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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 01/14/13 Zoelius 0.83 1049K
Walkthrough 02/01/13 KADFC 1.03 841K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/01/13 RagingTasmanian 1.20 548K

In-Depth FAQs

100% Guide (HTML) *updated* 03/15/19 Hurricanehaon 0.60 233K
Artisan Apprentice Weapon List (HTML) 02/19/14 GSSAGE7 1K
Book Guide (HTML) 01/28/16 wilfreda 2.0 9K
Costume Guide (HTML) 01/15/16 wilfreda 2.01 37K
Hardcore Risette Fan Trophy Guide 01/07/13 KADFC 0.91 66K
Max Social Link Guide 03/17/13 yangxu 1.45 153K
NG+ Max Slinks Guide 01/15/13 KADFC 1.02 66K
Okina Movie Theater Bonus List (HTML) 02/19/14 Friedelinde 1K
Quest Guide (HTML) 02/19/14 returnal / seihantai 14K
Quest Guide 06/11/13 Uruhara 1.3 28K
School Questions Guide (HTML) 02/19/14 returnal / GAMERZEROZ11 8K
Social Link Script 01/14/13 LiquefyDCZ Chie 886K
Speedrun Guide 06/05/14 izra709 98K
Test Exam Answers Guide 12/15/12 KADFC 1.00 18K

Maps and Charts

Fusion Chart (PNG) 12/25/12 Boomerang78 2.5 245K

Foreign Language FAQs

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