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Trophy Guide by Kazerei

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/16/2012

               This document is copyright (c) 2012 Vivian Lam

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
PlayStation Vita
Trophy Guide
Version 1.1
May 16, 2012
Written by Vivian Lam

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction / FAQ
2.  Main game trophies
3.  Post game trophies
4.  Academy trophies
5.  Item world trophies
6.  Battle trophies
7.  Ranking shop trophies
8.  Reverse pirates trophies

1.  Introduction / FAQ

I've organized the trophies into categories, instead of going by the official
list order.  Hopefully it makes more sense this way.

Q:  Is the trophy list the same as in the PS3 version?
A:  The main differences are trophies for defeating pirates have been removed,
    and trophies for the included DLC content have been added.  The remaining
    trophies are the same, but many of them have been renamed.  I've included 
    the names of the PS3 trophies in brackets where useful.

Q:  Is there a Platinum trophy?
A:  Yes.  As usual, you have to collect all trophies to get the platinum.

Q:  How long does this take to platinum?
A:  It's hard to say... If you're a Disgaea veteran and work towards platinum 
    as fast as possible, maybe around 60+ hours.  If you're new to the series,
    I'd guess 120+ hours.

Thanks to members of the GameFAQs forum and the PS3Trophies forums for their 
information and discussions.  Also thanks to this Japanese wiki for details.

2.  Main game trophies

* A Single Step
* Ch.1 Netherworld Honor Student Complete
* Ch.2 Mao's Heart Complete
* Ch.3 The Freshmen Leader! Complete
* Ch.4 Almaz the Hero Complete
* Ch.5 Grand War Complete
* Ch.6 The Reckoning Complete
* Ch.7 An Eye for an Eye Complete
* Finale Complete

Just play through the main story.

3.  Post game trophies

* Raspberyl Version Complete

Talk to the Parallel Worlder and finish the Raspberyl Version chapters.  
This guy appears in the post-game.  Or you can start a new game with this 
content unlocked (see cheats section).

* Majin Academy Complete

Talk to the Parallel Worlder and finish the other four chapters: Legend 
of the Super Delinquent, Battle for the Test, Evil Academy Culture Fair, 
and Death Inst Majin Academy.  Initially, only the first two chapters are 
available.  Finish them to unlock the next one.

* Eryngi Baal Slayer

Defeat Eryngi Baal. In the post-game, talk to NPCs around the academy to 
unlock Extra Maps, then pass the bill in the Homeroom.  After beating an 
extra map, talk to another NPC to unlock the next one.  The last map will 
have Eryngi Baal and several Omega Sentinels.

Don't be deceived by Baal's level (only 4000), his stats are really high.

* PE Teacher Destroyer

Defeat Tyrant Baal.  To unlock the map, it seems you have to complete most 
of the post-game content and unlock most the characters.  The list is:
Raspberyl Version, Majin Academy, Extra Maps, Diez Gentlemen, Recruitment, 
Class World command attack (unlock Aramis), and Survival mode (unlock 

You don't have to finish all the X-Dimension levels, thankfully.  And you 
don't have to unlock all the Diez Gentlemen (who are unlocked by starting 
a new game+, only one Gentlemen can be added each time).  The Tyrant Baal 
map will appear automatically under Recruitment.

Baal has an evility which lets him nullify the first N attacks per turn, 
where N is the number of Baals on the map.  If you miss, it doesn't count.
At the start there are three Baals.  After two turns, a Baal and an Omega
Sentinel will spawn.

So try to finish this map in 1 or 2 turns.  My strategy was to use two 
weak characters, equipped with shoes, to diagonal throw the two farther 
Baals into a 3x1 line.  Then I used three stronger characters to attack 
him, doing zero damage.  Then finished him off with my five strongest 
characters, who all had attacks that could hit a 3x1 line.

If you don't finish on the first turn, consider sacrificing one character 
to lift up Baal so he can't kill multiple characters.

4.  Academy trophies

* Hop, Step, Jump

Jump around 100 times.

* As the World Turns

Rotate the map 360 degrees, 10 times.

* Shut Up Already!

In the classroom, you can move around and talk to other characters.
Talk to them 100 times.

* Finger Flicking Good

Using the touchscreen you can flick other characters around.  
Flick them around 100 times.

* Shopping Spree

Buy everything at the store in one trip. This can be at any of the stores 
in the academy or in the item world.

* It's Da Bomb!

In the Homeroom, use a bomb on a rep.

* Demon King: Have it Your Way

In the Homeroom, pass a bill by force.

* The Shamshank Redemon

Punish 10 characters in one trip to the classroom.

* Playing Favorites

Create 10 characters of the same type in one trip to the classroom.

* Hardcore Gamer!

Play for 10 hours straight.  You can just put your PS Vita in sleep mode 
while in the middle of playing the game.

* I Got Gummed

There's a Prinny statue in the middle of the academy.  The academy layout 
changes every chapter, so if you don't see it, just keep going.  It will be 
there in the post-game.  Talk to it several times.

* Super Honor Student

Attain an honor quotient (HQ) of 300+.

* BGM Lover

In the music shop, listen to songs 50 times in one trip.  Doesn't have 
to be 50 different songs, you can just hit Triangle on the same song 
over and over.  The music shop can be found in a mystery room in the 
item world.  Finding it will unlock the Music Club, which puts a music 
shop in the academy.

5.  Item world trophies

* Item Spelunker [Item Warrior]

Complete the 100th floor in the item world in one trip.  Only legendary 
items (yellow text) have 100 floors.  Be careful when you've finished 
every 10 floors; by default you'll choose to exit the item.

* Arcarneologist [Carnagenist]

Complete the 100th floor in the item world in one trip, in the Land of 
Carnage.  To unlock the Land of Carnage, finish at least 25 X-Dimension 
levels.  To unlock X-Dimension levels, collect illegal tickets from the 
Item World.  Tickets can be obtained by defeating pirate captains, and
bought from two mystery room shops.  One shop appears on floors 1-50, 
the other shop appears on floors 51-100.

* Trophy Shopper [Trophy Shop Trophy]

There's a certain mystery room that appears randomly on floors 61+. 
Just talk to the NPC to get the trophy.

* I Had An Axeldent [Axel's Rose]

There's a certain mystery room that appears randomly on floors 61+. 
Just talk to Axel to get the trophy.

* Treasure Hunter [Treasure Raider]

There's a mystery room that has a dozen pillars of varying height, 
each with a chest on top. Open all the chests.

* Kneel Before Cat God! [Obey the Cat God]

There's a mystery room that is one giant pillar mountain you can hop 
up. Talk to the cat at the top.  After visiting this room, you'll 
unlock the Birdmen Watchers club, which will hugely increase Mao's 
jump height.  His jump height also increases as he levels up.

6.  Battle trophies

* First Setback

Get a game over.

* Mega Damage! [Who Wants to be a Milliondamagaire]
* Giga Damage! [100,000,00 Damage Pyramid]
* Tera Damage! [The Ten Billion Damage Man]

Do 1 million, 100 million, and 10 billion damage.

For the last trophy, the easiest strategy is to recruit Hero Prinny, 
level him up to 120, and learn the Hell's Finest evility.  It gives 
him 50% evasion, but he takes 10x damage.  You might not be able to 
get the trophy with an ally kill.  But you can kill his dropout in 
the class world, or you can delete him and fight him again under 

An alternate strategy is to make use of Champloo's Lion Stance evility, 
where damage taken is added to the damage of the counter attack.  Then 
start a counter attack chain.  It takes a bit more effort, but you can 
cause damage into the trillions!

* Omni Bonus!

Fill up and obtain everything in the bonus gauge.

* Puzzle Master [Cinco De Panelo]

Erase all geo panels on a map with a chain of 5+ colors.

* Master of the Chain [10 Block Combo]

Destroy geo blocks with a chain of 10+ new connections.  It's kind of hard 
to explain,  so watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1galfNi4T4

Basically you want to find a map with two geo block colors.  Then create 
a checkerboard pattern that is two blocks high.  It doesn't have to be in 
a straight line.

* Cross Fists as Friends [Attack of the Counter 10]

Get a chain of 10+ counter attacks.  On the status screen, there's an icon
that looks like two dark red crossed swords.  That's the counter stat.  By 
default it depends on the character or class.  It can be increased by going 
through the class world, by passing the bill in the item world of a weapon, 
with the Retribution evility (male brawler, tier 2, level 20), by equipping 
fists, or by equipping a tennis racket (steal from Sports Pirates).
I'd recommend having two characters with a counter stat of 7+.  Then just
stand on invincibility or reverse damage panels, and fight it out.

* Combo No. 255 [same]

Increase the combo meter to 255.  The combo meter continues as long as you
don't move, so just stay in one spot and keep attacking.  You can work 
towards this trophy and the previous trophy at the same time.

* 10 Piece Combo Meal [same]

Kill an enemy with of 11+ consecutive attacks in one execution.  Since 
you can only deploy 10 characters, at least one of them has to attack 
twice.  There are a few evilities that enable this (see below), or you 
can equip a deck brush (steal from Pirate Cleaners), or you can look 
for attack+1 geo panels or blocks.

Double Lock-on (Rifle Demon, tier 1, level 1)
Normal attack occurs twice if attacking without moving

Echo (Magic Knight, tier 4, level 150)
25% chance to use the same special skill

Chasing Fang (Male Brawler, tier 6, level 500)
50% chance to hit twice if HP is under 25%

* The Towertastic Ten [The Ten Towers]

Defeat an enemy with a tower attack with 10 characters.

* Gotcha! [Capture Enemy]

Capture an enemy by throwing it into your base panel.

* Magichangician [same]

Use magichange with 5 pairs in a battle.

* All-Pro Receiver [Receive 4, Move 20]
* Call Me Nacho Cinco [Receive 9, Move 60]

Do a throw-serve chain using 9 monsters and covering 60+ spaces.  Easiest 
way to do this is to create 9 sludges, who have a throw range of 7.  They 
have a poor move range, so either take two turns to set up, or equip and 
share shoes.  The most compact setup looks like this.  Throw an enemy or 
geo block onto the top left corner to start.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7.  Ranking shop trophies

You can play on beginner difficulty and get these trophies.

* IWCA Flyweight Champion

Finish Item World Command Attack in under 100 commands.

* Commando King

Finish Class World Command Attack in under 100 commands.

IMO, this is the toughest trophy in the game, because it requires alot of 
thinking and strategy, moreso than the Reverse Pirates trophy.  And Baal 
just requires grinding :)

There are two method to lower the count on count blocks:
 - Cause a geo block erase chain.  Count decreases by number of 
   connected blocks.
 - Attack it directly.  Count decreases by 1 for every attack.

So you'll need to think about the most efficient way to delete the count 
blocks.  Sometimes the blocks are perfectly setup for a nice long chain. 
Sometimes it's better to throw the count blocks close together and hit
them with area-of-effect attacks.  Here's some pieces of advice.

Learn to diagonal throw.  Just press throw while swapping between two 
directions.  Depending on the timing, it will land at some angle.  It's
a bit hard to aim, but will be very helpful if you pull it off.

Having characters with good throw range will be helpful.  You can share
shoes to get good move range (more info in the reverse pirates section). 
Your characters should also be strong enough to one-hit KO any enemies. 

The deck brush weapon (steal it from Pirate Cleaners) lets you do normal 
attacks twice.  The Echo evility (tier 4 magic knights learn at lvl 150)
gives you 25% chance to use the same special twice (namely AOE magic).

Aim to finish each floor in one turn, since there is a penalty for ending 
the turn.  You can probably afford to let this slide once or twice.  But 
avoid leaving a count block of 1 when you end turn; the penalty is huge.

Clearing all geo blocks gives you -10 command bonus, so if you can manage 
to do that and finish the floor before the end of your turn (especially if 
you're on the second turn), then great.

Defeating a gatekeeper gives you -5 command bonus, and defeating the last
gatekeeper gives you -20 command bonus.  So you really have a limit of 165
commands in total.  That's an average of 16.5 commands or 8.25 dispatches 
per map.  One of those dispatches will be defeating the gatekeeper and 
then moving onto the portal.  The floors get progressively harder, so 
strive to finish the early floors even faster than that.

Generally my strategy was to start by creating long geo block chains if I 
could.  If the chain could decrease the counts by 3 or more, it was usually
worth it.  And ideally the count blocks would end up being close to each 
other, so my magic knights could finish them off with AOE spells.

It gets complicated when there are enemies sitting on top of blocks, or 
count blocks on top of count blocks, or when there are connected blocks 
you want to lift.  Make sure that spending a move to reorganize or clear 
the clutter will be worthwhile.  Will this move enable you to decrease 
more counts on your next moves?  Hopefully yes.

In summary, try to weigh your options.  Think about what moves would cause 
the most counts to decrease.  Try to plan ahead so you don't accidentally
get in your own way.

* Survival Class: Passed

Reach floor 150+ in Survival mode.

8.  Reverse pirates trophies

* Reverse Pirates! Your Treasure is Mine! [Reverse Bandit]
* Reverse Pirates! I Shall Take Your Innocents [Reverse Robber]
* Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine! [Reverse Viking]

Capture all the treasure chests and all in the innocents on the map 
while reverse pirating. You can't just open the chests or subdue the 
innocents, you need to throw them back onto your ship.

Before you start, you'll need
 - low rank item with 20+ floors done; lower rank means fewer innocents 
   and chests
 - War Galleon pirate ship
 - 4 monsters with 6+ throw range
 - humans; preferably with 6+ throw range, the more the better
 - shoes; preferably accelerators or better, everyone can share 3 pairs
 - everyone should be strong enough that you can ignore enemy attacks

The general strategy is to set up a throw-serve chain of 4 monsters, with 
the 4th monster sitting on the ship.  This monster will bounce chests and 
innocents into empty spaces on the ship.  The chain should be a straight 
line from the ship to the block of innocents.  The chests should all be 
within a human's throw range from the line.  If there's one or two chests a 
bit farther away, you might still be able to make it, but it will be tight.

So first, find a good map.  Some things you should check for:
 - Check that you can throw the farthest innocent on the block all the way 
   to the ship using 4 monsters (4th monster is on the ship).  If the map 
   is too big, then reload.
 - Count the number of chests and innocents.  12 is a good number.
 - Avoid maps that have "islands" and gaps.
 - Avoid maps that have steep height changes.
 - Avoid maps with problematic geo panels.

On the first turn, set up the throw-serve chain.  Everybody (monsters and 
humans) should be roughly in position.  On the second and third turn, throw 
everything onto the ship.  Now let's do some math here.  Each turn, you can 
have 10 characters dispatched.  For this map, 4 will be monsters, 6 will be 
humans.  Let's say there are 12 chests/innocents in total.  So if your 6 
humans can each throw something on the ship on the second and third turns, 
then that's perfect.

There is some leeway here though.  On the first turn, you may be able to 
throw something on the ship.  On the second and third turns, after you've 
tossed the farthest chests/innocents onto the ship, you can return a monster 
to the base panel, shift the entire monster chain down, and dispatch another 
human.  So if there's a chest that will need two throws to reach the chain, 
make note of it before you start, and try to make up for the extra action 
in some way.

If you're really lucky, you might be able to get away with a throw-serve 
chain of 3 monsters.  That will give you even more leeway.

Keep in mind that the throw-serve chain can be flexible.  The chests might 
not line up with your throw monsters, or there might be enemies in the way.  
In which case, just move the entire chain a space or two over.  You can 
cancel the move afterwards.

Another fun abuse of the system is sharing shoes.  Take one character, 
equip it with shoes, move, and then unequip the shoes.  You can take 
advantage of the shoes' increased movement, and won't be penalized after.  
Then the next character can equip the shoes.  Make sure you unequip them 
before making any actions.

Pulling everything off can be tricky, so before you start, try to plan out 
which humans will be responsible for which chests/innocents, and set them 
up accordingly.  And try to throw the farthest ones first.  You really can't 
afford to waste any actions.

Finally, make sure you have someone on the ship or a remaining dispatch in 
the base panel at the very end.  If all 10 characters are out, they'll all 
die and you'll get a game over.

               This document is copyright (c) 2012 Vivian Lam

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