How does the Difficulty Level affect EXP and such? (NG+)

  1. First post on Gamefaqs. Huzzah!

    Anyways, I'm almost at the end of January in P4G, and I missed the Hollow Forest arc because I stupidly didn't max out Marie's S.Link before the end of December :/ I made a decision to do the second playthrough since her dungeon looks super cool!
    The whole idea of grinding up levels to that point sounds kind of unappealing to me, though. I was thinking of maybe setting the difficulty level in NG+ to around easy, and then changing it back to the level I did in my first playthrough (Normal) when I got back to around Hollow Forest? Would an easy setting make it easier to level up and such, or is it just the attack amount taken/recieved that is affected?
    Also, is Marie's arc required in order to get the True ending? I know that you have to talk to all your maxed out S.Link people on 3/20 if you want the final boss, but could you do that even without getting Marie's thing?

    User Info: Kiaraa

    Kiaraa - 6 years ago


  1. 1) Easier difficulties change both the EXP rate and damage dealt/taken, among other things. On Very Easy, your EXP and Money gain will be enormous. You'll have free reign over these individual aspects of difficulty in NG+, so you can play on normal difficulty, except for massive EXP gain. That you'll be able to purchase your old high-level Persona makes it pretty easy, anyway, but that will cut out the grinding.

    2) You don't need Marie's dungeon to get the True Ending. You don't need to get anyone to SL 10, either, just speak to those who have.

    User Info: Shaded_Phoenix

    Shaded_Phoenix - 6 years ago 1   0
  2. you can see what the difficulties affect in your menu : system --->change difficulty don't need marie dungeon for the true ending, but you DO need it for the GOLDEN ENDING


    User Info: AgKrs

    AgKrs - 6 years ago 1   0

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