How To Make OP Black Frost for Void Quest Dungeon?

  1. (Please don't put spoilers in the comments)

    So I heard that Black Frost is apparently super good, especially with the fire boost, agidyne, fire anp and mind charge combo. I just fused a Black Frost using a Pyro Jack I just fused, jack frost, king frost, pixie, and ghoul. But for some reason I didn't see the option to give em fire boost? I don't know why. Should I restart the process? Do I have to find a specific pyro jack? Or do I have to find a skill card and use that? I honestly don't know, I'm trying to use him for the Void Quest dungeon. (I've also never really fused in this game before, only in P5 so idk if that matters.) If anyone could help it would be very appreciated.

    User Info: NinjaGaming101

    NinjaGaming101 - 3 months ago

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