How do I beat final boss (contains spoilers)?

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    I will summarize what I've heard others write on the forum:

    "Stay right by the door for the first half of the fight. He can hurt you, but can't kill you. I used the Hunter to take out the first two glowing red things (technical term, I know), and used the secondary shot of the Hunter to take out the final/shoulder red thing.

    Second half... you can't hide. You need to be accurate. You need the Mauler. Know the pattern that the lights come on, and always keep them in your sights. It's chest (twice) then head (twice).

    Use the sniper and quickscope that bit*ch. each glowing thingies takes one hit.
    Here's what I did. I positioned myself on the far left corner. As far away as I could stand.

    I used the rocket launcher on the first control joint. Then pulled the bullseye out for the second. Once that was destroyed I bolted to the far right corner (the side revealing the creatures left shoulder. I used the gatling gun and just fired in the direction of the shoulder around when it lights up. (it lights up and fades away really quicklky)

    During the second half you can use the shield on the Auger to deflect the heavy breathing from the monster. I just stuck with the gatling gun and took out all the joints pretty easily.

    Hardest part is the third control joint in the first half of the battle. Hope this helps."

    I found the suggestion to wait near the door to take out the first two lights to work well, as well as the suggestion to take out the third light from the near right (closest to the building, but further from the door). I used the carbine for this, and it worked well. There's carbine ammo on the right by the door you come in.

    In the second half, be careful! as the monster destroys the area, the area you're in will disappear and new areas will open up that you need to move to.

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    Piesia - 7 years ago
  2. Please see this link: how-to-beat-the-final-boss/

    which states:

    "Once you have shot three bombs, the second part of the battle starts. Be careful here as there are no checkpoints during this battle.
    During this phase of the battle, you NEED to shoot the final three bombs on his body using the Mauler instantly when you have the chance. If you miss your chance, hell squash you forcing you to start the battle all over again.
    In this phase, you need to be accurate with your shots.
    Failure to shoot the bombs of his body in one go will result in instant death."

    User Info: Piesia

    Piesia - 7 years ago
  3. I used the carbine for the first three (staying by the door), and the mauler for the last four. The final light/mine was the hardest to keep the mauler on target.

    You can do it!

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    Piesia - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The additional details above are the essential part to this boss. the monster destroys the floor and you fall to your death if your targeting for the last three lights/mines isn't good. You basically only get one chance...

    others use the rocket launcher or sniper rifle, but I found the carbine/mauler combination to be effective.

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    Piesia - 7 years ago 0   0

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