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by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/18/14

Appendices (Continued)

BOSS #01

Aldovoss, The Awakening Armored Beast

Recommended Level: 3

DO NOT ATTACK THE ARMS, as it will do no damage! Instead, take control of Adol (since he can attack quite a bit quicker than Duren) and dash in toward its body, land a charged blow or two to gain some SP, then dash back as it counterattacks. Keep doing this until Adol's SP gauge is full, then rush in and start releasing a Rising Edges, dashing back out soon after to avoid damage. Repeat this until his SP is out. As you do this, keep an eye on the blue gauge below the Aldovoss's life gauge; when it gets full from being attack so many times, it will become stunned!

To speed up the battle, if you're good at timing your guards, you can attempt several Flash Guards rather than running away each time; each successful Flash Guard will result in you getting extra SP and points toward your EXTRA gauge, as well as being able to have critical attacks for a very short period of time. To perform a Flash Guard, you have to hit TRIANGLE right as the attack is about to hit you; no sooner, no later. With practice, it's not too bad, but it can take a while to get used to.

When it does become stunned, THAT is when you'll want to release your EXTRA Skill (if you were able to get your gauge full), as it'll do quite a bit more damage than usual. (Make sure to stand directly in front of his body before releasing it!) The gauge will turn yellow and start depleting, so use that time to hit him with your EXTRA skill, as well as barrage him with normal attacks and skills before he stands back up.

If not you don't have enough built up... well, then just melee him and repeat the process; you should be able to stun him again fairly easily, and you should be ready then.

Here are the beast's attacks:

    • It will raise its arm in the air, then crash down, sending shockwaves; Flash Guard or dash quickly toward the OTHER arm. (Sometimes, he'll slam down with his OTHER arm after his first. To be 100% safe, retreat to the bottom of the screen.)
    • Its mouth will glow a greenish yellow, then will shoot a laser directly where it's looking; Flash Guard or dash quickly away from its direction.
    • It will raise both of its arms in the air, then crash down with a large shockwave; Flash Guard or try to get to the bottom of the screen as quickly as you can.
    • Its mouth will glow an orange-ish yellow, then will shoot a laser horizontally across the screen; Flash Guard or try to get to either the bottom of the screen or right in front of his body as quickly as you can.
    • It will start shaking violently, causing rocks to fall from above; watch the shadows on the ground and dart away if one appears at your location. These are pretty hard to avoid, so you may just want to hold TRIANGLE and guard to minimize the damage.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #02

Melldrabie, The Purgatorial Hornet

Recommended Level: 14

Your best bet will be to control Karna from a distance. If your EXTRA gauge is already full, then just constantly run in a circle, throwing knives as you go to pile up enough damage and fill up the blue gauge to stun her.

If your EXTRA gauge isn't full, then have her hit once to build up your SP gauge, dash to the left or right two or three times, then do it again until the gauge is full, followed by spamming her Homing Knives to get the EXTRA gauge filled up.

Once she is stunned, QUICKLY switch to Adol and unleash his Sol Breaker EXTRA skill, as it'll freeze time while he's doing it, allowing the other two to pummel the queen in the meantime. (Karna's doesn't, and doesn't do nearly as much damage.) It shouldn't take much after that to finish wiping the floor with the bug.

Here are the queen's attacks:

    • She will launch yellow blobs at you; dash away from these, as they'll inflict the Heavy status. You CAN Flash Guard them, but you'll still sometimes wind up being Heavy. In particular, watch out for the third shot as the boss has a tendency to put it right in front of where you are heading.
    • She will momentarily look at the ground, then proceed to flip backwards, slashing upward; Flash Guard as her head goes up, or dash backward to avoid it.
    • She will fly high into the air, then speed down and plummet into the ground, becoming stuck; stay away from her shadow to avoid the downfall.
    • She will glow red, which will spawn a couple of Blaybyes to assist; take the minions out quickly, then resume beating the queen.

After she returns from being stunned, she will transform to.... AHHH! Shades of Pictimos! That right there is enough to give me a nightmare! She'll be on the ground now and will chase you around.

    • She will slam down one of her claws onto you; guard or jump QUICKLY and hope for a Flash Guard/Move, as her arm moves WAY too quickly to avoid it.
    • She will slice at you with both claws from outside in; Flash Guard as her claws home in, or dash backward to avoid it.
    • She will send a shockwave directly toward you, in a line; Flash Guard as it's about to hit, or just jump to the side.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #03

Glucarius, The Great Squilla of Extermination

Recommended Level: 16

In its normal form here, you can't do any damage from the front or back, and you can barely do any damage to the sides. There are two ways to go about this fight; passively or aggressively. I say be aggressive, but if you don't want to, then just control Karna and constantly circle Glucarius, throwing daggers his way to charge up your SP and EXTRA gauges, waiting for him to roll up into a ball and start crashing into everything.

Aggressively, take control of Adol and stand right in front of him, timing your Flash Guards as the blows land, which gives you an opportunity for a couple critical hits at his exposed mouth before his guard is back up. Keep doing this until he rolls up into a ball and starts his mayhem crashing.

Once he is rolling around, either carefully time your Flash Moves as he's about to hit you to avoid them, or just madly mash the CROSS button to the sides, avoiding him as he comes toward you. After crashing into the wall several times, he'll get dizzy, then fall to the ground, becoming stunned. WAIT until he's all yellow, as he's not vulnerable before then, then unleash your EXTRA skill on him in his mouth region for major damage (preferably either Karna or Duren, as Adol's sometimes redirects to the sides of the beast.) You'll likely need to repeat this process before he goes down; just keep in mind that the next time he rolls into a ball when his HP is low, part of his body extends outward, making it MUCH more difficult to avoid, so timing your Flash Moves becomes even more critical.

Here are the giant lobster's attacks:

    • Its mouth will glow yellow, then fire off several yellow orbs that cause Paralysis; quickly dash or Flash Move out of their way.
    • It will launch several boulders toward you; either position yourself between them (if you're far enough away), or Flash Guard/Move.
    • It will leap into the air, then come crashing down; this is fairly easy to Flash Guard, so try that, then deliver a few blows while its vulnerable. Otherwise, dash out of the way.
    • It will raise both arms into the air, then crash them down; this is also fairly easy to Flash Guard, so try that, then deliver a few blows while its vulnerable. Otherwise, dash out of the way.
    • It will punch you either once, or with both arms alternately; unless you're already far enough away, these are pretty quick attacks and are hard to avoid, so try guarding and hope for a Flash Guard.
    • It will roll into a ball and dash at you; at first they're fairly easy to just dash out of the way, but when his body extends outward to take up more area, it's harder to avoid, so try timing for Flash Moves.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)


The Boss fight begins at 22:50 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #04

Volnake, The Serpent of the Rapids

Recommended Level: 16

Volnake is.... amazingly easy in comparison to our last couple of fights. (Which is pretty obvious if you look at his level, though his stats are high enough...)

For the battle, control Adol and release his Sol Breaker if you have it ready. Afterward, just spam Rising Edge on the giant snake, and he should fall fairly quickly.

Here are the snake's rather lackluster attacks:

    • It will spit several orbs of water around you; Flash Guard or dash away. There are quite a few of them fired at once, so a Flash Move would be in your best interest.
    • It will spit several arrows of water, in a line from side to side; dash toward him and land a few blows while he's busy covering the ground with water.
    • It will spit several arrows of water, in a line directly at you; Flash Guard or dash away, as only one (maybe two) will even hit you.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #05

Angoraboras, The Gluttonous Tyrant

Recommended Level: 17

PART 1: For this first part, just swim away until you start seeing some of the bomb enemies (Varchins) appear on the screen; at that point, hit them so they explode a few seconds later, hopefully directly on him. Don't worry about damage; once his HP is depleted from the exploding Varchins, he'll retreat and you'll be fully recovered. Save if you like, then follow him through the hole he made to take him on, but on land this time.

PART 2: Most of the time, you'll just be avoiding attacks while waiting for the dingly in front of his face to be within reach. Once it is, have Adol use his Stun Raid repeatedly to build up its stun gauge. Eventually, it will become stunned; move in with an EXTRA skill to drop him of most of his HP. You should be able to take him out before he gets back up and around. If not, then take him on one more round.

Here are the beast's attacks:

    • It will shoot several rocks out from the top of his body; just constantly dash around the area, and they will miss.
    • It will shoot several bubbles from its chin; just constantly dash around the area, and they will miss.
    • It will slam a fin at you once, leaving his dingly open for attack for just a moment; try for a Flash Move, then land as many hits as you can.
    • It will bite at you twice, leaving his dingly open for attack for a few moments; try for Flash Moves both times so you can land multiple blows.
    • It will dangle its dingly in front of his face, baiting you to attack it; hit him a few times, but don't linger too long, as he WILL bite at AND swallow you and your party members for extra damage.
    • It will suck up a lot of water, pause for a moment, then launch it at you for major damage; this is pretty hard to avoid, but fairly easy to Flash Guard. Just guard as he spits, or jump away if you're not having luck there.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #06

Elvaron, The Blue Cavalier

Recommended Level: 21

A party of Adol, Karna, and Ozma is recommended; Ozma and Adol will be the main damage dealers for the first part of the fight, while Karna will be doing the rest during the second part of the fight. Ozma can also bolster your DEF while giving you the attack bonus for being in your party.

You'll start off by hacking away at each of its four legs; use Ozma's Crag Burst to deal major damage to all four legs at once. Once they are all out of HP, he will collapse for a bit; take that time to unleash any and all skills and EXTRA skills on the red orb that is revealed at the front of its body. It'll take several tries to take it down completely, so once it stands up, repeat.

Once its HP is a bit under half, it will glow red and become more aggressive. Its legs' HP will now be gone, so you can only hit it while its red orb is in range. For Karna, it's ALWAYS in range, so switch to her and fire away with normal shots, and when you have the SP, blast away with her Napalm Shot. (Try to time a Flash Guard before firing the Napalm Shot for CRITICAL damage!) Keep at it until it finally crashes and burns to a crisp.

Here are its attacks BEFORE it turns red:

    • It raises its right arm, then slams it down directly toward you; Flash Guard just as it hits, or dive to the side.
    • It twists its body, then slices from side to side with its right arm; Flash Guard just as his arm swings, or dive backward.
    • It jumps into the air, hoping to land on you; Flash Guard just as it lands, or run/dive away as fast as you can.
    • It will shoot flames from its left arm, but with a very short range; you can Flash Guard it if your close, but since it's constant, better off staying back for a moment.
    • It leans back onto its back two legs, then launches a spiral attack from all four of its legs; it's somewhat hard to avoid, so try to Flash Guard a moment after his front legs hit the ground to negate damage.

Here are its attacks while its legs are out from under him:

    • It will raise its left arm up, then punch at the ground; Flash Guard just as it hits, or dive backward.
    • It will barely move its right arm, then slash at you; there isn't much prep time here, so Flash Guard just after you realize it's moving its right arm, or dive backward.
    • It will combine the two, starting with its right sword arm; try to time Flash Guards for both, as there is a delay before his fire arm slams down. Otherwise, dive backward.

Here are its NEW attacks AFTER it turns red, in addition to the old ones:

    • It will stomp with one of its legs; easy to Flash Guard, or just move away and fire knives with Karna.
    • It will stomp with one leg at a time, multiple times; again, easy to Flash Guard, but just stay away and attack with Karna.
    • It will lean back on its back legs, then launch a MASSIVE flame shot around the field; once it shoots, dive toward him and keep attacking, as the fire will surround him, albeit a few steps from his body.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #07

Krell-Emecia, The Guardian of the Storms
(with Zandabal and Litonileah)

Recommended Level: 25

You must attack each of the four Litonileah that are stationed around the edges of the area. Sadly, once you get too close to each one and attack it, they put up a shield that pushes you away. You can still hit them then, but it's not nearly as easy, so it's recommended to dash back and forth between them, hitting each one a few times before moving on to the next. It's hard to stay in one spot, as Krell-Emecia is constantly blasting you with lasers while you fight. Ranged attacks like Karna's Napalm Shot (and normal attack) or Ozma's Crag Burst will do the most damage. Once all four of them are down, Krell-Emecia will be disabled.

As for Krell-Emecia's attacks, they are pretty easy to Flash Guard / Flash Move, so I strongly recommend trying to time Flash Moves so you can get some extra hits in on the Litonileahs. Here are his attacks:

    • His arms will glow green and he will shoot a green beam at you, which circles around the area; time a Flash Move as it hits.
    • His arms will alternate going from down to up, firing off a green beam directly at you; time a Flash Move as it hits.
    • He'll put his arms together, then they will glow blue and fire a beam at you; time a Flash Move right as you see the arm glow blue and start flashing.
    • An orb will start glowing blue under him, then will fire out four blue beams; defend or time a Flash Guard if you can.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #08

Krell-Emecia, The Guardian of the Storms

Recommended Level: 28

Time for a rematch! Krell-Emecia is finally going to face us like a... robot. This boss actually has two distinct forms. The first is the giant robot form you will initially fight, and the second is the central orb that houses the consciousness of Krell-Emecia.

An efficient party for the fight would be Calilica / Karna / Duren. The first form is fairly easy and you can see its attacks below. Hit and run tactics are the best here, although you can get away with prolonged attacks if you pay attention. You are going to want a character with wide attacks and wide specials to take on the first form of this boss, as not only can you hurt the boss but you can actually hurt (and destroy) each of its arms. Granted, it will eventually summon new arms back, but if you can destroy them while attacking the main body you may as well!

Your newest party member, Calilica, is well suited to this boss. Her wide attacks will not only damage the boss but chip away at the arms while skills like Gigant Hammer will utterly destroy everything before it (just be sure you are up close to the boss when you use it).

After you take out the first form, you'll move on to the second. This form attacks in a set pattern: first it will use its rapid fire attack, then its spin-dash attack followed by another round of rapid fire, and lastly a massive beam attack. It is extremely hard to hurt it until you get to the post-beam phase due to how mobile the boss will actually be. Sure, you can use Karna's Homing Knives if you wish but it's often better to focus on not getting hit then settle for miniscule damage. After the beam attack, you will be able to really lay into the boss. This is the best time to use your characters special attack and skills. The boss will just keep repeating this attack cycle until it is destroyed. You can expect to take away around 25% of its total health per cycle (50% if you use a special).

Here are its attacks BEFORE it... becomes a small annoying orb:

    • He will propel himself at you like a jet. Very easy to dodge, but pink electric orbs spread out when he runs into the wall. Dodge around to his flank and counter-attack.
    • He will often punch at you, causing his arms to glow bright orange. The punch has a long wind-up, so you can often Flash Guard as it hits. The last punch makes the beast pause, so use this time to pour on the damage.
    • When his arms glow green, he is about to spin around in a circle. Dash away to be safe!
    • When he raises his arms in the air, he's about to smash them down, creating a shockwave around the impact area. Guard or dash away.
    • He will raise his back pieces and shoot off lightning bolts which land around the arena randomly. He uses this attack fairly rarely when he has arms, and more often when he doesn't. The start of this attack can also push you backwards.

Here are its attacks AFTER it becomes a small orb:

Remember that its attack mode in this form goes: Rapid Fire, Spin, Rapid Fire, Big Beam.

    • Its first attack is the rapid fire mode, where it will spit out a series of bolts, dash away, and spit out more bolts. Keep on the run and you'll be ok.
    • The second move will see the small orb stop in-place and power up, then dash straight at you. He will do this multiple times in a row. You can Flash Guard this move if you are quick, or you can just dash away to stay safe.
    • Its final move is its strongest. It happens at the end of the Rapid Fire, Spin Dash, Rapid Fire cycle: it will stay in place and charge up, then spit out a MASSIVE blue beam. Dash as soon as it fires and approach the orb. You won't be able to get to the orb due to the blast shockwave, but once it stops you can finally get some good time in to hurt the orb.

As always, just remember to take the time to heal if you're getting into trouble.

If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #09

Sol-Galba, The White Galbalan

Recommended Level: 29

Sol-Gabla doesn't have many tricks in this fight. I mean, remember this is a flying dragon-ish monstrosity we are talking about, yet in this fight all he does is stand in place and use ranged attacks (which you can see below).

Needless to say, Sol-Galba isn't really giving his all in this fight, but that's OK. He only has four attacks, one of which is merely a "get away from me" move, so learn the threats here and get to work. Use a character with a powerful single-hit skill that you enjoy as you will need to be able to run away from Sol-Galba's feet at any time. That being said though, if you spread out from your other party members, you can occasionally get lucky and have Sol-Galba focus on them which lets you keep attacking (don't count on it, but be thankful when it happens!).

There's really nothing left to say about this fight. Check the beast's moves below and hit it with all you got. Heal when you get under 300 HP to be super-safe.

Here are Sol-Galba's moves:

    • It will smash its hands against the floor and cause lines to appear. Milliseconds later, anything touching the line will be hurt. This is one of those rare times when walking SLOWLY during an attack can save you, as you don't want to run into a line. Sol-Galba will rotate this attack based on who he is targeting, which as we mentioned earlier may be a very good opportunity to punish him extra for.
    • Sol-Galba will spit fire at someone. This in and of itself is really easy to dodge (the fire is fairly slow), but several smaller fireballs will break off and home in on nearby allies. Dash away to stay safe as the homing ability doesn't last long.
    • Sol-Galba will cause circles of fire to appear randomly in the arena, often chained together. You can expect to see around six circles of fire appear and cause massive damage if you get caught in them. Dashing away will often save your hide (and it is easy to get a Flash Move here); just be careful that you don't dash INTO another fire circle.
    • Its final move really isn't an attack move at all... Sol-Galba raises its wings and produces a shockwave, knocking everyone back. This is merely his "get away from me" move designed to make sure you don't beat up on him TOO much.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #10

Ribbi-Roi, The Master of the Grotto

Recommended Level: 35

Since Ribbi-Roi is at least four times as big as all of the other Ribbi, it's little surprise that he is master of the grotto!

This is a fairly entertaining fight. By himself, Ribbi-Roi is pretty easy. However, he is not alone: the other Ribbi will join him, which means he will get constant reinforcements. You will face up to four Ribbi alongside the boss at any given time, so it is best to focus on Ribbi-Roi himself since the reinforcements don't stop.

Ribbi-Roi's attacks focus on using his weight against you. He is fond of belly-flops and lunges, trying to smack you around. Thankfully these attacks are fairly easy to avoid. He will also try and kick his minions at you if they are available and can use his enormous tongue to lash out at you. In fact, he can use his tongue to trap one of your party members in his mouth, removing them from the fight completely. Don't worry about that too much though, as it is only temporary and you'll get your party member back after a minute or so. Check Ribbi-Roi's moves below and teach this giant from who's REALLY the master of the grotto!

Here are Ribbi-Roi's moves:

    • While not technically a move, it should be noted that Ribbi-Roi is backed up by a never-ending wave of Ribbis throughout the fight. Up to four will appear at any given time if not culled. Still, be sure to focus on Ribbi-Roi.
    • Speaking of minions, Ribbi-Roi will kick them at you if they are around him. This causes a small amount of damage to the poor Ribbi in question, but bigger damage to you if the hit connects. It's pretty easy to dodge this move.
    • Ribbi-Roi will lash his giant tongue out and swallow up a party member (usually whoever you are controlling), taking them out of the fight for about a minute. Not a lethal move by any means, but definitely unique.
    • If you are in range, Ribbi-Roi will lunge forward at you. He can do this multiple times in a row if he wishes, so be careful after dodging just in case. This move is pretty easy to dodge.
    • Ribbi-Roi's last move is the belly-flop. A giant frog HAS to have a belly-flop! This is very easy to see coming (since he is actually jumping) and causes area damage around wherever he lands at. Dash out of the way to remain safe.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #11

Mustrum, The Deformed Nightmare
(with Polestol)

Recommended Level: 37

Make sure to defeat at least one Polestol that is summoned during the battle!

Well, this thing is just plain ugly. Still, this should be a good battle for you, mainly because Mustrum actually has some strategy to his madness... He is all about his poison moves, and he also has short-range and long-range options, as well as a second form once you take away half of his health bar.

Beating up on Mustrum is not hard as long as you watch out for his short-range moves. These include a short charge combined with area-of-effect poison (you want to dash away from this, as there is no safe spot), a second poison spew that only shoots out from his flanks (you can actually stand right in FRONT of him and be safe... keep attacking!) and a flop move to hit anything in front of him. Lastly he has a chomp move that HURTS if you get caught in it (it is very short range though, and you can easily dash away). These are all easily evaded once you've seen them a few times. His only real long-range option is an acidic spit that sticks to the ground afterward and can poison you.

The real threat in the fight is Mustrum's final move and subsequent strategy. He will cause spiked plants to appear around the arena; you can manually destroy them, but they explode once you do and may try to hit you with area damage. Their real purpose is to heal Mustrum though; once you start to inflict real damage, Mustrum will head over to them and they will heal him for around 250 HP. This will make the fight much harder if you are not around the bosses level. You COULD go around the arena and kill all of these spikes to ensure the boss doesn't heal, but ideally you would just fight Mustrum in the middle of the arena and once you see him heading for healing, you can use some sort of area skill to hurt Mustrum AND destroy his healing source. Ozma's Crag Burst and Frieda's Cocytus Drive are the two best skills (range-wise) for this task.

Once you take away half of his health, he will change forms, becoming much more physically impressive. It's all just looks though; in actuality, he has far less moves and no longer heals.

In this form Mustrum will try to leap and stomp on us as well as hitting the ground with his claw and causing three poison streams to spring up. These streams are staggered, so you MAY get off easy if you are close by when he does this, but you should just dash away when you see this move to be safe. Finally, Mustrum will charge around the edge of the arena. Once he wears himself down and starts seeing stars, you can REALLY lay into him.

Check out his moves below and take care of this deformed nightmare!

Here are Mustrum's moves BEFORE his form change:

    • If you are a long-range target, Mustrum will spit an acidic blob at you. This blob can poison you and stays on the ground for a while after landing. It doesn't stick around too long, though. You can see worms for a short time after it is launched. Disgusting!
    • If you are close enough, Mustrum will do a three-hit chomp at you with his middle mouth. This move can hit for around 100 HP per bite, so don't stick around if it isn't safe!
    • Another close-range move involves Mustrum flopping onto you. Or at you, at least. This is really easy to dash away from, but does cause an impact around wherever he lands.
    • Mustrum will often do a short charge at you while simultaneously spewing poison all around him. This poison can hit you multiple times but shouldn't be fatal unless you are really low on health. Only really dangerous if he charges you near a wall.
    • His weirdest move involves the two mouths on his flanks spewing poison outward. You can actually stand right in front of him when he does this and be perfectly safe. Naturally you want to hurt him when he does this, if you can. The poison travels a short ways (medium-range, we would say) and can hit you multiple times.
    • His last move is his most dangerous: Mustrum can cause spiked plants to appear all around the arena. He will than use these to heal himself. The plants themselves have low HP but can do a small area poison effect. Follow our strategies above to mitigate Mustrum's healing abilities.

Here are Mustrum's moves AFTER his form change:

    • Mustrum will jump high into the air and come crashing down. Very easy to avoid thanks to the awesome camera. The stomp does area damage, so be sure to stay away!
    • Mustrum will strike the ground with his new scythe-like arm and cause poison geysers to appear. Three in total, spread out in a forked pattern. These have a fairly short range, so you should be able to dash away in time, which we recommend just to be safe.
    • Mustrum's final move will have him go crazy... literally. He'll rampage along the edge of the arena and eventually try to run you over. Dash away at the last second (you will likely get a Flash Move as you do). Soon after, Mustrum will become dizzy. This is the IDEAL time to pour on the damage, so use your best skills here to really lay on the pain.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
Video provided by ··· OmegaEvolution ··· (videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #12

Bami, The Enchanting Magician
(with Mesarabadi)

Recommended Level: 43

Make sure to defeat at least one Mesarabadi that is summoned during the battle!

Time to finally take out Bami! She has one last little trick though, and will transform into a type of Siren...

As we mentioned before, using Karna in this fight would be your best bet (and even makes perfect sense along with the story!) You will be able to get in several extra hits as Bami moves up and down vertically for some moves, and you'll also have some handy range. It's not a MUST though, so use whomever you are comfortable with.

Bami has a good variety of up-close moves and ranged attacks. For close up moves, watch out for her very quick front kick (which will launch you in the air), her ground slam (she will take off up in the area and slam down onto the ground - watch her shadow) and her flame-thrower attack (which is really easy to see coming).

For her long-ranged options, Bami likes to rise up into the air a little ways and come down with her talons out-stretched. She is trying to run into you, but she is moving extremely slow (if she does get you, she'll pick you up and drop you). She also has a projectile move that will shoot out five chakra-like weapons at you. These travel fairly fast and hit rather hard, so it is best just to guard. With skill, you may get a Flash Guard and can then really put the hurt on Bami.

Bami adds in two special attacks once the fight is well underway. The first is her summoning move: Bami will summon three bat enemies to her aid. Use a powerful area skill (Napalm Shot works nicely) once the enemies have been summoned to help destroy them. Bami's final move is devastating: she will stay in place and envelope herself in a purple aura. After a little while Bami will unleash a very powerful series of lightning strikes. This lightning peppers the arena you are in, but you get a split-second of seeing a purple shadow on the ground before the lightning hits so do your best to run around and avoid the strikes. If you do get hit you will take a TON of damage (likely 300-400 easily), and if you get hit quickly (on the first wave) you may very well get knocked down and hit by subsequent lightning bolts, which may outright kill you.

Focus on dodging Bami's projectile attacks and lightning and you will be okay. Check out her moves below for an edge.

Here are Bami's moves more in-depth:

    • If she is close enough, Bami will attempt to somersault-kick you. This will launch you up in the air if it connects. You won't likely get hit with this if you keep on the move.
    • One of her favorite moves has Bami flying up into the air and after a few seconds slamming back down, causing a fairly large area-of-effect damage radius. You can follow her shadow to see exactly where she is going to land, making this another move you likely won't have trouble with.
    • Another close-ranged move is Bami's flame-thrower. This is telegraphed well ahead of time as Bami charges up two large fire spheres and then uses them to spread flame directly in front of her. If you are lucky enough to get behind her when she does this, you can attack without worry. Otherwise, just run away.
    • Bami will rise up into the air a little ways and come back down feet-first. She will appear to be moving fast thanks to a shadow behind her, but in reality this move is very easy to dodge. If she does get to you, she will grab you up in her claws and rise up in the air with you, slamming you down afterward.
    • One of her most dangerous moves involves her throwing chakra-like projectiles at you. Bami will pause for a second and whip her wings outwards, producing five projectile weapons that will spread out and have a slight homing property. These things move fairly fast, so it is best to aim for a guard or Flash Guard to mitigate damage.
    • If Bami wasn't annoying enough already, she has the ability to summon bats as allies during the fight. Three, in total. Try to get in a powerful area attack once they are summoned to not only hurt them all at once but Bami as well.
    • Bami's final move is her most powerful: her lightning attack! Bami will envelope herself in energy and charge. This takes her a little while, so lay into her for a few seconds while she is charging, then run! Bami will then unleash the fury, causing multiple lightning strikes to rain down in the arena. These HURT if they hit you. You can see a brief purple shadow on the ground before they strike, so do your best to run out of the way to survive the attack.
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
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The Boss fight begins at 6:16 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)

BOSS #13

Gadis, The Sadistic Beast Tamer
(with Dagbanther)

Recommended Level: 43

Make sure to defeat at least one Dagbanther that is summoned during the battle!

Gadis has a fairly brutal personality, so it should come as no surprise that he turns into a giant beast bent on flattening you. He has a decent mix of short range attacks and long range attacks as well as two special moves that he'll pull out in the last half of the fight.

If you get too close, Gadis may try to grab you in his non-claw hand and charge up energy, causing an explosion in his hand to hurt you for major damage. You can stop this if you do enough damage while he is charging. For the rest of Gadis' close ranged attacks, you can expect quite a bit of range thanks to his huge claw. These include a frontal area sweep and an overhead slam. You can still dodge these moves, but beware of their deceptive range. Gadis is also fond of leaping at you and causing wide area damage. Again, this damage radius is probably bigger than you are expecting, so run and dash as soon as you see it until you are used to it. It is extremely worth noting that Gadis takes a LONG TIME to get up after his belly flop attack and you can and should lay on the pain after he uses it.

For long range attacks, his most dangerous option is to throw his claw like a boomerang. This thing packs a decent punch and is fairly fast, so guarding (or Flash Guarding) is often your best option. He nailed us a few times by throwing it while we were on the move, so be careful at all times and be sure to watch out for its round trip return. Note that you can often run up to him and attack his right side as it is returning without worrying about your safety. Gadis also has a missile launcher in his arm (no kidding!) that can fire off five missiles in a row. These missiles travel slowly though, so they are easy to outrun despite their slight homing properties.

To cap things off, Gadis will summon wolves from nowhere to come attack you. Makes sense for a beast tamer, I suppose. These wolves are little more than a nuisance, but can do light damage and should be destroyed. Once his life is halfway gone, Gadis will start to use his most powerful ability; he will charge up his claw with red energy while pointing it at you. After charging for a while, Gadis will fire it at you, producing a large beam of fire. If you are close to his level, you should pour on damage while he is charging as it is possible to stun him, which not only cancels his attack but also gives you a stun period to hurt him in. If that fails, we'd advise retreating far away and standing still; wait for his shot and dodge it. He may fire at you or just to your side, so judge quickly and dodge away from danger. If he does hit you, you are looking at around 500 damage per hit and multiple hits, which is likely to outright kill you.

Check out his moves further below for a recap and take this beast tamer out. Here are Gadis' moves more in-depth:

    • If you are too close, Gadis will try and grab you or an ally. If he does this, he'll charge energy which will eventually explode the party member in question and deal large damage. It is possible to stun Gadis out of this move.
    • Gadis is extremely fond of belly-flopping at you, which will cause a fairly wide area attack where he lands. Try to avoid it. This attack makes Gadis slowly get back up on his feet, which is time you should use to pour the pain on!
    • If you are close, Gadis may pull his claw back and use it for a wide frontal sweep attack. If you can, dodge to his right and try to get behind him, or if you are on the move, dodge away. If he's caught you in a bad spot, just guard.
    • Gadis can also use his claw arm in an overhead forward slam. His arm extends for this attack, giving it decent and unexpected range. Dodging away from this attack will keep you safe though, which is fairly easy.
    • If you are further away, Gadis may take his claw off and throw it like a boomerang at you. This projectile travels fairly fast, so if you are in the line of fire, it's best to guard. If you are lucky, Gadis may be using this against a teammate and you can hurt him while he is doing it.
    • Another ranged attack has Gadis produce a missile launcher out of his arm and firing five missiles into the air. These missiles travel VERY slowly (talk about a bad missile!), but will try to hit you with their slight homing ability. This attack is very easy to dodge as long as you don't forget to!
    • Like a true beast tamer, Gadis can summon wolves to assist in his battle. Two wolves will come out of nowhere and attack. Use a powerful area attack if you can to hurt them and Gadis in one fell swoop as he often (but not always) summmons them to appear right by his side.
    • Gadis' most dangerous attack by far will start appearing once you have his HP around half (or more accurately, around 60% or so). Gadis will charge up his claw with red energy and get ready to shoot a large fire beam at you. If you are confident / strong enough, you can pour on the damage while he is charging and stun him out of it. If you do end up facing it, get a ways away and be ready to dodge once the shot is fired. Be careful, as the shot may be fired just to your left or right, forcing you to dodge appropriately. Getting hit by this attack will likely kill you. No pressure, right?
If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
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The Boss fight begins at 3:09 in the video below. (Videos may contain spoilers!)