivuts only has three moves in total. These moves include a powerful forked beam move (his most powerful move), a frontal energy sphere attack, and a side energy sphere attack.

You can REALLY cheese this attack if you wish. Two of Zerivutz's attacks are able to be endured (in other words, you can get hit by them and keep attacking). You can combine that fact with multi-hit skills to really lay into Zerivutz. This comes at the risk of getting hit by his beam attack (which hurts), but you can really stun him fast like this. Combine that with a Hero Ring enhanced EXTRA and you can often finish this boss off in one stun cycle.

Here are Zerivutz's moves:

    • Zerivutz's most dangerous move is a split beam attack. This move is so powerful that, as a rule, you want to stand off-center of the boss. When he does this move, he'll shoot a beam straight ahead (which should miss you if you are off-center) and to the sides. THEN the sides come inward. Stay still in the safe zone near the middle beam to remain safe.
    • Zerivutz's second move is kinda weird. He'll put his claws in front of him and shake them, making energy spheres come out. If you are far enough away you can avoid them as they spread out as they travel. If you are close, you are bound to take some damage though...
    • Zerivutz's final attack is similar to the frontal energy sphere one. This time, he'll put his hands to the side of the arena and cause shots to come inward. Again, only easy to avoid at range since they spread out.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)


The Boss fight begins at 9:33 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #18

Bulaghoul, The Golden Colossus

Recommended Level: 53

Like the other two guardians, Bulaghoul is fairly simple. He has three moves in total and looks similar to his fellow guardians.

Bulaghoul's attacks consist of a forward clap with his hands that results in a large area attack, a move where he tosses his hands forward and does damage by grabbing you while drawing you forward (we can't make this stuff up...) and a ground attack that shoots out several fire waves, as you saw during his introduction. This fight is fairly straight forward and similar to the other two fights. Every attack is fairly powerful though, so rushing him is not recommended. You can still expect to kill him in about two stun cycles though, especially with an enhanced EXTRA attack. Check out his moves below and take down the final guardian!

Here are Blaghoul's moves:

    • Bulaghoul will clap his hands forward, causing a large area attack. This is telegraphed well ahead of time and is very easy to dash away from. Beware of his slight movement when he does this, and dash back in once he is done to continue damaging him.
    • Bulaghoul's second attack is rather odd. He will throw his hands forward at you; these hands go straight forward, so dodging to the left or right works nicely, but they are fairly fast. If they do catch you, expect to be hit multiple times and drug back to Bulaghoul.
    • Bulaghoul's last move is where he slaps the floor and sends out a ton of fire shockwaves. These shockwaves are fairly spread out, so getting hit by more than one is not very possible. They are rather slow and easy to dodge as well.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)


The Boss fight begins at 1:59 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #19

Akasha-Glyph, The False God of Causality
(with Kut-Shell, Blo-Shell, Shu-Shell, and Forberis)

Recommended Level: 55

Here we are at the penultimate boss of the game. Akasha has two forms, so let's go over both of them below.

The first form is not really a fight against Akasha (the central boss), but a fight to get to him. Notice his GREEN life bar (yes, he has three life bars). We are going to chip away at it and get to the second phase of the fight.

To do that, we need to destroy three glyphs surrounding Akasha. The three glyphs are colored red, yellow and green and represent the game's attack types (Red=Slash, Yellow=Strike, Green=Pierce). The glyphs themselves are weak to the color they represent, so for the extra edge, switch to different characters to take them out faster. Of course that is easier typed than done, as you have to avoid all of Akasha's attacks as you go after the glyphs. As a general rule, you want to focus on hit-and-run attacks to give yourself time to dodge everything you need to, but still take out the glyphs quickly. Check out the first form's attacks below and work on taking those glyphs out!

Once you take out the first form, Akasha will lower down quite a bit and begin his second phase. This phase is annoying, as you can only harm the boss when he slams his arms down on either side of you and exposes his chest, so when he does this, go all-out with all of the skills and offense you can muster. During the rest of the time, Akasha is invulnerable to attack, so focus on dodging his various attacks and killing off the column foes. Seriously, stay on the move and only attack the column if it is easy to do. Check out the second form's attacks below to prepare and put an end to this menace!

Here are Akasha-Glyph's moves in his first form:

    • The first move you'll likely notice (and will carry over to the second form) is the column ally that Akasha has. This column has its own health bar and will try to crush you. Yeah... it's kind of odd, but very effective at distracting you. It will sometimes try to crush you multiple times in a row, like some sort of serial-crusher. Take them out when you can to make life easier.
    • Akasha-Glyph will summon a large sword above you and drop it down. It's pretty easy to notice a giant sword being formed above you though, so dodge as soon as you can to stay safe.
    • His most common move is a set of spikes that Akasha will summon up near his head and send zooming down at you. These spikes start out at four, but will become more numerous as you start to really threaten Akasha-Glyph by destroying the glyphs protecting his first form. Try to get a Flash Move here to give yourself more time to destroy the glyphs.
    • Probably his most dangerous move in his first form is his gigantic fist attack. The ground below you will glow, and soon after, a giant fist will punch upward causing decent damage. More importantly, it will knock you down and subject you to column pounding and spike impaling, which just compounds the damage done.

Here are Akasha-Glyph's moves in his second form:

    • The column attack will continue on into this phase. Heck, as Akasha's HP gets lower, you will start to see two columns out and about. Twice the annoyance!
    • Akasha-Glyph will sweep his arm across the arena. This move is fairly fast and will likely nail you once or twice during the fight. Try to guard (or Flash Guard) it, or even dodge inward to avoid it.
    • If you thought one or two columns was bad, how about a dozen? Akasha will drop multiple columns down at you. This attack isn't very threatening though, as you can simply dash away to avoid it. Since he only does it when you can't hurt him, there's no reason not to be on the move anyway.
    • This final attack only occurs when Akasha-Glyph is vulnerable to attack (when he has his arms down). When he is in this state, he will shoot a blue beam down at the ground underneath you, and a second later, cause it to explode upwards. If you attack his chest in a hit-and-run manner, you can often dash away when this move activates and either stay safe or keep attacking. Not very threatening.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)


The Boss fight begins at 17:37 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #20

Phantom Gruda, The Hollow Specter

Recommended Level: 56

We won't lie to you: this fight is fairly simple. Definitely a bit anti-climactic. Oh well...

You are controlling Adol alone of course, so here's hoping you have him in fighting shape. Gruda is fairly mobile and likes to dash around and guard occasionally, but he is really no match for you. His attacks aren't that threatening either. To top it all off, you have an entire inventory full of items to call upon so this fight will very likely be a breeze to you. Seriously, it is almost laughable.

Feel free to use items and lay into Gruda. Every single one of his attacks is blockable, and you can in fact slowly chip away at victory just by counter-attacking. That is far too boring though, so keep an eye on your health and lay into him to end this. Check out his moves below to see what you face and fight your way to victory!

Here are Phantom Gruda's moves:

    • Gruda's basic attack is a five-hit melee combo. This can do moderate damage if completely unguarded and sustained, but is very easy to dodge. Use a skill to counter this move and really punish him. If you're low on SP, try to Flash Guard for the critical hit bonus.
    • Gruda is fond of jumping high into the air and diving down at you. This does area damage, and once he has landed, shockwaves will shoot out from where he landed. These shockwaves are spread out and easy to dodge; either dash away from this or guard through it.
    • Gruda has a dash attack that he'll use at times to cover the distance between the two of you. Another easy attack to guard or Flash Guard.
    • When Gruda doesn't use his melee combo or dive attack, he will often do a spinning attack. This move is a 360 degree area attack, but you can just guard through it or dash away to remain safe.
    • Once his HP is below 50%, he will start to do his version of an EXTRA attack. He will charge in place for a while and punch forward. If he doesn't connect, nothing will happen. If he does connect, it will start a series of strikes on you, hitting you for around two dozen hits. Thankfully, you can guard through this whole attack and lose less than 200 health. Hey, we weren't lying when we said this was an easy fight! Finish him off already!
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)


Foria-Daros, The Holy Beast

Recommended Level: 52+

Make sure to bring a TON of Bitter Potions! The game doesn't consider Foria-Daros to be a boss, but since it is harder than ANYTHING else out there, we are here for you!

Foria-Daros hits HARD. Super hard. So guarding and dashing in this fight is a MUST. Be sure to read those moves below to know what you should expect.

An important note is knowing that you can actually get away from Foria-Daros (the Gale Shoes help). As long as you don't leave the area, Foria-Daros won't regain HP. You can use this knowledge to run away and recover HP naturally. Be careful when you do though, as Foria-Daros will use its long-range purple lightning attack when you get away from it. Honestly though, that's inefficient; again, make sure to bring a ton of Bitter Potions!

Guard well, know its moves and heal smartly. Try to use long-range special attacks when you can (Aura Fencer is nice). Equip something that will prevent Paralysis. If you need to, be cheap and run away to heal up and regain SP from the easy monsters. Abuse health items. Whatever it takes!

Here are Foria-Daros' moves:

    • Its basic "attack" is jumping around. Just doing this alone is dangerous! Each bounce sends an area attack out that doesn't hit very hard. Once it jumps away, a flower will bloom and shortly explode afterward. This attack is best to dash away from.
    • Foria-Daros will charge up BLUE lightning (the color is important!) and after a short time will shoot electricity at you. This blue lightning spreads out after it is shot. If you can, dash around it. If not, guard against it.
    • Also be on the look-out for PURPLE lightning. This is perhaps the attack that will kill you... the most. Foria-Daros will charge up purple lightning and shoot it out. It has a LONG range and a slight homing design to it. Being at short range is devastating but the attack also sends lines along the ground that will hurt you if you get caught in them.
    • The most devastating attack comes when Foria-Daros jumps up HIGH. It will attempt to land on you afterward and will then shoot out an earth attack that, if it catches you, shoots spires up. You can out-run this attack by dashing away.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Which game in the Ys series is this?
    • This is a new version of Ys IV, replacing Ys IV: Mask of the Sun as the new canon. It is a complete reimagining of what takes place in the previous Ys IV games, with some similarities and nods to those releases (characters, music, locations, etc.), but is otherwise a brand new game.

  • How many versions of Ys IV are there?
    • This release is the fourth. The other three were developed by Hudson Soft (Dawn of Ys), Tonkinhouse (Mask of the Sun), and Taito (Mask of the Sun: A New Theory), whereas this one was developed by Falcom themselves.

  • My characters are huge and I can't see much around me. How do I zoom in? (and zoom out?)
    • You'll need to use the front touchscreen to adjust it. Start with two fingers in the center of the screen and drag them to the opposite edges to Zoom In. Start with two fingers on the opposite edges of the screen and drag them toward the center to Zoom Out.

  • My party members won't attack anything and stay away from the enemies. What gives?
    • You'll need to use the rear touchpad to adjust your party commands. Start with two fingers in the center of the pad and drag them to the opposite edges to order your party to Attack. Start with two fingers on the opposite edges of the screen and drag them toward the center to order your party to Evade.

  • How do I access the Time Attack and Boss Rush?
    • You'll need to load up your Clear Data after completing the game. After you gain control of Adol for the first time, you'll be able to go to your Memories menu and access the bosses from there. For more details, see this section.

  • What's the best way to grind for money near the end of the game?
    • Defeating enemies that drop high value materials are the quickest way to get to a million; BY FAR, the quickest and easiest way is in the Lake Tolmes Ruins. In the Altar area (where you can warp), there is a group of 4 Merahvas right beside the southern exit of the area; they are weak to Slash, so they are easily killed by Adol & Frieda. But even more important is that they drop Titanic Bones that sell for 1000G a piece. Since they're right beside the exit, you can go to the next area, then come right back and take them out again, earning drops very quickly. Equip both a Silver Axe and Gold Axe to every party member, equip the Aeolus Urn+, and have one of each attack type in your party for the greatest success. Use strong skills and hope for Excellent Kills for better chances of drops; I used Frieda's Icicle Drop for 10 minutes, and earned roughly 150,000G from doing so. 900,000G in an hour! (While you're doing this, work on leveling up your characters' skills!)



    • The remainder of the walkthrough was perfected; all quests and optional tasks were added.
    • The percentages for obtained chests were corrected from the Lake Tolmes Ruins through the end of the game.
    • Bestiary entries were added.


(Marked as v1.00 accidentally)


    • The walkthrough (and all quests and optional tasks) was completed and perfected up to Iris, The World Of Records.



    • The entire Walkthrough was completed.
    • More updates will be coming soon relating to quests, trophies, and other things relating to a perfect game.



    • Walkthrough complete up to arriving at Highland Town.
    • Added three quests from both Comodo and Selray after all four party members reunited, but before the Underground Ruins.



    • Walkthrough complete up to arriving at the Underground Ruins.



    • Walkthrough complete up to finishing the Sacred Beasts' Lair and Selray Village for the first time.



    • Walkthrough complete up to arriving at the Sacred Beasts' Lair.
    • Updated the Item Creation / Upgrading section.



    • First partial version was uploaded.
    • Walkthrough complete up to arriving at Comodo Village.


Big thanks go out to...

  • GameFAQs.com for hosting our Formatted FAQs!
  • Thomas Lipschultz for being an awesome friend and my Ys sensei!
  • OmegaEvolution for the boss videos!
  • XSEED, Dengeki, and Famitsu for the statistics and items needed for the materials / refining / crafting / synthesizing charts!
  • PS3Trophies.org for the hidden trophy names and descriptions!
  • The Ys: Memories of Celceta board on GameFAQs for all of their help and input throughout the entire guide!
  • DaTreasureChest for the strategy on easy XP from the Bozuonga in the Forest of Dawn: East!
  • chuckyjugg for providing information on all of the Quests, as well as the Consumables, Key Items, Plant Materials, Artifacts, and Sub-Quests!
  • Leo for helping provide and confirm information regarding character skills!
  • YOU, the reader of this guide, for playing along!

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