I messed up on the true ending, is there any way to do it quicker than a whole new playthrough?

  1. I messed up, and I got Adachi's S Link to 6 ON november 1st, when I apparently needed to do it before. So I only got him to rank 9 I think. So I got the ending where you go home on the train and don't fight the true final boss. Honestly, I'm still quite happy with this ending, but I'd still like to experience the other one. Is there anyway I can do that quicker without having to do a whole new playthrough? I have multiple save files but most are from either after november or way before november.

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    lowke - 1 month ago


  1. In order to see "the Epilogue" you need to max Marie's social link. But you still can experience the true ending without "the Epilogue" part.

    User Info: sdx231

    sdx231 - 1 month ago 1   0
  2. Adachi's doesn't matter that much, it just adds some stuff that's not really necessary. The only Social Link required for the true ending is Marie's, who needs to be at Rank 10 by December 23rd. After New Years, talk to Margaret while saying "happy new year" to your friends and ask for her help with something. After that, you'll unlock a new dungeon in February. After you finish that, the game will skip to the day that you leave. After you say goodbye to everyone, the game will ask you if you want to head home and pack up. Say ***NO***. You'll be able to walk around again, so now you should head to the Junes food court. There, you will start talking with your friends about what's really going on here, and how everything started. After getting some information from Dojima at the Flood Plain, you'll confront the main villain. The final dungeon will then be unlocked, where the true final boss behind everything waits. Defeating them will get you the true ending, as well as a 20 minute epilogue that takes place a year after the main game.

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  3. Technically Marie's isn't necessary for the True Ending, you can defeat the final boss without doing her. It's still highly recommended though, as you'll miss out on a dungeon and the epilogue if you ignore her. The true ending + epilogue is the best ending you can get.

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    HexenVexen - 1 month ago
  4. The way to get the True Ending is to make the right choices on the final day the game gives you control. It doesn't require any specific Social Links to be maxed, though some will be by nature of the plot, you'll get bonus dialogue with any Links you've maxed, and having maxed Aeon will give you a short epilogue after the ending has played.

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  5. Having Adachi's Link up to Rank 6 before Nov 1 opens up another ending, IIRC.

    User Info: bahamut920

    bahamut920 - 2 weeks ago

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