• Trophies

    There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    100UPYou got 100 extra monkeys in Monkey Ball!Bronze
    Advanced Course World 1 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Advanced Course World 1!Bronze
    Advanced Course World 2 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Advanced Course World 2!Bronze
    Advanced Course World 3 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Advanced Course World 3!Bronze
    Advanced Course World 4 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Advanced Course World 4!Bronze
    Advanced Course World 5 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Advanced Course World 5!Silver
    Banana BanditYou stole 15 bananas in Monkey Rodeo!Bronze
    Banana BoycottYou cleared a Monkey Ball stage without collecting any bananas!Bronze
    Banana MasterCollected all bananas in all Monkey Ball stages!Gold
    Banana SheriffYou got 30 bananas in Monkey Rodeo!Bronze
    Banana SplitzYou earned all other trophies!Platinum
    Beginner Course World 1 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Beginner Course World 1!Bronze
    Bingo!You got a bingo in Monkey Bingo!Bronze
    Bingo! Bingo!You got two bingos in a single game of Monkey Bingo!Bronze
    Bumper BossYou crashed into a 100 bumpers!Bronze
    Countdown CompetitorYou cleared 10 Monkey Ball stages in the last 10 seconds!Bronze
    Edit AnniversaryYou created 100 edit stages!Bronze
    Editor-in-ChiefYou've saved as many edited stages as possible!Bronze
    Excellent PointYou landed a 500-point location in Monkey Target!Bronze
    Falling MonkeyYou fell off 100 times in Monkey Ball!Bronze
    Funky Baby MonkeyYou played Monkey Ball with Baby 250 times!Bronze
    Go Go GonGonYou played Monkey Ball with GonGon 250 times!Bronze
    Goal AnniversaryCleared 100 Monkey Ball stages!Bronze
    Good HustleYou dropped two balls in one shot in Battle Billiards!Bronze
    Hard ShakerYou shook a lot in Edit Mode!Bronze
    Hide-and-Seek MonkeyPassed through all Monkey Ball warp goals!Silver
    Hustle KingYou sunk one monkey ball from each team in a match of Battle Billiards!Bronze
    I Love AiAiYou played Monkey Ball with AiAi 250 times!Bronze
    I My MeeMeeYou played Monkey Ball with MeeMee 250 times!Bronze
    Just-in-Time MonkeyReached the goal in a Monkey Ball stage with 0 seconds left!Bronze
    Magic TouchYou got 50 correct in one round of Number Ball!Bronze
    Monkey ExpressYou ran at top speed for 5 seconds in Monkey Ball!Bronze
    Monkey MasterCleared Monkey Ball Master Course!Silver
    Motion SimianClear all Monkey Ball stages in Beginner,Normal and Advanced using motion sensor controls!Gold
    Mountain ClimberYou uploaded a high score!Bronze
    My Monkey and MeBoth characters reached the goal simultaneously in Love Maze!Bronze
    Never Give UpYou retried 10 times in Monkey Ball!Bronze
    Normal Course World 1 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Normal Course World 1!Bronze
    Normal Course World 2 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Normal Course World 2!Bronze
    Normal Course World 3 ClearCleared Monkey Ball Normal Course World 3!Silver
    Perfect PrimateYou got to ten in a row in Number Ball without any mistakes!Bronze
    PhotographerYou retook pictures in Edit Mode 5 times!Bronze
    Picture PerfectYou got 10 pixies to appear in one shot in Pixie Hunt!Bronze
    Pixie HunterYou got a chain of 10 or more in Pixie Hunt!Bronze
    Pro IrregubowlerYou got a turkey in an abnormal lane in Monkey Bowling!Bronze
    Pro Monkey BowlerYou got a turkey in a regular lane in Monkey Bowling!Bronze
    Super Monkey MasterCleared all Monkey Ball stages with no continues!Gold
    Supersonic MonkeyYou cleared 10 stages in 10 seconds or less in Monkey Ball!Silver
    Target MasterYou got 1000 points in a single round of Monkey Target!Bronze
    Through Thick and ThinYou got a synchronization rating of 200% in Love Maze!Bronze
    TravelogueYou saved 10 instances of Monkey Ball replay data!Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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