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    Rank 39 Item Guide by jfreedan

    Version: 1 | Updated: 04/27/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
    Rank 39 Item Hunting Guide
    Written by Jim Freedan
    Copyright Jim Freedan 2009
    Version History
    Version 1.
    April 27th 2009
    - Guide created
    Table of Contents                                                 Search String
    1. Frequently Asked Questions  .......................................... [001]
    2. Reverse Pirating in LoC............................................... [002]
    3. Bonus Change in LoC Item World  ...................................... [003]
    4. LoC Item World Chest Event  .......................................... [004]
    5. Mystery Gates in LoC Item World  ..................................... [005]
    6. Stealing from enemies................................................. [006]
    7. Innocent Town......................................................... [007]
    1. Frequently Asked Questions  .......................................... [001]
    Q1: What are rank 39 items?
    A1: Rank 39 items are some of the best items you can obtain in Disgaea 3. They
       are only obtainable inside the Land of Carnage Item World, and there are
       several methods for doing so. This guide will list a variety of methods you
       can use to get the items you are looking for.
    Q2: Aren't rank 40 items better?
    A2: Yes, as far as weapons and emblems go. There are rank 40 weapons in the game
       and in order to obtain them, you need to steal them from the Item God on 
       floor 100 of a legendary rank 39 weapon. Thus, you need to first obtain the
       rank 39 version of a weapon type that you want a legendary of: for example,
       in order to obtain the legendary fist (Cosmo Infinity) you need to steal it
       from the Item God of a Ultimus, the rank 39 fist. The same goes for all
       weapon types; if you want the best sword in the game (Baal Sword), you must 
       first get a legendary Yoshitsuna, the rank 39 sword. 
       As for accessories like shoes, there are only rank 39 version available, so
       these are the best in the game. 
       The best emblem in the game is the Trapezohedron and in order to obtain it,
       you need to steal it from the Item God of a legendary Arcadia. Arcadia is
       a rank 39 item.
       Armor is generally ignored, see the next question for the reason why.
    Q3: What is the best accessory / armor in the game?
    A3: It is generally believed that DEF is a terrible defense stat because Land 
       of Carnage enemies deal so much damage they can push through any DEF. Thus,
       things like Super Robo Suit that used to be the best items in prior games
       are now not very good. SPD is the defense stat in Disgaea 3, so that your
       characters can dodge enemy attacks.
       Players tend to use Barefoot X for shoes and Trapezohedron for emblem. The
       Trapezohedron gives better stats for damage and the Barefoot X gives
       better stats for movement, but either works just fine. 
    Q4: How hard is it to get these items?
    A4: Skill-wise, it is really easy and not difficult at all.
       Time wise, it can take many, many hours to obtain all the items you want.
       I think it took me about 8 hours of play time Reverse Pirating to obtain 
       almost all rank 39 items at legendary quality, EXCEPT a legendary Barefoot
       X. Barefoot X was the only item I never obtained while Reverse Pirating, 
       and even now I've never seen it come out of a chest before. I have only
       ever seen it on enemies and the bonus lists. 
    Q5: Do I need to do anything special with clubs to obtain rank 39 items?
    A5: In order to obtain rank 39 versions of belts, shoes and glasses, you
       need to have characters inside the clubs for putting those items into
       the shops. It's not listed in the club description, but they also increase
       the chance to find certain rank 39 items to appear inside chests in
       the Land of Carnage Item World.
       So if you want to obtain a Barefoot X, you need to have characters in
       the Shoe Artisan club.
       The other two clubs are Glasses Girl Lovers (glasses) and Justice Legion
       NW (belts). 
       Each character that is in one of these clubs increases the chance of
       seeing the rank 39 item type by 7%. 
       It is also a good idea to have the PPP club unlocked so that you can
       use the Reverse Pirating method. To unlock this club defeat Pirates in
       the Item World. 
    Q6: Do rank 39 items need to have matching rarity?
    A6: Weapons do not, since you will probably want to obtain the rank 40 versions
       and then dupe them for all your characters using the Puppy Paw Stick. It is
       much easier to rarity match rank 40 weapons than it is to rarity match
       rank 39 items, since when you go to steal the rank 40 item from the Item
       God, the only thing he will have is that rank 40 item at legendary quality.
       However, Barefoot X is a rank 39 item so you will want to rarity match
       that one, and this may take some time to do.
    Q7: What is rarity matching?
    A7: Rarity matching is where all your items have the same rarity number
       (example:  1, 2, 7, etc). When all items a character equips have
       the same rarity number, the character will receive a bonus to their stats.
       2 matching rarity items: 10% increased stats bonus.
       3 matching rarity items: 20% increased stats bonus.
       4 matching rarity items: 30% increased stats bonus.
       So when all 4 legendary items have the same rarity number, you receive a 30%
       stat bonus! 
       Most players try to rarity match with the number 0, because when monsters
       Magichange, they become a rarity 0 item. If you don't plan to use Magichange
       it doesn't matter what rarity number your legendary items all are, just so 
       long as they have the same rarity number.
    Q8: What color of chests do I want to break to get legendary items?
    A8: Green chests are the only chests that give legendary items. 
       Blue chests give rare items, and brown chests give normal items. You can 
       pretty much ignore these chests. 
       You only want legendary rank 39 items, because only legendary items have
       100 floors, and Item God 2 (the Item God that you need to steal 
       rank 40 items from) will only appear on the 100th floor.
    Q9: Now that I have a rank 39 weapon, how do I get a rank 40 weapon?
    A9: Go into the NORMAL Item World and clear it up to !!FLOOR 99!!
       Do NOT GO TO Floor 100!
       Do NOT GO TO Floor 100!!
       Do NOT GO TO Floor 100!!!
       It is very common for people to not understand this last part, and
       instead waste all the time they spent going through Item World.
       After you have Mr. Gency'ed out of Normal Item World on Floor 99,
       save your game. 
       Save your game.
       Save your game!!!
       Okay, now that you've saved your game, go to the Land of Carnage
       Item World with several 9,9999 characters. Make SURE you have a Mr. Gency
       in your bag, along with several stealing items.
       Basically all you are going to do is have your characters go up to Floor
       100 in Land of Carnage and then gang up on the Item God to steal his 
       legendary rank 40 weapon. 
       Reset your game if he doesn't have the rarity you want (probably rarity 
       number 0). You should also reset if your characters fail to steal the item. 
       After you've stolen his weapon, just Mr. Gency out. 
    2. Reverse Pirating in LoC............................................... [002]
    The most effective method is by Reverse Pirating in Land of Carnage and simply
    breaking all the green chests that you see until you aquire the rank 39 items
    you want. 
    You will need to have at least one character in the PPP club, which becomes
    available after you first encounter Pirates in the Land of Carnage and
    capture their ship.
    To do this most effectively, what you want to do is first go into the normal
    Item World of an item like a legendary Testament and clear floor 100.
    After you have this item, you will be able to Reverse Pirate it inside the
    Land of Carnage Item World by talking to the prinny in Land of Carnage
    that deals with Item World.
    Before you do that, you might want to equip the item on a character
    and run through Class World a few times, duping the item with a Puppy Paw
    Stick (obtained by stealing from Pirates in Land of Carnage, or by
    completing the Diez Gentlemen event in the post-game). Every time you kill a
    Dropout using your Puppy Paw Stick, you'll have a chance to duplicate the item
    that Dropout is using, and Dropouts will have whatever items you equipped 
    that character with. 
    Anyway, when you go to Reverse Pirate in LoC, the most effective thing to do
    is have your high damage characters learn the Lucky Finger Evility from a 
    Master Thief (sixth tier Thief, learned at around level 500). Lucky Finger will
    make the contents of a chest one rank higher than it would have been normally,
    so this is very useful for trying to obtain rank 39 items in LoC from chests.
    Usually there are several green chests way at the other end of the map, far
    from where your ship docks. I personally think it is a waste of time to
    try to go over and get those chests. I normally just break the chests nearby
    the ship and if I didn't get the item I wanted, I reset the game and try again.
    Always reset the game if you don't get the items you want. Otherwise you'll
    waste the times you can Reverse Pirate a floor, as you can only Reverse Pirate
    each floor one time. 
    This method can take a very long time but is generally the most effective way
    to do it.
    3. Bonus Change in LoC Item World  ...................................... [003]
    Bonus Change is a unique ability possessed by Geomancers. I recommend
    that you level at least 2 sixth tier Geo Masters to level 5,000-9,999 before
    attempting this method so you have lots of mana to play with.
    This method will absolutely work but is also extremely time consuming. It can
    take at least 50 turns to find the item you want. 
    I consider a legendary Barefoot X to be the rarest item in the game.
    It took me 149 turns, using two Geo Masters, to finally get
    a legendary Barefoot X to appear in my Bonus list-- at the bottom, and
    even then it turned out to be rarity 6 instead of 0.
    Anyway, there are several methods for using Bonus Change:
    Method 1: 
    Find an Invincibility block and have your Geomancer stand on top of it; some
    blocks move, so standing on top of it ensures your Geomancer will have the 
    protection every turn.
    Method 2: 
    On a map with a gatekeeper, after having your bonus gauge maxed, kill all 
    enemies except for gatekeeper of a map. Gatekeepers will not move from their
    gates, which is why this method works.
    Method 3: 
    On any level with a boss (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100) there 
    are usually islands of tiles where you can throw enemies and they cannot 
    leave the island. If you keep an enemy within that island but kill every other
    enemy, you will be able to safely use your Geomancers.
    Sometimes when you go through a Mystery Gate, you will enter the "Ripoff Bar" 
    room. If you pay a lot of HL to the Succubus inside, your bonus gauge will be
    max for the next room you enter. You can use any of the above methods inside 
    that room to try to manipulate the Bonus List until you get the items you 
    If you have difficulty raising the bonus gauge because the Geo tiles and boxes
    are not perfectly lined up, or they are gone completely, you can use the Geo 
    Change ability of your Geomancer to reset the tiles once per map. Keep in
    mind this spell can be used only once per map total, meaning multiple 
    Geomancers cannot constantly reset the map. You can only do so once.
    Bonus Change can be cast forever, really, since it costs very little mana.
    If you still have trouble increasing the bonus gauge, try making some Bounty
    Hunter girls and have them be apart of team chain attacks. Your Bonus
    Gauge will go up by 50% each time.
    4. LoC Item World Chest Event  .......................................... [004]
    Sometimes inside the Item World, you will come across a bunch of stacked
    grey boxes that look like they have some writing on the side. If you
    put your cursor over the boxes, it will say how many characters need to be
    standing on top of the boxes to trigger an event. 
    Usually, this will trigger a chest of rare or legendary quality, and
    other times it will trigger a level orb. Take advantage of the events
    you come across, as you might get a legendary chest to appear that
    you can break and see if a rank 39 item is in there.
    Make sure you break it with a character equipped with the Lucky Finger Evility.
    5. Mystery Gates in LoC Item World  ..................................... [005]
    Mystery Gates often have rooms with green chests inside them.
    Sometimes you'll be challenged by an enemy who is protecting a chest.
    In order to claim the chest, you must destroy the chest on the same
    turn that you destroyed the enemy. 
    There are also chests in rooms where you must jump from platform to
    platform. This can be very challenging if you don't have the Birdman
    Watchers club unlocked, but it is possible to get all the chests
    in these rooms without having the club. 
    To unlock the Birdman Watcher's club, you need to enter a Mystery Gate
    room where there is a cat NPC on top of a large tower with chests around it.
    Once you leave the room, the option to pass a bill to unlock the club
    will be available in the classroom.
    Sometimes you will come across a shopkeeper who sells rank 39 items, often at
    least one of them will be of legendary quality.
    6. Stealing from enemies................................................. [006]
    Ideally, every battle you should check the equipment of enemies in the 
    character menu list and see what items they have, as some might be legendary
    rank 39 items you are looking for. 
    LoC Pirates tend to have better quality items on them than regular LoC
    enemies. The only enemies I have ever seen with legendary Barefoot X have
    been LoC Pirates.
    7. Innocent Town......................................................... [007]
    Although this happens extremely rarely, sometimes one of the NPCs
    in Innocent Town will randomly give you an item. You will have no control over 
    what item you obtain, but sometimes it will be a legendary rank 39 item. 
    Always talk to all the random NPCs in Innocent Town.

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