What is the difficulty compared to the original?

  1. I've Already Finished the Original P4,And now i'm With a Vita,So i can play P4G.
    My Question is,Should i play P4G in hard,or In the normal Difficulty? The game is different TOO in Enemies Compared to the Original P4? Thanks.

    User Info: supahboi

    supahboi - 1 month ago
  2. Significantly easier, imo

    User Info: GooberSD

    GooberSD - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The changes to Shuffle Time and Gold Hands make P4G easier to grind absurd powers. The only major difference in sitting in dungeons, grinding for hours on end, is that in vanilla you have the chance in shuffle time to fully restore HP while in Golden you'll be restoring small amounts more often (The Cup arcana you may recognize from P3).

    User Info: Veraxulous

    Veraxulous - 4 weeks ago 3   0

Other Answers

  1. additonal note

    It is a lot easier to :

    get through the dungeons with the new shuffle system... like a P3 hybrid with no skill required

    max s.links as you can wander round town at night and chat with a character to boost the link

    the fusion system has some nice additions, especially the fusion search feature so it is easy to
    find a persona you need

    bosses are no easier

    User Info: Another_Proxy

    Another_Proxy - 1 week ago 0   0
  2. The game has a difficulty modifier, so you can adjust it whenever and make your own custom difficulty with different settings for exp gains, money gains, etc. Don't remember if you need NG+ or not though.

    User Info: stallion8426

    stallion8426 - 4 weeks ago 2   4
  3. @stallion8426 You do need NG+ for that.

    User Info: TheGrowlanser

    TheGrowlanser - 4 weeks ago
  4. It's available since the beginning on PC

    User Info: cloudropis

    cloudropis - 4 weeks ago
  5. The game in golden has been rebalanced compared to the original, so if you played the original 4 then golden should be a cakewalk so I'd recommend playing in hard or the hardest possible difficulty imo

    User Info: TakoJoe

    TakoJoe - 4 weeks ago 2   8

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